10 Stocks Under Each

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Ten stocks under $5 each that’s what i’m sharing with you guys here today if you’re new here i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and i know from time to time you guys love it when i do some of these videos on some stocks that are not as highly priced and that are like a five dollar stock a four dollar stock three dollar stock some of these stocks i’m

Going to share with you were actually under dollar so you know these stocks i want to say a few things before we even get into these 10 stocks whenever you’re looking at stocks that are less than 5 dollars a share even less than 10 dollars a share usually there’s good reason that those stocks are down around those prices it’s not like they just magically fell a

Lot of things probably went wrong with that business model maybe competitors came in or something like that and sold their stocks ended up getting hurt severely or they just messed up the business model at then and the day but a lot of times i find with a lot of these stocks that are under $10 and especially the ones we’re going over under $5 a lot of times it’s

Just competitors came in and they hurt their business models big-time okay so i just want to say that before we get into any of these but i do know you guys love to hear about some of these stocks and i’ll share a little bit about each of these stocks with you guys here today a little bit of those statistics and a little bit about what these companies do and then

Hopefully there’s at least one or two of these 10 stocks that you guys actually want to look into and maybe see if it’s worth investing in or maybe not so i hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you smash a thumbs up button let me know if you enjoy videos like this where i you know go under a price point i could do one in the future of like stocks that are

Like $6 to $10 or like you know $20 to $10 tape stocks let me know if you want you know videos like that in the comment section i can do more of these in the future and with that being said guys let’s start getting into this all right first stock up here out of the 10 and we’re going to kind of go from the most expensive stocks to the cheapest stocks okay so we’re

Starting super expensive like a four-color stock first ones called noodles in company news and company develops and operates fast casual restaurants in the united states it offers cooked-to-order dishes including noodles and pasta soups salads and appetizers as of january 1st 2019 the company operated 394 company own and 65 franchised restaurants in 29 states

In the district of columbia noodles and company was found in 1995 and is based in feel to colorado all right this is a four dollar and eighty one cent stock like i said this is the most expensive stock of the bunch we’re gonna go over here market cap on this one a little over two hundred million dollars in a forward p on this one of a bout twenty if you look at

The price to sales ratio it’s about point four six on this one price to book a four point five two and that covers the first stock second stock of these ten stocks that are under five dollars is a company named shiloh industries shiloh industries together with its subsidiaries provides lightweighting solutions to automobile in commercial vehicle markets worldwide

The company produces components primarily for body structure chassis and propulsion systems alright if you want to read more into depth about shiloh industries go ahead that kind of just gets into all the different parts that they can help you know produce for these automobile manufacturers or whatnot it’s a quite substantial list there and needless to say i mean

They provide a lot all right ticker symbol on this one is sh l oh this is a three dollar in ninety nine cent stock as far as a market cap were looking under a hundred million dollar market cap on this one really really small ninety four million dollar market cap enterprise value of 334 forward pete on this one very low looking at about a eight forward p on this

Particular company appraised the sales ratio that’s maybe the lowest you’ll ever see in your entire life okay i don’t know if i’ve ever seen a price to sales ratio this low like this is on a whole other level point zero nine price to sales ratio that’s the most insane thing i’ve ever seen as far as a price to sales ratio i mean i like a really low one is like a

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Point three like a point three price to sales ratio we’re talking really low a point zero nine places hills ratios just that’s just ridiculous okay a price to book of 0.5 that’s unbelievably low as well so need to say interesting one there let me know what you guys think about that one at number two okay coming on number three is good old fitbit is a technology

Company providing health solutions in the united states and internationally the company offers a line of devices including the fitbit charge three fitbit surge fitbit blaze fitbit charge to the out to hr the outer the fitbit ace and a whole bunch of different products okay real quick let me just mention some about fitbit you know fitbit would probably be a lot

Better company a lot bigger company than it is today if it wasn’t for that dang apple watch that you know i remember i mentioned some of these you know guys got beat up by competitors you know apple came in with the apple watch and they just kind of took over their the industry that fitbit really made which was wearables on your wrist and whatnot so you know it

Is what it is for fitbit okay take your symbol on fitbit is ticker symbol f i t there’s a $3 in 56 cents stock now my goodness that one has fallen a lot over the last few years 919 million dollar mark cap so less than a billion dollar mark cap on this one they’re not a profitable company at all right now praise the sales ratio point five nine on this particular

One man it’s hard to compete with apple at the end of the day it is really really hard to compete with apple and you know fitbit’s just another company that has learned that okay stock number four oh man you knew this one how to make the list of stocks under $5 right good good yeah gopro develops and sells cameras drones which they don’t even sell drones anymore

So no clue why that’s still on there they don’t even sell drones they haven’t in for like almost two years now and mountable and wearable accessories in the united states and internationally i mean all you guys should know gopro at the end of the day they make action cameras and they make accessories for those action cameras okay ticker symbol on this one is gpro

This is a $3 and 38 cents stock now i mean it’s just been you know since i’m trying to remember when the stock maxed out i think it maxed out and in you know some about five years ago probably the stock max down it was over $90 a share and my goodness it’s a three buck chuck stock now market cap on this one a five hundred and twenty million forward p/e on this one

Of just under eight so it is good news for gopro that they’re expected to get back to profitability we’ll see if that actually happens you know woodman & co has pushed profitability down several times well you know this is actually you know when i look at their their lineup and whatnot they actually have a good chance of making profits next year but you know

Know what that management team their crates the sales ratio on this 10.43 alright that covers number for getting into number five of these 10 stocks under $5 this one is called limelight networks they provide content delivery and related services in solutions to the americas europe middle east africa and asia pacific the company offers services and solutions

For businesses to deliver their digital content across internet mobile social and other digital initiatives it operates edge services platform that provides content delivery services video content management services performance services for website and web application acceleration and security professional services cloud storage and edge computing services as

Well as sells equipment the company also offers professional services and other infrastructure services such as transit and rackspace services it serves media companies operating in television music radio newspaper magazine movie gaming software and social media industries as well as enterprises technology companies and government entities conducting business

Online limelight networks was found in 2001 and is headquartered in scottsdale arizona of scottsdale arizona ticker symbol on this one is ll mw this is a $3 in nine cent stock so we all yes yesterday was you know just in the twos but it had a pretty decent day today market cap on this one a three hundred and fifty nine million dollars enterprise value on this one

Of three hundred and eighteen million dollars forward p/e on this one is pretty dang high okay it’s about a 38 forward p but hey at least the business is expected to be profitable next year price to sales ratio on this one is under two price-to-book it’s just over two for that one that covers number five six stock up here of the ten stocks under five dollars is

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Groupon groupon operates online local commerce market places that connect merchants to consumers by offering goods and services at a discount in north america and internationally some of you guys might even use the groupon app still tuesday you might have used it in the past when it was just like the groupon website or whatnot how do you guys are probably familiar

With groupon at the end of the day okay there’s a two buck chuck stock two dollars and seventy-five cents a share ticker symbol g or p n on this one okay 1.5 billion dollar market cap on this one trailing p up to 29 hold that’s remote because they’re saying no joke but afford p on this one of about 12 this is another one of those companies that is expected to get

Profitable over the course of the next year so that is good stuff but either the kind of dangerous thing with a lot of these you know it doesn’t matter what company is but especially a lot of these smaller names is sometimes they are their forecasts oh we’re gonna be profitable and they don’t actually hit it and then you know it stays down in these low ranges of

A three dollar stock two dollar stock so we’ll see but groupon this is expected to be nicely profitable next year so we’ll see if that actually happens price the sales ratio on this one of 0.62 price-to-book over a five on this one enterprise value – revenue is pretty low though i’m at 0.5 – on that one that cover stock number six coming in at number seven is ownio

Corporation neo designs manufacture as long manufacturer’s as a there’s a word you can’t really use with neil because they have other people manufacture the cars and sells electric vehicles in the people’s republic of china hong kong in the united states which i’ve never seen a neo in the united states ever i guess really technically sell here the united kingdom

In germany the company offers five six and seven seater electric suvs it’s also involved in the provision of energy and services packages to its users marketing design and technology development activities manufacture of epower trains in sales after sales management activities okay now as far as neo goes this is now a dollar and 53 cents talk we’re talking about

1.6 billion dollar market cap in for neo over the course of the next year or two it’s boom or bust for this company there’s one of two things are gonna happen this company’s gonna go bankrupt or they gonna make it through and who knows they could become a canino huge electric player in electric vehicles but if one of those two things is gonna happen ida you know

When it comes to neo this is if i’m looking out a few years from now so you either going to be a way bigger company or a bankrupt company it’s just it’s pretty much as simple as that when you look at the financials they’re gonna have to raise a lot of money paraiso book on this one is now 0.25 but once again look at that stock price $1 53 i try to warn people in

The stock when ipo was like 13 dollars a share and some people didn’t want to listen to me and you know they had to pay the hard price they’re coming in a stock number eight of the bunch is patriot 1 technologies patriot one technologies is a technology company that engages in research and development and commercialization of a system to detect concealed weapons

Utilizing radar technology so let me just explain kind of the technology they’re working on essentially imagine you have you know a big coat on you and you’re walking into a public place where maybe you shouldn’t have a firearm or something like that it can actually like like do radar of your body and know that person has weapons on them and over here over there

Or something like that which is definitely something that could be very helpful in public places and you know and the day and age we live in because it’s definitely something that could be helpful and so it’s a pretty cool product you can see some videos of it actually on youtube ok so patriot 1 technologies is ticker symbol pt ot f this is under a $1 stock this

Is a 98 cent stock okay more cap on this one’s just around 150 million dollars not the companies that expected to be profitable highly speculative company there were patriot 1mo all stocks pretty much under $10 and especially under $5 or speculative but when you’re talking about these ones that are under $1 we got a couple more to get into they’re high high spec

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Stocks and so really cool stuff they’re working on huge potential there but we’ll have to see how all that shakes out over time might make sense first you know a bigger company to acquire something like patriot 1 and then integrate the technology and be able to scale it at a much faster pace in like a small company like patriot 1 can do alone ok now recover stock

Number each stock number nine of the ten that are under $5 is trans & tricks trans n trix is a medical device company engaging in research and development in sale of medical device robot to enhance minimally invasive surgery the companies offer sin-hye system a multi-port robotic surgery system which allows up to four arms to control robotic instruments and

A camera in europe it also provides sergey bott systems a single port system robotically enhanced laparoscopic surgical platform trans & tricks is headquartered in morrisville north carolina i used to work in a quick trip in morrisville north carolina okay ticker symbol on this one is t or x c fortran centric this is a forty three cent stock holy smoke is get

Out the wall at a forty three cent stock okay market cap on this one is under a hundred million dollars about a ninety eight million dollar market cap another one kind of like patriot one that’s not expected to be profitable anytime soon but they are working on some big things and you think about a company like intuitive surgical which i think is ticker symbol is

Rg or something like that right intuitive surgical is a massive company now and they’ve you know basically make those robotic systems so they’re trying to be a competitor to intuitive surgical we’ll see how all that you know transpires over the next five or ten years but if i’m looking at one that’s a pretty exciting one on this list that i’m like you know has big

Potential that one there seems like the the you know the the best shot of these long shots to actually grow into being a big company they got a long way to go from where they’re at now is a forty thirteen cents talk and like a more cap under a hundred million to you know become a big company someday but if i’m looking at you know these 10 stocks i’m sharing with

You that’s the one that excites me the most and the one that i’m like if i had to put money in one and i’m trying to bank on you know one good being a big thing like personally i might be the one to actually go after because i can definitely see the market getting a lot bigger for the what they provide and there’s not a lot of competitors in that space because it’s

A very hard space to compete ok in the last one of the bunch the cheapest of these ten stocks under five dollars is isaiah worldwide and isaiah worldwide creates and operates online marketplaces that connect marketers to content creators it’s technology solutions enable the management of content workflow creator search and targeting bidding analytics and payment

Processing the company engages creators for influencer marketing campaigns or to create the content from that marketers use and distribute it primarily sells influencer marketing and content campaigns through its sales team and platforms the company was formerly known as isaiah and change this name to isaiah where why’d in august of 2018 the company was founded

In 2006 and it’s headquartered out in florida okay this is a 2010 stock definitely the cheapest one in the bunch and a smallest market cap by far of the bunch as well ten million dollar market cap so teeny-tiny another company is not expected to be profitable any time soon like a lot of those stocks especially the ones that under $1 so i want to hear from you guys

In the comment section if you’re interested in any of these talks as a speck stock i mean obviously you know these are this isn’t like buying you know when you talk about these type of stocks this isn’t like buying like amazon stock or apple or google or something that’s like sure money these are these are definitely spec you know who knows some of these companies

Could go bankrupt most of them could go bankrupt some of these companies could potentially become you know diamonds on a rough and become huge companies in the future so let me know if any of those are interesting to you i would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section as always make sure you smash the thumbs up button as always thank you for watching have a great day

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10 Stocks Under $5 Each By Financial Education

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