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In this video, Tasha helps you figure out what to buy someone when you don’t know what to buy. Use this list for Christmas gift ideas or any other holiday this year to help take the confusion out of your shopping.

Hey guys it’s tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle faixo brought to you by retailmenot the lifestyle fix is all about helping you create the life that you want on any budget the holiday season is my favorite time of year and i love buying presents for my friends and family i really try to find thoughtful and

Unexpected presents when i can except for my dad who always gets cologne and often the exact same bottle because it’s his favorite sometimes you just got to go with what you know is going to work but without failed there are always a few people who i tend to struggle over what to buy them every year if you’ve searched google like i have you’ll find recommendations

From engravable everything to very questionable items like whiskey stones and if you don’t get why that’s funny i’ll drop a link to a video down below that will help you out there gift guides are great but rather than sticking one up on your dartboard and just going with whichever one you hit first you want to make sure that the thing that you get is actually

Something that the person is going to use so here’s a list of practical gifts that will help you find a great gift no matter who it is that you’re shopping for number one time with the person that they care about you give the gift of spending time with you this may come as a shock but i can assure you that both your friends and family will appreciate getting to

Spend some extra time with you especially around the holidays you can look for great seasonal activities like attending a new year’s eve party together or one of my personal favorites visiting a christmas tree farm for ryan’s hot cider and apple cider donuts if you like to give gifts early you can go holiday shopping together or attend some holiday parties this

Gift can even be free like going for a hike together or just hanging out at home playing board games video games or watching netflix all you have to do to make this get land is add a special note about time being the most valuable thing on earth and suggest something that you know the person likes number two experiences studies show that one of the ways that you

Can actually buy happiness is to spend money on experiences studies also showed that we derive more happiness from experiences than we do from acquiring material things gifting and experience is a great gift for anyone but can be especially great for couples and families making decisions about events or activities can be overwhelming which can lead us to putting

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Off these activities that we actually really want to do so taking care of all of the decision-making can be the best gift ever it can also have a chance of bringing the recipient more happiness than a material gift ever could especially if you tag-team this gift with gift number one and share in the experience with the person what makes this present great is

That it’s perfectly customizable to the giver and the recipient it can be dinner at a restaurant concert tickets for their favorite band i hear queen is touring or hot-air ballooning if you’ve never gone hot-air ballooning you should totally give it a try i just did it in new mexico and it was amazing i’ll drop a link to that video in a cart up above and in the

Description box down below so you can check that out one of the best parts about gifting experiences is that the budget is really flexible you can spend $0 to go hiking in a national park or several hundred getting pampered all day at the spa no matter your budget gifting and experience has you covered number three hobby or favorite activity consumables do you know

What knitting and world of warcraft have in common besides hours of exhilarating entertainment if you knit you know what i’m talking about almost every activity involves either using something up or some kind of ongoing expense for example knitting requires yarn gaming has subscription fees numerous hobbies use glues or paints making youtube videos requires camera

Lenses and memory cards hint-hint all you need to know is the very basics about a person’s hobby and you can give them something simple and spot-on that you know that they will actually mean number four travel finding the time to get away is sometimes easier said than done adding the research and the logistical planning of a trip can be all the reason that someone

Needs to put off traveling even just for a night or a weekend the good news is that you can help them out give them the gift of travel you can choose to plan every detail and book it yourself for them or leave the booking to them and use a group of gift cards like for hotels and airlines to cover the cost and leave the booking alone you can even find a good travel

Agent to help them with the planning the key to making this a great gift is to leverage any knowledge that you have a about the person so that you can narrow down the type of travel that you’re going to give them don’t worry if you can’t give someone a whole trip sometimes a gas card or some help with the hotel is all someone needs for them to pull the trigger on

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Some great travel number-5 babysitting babysitting can be expensive where i live in the suburbs of washington dc the going rate for a high school student to watch my almost three-year-old is $15.00 an hour i was blown away when we first tried to hire someone and it was that expensive i eventually lucked out with a fabulous neighbor whose daughter is super responsible

And only charges $10 she is in middle school though babysitting for a friend is a great gift for a variety of reasons it saves the both of you money while serving a great purpose speaking from personal experience as a busy working mom it can be really hard to schedule a night out especially when you have to worry about things like a babysitter canceling at the last

Minute because they have to study for a test when you have a trusted friend watching your kids you don’t have to worry about that plus having a trusted friend watch your kid puts a parent’s mind at ease because they feel more comfortable about who they’re leaving their bundle of joy with you might be thinking that this only applies to friends with human children

But don’t forget about dogs cats hamsters snakes fish or any other pets they all need some love too while their owners are away number 6 help around the house a great free gift that anyone can use is a helping hand especially tasks that they hate doing themselves you can offer to do yard work help with projects do grocery shopping or even regular cleaning or if

You know that a friend is going to be moving soon gift them the promise of helping them move when the time comes as the old saying goes many hands make light work your friends and family are sure to appreciate you lending a helping hand when they need it the most number 7 baked goods ok just about everyone loves baked goods and there are baked treats out there

For people of all ways of eating from gluten-free taketo if you love to bake and if the things that you bake actually taste good this is the perfect present for you to give to your loved ones and friends i love baking pound cake during the holidays to give to neighbors and to take to holiday parties if you suck at baking you can still gift baked goods just buy

Them from the store and put a ribbon on it number eight gift cards with shopping help shopping is always better with a friend a gift card can be a good general gift that’s virtually impossible to mess up then you can take it up a notch by coming along for the shopping trip so your friend gets the benefit or your company on top of not having to spend their own

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Money this can be a great gift for hitting those after christmas sales number nine wine or other special beverages just about everyone loves a tasty beverage as a special treat on occasion or every night i’m not judging either way a gift of a drink like a good wine craft brew single barrel liquor or a unique soda can be fun this great option can wow someone that

Seems to have just about everything and may not want to store even more stuff you can opt to buy them more of a beverage that you know they would love or you can hunt down something new and interesting for them to try number 10 a gift receipt if after all of this you still don’t have a good idea just give them something thoughtful from someplace that has a quick

Easy and generous return policy make sure the gift receipt is easy to find in the package and if you’re really worried that the gift might not excite the recipient also include a thoughtful card with the present that way your words can do the talking that may be your gift can’t while that french vanilla wooden whit candle is amazing and even crackles like a fire

It can’t say i love you better than some of your own handwriting these 10 gifts will help you find that perfect something when you have no idea what to buy now that you know what to get those special people in your life here’s another tip to make the most of your holiday budget retailmenot is the ultimate destination for saving money whether you shop online or in

A store they even have gift guys that pair perfect gift ideas with applicable coupons to save you money during the holiday season with thousands of coupon deals and cashback offers retailmenot makes it easy to save on everything you need like clothing beauty travel food and even prescription drugs rito me knots free browser extension genie automatically finds and

Applies coupon codes and cashback offers for you at checkout so you never have to search for deals ever again install retailmenot genie for free by clicking the link in the description box or by heading over to retailmenot.com / teeny and start saving instantly on everything you need this holiday season thank you so much for watching and bearing with my christmas

Sweater be sure to thumbs up subscribe and hit that notification bell and tune in here every single friday for new episodes of the lifestyle fix and see you next week you

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10 Easy Gifts for When You Have No Clue What to Buy | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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