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How’s it going everybody this is b2bush about one year ago i made a video about my diy grid tie solar system now this was a really really cheap system i only had two panels one grid tie thing there’s no battery in it and my estimate at the time was that the roi was going to be about three years it hasn’t been three years yet so i have not made 300 to pay for that

System just yet since that time i learned a lot about the whole system how much electricity it actually generates over an entire year and so today i’m going to give you guys an update this video is brought to you by sun gold power they supplied me with two more solar panels so that i can add on to my grid tie system as you guys know right now my capacity is two 100

Watt panels so adding these two is another two 100 watt panels in total that’s 400 watts my grid tie inverter is 500 watts these two panels right now is not installed yet but i’m going to write on this video and then show you guys before and after let me address some concerns and comments in my previous video number one people said this is a diy system you normally

Need contracts with your utility in order to tie something to their grid number two if you do some sort of grid tie system you definitely need a circuit breaker before it enters in into the socket of your home now this is a grid tie inverter if there is no power on the grid already it’s not going to put more power back so then if for some reason the grid is off

This system is not going to make the wires for utility workers live with that said let me just hook these solar panels up i’m just going to put them on top of my shed i don’t really tie it down or anything because it’s low enough to the ground and most of the time you’re just worried about like really high winds it’s going to pick these up and then just going to

Toss it somewhere off your roof now because these are so low to the ground i decided well i’m just going to lay there i’m not going to drill into the roof or anything so all of this is definitely educational purposes only this is definitely for my own educational purpose as well because i’ve learned a lot i’ve learned about this mppt tracking thing i’ve learned

How much solar i can actually get it’s actually really entertaining to see how many watts is coming in on a bright sunny day let me hook these up right now these are the two panels and you can see the voltage here is uh 18 to 22 volts or so i bought a 24 volt grid tie inverter so i need to connect these in series i’m gonna connect this to this guy right here

And now i need to connect this guy and this guy in parallel to the panels i already have so i purchased these y connector things and that’s how i’m gonna do it this guy goes in here connect this one and this one connect that together now this is basically what it looks like i’m gonna connect my other panel to this one and this over here and the wires that goes

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To my grid tie is going to come out of these two points i have the wire actually coming in through the window right here this is a diy thing and it goes through my grid tie inverter like that 500 watts and i’m actually using speaker cables over here it’s just what i have and over here i got the power cable to a kilowatt right here and we can see right now i’m

Generating 8.6 watts this is what the sky looks like right now it’s a really cloudy because of the fires there’s actually a bunch of ashes that’s falling down i place my solar panels on top of my shed and the wires kind of runs down and then into my house over here so i’m just gonna add these to my system right now it should show maybe like 18 watts hopefully

If it works okay i have to wear a mask right now ashes smells really bad right now orange outside armageddon this just fell on my panels today look at this usually it would take like an entire year to develop this much stuff and these are my new ones and unsurprisingly my power output roughly doubled which is good if i clean off that solar panel the dirty one

It probably will increase a little bit more so let me go and do that right now this is after cleaning it so maybe i didn’t do much maybe it’s only half a watt more that literally only took me 10 minutes to add the capacity keep in mind that i’m only putting this on top of my shed and also i’m using the existing wiring into my grid tie inverter now this is what

I have right now normally your utilities come into your fuse panel your fuse panel distributes into different networks into your house i have to say right when you connect to your house you also need another fuse before you tie the grid tie inverter this is the grid tie inverter over here and it plugs into your house it’s 500 watts these are 100 watt panels and

I have them in series for a 24 volt system and before i have them connected like so now i bought two of these y connector things so they’re gonna come in like this y connector these are the sun gold power one and i’m also connecting them in series like so so then you just connect them like normal in parallel so this one would go over here this one goes over here

This one goes over there this one goes over there in parallel so as you guys saw before i had about nine watts of power given the really gloomy day all the clouds in the sky i added a second set now it’s about 18 watts 19 watts so this is in line with what i expect and it appears that the system is working okay this is a system that does not care about batteries

You’re not going to connect a battery to this and they’re not going to have a ability for you to connect any kind of batteries to this because we’re not going to be charging anything this system is only going to supply you with ac power and the way i’ve set it up is that i need to use up all of the ac power that i generate or else i’m essentially giving it to the

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Utilities for free in fact this is the way i designed this system because i don’t want to have a really large cost where my roi would take maybe 20 years or something so with the usage of my previous system right here i plugged it into my kilowatt for the entire day and i can monitor that on a bright sunny day i got about 0.8 kilowatt per day this is for a sunny

Sunny day so you can’t really multiply this by 365 depending on which part of the united states you’re in or which part of the world you’re in you might have more sun or less sun so i’m going to use a little fudge factor to compensate for the days where you don’t have sun compensate for winter so i’m just going to call this like 75 of the time i’m gonna have that

Maybe it’s less it’s about 25 cents per kilowatt hour that i have to pay depending on what kind of electricity plan you have with your utility your rates might vary a little bit now 0.8 kilowatts times 25 cents per kilowatt this means i’m gonna generate less than one kilowatt right so it’s going to be less than 25 cents so 20 cents a day this is what this is going

To generate and over a period of 30 days in one month you’re gonna get about six dollars on a nice sunny summer day so i’m gonna add my fudge factor of 75 so every year i’m gonna get 72 dollars a year without fudge factor with a fudge factor i’m gonna consider about fifty four dollars this was a hundred dollars a hundred dollars a hundred dollars so in my initial

Calculation i thought that i might be able to make back the money within about three years or four years or so so in reality it looks more like it’s gonna take about six years for me to get a return of the amount i paid but this is not the only thing i’m considering i also like this system because i’ve learned a lot about solar systems i’ve learned that you need

To put a breaker here i also know that this cheap grid tie inverter a lot of people said that if you load it close to the limit it’s not going to last as long so now that i’m going to connect this thing to here it’s going to be the 400 watt with a 500 watt limit so i’m running at a 80 capacity of this thing this thing is gonna run a little bit harder because i’m

Pushing rather than this much power i’m gonna push twice as much power and on a bright sunny day these guys what i saw it was generating about 140 watts never 200 watts or so so i estimate this is also gonna do another 140 watts realistically so realistic realistically this is really 300 watts that’s gonna put into this 500 watt inverter that’s still within

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The range i probably would not want to put another set here because on a really sunny day it might just push it over and you know cause some sort of meltdown and it’s always a good thing to have a little bit of headroom uh for your inverter just so that it can handle things just in case it pushed a lot more power than you expected so let me just show you guys

What happens to your utility bill over here this is an example of one of the days where it’s a pretty good day where between 11 12 1 and 2 p.m i had a lot of sun so then it essentially generated all the power i need whenever i’m not cooking or what not and it only consumed maybe 10 watts those little bars you see down there it’s less than 10 watts of power for

The entire house so when you look at how much electricity i’m generating just look at this red line over here i get roughly realistically about six hours of really good amount of electricity that’s generated this is mainly because i put it right behind the house and the sun moves right and eventually the shade of the house because this is a two-story house the

Shade of the house just covers those solar panels so i’m not getting the ideal amount of sun because i’m not mounting on the roof if you’re mounting on the roof if i were to do it i really really want to put some windproof brackets or something so that it just doesn’t blow off it’s gonna be a safety issue because if it ever blows off and hit someone well you get a

Lawsuit on your hands speaking of lawsuits this is for educational purpose only don’t try this at home i’m only doing this just to learn for myself over here but i do have to thank sun gold power for providing me these panels so that i can sort of expand my system over here to get a little bit more solar thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed this

Update video on my grid thai solar system now it’s a good 400 watts don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re gonna attempt this at your own risk of course and push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching one more thing i forgot to mention is that if i were to add another set of panels i could definitely

Go get another 500 watt grid tie inverter and then start adding panels for that so then i don’t actually have to buy a 1000 watt grid tie inverter i can just add another 500 watts and just plug it into you know a different plug in the house just maybe right below it i can add yet another one another one another one until you know it’s it’s too much capacity and

Like i said before you do need a contract with your utilities to feed electricity back into the grid you

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