20 Dividend Stocks that pay more than 1 Billion Dollars!

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Good day subscribers they do so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about 20 stocks that all pay a minimum of 1 billion dollars per year out to its shareholders in the form of dividends i know some of you guys love dividend stocks you love collecting those dividend so i thought let’s just do a dividend

Related video so 20 stocks minimum requirement 1 billion dollars in payout per year that’s the lowest amount you can have to make this list and i hope you guys really enjoy this today let’s just get right into this so number 20 american express as you guys know the credit card company which also does a ridiculous amount of financial transactions per day millions of

Them they payout just over 1 billion dollars in dividends to its shareholders per year so imagine that and by the way a fun fact on on dividends in general the world’s public companies just the world public companies combined payout over 1 trillion dollars per year to their shareholders the world all the world’s public companies combined they all payout in combined

Over 1 trillion dollars shareholders per year is that speaking ridiculous or what this is a mind-blowing number it’s a mind-blowing number for just these companies to all pay over a billion guy this is crazy so number 1919 is nike the nike you guys probably know the global athletic brain company worldwide icon type brand they payout just over 1 billion dollars

As well number 18 dupont dupont has a lot to do with chemicals and a lot of those kinds of things guys they payout just over one point two five billion dollars in dividends per year disney disney as you guys probably know from the million different brands they have you know from the vengers brand or a marvel brand i should say from the disney brand too they own

The star wars brand now it’s like ridiculous they own espn you know so many different networks so many different theme parks all around the world they pay out just over two billion dollars in dividends per year by the way i’m going to tell you the ticker symbols on those last ones i meant to tell you that molly’s american express is a exp ticker symbol nikes nke

Dupont is dd disney is d is number 16 is 3m they’re ticker symbol at mmm they pay out just over 2.5 billion dollars in dividends per year they have a lot to do with adhesive type products you probably use their tape i know i use a can of this 3m spray to like put all the little foam things all up in my room like a lot of adhesive type products that’s what 3m is

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Huge into guys they’re into some other things but that’s their main business boeing i believe they’re tech assemblers be a they pay out just over 2.5 billion dollars they basically mostly our commercial aircraft type company but however in i mean if you live in the united states you’re probably flying on a boeing plane 95% of time if you live in america they also

Have a military side of their division that also should be pain pay very close attention attention to especially with a possibility of a war in north korea and some of those kinds of things absolutely should be paid attention to the military side as well mcdonald’s the ticker symbol is mcd and they pay out over three billion dollars in dividends per year over three

Billion biggest fast-food giant in the world we at home depot next up their ticker symbol is hd they pay out just over 3.5 billion dollars per year in dividends a retailer a home a home improvement type retailer paying out over three point five trillion dollars per year but mind-blowing cisco cisco systems the ticker symbol is cs co and they pay out just over 4.5

Billion dollars and dividends per year absolutely amazing until their ticker symbol is int c intel pays out just under five billion dollars per year right now just under five billion dollars per year at number 10 halfway through the list we got ibm ibm the ticker symbol is ipm i believe and they tail just over five billion dollars per year so half through a list

Of natalee some things are paying more than five billion dollars out to their shareholders per year next one up number nine walmart wmt ticker symbol they pay out just over six billion dollars per year walmart should be saving that six billion per year and should be investing that back into the business because they’re in danger of being taken out by amazon over

This next decade if they do not seriously seriously attack amazon and a whole long way in the online channel and get to level amazon’s that they should be putting all six billion dollars a pain out to the shareholders absolutely toward expanding their business putting that money toward business six six billion dollars is a lot of money they don’t want to do it

Because the board of directors doesn’t want to do it because they know some sheriffing shareholders would be pissed without collecting those dividends and though some of those kinds of things guys that’s why they don’t do it though renumber nuts number eight here guys number eight coca-cola ticker symbol ko knockout they pay out just over six billion dollars per

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Year as well biggest i guess you’d say softer and company in the entire world then we got number 7 jp morgan chase chase bank as some of you guys will know it by the best-run commercial bank probably literally in the world in my opinion the best investment banks probably goldman sachs best commercial bank in my opinion is jp morgan they pay out over seven billion

Dollars per year in dividends tg procter and gamble’s ticker symbol pg they pay out just over seven billion dollars i mean look around your house so get your toilet paper paper towels your soap like a lot of different stuff your deodorant a lot of that stuff’s going to be procter & gamble your toothpaste that’s the type of businesses they are in over seven

Billion dollars per year general electric ticker symbol ge they pay out just over eight billion dollars per year in dividends number four johnson & johnson another one of those goods companies look around your house you’ll find a lot of johnson johnson products look in your medicine cabinet a lot of those things are going to be johnson johnson i can guarantee

You that they pay out just over eight billion dollars per year in dividends ticker symbol j n j then we got verizon ticker symbol v z they p out 10 billion dollars per year in dividend 10 billion dollars they came out with a bad a bad bad quarterly results unfortunately but as of right now they pay over ten billion dollars their communications company as some of you

Guys we might have those for your cell phone service number two number two coming to the end here guys apple apple is number two guys they pay out just over 10 billion dollars per year 10 over 10 billion dollars per year they pay out dividends hopefully smoke us and can you guys guess number one number one overall them microsoft microsoft pays out over 12 billion

Dollars and dividends per year microsoft by the way apple ticker symbol is a apl microsoft ticker symbol is m sft mister softee msft over 12 billion dollars per year microsoft pays out and that covers the top 20 here today guys 20 companies that pay out over 1 billion dollars each can you believe we have three companies on list at payout over 10 billion dollars

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Each absolutely incredible now just because a company paid out a lot of money in dividends that doesn’t mean it’s a great dividend stock in the end it really doesn’t well how i judge if i’m looking into a dividend paying company if i want to invest a dividend paying something i always look at a few things let’s say we have a balance sheet i like to see the cash

In investments versus how much debt they have if they have a really good balance sheet that means if the company comes upon some hard times they’re going to still be able to pay out that dividend okay that’s the first thing i like to look at second thing i like to look at is the payout ratio payout ratio you can find that on any like yeah in finance or something

Or you can just do the math by figuring out how much they pay out and dividends per year versus what their net income is so if they make 200 million dollars in net income per year and they pay out fifty million dollars in dividends per year what’s the math on that it means they’re paying out 25 percent of their net income in dividends so i’d like to find companies

That pay out under a 50 percent payout ratio under 50 percent payout ratio and the third thing i like to look at is i like to try to picture what the company will be earning let’s say 2 3 years from now if it’s a company that’s going to be earning much more money or just a decent amount more money and they have a low payout ratio that means i’m going to be able

To raise that dividend drastically over the coming years which is awesome and young dividend paying stock like that guy so those are things i look at but at the same time is just fun to look at the amount of money some of these companies just pay out to shareholders and dividends it’s incredible so thank you so much for watching today guys if you just came across

This channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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