10 Benefits of Not Buying Stuff

There are so many benefits of not buying things. Let me over the ways:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush today i’m gonna talk about ten benefits of not buying stuff one you don’t have to spend the time shopping for it i know when i shop for something new i always try to compare all the specifications and it would take me hours days weeks in order to find the perfect product so that i can buy it if you just decide to

Not buy it you don’t have to do all this research second you don’t need a security system if you don’t buy enough stuff there’s nothing to steal therefore you don’t have to pay any money for the monthly cost for the security the things simply just won’t get stolen because it doesn’t even exist if a crook comes into your house they’re gonna just see nothing here

They’re like oh yeah we’re gonna steal the steak or something the third thing you can minimize the insurance on personal possessions for example homeowners insurance or renters insurance usually they ask you to put the value of all your items so the less value of all the items that you have the less stuff that could go wrong that could burn down the less you have

To pay in terms of premiums the fourth thing is a bit underrated because i know sometimes when i have a favorite item and if i ever lose it it would cause tremendous heartache for maybe like a month or very much longer every single time i remember i’m like oh my gosh i really like those sunglasses or something and then you would feel terrible about it you as a

Person feels aches and pain because of the loss if you do not attach your happiness to a material item therefore it cannot be stripped away from you instead what i do for sunglasses these days i buy very cheap ones and if i ever lose them it’s just like this it’s a lot less heartache and i just go i can just replace it for a dollar or two the fifth benefit of not

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Buying stuff is you do not have to pay for that item itself invested instead for example $1000 if you assume an 8% compounded annual growth rate for 30 years your $1000 today is actually 10 times as much 30 years later this takes into account of inflation so your money really is ten times more valuable thirty years later so next time when you spend $1,000 today

Know that you are taking about 10 dollars away from your 30 year older self the six thing is that there’s no casualty costs what i mean by this is whenever you buy some item this is not the only thing that you’re gonna buy you’re gonna end up buying accessories that go around it maybe is a charger maybe it’s a case cord by the time you’re done buying the whole

Thing it might add 10 to 20% more cost to the original item another casualty cost you might not have considered is whenever you buy a set of something for example certain color rug for a certain bathroom and if you happen to really like it you’re gonna go wow i have the other bathrooms that i want to outfit with the same kind of rug so this is another casualty

Cost you’re gonna end up having to buy the second set or the third set or the fourth set depending on how many bathrooms that you’ll have if you stayed with what you have you’re not gonna suddenly look at your other bathrooms and go oh my gosh it looks so ugly now i have to upgrade to the latest one i have in my main bathroom the seventh benefit is that you don’t

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Have to lend it out although lending out might be a good thing because it supports a community right but lending things out to a bad actor has its downsides because some people like to lend things and then they return it in a terrible condition sometimes people like to borrow things and when they know it’s not theirs they just kind of treat it a lot more rougher

Than if it’s their own everyone does this right just for example if you go rent a car most people sort of abuse it when they rent the car right everybody seems to have a lead foot with a rental car and they just zoom everywhere the eighth benefit of not buying stuff is you no longer need to upgrade if you don’t have that thing to begin with then you’re not gonna

Keep on tracking it for the next best thing if you have let’s say a certain model of camera you’re probably gonna look at the next model that comes out and then when it does come out you’re gonna go oh what’s so much better about it should i upgrade or not so if you do not have the original to begin with you’re not going to do this comparison the ninth benefit is

When you are done with this item you no longer need to sell it selling things take a significant amount of effort you guys know i’ve been selling a lot of my stuff but i would have to say with the aggregate amount of time that i had to spend in selling my things i would say it’s comparable to the amount of time i have do researching all these things so not only

Are you spending all this time buying it you’re spending roughly the same amount of time trying to get rid of it as well so think of the end-of-life time that it requires in order to sort of tie up all these loose ends and really get rid of this item finally the tenth benefit of not buying stuff it’s less electronic waste less impact on the environment it doesn’t

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Have to be an electronic product the less you use the less materials that you’re consuming if you really think about it people cannot consume material objects they can only use it for a short time and then it just passes on into the landfill when you consume less stuff you’re using less resources you’re using less fossil fuels it’s better for the environment

Thanks for watching this video i made this video just for those of you that are just about to buy something and then maybe you can pull this video up and convince yourself not to buy it if you guys are interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the video description below you can get a free audio book and help benefit this channel and

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