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Ten things i don’t spend money on welcome into the financial education channel if you’re new here i am jeremy and today i’m gonna share with you guys a list of ten different things that i personally do not spend money on and you might want to consider maybe cutting these out of your life i’m gonna give you some hacks on basically things that you can do so you won’t

Spend money on some of these different activities in ways you can kind of get around it now first off let me get something out of the way alright if there’s something i mentioned today on this list that you feel is so important to your life that you cannot cut that thing out respect like that’s fine okay like if there’s something that’s it that is that important

To you that you don’t want to cut that out of your budget like that’s perfectly fine okay like i spend money on a lot of things that you know an average person might not however i’m just gonna go through a list of ten different things that i’m seeing most people end up spending a lot of money on and that money can actually be used toward investing and actually

Building your wealth into a lot more money over the long run rather than you know spending money on some of these things that my goodness they are very expensive things all right so i’m gonna kind of enjoy sharing this list with you guys here today i hope you enjoy me sharing these ten different things with you that thumbs up button if you enjoy this video today

Guys let’s start getting into this all right the first one up here is a good old alcohol okay alcohol my goodness um so first of all i don’t drink so what i found is i like growing up both my parents drank okay my dad drank my mom drank and what i found is they spent an ungodly amount of money on alcohol every week okay like we’re talking you know massive amounts of

Money either on beer wine and then every time if we ever did go out to a restaurant or a ballgame or anything like that guess what they were also getting they were getting beer they’re getting alcohol or whatever and those drinks are very very expensive and so i don’t know how much they spent on an average weekend alcohol but i’m saying it’s probably on an average

Week somewhere between 75 and a hundred and fifty dollars per week just on alcohol okay 75 to 150 easily per week on alcohol so you go ahead and run those numbers 75 dollars times 52 weeks in a year and then go ahead and do that you know times a person’s lifetime or then go ahead and do it 150 dollars okay so needless to say alcohol is this just a mass massive

Expense and so when i kind of looked at alcohol there were other reasons why i decided not to drink in my life but i just kind of looked at it and it was like they know it’s an expensive activity to do there that is very very expensive okay so needless to say i don’t spend money on alcohol coming in at number two is a good old smoking all right you know i’m not

Just talking about cigarettes so basically when you think about smoking spending money on smoking there are two different kind of things there’s like you know smoking cigarettes right which is extremely costly like i know people who spend you know go through a pack a day or two packs a day you know a pack a day two packs a day we’re talking about you know a pack

Of marlboros or something depends on the market you live in that could be anywhere from six to ten dollars per pack of cigarettes all right now go ahead and run those numbers times seven days in a week times 52 weeks in a year and you’re gonna see that you get some massive amount of money also they have a big smoking category is obviously pot okay i mean i there’s

A ton of people that smoke pot another very expensive thing i don’t know if it’s more expensive than then you know cigarettes i have no clue about that but neither the sales like people spend a lot a lot of money on pot okay so needless to say like if you’re smoking cigs or you’re smoking pot like you’re spending a lot of money on those two things once again if

It’s that important to you if that cigarette means that much or that pot means that much like that it is what it is okay like you do you i’m just saying like that’s a those are usually very very expensive habits i don’t know if there is expensive ass alcohol but they’re they got to be up there okay very very expensive habits both these two so i’m fortunate i don’t

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You know care to be involved with either of those and i don’t okay number three this might be a funny one this one might make you laugh so it might be the funniest one in the bunch okay and that is haircuts okay i haven’t spent money on haircuts in i don’t know how long what i do for a haircut so personally i don’t really care about my heritage anybody that’s a

You know a loyal viewer this channel knows i literally don’t care about my hair i’m like you know people as some people are very like you know insecure about their hair and it has to be perfect all the time i’m on the most opposite you know side of the panel as you can possibly be in regard to the early i literally don’t care like i tell my wife just like put it

Number four on or number five on and just do that all the way around our haircuts i don’t ever spend money on haircuts that’s me once again you might have a hairstyle you might love to have really nice hair and that is perfectly fine for you i can just tell you like money-wise if you like i hear some people say oh nice haircut that would make you more money won’t

It or something no just just remember you’re looking at a guy that makes an ungodly amount of money and look at that hair okay just remember that all right look at a number four is good old dentist okay and dental work in general a lot of people spend a lot of money on dental work i don’t know maybe i was blessed with good teeth but i like to take good care of my

Teeth i always brush every single day but there’s a big trick a dentist let me know a long long time ago way back when like i was on you know like whatever you call them and you have like free dental work or whatever because you’re super poor like i used to be on that when i was like 19 years old and i went to the dentist one time and i at that time i was getting a

Lot of cavities and whatnot and this dentist he said well do you you know drink a lot of power a gatorade those type of drinks like sugary drinks i was like yeah i do and you know i eat sweets and whatnot like every normal person out there pretty much right and he’s like well what you should always do if you’re drinking you know a sugary drinks or eating just you

Know like sugary things he’s like you should have water and swish it around in your mouth every single time after you get done that and he says well what happens is if the sugar just kind of sits on there it just ends up forming cavities in your teeth and whatnot and that’s what ends up happening not a lot of people understand that and ever since then you know i i

Still eat sugar are still drink sugary drinks every once in a while but every single time if i have something sugary i either chew a piece of gum or i like you know just get water and i’ll swish it around in my mouth if you you can’t brush your teeth at that particular time because if you’re not at home like you can’t brush your teeth right and that will save you

A lot of money in dental work now some people just have really bad teeth in general they always need to get dental work done or whatever but i’m fortunate like i’m not in that situation okay so dentist i like i don’t know the last time i spent money like on a dentist other than like a checkup or something like that like i never really have to get any work done it’s

Probably been i don’t know five plus years since i had a cavity or anything wrong with my teeth if not ten years number five is late fees alright late fees this is usually in regards to you could be a credit card we could also put this category yes something like overdraft charges you know something like e if you overdraft your your bank account or something like

That even when i didn’t have that much money i never got overdraft fee’s i always made sure i never overdraft at my accounts or anything like that because you overdraft your account or something with your bank a lot of times it’s like a $35 charge and if you already have like limited funds like $35 is a lot of money to you right so late fees are you know overdraft

Fees all those sorts of things like that banks charge like you guys got to watch that type of stuff because that will just eat up your money and like i said like a $35 charge or $39 or whatever for overdrafting or a late fee or something like that like goodness guys like that that’s all the money in the world when you don’t have much money right so needless to say

Make sure you keep a very close track in no days you have no excuse not to keep super close tabs on whatever you’re spending whatever you have in your checking account savings account and whatnot because nowadays you can do it right on your phone like every bank out there has an app and you can look at it ran on your phone there’s really no excuse for having late

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Charges or overdraft fees because you can constantly keep up with what’s going on in your account nowadays okay coming in at number six is another kind of banking related thing and that is credit card interest okay good old credit card interest so me personally i do not spend any money on credit cards we have credit cards i don’t ever use them and credit card other

Than to look kind of like form a credit score early on in in here’s how you do it by the way if you want to get a good credit score and you’re young get a credit card and you know charge little little expenses on it not extra things just like little expenses like you might usually charge on a debit card you might pay cash for then go ahead and make sure you’re

Paying those off all the time right away do that for a couple of years you’ll boost your credit score way up okay that’s really my personal opinion most of time the only reason to use credit cards unless you are some person that likes to fly all over the place you like to get those free flyer miles or something like that okay but needless to say most people when

They get credit cards they get into a lot of trouble they start charging things then they start paying a bunch of interest on those credit cards they start paying all this interest in credit cards and they never get that balances worked out i’ve seen it with time and time again friends and family members and whatnot they get a bunch of credit card debt and they

Never end paying it off they’re always just just paying toward whatever the interest is in credit card interest ends it’s like 16% to like 24% we’re talking on the interest charges it’s insane guys like the insane interest payments so needless to say i don’t spend money on credit card interest and you shouldn’t either all right coming in at number 7 is auto work

I do not spend money on auto work i haven’t spent money on auto working i don’t know how long the reason is i always like to drive newer cars newer cars that are under full warranty now that might not be your thing you might drive older cars for one reason or another either you like them or because you can’t afford a newer car or whatever your situation is right

But all that works something i’m fortunate i don’t ever have to spend money on said i always have newer cars they’re always under warranty if there’s ever an issue with it it’s covered by warranty i don’t ever have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses toward those cars where i see a lot of people that drive like older cars right and they think they’re saving a

Lot of money sometimes the next thing know they got to put an engine in that car and then another engine in that car and then do this and do that and there’s always something going wrong with it i remember when i was you know obviously much younger i did drive older cars that were high in mileage and they always had something going wrong with them either either

Cosmetic work you know something like i had cars that literally the door handles fell off like ridiculous stuff right or like literally something’s going on with the engine or the motor or something like that okay guys or the shocks there’s so many different things that can go wrong in a car so auto work something i don’t spend money on next one up here at number

Eight is a place a lot of you guys have solutely love and it might be your sanctuary and that is the gym all right that is the gym now i don’t spend money i have the gym for a couple reasons okay one is i live in las vegas okay that’s my city most of time the weather’s nice in las vegas now nice in las vegas to me is anything like above 70 degrees and most of the

Time in las vegas is above 70 degrees okay i grew up in phoenix arizona phoenix arizona is literally the hottest big city you can live in in temperature-wise and almost pretty much the world but certainly united states so i’m perfectly fine with going outside and exercising even in the middle of summer however you know that’s not for everybody not everybody lives

In a climate that you can pretty much workout outside all the time so you might actually want to enjoy a gym and that’s perfectly fine but here’s things that annoys me about the gym so much it’s not really like the payments like obviously you have to pay use gym nothing wrong with that thing that annoys me about the gym so much is my goodness it’s so packed all

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The time like go to you know most gyms are so freaking busy it’s out of control first off i can’t be one of those people that gets up super early in the morning goes to the gym when there’s like ten people there i’m just not a morning person okay that’s not me so i need to go to either during the day or a night time or something in my goodness the gym it’s like

Hard to get equipment like i went to the gym this past week with my brother-in-law he’s got one of those like memberships that you can like bring friends and whenever you want and things like that right so i go with my brother-in-law a few nights ago and my goodness it was like a zoo in there it was insane like you literally every equipment i wanted to use it was

Pretty much unavailable i had to like wait it out and like ride a bike for like an hour until hopefully some more people left or something it was insane i wanted to like you do some bench and okay guys are on the bench doing like 88 sets of reps it’s like come on guys like you’ve done like 14 sets already how many like more sets do you have of the bench you’ve been

On that thing for an hour now and that’s what really annoys me about the gym so what i feel is you can get a lot better workout honestly like going and running outside for your cardio or or you know you can do sprints at the park i it’s what i personally like to do if you like to run long distances go run long distances once again depends on the climate you’re in

And at home you can do things like push-ups and whatnot i have like battle ropes in the garage you know those big ropes you shake and whatnot for like upper body workouts like you can still get in a good workout unless you want to be a bodybuilder or something you don’t need to go the gym or unless you live in a climate where you know winter is like six months long

And it’s just awful weather or something like that i can completely understand but you don’t have to use a gym to stay in good shape let me just put that out there okay coming in at number nine is pretty much the opposite of a gym and that is movies personally i’m not a movie fan i don’t care about movies a lot of people do love movies that you do you so i know

People that buy movies all the time they’re always buying the newest movies and they come out you know not dvd so much anymore but they’ll buy them through apple or for goethe through google or whatever or they’d love to go to the movie theater in general personally i don’t go to the movies like i’m just not a movie fan i’m just not that’s just not me that’s not

What i like to spend my time on i have a limited amount of free time unlike to spend two three hours in a movie i’m probably not anything like most of time for me it’s just not worth it and coming at number 10 is video games the video games are something i used to spend a lot of money on back in the day i used to spend hundreds of dollars per year if not thousands

Of dollars per year on different video games personally i just grew out of the interest when i finally when i think i started businesses when i was like 25 that’s when i started to kind of like grow out now i’m almost 30 i just kind of grew out of like you know being interested in video games and like video games weren’t that interesting you still love to play

Madden and call of duty and all those sorts of games sports games you know action shooter games and whatnot and i don’t know i just grew out of it so i don’t spend money on video games anymore i usually even spend money on all those clash of clans types games and things like that but don’t do that anymore guys so that was my list of things i don’t spend money on

But anyways let me know if you guys don’t spend money on any of those things or if you’re gonna cut any of them out out of your life i hope this kind of helped you save some money out this is a could be even like a little minimalism type video or something like that guys hope you enjoy this hit that thumbs up button thank you for watching and have a great day

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