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Bluegrass Soy Sauce Here:

How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush a while ago i was watching a how it’s made video on soy sauce and i came across this soy sauce where they were doing some artisanal soy sauce and they were making in small batches and stuff so after watching it i was like wow that looks really good and so i got suckered into buying this soy sauce here this little bottle

Is about ten dollars ten fifty or so regular bottles or i think about three times the size of this and it’s only about 250 so it’s about 10 to 12 x as expensive now i haven’t opened this yet so i don’t know what it tastes like so i figure i’m gonna taste it but not just by itself so i got some sushi over here to try to see if it pairs well with this apparently they

Make this in small batches and also they make it inside bourbon oak barrels so it’s supposed to give it a good flavor i’m gonna compare with some of this soy sauce that comes with the sushi i bought this as a takeout you can see here i got a few pieces of sushi and you eat enough of it you can identify them from what they are just by the look of them this is tuna

The red tuna not the fatty part or the medium fatty part red snapper this is old toro the the belly part and this is albacore with some ginger lemon and wasabi and over here i got some white tuna or escolar and there’s a little bit of eggs on top of it there’s a salmon not the belly part but just the regular salmon this is a hero a yellowtail and an eel all this

Actually didn’t come like this i just replayed it it just to make it look pretty it did come with this orchid though so let me just try the soy sauce first before trying it with the sushi smells like regular soy sauce okay i’m gonna try the special stuff first good salty it’s not particularly romantic or anything okay i’m gonna rinse my mouth with some green tea

He’s very regular hmm this cheap packet stuff tastes a little bit more salty a little bit more watery and it doesn’t seem like your mouth is as full when you’re eating the soy sauce if giving a blind taste says i would prefer this special one but i don’t know if it’s worth the extra price i would probably pay i don’t know a little bit more not not certainly not

Ten times this more because normal bottle of soy sauce is about 250 so maybe i’ll pay like three 350 or something for for this type of flavor so i got the bunch of sushi here and there is a particular order you’re supposed to eat the sushi of course in between the pieces you may want to cleanse your palate with some of the ginger so that the next piece won’t taste

Like a mixture of the previous piece and you won’t get your flavors confused there’s a general order i can’t just say you know every single one have a particular order but definitely you want to have the e oh laughs because that’s sweet generally you want to have things that are really bland towards things are more flavorful towards the end however you might want

To eat something that’s really really good or the more expensive stuff early on because you get the most satisfaction from the first piece that you eat by that i would eat the toro here as the first piece and then i would do the bland stuff this is the key ramen is one of the more blander fish so i’ll go with that next and then the thai the red snapper here is

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Also pretty bland they’re kind of on par in terms of blandness so i would go with those and then the rest is kind of like a toss-up in terms of ordering i would have the albacore next-to-the-last because it has this really pungent ginger grate on it so i would put that next-to-the-last so this escolar salmon yellowtail and the regular tuna i would just you know

You can just pretty much eat any order you want in the middle like anybody else you just take some of this wasabi mix it in with your soy sauce you know if i mix the wasabi into the soy sauce is probably gonna cover up the flavor of the soy sauce but let’s see no i still like that yeah i got the soy sauce mainly to try something new and i’m afraid maybe i might

Have made a mistake because if i if i actually like this they’ll actually be more expensive i have to actually get it all the time from now on if i want to have some good sushi so there’s a dilemma so for me i like to eat it in this special way that i you know i don’t know anyone else does this but after i mix the wasabi in with the soy sauce i take my chopstick

And i just put a few on top put some soy sauce on top just maybe two three times like that and when i eat it i like to eat it upside down people some sushi chef says oh you’re not supposed to do that you just put the whole thing in with the rice on the bottom towards your tongue but some other one says you need to flip it upside down and put it on your tongue i

Like that method better because the fish touches your tongue more and so you have a better experience here you’re always eating something you’re you’re always tasting the fish rather than the rice so i’d go like this you eat the whole thing at the same time and then you just flip it upside down like this hmm yeah this is this is oh taro i’m surprised to put this in

In its order this is um nigiri dinner with nine pieces no this old table if it came from a super master sushi chef do what i wouldn’t have to chew as much because in between the pieces of meat there’s these layers right and if they choose it right these layers i wouldn’t have to chew on sometimes they like to just cut in between the layers and have the pieces of

Sushi come out so you don’t even have anything to chew and it’ll make things a lot melt here so yeah that’s very very good so i’m gonna eat the next one they’re here ami over here i’m gonna put the other soy sauce on top i probably won’t be able to tell the difference because most of flavor is from the fish not the soy sauce it just kind of complements it no i can

I can actually taste the soy sauce just cheaper one it’s a little sharper in in terms of saltiness like like i don’t know if if if there’s a spectrum of saltiness it’s like really sharp like queering like that where is this one just like kind of like rounded off so let me tell you a little bit more about this soy sauce because i’m gonna leave a link down below if

You want to get this soy sauce that’s a little bit overpriced but i’ll leave it there anyway it’s made from water non-gmo soybeans wheat salt and yeast they make it handcrafted this sauce is from the only small batch soy sauce brewery in the united states it’s me from the whole non-gmo kentucky grown soybeans and pure limestone filtered kentucky spring water it is

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Brewed and aged in bourbon barrels the result is smoky brothy sauce with hints of oak and mild sweetness smokey huh it says smokey very very slight smokey there’s a slight sweetness to it yes and i don’t really know what bourbon tastes like really just off top or kentucky bourbon so i wouldn’t know on this bottle here it says batch 162 – one six bottle number five

Eight six so i mean it’s handwritten so i guess that’s cool it’s a hundred milliliter bottle all natural preservative free refrigerate after opening for quality okay that’s uh that’s very nice anyway let me just try this red snapper here i go like this this is my quirky way of eating the sushi your fish is good quality mmm now that red snapper compared to here

Ah me red snapper is kind of like bursty when you chew it it takes a little bit before it would break where’s your romney once you chew into it it’s kind of mushy so then they’ve just killed the like that whereas red snapper you you bite into it’s kind of like a balloon and it goes pop so here’s the escolar now put some on like my usual it’s not bad i paid like

20 bucks the tuna this time this tuna looks good because it looks very tender and not like the regular tuna where it’s sort of see-through i don’t know how to how to describe it but this looks almost like two toro the middle kind let me put some soy sauce on there mm-hmm hmm actually this is not just tuna its tutorial i like tutorial even more than otoro because

Oh dora was the fatty part it tends to be a bit more bouncy much too toro it’s the middle part so you have the best of both world to me that should be the most expensive but it isn’t it’s the middle they caught the consider the middle grade but i liked the tutorial the most very good very good i have a feeling this – toro it’s a bluefin tuna because bluefin tuna

When you eat it it tastes how slightly bloody there’s this slight bloody taste to it that’s how i can tell it’s bluefin okay so let’s go on to this regular salmon here by the grain of it it’s very narrow it means it’s kind of not the belly part so it’s not the fatty part but it doesn’t really matter anyway because when i look at this you can see it’s kind of

Bright orange which means it’s a farm but tuna farm – now no good but yeah i’m gonna eat it anyway we farm it they feed it these colored stuff too – to turn it into more orange ii what can you do if this is still taste very buttery and you know taste good i don’t usually eat that much of the ginger stuff but i can’t i feel like after you eat the ginger you gotta

Drink something – because it’s such a strong flavor you need – after you you gotta get rid of it so that you can eat the next fish okay next one will be this yellowtail this yellowtail here looks pretty normal to me but let me do my regular i dropped a piece of the rice so i got a salvage it somehow the other tail has this distinct flavor it’s not as buttery as

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Salmon you’ll be interesting if i can figure out which fish is which fish blindfolded i might be able to i’m not sure usually with this albacore it has a lot of ginger on it so put just a little bit of soy sauce let me try this sauce also again yeah it’s a it’s smooth can i say that about soy sauce it’s it’s smooth where is this one the wasabi kind of like hide

Some of the sharpness but after tasting you know couple more yeah i can i can taste the original like really sharp more watering less dimensions of flavor like like um like the in-between flavors that this one has this one doesn’t the the cheaper one doesn’t have that in between flavors but yeah i don’t know taste wise it’s very very different and i certainly

Prefer this one i you know one cheap soy sauce would do and if you don’t have one side by side to compare you probably won’t notice your you did ginger i suppose is there because the albacore needs the ginger to cancel out some of the fishy taste albacore has a little bit more vegetation first then the ginger are so overpowering you can’t taste like your whole

Mouth gets filled with ginger so yeah i should have totally taken a little bit more of the ginger ale albacore it’s like release you know like a squishy thing there’s no texture really it’s just like when you eat it it’s just called uh just mushes well i had all of it now on to dessert you see i kind of left the salad i’ll eat that later will have this the eel

You don’t dip it in the sauce off you see i didn’t take each sushi piece and dip the rice in it because a lot of people like to just dip it right side up and then the rice gets all salty um i don’t like doing that cuz it just soaks up too much of the source awesome you’re not supposed to put that much soy sauce and wasabi in it anyway yo it’s not the freshest you

Can taste a little bit of sea yeah okay so when you have really good sushi yes i would prefer to dip even this $10 one and i would pay to do that but out of all the pieces maybe the old toro – toro the red snapper was worth dipping the expensive one because all the other ones it didn’t really make a difference um the they need to be good sushi to pair with good

Soy sauce because why would you put good soy sauce with you know just mediocre sushi for me i don’t think i’m gonna go around buying this all the time i’m gonna probably just finish this and it doesn’t let that be maybe in the future i’ll get an itch and go oh yeah you know that tastes soy sauce tasted so good i want to get it again but i don’t i don’t see that

Happening very often don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of my sushi eating method and i really hope you try to do the same thing too because i i eat it this way because i think it’s the best tasting at least in my point of view and lastly don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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