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1000 subscribers that hit me in the face good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and to do we have the 1000 subscribers video how exciting is that 1000 subscribers i never thought that was possible especially doing the kind of channel i do talking about stock market and talking about business

In like entrepreneurship and personal finance and those kinds of things sometimes i felt like i’m the only person in life that cares about this and the fact that we grow this channel to over a thousand subscribers in really what i would consider six to seven months technically i started this channel in 2016 but i was just kind of trying it out at first during

The winter months like january-february kind of scene it’s something i’m actually going to do is this something i’m into enough and then i was into it enough and i started really posting videos and trying and hard and whatnot around april and may and then things just started to build from there so i’m extremely excited that the community is building and i’m gonna

Share today what my vision is i have a vision for this channel in this visions like years out so i’m going to talk about that toward the end and then we’re going to talk about what kind of things are coming up here in the short term but first before i get into anything i need you guys to do one one one big way big thing for me please and in the comments section

Please leave me the reason why you watch this channel it doesn’t have to be something elaborate you could just say stock market related videos or you just say personal finance videos or business videos or all three or something it doesn’t have to be a long elaborate thing just leave me why you personally watch this channel what type of videos are you into what do

You appreciate about channel whatever you want to put down there so please leave that in the comments section right now as that will help me greatly now with that being said i’ve noticed that anything stock market related gets a lot more views on channel and that’s fine because that’s what i’m most passionate about so i’ll always kind of skew the channel a little

Bit more towards stock market related videos rather than personal finance and business just because that’s honestly what i like to talk about the most i love also talking about personal finance i love to talk about entrepreneurship business giving business tips and those kinds of things but stock market to me talking about that educating people that’s my number one

Thing that’s like the thing i love more than anything and those videos get so many more views than other videos so i believe the base is mostly stock market people and i have two exciting series going now i have the once a month series which is growing very popular considering such a small channel and that’s the three stocks i’m buying now you guys are really loving


That series and i love that you love that series and then the other one is a weekly series i’m doing currently which is stock market terminology and this week i’ll be doing part 3 on that and that could be a series that goes for months and months because it’s only once a week and i cover 10 terms at a time right now we’re still in the basics and you guys are loved

And necessary so i’m very happy about that now there’s a new series i was maybe thinking about starting but i want to know your guys opinion on this and it was actually suggested by one of the subscribers and ideas basically like maybe once every other week i pick a random company a random company usually trying to be like a bigger company so it’s more known and

Whatnot but basically i would break down in that company by analysis and i would say okay here’s how i would look at this company and is this a good investment so the video might be called something like is tesla by or is for to buy or whatever a company i’m talking about something like that where i like break it down step by step and i just pick a random stock

Every other week or whatnot and do a series like that is that something you guys are interested in if it is something please leave a comment in the comment section or leave a thumbs up or whatever that would help also to know if that’s something you guys are interested in now where this where the channel is going i kind of talked about that already with you know

I’m always sku it a little more toward stock market related videos i have these series going and whatnot that’s kind of where the channel is going in the short term but i had this vision i have this vision for this channel that i think is so is exciting now it might take years to get to this place but i think it’s really cool so right now in the comment section

You guys leave me comments really nice things and that’s great in that builds me up and i’m like really happy about that that’s why i do this channel that i’m helping and you say thank you and those kinds of things that like is phenomenal but the pretty much the comment section right now is just you guys talking directly to me and then me commenting back to you

Guys so it’s like a one-on-one interaction just between me and you right now what my whole like vision is is i vision years from now the comments section being filled with people talking to other people so you subscribers talking to other subscribers in debating stocks and congratulating people when they do good because you know these people so much and you comment

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So much with them and talk about this stock and you like this stock and why you like this stock and that you know what stocks they’re invested in they know what stocks you’re invested in and when you guys do good you can congratulate each other things like that you can also feel comfortable that you can debate with somebody if you don’t believe in a stock and they

May be due or vice versa you guys can debate in a place where things are civil where the the subscriber base is mature and there’s not somebody that’s going to cut you out or insult you or those kinds of things i think it’s nice the way things are building on this channel with the subscribers i would say the subscriber base is one of the most mature subscriber

Bases out of anybody now as things build that could change we could have some immature people come on and what not i will continue to flag anything if somebody ever strives to insult me and you guys cus you know at us or call us names things like that because they don’t believe in something if that ever happens that’s a problem i will make sure i take care of that

In the future and this is probably not going to be for a while but i will be adding comments moderators meaning i will pick out a few subscribers that i things you know comment on a lot of videos and whatnot and i will actually set up specific subscribers up to the comment moderators now you guys don’t have to do that if you don’t want if you’re someone that does

Get picked if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to but what that gives you liberty to do is if you ever see like really immature comments or you know these insults or things like that on the comments section you guys can then flag them they will be taken off you’ll be shown to me i’ll get it like a message that says hey so-and-so has flagged this comment and

Then i can go ahead and delete it or report it to youtube or whatever at that point that’s not going to be a while because right now i can keep up with the comments and everybody’s very mature but over time like that’s what i want to build i want to build like this channel to be like the most mature community of any channel on youtube like like we’re like up there

You know what i mean like we can debate things and we can talk about different issues and not get insulted in our feelings hurt and all those kinds of things and actually care about each other all those kinds of things because that’s what youtube is about it’s about building a community just a lot of channels fail to do that properly so that’s something i’m hoping

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To do on this channel and so far it’s working very good but i like i said i had this vision where things are going to go away and more in depth and you guys are going to be talking to each other and then i can join the debate and it will just be a lot more fun and we can all learn from each other you know someone might have a great such stock suggestion and they

Might tell us about it and then we might be like hey you know i never thought of that stock before that might be a good one to go into and then guess what we all get to make money from that because if that ended up being a good stock and we invest in it great so that’s what this is all about same thing with the personal finance side of videos if you have some good

Things you’ve done personal finance wise in your life you know share those tips business you know if you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got a successful business leaving comments and telling others people hey i have this tip for that tip or this is what i did that’s that’s what i envisioned for this channel that is would just be great because nothing like this exists

Yet where you can talk investments business and personal finance all one place and it could be a mature community i don’t know if you guys have ever gone on to like yahoo finance and try to go into message boards and try to have like a civil discussion it’s impossible if you go on the yahoo message board it’s so so so bad it’s nothing but people cussing and in

Mature things and people saying this and that it’s just nasty place so you know i want to create this place where everybody can come and talk investments in a civil manner so that’s my vision for the channel that’s my vision more than anything amateur subscriber base where we can talk about different things and we can all learn from each other because everybody has

Something they’re good at everybody has something that you know they can teach somebody else so i think that would just be a phenomenal thing anyways thank you so much for watching this guy’s 1000 subscribers this is by the way this is probably gonna be the last video i do with this camera this particular camera i use a gopro hero silver for in two morrow i am

Getting the gopro hero 5 black edition so the video quality should get even a little better the thumbnails should get a little better everything and i’m excited to get my hands on that camera so this is probably gonna be the last video with this particular camera and other than that guys i don’t have really too much to say except have a great day

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1,000 Subscribers! I have a Vision By Financial Education

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