10 Minute Lunch Made From Scratch

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it’s around lunch time right now and i want to show you guys how i make a meal in about 10 minutes or so and this is using all ingredients from scratch fresh ingredients nothing in a package or anything as we all know time is money and you cannot just spend an hour every day making your lunch or dinner repeatedly

Day after day you walk into the kitchen like right now i don’t have anything pre-set up and then you walk out about 10 minutes later with some hot food in your hand so with that said i’m gonna begin i’m just waiting for my take out over here and i wish that there is some high quality video game that i can play at any time well guess what now you can with raid

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Look at this cool champion you’ll get for free you will find extra rewards here in your inbox for the next 30 days only right here i got a ball have some chicken over here first you kind of dip it in water a little bit to remove the plastic i have saran wrap wrapping around this and then i put this in the defrost you only defrost the chicken defrosting about 56

Seconds i need to wash my hands because i just touched the chicken over here i have steel cut oats that’s ready already i just gotta open it up i’ve actually made more than i actually need i’m gonna put it in a big bowl and that would be my starch for today so this over here i’m gonna just get about one cup of it and that’s the steel cut oats chicken that’s in

There defrost i’m gonna flip it over with some chopsticks so i don’t have to wash my hands again and then defrost it again meanwhile over here i’m going to start a cast iron pan turn it on hot because it’ll need some time to heat up the cast iron pan over here i got some green beans i got a pot over here i’m just going to steam the green beans a little bit we

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Need some vegetables right so i’m going to put some water here turn it on about that much would do i dropped it on the floor now i gotta wash it that is the chicken that is defrosted put a little bit of oil here now i want to decide if i want to add some like you know add an egg to this or something because it’s going to be chicken and green beans so far do

I want to add a little pizzazz to it i guess i think i’m going to add cheese into it i’ll put some manchego cheese which i have in the fridge right now okay so this is the end clippings i use some newspaper over here this is kind of like from a yellow pages thing and i put all the compostable stuff in here so that i can stick it in the compost bin and not the

Trash bin we’re gonna steam some of this this green bean here turn it on medium and i have the chicken that’s ready and because this is a little thick i’m going to cut it in half i think this is chicken thigh that i’ve previously deboned myself okay right there turn that on i touched the chicken so i’m going to wash my hands again let me check the time it’s like

Eight minutes since i started recording this video this chicken is gonna take 11 minutes to cook i’m gonna sear it for about one minute and let me find the lid where’s the lid lid is over here put the vegetable back here’s the cheese i’m gonna sprinkle on this thing later the grater turn this over i’m going to turn it on low and while i’m doing that i don’t

Just kind of mess everything up i also wash the dishes while i am cooking stuff see that chicken is over there and it’s cooking i got 10 minutes to sit around so you know you got 10 minutes to do whatever you want so usually i just clean the kitchen like use up whatever i got dirty like this knife that i cut the chicken with and also the pan over here gonna

Have to do it later anyway it’s either that or you get out of the kitchen you have to come in and out in and out so while you’re here you know might as well just clean whatever usually i take the steel cut oats out of the insta pot right after it’s done i left it in there so it got stuck a little bit i probably will have one mandarin orange later why not have

A little bit of wine because there’s eight minutes left and i got nothing else to do cheers yeah that’s probably all i need like a swing of red wine i don’t need more than that i don’t want to get drunk or anything maybe i want to season the chicken a little bit i kind of forgot to do that you can do that now i got salt and pepper over here oh shoot oh it broke

Actually well it’s just gonna be very peppery my pepper grinder finally broke i think this is six eight years old this is a really old thing so it’s okay that it broke i just need to get another one should i make like an egg or something add it on top of there i guess i can do that oh by the way the chicken that i have in there uh this was organic chicken this

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Is cage-free egg so i’m having you know really okay stuff i guess add some cover that uh there’s the green beans it looks like it’s done turn it off this is the rice it looks like i can eat it like three more times or so that’s the reason for cooking a whole batch of it so i can just put it in the fridge and for dinner i’m just gonna take this out microwave it

You know mix another set of stuff whatever i feel like fish eggs pasta or whatever and add it with some starch over here i also have you know some tofu i’ll probably eat this tonight the egg’s done you can see oops i dropped this on the ground so stick that over here here’s the egg i mean it’s still kind of bit of gooey so pretty good three or four minutes left

Until the chicken is done usually the gating item is the chicken you gotta wait for it until it’s done meanwhile i can have some more wine i mean i already cleaned up everything just have reasonable drinking this is because i had the wine that’s left over from a trip normally i wouldn’t buy that much wine or anything but you know i’m just kind of finishing it

Up i feel like i’m making my dinner or lunch very very quickly if you’re making pizza you got to put it in the oven for like a good 20 minutes or something and then you get to eat but i come into the kitchen you know do a whole bunch of stuff really busily of course and i come out with a hot meal you know and it’s all from scratch still cut oats there’s no

Added artificial ingredients in it the organic chicken i only add salt and pepper there’s a cage-free egg in here and then the vegetables there’s no artificial stuff no preservatives this is not like when you get like a tv dinner which takes about the same time you take it out of the freezer you stick it in a microwave for like five minutes well it’s a little

Bit faster right but this tastes a lot better i think this really saves a lot of money because this chicken it was like two dollars a pound and i bought it from i believe costco and then i just kind of cut it up myself and then i stuck it in the freezer so this lasts a really long time anytime i come into the kitchen i look at okay there’s a whole bunch of stuff

I can eat here that’s frozen i defrost it and then i stick it on the pan so i’m not actually cooking it in a microwave or anything it’s only defrosting for the flavor it’s almost done over here so i’m gonna get the green beans i think i have actually too much green beans i’ll just eat it all the liquid at the bottom if you put it in here it’s all going to get

All over the steel cut oats and then it’s going to get all soggy so what are you going to do with the green beans stuff i don’t know i’ll just drink it i guess tastes like green beans okay again i’m gonna wash this because i don’t want stuff to be laying around that’s you know you’re gonna have a big pile of dishes at the end so after you wash it just kind of

Drain it a little bit and then i put it back onto the hot stove over here it automatically dries your pot which is a good thing then you don’t have to dry it yourself and now the chicken is done it’s a gonna be a very very peppery thing very peppery chicken now this is the chicken juice i can just pour that over the vegetables and also i’m gonna wash this too

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You see this is like a self-sustaining thing every time i come in here i make sure that i return everything back to how it was before i have some cheese okay that’s enough cheese this is manchego by the way my friend tim introduced me to this when we were backpacking and it tasted really really good and we got some from costco costco is a lot cheaper it’s like

Half the price of regular supermarkets where you only have a small wedge let me show you guys look at this twice the size of this thing for uh i think 14 or 15 or so because i ate some of it already let me show you guys what this looks like and just like that you got an organic chicken with manchego cheese sprinkled on top with green beans and a cage-free egg

Look at the yolk over here it’s like orangey right normal eggs that you get you know the regular cheapy kind it’s kind of yellowish not orange like this you can taste it in the flavor too and the main chago cheese let’s give the chicken a try make sure that it’s fully cooked through cooked so i would consider this very simple food there’s not even a name for this

I just kind of go oh i need some starch i need some vegetables and i need some protein to kind of round it all out along with this i might have one or two mandarin oranges you know kind of like a dessert because this is sweet after all there is gonna be added fiber in this with the vegetable there’s added fiber over here i don’t normally have the wine actually

I just kind of you know just felt like it today so thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re going to give this a try this is just how i find a way to save time in preparing lunch because it gets old you can’t always spend like half an hour to one hour preparing an elaborate meal every single time this

Is my go-to everyday food just with everything together some kind of starch some kind of vegetable maybe it’s green bean maybe it’s cauliflower broccoli maybe it’s spinach something and some kind of protein it might be fish chicken steak it might be tofu even and it can be just an egg by itself three different things you know the food groups just add it all up

And also you know some more fiber vitamin c or whatnot at the end thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re gonna give this a try some i would call this i don’t know francis bowl beat the bush ball i don’t know whichever you want to call it and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and

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10 Minute Lunch Made From Scratch By BeatTheBush

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