14 Month Dividend Stock Portfolio Update (3 NEW STOCKS)

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That i just moved to my new property in miami, florida. on youtube, as well as instagram reels, and on tiktok. this is not any kind of financial advice here, guys. now, for context, i’m gonna show you guys right here, even though it’s well beyond a $100,000 stock portfolio. so, i encourage you guys to subscribe and follow along. and that is because i literally just spent

An entire month on pretty much everything that i know in the stock market. this is the most valuable video i have ever uploaded and it’s been one of the biggest projects i’ve done i ended up adding three brand-new stocks to my portfolio, and i’ll give you a little bit of reasoning behind those and i wanted to start taking some profits off the table. when i made my initial

Purchasing, if i can find that. actually, it was in september of 2020 when i bought this. and then dropped that down to an allocation of around 9,000. so, in my case here, it was a bit of a tough decision until basically, 2022, but it wasn’t a heck of a lot. and i actually went ahead and took a screenshot here worth of stocks, and m1 finance did this automatically,

Caterpillar, intel, emerson electric, genuine parts company, which were walmart, texas instruments, and logitech, i felt way more comfortable moving some of that money so, just to show you a couple of the stocks in my portfolio so that’s why i decided to take some profits off the table. this one has had one of the most incredible rallies but that being said, here are

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The ones i am excited about so, there could be a lot of room for this company to go up, if we look at the five-year chart, while they are up, so, i would expect to potentially see mcdonald’s do well. they’ve traded as high as somewhere around 150, 152 a share, lowe’s, again, that’s another stock i forgot to bring up mcdonald’s is up around 14. ibm is up around 11 1/2.

But i’ve been pretty good here, i guess, strategically, but anyways, guys, thank you so much for tuning in. into different types of investments to further diversify. and i will catch you in the next one.

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14 Month Dividend Stock Portfolio Update (3 NEW STOCKS!) By Ryan Scribner

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