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Well folks you’re gonna be flipping my flapjacks here today for the first time ever i was not expecting this but the public account just closed over two million dollars for the first time ever two million five thousand dollars absolutely extraordinary the the journey this account has been on is uh just a crazy one nonetheless we started this account a little over

Four years ago and uh this was started in my private stock group and every single trade in the history of this account has been documented every single buy order every single sell order every single deposit everything has been documented in the history of this account and uh here we are today over two million dollars and i wanted to go ahead and do a video on on

Kind of seven secrets i have that hopefully if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio over time whether that’s to you know 50k or 100k 200k or two mil or whatever the number is right that uh i can kind of give you guys some game out there on on exactly how to kind of execute scaling a portfolio to much bigger numbers in some of the ways i’ve done it

Over time not just with this portfolio but other portfolios as well and if you didn’t know this is a this this is absolutely a big portfolio that matters to me now because it’s grown to such a big amount obviously i have my main you know big dog account right the private account uh but this one it’s been so fun to like literally document this entire process with

Everybody in the private stock group every single move we’ve ever made and i’ve even documented a lot of the moves on youtube as well and it’s been extraordinary to do this as of right now just on the current position this does not account for any profits taken or dividends received over time just on current positions we’re up over 1.2 mil with obviously our shining

Star being eight hundred thousand plus dollar gain in tesla miesla but you look and we got a lot of home runs uh cruisy doozy is a home run elf beauty is a grand slam facebook’s a home run planet is a you know something like a multi-home run right revolve is a grand slam uh sky works is a home run tesla master is like barry bonds uh when he was on on the stuff man

And uh up works uh one of those that’s approaching a grand slam there and so very very thankful but anyways i got some game to give out to you guys here today hope you enjoy this all asking returns that you smash that like button that’s literally it guys i appreciate you being here and i hope you appreciate me giving you some uh some pointers and tips out and things

Like that by the way it was almost a year ago today almost a year ago today that this account actually hit a million dollars and so it hit two mill now it’s crazy and especially the fact that i’ve hardly deposited any money in this account past like nine plus months right because i have a bowl and that bowl is very hungry if you know what i’m talking about okay the

Hungry bull downloaded on your ios and android store because that bowl is very hungry and so all my money’s pretty much been going over to the dang bowl lately and uh so yeah i mean to go from one meal to two mil with very little deposits is definitely um something i’m thankful for so seven secrets here on on scaling up a portfolio okay that i would give you first

One is i gotta say and this one’s specific with the public account is accountability guys this is massive massive massive you know i never realized how important this this was going to be in the end for me in regards to this portfolio but accountability so the fact that every single move is documented in this account is absolutely massive because here’s the thing

If i buy out of any stock or sell out of any stock in that portfolio i’m going to have thousands of members in the private group wanting explanations from me on why i just did that why’d you sell out of that stock why did you buy this stock right and so every single move i ever make in that account has to be so thought through right i have to think about this from

Every angle and make sure i’m absolutely making the right decision because i’m accountable to everybody that’s in the private stock group they’re going to see the move they’re going to know of the move and they’re all going to want to know right and so this has been an absolute game changer for me because usually when you run a portfolio you’re the only one that

Usually has access to that and so it is so easy to make buy and sell decisions that are kind of more emotion driven like sometimes you just wake up and you’re kind of feeling like man i want to make a move in the market let me just you know do this ah you know this talk i it is also going up so let me jump in that one or or you know you you’re much more likely if

You’re not accountable to anybody you’re much more likely to make what i would call questionable decisions right questionable decisions if you’re not accountable to anybody and so i would say actually and this is a massive massive thing that’s why i wanted to put it as the first one of these secrets is i would make your your uh stock mark count uh a place where

You can you know other folks can view it that might care about it might be your close friends it might be your family members somebody like that where it’s not just you looking at your portfolio because if if you have other people that care then they got to truly care right if they don’t care then there’s no point in like you know letting somebody else see what

Your your moves are making and things like that but if you got people that actually care and actually want to hear your reasoning behind it you start to think through these decisions so much more you start to really think like dang should i really just sell the stock here today should i really go buy this stock because like i said when you’re just you running

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Your portfolio it’s so easy to make those decisions right and if you also have people that care and they want explanations on why did you just make this move now all of a sudden you got that accountability and it’s going to likely make you make much better decisions than if you’re just running your own race okay i never really realized how big that was until i

Got into youtube and specifically starting the public account right so that’s first one up here uh number two opportunistic deposits so over the past you know let’s say most of this year 2021 it really i’ve hardly deposited any money into this account right but the accounts up to big levels now that you know if i deposit three thousand dollars into the counter

Five thousand dollars that’s just not moving anything right it’s now up to a place where it’s over two million dollars like the amount of money that is coming in it’s just a very very minuscule amount but i will say and this is extremely important is when you are in your first two or three years of building up a portfolio the deposits are absolutely key and making

Those opportunistic deposits meaning if you have a stock that goes down be able to deposit some money and this is why the most important thing when it comes to a solid investment strategy in my opinion is before you ever get into the stocks and trying to find the best stocks possible is making sure your income and expenses are in a good place right where you have

Money to funnel into your portfolio let’s say every two weeks or something like that right it doesn’t have to be a game changer you don’t have to deposit ten thousand dollars every two weeks something like that it could be 200 bucks every two weeks it could be a hundred bucks it can be 300 bucks right but as long as you have that money that is ready you’re ready

To go into your portfolio if the market dips and stocks dip you can take advantage of deals in the market the opportunistic deposits are everything especially the first few years because here’s the thing how are you ever going to scale a portfolio if you have no money in your portfolio right in those first few years it’s all about making those deposits and then

Hopefully making more deposits right getting the gains on those and as you build the numbers bigger and bigger the deposits become less important and then it becomes more important to have big winning stocks right because you know let’s say let’s say i sold out all my tesla stock 910 000 right whatever i would put that 910 thousand dollars into would be extremely

Important that would be a game changer for my portfolio and if that 910 also went down to 400 or that 910 became three mil right that’s what really matters a two thousand dollar deposit or a thousand dollars or three thousand or even five thousand that’s not changing the game for that okay so your first few years you’ve got to understand get your income right get

Your expenses right if you don’t your income and expenses right this you know investing is going to be a hard game to be ultra successful at you can still be decent at it but this is not trying to day trading out of stocks or something like that making investments you’re going to build up those first few years from your deposits and then getting the gains on top

Of those okay that’s the second one third and fourth one right third one i focus this account a lot around growth stocks look at all like let’s look at all stocks that are up 200 percent plus and let’s ask ourselves is this a value stock or a growth stock okay so elf on a shelf 355 percent gain i got into elf stock when that was a stock that was a beaten down dog

Stock everybody had forgotten about that stock i was buying a seven eight bucks a share and uh they grew the company they grew revenues they got the business back on the right track and 355 percent right and we’ve taken a ton of profits out of elf over the you know past few years need to say some of it i wish we didn’t take uh because you know it’s done really

Well right let’s see next one up here the planet right huge growth company over 200 percent gain for us in regards to planet massive massive growth right revolve 541 percent gain huge growth company right very very exciting growth story over the coming years for that one tesla miasla our best stock of the bunch right 2 500 gain tesla story is all around growth growth

Growth right up work 264 percent gain all around growth right and so you look at all our biggest gainers all the ones that are up 200 plus all growth stocks right so this doesn’t mean i won’t buy some value stocks and buy some dividend stocks because you you see there’s a lot of what i would quote you know what i would call quote unquote value stocks and there’s

Some dividend stocks in here as well and those stocks are doing really well for us they’re just not doing as well as the growth stocks right now keep in mind if we’re in a down market the value stocks and divs will likely hold better than growth stocks okay and this is why it’s very important to implement a strategy in my opinion where you’re taking advantage of

A gross stocks value stocks and dividend stocks i called the gbd if you’ve never seen my video on the gvd one two three strategy watch at some point in time you could type in a youtube gvd123 check that video out maybe after this one’s over that one gives a lot of pointers and tips on how i implement that strategy out there okay so grow stocks absolutely important

Number four the fourth secret i don’t take money out of the portfolio i don’t take money out of the account to go do something like this and do something like that the only reason i would ever take money out of this portfolio is if i sold the stock and i have to pay a bunch of tax on that so let’s say i sold uh half my tesla shares right and also i have a big fat

Tax bill i would take some money out to pay the taxes on those gains that i had in tesla stock right or any stock for that matter right if there’s any meaningful amount i’ll take money out to pay the taxes on and you know if i have some of those uh positions in 2022 that takes some big gains on which is definitely a possibility i’ll go ahead and i’ll take some

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Money out to pay taxes but outside of that it’s not like i take money out of this account i’m like i’m gonna go buy this with it i’m gonna go buy that with it right no i don’t do that and i think that’s something that everybody needs to employ like if you’re gonna you know scale your portfolio don’t take money on your portfolio go buy stuff with it i understand

You know if you’ve built up to such levels that you want to retire and now you’re going to live off your portfolio i can understand that but outside of that scenario why it’s like it’s like imagine you know here’s the way i view it okay building up a portfolio is very similar to building a house right and so imagine you’re building a house and you you know you lay

The foundation you get all the concrete slab in right and you’re building the walls and you get the electrical in and uh next thing you know you start just you know taking wood apart you know it’s just like what are you doing you’re trying to build a house here like why you’re taking stuff out of the house now and you’re like oh let me rip this electrical out now oh

You know what let’s break up this slab that we that we poured here it doesn’t make any sense right but when people are start building up a stock portfolio they start also taking money out two years in four years and six years in and it’s like dude you’re building this beautiful house why take money out now unless it’s an emergency and keep in mind you shouldn’t be

Taking money out of a portfolio if it’s an emergency usually you should have what’s called an emergency fund around for that right where it’s money that is quote unquote untouchable money unless you get into a real binding you get into an emergency situation you should also always be keeping 10 to 30 percent of your money around in cash and cash equivalents right

Could mean money and savings accounts something like that right that is money you can at least get to if you have something that so you shouldn’t ever be in a reason that outside of paying a big tax bill because you’re sold of stock in that portfolio to get a big gain outside of that scenario you shouldn’t ever be taking money out of your portfolio overall and i

That’s something i haven’t done in this portfolio and that’s something that’s one of the reasons one of many reasons why we’re at you know two million dollars now in this portfolio okay very important there number three and number four in terms of number four and number five number five i let the boys run i let these stocks run something i learned over the years

Oh man and uh you know oh the amount of times in my first you know four five six years of investing in the market that i would invest into a stock that i thought had an incredible future and it would start running a little bit and i would cash the profit like that i mean i have so many of those stories it’s absolutely ridiculous that a stock would get me a 15 gain a

30 gain a 50 k and i’d be like cash cash cash and it’s like you know you if you’re in the type of stocks that you think are double triple quadruple 5x type opportunities over the next five 10 years right you gotta let those babies run you gotta let them run and if you don’t let them run usually you’re making a big huge mistake right and so early on in my investing

Career i would would get a gain on stock and i would be so quick to take that profit and then what i would do is i would you know invest some money into a next stock right and i’d watch that last stock just run and run and run and run and i’d be like wow awesome i took my 28 gain in that stock and then it just ran another 75 after that right and i’m just like

What am i doing right you gotta let the boys run i can tell you if you’re in uh game changing stocks you gotta let them run there’s nothing wrong with eventually taking a profit in a stock right but you got to keep in mind like if you’re in these stocks that have huge potential to take you know i could have took tesla would have made me my first 20 like remember

Tesla was a stock that didn’t make me anything for a year i was in the stock and it did nothing for a year right uh you know in terms of when i started buying that stock tube obviously uh you know when it started actually making me money right and we came to tesla my esl there was a stock that you know after it’s finally made started making a run and it made its

First 40 move 60 percent move it could have been very easy for me to take take a profit then right be like i’m cashing out uh yeah probably wouldn’t have been the best decision because we obviously know where that stock and that goes for all this revolve i could you know revolve as a stock when i was buying that stock it was 11.86 i’m like this is a joke price i

Think this is going to be a 30 40 50 stock in the future right i could have made my first uh you know a little bit of money on that and just cashed right i obviously didn’t do that i let that baby run so you gotta let the boys run you know there’s if you’re in great stocks man they have a long way to run and don’t be so quick to take that profit okay number six

Is around taking a profit and here’s what i do in regards to taking a profit i only take a profit in a stock if i feel there is a better opportunity out there in the market for me to you know that presents itself right it i don’t just here’s the thing guys i don’t just take a profit to take a profit just because a stock has went up 20 40 100 200 for that matter

It doesn’t mean a lot i’ve got to look at the relook at the company’s valuation since i invested into it and where the companies at that particular time right because these stories do change right for instance tesla you know a year you know a tesla a few years ago for a trillion dollars definitely would have been like that’s ridiculous that’s a stupid price for

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Tesla like you know that’s just inconceivable right but then i look at where tesla’s uh you know bottom line’s gotten their net income and i’m like oh my gosh you know is it possible tesla does 10 billion dollars of net income on the bottom line and next year maybe it’s a an actual realistic possibility so these stories change and they adapt over time so you got

To look at where the company’s current valuation is versus where that company’s currently at not necessarily where you bought it at and what your expectations were at that time you got because these stories change especially if you’re in stock two years four years six years the story is going to change it’s going to likely be a lot better or a lot worse than what

You thought and i can tell you most stocks i’ve been in over time the stories were either better than i thought they were going to be or worse than they thought they were going to be it’s it’s very rare that i was oh everything is exactly how i thought it was going to be usually it’s either a little better or a little worse okay so only take profits if you have

Somewhere to put the dang money sometimes people once again are rushed to take a profit and it’s like okay you took a profit you or that you sold out of stock let’s say you sell 10 000 of a stock right where’s the 10k going do you have a plan for that well no you know it’s like okay you got to have a place for the money and you also can’t be afraid to make a tough

Decision so sometimes you’re going to feel like there’s a better place for your money right i remember several years ago i covered on the channel one day i sold out of my apple stock i made a really nice gain and i sold out of that stock and that was a hard decision because i was still a believer in apple it’s just i put that money in tesla stock and i felt like that

Was a better place for me to put that my money at that time it was a hard decision right because i’m like i like tas i like apple right i just like tesla a lot more and i think tesla’s gonna weigh out perform apple over the coming years right and so sometimes you have to make those hard decisions you can’t be afraid to make those hard decisions but just make sure

If you’re gonna take a profit you got somewhere to put that dang money that you feel is going to be a bet you know a much better roi for your money overall okay that’s number six there number seven up here don’t get complacent there’s something i am unfortunate i haven’t done is i haven’t gotten complacent and when you start to reach bigger and bigger amounts of

Money it starts to become more and more easy to get complacent right once you got five mil 10 mil 15 mil it starts to like you know you start to kind of think well man maybe i’ll just chill out well something unfortunate is i have not gotten complacent i’m still the guy that’s up at 2am listening to earnings calls if you’re in the private group sometimes you see me

Post it’ll be like two something in the morning right and listen to earnings call like half falling asleep right i haven’t gotten complacent i’m still putting in the research work and i’m still grinding like i’m trying to get to my first mill or something like that right and so i think that’s very very important you can’t get complacent if you get complacent what’s

Going to end up happening you’re going to likely start making bad decisions your accounts will over time start it’s it’s just the way life is man the more work you put in the more you’re gonna get out right and the less work you put in the more you’re gonna you know more than likely uh not succeed right so i’m still the guy that’s reading through scc reports i’m

Still the guy that’s up you know late at night listening to earnings calls i’m still the guy keeping an eye on all those earnings at my stocks report right and i’m still doing all these things and i’m still the guy that’s actively looking for the next one i’m looking for my next revolve stock i’m looking for my next tesla stock i’m looking for my next upwork stock

I’m looking for my next elf beauty stock right elf on a shelf i’m looking for the next you know all these sorts of stocks that are going to be those ones that over the coming years get me that 300 percent gain that 200 percent gain that 500 gain that 2 000 gain and we look back and we’re like wow didn’t that one turn i’m still that guy that’s out here looking for

It even after all the success right and so that’s been a big factor for me and so that’s the only other last advice i can give you guys is you know when when you’re on this grind you know stay hungry stay stay working stay busy that’s all i can say about that guys because otherwise um you know you know what happens the rest of it okay hope you guys enjoyed this

Video hope you enjoyed me kind of giving you these tips and pointers out there on on how to scale your portfolio i appreciate you guys joining me as always all asking returns they smash the thumbs up button that’s literally it guys and if you don’t mind download the hungry bowl use it it’s a beast okay it’s a way to track your stocks cryptos keep up with what’s

Going on in the markets look at your financials of your stocks news earnings calls sec reports you can do it all right inside the app keep up with news in relation to the market plus so much more appreciate you guys as always much love and have a great day

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