10 Stocks To Surge 50%+ in Next 12 Months says Goldman Sachs

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Holy focus guys today i want to share with you 10 stocks that goldman sachs analysts believe will go up 50% plus in the next 12 months we’re talking about massive massive moves i want to share these companies with you guys here today now first and foremost before we get into today’s video just understand that analysts sometimes have really high price targets on

Stocks or really low price targets on stocks and just because they have those price targets it doesn’t mean that the stock is going there it just means that those analysts believe it is going there ok so when i kind of shore a list like this with you like 10 stocks that they think are gonna go up a ton it doesn’t mean they’re all go up the time doesn’t even mean

A few of them will go up a ton but i think it’s very interesting to kind of look at some of these and say an analyst believes that the stocks gonna go up 70 percent over the next year let me at least look into this company and see if there’s something there there might be something there that says dang i need to invest in this company because you know if it does

Have real big potential or maybe it’s like one of those things where you look in doing it’s like no i don’t think the analyst is right here some of these they do and the potential probably to go up 50 percent plus over the next year and some of them honestly probably not guys so hope you enjoy this as always by the way if you want to get into any of my premium

Courses they’re linked down there in the description all right first one up here we’re going to list all these from basically the one that’s expected to go up the least to the biggest all right and we’re starting at 60% plus fx corporation ticker symbol f dx is the first one up here guys 60% plus moved they’re expected for fed ex over the next 12 months i would put

It somewhere around two hundred and seventy five dollars roughly fedex corporation obviously is one of the biggest transportation companies in all of the world especially the developed world europe the united states as far as moving packages around all those sorts of things they don’t really move packages around for consumers like you and i just regular folks but

Also for big businesses transportation of big objects and things like that guys so massive massive move they expect in fedex obviously over the next 12 months number two up here is anadarko petroleum company ticker symbol a epc anadarko petroleum company as oil and gas company they’re expecting a 60% plus move on in a dark car right anadarko basically has a market

Cap a little over twenty two billion dollars trailing p/e of 37 on this one in a forward p of a just over seventeen on this one inner door co has has come back a long way if you look at their net income here basically this was a company that in 2015 lost you know six point six billion dollars then the next year they lose about three billion then they lose about a

Half a billion now they actually make you know six hundred million plus dollar net income positive last year so an oil prices essentially fell dramatically starting around 2014 and so 2015-2016 in part of 2017 were just horrible years for a lot of the oil and gas players out there a lot of them had gotten very over leveraged because a lot of them were expected oil

And gas prices to stay high you know oil price specifically at a seventy eighty plus dollar a barrel you know numbers and basically it’s fallen to forty or fifty dollars and being that a lot of these companies got highly over leveraged their balance sheets went into a very bad place and they had to sell off a lot of assets anadarko being one of those players but

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Now there are a lot healthier a lot of these oil and gas players out there right number three up here is all brands ticker symbol lb so l brands they own victoria’s secret they don’t paint they own bath and bodyworks the goldman sachs elements are expecting somewhere around a sixty five percent plus gain in alberene stock over the next year so company that has a

Pretty small market cap considering the brands they own right you know about seven and a half billion dollar market cap eleven trailing p or almost a twelve trailing p about a ten and a half forward p/e on this company now l brands it’s been a rough past few years for this company if you go back to 2015 they’re doing one point two billion dollars in net income and

Basically that’s falling about fifty percent if you look at this latest year they make about six hundred and forty four million of net income but basically that’s down about fifty percent over a four-year span guys that’s you know obviously a very very bad sign now l brands is one of just many many retailers out there the in the physical space that has gotten hit

Very hard by kind of the retail apocalypse and a lot of these mall retailers been hurt and hurt and hurt l brands also had a lot of self-inflicted wounds a lot of bad decision making there around products and things like getting red a swimwear and what they’ve made a lot of mistakes at l brands they’re trying to fix things but sometimes they just can’t get out of

Their own way with that company alright but needless to say they do own some great legendary brands they just got the management’s just gotta you know get things together they’re you know a lot of what l brands demise has come is basically because of management’s poor decisions okay so that’s that one number four american airlines group ticker symbol aal american

Airlines group obviously one of the biggest airlines out there in the world they’re expecting around a sixty five percent gain for their stock over the next year american airlines group only about a fifteen billion dollar market cap but look at how much bigger that enterprise value is of this company about forty four billion trailing p on this one of about eleven

Four p of about five and a half so super super low forward p/e company now we know there’s been a certain individual buying the airlines like crazy over the past middle year or so it’s not me but it is mr. warren buffett if you look at warren buffett’s takes and these airlines they’re getting really really big and big he’s got about three point six billion dollar

Stake in delta two point eight billion dollar in southwest one point seven billion in united american he’s got a billion plus dollar stake in that company buffett is very very bullish on these airlines he kind of looks at it as you know it’s not like the old days where airlines could get you know destroyed because there was so many it’s so much competition now

He really believes that there’s just kind of like consolidation there there’s kind of like a monopoly with a few biggest airlines and they just kind of run the world and sense of airlines okay so he’s been buying it heavy maybe buffett see something the analysts see something maybe there’s something there with those air lore and airlines specifically american

Airlines alright coming at number five is tiffany and co one of the most expensive places you can possibly buy jewelry out there all right in also expecting this one to increase by about 70 percent guys i would put it somewhere around 170 plus dollars alright thirteen billion dollar market cap they’re only p about 22 and a half and a four pm right around the same

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Honestly just under 22 on this one tiffany obviously like what a business model right you know you buy some jewelry for a few thousand dollars on the wholesale market right and you sell it for ten thousand at $20,000 like that is a beautiful business model very small products and i needless to say a business such as you know kind of rakes in the money but they’re

Kind of going through some rough times right now obviously they’re not expected to have any growth but analysts believe they can get that back going you know 70% increase in the stock price over the next 12 months that’s crazy all right tapestry corporation coming in at number 60 p our tapestry there this another one goldman sachs sealant so expecting around a 70

Percent rise in the stock over the next year we’re good cap on this one just under 10 billion dollars of trailing p/e of about 13 and a half forward p/e of just under 12 in this company now if you’re asking what the heck is tapestry company you know i can understand why you wouldn’t know what that heck that is but essentially tapestry is kind of a new name for

Coach okay so tapestry basically owns coach you which you probably know for purses and wallets and things like that as well as kate spade as well as stuart weitzman so that’s basically what the tapestry company is they used to be named coach corporation but they change it to tapestry because now they bought heat spade their own stuart weitzman they’re probably

Gonna add more brains in the future so they just kind of wanted to be like a fashion house type name rather than just coach out there something like that guys so very interesting 70% plus move holy smoke as guys if some of these moves are insane they’re expecting ok number seven here is freeport-mcmoran ticker symbol fcx on this one it’s about 13 dollar stock

Analysts are expecting around 75% increase in this one share prays over the next 12 months guys this one has a little under 20 billion dollar market cap trailing p of seven and a half forward p of 14 that’s never a good sign when you see a trailing p actually much lower than a forward p three-port mcmurran is a huge mining company and materials type company out

There guys obviously a business model that’s always a needs-based business okay and that’s great about that one this next one guys i’m not sure i agree with this one at all this one’s a little crazy in my personal opinion okay coming in number 8 is netflix all right ticker symbol n-f-l x this analysts expecting netflix stock to go up around 80% over the next year

Alright netflix has around 161 billion dollar market cap on it right now trailing p up 138 and a 4 p of 58 on this company and i’m just not sure this stock is in a place where it can go eighty percent over the next year when i kind of look at one that’s in the same move okay – when i kind of like look at netflix we also see apple coming in the space seriously we

See disney coming out with products now in the in the streaming space and i’m just looking and i’m like you know netflix kind of monopoly on the streaming services is going away and going away and going away over the next few years and i’m like if you’re looking at this one if it was a cheap valuation you could say yeah well maybe some people will still buy it

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They’ll maybe be the biggest player still maybe it’s still worth a buy but if you look at this here this companies out of fifty eight forward p 138 trailing p/e it’s not a cheap company by any stretch of the imagination and obviously you’re in a position where there’s tons of competition coming in the space right now so uh that’s probably the one i’m most disagree

With what i look at this list and i’m like that one’s just insane i like if netflix stock goes up 80 plus percent that’s just mind-blowing okay over the next year that would be crazy okay number nine is a company named nick thar therapeutics you’ve probably never heard of this company i never heard of this company before i basically made this list here today they’re

Expecting this one to go about 90% over the course of the next 12 months guys that’s crazy okay this one is about a six point 1 billion dollar market cap on it trailing p of nine but negative forward p so they’re not expected to make any money on the bottom line this upcoming year just to kind of read you the kind of like what basically necked our therapeutics is

It’s a biopharmaceutical company that’s developing drug candidates for cancer autoimmune disease in chronic pain and the united states if you want to kind of more read more in depth about that company there you can once again not a company i had ever heard of him and i’m sure some of you guys had never heard of this one this last one is very controversial i will

Say this one is probably even more controversial than the netflix one because we’re talking about this one they expect an 100% plus increase so basically a double up in the stock price okay coming in at the biggest one is p g and e corporation ticker symbol p cg they expect this one to go up a hundred plus percent over the next year so one is around a nine point

Eight billion dollar market cap no trailing p/e on the company for p of about four and a half all right now if you don’t already know pg&e is involved in a lot of stuff because of the california wildfires this past year they’re getting a lot of the blame for that and the way i kind of look at this is almost like a bp oil disaster remember when bp had the oil

Disaster that was like 2010 2011 they were kind of like obviously vilified in a huge way for that for what happened there and now pg&e is in a very similar situation because those california wildfires and a lot of people are putting the blame on pg&e in this situation and so it’s not a good look for the company a lot of people felt like maybe this company

Could go out of business have to face bankruptcy or something who knows how all that would shake out but they’re in a tough tough spot right now however sometimes if you can get a stock when it’s in a tough tough spot and it’s not that in the world they don’t go bankrupt sometimes you can’t get a ridiculous game but i’m just looking at that one i’m like it’s not

One personally i want to touch even if there is some crazy potential upside there because the risk on the downside could still be substantial so we just have to see how all that shakes out anyways i want to hear from you guys in that comment section do you like any of these stocks is there any you know specific ones that in this list that you actually own i would

Love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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10 Stocks To Surge 50%+ in Next 12 Months says Goldman Sachs By Financial Education

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