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Hi i’m tasha with one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by retailmenot the lifestyle fix is all about helping you create the life that you want on any budget target is one of my favorite places to go shopping for cute yet budget-friendly items for my home this week i headed to target in search of practical

Everyday items that are really useful and that you can find for under $10 number one wine openers although i’ve basically always owned a wine opener i really didn’t get into drinking wine until i went to law school in my late 20s before that i pretty much only used my wine opener for the metal part on top that opened beer bottles i don’t know if it’s just a factor

Of grad school or if it’s some sort of inevitable change in life stage shift but i found that as i got closer to my 30s events almost always involved at least one bottle of wine in addition to beer compared to my early 20s which typically only involved beer my wine opener has gone from something i never use to something that i used at least once a month and while

You can get one of those fancy battery-operated wine openers that do all of the hard work for you an old-fashioned manual corkscrew type does the job just fine and costs less than ten dollars number two storage bins storage bins are a great way to help organize your closets drawers and shelves they help keep similar items together all in one place so that when

You need them they’re easy to find i use bins and baskets to hold my son’s toys separate my dental care supplies for my skincare in my bathroom and to organize spaces like our hallway linen closet that holds a wide variety of household items and can easily get disorganized without storage bins i recently did a video where i organized my linen closet check that out

Down below in the description box if you want to see some target bins in action number three tension rods tension rods are great for adding extra storage around the house you can use it in closets to add a second row of hanging space instead of permanently installing an additional rod which is great if you live an apartment or rental and can’t or don’t want to

Make big changes i use one in my laundry room to hang clothes that i want to air-dry it started out as this quick and inexpensive solutions to our storage problem and i planned on replacing it with something more permanent but it works so well that three years later that same rod is still in there you can also use tension rods to add extra storage to your bathtub

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Area you can hang extra baskets from them which you can then use to store toiletries which is especially useful if you have roommates you can also add curtain rings with clips to hang wash cloths or loofahs while they dry tension rods are also great for hanging curtains they’re especially useful for small windows that don’t have a lot of wall space to accommodate

Traditional curtain rods and hardware in those instances you’d want to use the thin style cafe rods and not the large diameter rods and if you like the look of a curtain closet instead of closet doors tension rods are an easy way to make that decor swap number for a sewing kit knowing some basic sewing skills is something that will benefit you throughout your life

It can save you a lot of money because you won’t be tempted to throw out perfectly repairable clothing and you won’t be paying a whole bunch for your tailor to do a simple fix you can pick up a small beginner sewing kit for under $10 and have it on hand for when you need it the cadet target comes with several small spools of thread a tape measure thimble pins

Needles and a pair of scissors everything that you need to put a button back on or repair a ripping seam it also comes with its own carrying case so you can easily find everything in one place when you need it because the kid is so small it might be worth taking with you on a trip especially if you’re going on a business trip the last thing you want is to lose a

Pants button or have your pants rip at the crotch right before a big out-of-town meeting speaking from personal experience number five a lunchbox packing your own lunch is a great way to save money on food a lunchbox makes it easy to carry all of those tasty nummies and keep your eating utensils contained all in one place target has several options to choose from

Under $10 including cooler style bags and stretchy neoprene totes the cool bear-type lunch bags will have an easy time keeping your food cold which is especially helpful if you don’t have a fridge at work the benefit of the neoprene style bags is that they fold up flat and are machine washable which means they take up less space and are easier to clean number 6

Luggage tags luggage tags are unnecessary evil if you travel they can help you identify your baguette site at airline baggage checking areas which is particularly useful if you’re like me and bought the exact same black luggage that everyone else did they also help the airline get your luggage back to you if the fancy paper luggage tags that the airport uses go

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Wrong and get ripped off you should have a luggage tag on every piece of checked luggage and also one for your carry ons sometimes overhead bins get full and then you’ll have to check your carry-on or you might accidentally forget your bag in the overhead bin it’s better to be safe and be sure that you’ve properly identified your bags in advance especially when you

Can snag these sweet tags at target for under $10 each number 7 a drain protector drains are meant to carry water and other water-soluble things like soap and shampoo maybe even some shaving cream they are not meant for hair for rice or any other clog inducing substances that tend to find their way down there this gunk is bad news for drains not to mention that it’s

No fun showering in four inches of backed-up water and whether you’re a renter or you own your own house clogged drains can cost quite a bit to fix for renters clogged drains are typically not something that’s considered normal wear and tear so while your landlord may fix the back up it’s possible you’ll end up footing the bill just like a homeowner would so save

Yourself time and money and just buy a drain protector for ten dollars you should get one for both your kitchen sink and your bathtub number eight a retractable tape measure it’s inevitable that at some point you’re gonna need to measure things when you’re living out on your own in your own space you want to figure out how big a rug your new living room needs or

What sighs cutlery organizer will fit in your kitchen drawers or whether that new couch that you have your eye on will actually make it through that sharp turn in your hallway while the sewing kit i mentioned earlier does come with a small flexible tape measure that’s more for measuring your body and short runs of fabric not so much for furniture and large rooms

Instead you’ll want to get a sturdy tape measure that locks and retracts i recommend springing for the 25-foot version for 750 so that you’re prepared for just about anything and be sure to take your tape measure with you when you’re out shopping for items for your home it can save you a lot of headaches and money on returns number 9 a hammer hammers are another

One of those adulting essential tools i mean if you need to assemble ikea furniture you know it’s a household basic am i right one of the first things that most people tend to want to do when they’re settling into their new place is to hang pictures or art on the wall at some point you will want to move past the tape and posters stage and hang something with a real

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Frame that requires actual nails a hammer will help you do that number 10 a multi-bit screwdriver set screws are used in so many things it makes sense to have a set of screwdrivers on hand that can work with most common screw head types phillips which looks like a plus sign flat which looks like a minus sign square which looks like a square and hex which is shaped

Like a hexagon the good news is that you can buy a screwdriver with interchangeable heads for under ten bucks and the screwdriver itself ratchets which makes it faster and easier to tighten screws because you can use smaller wrist movements to get the job done now this screwdriver set won’t work in every possible situation but it will help you be prepared for most

Of them number 11 a snow shovel and a car snow brush it’s winter time which means that unless you’re lucky enough to live in some part of the country where it doesn’t get that cold or where cars are entirely optional at some point it is going to snow sleet or hail and you will need some way to get that stuff off of your car so you can get to work i grew up in new

York city so i didn’t fully understand car life until i was stationed at quantico virginia right after i joined the marines my first winter came it snowed and i had to clear off my car with a handheld broom and a dustpan and i used my full-sized room to shovel the snow it worked out but it certainly took a lot longer than it would have if i had just had the proper

Tools for the job these 11 practical yet inexpensive target buys are really helpful to have on hand now that you know that basic adulting doesn’t have to cost a bunch let’s talk about another easy way to save money retailmenot is the ultimate destination for saving money when you shop online or in-store with thousands of coupons deals and cashback offers retailmenot

Makes it easy to save on everything you need like clothing beauty travel food and even prescription drugs retailmenot free browser extension jeannie automatically finds and applies promo codes and cashback offers for you at checkout so you never have to search for deals again installed retailmenot genie for free by clicking on the link in the description box down

Below or by heading to retailmenot.com slash genie and start saving instantly on everything you need this holiday season thank you so much for watching be sure to thumbs up subscribe and hit that notification bell and tune in here every single friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix see you next week you

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11 Insanely Practical Target Buys Under $10 | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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