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Soozee subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re looking at how do you turn a hundred dollars into 1 million dollars but we’re specifically looking at how long would it take you to do it investing and we’re going to play around with a compounding calculator today that i think is going to

Open up your guy’s mind like literally a compounding calculator is the best tool someone that’s looking into investing or paying that pays attention to finance it’s the most useful tool you’ll ever use in your life as far as opening it’s the same as like if you’re a house builder a hammer a hammers are the most useful tool you ever use right a compounding calculator

For someone that wants to invest in stock market look into investing those some of those kinds of things a compounding calculator is the most powerful tool you’ll ever use in your life because you will realize the possibilities on how fast money can grow and how well it can grow if you do certain things and you just get this type of person or returning guys now

If you’re looking for how to actually make a million dollars in stock market or something and not just like compounding calculator watch one of my million stock market videos or better yet watch one of my eight billion entrepreneur type videos where i give away business tips because that’s the fastest way to become a millionaire before starting a business build

It up to be a business has never been a better time to start an entrepreneur ‘april ever in history guys never ever so that’s the way to do it but let’s play around this compounding calculator guys so let’s say you started out with $100 right and this is our first one we’re going to look at you never put another dollar in it and you grew that money for 40 years

Now i use 40 years for all of these calculations guys since the majority of the people are watch this channel or between the ages of 18 and 35 like 70% of channels 1835 so almost all you guys have wanted to get to live regular lives and you’re blessed like that you’re going to be you’re going to feel a lot longer than 40 years from now so 40 years are a number

You need to get a 26 percent return per year every single year to reach a million dollars starting at $100 but but it’s only starting with one hundred dollars guys so that’s the big kicker yes it took 40 years yes if they get a ridiculous return on your warren buffett he got about 20 percent a year for decades and decades so you would have to outdo gordon buffett

Basically to get that it’s not impossible it’s not impossible it is possible it’s very unrealistic to get a 26 percent return on average for for 40 years but even to say that’s how long it would take for you to reach a million dollar status guys now let’s let’s amp this up a bit and watch how the numbers change let’s say you you have that original hundred dollars

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But then you just put in an extra hundred dollars we’re not talking about a lot we just put an extra one hundred dollars per year per year you just put in an extra hundred dollars guys that’s hardly anything l most it doesn’t matter what kind of job you have or what situation you and you can probably save a hundred dollars in a year you had 40 years to grow just

Like all emily you have the same 26 percent return now you have over 6 million dollars by just adding an extra hundred dollars per year for you guys that who want to add it up 40 years times 100 dollars that’s only four thousand dollars cash there’s only four thousand dollars added over time but look at how much it changed the results this is my playing what the

Compound calculator is so powerful because it will open up your mind how compounding really worked in the possibilities of compounding now let’s amp this up a bit let’s say you have that original hundred dollars right in the say you add a thousand dollars per year you had a thousand dollars per year which is still doable for most people for most people a thousand

Dollars a year is doable that’s less than a hundred dollars saved per month so this is a very realistic amount now at the same time you’re still getting that ridiculous return of twenty six percent per year but you would have a worth 51 million dollars now at this point 51 million dollars so i’m not satisfied though let’s say we do $100 originally still and then

You do $10,000 per year which somebody with a good job with a good job you can save $10,000 a year you need to be making probably 70 plus thousand and of course not live in la or new york or somewhere like that where the mortgages are an insanely expensive or rents are say insanely expensive let’s say you add 10,000 as per year it’s realistic i’ve been able to do

It most of my adult life you have the 40 years again 26 percent annual interest or excuse me yeah you basically get 26 percent return now you have over a half a billion the whole debt and all you add it was what 40 times 10,000 that’s only four hundred thousand dollars extra you add it overtime right but now you have over a half a billion dollars okay now a twenty

Six percent return is very unrealistic is very very unrealistic guys so this one we’re going to go ahead and do the same numbers a hundred dollars originally and then you add ten thousand dollars per year you still grow for 40 years but you get only an 8% return 8% return is how much the stock market goes up on average per year over like the past 50 years or whatever

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You would be at about 2.8 million dollars guys about 2.8 million dollars you would have in your account and that’s only growing at 8% so you’re only basically just have your money in a market account or a money market account or something like that guy i mean you’re only adding 10,000 per year in your original principal was only a hundred bucks and you have lost

2.8 million dollars at a time i hope you’re you’re kind of seeing some of the power of this compounding now let’s say you’re doing really well for yourself you got a successful small to mid-size business and you’re able to put a hundred thousand dollars away per year and you get you’re doing that for 40 years you’re growing it out don’t only 8% which is just the

Market return you’re going to have almost twenty eight million dollars in your accounts at a time and that’s what’s only starting with $100 originally so in $100,000 if you’re going to put that much away you’re probably going to need to be making around four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars per year which is going to be very hard to do if you’re young

If you’re in your 20s or 30s unless you start a business because most people work in at corporations at our executive level but making that kind of money there’s 50 60 year old so it’s going to be unrealistic and literally unless you started your own business and make it a success now i found something fun here guys so steph curry the nba player he’s supposed to

Get a two hundred and seven million dollar contract this summer five years two hundred seventy seven seven million dollars okay he’s 28 years old so he’s one year old than i am so let’s say after taxes and whatnot he has a hundred million dollars at the end of that and let’s say he doesn’t touch that 100 million dollars at state he just lives off his endorsements

Which the guy probably makes between 5 million and 25 million in orphans per year we don’t know that stuff’s private but at worst he’s making 5 million which he could live a ridiculous you collapse lifestyle on with him and his family so let’s say his contract money 100 million dollars because 207 million you know after agent fees after all you tax to pay maybe you

Have a hundred million left over at the end of the pie so that hundred million dollars let’s say he wants to go ahead and invest that right he he puts a hundred million dollars in into investing he never adds another dime to that account he does that for those 40 years which at that time maybe 68 years old he only gets what the market goes up with per year eight

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Percent on average he would have 2 point 1 billion dollars 2 point 1 billion dollars he’d be a multi billionaire without ever adding another dime in that account ever again and only getting a market return we need 68 years old be a multi-billionaire i hope this opens up your mind about compounding in the compounding calculator please if you’ve never played around

With the compounding calculator google in your google engine right now compounding calculator and play around with it and put some numbers in okay if i say this much if i save 800 dollars per month if i save 800 dollars per year and i get a 16% return what is that going to get me out over the next 30 years or whatever play with some numbers guys because it’s such

A powerful tool i remember my first time i think was nineteen years old when i played around with a compound calculator it changed my entire mindset on how money could be made how money could be built over time because compounding once that snowball gets rolling there’s no stop and that guys there’s no stopping it so i hope this i hope you guys enjoyed this today

I you know if i wish every athlete or every musician ever could like watch this video or every person that comes into money because no one ever it’s making millions of dollars a year should ever go broke they should like be lavish lifestyle for so full it’s the rest of their lives if they just understood compounding they understood okay i got 100 million dollar

Contract let me put 25 million away to this count and not touch and let me just live off my endorsements or the rest of the money or something like that like if they could just realize compounding and how powerful it is over time oh my gosh they could there would be no bankrupt athletes and they have money guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this today play around

With our compounding calculator if you never have if you have in the past let me know what you think about it did it open up your mind the way it did me because it really it really did the first time i play with it i was like first time i played with it oh place that’s on the wrong anyways thank you for watching guys if you just came across this channel you may

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