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There are two huge money mistakes most people make throughout the course of our life today i’m going to share with you guys what those two huge money mistakes are and i cannot wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about the

Two biggest money mistakes most people make now these are huge mistakes and i can say that i would say at least ninety percent of people are making these two mistakes throughout the course of life now let’s just jump right into this what is the number one mistake money mistake people make it is not investing in themselves for some reason a lot of people have

The thought process that okay i am past high school or on past college now i can let knowledge just come to me as it comes i don’t really need to go out and seek knowledge anymore whether it be on how to start a business or how to be better with personal finances or whether it be how to make smart investments and how to make my money into money a lot of people

Just like i and literally after high school or college it is kind of like you know whatever comes to me comes to me i’m not seeking out knowledge anymore i know you know when i know and that’s good enough no no no you always need to be investing in yourself that’s the number one by far biggest money mistake most people make you have to invest in yourself whether

It be you know learning a new language that’s going to help you with your job or help you get in the next position up by learning a new language whether it be you know furthering your education getting a master’s degree or if you didn’t go to college get a bachelor’s degree or something that could help you in the workplace or watching videos learning from other


Entrepreneurs who have been successful who have done it and who have a ton of tips to share out there youtube alone you can learn so much stuff there’s so much great stuff to learn about entrepreneurship personal finance about the stock market all he takes the things are so many different videos out there from so many successful people who have done it before and

On this channel that’s what i focus on so just by you watching this video today or you watching many of my other videos hopefully you’re expanding your knowledge on subjects that are really going to matter and can really change your life so investing in yourself is by far the number one money mistake people are making because they’re leaving so much money left out

There because they can’t get promoted at their jobs because they don’t have enough knowledge on this or that or because they’re not making their money into money by making successful investments in learning about all those kinds of things or they’re not learning about personal finance in how okay i should do this smarter i should do this smarter i should do this

I should do that so investing in yourself it’s just such a big thing any can literally change your life but you have to be willing to learn ongoing throughout the course of your life that is the bottom line the number two biggest money mistake that i would say for sure most americans make this mistake and probably a lot of people worldwide make this mistake but i

Only lived in america my whole life so i’ve seen this done time and time again living beyond your means living beyond your means is by far the second biggest money mistake people are making out there if you cannot afford something don’t go purchase it on a credit card don’t take out a big huge loan on a car that you really shouldn’t have don’t take out a big huge

Loan on a house that’s way bigger than you really should have don’t try to live a lifestyle that’s that’s at your income or above your income for sure you need to live a lifestyle that is below your income that is below the class you are at that’s how you start getting ahead and those will set you up to be a lot more successful in the long run in the long run you

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Will make out a lot better because if you cannot say okay if you get paid every two weeks or whatever after that paycheck comes in if you can’t say you know i had money put toward the 401k i was able to pay all my bills and i was still able to have you know at least five or ten percent berkeley toward savings or strictly toward me investing in stocks or something

Like that if you can’t say that then you’re living beyond your means i’m sorry that is an absolute truth you are living beyond your means if there’s nothing left over at the end of the at the end of the pie you’re living beyond your means that’s the bottom line and so so so many people do it and then they’re worried about okay now i gotta pay off this credit card

And i’m paying interest on that and now i’m only able to pay the interest that time and okay now i want this and so i need to take out another credit card loan on this subject and then you’re paying interest on that and then you have trouble paying interest on that and its just oh it’s so painful to watch but literally millions and millions if not tens of millions

Of people live beyond their means in america it is unbelievable unbelievable the amount of debt that we create as people to to fund these lifestyles that are above what we can realistically live just because you can afford a car payment on a car that doesn’t mean you can really afford that car just because you can afford that house payment doesn’t really mean that

You can live that lifestyle you need to be able to have lots of money at the end of every check at the end of every you know if you own your own business at the end of every month you need to have a considerable amount of money that you’re being able to put towards savings that that money is like untouchable that’s raining day money plus you’re putting money toward

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401 k or those kinds of things so i hope this helped immensely guys those are by far the two biggest money mistakes people are making not investing in themselves in living beyond their means it is unbelievable i can tell you in my opinion personally i would say nine out of 10 americans are making one of those too many mistakes in their huge they’re huge they just

Set themselves up for failure financially in my opinion or to live you know a very very financially stressful life which is like in my opinion that’s what money is it’s like in order to not stress about it you need to always have plenty of money behind you plenty of money in savings plenty of money here and there in not all these bills that you’re worrying about

All the time if you’re doing that you’re doing life wrong in my opinion mostly that leads to divorces that leads to a lot of problems download down the long run money in these money mistakes where people just live beyond their means and where they’re not investing themselves so they can make more money i hope this helped immensely guys thank you so much for watching

If you’re watching this video and you haven’t subscribed yet you may want to subscribe to this channel talked a ton about personal finance like we did today i talk about business i’m a young entrepreneur i give a lot of entrepreneur type tips and i talk a lot about the stock market and how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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2 BIGGEST MONEY MISTAKES people make! By Financial Education

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