10 Sound Effects on the Theremin

Big Theremin:

How’s it goin everybody business beat the bush in front of me is a theremin musical instrument this is the only instrument that you can play without touching it at all now i’ve always been fascinated with various instruments that can make really strange sounds now today by no means am i a musician but i’m going to demonstrate to you 10 different sound effects

That i was able to produce just by fiddling with this thing first i have a theremin musical instrument over here it’s a moog etherwave plus over here is a random amplifier i used to have in my car is actually a kit amplifier where i had to take all the parts and put it in a circuit board solder it myself and put it all together so this thing happened to have a

Microphone input which is the microphone output of this thing so i just put this in and i have this going out to a bazooka speaker the bazooka speaker right here the speaker itself actually disintegrated so i had to attach another speaker that was a little bit oversized onto this thing but hey it works so i have it all set up you just turned it on noise this thing

On the left side controls a volume i can lift my hand over here and you can hear the volume increasing and this is again if my hands about 2 inches from this thing then there’s no volume at all now my hand proximity to this antenna controls the pitch so if i put my hand a little ways away from this antenna it’s gonna have a little bit of volume and you can see

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It’s making a certain pitch if i get closer really we’re close and if i happen to touch it you’re not supposed to touch it though but just get really close and it’s enough and i’ve set it up to get a good range of frequencies from here to here but you can actually change this with the pitch knob over here and now you can see the pitches a bit higher even though

My hand is not that close to the antenna i kind of prefer it to have the wide range now let’s begin i’m gonna do ten sound effects the first one being a dead video game character now i’m gonna do a racing car engine and now i will do mary had a little lamb’ horror soundtrack tongue play now i wake up some and now some sort of dubstep type sound bitcoin price

Drone theremin combination thanks for watching and letting me share this really strange and wonderful instrument with you guys don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of this theremin thing if you’re interested in supporting my channel check out my audible link down in the video description below i have a patreon

Over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching aseel a baby seal or a dog i kinda liked the video game this dead-dead video game character thing i think it’s in mario it sounds like this hmm

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10 Sound Effects on the Theremin By BeatTheBush

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