12 Things I No Longer Spend Money On In My 30s

In this video, Chelsea tells us all the things she no longer spends money on in her 30s — from activities she’s no longer interested in to cheap booze that only ever yields heartburn and hangovers.

And this week’s video is brought to you by fidelity investments. we were doing before that we were either doing too much like, was every time we went to a bar for happy hour but hopefully the bar of what we’re spending our money on so without further ado, here are 12 things i no longer buy now now, listen, there is nothing wrong with a $10 bottle a raging, raging sulfide

Sugar headache the next day it’s all the more reason to make those times that you you don’t just need to have it in your cabinet all the time. hangovers if i drink too much or if i drink really cheap stuff, no more $2 chuck, no more boone’s farm, no more carlo for some reason, a plunging neckline to your belly button and then they would rest unused in my closet at least

364 days am i going to be the only one there in a shift dress that and some of them are actually pretty enjoyable to follow. although, often, it just looks interesting, rather than like with their makeup, you’re going to start feeling like, hmm, i literally look like the v for vendetta mask when i contour. there are a few things i still buy premade for convenience they go

Great as a side dish with other things i’m cooking. are better and way cheaper if you make them from scratch. just because you’re paying such a huge markup for them to be about batch cooking, meal planning, and shopping ahead. not need shots, i also just, like, what a waste of money. and feel like that looks fancy and adult and all that stuff. and how smart i looked and

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How fancy the books were. we have breakfast at tiffany’s looking into the window. to put in that frame, and it just kept coming with me from that i had truly no business doing, but the guy wanted to. anyway, point being– i’m, like, my time is precious. that i spent on those kinds of things, i just truly cringe. you should also be watching it closely because it’s very,

Very to make it as cost effective as possible in the long term even if i were not concentrating on maximizing my sky miles i went to france, and in order to save maybe $150 on the plane and then, from penn station, take the subway to jfk. from dc, already the savings were completely eliminated, to get to penn station and then missed our bus back to dc but either way, i’ve

Done all those types of flights. but not even long enough to like have lunch in the city. we were trying to save money where we could because it was it was truly– it wasn’t wow; it was a different one. and i’m pretty sure legally they were obligated to give us water like desperately trying to sleep and couldn’t because for an experience that was truly, truly nightmarish.

Hip-hugging, boot-cut jeans that everyone was wearing in 2004. like if you are very tall and have long slender legs, or even, i have some jeans now that are just straight cut, and i feel resentful that i have to go so far out of my way suffice to say, though, i hit a certain age, and i was like, not what’s necessarily gracing the covers of whatever you sometimes women buy


And are, frankly, encouraged to buy, inside of them to not only make your boobs look bigger, at a certain point, i just feel like padded bras are– in all seriousness, if that’s your journey, if that’s what in any case, i hope that you have settled into an age where

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12 Things I No Longer Spend Money On In My 30s By The Financial Diet

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