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mexicos migrant crackdown i ft f

Mexico’s migrant crackdown I FT Features

The FT’s Central America correspondent Jude Webber travels to the Mexico-Guatemala border to meet migrants desperate to make it to the US and the ‘coyote’ people smugglers profiting from their pain. Has Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador caved in to threats from Donald Trump by cracking down on migration and turning his country into a ‘border wall’? Read more at

They go daniels daniels for those closest one la que por la nación y por lo que pasa hijos they came to like tens of thousands of central americans every month said here perry’s who’s from guatemala is attempting to migrate to the us the biggest challenge used to be getting across the u.s. border but now mexican president and the rest manuel lopez obrador has

Made it increasingly tough even to get into mexico since june after donald trump threatened to impose tariffs on all mexican exports he has clamped down hard the numbers show the policy is working there has been a more than 75 percent drop in the number of migrants making it into the us and mexico had deported as many people by october as in the whole of last year

But the mexico guatemala border is hard to police it runs through mountains jungles and rivers for nearly 900 kilometers and is full of clandestine crossings i travelled along it to see the impact of la paz obradors crackdown i wanted to try to understand what keeps driving people like said here to leave when the chances of success have narrowed dramatically and to

Find where the mexico’s southern border is becoming a proxy for trump’s border war right now everyone president trump saying that the u.s. is prepared and is at this moment in time preparing to impose a five percent tariff on all goods imported from mexico if that country doesn’t start to do more to combat the migrant crisis on our southern border of peru lemmas

Comoros me military sando la frontera mexico’s president had at first welcomed central american migrants fleeing poverty and violence and offered them humanitarian visas but many used them just to travel unhindered mexico to get to the u.s. washington has got tougher signing deals with guatemala honduras and el salvador to force migrants to seek asylum there first

Not in the us but those deals will be hard to enforce and the pressure is on mexico to stay tough as next year’s us election approaches mr lopez obrador knows that any misstep on the issue of migration could blow up into by national crisis independiente de los equipos de ahora de aqui a las maletas por lo menos mexico wester sujeto nel normal present a estados

Unidos para mantener una política restrict iva muy drastically my ratio nindo commented i think that this is going to be a stone in the shoe of the mexico us relationship for the rest of the trump administration and probably whoever comes next because migration is a very sensitive issue in the united states i mean suddenly becoming a sensitive issue in mexico

Lopez obrador is in a tough spot he regularly hails mexicans he migrated to the us in past decades and sent back record remittances as living heroes but he’s put the need to protect mexico’s relationships between us first at udoit vidal financial times acoustic press too much attention busted’ unmanifested o mucho interests para el la situación de los milan tase

Gusta piensa ear a visit our las estaciones mira toria’s o algunas alvarez para verificar e para decir m primera persona que que es lo que mexico fruss a cerca de la gente de los llanos tambien pendiente de los migrantes le diría que todos dias si hace falta a cecilia un albergue a pero se esta attendee endo bien el asunto do not pay the smugglers did not pay

The coyotes do not put yourself in danger do not put your children in danger all sigh okay estados unidos assumed by the grantee you know so love him in today’s interim erica has died no secretary they are despite the dangers and increasing difficulties the people smugglers are still finding ways to make a profit here in the remote highlands of guatemala i’ve

Come to meet one of the go-to guys in this illicit business to find out what has changed in the past few months since the crackdown began alex for the past seven years he says alex charges $7,500 and says he makes a profit of about 600 or $700 per migrant but that’s after paying $800 per person to a drug cartel to deliver them to the us border check him take me –

You know no savini mondays at anta hinton no it’s almost pocos someone’s being bastilla who is he he’ll me graziano soldado’s of tava caminos aan de notre saku saku no valet hace dos veces atras donde vamos a la dejas en aproximadamente tres mil keen yentas personas bajo cho cientos hasta la semana pasada solo en tres personas y la gente lima grass mira como como

Sorry glen cornelius in runas parties you know when camino contact us via phone yeah no no deposited acquaintance yeah person said here is willing to chance everything but his job in a shop only pays five dollars a day and he’s only been able to muster $1,800 so he gives up the only thing he has the deeds to a plot of land if he doesn’t pay in two months it will

Belong to alex but the seller was tempted to meet compa parole note a cappella operator was supposed to accept and boom pero eso since you still owe me complaining and s a tiempo was directly killed in neurosurgery and tone says the pseudonym a company in metal tip okay ramos yo puna boya so tearin ito been there long oh no saboteur welcome to familia que venga

El dinero por muchas cosas por mi a salir de panamá que canta satomi koh-sama he can get people it was helpful kids killer alma’s he was here but it’s real okay i see a cute thing coming nothing yeah when i see a kid while said he was setting out from the town of quill co along this bumpy single track road headed for one of scores of informal border crossings

High in the mountains another migrant finally was just crossing into mexico the marine martinez family was forced to flee from honduras after their 18 year old son was murdered and their home burned to the ground by local gangs one of the easiest ways into mexico used to be across the sushi at a river that makes up part of the border with guatemala but now every

Person is being stopped by immigration officials something that’s never really happened before the marine martinez family is trying a different route but it’s along a main road where police have set up roadblocks it’s already their second attempt and they are terrified running into the bushes at the sight of a police car even though local police tell us they have

No interest in migrants and it’s the federal police they need to watch out for see finally father thomas founder of the local migrant shelter arrives to rescue them here 750 miles from home they are safe and will receive medical care and legal advice the children are exhausted and famished one of the girls is sick ramon marcus runs the shelter it’s called the

72 in honor of 72 migrants murdered by the drug cartel the setters in 2010 meanwhile estamos llegando quality less problematic assistant to dallas que esta cosa nostra plus anita for sado monsieur saracen – si la certainty or sketchy overtaking en la paura see we don’t know chun-hee maybe sem mil personas see so much about this humanitarian like estamos hablando

Donald trump’s tough stance has also been boosted by a supreme court ruling in september that now makes it virtually impossible for central americans to apply for asylum in the us he has also been pushing asylum seekers back over the border to wait for their court hearings in mexico but ramon says that with homicides in mexico at a record of some 34,000 last year

The country just isn’t safe enough to take them in la gente que busca de vionnet pieno di un papel et un papel para maana conseguirá dad o para poder initial no no in mexico no mexico no complications minima’s parle vergara stock resume alitalia e encima a los niveles de valència in witches parties and pies into a la frontera norte for so tremendous entrances our

Final agenda new orleans si puede volver encantar kuna valencia tambien and even where it is we’re done mexico’s migration authorities which have suffered big budget cuts and a lopez obrador austerity government are struggling with the sheer numbers and even though mexico has a long history of taking in refugees from civil war and dictatorships in spain guatemala

And south america polls show that public opinion is increasingly hostile to migrants mexico says the answer is development it once washington to help fund social programs it’s the right diagnosis but it will take years and as trump cuts aid to central america getting the u.s. to cough up maybe heart said his american dream quickly turned into a nightmare he was

In a group of about eleven people trying to cross the desert nine made it including his companions from quebec oh he and two others were deported back in guatemala worried about all the debts he’d racked up in the fact that he could lose his land so he o decided to try again he failed again and was deported for second time he’s given up for now but migrants like

Him will keep on trying out of desperation their chances of success are increasingly slim you

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Mexico's migrant crackdown I FT Features By Financial Times

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a day in the life with arizonas

A Day In The Life With Arizona’s Youngest Millionaire… Ricky Gutierrez!

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He has, easily, the largest stock market channel on youtube, that i wanted to buy a trampoline just so we can put it got a really nice pool, there’s fountains and lights. we got the adjustable desk, we got the green screen yeah, this is a 2016 black edition lowest price gt-r and for people that love to say that it’s rented out, there’s so many people that have this car

For sale. and then the one that i enjoy driving the most would be, and i grew up in a very traditional hispanic family. it wasn’t until the market crashed in 2008 that, obviously, and it really put a huge toll in not only the relationship, because i knew how much my parents loved one another – like the tech decks, right? – the little tech decks, yeah. and that was how i

Started my first actual business. and i would buy gatorades from costco and then sell them– take the old deck out of that mold, make another one, was what i think really molded this now-consistent factor i never gave up in learning how to buy my first house i remember there was a counselor meeting where we were oh, ricky, you have to work towards having this grade here,

And my sister just really resinated very well with me, “that he sets his mind to something, he just does it.” that i better do good in school or i better figure out we had a computer and stuff like that, that i could and it seems like you had a lot of different businesses or maybe even early twenties between the fingerboards. at a very early age, i think it’s very easy

For them i knew that you could make money on it, but i was making but yeah, it took me a while to be able to become confident and at 14 it’s very difficult to make sense of that, we have a walk-in closet that goes in all the way in there. and they finish the first hour or two hours of work, over here we have, the guys are actually working here, – so i would say, ricky,

That you’ve really achieved of the most important lessons that you’ve learned over, what were the most important lessons you’ve learned because of how frugal i was, how much money i was saving, because i’m extremely passionate about this market, it was always just something that i had a huge passion for that i progressively let my passion be what drive me – yeah, i think

It’s so important to start with a passion we’re gonna have two other videos coming out with ricky – thank you, guys.

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A Day In The Life With Arizona's Youngest Millionaire… Ricky Gutierrez! By Ryan Scribner

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jen shah mormon influencers and

Jen Shah, Mormon Influencers, And The Pyramid Scheme Of Prosperity Gospel

Click here to open up a Wealthfront investment account: and get your first $5,000 managed for free. Thanks to Wealthfront for sponsoring this video!

And we’ve talked on this show before about things like sex and i have, quite honestly, many thoughts about it. scandal but also says a lot about america in general and is of mormon descent, coming from a hawaiian and tongan through law school and who is currently an assistant football named prosper inc that worked as a call-center operation at selling as the waterboarded

Employee did at breathing.” of extreme environment that she was working in as an executive. on private jets, bringing nearly 20 bags of luggage on trips, it’s important to remember, as we’ve noted in previous shows, to fund the hair, makeup, and appearance that’s generally notable for claiming these various luxuries as her own even if the services themselves don’t actually

Exist. to vulnerable communities, who may have no use for them, they have been duped, they are often deeply in debt, these fake social media packages in order to try and defraud is that the presence of things like mlms and pyramid schemes and several of the other various business endeavors on the show documentary or listened to the many deep dive podcasts marketing companies

Or the world of influencer marketing, connection, especially as it thrives in a state like utah, within the community to appear as outwardly prosperous mormonism has an established tradition of entrepreneurship gospel, the health and wealth gospel, the gospel of success, and physical wellbeing are always the will of god for them now, it should be clear that prosperity gospel

Is deeply i mean, hello, joel osteen refusing to let refugees while, meanwhile, he’s got like literal bags of money these things in practice and lends itself very uniquely as one mormon explained it in a religion news article of stay-at-home moms, which is encouraged by the church in influencer culture, particularly mommy influencer were members of the church of jesus christ

Of latter day and some of these women had amassed hundreds of thousands motherhood tips, sometimes in posts sponsored by companies and they are encouraged not to work outside of the home, and yet, other religious groups hold similar values their church has helped form them for such a time as this. in utah combine to form a pretty powerful atmosphere. with her various scams

Because her relatively superficial but as housewife after housewife has learned, eventually, but chase, will mean exposure to aspects of your life you may after a little bit of punishment has been meted out– and religious figures like jim baker have a lot more in common for your entire franchise and your personal storyline this can be seen in examples like teresa giudice,

Who that she may not necessarily have known what was happening but yet, over and over again, we have demonstrated, speeding down a one-way path toward a redemption arc where jen shah’s arrest got to play out as a juicy television are essentially forced to plead guilty to things they may not opposed to getting substantial raises for their next season exoffenders are also

Likely to suffer from the informal biases she has many other ways to make money that simply rely do become wealthy in the first place and the extent to which that financial success, to some extent, implies good character, who push the boundaries of legality in order to get ahead, at all costs and that outward appearance of success, is likely to expose your wrongdoings a

Little bit more shows while in the midst of committing actual crimes and damning of the poor, even when they might be innocent, puts enormous pressure on us to be stay-at-home mothers but it doesn’t mean that we’re not all still living page and be greeted with tons of lds mommy bloggers

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Jen Shah, Mormon Influencers, And The Pyramid Scheme Of Prosperity Gospel By The Financial Diet

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stocks im watching right now

Stocks Im watching right now!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel in today we’re doing a little video about these stocks on tracking actively the soft they check in on pretty much every single day and the ones that are on my stock tracker app now the sox are on a sub tracker app their app they’re the stocks honesty i look

At every single day the markets open now i keep track of some other stocks that or another accounts and things that i make check in on once a week once a month or once a year for that matter but these are the stocks that i’m actively tracking right now and i thought this might be interesting to you guys because i’ll kind of go into a little bit on some of the

Stocks on why i’m tracking them right now i’m thinking about buying them all those kinds of things maybe one of your guys sox’s in here that you currently own anyways i hope you guys enjoy this video today leave a thumbs up if you do and let’s get right into this so the number one song i’m tracking this is probably comes as no surprise to you guys it’s go pro i

Mean here’s my number one investment is not a lot to explain their wynn resorts my number two investment obviously that’s the number to stock the track fitbit not invested in currently but it’s one keeping an eye on if that one goes into fixes i may start buying that one so that one i’m keeping an eye on that’s why it’s all the way up there is my third stock right

Now even though i don’t currently own any other i’m keeping track of disney that one i’m improved down because it’s not dropping i was hoping it would drop into the 90s or if your disney shareholder but uh i was hoping he was dropping in the 90s and then i can maybe start pulling the trigger on that but i’m not sure that’s going to happen show the next talk down

This arctic cat i was seriously thinking about adding this talk to the fish stocks to buy video for this coming month for the month of februari and then it freakin gets bought out for her for like five dollars and fifty cents more than than what it was trading at yesterday so how’s that ones thrown out the door i’ll probably delete that one at the end of the day

Today but that freaking all it frustrates me when i’m thinking about adding a stock gets bought out not the first time it happens not the last by the way with that article i just thought it was a buyout candidate that’s basically what i was thinking it was a buyout candidate and i’m kind of like the business overall so i was thinking about just adding into the

Three stocks body may be dipping my toes in a little bit just in case that happened and then a freaking happen the next stock down that txt that’s the stock that acquired that artic at i just added them today so i’ll delete the arctic a symbol it will keep that txt and i’m gonna kind of research that company more and see if that’s something that’s worth investing

In next one down pandora it’s a stock i always keep track of i’ve been investing this one in the past and i sold out and i’ve been invested in sold out i played that one many times so pandora keep track of uh excuse me whole foods next one down that one i wanted to go down a little more and then i would probably honestly added that one two three stocks by video

At 30 31 dollars is pushing right now is a little high for me effect to get back down to 28 27 dollar range i’m very interested in that name under armour there that’s a one that’s just been beaten down and that’s moved its way up the list i you should not even have that on here it i have about a month ago and it keeps moving up because i’m liking the company more

And more thanks maybe that one could be a three stocks to buy at some point we’ll see umbrella there’s a main ship supplier the gopro so i keep track of that for several reasons including reasons that i want to see what’s going home with gopro sometimes i can get some insight from umbrella cuz a for testing for the next three months and sometimes i can see what’s

Going on with gopros business overall i’m just seeing what’s going on with ambarella ferrari race on that wasn’t just kind of on there for the fun of it honestly i don’t know maybe i want to add it when i broke down ferrari enough then the video is it a buy a few weeks ago skyworks semiconductors i keep track of that one for apple through apple’s reason so there

They get forty percent of the revenue from apple so i keep track of that oh else is a company’s my wife’s place the lot so i keep track of that once a makeup company i keep track of that one next one down apple apples been on the three stocks to buy and then i’m kind of got sour on it last month and i sold out and since then it’s called 54 benson to him so great

Job jeremy sold out of it too early i could still be holding it with a five percent gain or so el coyol loco that’s the next one down there at twelve billion 65 cents with a restaurant stock kind of like a fast-food restaurant type stock or h that one’s been on a three stalked by but not for a while and i’m contemplating maybe adding that one back they basically

Sell furniture to the wealthiest ten percent of the country i’ll be completely honest so it’s what their business model is noodles is a restaurant stock that could possibly be a buyout candidate so i keep track of that one chk is a natural gas company i used to be invested in and then i sold out and then oil price drop but i still keep track of it square is our

Company actually used for my business um they basically i guess you could say run financial transaction so i can run people’s credit cards and whatnot it’s very easy and it’s a really good service for any small business like i have and it’s just very interest in the company so i keep it on there and i don’t know if i’ll ever buy it maybe i will maybe i won’t but i

Do track it nan health is it is it is a basically a healthcare company that’s trying to solve a lot of complex problems so i keep it on there just just to watch the ipo this past year twitter self-explanatory i keep track of that one that’s a great trading stock sometimes even though i don’t really trade anymore just like to watch how it goes up and down activision

Blizzard video game company i have been invested in that one in the past i don’t see myself investing in anytime soon and what’s the price drops quite a bit they bought one of my old companies used to be heavily invested in called king digital which basically makes a candy crush game in games like that they bought them in sultan they bought them i added them they

Also make video games they used to play in the past like modern warfare and games like that ebay self-explanatory i do keep track of out on that one they’re not a bad price honestly at thirty dollars fresh pet is a company that makes food for dogs and cats and whatever animals but it’s all like fresh high-quality food cruz is a semiconductor company that is just

A beast and i was investing i was buying that stock when i was sixteen dollars and i was about two two and a half years ago now with that sixty dollars i sold out all my shares in the 30s oh what a big mistake that was what a big mistake irobot they make the roomba vacuum cleaner and some other cool robot technologies and that stocks really been on fire on last

Year you can look at the chart for irobot holy smoke that chart is nice and the last few stocks we have here we have shake shack shake shack is a burger restaurant they ipo it about how to say about two years ago fast casual type place kind of like the chipotle of burgers i like to call them caterpillar industrial company i keep track of that not necessarily like

I’m going to buy it but i keep track of it to see kind of how the industrials are going caterpillar is very relying on china and a lot of infrastructure growth in when when those things are doing very well caterpillar does really well and overall economy is really strong so that is why i keep track of caterpillar groupon groupon some of you guys may know the deal

Type service that one i don’t know if i’ll ever honestly buy it but i do keep track of it goldman sachs the only investment bank i would probably ever think about buying i do keep track of that one hoping it will dip someday under two hundred dollars and i can pull the trigger on that one but like i said that’s probably the only investment banker the only banking

Related stock i will ever buy just do not like the banks or their balance sheets are too hard to understand and just just a mess and they can go down so fast even the biggest one she thought she bought that i keep track of hoping i was hoping that one would father like two hundred and eighty dollars or something with the whole e.coli thing but it never did it felt

Like the mid 300 like i think 360 or whatnot and then it just down straight back and it came back strong and now it’s over 400 again in the last one the granddaddy of them all tesla tesla the company all i want to buy the stock so bad but i just can’t i cannot bring myself to do it because i’m a value investor and as a value investor i just can’t buy a stock that

Has no pe on it and i can’t see them being profitable anytime soon it could be five years before the profitable i don’t even know don’t ever be profitable but absolutely i believe at the same token i believe that the car the future the car manufacturer in the future so it’s just it’s a frustrating situation when i see a stock that i know we’re going to dominate

In the future but i cannot buy it because it’s like against my religion has a value investor to go buy a stock that i don’t see being profitable anytime soon so anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this kind of covering all the stuffs i actively track on a daily basis maybe some of them you guys want to look at maybe some of them you guys want to add to your tickers

To county to start keeping track up or research or maybe some of them you guys actually own right now i would love to hear from you guys if you actually own any of these stocks we went over today and why you own them basically just you know a couple sentences why do you own a stock i actually keep track of i would love to hear from you guys because sometimes i

Might not be able to keep track of some of these stocks especially towards the bottom as well as some of you guys might because you might actually own it so i would love to hear from you guys if you own any of you anyways i hope you enjoyed this leave a thumbs up 2day if you did enjoy if you just came across this video i’m not subscribed yet you may want to we talk

Personal finance on the channel i’m a business owner i give away a lot of my business tips and we talk the stock market’s down most of the channel including videos like three stocks i’m buying and all those kinds of things guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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Stocks Im watching right now! By Financial Education

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send bitcoin litecoin ethereum f


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What’s going on you guys so i had a number of people requesting that i do a video talking about how to actually send cryptocurrency to your ledger wallet i kind of thought this was self-explanatory but anyways a few people were confused about it so i figured i would just do a video showing you guys i’m about to move my ethereum and right now as you can see i have

Seven hundred seventy one and thirty four cents worth of aetherium i’m about to move this over to my ledger nano s and i figured i would just do a quick video showing you guys the process of doing that now i’m assuming you’ve already followed my previous videos and set up your ledger nano s and set up your wallet so all that was covered in the previous videos if

You guys want to learn how to do that so we’re assuming we have all the wallet setup and we’re just looking to send some money from coinbase over to the ledger nano s now i’m assuming that you guys already have your ledger plugged in and you’ve entered your pin and now you’re in the main menu there where you can select the cryptocurrency you want to connect with

So we’re going to toggle over here to e theorem the next thing we’re going to want to do is go over to our computer and open up the ledger wallet to ëthere iam chrome application so let’s go ahead and launch that application so at this point we’re getting a notification that says to begin connect and unlock your ledger wallets so let’s go ahead and do that so

All we’re gonna do here is double tap the top buttons now as you guys can see it is opening my wallet on the ledger wallet ethereum application that shouldn’t take too long to open up because i already set this up but if this is your first time it might take a couple of minutes to go through the whole setup process for your wallet and now we’re in so right now as

You guys can see i have a balance of zero dollars in my ethereum wallet and what i’m gonna do is go over here to the down arrow which is going to allow me to receive ether or aetherium so what i’m gonna do basically is take this code right here i’m actually gonna scan it which is even easier i’m gonna use coinbase i’m gonna scan this qr code and at that point i

Can receive my aetherium to my ledger nano s so here in the coinbase app and you guys can do this on the desktop as well but it’s easier with this because i can use the camera i’m going to click on my ethereum wallet i’m going to click on send and at this point i’m going to hit use mac’s which is going to send all my theory them to the set location and then we’re

Gonna hit send so at this point i can type in that long number all right just hit this button to scan the qr-code which is the best way for me to do this so what i’m gonna do is get my qr code there and i’m going to simply scan this with my phone it’s actually a lot quicker probably even barely saw that happen so now i’m sending my ethereum and all i have to do is

Hit send and then i have to just confirm that i’m sending it to this address so i hit send and as you can see now it is pending and we’ll see how long that takes to come over here we’ll see if that shows up all right and about 20 seconds later that aetherium is now in my ledger nano s account and obviously that fee that i paid to send that is now reduced from that

Total amount so let me just look at my phone here the amount that i moved was 0.92 six five five one four one and obviously now i have point nine two five eight four 161 so i’m not sure what that total fee was to move it but you do pay a fee to move your coins from one wallet to another and again guys if you wanted to then move this back to coinbase in order to sell

It what you would do is you would go click on this button here and you would send that aetherium you would again put in that address or account here you would put in that number right there and all you would do is go over here to this qr code which is going to display your a theorem address and if you want to get the actual odd number and letter sequence you would

Just click on this button here for copy address or share and you can send that aetherium back to coinbase that way you could sell it if you were looking to you know sell your aetherium at that point so obviously due to the fact that you are paying a fee to move your aetherium and bitcoin and i think litecoin charges a fee too but it’s not as high you this is best

For buying hold as far as using a ledger nano s because if you’re moving these coins back and forth you’re gonna be paying a lot of fees and you know that’s not desirable but anyways guys that is all i got for this video i just wanted to show you how to send your bitcoin or aetherium over to your ledger nano s and this is the same process for any cryptocurrency

Moving at a coin base again if you guys are interested in signing up for coin base i do have an affiliate link in the description if you use that you’ll get ten dollars a free bitcoin when you buy 100 and i’ve done a few other videos talking about the ledger nano s it’s a hardware wallet that will safely store your cryptocurrencies offline so if you guys have any

Sizable amount of money invested in these kryptos i would highly recommend looking for a hardware wallet like the leger nano s thank you guys for watching and i will see you in the next video

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how to make money rich picks eas

How to make money | Rich Picks: Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH)

How to make money | Rich Pick: Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH)

How’s everybody doing today i got some new pics for you i really do i got like all the technology going on here phone’s been ringing off the hook all day and everybody wants to know what’s going on with rich tv everybody keeps asking me for more pics and these pics just keep going up let’s talk about twl oh first i’ve been talking to guys about twl oh and today

It hit over $30 it was up over 5% today alone told you it’s one of my top picks of the year and i still believe that this will probably be touching $50 or more at some point this year it did retract back down it came back down to it’s right now at 29 and a half dollars of two and a half percent today so it’s up well over 5% it was at $27 when i talked to you guys

About it it hit $30 today so i was pretty happy about that and it’s a company that i really like and i’ve invested in them in it in the past and i will be investing in it again just really kind of just watching to see if it’s gonna go a little bit lower maybe we like to buy it around 25 if it gets there i don’t know if it will but it did hit over $30 today so that

Was you know if you did pick it up you’re up on that right now and you’re probably really happy let’s talk about another company that i’ve been talking about western potash corp wpx now this company is up another 7.9 percent in a it’s kind of getting to overbought territory be careful however they do have a hundred percent buy on bar chart so that’s a really good

Sign and you know the trend strength is pretty strong so you know keep an eye on wpx western potash corp i know that national inflation association is saying it’s the number one pick of the year and they’re touting it’s going to go to like you know a dollar so keep it on your watch just put it on your radar and continue to watch it another company that’s up today is

Stx seagate technology up 17.9% as we speak this isn’t as that company it’s at $44 but i have to show it to you today because it’s doing really well of 17% another company’s up today really big on the nasdaq is ac 80 up 41.6% today at $18 put it on your radar make sure you add it to your watch list it’s a company that has huge potential is doing really well today

Up 41% today alone if you like big board stocks and i want to bring you all kinds of stocks here not just penny stocks i want to bring you big board stocks too so that you can get an opportunity to start doing your research and see which companies you want to invest in because i also invest in very safe companies like facebook like amazon like google so you don’t

Want your entire portfolio just to be penny stocks but if you want to get a chance to make big returns penny stocks give you the best chance to do that just because penny stocks are going up and down very quickly every day more so than the big board stocks which you will see big moves like this in big board stocks stocks over $3 however it’s not as common as in the

Penny stock world and i’m going to show you that with some other penny stocks that i’m tracking and i’m watching here’s the one which is a new one that i wanted to show you guys it’s simple as e a ph now let’s take a look at easton pharmaceuticals they have on bar chart their opinion is a 96% buy right now on bar chart so that’s a pretty good buy signal right there

Pretty much giving them a buy everywhere strong buy indicators everywhere 28 averages that 80% by otherwise it’s 100% buy everywhere so you know they really like this stock if you look up the chart it’s just been going up and up and up it’s really just been trending up the chart here let’s minimize this here put this in the middle here so if you guys can see this

The chart has really it’s come from well under a penny it’s hitting a high of 4 cents so it’s just come back down a little bit now if we take a look at it again here in real size it’s come back down now and it’s at 3/7 so if you look at the level to depth here let’s take a look at the level to death so it doesn’t look huge strong huge strong but you know it’s got

375 three seven one three seven one thirty seven thirty seven so there’s five bids up there at three seven and there’s two offers at three eight but you can actually see there’s four hundred eighty-nine thousand shares sitting there on the offer plus another 50,000 shares sitting in the offer so it’s five hundred thousand five hundred thirty thousand shares sitting

On the offer and you know only 250,000 shares sitting on the bid so there’s more selling pressure than buyers pressure but there is 11 it is 11 up 11% today traded five million shares so i definitely want you to add this company to your watchlist put it on your radar it’s a new company that i’m just starting to look at right now 96% by easton pharmaceuticals eat

A ph it’s another one of the rich picks just went up 12 percent while we’ve been talking so add it to your radar put it on your watchlist and last but not least another company that i just started looking at vape vap ii one of my viewers told me to look at this stock i’m gonna put you on high alert on this stock because i just like the price to add a penny it’s up

Thousand percent this year in the last year so he definitely has some huge upside and it probably can go up more the name is really good obviously in the medical marijuana space vape viene pe you know one three just over a penny put it on your radar put it on your watch list there’s six picks for you once again that i want you to look at a lot of them are up today

My picks are always going up keep watching them keep putting them on your radar i also want you to look at one more pick that i’ve been talking to you about pretty much every day take a look at pn tv let’s put pn tv on your radar and on your watch list been talking to you about it for a few days and it’s going up every day and boom up another fourteen and a half

Percent today everybody pn tv players network traded five million shares up 14 and a half percent today all i do is win win win no matter what i’m bringing you winners keep tuning in everybody rich tv live bringing you winners every day god i love those winners

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How to make money | Rich Picks: Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EAPH) By RICH TV LIVE

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8 adulthood tasks no one prepare

8 Adulthood Tasks No One Prepares You For

In this episode, Chelsea talks about a few specific adulthood tasks that no one prepares you for. From navigating the overpriced world of quality home items to selecting the right health insurance plan, these are tips everyone needs to know.

Hey guys it’s chelsea from the financial diet and this video is sponsored by united healthcare and today i want to talk to you about a few of the realities of growing up that no one prepares you for and if you’re someone who actually happened to have been prepared for these things good for you but for most of us we kind of had to stumble through them on our own

And not having been prepared for them ultimately in many cases led us to either missing out on opportunities or putting ourselves at a disadvantage but the good news is mama tfd is here to take care of you hold you by the hand and guide you through some of these adult choices because growing up is kind of scary but we all got to do it so we might as well prepare

Ourselves number one is getting started with investing now the thing that really kills me about investing and particularly when it comes to young people in investing is that there is such a sense of mystery and scariness and confusion around the concept of investing and ironically once you get started with investing it’s actually one of the easiest things you’ll

Ever do and in fact rewards being lazy the less you mess with it the more consistent you are the more you automate the less you pay attention to every dip in the market the better off you are the thing that is most important ultimately is getting started as early as possible because long-term investment involves something called compound interest starting early is

Probably the biggest advantage you can give yourself there’s a massive difference between starting your investment portfolio at 20 and 30. the later you start the fewer chances you get to earn passive income and grow your investments imagine you’re planning to put away 500 monthly until turning 65. look at the difference between starting an investment account at

20 compared to starting at 30 if we assume a 7 rate of return commencing the investment journey at 20 will accumulate to 1 587 117 by retirement age while starting at 30 will only earn you 679 567. the cost of not investing young in this case is over 900 000 that’s compound interest for you baby if we were all being put on a great path we would all take a class

In high school that explains all the concepts we need to know about investing the market compound interest all of the different types of accounts and we’d all set up our account to start right out of high school and just accrue that sweet sweet compound interest for the rest of our lives unfortunately most of us don’t receive any of this education and tend to

Think of the whole concept as something that’s only really available for rich people when you can literally get started investing for dollars and it can be disheartening to say oh well i already missed out on x amount of valuable years why even start now but the truth is that every day sooner that you start investing is better off in the long term starting at

30 verse 31 28 verse 29 even 39 40 is a huge difference in the long term most of us unfortunately were never prepared to tap into the massive benefits of long-term investing but tft is here to change that baby so we’ll link you in the description to a primer by tfd friend and investing expert amanda that will tell you everything you need to know to get started

Number two is choosing a health insurance plan many people in the us don’t really think about health insurance coverage until they have to enroll in it themselves especially when many of us are on our parents coverage until our mid-20s so when you take your first look at your employer’s insurance packet or start doing your own research for individual enrollment

It can feel really overwhelming thankfully the process doesn’t have to be that difficult simply setting aside a few dedicated hours to review your different options balance your needs with your finances you can easily decide the package that’s most appropriate for you and your family for instance you’ll want to think about the cost of different plans but remember

That the costs associated with health insurance don’t just boil down to your monthly premium remember to take other costs into consideration like deductibles co-pays co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums also keep in mind that many people may save on healthcare costs by selecting in-network care providers and facilities the best plan for you and your family will

Depend on your specific circumstances like your age and current medical conditions click the link in our description for guidance from united healthcare on common mistakes to avoid when choosing your health care plan number three is the cost of being in a wedding i think in general the way we understand weddings growing up is like super not realistic or attuned to

How weddings actually are in practice obviously since mama rona’s stopped by for a little visit weddings have sort of naturally been quite a bit different than they usually are and for most people either non-existent or drastically less expensive than they otherwise would have been but assuming we will eventually return back to a more normal wedding environment

The costs of not just having a wedding but being in someone else’s wedding are something that most of us simply aren’t prepared for even if you’ve set aside a special sinking fund for planning your own wedding it’s likely that you don’t embark on your 20s thinking oh over the course of the next 15 years i will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars being part

Of other people’s special days it’s worth noting that the cost of being a bridesmaid like cost of living varies widely by region bridesmaids on the west coast pay an average of one thousand three hundred and sixty dollars per wedding whereas midwest maids have a cheapest at one thousand one hundred dollars but even at the low end of that it’s still over a thousand

Dollars just to celebrate someone else’s day typically costs of things like clothing and alterations accessories transport gifts accommodations and those ludicrously ballooning and expensive bachelor and bachelorette parties and social pressure can make it very difficult to say no to or opt out of certain things for example if the dress the bride wants everyone

To wear costs 300 not even including alterations and you might not be able to afford that saying no to wearing the dress could potentially mean saying no to being a bridesmaid generally and aside from the potential alienation that that could represent for the relationship it’s also not necessarily what you want to say no to this is why it’s crucial for people who

Do choose to have a bridal party to be extremely mindful about the financial constraints that they’re imposing on people i personally opted not to have a bridal party because attending my wedding was already expensive enough and we had a very small group of people attending so it also felt weird to like select people out of already a very select group but i knew

That just getting to the wedding for many was a substantial expense and the idea of adding more cost burden to their trip really didn’t sit well with me ultimately wedding culture and all of the surrounding parties up to and including the cursed gender reveal culture are a slice of american consumer spending that has continued to balloon with social media and the

Inherent pressure that it puts on everyone to create a day that is as visually appealing as it is special to experience but by preparing yourself mentally about what this expense might look for you over the course of a decade where you may be attending a lot of weddings you can more easily set what feels like a solid budget for each individual wedding and having

The whole budget laid out will help give you a little confidence in saying no to certain things that simply don’t fit in the budget number four is how much time it takes to keep your house clean now i happen to grow up with a bit of a clean freak mother so i was always well aware of the emotional and psychological toll that maintaining a relatively neat home will

Take and jokes aside i actually do largely enjoy cleaning but many people don’t and more importantly going into adulthood we often underestimate the various domestic tasks that we must constantly be dedicating time to just to keep our lives running smoothly it’s easy to not factor this time into a schedule or to let it fall to the bottom of the priority list

Therefore leaving you with a ton of anxiety around the acts of cleaning that have inevitably snowballed and the time is substantial according to a 2015 report by the bureau of labor statistics the average person over 15 years old spends the following minutes per day engaging in different household tasks 13 minutes per day cleaning up the kitchen after meals 17

Minutes per day on laundry 29 minutes per day on interior cleaning task and 7 minutes per day maintaining the lawn garden and house plans that is 66 minutes per day dedicated just to cleaning and when you consider over an hour of time than 117 by retirement age while starting at 30 will only earn you 679 000 that can represent a serious chunk of your time and for

Most of us these tests are not just simply going to go away in fact neglecting them is often going to make the eventual task all the harder while giving us that aforementioned anxiety in the meantime so the answer is to be intentional with that time scheduling time for your domestic tasks the same way you do your professional and personal tasks is the key to making

Sure that they don’t feel like an encroachment on your time but rather a coherent use of your time like anything else no one tells you you’re gonna have to put domestic tasks into your daily agenda but you should number five is doing your taxes particularly with multiple streams of income i really do find it a bit criminal how little americans are prepared to do

Their taxes as adults like investing i think it should be one of the concepts that’s taught at school to everyone so we can all go into these choices with a lot more confidence and while yes for those of us who are just simply employed with one stream of income have relatively simple taxes there still can be a fair amount of variation within that but for people

Who have done something like add a stream of income started their own business gone freelance or really anything else that takes you out of the norm of the average american employed taxpayer doing taxes can be very complicated and the penalties for not doing them correctly can be quite steep i once heard a joke that was like the only thing rich white people go

To jail for is not paying their taxes and that’s really true unlike all of the other white collar crime your ass will actually get thrown in the clink if you don’t pay uncle sam luckily though the benefits of outsourcing to a professional if you have complicated taxes at least once will often pay for themselves in just one tax year the first year that i was a

Freelancer i was completely overwhelmed when it came time to do my taxes my tax preparation cost me 350 with a cpa and in doing so ended up saving me over 3 000 in my estimated tax bill that year simply by properly doing my taxes and teaching me all about the various deductions that were available to me my taxes obviously over the years have been extremely

Complicated as a business owner who also happens to be married to someone who currently doesn’t even live in the country so i’ve had a professional do my taxes for the past decade nearly but part of them doing your taxes also is being able to sit down with them and really go through your tax return and understand what you’re looking at so if you’re someone who

Eventually aspires to be able to do your own taxes again even as a freelance or multiple stream of income person working with a professional even once can provide you a level of knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise had the point is though going into your taxes naively or lackadaisically can end up costing you very dearly so being prepared for it and taking

It seriously will save you a lot of headaches number six is trying to find seemingly innocuous home items i think most of us in our young adult life at one time or another were taken way by surprise when we realized how expensive certain things are like mattresses a quality mattress can be ludicrously expensive a large mirror can easily run for thousands of

Dollars solid wood furniture a decent sectional couch even rugs are way more expensive than i think most of us assumed they would be but the good news is furniture particularly things like wood furniture mirrors metal work etc are one of the best things to never ever buy full price or even new places like nextdoor facebook marketplace thrift shops flea markets all

Of these are amazing places to buy very high quality furniture at a fraction of the normal price i think a lot of us automatically opt into the cycle of buying really cheap furniture often that we end up jettisoning when we move to a different place or a roommate ends up taking with them or we just grow out of aesthetically because we bought the absolute cheapest

Item we could at the time and every other 22 year old had the same one and what’s ironic is that for the same cost as that let’s say completely bottom barrel dining chair that is brutally painful to sit on you could very likely get a solid wood high quality comfortable dining chair for the exact same price if you buy it secondhand there is obviously a slight level

Of convenience and having things like furniture brand new and delivered but then usually you do have to assemble it the point is most of us when we enter our first adult living spaces go on totally the wrong path when it comes to furnishing our homes we go for super cheap furniture most of which is like particleboard mdf and we cycle through several different

Items throughout our 20s before eventually finally coughing up a little bit more money for something that will last for years and years if only someone had warned us but luckily if you are at the beginning of your buying furniture journey you watch tfd and therefore know you should never buy the cheapest stuff that you’re gonna throw out soon just go straight

To secondhand number seven is buying or even deciding to buy a house or property beyond the cost of doing things like just saving for a down payment many young people are simply completely unprepared to go through the mental exercise of deciding whether owning a home is right for you whether it’s the right time understanding the process of getting approved for

A mortgage learning what makes a house worth buying versus not it can feel like something that we know we’re supposed to do and are in many cases heavily pressured into by people like our parents but feel wholly unprepared for on a logistical level and not just in financial terms and that can often lead to serious mistakes one of the biggest mistakes first-time

Homebuyers make is buying more than they can afford to avoid falling into that trap real estate mogul barbara corcoran and other money experts recommend spending no more than about 30 percent of your take-home pay on housing keep in mind that this 30 encompasses more than just the sticker price of the home it should include all related costs like mortgage interest

Taxes insurance maintenance and any renovations you might want to make another popular guideline is the 2836 rule which says that you should spend no more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income on housing costs and no more than 36 percent on total debt which includes housing and other debt like student loans or car loans the biggest mistake that first-time

Homeowners make is they forget they need closing costs not just the down payment of say 10 or 20 percent says corcoran closing costs may vary depending on where you live and the type of loan you choose but you can expect them to add an additional two to seven percent of the total cost of the home onto the final price that means if you’re buying something for

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars you’ll owe anywhere between five thousand and seventeen thousand five hundred dollars in fees for the median u.s home these expenses exceed thirteen thousand dollars and thirteen thousand dollars is not just like a whoopsie i forgot to bring you know two dollars to the corner store to get a pack of gum that can be a make

Or break amount of money in any kind of long-term financial decision but the good news about home buying aside from all the nuance and understanding in terms of determining what home is the right one for you to buy if and when you buy is that once you’ve decided to buy and you know what kind of home you’re looking for the rest is simply math we’ll link you guys

In the description to a really good calculator to determine whether renting or buying is right for you you have plenty of things to worry about when it comes to things like locations school zoning repairs outdoor space neighbors all of the more nuanced elements of home buying so give yourself a sense of relief by keeping the math part of it as simple as can be and

Making sure to overestimate what you’ll need in terms of finances so you’re never left unable to pay those pesky fees or not having factored them in lastly number eight is combining finances with your partner whether you are married or not being in a committed relationship with someone even if you don’t live with them will eventually mean finance is having some

Kind of impact on your relationship and if you’re married or live together that increases exponentially everything from co-signing on something like a mortgage or lease to sharing bank accounts to making big financial plans and prioritizing savings together can easily become a serious stumbling block if the couple isn’t prepared to deal with finances which is why

It’s no surprise that the leading cause of divorce is financial issues and i imagine that a huge part of this is because most people are raised to talk about a lot of things with their partner but not money and we simply don’t have many good cultural models for how to navigate finances in a relationship for example many people still think things like prenups are

Exclusively for rich people not realizing that with more than half of marriages ending in divorce it simply means deciding how to deal with your assets and protect yourself before you commit to commingling everything which is likely something that everyone could benefit from i must plug on that note the interview we did on the financial confessions with divorce

Lawyer james sexton it is very entertaining and informative on the topic generally i think there are three good things you must feel that you intimately know about your partner and vice versa before you can even think of commingling finances number one is your financial values amongst financial problems that couples have one of the biggest is simply different

Relationships to money and values behind it i.e being a spender versus a saver being someone who prioritizes long-term delayed gratification versus someone who’s a bit of an impulse spender i’m really not here to say that any one set of financial values or priorities versus another is the appropriate one but you must feel that you understand the values principles

And ideologies behind how your partner even conceives of money before you can really co-mingle them next is your financial goals do you aspire to home ownership when do you want to retire do you want to have children which is ultimately an extreme expense how much money do you want saved in the bank how often do you want a vacation each year how much money do you

Think is reasonable to spend on a mortgage these goals may not always be expressed in financial terms but ultimately each have a huge financial impact so it’s important to know that your goals if not perfectly shared are at least complementary to one another and not at total opposition lastly number three is your financial pain points do you have serious money

Shame from growing up in poverty do you have financial trauma from a formerly traumatic relationship do you have extreme emotional baggage around a heavy debt burden have you filed for bankruptcy do you have terrible money habits that you’re currently working to remedy do you even have financial compulsions or addictions most of us come to the subject of money

With at least some emotional baggage or bad habits that need to be addressed feeling that you can be totally vulnerable honest and transparent about these things is crucial particularly before you start commingling finances or enter into something as binding as a marriage because an untreated financial issue or baggage will inevitably snowball and the worst thing

You can do is realize that you only found out about someone’s enormous financial pain points once you were already entirely commingled with them financially you may not have been prepared for how to deal with money going into a relationship but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your course now and integrate healthy financial communication into the rest of your

Relationship routine and no matter how scary some of these elements of adulthood are remember that each one is just a question of thinking ahead being honest facing the stuff that might be a little scary and making the right choices now to set you up for a solid future and if you feel like you haven’t been doing some of these things perfectly it’s never too late

To course correct and if one of the things you’ve been putting off doing right is choosing the right health care plan for you don’t forget to check out the link in our description and learn more about what united healthcare has to offer as always guys thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to come back every monday tuesday and

Thursday for new and awesome videos goodbye

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8 Adulthood Tasks No One Prepares You For By The Financial Diet

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crude oil prices are negative wh

Crude oil prices are negative. What does this mean?

Buy The Book Here:

Patrick boyle on finance and today’s video is a little bit different to my going on in the futures market today and i put up all these videos explaining what’s going on so it’s april 20th today 2020 april 28th of course being elon futures contract has fallen into negative territory so let me explain futures have traded in negative territory and this is also the largest

Lot of people have been joking that they fill up their car for for free or be paid to fill up their car well that are expiring next month is a $20 and three cents a barrel at least as of the the mail contract it’s worth noting expires tomorrow at the close of futures and how they work so we’ll start out firstly with the simple idea that we can oil they want to invest in

Oil because they might feel that the price is likely from the idea of someone who thinks that the price is likely to go up they want price is trading that and hold on to it until the price has actually how investing in oil works and the reason for that is the oil is messy of oil and keep barrels of it in your back garden you can’t fill up the that’s not how it works you

Have to then buy some sort of financial product be a bet on oil prices without the mess right that that’s kind of what you’re hold on forever until the price moves to a level that you think is a good level this i have other videos on futures and i also have a video on contango and products all of these investment products that relate to the price of oil store it in in a

Shed somewhere you are buying a financial instrument that is an at some point in the future at which point you’ll pay them and agreement to buy something at some point in the future where you’re agreeing on that’s what’s happening in oil right now where people bought these futures they still own those contracts now what people often do in investing in oil or contract and

That’s the contract that’s the next one to expire and that is the easiest to buy and sell right and so what you would do if you wanted to own is going by and it’s getting close to expiration like tomorrow you would then and we called out rolling the futures and so you’re constantly buying will say that up until close to the expiration day at which point you either maybe if

You then sell that contract and buy the one that’s expiring next so you might be you’ll be selling the june contract and buying the july contract now a few of about etf but an etf doesn’t you know if you’re an etf fund manager you don’t in you’re still trading these futures right so if you put your money in an etf you’re kind of still even with etfs even though that looks

Like something that oil etf and etf stands for electronically traded fund for those of again to a financialized version of oil so it’s not actual oil which you have to version of oil is then backed by this other financial version of oil which is that market works now someone does still has to store the actual oil right ets but there is someone in the background actually

Dealing with the oil consume and so that oil that you own in sort of an abstract way through a somewhere and so when you’re rolling the future selling will say the cheap may buying the more expensive june one what you’re actually doing in a way is paying that we use in in finance for for the difference in the prices is contango and explains contango in greater detail if

You’re interested but essentially mayil and buying more expensive june oil the difference in the price is kind of the opposite of that right they could easily buy the cheap may oil contract expires store it for a month and then re deliver it to whoever needs it and that somehow now another way things can work is if the prices aren’t always it’s not another way it can work is

What we call backwardation and as i mentioned there’s of may oil and what that would then mean is that the markets are essentially in a lot of energy derivatives you see what they call normal backwardation but people do think that oil is valuable because as i mentioned the june contract one wants it right now and particular no one wants to own the the contract 19 lockdown

And no one’s really using as much oil as they normally do and they gone negative now what does this desist is this just a financial thing or does what we can see about the real world in these prices that they’re kind of number of things such as the price of oil being reduced by russian saudi now for a while then you typically expect simply because of the covert 19 aren’t

In the air and so on and so less less energy is being used and in the oil is stored in oklahoma and those storages are pretty much full at this which is of course like contango but but it’s super and the june contract is way would normally see and this of course relates to all sorts of signs this this kovat 19 lockdown in in texas buyers are offering producers as little

Oil actually trades at the price that you see in the futures market because of delivery there’s different qualities of oil and so on so the the price that you actual oil trades of different prices based on different deals that been soon have to pay someone to take crude oil off of their hands now what does would think there will be no negative price we couldn’t have a

Negative price is saying you have to pay me to take it from you you might say well actually market is a little bit different and a little bit more complicated than that like when you’ve got these wells flowing you can’t just sort of turn a tap and turning off your your kitchen sink for example and and if you do shut it down into what’s going on in the oil market in general

A global pandemic like what that lots of people want but nobody wants it right now like like oil it’s of the world of commodities and even just in a lot of the world to put a price on things right now simply because it’s it’s very difficult you’ve found this video a little bit interesting as i mentioned i have other cuz this is the kind of content i make and do let me know

In the comment normally i i don’t don’t really comment on today’s market but basically i got a so anyhow have a great day guys and talk to you later bye

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Crude oil prices are negative. What does this mean? By Patrick Boyle

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my credit score 848 how to get i

My Credit Score: 848, How to get it Part 1 | BeatTheBush

7 Items to consider to obtain a high FICO credit score and tips on how to negotiate the creditors and credit reporting agencies.

Hey welcome back everybody this is beep the bush and today we’re going to talk about some fico scores here you see a letter i got from bank of america it’s back from december of 2013 i got a score of 848 out of a 50 from experian this scores from discover and i got 829 back in october 2014 and they derived this score from transunion a fico score of over 800 is actually

Not all that uncommon just check out this chart courtesy of fico calm actually 18% of the population have a fico score of over 800 so the most common problem is someone needs to buy a house or a car and they go oh my gosh i need to raise my credit score how do i do that fast but there are just three general things you need to know to get a high credit score the

First one is kind of ironic because you got to make it seem like you don’t really need credit in order to get a high credit score that is if you pay off all your loans you can get a really low utilization ratio that would boost your credit score all your loans involve credit cards or house loans student loans all of those the second thing is to make sure you pay

Your bills on time all the time and the easiest way to do that is to set up automatic payments all the time and make sure it comes from an account where it’s always funded the third thing is to always get more credit while you can if you’re asked to increase your credit limit always allow that to happen and don’t forget to apply for a lot of credit cards i know

If you a hybrid credit card it will actually lower your credit in the short term but in the long term it would actually increase your credit limit which would actually help your credit score those are the three generalizations it kind of highlights the spirit that you need to take in order to obtain a high credit score let’s talk about something more specific i’m

Going to list seven of the most important things i can affect your credit score the first one has to do with the time since you last open up an account the creditors don’t want to see you open up an account and then keep on opening up more and more because it might flag to them that hey you’re trying to accumulate a lot of credit for some reason maybe you’re trying

To achieve lots of credit and then spend everything and then run away the second one has to do with how much history you have how how much time revolving credits has been around so the ones that you actually use how long have they been open generally really really good reports you might have them open for years my my credit card might be open for like more than

Ten years already the third one is low balance to loan amount is too high that is if you took out a loan and you’re trying to pay it off right and you still really dent it yet so that might account against you the fourth one is utilization ratio so let’s say you have a couple of credit cards and you generally use about a thousand dollars every month as an ongoing

Basis but you pay it off every month however that $1,000 still counts towards your utilization ratio because that’s how much running balance you’re carrying so you take that 1,000 divided by the total limit and that’s your ratio you want that to be as small as possible on the flip side if you’re carrying a balance and you’re paying interest on a balance and you

Pay let’s say the minimum all the time the total amount of used credit divided by how much credit you actually have would be your utilization ratio of course i don’t recommend paying any kind of interest on it because that’s just wasting money the fifth thing is that if you forget to pay a payment any time within the last seven years it’s going to get recorded in

Your credit report so if you ever forget one really try to get it removed from your credit report i would recommend calling your credit card and seeing if they would forgive you on that waive the fee it could be because maybe your statement was in the mail it was missing and maybe they would do something and work it out with you if you’re very good customers of

Theirs the sixth thing that could work against you is carrying a balance all across a lot of credit cards that is something you also want to avoid doing the second thing is too many hard inquiries if you’ve applied for car loans whatever loans credit cards all those would generate in korean they would appear in your credit report so when you’re trying to get a

Good credit score for whatever reason try to minimize the number of heart increase okay those are the things that will affect your credit score but you might wonder okay what do i do now in order to fix my credit how do i improve it what steps do i take to improve it right now what i can tell you now is just go get a free credit report i’ll put a link down below

In the video description and just grab one wait for it to come make sure that if you go out and try to find your own free credit report you don’t pay anything for it because it’s supposed to be free you don’t have to give your credit card information or anything like that those are just scams and they just want to earn money off of you so just go get the free

One from the link i supply down below okay what do you do when you get your credit report i got one right here it’s 22 pages long and out of all my credit history stuff the section where it has all my credit history is about 10 pages long what i would do is just comb through the whole report and read every single line very carefully make sure you understand where

Each credit comes from sometimes the name might be a little strange and you might not recognize it but make sure you pull out all your credit cards okay every single one of them and match it to a line from somewhere in your credit report so if that is the name of your credit card might change so you might have to watch out that maybe that card actually change to

A different name card and they didn’t inform you if you didn’t use it for a long time they might not tell you this and that that they changed our name because you haven’t used the card so they’re not sending you a statement or anything actually the account number might also change because they changed the name they change the account number so all in all just make

Sure you match up every single card and to every single line on that credit report and make sure you know where it’s coming from it might be a student loan or or credit cards or anything just make sure you know where every single line comes from okay so now you have a home the whole thing what do you do natalie if this is your first time doing it you’re probably

Pretty likely to miami’s one care so if you find it here in my oh

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My Credit Score: 848, How to get it Part 1 | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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how to retrain as a teacher

How to retrain as a teacher

Are you a senior executive with decades of experience? Maybe you have a high powered, well-paid job but you want work with more social value. The FT’s Emma Jacobs wants to know what it’s like to leave a successful career behind to retrain as a teacher.

Are you senior executive with decades of experience maybe you’ve had a high-powered well-paid career in finance but you won’t have a job with more social value i want to know what it’s like to leave a successful career behind to retrain as a teacher i’m said holmes for 20 years i’ve been a banker the last 10 years of that i was a senior executive after a long

And successful working life they didn’t think there was anywhere left to go in her profession so she quit and went traveling to give herself time to work out her next step and did he leave without knowing what you were doing next yes more or less i had a vague idea but i didn’t have the time to actually figure it out was that a risk i’m kind of the age where i

Don’t have to worry that much about having no work for a while i knew that i had to do something eventually the risk of finding the right thing was was worth it edge is an mba she had an important role as a credit rating agency but she knew she wanted to do something more meaningful and eventually decided that meant a future as a maths teacher the people who are

In secondary school today they’re going to be in charge in what 20 years from now and i’d like them to be good at maths and i’d like them to be good at everything else and if i can play a part in that that would be great who remembers what elimination is the elimination method of simultaneous equations i did not expect it to be that hard so i’m slowly getting to

The stage where i’m competent enough so that i can get on with the teaching yeah it’s a good thing to competency yes said decided to try former ft columnist lucy callaway’s now teach program it helps address the teaching recruitment crisis in key subjects such as maths and science by attracting professionals with decades of experience if you want to teach but

You don’t fancy studying theory for months it could be for you there’s clearly a need for new teachers in 2016 50,000 left the profession and there’s an 18% shortfall in secondary school recruitment aspiring teachers need to enter the profession clear-eyed huge workloads pressure to hit test targets and behavioural issues in the classroom can all lead to teach a

Burnout we decided to set this up so that instead of going to university that we would place people on existing teacher training schemes within the schools i’m yoon from f t readers that there were millions of people in their 50s who were doing corporate jobs or any sort of job but who kind of had had enough they’d risen as far as they were going to go and i

Was sure they were out there and i said you have to find them the great thing is you teach on day one some of the other routes that i heard about is university led they call it so you’re in university doing quite a bit of theory i think teaching you can’t really learn it in theory you you have to practice in the classroom and you have to see what works if you’re

Going to follow in lucien’s ed’s footsteps you’re going to have to adapt to a significant salary drop a senior executive in financial services might leave behind a six-figure salary and substantial bonus in her second year as a newly qualified teacher in london zedd can expect to earn around 29,000 what’s the salary adjustment like i i would not recommend it

Financially if that’s what you’re focused on but i would say i feel richer than ever before okay you also have to be comfortable with the dropping status at least in some people’s eyes there is a massive loss of status if if you’re worried about that sort of thing i mean weirdly i feel my status to myself has gone up i don’t want to be even be a head teacher i

Want to actually be the person who is standing in the classroom teaching the kids some of us you know we’ve had it with responsibility we want to actually do the job being junior in school is great having no responsibilities other than doing the best job you can i have to think very hard every day i have to figure out how to do new things i’m learning something

New every day every day i live with a sense of achievement i thought i was going to be a brilliant teacher and so it was the most massive shock to me to get into the classroom and discover i wasn’t brilliant at all i was really quite useless it’s not for the faint-hearted definitely don’t i mean the first year is brutal to go from something that you’re very good

At to something you will inevitably be rubbish at is very very difficult zedd reflects that it might have been a good idea to volunteer in a school for a few months before throwing herself into teaching full-time classroom management is a skill and a very difficult one and you have to learn it brutally on the job i got into the classroom on day one and yeah it

Didn’t work very well like how i thought a little naively oh yeah i was good at presenting i went on conferences i presented to 300 people but adults are very very different in how they how they listen when they don’t want to listen and switch off they switch off they don’t disrupt you and they usually don’t let you know that they don’t like what you’re saying

If you lose the class of teenagers you will know instantly that you lost them i had to learn how to present things bit by bit be a bit more explicit so when i when you want people to listen for example yeah you say listen well i said listen and expected them to listen but often it needs a bit more like pens down eyes this way instantly like i want to do that

Switching to teaching in your 40s or 50s has pros and cons the children might give you an easier time because you don’t look like a fresh-faced trainee teacher i have automatically what they call classroom presence in the way that i absolutely would not have had when i was 22 it does not it did not help me with the technology i was and i’d never done a powerpoint in

My life i had no idea how to get the slides from my computer onto the screen i was writing on the screen with a felt pen i mean i was being a clown and that undermines you so badly 22 year old teachers when they find they’re bad at the beginning their very being is under attack i felt confident enough in myself that even though i did find it very hard at first i

Didn’t go home thinking oh my goodness i’m a complete failure i went in thinking right and i have to try something different tomorrow so i was much more resilient i think and that was hugely helpful but it’s exhausting you can forget about going for quick coffee break and don’t be fooled into thinking this is a job that will improve your work-life balance you’re

On your feet the entire lesson and not just on your feet you just stick you late you try to engage you walk up and down the classroom you point that things on the whiteboard and then at the same time you have to multitask with about 5,000 things at once so taking register changing the slides explaining something you must remember to bring in the exercise books

To the lesson you must remember that there’s how much be collected then people want tissues means i forgot my pen i need paper can i go to the toilet oh this child is you know often a detention unit and then the marking and the lesson preparation for the next day and so on there are about 20 things that you must remember at any given time and i am getting so

Much better at that so i think that my reward for this is i’m terribly unlikely to get out signers i’m not a stranger to working really hard when i was a banker we had transactions that sometimes you worked 18-hour days 20-hour days but even in the biggest stress i always had time to switch off for spain i don’t know a minute maybe look at your phone look out the

Window take a deep breath have a tea you can’t switch off for even one second in the classroom it just doesn’t happen and there’s no mercy so the bell goes and you just have to stand at the door and they come in and you have to teach i’m not suggesting other jobs are easier but i would say there’s maybe a little bit more flexibility and time to get into it if

You’re having a bad day did you ever think you wanted to quit yes yeah and everyone does part of what we’re trying to do is now teachers put people off as much as encourage some people are just simply bored with what they’re doing and want to change and mccoys looks exciting no way that’s not enough it’s not gonna work if you don’t like being with kids you have

To treat them with respect you have to show them that you like them and only then will be motivated to actually learn from you and even though this might be the most difficult job you ever do which will leave you physically and mentally drained every day the rewards can make it all worthwhile minus 1 minus minus y is plus y i just love the meaningful nature of

It it’s really rewarding when the students come up to me and say ah i get it now especially if it took a while i wanted to be useful you know writing a column is it useful you know sort of making people laugh i suppose week after week has a purpose but i wanted to do something tangible where you could actually say this child now knows something that they didn’t

Know this morning i was really keen on the idea of that i’m surrounded by young people who have all their lives in front of them they have lots of potential every one of them can do anything they want to it makes me happy to be to be part of that lots of my friends and contemporaries as they turn 60 a feeling truly washed up and i feel the opposite of washed

Up because i’m just starting and that is truly exciting to be at the beginning and you’re learning new things and expectations of me are so low because i’m a newly qualified teacher i’m not expected to be any good so if i do give the odd lesson that i consider really is rather good then i feel a genius so if you’re thinking of ditching a career in banking in

Pursuit of something with a higher purpose like teaching consider the following don’t try teaching just because you’re bored you might have nowhere left to go in your current job but this isn’t an easy way to spend the final decade or two of your career leave your ego at the door you’re going to have to be happy with a big drop in status and salary don’t be

Fooled by the promise of long holidays whether it’s marking or lesson prep you’ll work evenings weekends and holidays you’re on your feet all day and you’ll need to learn new skills on the job and fast do you actually like children if you don’t enjoy their company you might be better off trying something else you

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How to retrain as a teacher By Financial Times

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