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Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skill share the lifestyle fix is all about helping you live a life that you love on any budget in today’s video i’m gonna be sharing some things that you should always buy from the dollar store number one seasonal decor if you like to decorate for

The holidays like i do then you know that holiday decor can be kind of pricey the dollar store is a great place to go shopping for really cute decor fines for holidays like christmas easter or halloween you can find a halloween themed ornaments window clings battery-operated lights yard signs keister baskets valentines you name it so if you’re the kind of person

That likes to go all in with their holiday decor at the dollar store is a great place to start number two party supplies party supplies are about as one-time-use as you can get so grabbing your party decor from the dollar store it can really save you quite a bit of cash the dollar store carries things like mylar and latex balloons streamers tablecloths serveware

And even paper plates and cups and if you have kids they also carry goodie bags and cute little toys and activities for you to put in them number three greeting cards so i’m not a huge greeting card person but i inevitably find myself needing to buy a card for some reason or another throughout the year typically birthdays new babies or graduations i like to keep a

Stack of thank-you cards on hand because you never know when you might need to practice some handwritten gratitude brand name greeting cards can easily cost four dollars and up per card versus just being a dollar at the dollar store so here are a few cards that i picked up from the dollar store as examples i have a seasonal one here that’s a valentine’s day and

You can see that it has some really interesting details so just because it’s from the dollar store doesn’t mean that it has to be played now these two cards were actually two for a dollar and you can see that they’re smaller than this one which was a dollar but they’re all hallmark branded cards so you’re not giving up a whole bunch on quality just because the

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Price is lower number four gift bags tissue paper and wrapping paper gift bags and wrapping paper are another one of those high price tag single-use items that’s perfect for finding at the dollar store gift bags can typically run anywhere from four to seven dollars so the same as can be pretty substantial my local dollar store has always had a variety of bags to

Choose from and they come in different sizes so it’s not like you’re paying a dollar for a tiny bag you can actually get a pretty big bag for a dollar so both of these bags were a dollar they have cute designs and they’re just as sturdy as the more expensive bags and here is an example of gift wrap that i found at my dollar store now you’re not gonna get a giant

Roll of paper for a dollar but it’s at least enough to wrap a few medium-sized presents and a lot of small ones and look at how cute the designs on the paper are i mean that’s a great deal for a dollar number five tableware the dollar store isn’t just from one-time use items or items that you’re planning to give away it’s also a great place to buy plates and

Bowls that you plan on using everyday the dishes that you use everyday are also the ones that are most likely to get broken because you’re using them all the time getting your dishes from the dollar store makes it easier to get a couple extra just in case they break now here are two bowls that i picked up from the dollar store you can see that this one is blue

So it’s really cute and then this one is white so it’s just you know it’s kind of plain but it’s perfect for everyday use and just to compare it to this bowl right here which is from ikea like you really especially with my lighting cannot tell the difference this one is probably like a dollar fifty each but you have to buy a whole pack and this one was just a

Dollar and they’re both dishwasher safe and yeah both number-6 mugs and glasses the dollar store is also a great place to snag drink ware at reasonable prices yes they do have plastic cups which is great especially if you have very young children like i do but they also tend to carry a decent variety of stemware and ceramic mugs so i bought a set of these green

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Wine glasses at christmas six years ago and they are still going strong and actually saw a couple at the dollar store locally here today number seven decorative candle holders here are two decorative candle holders that i picked up from the dollar store one is a simple glass bowl that can really be used for just about anything and the other has this cool cracked

Glass look going on if you’re into burning smaller candles or tea lights the dollar store is a great place to get those and these at a great price number eight vase filler so if you don’t know exactly what vase filler is the name is basically exactly like what it implies it’s the stuff that you use to fill up a vase typically the vase is clear so you can see all

Of that decorative stuff inside you can use vase filler with or without flowers whether the flowers are fresh or artificial you can also use it to hold candles now they can be beads or rocks or other stuff so i’ve even used plastic skulls from the dollar store as vase filler now the one thing to keep in mind is sometimes the vase filler comes in smaller packs

Than what you would get elsewhere so you may need to end up getting multiple packs in order to fill your vase number nine notebooks we live in the digital world but lots of people including me still swear by their paper notebooks one of my favorite daily practices is to write morning pages three pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing paying a dollar a

Notebook instead of three plus dollars in opeth is a no-brainer craft supplies if you have young children then you know how little children basically inhale their way through reams of paper or boxes of crayons tubes of paint and tubs of playdough because kids go through all these supplies so quickly it makes sense to spend the least amount that you possibly can

On them number eleven spices spices can get pretty pricey at the grocery store which is why when i did a video about things you should never buy from the grocery store spices made the list if you haven’t seen that video i’ll drop a link to it down in the description box below for you to go check out this costs only a dollar at the dollar store whereas it would have

Been four or five dollars at my local grocery store and it tastes exactly the same number twelve storage bins and baskets bins and baskets are a great way to organize throughout your house i use them in drawers and on closet shelves to help corral similar items so that things stay neater and it’s easier for me to find what i’m looking for without making a big mess


The baskets might be a dollar apiece which is what these were or they might even cost less in some cases because you can get a pack of two or three of smaller baskets which makes them even cheaper coloring books and other kids toys the dollar store is my go-to place for finding cheap toys and activities to keep my toddler busy especially when we’re traveling two

Years ago we took our 18-month old on a 14-hour flight to singapore we made sure to stop at the dollar store beforehand and get little soldiers dinosaurs dolls stickers coloring packs basically enough stuff so that we could give him a new toy to play with every so often on the plane the dollar store saved our sanity and our wallets on that one plus all the other

Passengers on the plane because you know toddlers now that i’ve shared some of the best buys from the dollar store let’s talk about a great place to go shopping for some new life skills skillshare skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design business technology and more premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality

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