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Learn to fly on a cheap mini quadcopter before taking a chance on a thousand dollar quadcopter. I cover unboxing, using replacement propellers, charging tips, flight controls, sensitivity adjustment, recalibration.

Hey what’s up everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to unbox a cheerson cx-10 mini quadcopter they go on amazon for about seventeen eighteen dollars let’s open this up and see what it’s all about here’s the front says full function 3d flip i’ll explain that later this thing comes in four colors the printing sucks because this is the orange here and it

Made it look a little red pink blue green runs on 2.4 gigahertz it says cheerson but then i noticed there’s a quite a bit of different ones that looks exactly like this so i assume maybe a manufacturer is rebranding these but kherson appears to sell these for the cheapest if you do buy them from china it will take three whole weeks which is an intern ‘ti to get

So anyway let’s just open this up there’s a controller user manual we don’t need this i’ll explain everything to you this charger cable and comes with four propellers you’ll notice that i have different colored propellers because i played with this a lot already i put it back in here so that i can open it for you this is what it looks like notice that this is the

Back the charge port goes in here please don’t use this charger cable because it’s a really crude charger and it will break your battery you can see that these two propellers are different this one and this one has the same orientation this one would spin this way and this one would spin this way this one spins this way and this one spins this way and therefore

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This one and this one there will be little letters underneath the propeller when you do need to replace them you’ll say b 1 b 2 if they do break you can put the replace the b’s here and the ades here the numbering doesn’t matter i have different colored propellers here because these are aftermarket ones these actually don’t work as well about the 40 pieces here

20 pieces of a 20 pieces of b i labeled them they it doesn’t come like that if you actually did open this you would have had the white propellers so it comes with the charger cable but it’s not a true it just shoves current into your battery the red light inside here it goes off when the current goes down which is not a very good way to charge it you can easily

Overcharge your lithium-ion battery here and it’ll essentially break your battery very quickly so if you do really have to use this charge it but as soon as the light goes off unplug it for these aftermarket propellers they actually don’t fit this cheerson one i’ll put a link down below on which one i’m referring to but if you do modify these they do fit kind of

Well if you don’t if you do not you have to put excessive force on it to in order to get them out the first time i put them on i almost broke one of the motors let me show you how to modify these propellers so that it would fit on this it would say it’s for cx-10 except when you try to use them and put them on it’ll be too tight so you can either try and take a pin


Like this and you know use a hammer or something to town this now but what i found very useful just use this pan of ice jr. and just use that pressure two three four six seven about seven or eight turns once you feel the tension you’ll see that the thumbtack went all the way inside and if you just pull it out from here then it would easily fit onto the quadcopter

So put it on there before you basically couldn’t even get down two or three millimeters and then you have to push it the rest of the way which becomes very hard now you can see it goes all the way in and i can pull it out it doesn’t make sense for me to buy a $30 plastic case for $17 quadcopter so i just cut this out of a drink bottle and got some phones i found

This to be acceptable for protecting it the original propellers are a bit more bendy as you can see here and then the aftermarket ones are more brittle here’s the on/off button they have the back red for the back lights blue for the front lights i’m going to go over what the controller does this is throttle low throttle this is off spinning the propellers this is

Highest power so you’ll make the quadcopter go up and down left rotate this way right rotate that way this side forward back left right this is on/off button batteries not included to triple-a batteries are needed i’m quite surprised at how well this meets together there’s a screw hole here apparently they didn’t use it the antenna inside i took this apart before

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It actually goes out from here and kind of snakes around here so if you cover it up like this and control it you might get a little less range just put your finger back here so that your radio signal can go out this way trims are only available for the front back left right so if you find it drifting forward you would want to trim it back if you find it dripped it

And right you want to trim it left like that and same for reverse if it’s drifting towards left side a lot you just push it on the right side you make it so that when you don’t put any pressure on here and it’s centered it should stay right where it is you’d want to turn it on and then you turn on the transmitter it makes two beeps before you can start you gotta

Push it up it will beep this is like calibration and you push it down deep again now it’s ready to fly thanks for watching this unboxing i hope i told you a lot of stuff and you don’t have to go around reading that tiny little manual don’t forget to like this video it really helps me out and comment down below if you have a question and subscribe because i don’t

Know people need subscribers thanks for watching

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