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Hi i’m tasha with one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skill share with my forty’s being just a few years away i’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time to start investing in a proper skincare routine so i decided to do an experiment where i pitted drugstore beauty against luxury beauty to see who wins

For two weeks i used a $300 skincare routine alone one side of my face and a $30 drugstore routine on the other side and i’m sharing the results and my thoughts with you today first let me give you a quick background on my skin and what my routine looked like before this little experiment i have really dry skin and my skin tone is uneven i’m darker around my mouth

The perimeter of my face and around my eyes i don’t wear makeup on an average date but i do wear makeup on days like today where i shoot videos so generally two to three days a week i’m lucky in that i’ve never had a problem with acne but i do get one or two small pimples around that time of the month or if a cleanser isn’t doing a good job of removing residual

Makeup from most of my life i’ve washed my face using drugstore cleansers and moisturizing lotion that i used on the rest of my body and my 30s i decided to start using face creams and i’ve been using the olay regenerist day and night cream off and on for the past few years the problem was that my skin still felt pretty dry especially in the winter and i couldn’t

Really tell a difference with my skin when i was using it versus when i wasn’t so i decided to do a little experiment and pit the drugstore products against the expensive skincare products to see if i’d see noticeable results so let the $300 luxury skincare versus $30 drugstore skincare battle royale begin first let’s talk about the products that i chose for the

$30 routine i have to start out by saying that it was really challenging to put together a routine sticking to a $30 budget many of the skincare products even at the drugstore are all over $10 especially the face creams at the very least i knew that i needed to buy a cleanser a day cream with spf and a night cream or i could also get an on spf face cream for day

And night and then a sunscreen for daytime use for my cleanser i chose the olay regenerist cream face cleanser which cost nine dollars that this cleanser included a gentle daily exfoliation especially because i knew that my budget wouldn’t stretch to include a separate exfoliant i opted to go for a day cream and a night cream because it was the most cost effective

For my day cream i chose neutrogena daily moisturizer with sunscreen for $12 i chose it because well the price was right most face creams were way more expensive and i was trying really hard to stick to that $30 budget secondly it had a really high spf with spf 50 most of the other more expensive drugstore products had spf 25 or below and it promised to keep my

Skin moisturized all day for my night cream i chose the botanics albright hibiscus hydrating night cream which costs $12 it claims to have natural exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids that create a smoother brighter and healthy-looking skin tone i was sold so my drugstore routine consisted of three products for a total of $34 now let’s talk about my $300 luxury care

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Routine it consisted of a cleanser toner exfoliator serum mask eye cream day cream and night cream for the cleanser i chose caudill eyes gentlemens err which retails for $28 and claims to effectively clean the skin and remove makeup while also soothing the skin for the exfoliator i selected volition’s tumeric brightening polish it’s supposed to soften and hydrate

The skin while addressing uneven skin tone and texture and hyperpigmentation both things that i have issues with for the toner i chose murad resurgence hydrating toner which retails for $34 it’s an alcohol-free toner that moisturizes and helps lock in moisture for the serum i used volition snow mushroom water serum which retails for $50 it hydrates reduces the

Appearance of pores and evens skin texture my day cream and night cream were both from origins for day i used the origins plant scription with spf 25 which costs $60 and at night i used the high potency night moon’s resurfacing cream which cost $45 now i do want to say that i wasn’t able to get an spf 50 in the day cream and fitting within my budget so there

Was that for my eye cream i chose the kiehl’s a creamy eye treatment with avocado for $30 which claims to provide daily hydration to the eye while also being perfect for using under eye makeup lastly for the mask i chose the sk 2 treatment mask which costs 17 dollars for one mask it claims to provide intense hydration and a rich mix of vitamins organic acids and

Minerals that work together to enhance skin cell renewal after i had my products the plan was to use the expensive products on one half of my face and the drugstore products on the other half for two weeks and then report on my results on the days where i wore makeup i removed it with olive oil and washcloths before starting my skincare regimen the first and most

Obvious difference that i noticed was that my expensive routine took a lot longer i’d put on both cleansers then i’d rinse them both off then i’d put on my drugstore face cream on one side of my face and i was done with that side it felt strange to still have 4 to 6 more steps to go on the other side of my face the very first day that i use the products i could tell

That the drugstore side of my face felt tight and under moisturized while the luxury side felt supple and moisturized it looked shiny and dewy while the other side of my face look dull dry and matte by day 3 things kind of started following apart on both sides of my face my pores on the $300 side definitely looked smaller than the pores on the $30 side my face did

Also feel super hydrated on the $30 side now for the downsides by the second day i started to get 2 to 3 small pimples on my face on the $300 side as in they would pop up one morning be almost gone the next morning but then 2 more will have popped up in other places now i mentioned before that i’m not prone to acne and i don’t typically wear makeup so the constant

Breakouts were kind of low-key traumatizing and i was also having issues on the drugstore side the ole’s gentle daily exfoliant was starting to irritate my skin by day 3 and my skin’s texture started to change for the worse my skin’s texture was pretty smooth before the experiment started and three days in the drugstore side were starting to look like sandpaper


It was particularly noticeable when i wore makeup by day 5 the drugstore cleanser was making my skin burn even though i tried to be as gentle as i possibly could while i was cleansing and the texture just kept getting worse and worse i swapped out the olay for another drugstore cleanser that i had on hand which is neutrogena s ultra gentle daily cleanser which

I’ve used for years this is when i discovered that target doesn’t generally take returns on open cosmetics so lesson learned there the $300 side was doing great except i was still having issues with new pimples popping up almost every day which was really frustrating i tried taking my time with the cleanser to really get my skin clean but nothing i did stopped

The new pimples from popping up i will say though that the blackheads around my nose disappeared by day five on the $300 side but we’re still very much there on the thirty dollar side once i stopped using the olay exfoliating cleanser my skin on the drugstore side stopped burning when i cleansed but the texture kept getting worse on day nine i decided to quit the

Experiment and stopped using the drugstore products entirely because i didn’t like what they were doing to my face i started using the luxury products on my entire face and within three days my skin texture looked noticeably better on the drugstore side so now that i’ve shared what the experience was like i’ll share some overall thoughts and takeaways i had on the

Whole thing number one i really liked having a more involved skin care routine before this experiment i’d never really had a multi-step skincare routine and at first i really wanted to just rush through the whole process but after a few days i found myself really enjoying that time and savoring putting the products on my skin i work full-time i run a business i

Have a family to care for so it was nice to have dedicated time before bed where i could just focus on myself skincare is definitely self-care the luxury products all had beautiful packaging a pleasant texture and smelled amazing but not overpowering sure none of that matters when it comes to effectiveness but it sure added to that feeling of being pampered which

Was nice and while i don’t think that you need to buy luxury products to create a multi-step skincare routine it’s far more challenging to do that on a thirty dollar budget and actually have products that work number two it’s not the price tag of the product that matters but whether you can see measurable results on your own skin while overall i would say that

I had better results on the luxury skincare product side then on the drugstore side i wouldn’t say that all of them are equally effective or necessarily more effective than drugstore brands but i will say that they were overall gentler on my skin than the drugstore products it’s been a few weeks since i did the experiment so i can tell you that it was the cuddly

Gentle milk cleanser that was actually causing my breakouts it was a little too gentle and a little too milky and left layers of residue on my face that caused mild breakouts once i swapped it out for my normal cleanser it’s la roche-posay on makeup days and neutrogena on my non makeup days my breakouts went away i’ve tried a lot of drugstore moisturizers and none

Of them have moisturize my skin as well as pricier products but that might not be your experience because everyone’s skin is different number three know the stores return policy before you buy the biggest drawback i had with the drugstore products is that there was no way for me to try them before i bought them i purchased all of the luxury brands at sephora where

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I had an opportunity to test them out on my hand and to even take home a sample to see how my skin would react before i committed to the full purchase and i could always take back any product within 60 days for a full refund or after 60 days for store credit i made the mistake of purchasing my drugstore skincare products from target which does not have a generous

Return policy when it comes to items that have already been opened instead i should have gone to ulta rite aid or cvs which all allow you to return your open skincare items within the return period no questions asked so now let’s talk about my favorite products from this experiment and whether or not i’d buy them again the murad toner smells amazing and left my

Skin feeling ultra hydrated i will definitely buy this toner again and i expect that one bottle will last around four months the volition mushroom serum really did hydrate my skin and while it will certainly be a product that i will consider purchasing in the future and so new to serums that i’m not willing to commit to one just yet without trying a few others

First i also really liked the sk 2 mask it felt amazing on the half of my skin that i used it on but spending $17 per week on the skincare mask just doesn’t fit in with my financial priorities right now so as much as i loved it it’s a no for me right now and of course the neutrogena gentle cleanser will probably always be a beauty staple of mine it’s effective and

It’s reasonably priced none of the other products really stood out to me as particularly being worth the price even the drugstore products but again everyone’s skin is different and even though something didn’t work for me it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you so now that we’ve talked about how to manage your skin let’s talk about another great place to learn

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The lifestyle fix see you next week you

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