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These 10 essential home cooking meals are some of the easiest recipes to master — basically impossible for anyone to mess up! If you’re new in the kitchen and don’t know what supplies you need check out this video:

Hi guys its chelsea from the financial diet and today i’m here to talk about something that i personally think is super fun and interesting and amazing which is home cooking we’ve talked a little bit about home cooking before on the channel and it’s something that we talk about a lot on the site and it will also be in our upcoming tfd book out next year and that’s

Not just because we love to cook lauren and i but it’s also because how you eat and how you spend on food is the biggest defining factor in most budgets besides rent whether we know how to spend intelligently at a grocery store or we go out to eat a lot at restaurants or we order takeout or we don’t know how to properly save and store food all of these things will

Define hundreds of dollars in our monthly budgets and as someone who grew up in a house where my mom cooked almost literally every meal every night for my whole life it felt natural when i started tfd to start a whole vertical just about how to use food and home cooking to spend more wisely we love sharing our favorite recipes on tfd because we firmly believe that

Someone who masters home cooking is someone who’s mastered a big part of their budget so in the interest of getting you all equipped to be ultimate home cooks we put together our 10 biggest things that everyone should know how to cook for themselves with these items we really focused on templates and very malleable recipes that allow you to make use of everything

You have in your kitchen and are also usually things that you can store well so without further ado number one is a stir-fry whether it’s faced with basil ginger garlic or all of the above a good basic stir-fry will allow you to make use of almost every protein and vegetable you have on hand you don’t need a wok although they are helpful and more importantly

Stir-fries are one of the best ways to get into more complex asian cooking two of my favorites right now are thai basil stir-fry and a curried stir-fry both of which are super easy to make number two is quiche i’m going to let you in on a little secret about quiche if you have eggs in milk you can basically make a quiche i’m partial to crustless quiches myself a

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Because they’re easier and b because they’re healthier but they also mean that you need essentially no special ingredients and while there is an ideal measurement for the milk to egg ratio to make it the perfect level of fluffiness it’s almost impossible to mess it up basically whatever leftover proteins or vegetables you have on hand should find their way into

A quiche for brunch the next day quiches are easy to freeze and great to reheat you can even get extremely interesting and make miniquiches in a muffin tin to be your breakfast every day we’ll link you below to a tft original recipe which is one of our favorite quiches number three is a bean soup whether it’s chili or red beans and rice or a bean vegetable soup or

Whatever beans are great because they’re full of protein they keep you satisfied and they’re cheap as hell i have like 5 bean soup recipes that i cycle through throughout the cold months and they use everything from rice to pasta to protein to whatever and the best part about them is you make a huge batch freeze half of it and the rest of it you can just take out

When you need if you want to go even further you can freeze the soup in individual servings and have a little handy soup anytime you want one number four is a quick bread basically quick breads just mean breads that don’t need to rise ie things like banana bread walnut bread pumpkin bread etc quick breads are almost impossible to mess up even for the most atrocious

Bakers aka moi and you can slice them up and freeze them into individual servings that defrost perfectly there are many different ways to make a quick bread based on your dietary needs your health concerns or just what you have on hand everything from applesauce to eggs – whatever kind of oil can find its way into a quick bread number 5 is garlic roasted veggies no

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Matter what vegetable you’re talking about with a few exceptions one of the best easiest and most efficient ways to cook them is to roll them all in a nice little coating of olive oil salt pepper and a ton of chopped garlic and to roast them at a high temperature everything from broccolini to brussels sprouts to potatoes to carrots tastes delicious this way and as

Long as you always keep fresh garlic on hand you should it ensures that you’ll always have a vegetable side dish to go with whatever you’re eating also as a rule garlic is god’s gift to us and proof that he wants us to be happy it has like no calories and puts a ton of flavor into whatever you put it in also protip co2 bulb of garlic and a little olive oil roast

The whole bulb and then spread those delicious cloves on a piece of bread it is delicious number six is a slow cooker protein if there is one kitchen appliance i could not recommend enough it’s a slow cooker particularly if you work out of the house and need to spend the day out while something is cooking whether it’s barbecue pulled pork or taco braised chicken

Or kim she’d beef get yourself a cheap tough cut of that meat put it in your slow cooker and let it cook this is the perfect thing to make in bulk because not only does it freeze super well slow braised meats are the perfect things to put in everything from tacos to lettuce wraps to sandwiches to even soups plus it’s always satisfying and delicious for those

Nights when you really want to order takeout number seven is a roux based pasta basically a roux is what happens when you brown butter and flour together and slowly whisk in milk it becomes the base for all of your favorite creamy sauces especially those cheesy alfredo e ones that you love to put on pasta knowing how to make a basic ruin sure’s that anytime you

Have butter pasta flour milk and at least one cheese on hand you can make a satisfying awesome dinner and it’s not only delicious it’s one of the most inexpensive things you can make number eight is roast chicken knowing how to make a basic roast chicken with all your favorite herbs and spices is basically crucial to becoming a home cook if you eat meat a there


Are endless variations and how you can make the chicken in terms of flavor from jerk to french herb but the one roast chicken means like a week’s worth of meals my personal favorite roast chicken recipe is a bit of a family heirloom and it’s going in the tfd book so i can’t really spoil it but i will say one of its biggest components is about 10 million cloves

Of garlic in the chicken’s butt and before you ask no roast chicken is not difficult to make number 9 is risotto do you have rice and water and some chicken bullion then you can basically make risotto the thing about risotto is that almost any liquid can be used to thicken it and almost any vegetable or protein can go in it risotto is one of those recipes like a

Good stir-fry which allows you to make the most of whatever you have lingering in your kitchen and is always satisfying and delicious yes you do have to babysit it a little bit but it’s way worth it number 10 is a dinner salad template now what i mean by that is that you should use a template to construct the perfect hearty dinner salad out of whatever ingredients

You like or have on hand for us the perfect template is the greens of your choice plus a protein plus a roasted vegetable plus a fruit plus the cheese of your choice plus extra goodies that you like like nuts or dried fruit for example my favorite dinner salad right now is mixed greens with chicken gorgonzola pear brussels sprouts walnuts and dry cranberries the

Point is use the templates make the salad your own by using what you have those are just our biggest 10 items to put on your home cook list to become a master at always being able to whip something up and save money if you have one you think we missed let us know in the comments and as always thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and

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