00,000,000 Net Worth By Age 40

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100 million dollar net worth by age 40 that is my big grand financial plan okay a hundred million dollar net worth by age 40 i am age 28 right now as i am recording this video so i basically have 12 years to pull this off and i’m not even remotely close to a hundred million dollar net worth like it’s so far away it’s hard to even see but it’s a big goal of mine

And it’s my main financial goal for the long term and it’s actually my only long-term financial goal i have for myself okay i always usually just set more short-term goals just so kind of keep on tracking what now this is the only big huge financial goal i have for the long-term okay so i’m going to tell you guys exactly how i kind of plan on doing this and kind

Of like breaking down the numbers to you guys in kind of you know so you can kind of understand your own life like what are your goals over the next 10 15 years i would love to hear from you guys so feel free to share in that comment section so 100 mil by 40 this is gonna be hard to pull off guys this is gonna be hard to pull off so i’m gonna show you kind of how i

Think about this and whatnot so obviously if i’m gonna pull this off i got to have a huge income right not only that i got to get great returns in whatever i’m investing in okay so i’m a stock market investor so the way i think about this is in order to get a hundred mil in order to get a hundred mil in a 12-year span okay twelve years to do this i would need to be

Putting at least around a million dollars a year into my brokerage account okay so if i’m putting a million dollars a year then that basically means i need to be making somewhere around close to two million dollars per year right because obviously i’m gonna have taxes taken out of that now i live in las vegas nevada here in las vegas we don’t have a store here in

Nevada we don’t have a state tax okay so that’s beautiful here in nevada we don’t have a state tax so all i have to pay is my federal tax and then obviously you have living expenses and all those kind of things and i would assume you know if i had two million dollar income wall obviously we’d probably be living even a more grand lifestyle right it’s hard to make

That kind of money and still live conservatively not impossible but it’s kind of hard cuz you’re like oh i want to buy this i want to buy that and those kind of things but let’s say i still got a mil a year to put toward and okay so my goal always was stock market investing it to get 30 to 40 percent return on my money per year okay i’ve done this most years by the

Way last year i would have been the most insane year i ever had if it was not for freakin gopro so as long as i can avoid another gopro situation i’m gonna do phenomenal in the stock market so i’m very comfortable saying i can probably get 30 percent per year okay so if i get 30 percent each one of those years which hopefully some years are better than that some

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Years probably won’t be as good depending on what’s going on in the market hopefully if we do have a downturn i play that correctly as far as put options making money there so i can still get my returns up right there’s a lot of money to be made in a recession i just want to put that out there so if i’m putting at least a million 30% per year for the next 12 years

That puts me somewhere around 100 million dollar net worth maybe just under that somewhere right around that okay hard to do hard to do absolutely because let’s think about like where i’m at right now okay so this is where we need to get to where am i at right now well currently i mean 2018 will probably do somewhere between two hundred and fifty thousand dollars

To three hundred and fifty thousand dollars if it goes really well in income okay two hundred and fifty thousand or three hundred fifty thousand basically that means i have around 150 thousand dollars per year to put toward the stock market so if i put 150 thousand dollars toward stock market investing and i can get a 30 percent return per year then that puts me

Somewhere around maybe a fifteen million dollar net worth which is certainly isn’t something to sneeze at or not be proud of or something that’s awesome but it’s not a hundred million dollars guys it’s not a hundred million dollars so basically we’ve got to get from here where we’re at right now as i’m recording this video to over here so how the heck are we gonna

Do this how the heck are we gonna pull this off its gonna be hard right so what i’m doing right now okay what i’m doing right now as far as like book sales and course sales and obviously the financial education channel and the products i helped to make other people money right those type of things the best case scenario i ever see this going is about three times

Better than it’s going now and that’s the best-case scenario i never see it getting better than just realistically when i look at the the things out there okay so if we do you know three times that amount then maybe we’re doing 750 k per year and maybe you know somewhere around a million dollars a year you take taxes out of that maybe we’ve got you know a half

Million to put towards stocks per year then we still gotta get that 30% return and then we’re still not even close to 100 million dollars so basically this whole deal is not gonna get us there that’s not gonna that’s not going to get us there it’s just not realistic unless we somehow you know went way above and beyond what i think is realistic which like i said

Best-case scenario i really through see three times that amount okay so what i kind of think will get me there to a hundred million dollar net worth is by age 40 is something totally unrelated to this channel something totally unrelated to anything i’m doing right now and it’s gonna be a business okay it’s gonna be starting a business of some kind and that business

The way i think about it is from this business i don’t necessarily care to make a hundred million dollars in profit from this business if that happened that would be great okay what i’m kind of thinking about whatever business i end up starting whenever that comes to me right i’m kind of thinking about this is how do i get a hundred million dollar valuation on that

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Business okay how do i get a hundred million dollar valuation on the business now if i can get a hundred million dollar valuation and i own a hundred percent of the company then i’m worth 100 million dollars right i can sell that to some other company that will pay that hundred million and boom i’ve done it i’m there okay now i think i can probably pull this off i

Don’t know what kind of business it is if i knew what kind of business it was i would drop everything i’m doing today and i would go after that business i have no clue what that is right now but i think i got a lot of confidence in myself that i can pull it off and here’s why okay so i started you know small businesses i’ve started small businesses and i’ve been

A success at that so i know the the process of building a business from the ground up and kind of getting it going and what not i have yet to build a really big business okay something that would get me a hundred million dollar valuation however i have a massive of knowledge obviously of you know how to scale up a business because i study businesses all the time

Because i’m an investor in stocks right and i look into companies out of all different sizes and whatnot i look into their background how they scaled that business up i look at private companies how they did i’ve watched so many documentaries on so many people and whatnot i really understand the process of scaling a business okay i have yet to prove i can scale a

Business to become a huge business like that but i understand the process i’ve have so many businesses and so many industries did it so being that i’ve been a success in small business and being that i have a you know fundamental understanding at least of how to scale a business to get to this point i think that could potentially propel me and then you’ve taken

To the fact that in order to build a business you you know a big business like this you either have to have usually funding okay so you got to raise money from investors it’s not always the easiest thing right now it’s probably easier than most times right because money’s just sloshing around out there but for me since i have a big income and since i already have

A big net worth over time right i should be able to fund that business a hundred percent myself and not even need investors so i’m a hundred percent owner of whatever business i start because i got money so i don’t need to take other people’s money unless this idea is so big that you know it takes millions upon millions or tens of millions of dollars to get off

The ground or something like that unless it’s something like that like i can fund the business myself and have a hundred percent ownership in it which is a big thing when you’re starting business if you have money and you can invest in things and you can’t take the more long-term approach and not care so much about the short-term profits that’s when you can really

Have success and also i’m always paying attention okay i’m always paying attention on what’s going on in the business landscape what opportunities are and i’ve seen a lot of opportunities over you know the past five years or so but i’ve never been able to execute on them one because at those times mostly i’ve yet to even proven i could start a small business right


Now that i did that with my real estate marketing company which actually just gave up right to pursue this now that this has been a success and whatnot i proven to myself i can at least do that correctly build a small business okay build a six-figure your that’s right so now that i pay attention to everything and i can see all these things and i’ve executed on that

Now i can take it to the next level guys and build from there so when i kind of think about this how am i going to realistically get to 100 million dollar net worth in a 12 year span it’s really about starting a business that i can get a hundred million dollar valuation for that business and sell it off and who knows maybe i won’t want to sell it off maybe i

Want to keep it and keep building from there just kind of depend on things but at the end of the day it’s not about making a hundred million dollars it’s about having a hundred million dollar net worth okay so those are two different things it doesn’t mean i had to make 100 100 million dollars in profit just means that through my valuation of whatever business

I started it’s worth a hundred million i’m worth 100 million at that point guy so that’s how i realistically think i can pull it off it’s going to be a long climb and i don’t know what business it will be you know whenever that time comes i really don’t know guys and it might not come for you know years from now who knows i might be 34 years old and then all of

A sudden finally this business idea comes to me or something so you know you never know what it is but whenever the time does come i will need to pursue that a hundred percent and i’ll have to put down pretty much on everything i’m doing here which will be you know a hard decision at that particular time but um for now you know i’m just gonna keep doing what i’m

Doing here and trying to help out people make money in business and stock working and all those kind of things so right now i’m focused on this but when that opportunity presents itself i’m going to go all-in on that but who knows when that time will come guys you know it’s a waiting game you can’t be impatient with this type of stuff you know you when you start

Getting impatient with things that’s when you start you know kind of losing confidence and losing your your long-term focus and whatnot i got to focus on what i got going now when that opportunity presents itself that’s when i go after it guys so anyways thank you so much for watching as always i hope you guys got a ton of value out of this i hope you enjoyed it

As always let me know in that comment section what you thought about this video and kind of you know your plans over the next 10 15 years if you even have any plans i would love to hear from you guys so thank you for watching and have a great day

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$100,000,000 Net Worth By Age 40 By Financial Education

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