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Skin care and makeup products can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. In this video, Tasha shares the ten best drugstore makeup products under $10.

Hi i’m tasha with one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by well simple the lifestyle fix is all about helping you create the life that you want on any budget making smart money decisions in your daily life makes it that much easier to reach your big financial goals today’s episode is all about budget beauty

Buys according to a 2017 survey of 3,000 american women the average woman spends 8 dollars a day on skincare and beauty products and applies an average of 16 skin care products before even leaving the house that includes everything from moisturizers to brow products eight dollars a day adds up to almost $3,000 a year which is quite a chunk of change full disclosure

I used 18 products on days like today where i’m wearing a full face of makeup and for on days when i’m not wearing makeup several people have asked about my makeup routine so i’ll drop a link to that video down in the description box and you can go check it out there now i’m all about spending in accordance with your personal priorities there’s nothing wrong with

Splurging on beauty products as long as you plan for it in your budget and it’s not stopping you from reaching your other financial goals still you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your beauty box so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for lower cost alternatives that work just as well for you here are some of my favorite drugstore beauty

Buys that cost less than $10 and worked just as well as some pricey higher-end products that i’ve tried number one neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser a great cleanser is the foundation of any skincare routine it’s also one of the few beauty products that have an almost immediate effect on your skin when i try out a new cleanser i know if it’s not for me in

Just a few days because either i’ll start breaking out or my skin will start feeling like cardboard i have dry skin with an oily t zone and this neutrogena cleanser does a great job of removing dirt and makeup residue without drying out my skin and at just eight dollars for 11 ounces it’s a steal compared to other brands i’ve tried like dermalogica which costs $38

For an 8 ounce bottle plus it’s unscented so joseph and i can both use this cleanser which means one less item that we need to store in the back number two elf gentle peeling exfoliat this is a great gentle exfoliant that leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth after i use it it’s cruelty free and 100% vegan and at ten dollars a bottle it’s pretty reasonable


Especially when compared to the other exfoliant that i’ve been using derma logic is daily micro foliat which cost $40 for this whole bottle now the major benefit that i missed when making the switch is that dermalogica is microphone it can be added to any cleanser whereas the elf gentle peeling exfoliant is a cleanser and exfoliant in one which means you would

Use it instead of your regular cleanser two to three times a week still at a savings of 120 dollars a year that’s a pretty small price to pay number three l’oreal pure clay mask this pure clay mask line has several different masks in it and i’ve tried a number of them and really really liked them all the clay masks help extract dirt and oil and they also help

Make your pores look smaller which is a huge plus for me because i have large pores i use this instead of pore cleansing strips which can be really harsh and damaging to your skin if you’re not careful plus these clay masks smell amazing whenever i use it i feel super luxurious like i’m at a spa this mask is widely known to be a dupe of the glam glow super mud

Mask which retails for $60 compared to $8 for the same amount of product if you use this mask just once a week you’d save two hundred and fifty dollars a year by making the switch number four burt’s bees honey moisturizing lip balm i keep a tube of this in my nightstand and swipe it on my lips before i go to bed it’s nice and thick so it keeps my lips moisturized

All night long it’s also honey based so it happens to taste really really good it costs just eight dollars for four tubes which is pretty much a year supply i found that it’s comparable to the popular sugar caramel hydrating balm from fresh which runs 18 dollars a pop making this switch would save $100 a year number five bee or a uv aqua rich watery essence spf

50 plus sunscreen sun exposure causes as much as 90% of visible skin aging and can also cause skin cancer which is why it’s so important to make wearing sunscreen a habit even if your skin happens to have some built-in extra sun protection like mine does fiore uv aqua rich is a chemical based sunscreen so it goes on thin and it melts right into your skin without

Leaving a gooey sticky residue or white streaks the one caveat is that it is alcohol based so it may not be the best if you have really dry skin this product is comparable to the shishido ultimate sun protect which retails for $40 for 3.3 ounces or 12 dollars an ounce compared to the bre at five dollars an ounce now i did cheat a little on this one because it’s

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Not actually available in drugstores in the us it’s only sold abroad so you do have to order it online the next best drugstore product that i found is the neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch which costs seven dollars it is a thicker formula than the biore but it does mix well with my moisturizer and is almost invisible when it dries down number six eucerin skin

Calming cream this lotion works wonders for my dry skin it’s thick and it’s creamy and it goes on really smooth and just melts right into my skin without leaving any oily residue and my skin stays nice and moisturized all day long it’s also unscented which i love because then i can use it with any perfume or body spray without having to worry about the scent

Clashing this is another product that both joseph and i use although being perfectly honest joseph likes to wait until his skin gets so dry that it’s itching before he puts on lotion i on the other hand start to look like a raisin if i go more than a day without moisturizing my skin user and skin calming cream runs nine dollars a pop for 14 ounces versus a bath

And bodyworks body butter which costs $14 for just eight ounces number seven real techniques makeup sponge makeup sponges are great for applying foundation concealer and powder and they’re also good for blending your makeup especially if you like to contour these real techniques sponges are affordable and they get the job done ideally you should be replacing your

Makeup sponges every two to three months so that can really add up fast a year supply of real techniques sponges costs about twenty seven dollars for six versus twenty five dollars each for the pricier and super popular beautyblender making this swap would save you a hundred and twenty dollars a year number eight l’oreal paradise enchanted eyeshadow palette once

Upon a time i was a complete eye shadow junkie in fact i still have over 200 eyeshadows that i never use and are probably too old to even be used at this point nowadays i stick to a smaller curated collection of eyeshadows and this palette from l’oreal is a recent addition that i am absolutely loving it’s also what i’m wearing on my eyes right now at $12 it is a

Little over the $10 limit but it comes with 12 eyeshadows so that’s a dollar each so that counts right that’s what i’m going with this palette actually replaced my previous go-to palette the bare minerals gem nude rose which costs $29 for six shadows versus $12 for 12 shadows that’s a savings of $60 a year assuming that you buy four new palettes every year number

Nine l’oreal voluminous eyeshadow primer and last paradise mascara either one of these products are excellent by themselves but when you combine them lash magic happens i have decently long but pretty skimpy eyelashes so this mascara and primer combo really thickens out my lashes and it does it without clumping so let’s talk about cost savings these two products

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Are in seven dollars each for a total of fourteen dollars you should replace your mascara every three months so they run you fifty six dollars for the year now i’ve tried a lot of high-end mascara and my favorite is the dior show primer and the diorshow mascara which runs $30 each or $60 for both going with the drugstore mascara would save you a hundred and eighty

Four dollars a year number ten l’oreal pro matte long wear liquid lipstick i tend to wear a lot of sheer glosses especially when the weather is warmer but as we’re moving into fall i find myself wanting to try bolder lip looks like the one i’m wearing right now l’oréal’s pro matte liquid lipstick is super pigmented goes on easily and it really does last all day

It’s almost transfer proof to a fault in that it can be kind of hard to get it off at night the only other issue is that it can be a bit drying so be sure to exfoliate your lips regularly to make your lips as smooth as possible before applying your lipstick coat your lips with some burt’s bees chapstick like i do i actually like this lipstick better than several

Other brands that i’ve tried including long combs matte shaker and bare minerals matte liquid lipstick if you buy six lipsticks a year you’d save $84 with this switch these easy beauty product swaps could save you thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime and speaking of easy ways to save money well simple is an online investing service that makes it

Easy to start saving and investing like a pro just answer a few simple questions and they’ll build you a custom portfolio that’s designed to fit your financial needs whether it’s using a smart savings account for your next vacation or building your long-term nest egg in an ira best of all it runs on autopilot just set up automatic transfers and let it go to work

In the background if you have any questions along the way you can always reach out to one of their money experts for a free portfolio review plus tfd viewers get a special cash bonus for getting started check them out at wealth simple calm / promo / lifestyle fix or use the link down in the description box below thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of

The lifestyle fix be sure to thumbs up and subscribe hit that notification bell so you don’t miss an episode and i will see you here next friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix bye you

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10 Luxury-Level Beauty Products Under $10 | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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