00,000 a Year I Throw Away… Why?

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I throw away at least $100,000 per year money that could be easily made for me i literally throw it away i don’t even go after and i’m gonna explain exactly why i make this decision and exactly why i think this will benefit me more long-term in the channel more long-term because this is a type of video where i’m gonna open up the curtain for you guys and kind of

Explain some things a lot of people don’t really like to do this they don’t like to open up the curtains with their audience and kind of explain things this is a financial education channel i love explaining this kind of stuff to you guys just because it’s what i enjoy doing and i love you guys being informed on this type of stuff and i think you will appreciate

The channel even more after this video i mean i know you love you a lot of you guys love the channel as it is but i think you’ll even appreciate what goes on in this channel and the decisions i make even more after this videos explain so i’m thrown away a minimum of $100,000 per year and i think i’m being extremely conservative with that number it’s more toward 150

To 200 thousand but i just said a hundred thousand because that’s a nice number okay so how am i thrown away this number well we have this youtube channel here called the financial education channel alright this channel attracts a lot of business people this attracts a lot of investors okay so we’re gonna say b’s a lot of investors investors of all kinds nuaire

Investors who are just learning about the stock market more moderate investors who are kind of in the game for a year or two and we’ve also got a ton of experienced investors okay and we got a lot of people that are in the business making money how to make money these kind of things okay so we got a lot of people in that space alright so that’s the audience of

This channel this channel get some pretty much a minimum of twenty five thousand views a day on a bad day good day it might get upwards of 40,000 views in a day alright the channel as a whole we got a back catalogue of over 600 videos so if you’re looking at this in your company out there what you’re saying is this channel is a goldmine for me to advertise on for

Me to have sponsored videos on okay if you’re an advertiser if you’re a fidelity investments at td ameritrade at each rate of scottrade any type of brokerage service any type of ferma chase or wells fargo a bank of america anything like that if you were to come across this channel you say this is the perfect channel this is a goldmine think about it this way okay

Think about a brokerage service if they were to say okay jeremy we’re gonna pay you this so we’re gonna pay fourteen thousand dollars for a week of video so at the beginning of your video every single day we want you to shout out our brokerage okay talk about it for 30 seconds at the beginning talk about it for 30 seconds at the end and that’s what we want you to

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Do so all seven videos that week we want you to talk about that will pay fourteen thousand dollars all right so you might think that’s a lot of money it’s really nothing for them it’s really nothing for them so i do that and you know each video each day i’m like yeah you need to set up for such-and-such brokerage account okay so let’s say each video is getting ten

Thousand views okay so essentially those videos that week if it gets ten thousand average that’s seventy thousand views just from those those videos that came through that week seventy thousand views all right so now let’s assume just 1% of the people signed up for this brokerage house okay that just 1% of people that watch those videos actually signed up that would

Be how many people there would be seven hundred people signed up in main accounts and will start trading with this oh i don’t know why i put seven hundred k it meant to put seven hundred p for seven hundred people seven hundred people sign up for this now do the numbers on that as far as if this brokerage charges on average five dollars per trade as far as buying

And selling stocks and do that if those seven hundred people are lifetime customers do the numbers even if it’s only seventy when turing’s only 0.1% of the people actually sign up for this service right do the numbers on that seventy people that are lifelong customers that maybe make a hundred trades in a year five dollars a pop and you will begin to see that the

14 thousand dollars they would pay is like nothing to them it’s nothing okay so why don’t i do this why don’t i make this decision well there are two real reasons okay the first real reason is when you are getting sponsored money i think that incentive to create the best content possible away a little bit for instance i obviously what i sell on my channel is is

My own products products i make okay let’s first get into that that’s the first reason i create my own products on this channel that i believe will help people the most okay that i believe i create this whether it’s a course whether it’s a membership thing i believe that will help people the most it will help people a lot more than me sponsoring some product from

Some company okay so i make that decision alright that decision in my opinion is best long term because what i have to do to get more sales and whatnot is i have to get even more views on the channel which means i have to create more and more compelling content that people actually want to watch okay the more people that the more views you get that means the more


People were actually interested enough to click on that video and watch this video if i’m getting sponsor money if i’m getting sponsor money and i get fourteen thousand dollars up front what is the incentive for me to create the most compelling content possible it’s not really there right i just got my fourteen thousand dollars for the videos this week what do

I care if a video has five thousand people click on it ten thousand people click on it or 20 thousand people click on it my incentive just went away big-time okay my incentive just went away because when my incentive is getting more people to get watch and get more views and whatnot and you know actually are interested in my subscribers are actually interesting

And clicking on these videos well that will obviously make more core sales and membership sales and whatnot for my products so that’s one of the biggest reasons long term but at the same time they’re the biggest reason is i want to create what i feel is the best products possible what are the best products possible okay and i can’t do that by you sponsoring other

People’s products okay also another factor to take into account is when you are taking money from companies when you were taking money from sponsors the channel becomes theirs okay the platform becomes theirs okay now if an if you want to come out and speak on something if you want to speak on a particular subject if you want to get all fired up about something you

Can’t really do that the same way as when it’s your channel right because this is their money they’re funneling into and they don’t want you talking about xyz subject on their video that they just sponsored or even the fact that they’re affiliated with you okay by me staying independent my debt by me staying independent that makes other companies not have anything

To do with me they’re not related to me okay i don’t have to be you know mister good boy for all these people okay i can do what i want to do i make my own decisions if there’s something i want to speak out about i can speak out of that about it if i want to record a video and i get all fired up and i throw down 78 f-bombs in it i can do that there’s no one out

There that’s like or if you do that we’re gonna take away your sponsorship no i don’t have to deal with anything of that so it’s a beautiful beautiful thing and that’s how the business model of the channel really really goes on so if you’ve ever bought a product from you in the past whether it’s a course i create it when it’s my stock market in vet investing mastery

Course whether it’s my stock options course whether you’re in my membership group any of those type of things just realize you are helping support the business model of the channel not only are you or you hopefully helped in your fit self and learning a lot from those courses and membership groups and things like that but at the same time you are literally making

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The business model of the group work okay because if no one bought ever bought my courses and membership groups and all these type of things that come out with then obviously i would be extremely tempted i would pretty much have to go to sponsorships at that time because you wouldn’t know youtube ad revenue is like up and down one minute it looks pretty good and

You’re doing alright in the next minute it’s like oh i can make even gonna be able to pay rent or my mortgage this month or something like that so youtube ad revenue you can never count on that unless you’re getting like millions upon millions of views alright so if my if my courses and these things didn’t sell so well i would be very i would literally have to go

To sponsorships at that next step but lucky enough you know you guys obviously buy my stuff and buy my courses and membership groups so i have zero percent temptation to ever take sponsorship money and those kinds of things and start feeding products of other companies that came up with and whatnot on my channel and say hey you gotta go get this download this app

Hey go go sign up for this website and things like that i have a zero percent interest in doing that because i’m doing fine the way we’re doing it so just realize it whenever you buy something for me from me in the past or in the future just realized like you were literally helping the entire business model of the channel work because if it wasn’t for that if it

Wasn’t for you guys that actually bought my products and helps support in that way the this whole thing doesn’t work at the end of the day this whole thing doesn’t work and i would be going to sponsors and doing those type of things guys so i hope you absolutely enjoyed this video i kind of you know opened up the curtain for you guys and let you kind of see behind

And what what we’re looking at and like i said i’m throwing away a hundred thousand plus dollars but i think it’s much more beneficial to my personal brand into the financial education channel over the long term so as far as in new products i have coming i don’t really have something come until 2018 it’s gonna be really special it’s not in relation to stock market

Or anything guys it’s it’s gonna be by far and by far and away the most powerful thing i’ve ever launched in my life it’s not even not even remotely close between my other things and what this thing is anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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$100,000 a Year I Throw Away… Why? By Financial Education

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