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And ceo interviews this is the 52 we know that’s just how we ghost ghost recipient we about to make some doubt right on everything in january is poppin now rolling up some good in the bed with it and we puffing clouds so we brought you meta growth first and you know we like to bring you in as first tenants it’s kind of something that

We like to do right and meta unbelievable so we brought you meta first and it’s now at 31 cents 31 cents we brought it to you at 17 cents it’s going up because it’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed it’s going to be opening up more stores in ontario and they’re poised to take advantage of a legalization 2.0 national access cannabis corp i believe this will

Go to $1 it’s been a dollar before it will go to $1 again that’s my prediction here it is look at this see it was at $1 right here 97 cents april 8th i think this could be an epic run i’m not suggesting it can’t come down off this run here but i just think with the new stores that we’ll be opening up in ontario there’s the opportunity for national access cannabis

Corp meta growth em eta in canada meta which is up now 27% today on 1.7 million shares in volume has a chance to be an absolute giant they have a chance to be an absolute giant with their revenue growth i think that they have a chance to be a retail giant and that’s why they are on a full or meta growth up 29% we brought it to you when they were at 17 cents because

We read the charts and when you look at this chart what does it tell you the absolute bottom we literally found the absolute bottom and as a trader that’s what you’re looking for you’re looking to find the bottom right so national access cannabis it’s on fuller meta up now 80% since my initial coverage at 17 cents now today at 31 cents up 29% congratulations to

All the winners told you guys if you’re not winning you’re not watching this your boy rich and rich to be live and we’re out this is how we go recipients we about to make some dough let’s write off everything in january is poppin now rolling up some good in the backward and we broken clouds i know a great and traded in you

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RICH TV LIVE FULL ALERT META GROWTH UP OVER 80% SINCE MY ALERT By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-12-16T192553+0000endTimestamp2019-12-16T193348+0000}

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aoealgernon pharmaceuticals expl


✅ALGERNON PHARMACEUTICALS EXPLODES OVER 200% SINCE MY ALERT ✅ – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 13, 2020 – Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc (CSE:AGN) (OTCQB:AGNPF) said Monday it has received positive feedback from the US Food and Drug Administration regarding the company’s plans to conduct a phase 2 COVID-19 clinical trial using its repurposed drug NP-120, known as Ifenprodil.

What’s going on guys this is rich from mr. villi so i had to show you guys this i brought you this at 15 cents aldrin in pharmaceuticals i brought it to at 15 cents it was up 72 percent today ilona monster day for algernon pharmaceuticals in canada and look at the american side up 69% today alone and let’s see why algernon receives positive feedback from us fda

For if in protocol covin 19 human trial appoints us ambassador howard goodman to advisory board this is the breaking news agn in canada a gw in germany and a gnp f in america a clinical stage from a suitable development company is pleased to announce it has received positive feedback from the us food and drug administration the fda regarding the company’s plans to

Conduct a phase two cova 19 clinical trial using its repurposed drug np – 120 – proto based on the feedback the company plans to submit as soon as possible an investigational new drug ind application to the fda to conduct a phase two clinical trial with – proto as a therapy for patients who experience respiratory complications as a result of contracting kovat 19 we

Are very pleased with the expedited response we receive from the fda on our pre ind application said christopher j monroe ceo of algernon this is the first time i’ve been proto has been presented to the fda in a formal process and the response was very encouraging you think the stock exploded guys it exploded and of course we brought it to you guys first it’s what

We do is what we do best and we’ve done it again in fact i got the evidence right here should we get should we get into the evidence right here let’s do this rich tv5 take a look at this one month ago and you know i always tell you guys to invest in the best because the best is blessed i got to give it out to dylan fraser man he brought me this pic and i have a

Feeling it’s gonna blow allergen pharmaceuticals at fifteen cents up 66% on friday and they’ve got some big news guys symbol in america ag npf symbol in canada a gn both the american and canadian symbol exploded on friday and the symbol in frankfurt germany a gw another potential big winner another big winner it’s true check this out look at the big news this came

Out after market after market on friday allergen algernon pharmaceuticals inc agn in canada a gw in frankfurt a gnp f in america a clinical stage from the circle development company is pleased to announce it will set aside some of its np 120 – pro dill drug supply from its planned phase two study of idle pathak fibrosis and chronic cough to make it available on a

Compassionate use basis to physicians and their patients with the most serious cases of coronavirus you know as soon as you put that word in a press release you know that people are going to pay attention the decision was made based on the results of an independent study of eyghon proto which showed a 40% improvement in mortality and significantly reduced acute lung

Injury aoi in a recent h5n1 animal study h5n1 is one of the most lethal form of influenza known with a 53% mortality rate since i fin pro dell is an already approved drug with a no.1 safety history it can be safely administered to patients without additional preclinical testing i think this is huge news is breaking news if we see a similar response in coronavirus

Patients as seen in the h5n1 animal study a far more lethal of influenza we believe that patient outcomes should be significantly improved said christopher j morneau ceo of algernon algernon rica welcomes contact from the health organizations and physicians globally to learn more about np – 120 – proto this is huge news management believe that the np – 120 – proto

Is a possible treatment for kovat – 19 coronavirus is based on historical animal studies and not on human trials you only find these out first here a rich tv live this is where you get the picks folks you get the picks first from your boy at rich tv live it’s true we bring you the winners first not second not third not v not 55th first it’s true what do you think

About what do you think about this stock i’ll turn on pharmaceuticals np – 120 – proto is an n methanol d aspirate and dma receptor glutamate receptor antagonist specifically targeting the nmda – type subunit to be blue – and b – prone l also exhibits anga nest activity for the sigma-1 receptor a tariff own protein up regulated during endoplasmic reticulum stress

Although the anti fry broke fibrotic activity of eyghon proto in ipf is not known recent studies have suggested a link between both receptors and pathways a soda associated with fibrosis glutamate glu is the main exit exit ettore neurotransmitter which acts as glutamate receptors in the central nervous system otherwise known as cns but over activation of these

Receptors can cause several damages to neural cells including death recent studies show that the glutamate a guinness and methanol d aspirin and mda can trigger acute lung injury a li a lies directly in direct injury to alveolar epithelial cells and capala capillary and dolphin l cell causing diffuse pulmonary interst idol and alveolar and demma an acute hypoxic

Respiratory respiration failure a li is characterized by reduced lung volume and compliance and imbalance of the ventilation perfusion ratio inducing hypoxemia and respiratory distress and it’s severe stage oxygen index 200 known as acute respiratory distress syndrome or a rds and – 120 – protal brand name sarah cow was initially developed by santa fe in the 1990s

In the french and japanese markets for the treatment of circulatory disorders the drug is generous sized and sold in japan algernon has phil filed with new intellectual property rights for np – 120 – proto for the treatment of respiratory disease this is absolutely about 12 cents stock in america 15 cents in canada nobody even knows and these guys could potentially

Be helping the entire world elgin in pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage pharmaceutical development company focused on advancing its lead compounds for non-alcoholic steve-o hepatitis neckla otherwise known as na sh nats i think you guys get the head we brought it to you first like usual and it blew up 200% we did it again algernon pharmaceuticals agn in canada

A gnp f in america huge day monster day i brought it to you five weeks ago at 15 cents in canada 12 cents in america another 200% gainer you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first put on your watches put on your radar this bad baby is on fire your boy richard mr. beale ivan um oh peace

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✅ALGERNON PHARMACEUTICALS EXPLODES OVER 200% SINCE MY ALERT ✅ By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2020-04-13T215321+0000endTimestamp2020-04-13T220245+0000}

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1 massive stock market mistake i


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I want you to imagine for just a moment with me imagine a lifestyle where you pull out your tablet you pull out your smartphone you pull up a financial statement on that device and because it says certain numbers you go in you buy a stock and when you buy that stock you make lots and lots of money because you bought something based upon a financial statement well

Guess what that life just doesn’t exist i want to go ahead and debunk one of the biggest myths i see out there in the stock market all the time whether it be from stock market beginners or just people are in the stock market in general that think if you just look at the financial statement of a company like that is good enough that is a good enough decision okay i’m

Gonna go ahead and debunked this myth now this myth i was was on a video i saw it yesterday a comment left by somebody says as an investor i’m all about the number and not the narrative numbers matter they can save the narrative to the fanboys i want the numbers warren buffett does not care about this because he can call up the cfo and ask the numbers but you can’t

Do that jeremy and i can’t do that that is why we need transparency you should think before you make a video you show a lack of understanding of finance talking about a narrative numbers jeremy that’s what finance is about numbers is for marketing and youtube stars get real oh my goodness gracious this person knows it all okay so this is very very interesting all

Right let’s go ahead and debunk this this is get straight into this guy’s so there are three types of investors you have in the stock market there are really only three types of investors out there now there are a lot of different traders is a big difference between a trader and an investor traders just try and do short-term things maybe trade a stock within seconds

Or minutes or maybe a couple months a swing trader or something like that but as far as actual investors people that are buying companies planning on holding them for at least a few years or maybe for life or something like that you have three types of those people out there okay you have the first ones which are is this group okay the financials only they look at

The financials they look at the income statement balance sheet and cash flow and they look at the p ratio and some other you know asset test ratio and things like that they calculate some things and they they invest based upon what those financials tell them that’s that’s how they invest okay that’s a first group of investors the second group of investors is all

About the narrative narrative another word for narrative is the story okay whatever story that company tells out there they just buy it based upon that that’s how you can see stocks trading at ridiculous pease or maybe they lose money but yet they still have this ridiculous valuation on it it’s because that’s that company tells a really good story and it makes

Investors buy into it and they believe in that company and that it’s going to change the world and this and that they tell a really good story they have a really good narrative around that and people buy stocks based upon that that’s why neither see stocks that lose money all the time but yet still have a massive amount of investors and like how does that happen

Because that company is really good at selling the investors that this company is going to be great in the future and if you buy in now you’re getting these shares for a great deal okay and the third one which i would consider myself as and i think this is the best one it’s someone that views the narrative and looks at the financials because here’s the thing if

You’re just looking at the financials you can get stuck in a stock that that goes nowhere for a long time or you lose a lot of money on okay a perfect example of the the golden child of looking at financials only as a company named mike brown okay ticker symbol mu i have a very close friend who’s invested unbelievably heavy in in mu he’s got most of his wealth in

This stock he’s down substantially on the position unfortunately but he bought this stock just because he looked at the financials okay and he tried to get me to buy the stock at 55 $60 a share and i was like dude i’m not doing it okay right now i think it’s like $40 a share i hope it goes to a hundred i hope it goes to two hundred b makes so much money on it it’s

Ridiculous okay but when i looked at this company i could not buy this stock okay it was at like a four ford pe when i looked into i think right now it’s now at a three ford p which is unbelievably cheap okay the market on average trades at a ford p somewhere i think around 16 15 16 on a 4 p basis this company trades at a 3 ok well one of the like the cheapest sock

In the s&p 500 by a mile they make more profit in a quarter right now then amazon does okay it was on trades at nearly a trillion dollar market cap and yet this company that trades have a 50 billion dollar market cap makes more profit in 1/4 that amazon does okay so if you’re looking at just the financial this company it’s like this is like a screaming by like

Why would you not buy this and if you’re looking at financials only you would have already bought these shares okay but what you’ve got to dig down deep is you’ve got to start looking at the narrative of this company when it looked at this company i was like this is a company that has a horrible narrative and i don’t really see this changing so the narrative around

That company from a lot of investors a way they look at is they look at this company mu and they say it’s just a commodity memory company it’s just a commodity memory company that you know just makes commodity chips anybody can do this and you know that’s the view out there whether that’s true or not what you probably isn’t true that is the narrative and all as

Soon as pricing goes down this stock is done that is a whole narrative around this company from bearish investors and from a lot of people when they look into it okay so the financial this company’s amazing we get the narratives horrible so as these companies continues to report these unbelievable numbers the stock has continued to fall from $63 it was back in the

Summertime early summertime 10 now it’s like you know 39 $40 a share of something like that the narrative on that company has to change my friend you know he’s all about they’re gonna you know buy some shares back i’m like mu does not need to buy back shares right now and you what they need to do is go out and acquire another company that can change the narrative

Of the company something like a skywards solutions would make great sense in my opinion another semiconductor company so when investors look into mu it’s not just oh they’re a commodity memory producer and anybody can do that and they’re totally their businesses is relying on where pricing goes 200 they and they had their memory business over there that’s their

Cash cow but they also have this growth vector over here oh they also have 5 geo they also have all this other stuff until the company can change a narrative it’s gonna be always stuck at a very very low valuation that’s just the way it is guys so as the ceo is all about sales sales sales okay it’s it’s for a ceos job is so much about sales do they actually go

Out there on the front lines i’ve ceo of a big company and actually try to sell products and services know they’re selling to huge things all the time they’re selling other executives to come work with our team okay that’s a one of the jobs of a ceo that you don’t see much i see or trying to recruit some of the best executives to kind of surround themselves and

Build out a great team around them so they can hopefully prosper in the in the future but ceos know the huge responsibility as i talked about in the video yesterday know huge responsibilities that that stock price goes up over time it’s not just by getting profits up it’s by getting more and more investors to believe in your company ok if we went if we went down in

We went to times square right now i think i paid $20 for this golden guy right here okay i think i paid $20 at a store for this golden guy right here right if we went to times square right now you put somebody that’s horrible at sales you put somebody that’s decent at sales and you put somebody that is great at sales i can guarantee you the guy that is greatest

Sales will have this sold for a hundred plus dollars to somebody within an hour okay the person that as bad as sales will never even get this sold in a day we could probably give them a week and they probably never get a sold and if they do get it sold though sell it for a dollar or two okay somebody that’s great at sales can sell anybody on the dream okay and the

Fact is if you have a ceo if you have an executive team if you have a business model that has a that only focuses on the financials and not the story and explaining that story well you have a a company that is set up to never become anything okay and what ends up happening is though eventually over time the stock price doesn’t you know perform well then the board

Of directors votes out that ceo starts voting out there that executive team are basically just fires and they don’t even have to vote the board directors they just they just start firing them bringing some new people and sometimes you can those new people can end up screwing up the financials so also now you don’t have a narrative or financials okay so this is a

Story you don’t want to make any mistake as an investor of just buying based upon the financials not warren buffett okay warren buffett let’s talk about him he was mentioned in that comment right warren buffett the great thing about warren buffett right is not only that he has a lot of money and all this stuff and he can build big stakes and companies but is that

Warren buffett can literally change the narrative of a company warren buffett single-handedly changed the narrative of apple stock okay prior to warren buffett investing in apple stock apple stock was he was floundering around $90 $100 a share this was literally about two two and a half years ago okay it was a $90 100 stocke okay and the narrative around apple

Was so focused on just iphone unit numbers they can’t grow that anymore osen warren buffett starts buying the shares very heavy and apple okay and also and it comes out that a warren buffett has been buying apple sheriff and nelson you have warmed buffett go out there and literally go on cnbc and bloomberg and change the entire narrative of apple from it being a

Story of it’s just i phone you knows to know a lot of it in now the shares of 200 plus dollars okay even after today’s drop its literally doubled from where buffett bought it like two two and a half years ago okay you can look at the stock chart literally doubled since he started buying in and he has changed the narrative from just being about iphone you know

To getting a lot more investors interests in apple by saying hey they have an ecosystem around their products hey they have all this other business they’re doing hey they had their services category he a single-handedly helped change the narrative of a company so warren buffett yeah he can buy a lot on financials but even the great warren buffett also buys on

Narrative okay one of warren buffett’s things he always says he’ll never buy business regardless of financials if he doesn’t understand the business model well and he can’t see the future well for that company okay it’s why he wouldn’t have bought in napoli many many years ago because he couldn’t see the future for now he could and you know starting a few years

Ago and he starts buying in okay so even the great warren buffett buys on narrative but the great thing for buffett because he has so much credibility because he has so much fame in the investment community he can literally change the entire narrative of a stock because he has that much power when he buy shares the world watches the investment world watches and i

Say what did you just hear warren buffett just bought a whole bunch of shares of this everybody out there is talking about it okay so that’s a beautiful thing with buffett but he even looks at the narrative and don’t let him fool you for a second okay he preaches about looking at the business overall and not just the financial statements okay so one of the biggest

Mistakes you can make as an investor in the stock market in a beginner investor an advanced investor of someone that’s just been in it for a year or two is that you only look at the financials only it’s a very it’s a very naive view and i will you know i wish it was that way i wish it was so simple where you just look at the financial statements you just look at

The income statement balance sheet and cash flow i wish that simple i wish it was that simple guys but it is not it is not a game that is that simple if it was then if it was just about the numbers the computer systems could do a million times better you know valuing of companies then we as humans could do if it was just about the numbers but at the end of the day

It’s more than just in numbers it’s the numbers plus and narrative and that’s how you get a stock price to go up and up over time to get a stock price to go up up over time you need a lot more buying pressure than you have selling pressure and you’ll get that stock to go up and by telling your story this is why ceos or companies & executives always do these

Investor conferences why does a ceo or cfo or a port an executive go around the country doing investor presentations what do they do that couldn’t their time be much more well spent back at their offices helping out their teams expand the business no because here’s the thing those are those executives understand that they can get a big investor to buy in at one of

Those investor conferences they just made a huge day great decision for the company in terms of the stock prices which is one of the things they’re you know judged on as a public company like i said profits and stock price you don’t have what you don’t have one of those you’re probably going to be out of ceo eventually over time okay so executives of teams they

Go to all these investor presentations and do these type of things right because they want to explain the company better they want to sell the company to investors okay and that’s just the name of the game guys so don’t make the big mistake of just investing on financials hope you enjoy this hope you guys got a lot of value out of this stake hit a thumbs up if you

Did thank you for watching have a great day

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5 books you must read in your 20

5 Books You MUST Read In Your 20s

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So most of us have heard this quote before that the average ceo reads 60 books per year while the average employee reads just four and the one thing that’s not mentioned in that quote is that the average ceo has a lot more time on their hands than the average employee and that’s because the responsibility of the ceo of a company is to figure out the general direction

A company is heading while the employee is responsible for getting them there and taking care of those tasks so ceos are responsible for the vision of a company and so they do naturally spend more time reading and learning now that being said i don’t necessarily read 60 books per year but i would like to think i read more than the average person and what helps

Me out a lot in doing that is listening to audiobooks if i had to sit down and physically block out time to crack open a book i wouldn’t be reading very often but it’s easy for me to listen to audiobooks when i’m at the gym or in my car and by doing so this allows me to listen to at least one book per month and in some cases to now if you guys want to check out

Audible that is the audiobook subscription i use i’m gonna include a link down in the description below where you can get a free audible book credit just for signing up for a free trial with them and that will allow you to get any of the books mentioned in this video completely free now that being said the five books i’m going to mention in this video are the

Books that have had the biggest impact on my wealth my relationships as well as my overall feelings of well-being and i was thinking of doing this with all five money related books because i have a finance channel but at the end of the day guys money is not everything and so i wanted this to be a well-rounded selection of books and these are the five books that

Have benefitted me the most reading them in my 20s so that being said guys let’s get into it with book number one so coming in at number one on my list it’s kind of cliche because pretty much every successful person out there mentions this book when it comes to wealth and mindset and that is think and grow rich by napoleon hill if you haven’t heard of this book

Already i’m very surprised but it is one of the very first books you should read and basically what this book is here there’s napoleon hill studied the successful habits of 500 rich people and successful people and distilled them down into a series of lessons in this book now i will say this guy’s the book was originally published in 1937 so it’s not the easiest

To read in the world but it is a book i would highly recommend reading even if you just do it one chapter at a time and it’s so beneficial to read this book and no matter what you’re looking to achieve whether it’s a financial goal or something unrelated to that this book can be so beneficial when it comes to mindset and goal-setting so the first key lesson from

This book is that you should learn from other people in mastermind groups and i am such a huge fan of this and it’s something that i do all the time now it doesn’t have to be a boring mastermind group for example me and a bunch of my friends who also do youtube and online business all met up in cancun in january and we had kind of a work keishon we call it where it

Was a lot of strategizing and ideas and we also had a lot of fun but you should find other people who have achieved what you are looking to achieve or find people in that process and create a mastermind where you all collectively share ideas with each other every time we need up together at least one of us goes home making a lot more money because we share ideas

And bounce things off each other and you get a different perspective than you would get on your own just looking at the situation lesson number two is that you need to desire whatever it is that you want to achieve and then second of all believe that you can achieve it now that is essentially the law of attraction and i know a lot of people don’t believe the law of

Attraction and they think it’s a bunch of nonsense but what this does for you is it gets you in the right mindset to be successful if you don’t believe that you can achieve what you’re looking to achieve you’re not going to take a lot of action towards that outcome because you think it’s not gonna happen so you’re gonna say you know what i’m not going to do that i’m

Not gonna work on that and you also need to have a strong desire for what it is that you are looking to achieve because it’s going to involve sacrifice and if you desire something enough you are willing to make those sacrifices necessary to achieve what you are looking to achieve in life and then the third lesson is that you need to maintain a positive attitude

And a positive outlook on life no matter what let’s face it guys there’s enough negative people in this world you don’t need to be another one of those people and that is one of the key lessons that i saw throughout this book is despite the adversity and challenges all these people faced they maintained a positive outlook no matter what so being positive and having

Gratitude is a really important lesson from this book as well and it’s something i remind myself to do every single day and when i find myself in a situation where i feel like life is throwing a lot at me at once i usually just take a step back and i look around and i say well what can i be thankful for you know i was born in the united states you know i have a

House i have a functioning car i have all these gifts that i need to be thankful for and that really diminishes my problems and it makes me realize that these things are just not a big deal all right now the second book you guys might laugh at me a little bit here for but it’s honestly one of the most important books you can read when it comes to relationships

And that is the five love languages by gary chapman and this book basically explains the fact that there are five different love languages out there and most of us are only fluent in two of them we have a primary love language and a secondary love language and most issues in relationships with you know loved ones or family members come from speaking different

Love languages with each other so if you’re experiencing a lot of conflict in your relationships with people not all the time but sometimes it’s simply due to the fact that that person is just not feeling loved by you even if you feel like you’re giving them love and support you may just be doing it in a way that they’re not used to receiving it because that’s just

Not their love language it’s like one person speaking french the other person speaking spanish you just don’t understand each other so there’s three key lessons this book has taught me lesson number one is that every relationship out there is going to have a honeymoon phase and do you really have to realize that the true work is going to begin after that honeymoon

Phase and a lot of people just perpetually get stuck in jumping from relationship to relationship because all their inter is that infatuation in that honeymoon phase but not that’s not how you build a deep or meaningful relationship with somebody lesson number two is that you are most likely loving people in the language that you were taught as a child and that’s

Where you have to realize that there are five different love languages out there and you primarily know how to speak just one or maybe two so you may have to realize that there are other ways of loving people and showing you no gratitude towards somebody other than what it is that you are doing now so personally the biggest way that i show people love is acts of

Servitude which is doing people favors but i can tell you right now my girlfriend that is not her primary love language so when i go out there and i just do things for her she’s not as receptive of it because that is not how she wants to be loved so learning these love languages allows you to communicate with people and love them in the way that they are looking to

Be loved and then lesson number three that i learned here is that basically everyone out there has a love tank and guys even if you don’t want to admit it you have one as well and often times when there’s major conflict happening in relationships or you’re arguing you know non-stop with your spouse or loved one it’s because your love tank is on empty and so you

Have to think of it that way we’re little complements that you give people or you know favors that you do for people depending on their love language all these little things will fill up that tank and if you would neglect that then your partner’s love tank can be on empty and that can be a major source of conflict in relationships so coming in at number three on

My list here is a book i just read recently george orwell’s 1984 now this is a fiction book and it’s not necessarily the number one book you have to read on this list but it is really important especially with what’s going on in this day and age with you know with data companies collecting all this data on us and big brother watching essentially george orwell wrote

This book in 1949 making a prediction about the year 1984 now he was off by you know maybe 30 years or so but we are seeing a lot of his predictions coming true in 2020 with surveillance and you know this idea of big rather watching you so for me the key lesson from this book number one here is understanding when technology can go too far for example we all like

Our you know smart home speakers but there’s been proven studies that show that they are in fact listening to us when we don’t realize it because there are certain wake words that we are saying and maybe you’re listening to a tv show and the device gets confused and it turns on the microphone and it starts recording you that’s very similar to what happens in 1984

There’s a device inside these people’s homes that can be listening to you at any point in time and essentially we have that here with alexa and google lesson number two is understanding the dangers of controlling information and altering records that is essentially what they do in this society is they control the information that is being sent out to people and

They also alter the records to make it look like you know they’ve been right all along and i’m not saying that happens here so much in the united states but there are countries in this world and societies where these things do happen and then lesson number three is understanding how fear and intimidation tactics can be used as a means of control and this may not

Just be on a level of government but this happens in all kinds of places in life there’s people in workplaces in situations where their bosses are using these these methods of control by making you fearful and making you afraid of of you know what could happen and things like that and so for me understanding how that is used as a means of control has been a way

For me to identify when that could be potentially happening to me in my own life all right guys so book number four on my list here and i did this on purpose because it’s the 4-hour workweek this is a really important book for anybody who is looking to get more done in less time and this is a book by timothy ferriss he’s well known in the entrepreneurship community

And this book made such a difference for me and it’s crazy because i didn’t read this book until about two years of doing my business online and this book has made me so much money in the process by understanding these three key lessons all right lesson number one is implementing the 8020 rule and this simply tells us that 80% of our results come from 20% of our

Actions and 20% of our results come from 80% of our actions so rather than focusing all of your time on the 80 percent yielding you xx you double down on that 20% that’s giving you the greatest roi on your time now you may not think that this applies to things outside of business but it really does you can apply this 8020 rule in all areas of your life for example

One of the 20% of activities yielding eighty percent of your happiness focus more on those activities but from a business standpoint guys i looked at my business and i realized there were a lot of tasks i was doing day to day that were not necessarily generating an roi in terms of more money or building an audience so i cut out a lot of those tasks and really just

Focused in on that 20% that was getting me the results i was looking for lesson number two and this is a tough one especially for people like me who aren’t a big fan of confrontation that is learning how to say no to things because as you become more successful you’re gonna have more opportunities cross your path because people are gonna see what you have going

On and they’re gonna want a piece of that action so you’re gonna have friends you’re gonna have people coming out asking you hey can i pitch this business to you or hey i got this business opportunity for you this happens to me on a weekly basis i’ll get people asking me hey i want you to look at my startup or i’ve got this business idea and you really have to

Learn how to say no and this kind of circles back to that 8020 rule you know what is the 20% that is getting you the results you’re looking for and all this other stuff that’s going to come up a lot of it you just have to simply say no to because it’s not going to get you to where you are looking to be and then lesson number three from this book is that you should

Design your job around your lifestyle and not the other way around a lot of people do it the other way around where they will basically figure out what are the demands from this job and design their lifestyle around that when in reality should figure out what it is you want to do with your life and find a job that fits that criteria so for example i was talking

The other day with a photographer and she was telling me that her main focus in life is being able to travel all over the world so she knew what her lifestyle design was she wanted to be able to travel and then she’s built her job around the ability to travel where as if she took out nine to five desk job she would travel maybe two or three weeks out of the year

When she had vacation time so you should always think about what it is you want to do with your life and then figure out a job that will allow you to do that fifth and finally on my list here we have the way of the peaceful warrior by dan millman now i will say this i haven’t read this book in about five years or so it is on my list to reread i’ll probably buy the

Audiobook because that’s where i do most of my listening these days but this is a great book when it comes to like an introduction to mindfulness and spirituality and essentially it’s about a college athlete who meets a spiritual guide in a very unexpected place which is a gas station convenience store now there aren’t many lessons this book teaches but it was kind

Of hard to distill it down to my three core lessons but i’m gonna go ahead and share those with you guys now so lesson number one for me from this book is that a warrior acts while a fool reacts and this is kind of a challenging one to wrap your head around here but what this means for me is that you should think before you act in a situation because especially

When we all have times when our tempers flare up or we get angry we have this tendency to want to react to that situation we want to tell that person off or we want to get angry and yell at somebody if they disagree with us but that is us reacting to that situation rather than acting in that situation and doing what we know is best versus what is going to serve

Our ego and that has helped me tremendously with relationships and with different people when you when you do have disagreements and you get angry it’s you know doing what you know is right versus what you want to do in that situation by reacting lesson number two is not to fall into the if only trap you know if only i had money if only i had companionship if

Only i had a better job and to me this is that victim mindset that a lot of people tend to fall into and everybody has a unique situation in life and i will say this some people have it harder than others but you don’t want to fall into that mindset of if only this was this way because you know you have the cards that you’ve been dealt and you have to you know

Work with the cards that you have and i find that people who slip into that mindset it can be a spiral effect where you start to just believe that you’re a victim of life and there’s just no way out of it when in reality i think that you know regardless of your circumstances most people have the opportunities to be successful and do what they want to do in life

And then lesson number three is that you will never be more or less than anyone else in life and essentially that means we’re all equal so a lot of people you have these beliefs that they’re better than somebody else or that there’s you know an upper class and a lower class and and while there are some people that make more money or less money that should not have

Anything to do with your thoughts about people and you have to remember that a lot of people don’t define their success by the size of their bank account so if you’re out there thinking you’re better than people because you have more money well you’re honestly a fool because that’s just one metric of success so try to keep a level head and understand that we’re

All equal here and we should treat everybody you know the way that you want to be treated that’s what that lesson really means for me so anyways guys that’s going to wrap up this video those are the five books that have made the biggest impact on me in my 20s like i said if you want to go ahead and grab a free audible audiobook credit that is the top link down in

The description below and you can get any of these books we mentioned for free for full transparency guys i am affiliated with audible so if you do use my link i may earn a small commission in the process so all those links are in the description guys if you want to get that free audiobook make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already drop me a comment if you

Guys have any thoughts or feelings on these books but thanks so much for watching guys i will see you in the next video you

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5 Books You MUST Read In Your 20s By Ryan Scribner

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401k vs roth ira which option is

401k vs Roth IRA: Which Option Is Better?

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

These lessons that you’re just not learning in school and the other thing i wanna point out here as well, is to be taking advantage of both a 401k and a roth ira my company is one person so i don’t have a retirement plan, that are just not really a good pick for most people. so before you have a chance to even touch that money, with a roth ira, you’re putting away your

Post-tax income, so, in my case, when i worked for that utility company, of completely free money being offered by your employer. as far as the 401k goes, there are no income limits into your 401k to push yourself down a different bracket. to save money by falling into a different bracket entirely. especially for young people, is having decades of growth if you dip into

A 401k early, you’re gonna get a huge slap and it results in a nasty tax bill at the end of the year. so if you do think you’re going to need that money, that way it can grow and down the road you can pull is that it’s kind of a hedge against future tax hikes. if you think taxes are going to be lower in the future, personally, i believe taxes will be higher in the future.

And not having to pay them later through the roth ira. assuming that you don’t know what you’re looking at, or a low fee plan, this, in most cases, is the best option, through the employer-sponsored contribution or match. so that is usually the best thing to do is maximize or a low fee roth ira and i’m gonna go through two examples and then eventually if you have more money

To invest, where you’re going to be paying capital gains taxes. now, let’s go ahead and talk about opening a roth ira. it certainly does help me out though and supports my channel or you can go and invest in some of their expert pies and they’re going to give you specific investment plans you may pay an expense ratio to the etfs you invest in, to grow, rather than paying

Money in unnecessary fees. so that is, in my opinion, a good free investing platform if you wanna watch my full review video on m1 finance or like i like to say, peace of mind for .25% expense ratio so you’ll put right in there, this is what my goal is, m1 finance is that those expert portfolios are not tailored that portfolio if your allocations get out of whack, all this

Risk involved with your portfolio as you get older. and you don’t wanna remember to rebalance your portfolio, and essentially looking at what you’re investing in, but this benefits you .48, it essentially pays for itself, and then finally, another reason why i like betterment, and then there’s a couple of options there if you’re looking i hope you enjoyed it, and i will see you in the next one.

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401k vs Roth IRA: Which Option Is Better? By Ryan Scribner

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the things i no longer spend on

The Things I No Longer Spend On Since Embracing My Fake Extrovert Identity

Knowing yourself better is an essential part of getting good with money. How you identify as a person means you can understand better what is and isn’t worth spending money (or time!) on. Here’s how one woman’s money journey improved after she learned more about her personality type.

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control one evening maybe two years ago i’d been planning to save her a beautifully prepared meal on my patio over a book when my phone pinged the gang was meeting up for drinks right now i wolf down a few bites of my dinner in the kitchen and

Left the half-eaten plate on the counter before driving 20 minutes to meet the group as a non drinking vegan at a sports bar i ordered a perfunctory lemonade and a plate of sad fries to avoid being a total freeloader then i sat through 90 minutes of chitchat and bullshitting that neither energized me nor made me feel any closer to the people i was with i drove

Home regretting the eight dollars i’d spend not to mention the accompanying gut ache and fuzzy teeth feelings and wishing i’d stuck with a now cold plate that was still sitting on my counter it was hardly the first time i gone through this exact scenario at least twice a week i would succumb to fomo and the pressure to keep up with a hyper social tendencies of

My friend network dropping everything to meet different groups for drinks or food it always unfolded the same way i spent money i didn’t want to spend on subpar food i didn’t want to eat and i never felt as socially nourished afterward as i thought i would in fact i felt isolated and lonely i’ve spent most of my life on the peripheries of various social groups i

Floated in and out of a few different friend circles in high school never excluded but it’s never quite feeling like a central member i tried to cobble together a few groups for myself in college but never really succeeded when i moved to northeast ohio i was immediately adopted by a massive network made up of many tight-knit groups of loving wonderful people but i

Still tended to exist as a secondary member words that have been used to describe me to my face tv shows and movies have fetishized the central friend group to such a degree that i saw it as an utter necessity to a fulfilling adult social life and yet i never seemed to fully grasp one they didn’t bring me the joy they were supposed to this is not to say that i’ve

Suffered socially i’ve been described as the type of person who can make friends with a doorknob and have always enjoyed close loving friendships with individuals and small groups but big circles continue to elude me the thing is i’m an extrovert but while pop psychology has devoted endless medium articles and twitter threads to the delicate psyche of the ever so

Misunderstood introvert it continues to cram extroverts into a shrinking box full of nothing but social maniacs with endless appetites for small talk raucous parties and massive music festival level throngs of people / that logic spending time with people in mass should be my dream come true especially since i really do like the individuals in these many groups

And yet these gatherings continue to leave me feeling drained and a little blue was i just a people-pleasing poser a fake extrovert an online myers-briggs assessment finally shed light on my permanent status as a second tier large group member according to my results i’m the type of extrovert who craves a meaningful conversation and deep connection / chitchat and

Shooting the breeze for those interested i go back and forth between enfp and enfj those who share my type have huge appetites for intimate groups and deep conversation and find those things highly energizing but we tend to feel alone in big groups or at parties because these large gatherings lack the actual bonding opportunities afforded by smaller ones it was

Among the most affirming internet paragraphs i’d ever read i wasn’t a poser extrovert or a heartless social pariah there were lots of people like me the next time my phone chart about last-minute drinks i forced myself to ignore it and stay home it was tough to fight the long and grained habit of dropping everything to go but i knew i had to test the theory and see

Whether i’d actually regret skipping an event that i knew i realized wouldn’t really make me happy i went to bed at a blissfully early hour with no regrets of course old habits die hard and it took a while to completely let go of the pressure to keep up and be included in every single outing experience or joke but over time i stopped going to things just because

That’s what everyone else was doing i still showed up to the activities i really loved kayaking running etc but i let go of the pressure i’d placed on myself to be omnipresent at gatherings that didn’t particularly interest me an unexpected benefit of the shift it saved me a lot of money before my social epiphany i was dropping at least six to eight dollars at

Least twice a week on shitty appetizers and sugary drinks plus full meals every few weeks by a conservative estimate that’s $75 plus a month spent on keeping up with the friends an ongoing fool’s errand to become the type of person who feels socially nourished by group gatherings and enjoys eating at greasy spoon diners and sports bars hundreds of dollars a year

That i could have used to pay down the credit card debt and small student loan i was carrying at the time invest via a roth ira or get the broken lock fixed on the driver side door of my car it was an expensive lesson in terms of actual dollars as well as opportunity cost now that i know myself better i know i’d rather join the big gang for a kayak paddle which

Is free since i own my boat and we all live within driving distance of a national park having a few girlfriends over to make holiday cards or set new year’s goals together cost me maybe five dollars in ingredients for a dish to share running errands or going for a walk around the lake with a pal is free my dearest memories in recent months are comprised of these

Sometimes adventurous sometimes intimate always inexpensive gatherings my heart and my wallet are happier for it making your money work for you is an ongoing process no matter how good with money we may be we all make mistakes and that’s okay messing up one time it matters a lot less than the choices we make daily and with wealth simple it’s easy to continue making

Positive choices for your future thanks to investing in that future on autopilot wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions and they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your

Money grow in the background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up a smart savings account with higher rates than big banks for your shorter term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are

Much lower than big banks and tfd viewers will get their first ten thousand dollars managed for free with no minimum deposit check them out at welt simple calm slash tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no uses

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The Things I No Longer Spend On Since Embracing My "Fake Extrovert" Identity By The Financial Diet

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element nutritional sciences inc

Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. CEO Stuart Lowther (CSE: ELMT)

Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. CEO Stuart Lowther (CSE: ELMT) – RICH TV LIVE – June 22, 2021 – Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. (CSE:ELMT) (the “Company” or “Element”), is pleased to announce that its Rejuvenate™ ready to drink organic plant protein beverage is now available on shelves at 8,468 Walgreens locations in 50 states across the United States. Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy in the United States.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to and find the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest stuart lowther the founder of element nutrition how you doing today stuart i’m doing excellent how are you doing

I’m doing fantastic thank you for joining us on our show now element nutrition is a nutraceutical company developing clinically proven cpg products targeting muscle loss in people age 50 and over can you tell us a little bit more about the company uh well we’ve decided to target the 50-plus market because mostly they’re mostly ignored actually most marketing

Dollars get spent on millions actually only 10 of marketing dollars gets spent on the 50-plus market also that market is the largest demographic uh that we have in north america actually globally they also control almost 73 percent of all the financial wealth in north america and on top of that you know they’re looking to self-medicate to look at nutrition

To help themselves stay healthier you know and live with to say live stronger longer and the whole nutrition industry in the us alone is over 50 billion market so it’s really a good sweet spot to go and we’re bringing innovation to that piece of the marketplace that hasn’t existed before very good now there’s been a ton of research and development that went

Into rejuvenate can you tell us a little bit more about that um sure the actual research or the concept started way back uh 17 almost 18 years ago now by dr robert wolf out of texas they’re doing research with amino acid formulations to help increase muscle protein synthesis in full body burn patients mostly kids at the shriners burn clinic and then from

That they just noticed they got some really great results with some early stage data and ironically enough i read the data back when i was in grad school um and thought hey you know what this could really be something so it just started a whole path of research that took us down an entire line of over 25 clinical studies basically testing the formulation and

Fine-tuning the formulation to get to we are now with the rejuvenate product we have on the market today very good and what is the market opportunity in treating muscle loss for people over 50 uh it’s a very large market opportunity um there’s been press releases and experts out there are saying that sarcopenia which is the medical term for muscle loss to the

Aging is the next osteoporosis so most people know what osteoporosis is going just between that and encyclopedia is that it’s in your muscles and the actual negative impact on your health is greater with muscle loss than it is with bone loss actually by maintaining your lean muscle you can actually help prevent osteoporosis the nostril process market is over

60 billion dollars so if you think of that and the size of that market and the fact that um muscle loss or sarcopenia is gonna be just as big if not bigger then it’s a very huge market opportunity now element’s leadership team has experience working with major brands like premier protein and muscle tech how has that experience influenced the company uh i think

It’s made it easier for us to get out of the gate quickly um you know we have a really veteran team in here we’ve all worked together and some of us uh like steve brown who’s running operations for us he worked with me at iowa which formerly called muscletech and you know we grew from there from like 40 million dollars in revenue to over 200 in revenue with

A period of two years so we know how to manage growth we know how to structure things internally we know how to not make expensive mistakes that other companies with lesser experience or startups what it would make so it gives a great advantage how important is element nutrition’s online marketing strategy to the product’s launch well it gives us an initial

Easy gate to market i mean e-commerce does that so we have an e-commerce site on both sides of the border we’re also on on on both sides of the border so it does give an opportunity to start creating new sales and creating revenue uh but at the same time you know even though our friend kova has created a big growth in the online shopping

It’s still in about 14 of the actual market share in our in our customer package goods market so you have to run it omni channels omni omnichannel being yeah we’re focused online sales we’re making sure we capture that and constantly we’re working to grow it uh and move that piece of business forward at the same time we are working with the major retailers

Such as walgreens and cvs and shops drug mart and loblaws and rexella so we approached both sides of the business to drive the market can you tell us about element’s retail distribution strategy how is the company able to get the product into so many stores so quickly well the scent lancer is experienced um just simple fact that we’re an experienced team in

Here um you know this is the second company i founded so we’ve worked with these retailers for a number of years and we know the process and then additionally you know over the last decade i’ve really noticed that retailers become more and more savvy so you just can’t take a me too proctor and say yeah we won’t want to put this on your shelf they’re looking

For something new and innovative and we bring that to the marketplace so you know our product you know as we talked about earlier we have 25 clinical studies using this development uh we have clinical data that shows its effectiveness and then also we’ve brought it to the market with our plant-based technology which is a big piece of the market because 63 of

Consumers are looking to put more plant-based foods in their diet so we’ve really brought our experience to market and then we’ve really hit the nail in the head as it were with the retailers and bringing something to them that they’re looking for how will denise austin’s expertise and reputation as a fitness guru benefit the company well denise is a great fit

For us you know she’s had a long career in in health and nutrition and fitness you know she had she sold over 24 million fitness videos she’s probably 12 number one selling uh books on nutrition and fitness uh she had a longest running fitness show on espn for a number of years um and on top of that she brings great energy to the brand as well and she’s right

In the sweet spot of our demographic i mean she’s 63 and you would never even guess she’s 63. so she’s perfect for our demographic in our market and she also has a large force and following in the social media area she has almost 500 000 fully engaged followers which really allows us to help hit the people on the social media side that’s very impressive and

Lastly how can investors get in contact with the company uh easiest way is to go straight to our corporate website which is elmt otherwise from there you can get to our main switchboard and uh if you really get to me they’ll find they’ll find a way to get you to meet that’s fantastic well thank you so much for joining us today i wish you all the best

Of luck in your future endeavors this is the founder ceo chairman of element nutrition stuart lowther thank you for joining us today stuart thanks very much really appreciate the time always a pleasure now before anybody goes please remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before

You invest in anything that we discuss and talk about here in rich tv live if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates i do believe this is a company that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed put on your watch list put it on your radar this is rich from rich to be

Live have a nice day everybody you

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Element Nutritional Sciences Inc. CEO Stuart Lowther (CSE: ELMT) By RICH TV LIVE

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how to focus when studying

How to Focus When Studying

Ever wonder why you are handed so much material and never taught how to study? Should there not be a class that teaches you how to study before you actually study? Good students learn this by trial and error but the methods are not always so obvious to everyone. Let me cover some of the tricks I used to stay laser focused when trying to study.

How’s it going everybody this is vita bush today i’m gonna talk about how to focus when you’re studying but before i start do you hear that little background noise a little humming sound right there let me go get that and show you what i’m doing this is my dehydrator and i have a whole bunch of figs in here that’s dehydrating so whenever you’re steaming you got to

Make sure you have a little bit of snacks around just in case you get hungry because when you’re hungry it’s really hard to concentrate i’m gonna leave that off right now because we’re recording but let’s continue now when i was studying a lot in college oftentimes i would go to a cafe or go to a library whatever it takes to leave the house if there’s a bunch of

Roommates around or something there’s a lot of distractions sometimes you just cannot study at your home because it’s too comfortable you have too many distractions at home at your apartment or something you have video games you have internet you have people that would come around and bother you so if you park yourself at some place where you know people don’t know

You’re there and you don’t have easy access to a bed or you know food you want your cooking or something then you can more easily concentrate on studying now with cell phone these days people get easily distracted because you can just pull it out oftentimes i would see people just have their phone laying right there next to what they’re doing just in case they get

Some message and as soon as they get a message something beeps and then they’re like you know they get distracted from whatever they’re doing and they’re looking at their messages instead what you can do is turn it off for certain durations at a time if it’s difficult for you to turn off so i would recommend maybe like one hour at a time you turn it off and then you

Go back turn it back on to check make sure there’s no emergencies or something like that of course you have to be on call for whatever emergencies that makes things harder because you have to leave your phone on in that case you might want to turn off all the notification off everything else except phone rings and just you know put your phone upside down so that

You know other kinds of distraction won’t prompt you to look away from whatever you’re doing whatever you’re studying if you have to study at home sometimes you have games or computer i would recommend to go to your dining table because then you’re not at your desk where you have where you have access to all these you know fun things basically if you’re a computer

Person then if you’re at a dining table where you know normally you just eat instead you just study there it might allow you to concentrate a lot more because there’s less distraction over there if you do not have a dining table that you can use you could possibly move your laptop away just kind of put it in a closet or something or if you have a desktop just put

It on the floor it serves as a good way to make like the activation energy of using the internet a lot more so that every time you need to use the internet you won’t be tempted to pull the laptop or the desktop and put it back on your desk because this makes things difficult rather than have it right on and turned on sitting in front of you while you’re studying

If the monitor is turned on you can just go very easily just you know switch tasks and go oh let me check something this would cause distraction to be a lot easier so that you know every little distraction you can go oh okay let me look something up then you would you know go on the internet and before you know it you would be spending a lot of time on the internet

And not studying at all the next thing you can do is have a really good study partner sometimes a study partner is not so good because i’ve had these myself before you go study with someone like a friend a really good friend and once you sit down you start end up talking you you just talk the whole time rather than studying so you have to be aware of those kind of

Partners where you end up not studying you both get fs together or something then once you realize you have those kinds of study partner you really should you know plan ahead and just kind of know okay if you’re studying with this person you’re not really gonna study you’re just really hanging out studying is kind of like meditation there’s a lot of parallels with

This because when you’re studying you’re essentially concentrating on one topic and there are a lot of distractions around so whenever that happens you are prompted to not study anymore and look at something else many times when you’re studying if you’re distracted you tend to switch tasks very very quickly and you do not even know that you got distracted because

The distraction itself switches all your mental capacity all your process into that you don’t think that you’re being distracted so when this happens you might get distracted for i don’t know five minutes sometimes half an hour sometimes you won’t even notice and it’ll be like one hour two hour before you go oh okay i’m done with the distraction and then you go

Back to your studying meditating is kind of the same thing when you’re meditating you have a task at hand and when you’re doing it all of a sudden sometimes these kinds of thoughts just pop into your mind because when you’re very very quiet things pop into your mind and you start thinking about it now if you’re a really good meditator once you realize that you

Are thinking about something else you would very very quickly switch back to your meditation task and the more advanced a meditator you are the less time it takes for you to switch backs which is a time it takes you to realize that you are being distracted so you see the parallel here if you’re studying you’re concentrating on something and as you get better and

Better at studying then you will realize sooner and sooner that you are being distracted then you can more quickly switch back to your task at hand which is studying if you’re a novice at studying and you get distracted easily you would switch tasks do a whole bunch of thing maybe you end up doing that distracting task for the rest of the day and then you end up

Never studying and there are people like this but with practice and it takes practice to realize that you’re not studying now there is a little trick that you can do if you’re not very good at meditating or noticing that you’re not studying which is set an alarm for half an hour or one hour i know this might be distracting but if you get into distraction for long

Periods of time this might be a good thing because you might get caught being distracted and your alarm would go off and then you look at your alarm and this is you’re studying alarm it will be like oh your double check that you are actually studying and then you look at it and you’re like oh shoot i am distracted after all so then you can it’s kind of like a

Reminder to get back to the task i hope these tips help those that get distracted easily studying because if you’re trying to concentrate there are tricks to doing it like the ones i described don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know other tips that you use to keep yourself focused while studying if you’re interested in supporting

This channel and i’ll be very very grateful if you do which is to get this free audiobook just try it out and you can keep this audiobook even if you cancel this subscription service and you can still help and if it this channel at the same time you can support my channel directly through my patreon link over here where i get various perks at various contribution

Levels and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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How to Focus When Studying By BeatTheBush

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how i trade stocks

How I Trade Stocks

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Audi yh oh oh to tell me exactly where 9 6 danas to meet where to go cixi hawaii faux pavilion phone into open no news on camping site do this and tom you can buy sports hands bless you once really strong too scarlett mika shirt or old to raid pipe i’m a kid, but i’m a spoiler and a very big rok i’m a jurist or a runner, my dream haha ​​and my silver fight #65

Deeper shub and dad mun lantos if i scrape the post cleanly to see it, the tozer law that goes out and goes out after buying enough white, i fought again, i stopped again, i saw this with tim da wood, plus it was cold or 2 id residential districts prosperous words fruits eaters at the end of the world i got a lot of frozen stuff, and what corrupted electronic service is also

A tough dsg 5 like a demon king white porcelain 2 just doseungji sotdae evil mobile suits and the girls again as if nothing tasteless juni delete still running out of water canceling harvis i’m trying someone else ‘s experience without a recommendation did you see nex ? only the front part of the amman stop app try making an active stop lisa i laughed because i gave it to

Me ah, when i used to tilt the 9-dan knot, when i was a mk, i mostly had an object candy crush game with an individual. beads stroller more nfc, but after my first solo, i got one hundred ok man’s man’s, but i got ram x yeo kids who are kre-o on the left 10g of hard work making various languages ​​k pen also jumped the rest of the university island girl lee while fin

Even if it’s a boy bag magic that happened, it’s too late oe even if it’s too late for the accidental agreement put in front of you, you’d have sex up, but you have a lot of games and pay a lot of refills. i can’t even speak and shout, you all share gaesoju shoot opposition waits lately, after you’ve become my nephew, he’s got a mavis. growing radish but

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How I Trade Stocks By Financial Education

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what is a board of directors

What is a Board of Directors

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What is a board of directors that is a question less than one percent of the us population can answer properly what’s a board of directors who is a consist of what’s their job how much do they get paid all those types of questions i’m gonna answer those today so you guys can know what a board of directors is hello subscribers thank you so much for joining me today

On the financial education channel so today i’m going to explain what a board of directors is a board of directors may be 1% of the population out there really understands what a board of directors is what the responsibilities are hmm can get on a board of directors all those kinds of things i’m gonna explain to you guys the whole board of directors situation

Today so i made an illustration i decided to write it down beforehand because it’s hard to record and write and do all that stuff at the same time so my illustration you have a board of directors now first off most companies don’t have board of directors because they’re small companies right but huge companies multi-billion dollar companies public companies they

All have a board of directors that have between about five and ten people on it who decide things and i’m gonna explain that to you so they’re made up of one the ceo is almost on in all companies they’re always on the board of directors so the chief executive officer the almighty person in charge of the company they’re almost always on the board of directors and

The rest are usually independent people meaning their ceos or cfo’s of other companies that are huge companies and the reason they’re independent is so the people that are in charge of making decisions strategic decisions what the company aren’t also the people that are picking out whoever goes on the campaign they’re made of a bunch of independent people now they

Choose few executives the board of directors does the board of directors chooses future executives who will be the next ceo who will be the next cfo ceo all the very very most important executive decisions are made by the board of directors that’s who makes it and remember the only one person really on the board of directors is an executive themselves so the rest

Of the people on that board who are making those decisions that are made up of independent people they also choose things like executive compensation how much the executives will get paid how much in stock options all those kind of things they also make those type of big decisions but the board of directors does not make strategic decisions like say the board of

Directors at apple they don’t decide whether the next iphone is going to be 10 inches or 5 inches or things like that that’s what the executive team decides on but not the board of directors the board of directors they’re only going to pick out who the next executives are executive compensation those kinds of things and how you get on the board of directors is you

Have to get enough votes from the shareholders at the shareholder meeting that’s who decides who the board of directors is the shareholders are the ones that vote and if you get enough shareholders to vote for you you can be on the board of directors of that company board members of big companies usually make 100k to 250 thousand dollars per year and they only have

A few meetings per year it’s a really cake job and it’s a very easy way to make 100 250 k a year if you have a ton of experience and you’ve been an executive audit huge companies before in the past that’s how you can get on the board so they want to stay on the board because they like making a lot of money very easy just for a few meetings a year their incentive

Is for the stock price to go up that’s one of their incentives the other ones or the revenue goes up profits go up if those three things happen stocks going up revenues going up profits going up the more likely the shareholders will continue to vote for the board members to stay on the board of directors now if those things are going down the share price going

Down the revenue the profits all this stuff’s going down the shareholders probably aren’t gonna vote for that same board of directors they’re gonna want a new blood in there they’re gonna choose new people that way the new board of directors can vote for new ceos cfos better people to run the company because obviously they wouldn’t be doing that good of a job if

Everything’s going downward and this last part they will keep getting voted that i’d basically just explained that they’re gonna keep getting voted on the board of directors as long as the company’s being run very good so that’s what a board of directors is i hope that explained it very simply and very easily to you guys today so now you can be one of the 1% of the

Population or half a percent of the population that really understands a board of directors because i guarantee you if you went and walked on the street and asked people what a board of directors is they would have very little to even give you for information or they’d be completely wrong and that’s like over 99% of americans so now you guys know what a board of

Directors is subscribers thank you so much for watching this video if you have not subscribed yet you may want to we talked a lot about business related subjects financial markets and those types of subjects and personal finance on fridays personal finance fridays you never want to miss that thanks for watching guys have a great day

Transcribed from video
What is a Board of Directors By Financial Education

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