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there is no recession why the st


The United States is officially in a recession after getting our 2nd quarter in a row of negative GDP. But Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, and Jerome Powell want you to believe that there is no recession. So join me as we ignore the numbers, manipulate the facts, and pretend like everything is fine with the US economy. This explains why the stock market was up on Thursday, despite news of a negative Q2 GDP print of -1.6%. This is the stock market where the stock market news doesn’t matter, the bear market is ignored, PE ratios are insane, and stocks rally on bad earnings. Welcome to the irrational stock market of 2022.

Hi guys it’s stock curry and we just got our second quarter in a row of negative gdp which means we are officially in a recession but if we’re in a recession then why is the stock market rallying well i’ve got the answers for you so let’s get into it in order to understand why the market went up today even though we are officially in a recession you have to take

A look at the five minute chart because we can see four clear times that the stock market went up today now the stock market initially went down after the gdp report came out and we found out that we are officially in a recession and at one point the nasdaq was down over one percent but then right before 11 o’clock right around 10 30 we see the stock market rally

And the reason for that is because the senate passed the inflation reduction act which is a silly funny name to help people feel good in reality it was more of a clean energy bill and that was the initial thing that brought the stock market up now after that we see the stock market go flat for a little while and then right at 1 pm we see the stock market go up

Again and that is when president biden started speaking we then see the stock market go flat again and then right about 2 30 p.m we see the stock market rise again that is when janet yellen started speaking we then see the stock market go flat again and then right at close we see the stock market skyrocket and that is when we got amazon earnings you could also see a

Smaller green candle about 30 minutes after that and that was the apple earnings so let’s talk about these five points one by one and that will give us a better idea of whether the stock market is going to continue to rally or if we’re going to hit a top and we’re just going to keep going back down about an hour before the market opened the u.s q2 gdp came in and

It fell at 0.9 percent now keep in mind that the consensus was for us to have a growth of 0.4 percent so this was significantly lower and now that we’ve had two straight quarters of negative gdp by some definitions that officially puts us into a recession and that of course set the stock market down over 1 percent in the first couple of hours of trading then we

Got passage of the clean energy bill which was brilliantly titled the inflation reduction act even though it had absolutely nothing to do with inflation or reducing it but what it does do is it does reduce the federal deficit by 300 billion dollars over the next 10 years or about 30 billion dollars per year it also significantly raises taxes which is gonna be bad

For corporate earnings but it will help out some of the clean energy stocks so we saw quite a few clean energy stocks rise when that news came out and a lot of those clean energy stocks are in the nasdaq which is one of the main reasons why the nasdaq rose more than some of the other indices when that news initially came out now after that we got further increases

From biden and janet yellen janet yellen is our treasury secretary here in the united states and essentially what they both said is that we are not in a recession so this begs the question what is a recession and are we in one now since the economy contracted at an annual rate for two consecutive quarters in a row that meets one of the most common definitions of a

Recession but the united states is not officially in a recession until a recession is declared and the task of identifying recessions is left to a little-known panel at the national bureau of economic research or nber which is a non-profit academic group recession dates are determined by nber’s business cycle dating committee which is a group of eight economists at

Universities around the us now here’s the kicker they typically make the determination months or even years after a recession ends so there’s a really good chance that we will not have an official declaration of a recession here in the united states until the recession is already over most likely sometime in 2023 just like in 2008 they did not declare recession

Until it was pretty much over and then they said well we’ve actually been in a recession since 2007. and again even in 2008 all of the politicians and everybody were saying we’re not in a recession don’t worry not a recession vote for us in november and then december came and they finally officially declared a recession so i don’t think we’re gonna get any official

Declaration of a recession until december at the earliest but probably not until 2023 once the recession is over now you saw on the five minute chart how when joe biden started speaking and said we are not in a recession we saw the stock market rise and we also saw the stock market rise again when janet yellen spoke now joe biden and janet yellen both said the

Exact same thing they both said that we are not in a recession because the job market is strong now this is really sketchy because the job market is part of the gdp the job market the labor force goes into the amount of production that occurs in our gross domestic production or gdp without enough people working there’s not enough gdp which normally is why when

You get massive layoffs you have negative gdp but we have negative gdp with what is to be honest one of the lowest unemployment rates we’ve i’ve had in this country so why are we still getting negative gdp well the reason is gdp is an encompassing collection of a lot of different data points and essentially what joe biden and janet yellen are doing here is they’re

Looking at all the data points and there’s like eight data points that are negative and one or two that are positive and they’re saying ignore the overall gdp which by the way includes jobs and let’s just focus on this one little positive piece see that see that we don’t have 100 of the economy negative we still have good jobs so therefore there’s no recession

Just ignore the gdp numbers ignore the fact that it includes jobs and let’s just focus on the fact that we have one small piece of the economy that’s still positive and because of that there’s no recession i’m declaring it that’s it it’s over no recession come vote for us in november that’s literally what’s happening now i will say that janet yellen went a little

Bit further in trying to explain why there was not a recession and i really want to focus on the one additional point that she made janet yellen said that the inventory swing was the key culprit behind the q2 gdp being negative to be specific slower inventory accumulation subtracted two percentage points from the output in the second quarter meaning gdp would have

Grown had businesses not been trimming their stockpiles now that sounds really good it sounds like okay well there’s just this one rogue thing that caused negative gdp had we not had that one rogue number we actually would have been good and honestly it’s just huge misdirection because the reality here is you really have to ask yourself why did inventory growth

Slow why was there a two percent contraction in the amount of businesses buying inventory and the answer is because consumers are buying a lot less goods and services and as i explained in a prior video warehouses are full we’ve already had walmart and target come out and say that they’ve had to significantly cut prices in order to get rid of excess inventory

And like i said yesterday because warehouses are already full that means that businesses are not buying as many goods which ultimately hurts producers of those goods which ultimately hurts gross domestic production so it sounds good to say there was this rogue data point the reality is the data point was not rogue the data point is a huge red flag that the economy

Is not only bad but it’s about to get worse this will mean that revenues should continue to decline significantly and profits should continue to decline as well and that is exactly what we have been seeing in the earnings report so far and you’re also going to see that in a minute when i show you the apple and amazon earnings but before we get to this earnings i

Want to dig a little bit deeper into the us economy and understand the fact that whether you want to call this a recession or not the recovery has ended and a slowdown is here key indicators of economic activity have ground to a halt total spending by households and businesses did not grow in the second quarter even after averaging six percent annualized growth

In the prior six quarters and again this slowdown in spending is causing our inventory issues monthly data suggest consumer spending is flat or falling especially on goods and not just big ticket durables again this is part of the inventory issue there’s nobody to sell the inventory too so there’s no reason for retailers to buy inventory thus we are getting our

Negative gdp it’s also interesting to note that spending on groceries is actually down over the last six months this really points to the fact that not only do consumers not have any money to buy goods they also are running out of money to buy groceries meaning they’ve had a cut back on the amount of groceries that they’re buying due to the high inflation from

Energy rents and other things and the fact that wages are not going up fast enough to keep up with inflation consumer spending is down because they are running out of money and this inflection point is worrisome it is not a short-term blip it was deliberately engineered by the federal reserve to reduce inflation on wednesday chairman jerome powell said we think

We need this slowdown we need a period of growth below potential in order to create some slack so that the supply side can catch up jerome powell has been very clear that the fed is going to deliberately cause a recession in order to slow down demand due to the fact that we have significant supply chain constraints in the economy to this day and since our supply

Chain constraints are not getting fixed and supply side is not increasing rather than fix the supply side we’re just going to cause a recession to get the demand side down lower demand and that way prices will come in line and inflation will go down and jerome powell is absolutely correct you absolutely can get inflation down by significantly lowering demand but

Doing so causes a recession now all of these recession worries are a major problem for joe biden and democrats especially with elections coming up in november and that is why we are seeing politicians including joe biden and janet yellen coming out and saying we are not in a recession no way no how ignore the negative gdp ignore the official definition of a recession

And just trust us bro and clearly with the stock market up today both the white house’s and the treasury department’s manipulation of the definition of a recession is working because the stock market is rallying and we also saw the stock market rally after hours which i’m about to get to in one second but first with all of this bullishness and what appears to be

A non-stop bull run i want to go look at the chart and try to determine how much higher the stock market could go now it’s clear that we are still in a bear market and with earnings continuing to drop and revenue continuing to drop there is no possible way we are getting back to all-time highs that said we will certainly have these short-term bull runs or relief

Rallies as we’re getting right now in fact back in march we had one and it was pretty significant so how high might this current relief rally go well just based upon the technicals here on the qqq which is the nasdaq 100 etf qq could very well hit about 325 dollars before topping out and if you do the math on that it’s about 4.8 percent up from where the market

Closed on thursday so there’s definitely still some room for the market to run up but it is going to hit some very strong resistance once it rises another 4.8 percent from where it closed on thursday now let’s get into apple and amazon earnings so that we can understand why the stock market rallied after hours apple reported an 11 percent decline in profit and the

Stock was up 3 percent after hours now the reason apple stock rose after hours is because expectations were for a more significant decline than what apple actually reported and based upon the expectations apple beat on both earnings per share and revenue so overall the expectations were quite low and apple beat those expectations thus why the stock was up three

Percent after hours amazon on the other hand posted a net loss for the second straight quarter in a row and amazon stock was up 13 after hours on that news yeah that’s right a 13 rise after reporting a second quarter in a row of loss now i went back and looked at the last four quarters including the one they just reported on and their total earnings per share

For the last four quarters combined was one dollar and 11 cents now based upon where amazon closed after earnings at 139 dollars if you take that 139 and you divide it by the earnings per share of 1.11 that gives you a p e ratio of 125. i don’t know about you but i thought we were done with these insane p e ratios i did not expect any stocks to be at a 125 p e

Ratio in the middle of a recession that said i think it’s clear that markets can be quite irrational and the fact is that a stock price is almost never equal to the company valuation stock prices are almost always either extremely overvalued or extremely undervalued compared to the actual valuation of the company and certainly with a p e ratio of 125 going into a

Recession with continued decline in earnings there is zero doubt in my mind that amazon’s stock is severely overvalued it is for that reason that i plan on opening some bearish positions on am z in now if you want to know everything i’m buying and selling you can come join us in the vip discord where i post all of my trade alerts before they are actually filled

And i give you my full reasons on why i am buying or selling certain stocks now i don’t get every trade right nobody does my only goal is to get about 60 of my trades right because i know from experience that if i can just get 60 right i will make money in the stock market and you can too the goal isn’t to be perfect it’s to beat the market so if you want to know

Everything about buying and selling come join us in the vip discord we only have about 200 slots left at the 25 a month after that the price goes up i also have a full training program in there so if you want to learn how to trade options especially multi-leg options if you want to learn how to do technical analysis or fundamental analysis i have training for all

Of it in the vip discord at just 25 a month come join us over there you can sign up at stock get vip that’s stock slash get vip sign up before the last 200 slots are filled all right i hope you enjoyed this video got a lot out of it don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe and if you’re on youtube click the bell icon to click all i

Wanted to let you know that i am celebrating my anniversary this weekend so i will not have a video for you on monday i will be back with you all on tuesday i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you on tuesday you

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THERE IS NO RECESSION – WHY THE STOCK MARKET WAS UP ON NEWS OF NEGATIVE Q2 GDP – Friday, July 29, 22 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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how to save money no matter how

How To Save Money, No Matter How Much You Earn

Want a crash course on investing, wealth-building, and leveling up your finances? Join us for our all-day, interactive conference, The Intentional Wealth Summit, on November 12th. (If you can’t join live, you’ll get access to everything to watch at your own pace.) You’ll also get access to our free Wealth Building Prep Class, and our YouTube audience gets an exclusive $19 discount on the tickets. Click to reserve your spot today!

Reading an article about saving money, and in terms of tips, there is an enormous amount of out-of-touch advice out there. some real tips for saving money no matter how much you earn. don’t own, nor will i be telling you to cut everything out first, understand that literally no amount is too small to get especially at the beginning, is actually creating the habit.

Where you’re just putting in a couple dollars here and there a lot of us probably grew up in the era of big box only banks fees for the crime of daring to maintain an account that’s plenty of ways to save and store your money without all might give you a higher rate of interest than that measly 0.01 and frankly, opening up that account in the first place there’s another big

Advantage of these no fee bank accounts, but basically, these accounts ensure that all of your goals exactly where you are on the process to those goals. years and years to come but cost a bit up front, or a new car, the little numbers tick up, this is a pretty effortless way you can even go the extra step and pair these accounts to help visualize what the goal represents

And stay even more it feel all the more real even before you can actually nebulous pot that you’re not even really sure what it’s all that you enjoy in the moment, never feels like a good trade but seeing your savings grow and build toward these things it’s being taken automatically out of your paycheck that we don’t even notice the money is gone after a while if you are

Paid regularly with something like direct deposit automatically transferring a minimal amount that you hard to save on because it’s so easy and tempting to take the more you automate, the more you can undermine this impulse you probably already know that one of our biggest theories we’re paying for pretty useless gym and studio memberships. we have just been told to want

Or even think that we need. when it comes to fashion, it operates on a seasonal basis. and wear frequently, creating mood boards to really help “is wearing this year,” such as, for example, the scourge this makes learning how to say no an active acquired skill. with her wedding and let her know that it’s important to you whether it’s saying no to an individual person

Or just factors that go into our desire to spend and sometimes and if we’re not dealing with the root cause of these issues, so making sure to get to the root of that emotional problem is key to making sure that you can get to a better place way the second you are keeping a close eye on what you spend. it can be very easy to feel like you’re spending really has has real

Consequences to those longer term goals that you’re so simply forcing yourself to confront these numbers worth it, identifying purchases you don’t even remember making other people around us gives us a sense of accountability. to go and work out together, you are so much more likely so find a friend with whom you can share your goals. and if this person is hard to find in

Your personal life, anyway, it’s not really that unusual to be meeting people knowing that someone cares about how you’re treating your money this is a failing of a society that consistently underpays option can be finding ways to bring a bit more money in. but even that self investment is very much an actionable step could easily be monetized via freelancing opportunities,

And to be honest, eight ways to save more money at any income you can start by picking just one or two of these steps and putting yourself on the right path to saving more to finally start investing what you save, check out fidelity.

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How To Save Money, No Matter How Much You Earn By The Financial Diet

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how i pick stocks to invest in

How I Pick Stocks to Invest In

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How do i pick stocks today i’m going to share with you guys five things five is the biggest thing that i truly look for what i’m trying to find a stock to actually invest it and when i’m trying to decipher i should take this stock these are the five biggest things there’s so many different things i take into account guys now if you want more info on this there’s

My book here it’s linked in that description that goes through my full stock market strategy on how i pick a stock but i want to do a video that’s like the best way i could in a 10 or 15 minute video explained how exactly i pick stocks and one of the biggest factors i look for guys so i hope you enjoyed this video today hit a thumbs up if you do and let’s get right

Into this so first thing in all these are equally as important so just because i mentioned this first one doesn’t mean it’s more important than the last one we’re gonna go through five different ones they’re all super important they’re all super important at the end of the day number one is a strong brand now this is especially true if it’s business-to-consumer so

There’s a few different types of businesses right there’s business the government says businesses selling to the government so think of like you know someone making military aircrafts that’s a business a government a business then you’ve got business-to-business which would be something like my real estate business right where i’m selling my services to a realtor

In hopes that they can make extra money on that or help their business out that’s business to business and there’s business to consumer which is think of going to your local grocery store right and there’s a ton of bag of chips there those chip companies are trying to sell to you your consumer so that’s business to consumer and those are really the three different

Types of businesses out there so when i look for strong brand i’m really thinking like business to consumer that’s especially true but even business-to-business a strong brand is also very vital now just because someone has a strong brand that doesn’t mean the whole company is great right but a strong brain can get you through a lot of stuff it can get you through

A lot of negativity and whatnot just because you have a strong brand reputation and just being the biggest doesn’t mean you have the best brands so just because walmart is the biggest retailer in the world right doesn’t mean that brand is necessarily stronger than some retailer that has you know a super great reputation right firms or whatever for treating customers

Really great so just because walmart’s the biggest brand does not mean they’re the strongest brand so i want to make sure that’s very clear but also you know the size of the brand does matter in the end of the day because the bigger you are generally speaking that means you have a stronger and stronger brand it just doesn’t mean just because you’re the biggest you

Have the strongest so let’s look at on all these i want to kind of like explore like the companies i don last month for socks i’m buying right so gopro that’s the first one strong brand absolutely in the in the camera space or action camera space very strong brand that they’re the leaders in action camera those strongest brand there and in cameras in general they’re

One of the strongest brand names in there very strong brand name you know you look at wynn resorts my second position the strongest branding when you’re thinking about high-end casino resorts you know the winds winds above everybody there’s a strongest brand name they’re not the biggest that would be las vegas sands but they’re the strongest brand name let’s think

About google google i mean it gets no stronger than google i mean the search engine its above everybody so when you think you’re in a search something you’re thinking google right and when you think you’re going to you know research something or watch videos you’re going to do it on youtube so they own two of the strongest brand items are both owned by google in

Youtube and the google search engine right and then the last one was michael kors michael kors a very strong brand name in the i guess you could say a accessible luxury game but also they just bought jimmy choo who has the premier strong brand name pretty much in high heels and anything you know really expensive shoes for women mostly so very strong brand names

It’s something i value extremely high guys especially if it’s a business to consumer company the second thing i look for is a very strong balance sheet got a very strong balance sheet especially if it’s not a capital intensive business meaning like wind resorts for instance that would be a extremely capital intensive business we’re talking about a resort that’s

Going to cost you know multi billions of dollars so those type of companies will have a little weaker balance sheets but i’m trying to compare them to their peers basically what is that one versus las vegas sands versus mgm ceaser’s and when actually has a phenomenal balance sheet but in most businesses in general i’m going to look at it from a perspective of what

In having cash in long term investments short term investments i’m going to add those numbers up then i’m going to subtract it from basically what they have in short term debt in long term debt and i’m looking for ratios above like a two to one ratio of cash and investments versus the debt the bigger that number is that bigger the gap is there though more comfortable

In my position the better i can sleep at night just because as a long-term investor there’s someone thinking a few years out on a position generally speaking i want to be able to sleep well at night i want to know that if that company comes upon troubles they can make it through and usually a lot of times my companies don’t come in trouble but one that did is go

Pro right go pro absolutely ran into troubles they had mess up after mess up after mess up the only thing that got gopro through the tough times right and into this now they’re in a growth engine and all that other growth piece now the only thing i’ve got gopro through well you can say partly a strong brand name but mainly its capital structure mainly that balance

Sheet when i first invested in gopro they had a phenomenal balance sheet and that is exactly why i do it i would have lost everything on gopro out because they probably would have went bankrupt they probably wouldn’t have been able to take those losses they took but they could because they had basically no debt on the balance sheet and they had ridiculous amounts

Of cash and that is why i do it guys because you never know when your company will just have that luck or something will happen and that company will struggle and come upon bad times guys at the end of the day you never know when that can happen and you know i’ve been investing in great balance sheet companies all my way through and never really had a company

Struggle in a big way intel gopro and it makes me so happy that i pay attention to balance sheet because if i didn’t i would have been screwed guys i would have been absolutely done number three number three i like companies that are founder led or they have a ceo who has basically woken up the company so basically i love companies that are founder led so you

Think about gopro obviously led by the founder he hasn’t done the best job in the world but he’s helped you know save the company i guess you can say i think the founders can save a company better when resorts do they have one of the best ceos ever in my opinion steve when you look at google the founders still very involved with google i mean they have different

Positions they don’t call themselves the ceo and stuff but they’re still extremely involved in mape hired a ton of brilliant people over at google michael kors obviously still a founder led company so those are type of companies i really like or a situation where a company was kind of a dead company and then some new guy randomly comes in and he has proven that

He could get that company into high growth mode and i mean with that specific company not like he had success at some other company and then he coming in and maybe all a successor this one i like somebody that’s proven that they can get that company to grow in a big way so something like a cirrus logic that i love right with jason road leading that company that

Company with a dead company was a $5 stock he took over that company and now it’s a fifty something dollar stock and the revenues have gone up you know hundreds of percent the profits have gone up thousands of percent since he took over a ceo of that company so those are type of companies i really like founder led or ceo situation where that one has proven proven

Throughout the years that they can get massive growth in that company and then they are almost like a founder of that company because the company with a dead company and they brought it back to life they’ve revived it guys so i definitely look for that that’s a big thing with me number four number four is i like growing revenues of over 10 percent i’m i like i’m a

Value investor but i’m a growth value investor i like companies that have good really solid growth going so at least ten percent growth and it doesn’t mean every time an investment company it has to have that but it’s definitely something i value in the majority of investment i invest in have revenue growth of 10 plus percent we think about gopro absolutely they’re

Growing i mean revenues grew what thirty four percent last quarter we think about wind resorts they’re growing revenues right now by thirty forty percent right now we think about google they’re growing revenues by about 20 percent michael kors which is our last month’s video is the only one that’s not growing revenues at they’re basically revenues are going down a

Bit actually right now so it doesn’t mean i’ll never invest in a company that’s not growing over ten percent but the majority the time guys i’m looking for companies that are growing beneath 10 plus percent or expect to grow revenues 10 plus percent and by the way because the jimmy choo acquisition michael kors will end up actually growing refusion more than ten

Percent unless their whole rest of their business falters or something like that guys so that’s absolutely something i definitely value and the fifth thing i like to look for is i like to look at a company and look out and see say what is their key if their stock price stayed the same and their earnings went up to this amount what would their p/e ratio would be

Two years from now and i really like companies that i feel will have a p/e under 15 two years from now and a lot of that comes down to being a businessman at them today or being a businesswoman right it comes down to making business decisions calculated things thinking okay where is this industry going over the next few years the company’s product for a pipeline or

Service pipeline where is that going over the next few years what is going on with these competitors are there any competitors going to falter what’s the competitive landscape all this stuff has to be taking an account in it’s a business decision at the end of the day and i know a lot of people hate that because it’s not like a quantifiable thing it’s not like oh i

Look for you know a cash ratio and versus debt and all this like the balance sheet this is business decisions this has been a business man business woman and that’s a big part of being a great investor warren buffett one of the greatest if not the greatest investor ever he’s not the greatest investor ever he’s the greatest businessman ever there’s a difference guys

There’s a difference that’s a being a businessman he’s made massive amounts of business decisions on companies that have gotten him to make great returns on his money over time and become one of the richest men ever in history guys so i’m looking out in but think about those companies i’m invested in currently that were on last month’s episode right gopro absolutely

I expect them to have a p/e under 15 if the stock price stayed exactly where it is right now which is around 10 bucks absolutely their stock price will probably go up and will probably go to a higher p just because growth company wind resorts up the stock price stayed the same based upon where their earnings are going they should be well under 15 two years from now

And but of course their stock price will probably go up google same exact reason i mean if you look at a forward basis google’s around a 22 or 23 rate now rate as the following year they should easily be under 1/5 if their stock price stayed the same price and the micro cores right now has a forty of like ten so they’re already under it not even not even counting

In when the jimmy choo acquisition comes in and how much that will add to earnings and all those kinds of things guys so those are really some five of the biggest factors i look for when i am picking a stock guys once again check out my book it is linked in that description it goes through all these details more than i could do in a video because i actually had time

To sit down and write a book and you know think about all this and now i’m just speaking from you know my mind off of here guys so i hope this was fully easy-to-understand for you guys on those are the five biggest factors i look for more than that but that’s the main five that when i make an investment decision one thing about investing in stock those are the five

I’m taking into account when i’m reading those annual reports when i’m reading those ten case when i’m reading those ten cues when i’m going over those conference calls when i’m listening those investor presentations when i’m doing all the real work those are the five biggest things that i’m thinking about as i make that investment or not make that investment guys

I hope you enjoyed this leave it a thumbs up if you don’t enjoy today if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything guys thank you so much for joining me today and have a great day hey

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How I Pick Stocks to Invest In By Financial Education

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why tesla stock is up big after

Why Tesla Stock Is Up Big After Hours! Elon Musk SHOCKS SHORTS!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

Well great days subscribers hope you guys having a great day out there as always oh my goodness tufts of stock is going beast mode after hours i want to get into exactly why the stock is up huge after hours all right let’s address the elephant the room what is with the hat i took it from a tesla short-sellers mom okay let’s start getting into those guys so tesla

Stock after hours is up about seven and a half percent okay up nearly $17 per share after hours so just making a big big move after hours now keep in mind the past month has treated tesla stock very well okay if you go back a month ago today the stock was you know $179 hundred eighty dollars a share and as of after-hours trading is trading over two hundred and forty

Dollars a share so it’s essentially a $60 per share difference in a matter of a month okay so neither say like things have turned very very positive in relation to tesla now i had you guys know i’ve been buying a lot of tesla shares recently some people are saying i’m a genius for doing that some people are saying i was an idiot for doing that though opinions seem

To be very strong on each side when it comes to tesla okay but i did what i had to do okay now why is a stock up huge after hours well tesla q to 2019 vehicle production and deliveries just came out on the tesla website the company said in the second quarter we achieved record production of 87,000 48 vehicles and record deliveries of approximately 95 thousand two

Hundred vehicles in addition we made significant progress streamlining our global logistics and delivery operations at higher volumes enabling cost efficiencies and improvements to our working capital position so now just reading that small little paragraph guys there are three pieces of huge very bullish news okay the first was obviously the production numbers

Of 87,000 the delivery numbers of 95,000 that is great news off the bat okay that’s the first piece of phenomenal news okay the second piece of phenomenal news if you are a test so long as they talk about enabling cost efficiencies this is very very important for tesla to achieve profitability not only in the short term but on a longer-term basis the company just

Has to get more fish in relation of building vehicles delivering vehicles everything across the board okay tesla’s starting to do big massive revenue numbers okay they’re starting to crazy revenue numbers but the companies eventually has to get to a place where they’re actually making money on the bottom line so they don’t have to just like keep raising capital

All the time okay and if we look at you know something like enabling cost efficiencies that’s phenomenal news and the third thing is they talk about improvements to our working capital position that’s phenomenal news from a balance sheet perspective so many of the bears that said all my gosh tesla’s gonna go bankrupt blah blah blah they can’t ever make a profit

Over the company and not only that look at their balance sheet they took out more debt and they only have so much cash on the balance sheet and things like that okay so so much negativity in relation to the balance sheet and when you hear something like they’re fixing their working capital position that is a phenomenal know so three great pieces of news for tesla

Long’s all in a very small paragraph okay if we look at the numbers more into depth here we’re gonna see model s and maul axles with our higher priced vehicles right the car and suv production came in around fourteen thousand five hundred and seventeen for those in deliveries for those came in at around seventeen thousand six hundred and fifty and if i look at the

Model three the car that’s really driving the business okay no pun intended production for that came in a seventy two thousand five hundred and thirty one units in deliveries came in a 77550 so some absolutely huge numbers from the model three and end by the way mullis and molex they’re still holding up very well those are still two of the best selling electric

Vehicles in all of the world and keep in mind those are very expensive vehicles the model s and model x okay now so total numbers eighty-seven thousand forty eight as far as production in ninety five thousand two hundred in terms of deliveries for the quarter so now they’re getting to a place where they’re getting close to like a hundred thousand plus vehicles

Delivered and a quarter okay so these numbers are starting to get really really big not just for tesla but for any auto manufacturer out there these numbers are getting really high and then when you keep in mind all they produce is electric vehicles my goodness guys these numbers are crazy and then on top of that and keep in mind the model three friends since a

Lot of places in the world you still can’t even order the vehicle and then if you do order the vehicle it takes a long time to get it okay so needless to say these numbers are starting to get very big and very exciting tesla said orders generated during the quarter exceeded our deliveries that has more good news okay you always want to see more orders than what

You can basically deliver in a particular quarter so that’s great news thus we are entering q3 with an increase in our order backlog more phenomenal news there we believe we are well positioned to continue growing total production in deliveries in q3 another very small pair of craft there but some phenomenal news the fact that the company orders are exceeding what

Delivery numbers are that is phenomenal news and then obviously that last sentence there we believe we are well positioned to continue growing total production and deliveries in q3 so anybody that’s gonna say old demands was gonna drop through the floor on this upcoming quarter how can you say that when the company’s saying that’s not gonna happen okay very positive

News there now here tesla says our net income in cash flow results will be announced along with the rest of the financial performance when we announced q2 earnings by the way i think those will probably be out in roughly like three or four weeks look for those earnings and as always we’ll cover those on the channel our delivery count should be viewed as slightly

Conservative as we only count a car as delivered if it is transferred to the customer in all paperwork is correct and i think honestly that’s the best way to be like count a delivery number like do it the official way like tesla does it’s phenomenal tesla says we count a produced but undelivered vehicle to be in transit if the related customer has placed an order

Or paid the full purchase price for such a vehicle final numbers could vary by up to 0.5% or more tesla vehicle deliveries represent only one measure of the company’s financial performance and should not be relied on as an indicator of quarterly financial results which depend on a variety of factors including the cost of sales foreign exchange movements and a mix

Of directly leased vehicles which could pretty much be said for every company out there okay and here we are with tesla coming out with these amazing results okay in production numbers delivery numbers blowing away what even a lot of us bulls thought they would do okay and this just shows you how much the media and how much these analysts can get the answer to

The question wrong okay i’ve made fun of these people so many times in the past even a few weeks ago and goldman sachs was like on tesla’s going $158 they have demand problems there’s no demand for tesla’s and blah blah blah and we heard that from person after person on wall street tesla has no demand they have demand issues tesla stock plunges as delivery drop

Deepens the main concerns and we just heard this time and time again and then you get these numbers tesla post and everybody says whoa even if you’re bearish on the stock you have to look at these numbers and like oh my goodness these numbers are starting to get crazy okay and let’s keep in mind two very important things that are coming over the next year okay

The tesla shanghai factory is only about three to six months away from starting production and there’s just going to be a huge thing for the company when that test the shanghai factory opens it’s gonna be a massive game-changer for tests in my opinion in terms of the amount of orders for tesla especially in relation to the model 3 and how profitably the company

Will be able to produce those cars out of china like that is just a game changer for tests ok it’s keep in mind a lot of folks that probably live in china aren’t even order in the cars right now because they know three to six months they can order it from the shanghai factory and it’s going to be five thousand dollars less ten thousand dollars less big difference

In price so that’s phenomenal news for tesla and china and once again that’s only three to six months away and then you have tesla model y which should go into some production within the next nine to twelve months and you look at those two factors and you’re like what do these tesla numbers going to be in 2020 because you’re looking at 2019 numbers that are going

To be very strong like we’ll have to see where obviously it all shakes out tesla could produce somewhere around 400,000 maybe even more than 400,000 vehicles this year imagine what they can do in 2020 when the company is up to full production in the shanghai giga factory in china and the company is producing model y imagine the type of numbers that are gonna be

Put up in 2020 guys so needless to say the short sellers have a lot to be worried about right now and the tesla long’s that we have believed in the company and we believed that there is a lot of demand for tesla’s like every day i drive around and every day i’m seeing more and more tesla’s on the road they sometimes i think these wall street folks need to get out

Of their office once in a while and just go like look around the real world like you’ve seen more and more tesla cars out there each day each tesla car that gets out there they get told some friends and a family hey come check this out it’s such a great car and then those folks go and buy it and it’s like a repetitive cycle that produces more and more orders more

And more deliveries and things like that and so the numbers just get bigger and bigger now imagine when the chinese factory is gonna be up and running guys so needless to say from a test along perspective it’s even better than i thought here in the short term i didn’t know they were gonna hit these type of numbers i thought numbers were going to be good i thought

The man was gonna be good this is more like great demand is great production is great right now for tesla so very thrilled anybody is saying oh demands gonna drop off next quarter it doesn’t really look like it and the company saying things like order backlogs increasing and things like that guy so neither the same make sure you smash the thumbs up button if you

Enjoyed today’s video and let me know your opinion down there in that comment section as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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Why Tesla Stock Is Up Big After Hours! Elon Musk SHOCKS SHORTS! By Financial Education

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5 stocks goldman sachs says buy


Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

My socks at goldman sachs is recommending their clients to buy that is what i’m going to share with you guys here today the five stocks what these companies do three of these companies or at least two to three of these companies are very popular companies actually some of you guys may actually own right now or have thought about buying very popular stocks two of

Them are much more under the radar type companies all these companies are highly profitable all they make a lot of money and so this is coming out of their chief investment strategist is basically the one that is suggesting these five stocks all right so goldman sachs is worried about rising commodity prices in higher wages but the firm believes they’re still an

Investment strategy that can outperform the firm recommends companies with high profit margins and return on assets that’s because despite the one-time boost to profit from the corporate tax cuts companies face a number of challenges to maintain their profit margins he’s saying okay so let’s just get into this guy’s these are those five stocks i hope you guys enjoy

This but first one it’s a company named ab the ticker symbol a bb v this one year-to-date hasn’t done anything that’s gone down point seven percent so this stock has not done anything as of yet this company ab v discovers develops manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products worldwide it’s a pharmaceutical company if you want to read more in depth on it pause the

Video right here and you can kind of read more in depth on it if you look at their income statement the revenue growth has been stellar okay stellar just year after year the knocking out of the ballpark so nineteen point nine billion they do in 2014-2015 they do twenty two point eight billion dollars in 2015 2016 they do twenty five point six billion dollars this

Past year they do twenty eight – okay so just consistent that that’s the type of revenue growth you want to see out of a company consistent and going up you know at least a few billion a year that is phenomenal there okay phenomenal now on the net income side i’m not nearly as impressed so they did under two billion back in fourteen but then fifteen they do over

Five billion sixteen they do almost six billion is past year they dropped down to five point four rebill ioan so i was a little hit this past year maybe they can get that back going again this company right now trades at a forward p under 11 all right under 11 and trailing p of 24 working capital 145 billion so needless to say they expect to be a lot more profitable

This year than they have been in the past a healthcare related company a health care is not a sector i usually personally touch very much just because a lot of these companies have limited growth at least from what i’ve seen well you know in the ten years i’ve been the stock market these companies have limited growth and a lot of them are a little they’re some of

Their business models are hard to understand and like why is this one have an advantage over this one what not not a sector i’m not interested in but needless to say it looks like it could be a pretty good stock guys let’s get into stock number two you’re gonna know this one very well in the company’s name is facebook facebook you’re to date they’re up close to 18%

Which is amazing when you take into context just the fact that facebook went through the whole cambridge analytical situation this year mark zuckerberg went to congress and you know our capitol hill i mean how to talk about the whole situation like you know there’s been a lot of drama with facebook in this year so to be up nearly 18 percent in a market that’s been

Pretty weak this year that’s very very very impressive all right facebook do i really need to explain this company they own some of the biggest platforms in the world facebook instagram whatsapp oculus just one of different things if you want to read more about the company you can pause it right there income statement or dubli the most impressive income statement

Of any public company i’ve ever seen honestly this is arguably the best income statement i’ve ever seen of any company in terms of the the rate that their numbers are going up okay revenue twelve billion in 2014 then almost 18 billion in 2015 27 plus billion in 2016 this pasture over 40 billion dollars in revenue that is unbelievably impressive then you look at the

Net income you can see how much money is going down on that bottom line it’s amazing okay under three billion and fourteen then 15 they do 3.6 then 2016 they do over 10 billion dollars in net income and then this pasture they do nearly 16 billion dollars in that income it is off the charts off the charts that that income statement is beyond impressive so consistent

Such phenomenal growth in the revenue and the net income in that i mean merely you know somewhere around close to 40% of the money that’s coming through the door in revenue it’s actually going down to net income that’s one of the highest ratios i’ve seen out there from a big company guys unbelievable facebook right now has a market cap of around six hundred billion

Dollars they have a trailing p/e on this company a thirty four forward p/e of twenty two which for p of twenty two is actually relatively low for this stock um you think about it they still have a lot of growth ahead of them in terms of their profit growth and revenue growth as ad rates go up and more advertisers get on their platforms in terms of monthly active

Users daily active users using their products in my personal opinion they don’t have much growth left in those type of things okay as far as big percentages however when you’re taking just in an account like how many more advertisers are gonna be advertising an instagram facebook whatsapp all these different things and how those ad rates are open up push up they

Should be able to increase profits dramatically over the next five to ten years guys so that one came in at number two number three is has been one of the hottest stocks that stocks up somewhere around sixteen hundred percent in the past three years or not past four years past five years about eleven hundred percent in the past three years nvidia corporation up

Another twenty eight plus percent just this year alone guys just this year alone nvidia operates two business segments gpu and their processor business they you know if you want to pause that you can read more in depth about it their their business model is unbelievable in terms of all the things that you’re doing they’re not just doing things like high-end gaming

But they’re involved with you know if you want to mine for kryptos and whatnot you’re going to be probably use nvidia products artificial intelligence this companies out in front of everybody in the artificial intelligence game when you think about from the perspective of self-driving cars it’s just they are doing so many big things in this world that is going to

Help you know a rapidly accelerate so many different industries and they’re one of the biggest disruptors in all of the world right now in terms of the you know that company’s gonna disrupt in the future amazingamazing business and you can see it’s amazing business by looking at this income statement okay so four and a half billion dollars doing 2015 for revenue

2016 they do five billion then nearly seven billion this past year they do nine point seven billion dollars almost ten billion dollars in revenue there and then you see the net income has just going up at a substantial rain 631 million then they do six hundred fourteen million it looks like oh maybe this business isn’t growing much then i’ll suddenly do 1.6 billion

Dollars this past year they do over three billion dollars in net income all right a very fast-growing company market cap on this one of around one hundred and fifty 1 billion dollars so this is becoming a really big corporation now trailing via 41 rich 4 p of 31 rich is also rich but at the same time when you take into account the fact that this company should be

Able to grow for years and years to come because they’re in the forefront of all these major industries that are gonna blow up over the next few years when you take that into account you you kind of got to understand you got to pay up for a company like this and when you have a management team like nvidia has where they are executing on all cylinders they deserve

A higher premium than what the market is trading at it’s just the bottom line the growth going forward and how great that management team is like they just kind of deserve it in the end alright next one up here is another healthcare name this company’s called biogen ok biogen this company is up around 10% year-to-date okay biogen discovers develops manufactures and

Delivers therapies for the treatment of neurological in neuro degenerative diseases worldwide wow i’m so proud of myself being able to say that name neurodegenerative diseases worldwide if you want to read more about the company go ahead and pause the video here you can kind of read that more up on it another company has great you know income statement especially

In terms of revenue nine point seven billion in 2014 2015 they do ten point seven billion eleven point four billion in 2016 2017 this past year they do over twelve billion dollars in revenue consisting consisting growth the net income i’m not nearly as impressed on because it’s kind of all over the place so to point nine billion then they do to three point five

Billion in net income then three point seven billion this past year they dropped out with two point five billion so net income is kind of all over the place for this company maybe they’re expected to get it back going here company has a market cap of seventy four billion so a pretty big company trailing pia twenty five but a four p of thirteen in this company which

Is very low so maybe an interesting healthcare name if you guys know anything about biogen i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section kind of you know talk about biogen a bit and these last one number five is a company named micron ticker symbol mu very very very popular stock so this one year today is up close to thirty seven percent the best

Part about that is most mu shareholders feel like it should be up way more than that right now just have a 37 percent game a lot mu shareholders are like dude this stock should be up fifty sixty seventy percent right now based upon the type of results this company has put out so micron in the simplest way to just describing this company it’s a memory chip company

Alright networking storage business mobile business embedded business anything that’s using can you think about anything that’s using computing power it needs memory in it okay if you want to pause the video there to look more into it you can look more in there but as a memory chip company at the end of the day revenue has been inconsistent for this company in

The past few years so they do 16 billion 2014 though the 15 comes along they do another 16 billion 2016 major troubles with the company just because of the industry is basically was going through a hard time and they only do 12 billion dollars in revenue has past year over twenty billion dollars in revenue alright and on the net income side they do 3 billion in

Profit back in 1415 they do through 2.8 billion 2016 they actually lose money nearly 300 million then also make over a five billion dollar profit this past year and this upcoming year listen to this this this this year we’re in right now they’re expected to maybe make somewhere around 10 billion dollars maybe even more than 10 billion dollars and then income guys

I was thinking about that a couple years ago as a company i losses 300 million now expecting to make a profit of over 10 billion that’s your unbelievable this company has a market cap of 65 billion on it trailing p of five point six and afford p of four point eight yes i read that right here are not mistaken they’re a 4.8 4.8 forward peons company unbelievably

Low okay so let’s go ahead and look at this for a second so goldman’s highest net margins and return on assets basket if so if we look at these five stocks here’s kind of like what what the you know goldman sachs is expecting these stocks to go up the healthcare name that first one we talked about ab fee they’re expecting around a 41 percent upside potential their

Biogen expecting around 12% upside facebook they’re expecting around a 9% upside so it would be the least good performer out of the bunch and you they’re still expecting about 23% upside and then nvidia nvidia they’re still expecting around 23% upside there one thing i’m just costing costing you guys on is just because goldman sachs you know one of the main guys

In charge of their equity strategy says hey you know you guys should go out and buy those stocks that does not mean you should necessarily go buy those stocks always do your own research always do your own work you know it’s worth looking into some of these companies and kind of seeing if it’s something that interests you to invest in but never just invest in it

Because someone said it whether it’s me whether it’s goldman sachs don’t don’t don’t matter who it is warren buffett always do your own research out there and try to figure out if that you believe that’s a good company being invested in guys so i would love to hear you guys opinion on any of these stocks down there in the comment section i would love to hear from

You guys as always make sure you follow me on instagram if you have not already the content i am posting on instagram is going up to a whole new levels guys i’m just taking the value proposition for following me on instagram up to record level so make sure you follow me on there if you have not already thank you for watch and have a great day

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financial mentoring of start ups

Financial Mentoring of Start-ups | Finance for Non-Finance Training

Finance Guru CA Vishal Thakkar in a Finance for Non-Finance discussion with Mr. G Ramachandran (GR), who is also a CA and mentoring to many companies.

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome back to finance to you my name is ca vishal tucker i am your friend and finance guru back again with an interesting topic of discussion but before i go on to my topic of discussion today i want you to meet somebody very very special he is mr. g ramachandran who’s well known for mentoring startups in the industry and

Has an illustrious career of investment banking spanning over 40 years so we are very delighted to have him today on finance tube and let me tell you guys before i introduce him and before i ask him to speak to us he is mentoring our company and helping us to go on to the next level so i want you guys to hear him very very carefully because the kind of pro tips

He is giving it to us and we are benefiting i want each one of you to benefit from what he has to say welcome mr. g ramachandran it’s such a pleasure to have you here likewise wishes it’s indeed a pleasure having you here with us and more importantly let me tell you that i have been excited about contact wrong equally as you have been excited about the alameen

World in this company your company has been one which is in a field of finance and for me that is a fascination because i’m a chartered accountant by profession you can see by default but then i went into a process of becoming an investment banker 20 years of hardcore investment banking in active world and the balance 20 years also been an investor banking plus

Doing startups the interesting part of the story has been that while the investment banking work and the financial markets work was exciting what i found to be really really enjoy who was a stock experience way back in 1999 or so the story goes i started getting excited about what a start-up can do and what can be done to disrupt the global economy as well as

The indian economy in the process i discovered something which was interesting ii-in startups you have something known as disruption you have innovation you have excitement and last but not the least i have been in 14 startups 8 i must tell you i have sold it as multi factors 3 i must confess i have lost money and taught me a lot to be a successful failure and

I’m running the balance 3 at this moment of course i’ve not taken contact wrap into consideration being a mentor here but what i would really love to say is that startup teaches you above all three things a to be grounded b to be humility personified c to be knowing how to have the go to market in place because unfortunately at times we are here to innovate but

We never have the capacity or i should say the bravado to say that we will enter the marketplace we will test the product and we will come to a conclusion whether the product is be good or not so good and then go to the next version unfortunately at times what i’ve seen in a start-up spaces we tend to first get into the product say that we go to the market the go

To market never comes and then we are off to version 2 and be having saw stood money we have cash bond sometimes great idea a great product that comes waste because we had a fear the unknown the fear of going to the market the fear of possibly being rejected but we never thought about the possibility of a great success story in place so my experience the last

20 years tells me if you’re in a startup be brave be bold be confident and be really really looking forward to going to the market to show your way because ultimately the customers can take the feedback and never mind if it’s a rejection we’ll come back and come out with a winner you will be a winner with the startups always our multi backers if you’ve got it

Right thank you so much for joining us today and let me promise you friends i’m not going to leave him just like that he is available for us he’s available for you and he has few very pertinent messages to be given in our upcoming episodes so stay tuned to finance tube and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel subscribe today our channel financed you

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lockdown lunches how to make per

Lockdown lunches: how to make perfect chips | FT

French fries or British fat-cut chips? In the latest in our home-cooking series, the FT’s Daniel Garrahan is feeling nostalgic about childhood trips to the chippy so food writer Tim Hayward shows him his favourite way to fry and serve the humble potato – a chip shop-style chip butty. See if you get the FT for free as a student ( or start a £1 trial:

The steam coming up it chips i get very very nostalgic about proper british ships i mean i love french fries with all my heart dipped in mayonnaise plenty of salt but there’s just something really nostalgic about fat british style ships anything my great-grandparents ran a chippy so i’ve got chip fat in my blood and my nan may the best chips in the world which

Was good because my mum was at the generation that totally thought chips were poisoned to children and one day bless his heart was an insurance investigator and he used to come home every day having seen another chip pan fire likes nutrients and their intimate chips and so chips are so emotional for me did you get your gear ready yeah sunflower oil which was

Not easy right mines any neutral vegetable audible work to three inches of that we’re gonna aim to get this up to 165 degrees centigrate potato if you can get it it’s maris piper i want chip shop chips it’s got to be fat right it’s important that they’re uniform though because you don’t want them kind of cooking it that’s exactly right yeah the original way to

Do it was just to chop the chips in the fact that the outside fries and the inside steams but it doesn’t really work that brilliantly the second way was to double cook which is what we’re gonna do here with low temperature first of all which steams the inside then you heat the oil back up and you put them back in again and that crisps the exterior the really

Clever way that a lot of chefs are doing it now it’s called triple cooking steam the potatoes first or boil them then you dry them then you do the double cook process i’ll never admit this when they tell you about how they’re cooking it but you probably lose about a third of your chips because they come out of a stealing and something just fall apart you have

Kindly provided me with this cooking the monitor yes so this is how we’re going to test the temperature of the oil what about if you don’t have one of these things if you don’t have them a thermometer or you don’t have a deep fat fryer where you can set the temperatures then i would suggest you cut the chips quite thin put them in let them go until they look

Good on the outside then pull one out and try it and that’s all you can really do with that come on honestly you’ve got to get these things every home kitchen in the country it makes everything so much simpler the dinner ladies at your kids school use this bylaw the kid in a paper hat and terminal acneic mcdowell’s uses one of these by law you can get one online

For 12 quid there is no logical reason where every kitchen has not got one what’s your temperature now don’t touch the bottom of the pan with it ah okay i did just do that that’s okay so i just cut up one potato two chips about that size lay them out on a tray on a piece of kitchen roll mate you are making pretty heavy weather of cocking some chips all but got

Your tongue staying about making them uniform i’m possibly overthinking this i mean after the bread shoot i was quite prepared to give you a job i’m looking at it now and thinking you really better stick to the tape job of making videos even on the edge just snorted didn’t do to me two batches lower them into the fats never overfill the pan cuz that’s how you

Start a chip pan fine just stop them before they go brown ruin are you keeping them failing blonde essentially kind of parboiling them accepted fats yes it’s precisely that process they do this first stage which is called blanching and you just lay them out on trays like i hope for underneath them to catch the grease you have a chip pan going at the second

Temperature which is one a five and how long does their frying it 185 take that three minutes being there go the team if you have to choose french fries orb or fat british chips a question facking the ships every time i mean i think they both have their place for me it’s about it tasting like potatoes so the inside of a good chip should taste like the inside

Of a proper baked potato you can get all kinds of horrible cheap commodity chipping chips and we throw this yeah you want to do them that they would do it in a mcdonald’s you know you plunge them in the fat it’s all about the fat crisp outer coat and nobody really cares about the inside that’s fine you could do cotton wall balls the same way if you’re monty

But it’s kind of fries there’s american-style fries or continental european style fries with a cold beer and a pot of mayonnaise and lashings of salt i mean that is it yes that’s a beautiful thing don’t knock it my bread is buttered and this is very very important the main condiment you’re thinking about here the thing that’s going to really give a season

Your chips beautifully it’s going to be the amount of melted butter that runs down your chair i think it needs anything else frankly a chip butty does it doesn’t need any sauce my camera operator says that i use too much butter my bread and too much salt on my chips but i think something like a chip butty deserves too much of both of those things okay here we

Go the steam coming up it that’s good just check camera two yep camera two is really happy i’m really happy are you happy i’m happy i didn’t put any vinegar on i think that fat ships like this demand it not on the block to you they’re not necessarily i think when you have the chips in newspaper which you should by the way even though it’s not illegal anymore

Chips up a newspaper tastes different i think they really need vinegar with them and what’s the song by they’re gonna chip butty you don’t need the vinegar as much because it’s about the butter it’s been you talking about the newspaper because if you’re a certain age that’s another thing that just evokes memories of childhood for me it was a bag of chips wrapped

In the newspaper not open wrap so you could then unwrap it at home and eat it that’s what the vinegar would have kind of evaporated at this point i just asked for extra batter bits on top you ever do that scraps oh yes yeah you’re starting to think like a scientific chef you know imagine how it you you encapsulate those things and you set them and then you

Carry them home and that’s a ten-minute process of steaming and settling of flavors getting to know each other and that’s got to make it a different products the one that came out of the panama’s ate was eaten at the shore those things are so emotional for us they’re so coded into our brains emotionally and i think culturally but i’m not it i just i can’t talk about ships forever

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Lockdown lunches: how to make perfect chips | FT By Financial Times

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how to fix a crappy stock market

How to Fix a Crappy Stock Market Portfolio

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Do you have a crappy stock portfolio well today i’m gonna share with you guys eight steps that if you do have a really underperforming stock portfolio how you can go ahead and fix it i cannot wait to share this with you guys today subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we’re talking

About how do you fix a crappy stock market portfolio guys we’ve all been there if you’ve been investing long enough to have a portfolio that’s you’re not too happy about so today we’re gonna give you guys basically eight steps i would go through if i were you to kind of fix that portfolio into becoming a great portfolio thank you so much for watching us today guys

Hit that thumbs up button if you enjoy it and let’s get into this number one thing you have to ask yourself is it really even a crappy portfolio just because let’s say the portfolio underperformed over the last few months just because you’re maybe your main stock you’re the second stock went down a lot that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a poor portfolio that

Doesn’t even mean you’re you’re bad investor if because short-term things happen unless you’re a short-term trader and that’s what your focus is then maybe you have something wrong there but if something happens short-term this isn’t necessarily just mean your portfolio’s bad your stocks are bad those kinds of things you have to ask yourself first is it really even

A crappy portfolio if you’re just judging off a 1 month 2 month 3 months even 6 months and you’re a long term investor that’s way too shallow minded in my opinion so the way i would kind of decide if a stock portfolio is crappy or not you got to look at at least the last 12 months and in the last 12 months did your entire stock portfolio severely underperform how

Much the stock market went up or went down so if the stock market went up 20% in the last 12 months and your stock portfolio went down 20% you got a crappy stock portfolio that’s a huge difference there guys if you just underperformed a bit because of cue of the main stocks doesn’t mean you have a crappy portfolio it means maybe you just had some bad luck you know

Some things went wrong with your companies or whatever or maybe the the perception of them by the investor community just wasn’t as high doesn’t mean you have a crappy stock portfolio but it like i said it may you know stock market’s going a big and you’re going down or vice versa it’s over a 12-month span maybe an 18 month span then you definitely have an issue

With your portfolio so then that’s step number one let’s assume you do have that portfolio let’s go on to step number two and kind of how you go out fixing this so step number two is you need to figure out the one stock in that portfolio you’re the most bullish on over every other stock just one stock and i know these are gonna be hard decisions for you but you’ve

Got to pick that just one stock that you’re like it’s like if you had a stick all your money in that one stock and that was the only stock you had to invest in that’s the one stock i’m talking about so you’re gonna pick one stock and basically put that stock to the side that stocks just kind of going to the side for now and we’ll kind of talk about what you’re gonna

Do with that stock later on but that stocks just going to the side for now then we go on to step number three so then you’re gonna group half of the stocks in that portfolio into a pile called very bullish stocks you’re very bullish on and you’re gonna group the other half of the stocks into a portfolio that’s not as bullish as those previous stocks as those other

Stocks basically so and i know this is once again gonna be a hard decision let’s say you got a portfolio of nine stock sold so you took out one because you that’s one stock you’re the most bullish on overall them that’s on the side so that basically leaves you with eight stocks for stocks going in that very bullish pile for stocks going in that not very bullish

Pile the bullish pile those stocks are kept the ones that did not meet the criteria those other four stocks that goes into step number four which is sell-off that that part of the portfolio that’s not as bullish so you’re gonna just kind of sell that off you’re gonna get rid of it because those stocks if you’re not even that bullish on them what do you what are

You doing in them if they didn’t meet that criteria beaming that top five what are you even doing in the first place she did sell off those ones and you need to just get out that is step number four and going into step number five now you have to assess how much in funds you actually got from that those sold off stocks did you get five thousand dollars five hundred

Dollars ten thousand dollars how much did you get from selling off all those stocks you weren’t as bullish on then we go into step number six which is stick the funds will stick half of the funds you raised from selling off those not as bullish stocks half of the funds are gonna go into that number one stock half of those funds so whatever amount it was half of

Those funds are basically going into that number one stock because that’s the one you’re the most confident you to believe in the most is the one that if you had a stick it all in a stock and you were forced to do that that’s the stock you would go into so you want to allocate more funds into that stock because that’s your that’s your breadwinner that’s your horse

That’s the one stock if somebody was telling you you know i only got one stock to buy that so i want to buy a stock what should i buy that’s the stock you tell them so you’re putting more money you’re frontal and more money into that stock because that’s so when you believe overall them so half the money from the new the new funds raise is going into that number one

Stock step number seven you’re basically getting put the other half of the money into the the other four stocks you had there or however many the you know the ones you kept the other half of the pile you’re gonna stick that rest of that money that was raised in to those other stocks now how you want to distribute that amount around the stocks is really up to you

In how you feel comfortable and you know if you had four other stocks in there maybe you want to put 3/4 of that money raised into those two studs the two main stocks and the 1/4 of the money into the bottom two stocks something like that you know you just have to kind of decide there and then we go into the last step which is number eight so if you’re not like

If you’re if you’re more bullish on a couple other stocks that maybe you don’t own own in your portfolio you could use some of that money that you may have stuck into those lows last stocks you could use some of that money into buying into those new stocks that you’re super bullish on but only get into those other ones if you’re super bullish on them the reason

Being is because there’s a good chance on those stocks you’re very bullish on that we’re already in your portfolio you underperformed the market there’s a good chance many of those stocks are probably down on cost basis and so if you’re as bullish as you know in one of the older stocks is one of my newer stocks you might just want to stick more money in the older

Stock because that one’s already down on cost basis anyway so you can kind of lower your cost basis and that should hopefully revive your portfolio and get you back going because you’re gonna you’re gonna have sold off those those stocks that you’re on as you may be used to like them but if they’re if they don’t meet the cut they don’t meet the cut you can bring

In some new life if you feel comfortable investing in a couple new stocks that you think are very you’re very bullish on and you also get to lower cost basis on some of those old stocks and you get to allocate some more money into that number one stock which is your horse which is the one that you believe in the most over the next few years if you’re a long-term

Investor so that’s kind of how you can go ahead and fix a crappy stock portfolio in my opinion that’s kind of the way i would do it and like i said just make sure you ask yourself first that number one step is key do you even have a crappy stock portfolio that just went down over the last few months it doesn’t mean it’s bad it just means you have a tough couple

Months guys so i hope you enjoyed this video today leave a thumbs up if you did and if you just came across this channel you’ve not subscribed yet you may want to we talk personal finance in the channel i’m a business owner and i get a lot of my entrepreneur type tips out and we’ve talked the stock market the most in this channel and how to try to be a successful

Investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day do you have a crappy stock portfolio well today i’m gonna share with you guys eight steps that if you do have a really underperforming stock portfolio how you can go ahead and fix it i cannot wait to show this with you guys today do you have a crappy stock portfolio today i’m gonna share

It with you guys eight steps that if you do have a really underperforming stock portfolio how you can go ahead and fix it i cannot wait to share this with you guys tuesday

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How to Fix a Crappy Stock Market Portfolio By Financial Education

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income statement tutorial readin

Income Statement Tutorial! – Reading an Income Statement!

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about income statement what is it any kind of statement on your screen today i’m going to put up an income statement and i’m going to go through the line with line with you guys on what each category means in the income statement

And put it in the easiest way possible so you can remember when you look at an income statement in the future exactly what that line category means i’m also going to share with you guys what’s the most important things on the income statement and you know before i get into the video i just want to share with you guys income statement is vital because every single

Person whoever is thinking about investing a stock you need to know what an income statement is every person who’s ever thinking about starting a business you need to know what an income statement is you need to know what each category on an income statement is it is extremely extremely vital there’s no way around it you have to know so i just want to share that

With you guys and let’s go ahead and get into this so on your screen now i should be showing you an income statement for apple apple corporation apples an awesome company to do this on because everybody knows apple you know if you don’t own a product of it you probably know somebody that owns an apple product so the first few things you’re going to recognize here

To see up there at the top it says income statement you’re going to notice that there’s three years here there’s 2013 there’s 2014 there’s 2015 so there’s all three years on most income statements you look at they’re going to show the last three years if not the last five years just to give you some reference to look at and say okay you know revenues going up or

Profits going up or this or that so you generally is going to show three years so the first thing we’re going to look at we’re going to look at you see the part that says annual data quarterly data we’re looking at the annual data so that’s the amount that happened over the entire year so revenue over the entire year cost of revenue you know gross profit all those

Things over the entire year we’re looking at you’ll one so the first category you’re going to see there is total revenue it’s right under period editing total revenue you’re going to see in 2013 if you go all the way to the far right they did 170 now that looks like it says 170 million in total revenue but all the numbers are in thousands they’re all in thousands

Meaning they actually did one hundred and seventy billion dollars in revenue 170 billion dollars in revenue in 2013 if you go one year over there under total revenue in 2014 september 27 2014 they did 182 billion in revenue in this past year september 26 2015 that year ending they did 233 billion dollars in total revenue total revenue is exactly what it is it’s the

Total revenue it’s a total amount of money coming into the company it’s not profit it’s not anything like that it’s just a total amount of money coming into the company that they sell their products for the lion category rate under that is cost of revenue now what cost of revenue is that is how much the how much it costs them to make whatever is they are selling so

Whatever they sold they sold 233 billion worth of product to companies right or to people or whoever they the amount that it costs them to make that is 140 billion in 2015 we’re looking at 2015 now we’re just going to focus up 2015 for the rest of the time so 140 billion it costs them to make all that stuff all those iphones and ipads and those kinds of things so

They ended up coming out with gross profit the gross profits right under that remember we’re only looking at 2015 now forget the other two years so the gross profit is 93 billion dollars that was a gross profit okay moving on to the next category you see there’s operating expenses it’s kind of in a darker shade there so now we’re looking at operating expenses we

Have research and development what research and development is is iphones and ipads and all those things then to have a part of their business that’s just focusing on trying to innovate in the future so that’s research and development they have tons of scientists and engineers and all these guys in gals working for their company who are only focused on trying to

Make innovative products for the future so that is a that is research and development expense they spent eight billion dollars on research and development and that’s not just paying all those people to salaries to develop those products and things as paying for all the new device you know the new chips and whatnot to try out this chip and that chip and paying for

All those kinds of things paying for the expenses to have the research and development facilities all those expenses that all goes in the research and development line category so eight billion that’s a massive amount of money to spend on r&d but when your company is bigs apple you can afford it next number that we have set selling general and administrative

They spent over fourteen billion on back what’s selling general administrative is is there’s a ton of administrative positions right invoicing those kinds of things those kind of positions in the company that they spend a lot of money on a lot of money there’s just a lot of administrative crap you know people that are salespeople and even be paid all those kinds

Of things um what company the size of apple spends so much money on all that stuff and all those jobs they create um inside their company that money has to come from somewhere so fourteen billion they spent last year on selling general administrative non-recurring category that is just like a one-time expense like say say they spend just an extra billion dollars

On something weird or something that could go under the non-recurring that’s not usually a line category that’s used very often the other category that’s not hue is very often either so basically they had the total operating expenses and whatnot once the fourteen billion is taken out the eight billion that’s being taken out from gross profit as you see they have

Seventy one billion left over at this point so now there’s still up seventy one billion all right so we got some more things coming out of here so they had some total other income or expenses net they actually made a billion dollars somehow on other income we could look into that and dive deep i’m not really going to do that and it’s not really necessary for this

Video but somehow they made 1.2 billion on other income earnings before interest in taxes so now they’re up to 72 billion in earnings before interest in taxes they have an interest expense they have no interest expense you see all three years they’ve never had an interest expense interest expense is exactly what it is if they’re paying out interest to a bank or

Something they have to put that in that line category there’s nothing there so their income before tax is still 72 billion then they have their income tax expense which is exactly what it is it’s an income taxes expense they have 19 billion they had to pay em in income taxes as a corporation all corporations usually pay between 25 percent and about 35 percent excuse

Me in income taxes depending on the company so they paid in nineteen billion dollars in income tax expense leaving them with a total of 53 billion in net income from continuing operations income from continuing offices you see there are 53 billion right under that we have a darker shaded line that says non-recurring events this is where non recurring events one-time

Things one-time expenses one-time things that are never in the general context never usually happen so this is these line items so we have discontinued operations what discontinued operations would be a say apple decided to shut down their ipad mmm business that would be a huge hit that apple would have to take because they would have to pay severance packages to

A ton of employees who work on the ipad lines they would have to shut down research and development facilities that would be expensive um they would have to probably uh maybe mark down the ipads from retailers and whatnot all those kinds of things would all go under discontinued operations so that can be a big expense sometimes apple didn’t have an extraordinary

Items are exactly what they are extraordinary items that could be maybe they lost a bunch of money because a facility got flooded something like that or maybe they got a huge return the next year from a flooded facility something like that or a tornado came and it destroyed their building extraordinary expenses is exactly what is what it is effective accounting

Changes that is if they decide to do a different type of accounting apple did not change their accounting method they do the same exact way so nothing in there other items or other items so it leaves them with a net income of fifty three billion dollars mmm they didn’t have any preferred stock or other adjustments so that leaves net income attributable per excuse

Me applicable to common shares of 53 billion 53 billions so that is how much money they truly made at the end of the day when every single thing was paid out at the end they had fifty three billion dollars left over that is some passive amount of money but it’s apple and they’re the biggest corporation in the world we know this but that is insane so i hope this

Helped immensely guys understanding what an income statement is it’s not that complicated it really isn’t a lot of people get scared and they’re like ah income statement that can be a scary place it’s not scary it’s very easy when you break it down like that as long as you remember the line items so i’m going to remember the main ones the main ones obviously total

Revenue obviously cost of revenue what’s the gross profit and then at the end of the day what’s the net income what is left over after everything’s paid and when i’m judging a stock for our investments want to see one that’s revenues going up and the gross profits going up and same thing with my business obviously i want to see revenue going up and i want to see

Profits going up if both those things are good and that’s awesome anyways thank you so much for watching this guy’s this is part of a three-part series i’m doing the balance sheet tomorrow doing the cash flow the very next day and i’m going to release them all the single videos and i’m also going to put them all in a category together so if you want to watch all

Three at the same time you can thank you so much for watching guys and have a great day

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Income Statement Tutorial! – Reading an Income Statement! By Financial Education

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10 money resolutions anyone can

10 Money Resolutions Anyone can Keep | The Lifestyle Fix

New year’s resolutions come and go each year, but they do not always have to be so hard to achieve. In this video, Tasha reveals ten money resolutions that anyone can keep for next year. Looking for more good money habits? Check out this video:

Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by fresh books the lifestyle fix is all about helping you create the life that you want on any budget the end of the year is a time to spend relaxing with your loved ones and reflecting on how your year went it’s also a great time to start planning out

Your goals for the new year so to help you out with that in this video i’m gonna be talking about ten money resolutions that anyone can keep number one budget for your entire year at a time a budget is an essential tool for managing your money it shows how much money you have coming in every month and allows you to decide in advance what you’re going to do with

That money now most budget examples that you’ll find out there tend to focus on shorter periods of time like two weeks or a month but i actually recommend budgeting for an entire year at a time it’s something that i’ve been doing for years and i find it incredibly helpful because it helps me actually see the kind of progress that i can make on my financial goals

Throughout the year if i stick to my budget if you want to check out my 2019 budget you can click the card up above or check the link down below in the description box number two start investing or increase your investment savings getting into the habit of saving money every month and not touching that savings can be difficult especially if you have debt and while

Some people might say that you shouldn’t start saving money until you’re debt-free i believe that saving is such an important lifelong habit kind of like brushing your teeth that it shouldn’t be put off it’s never too late or too early to start investing and don’t worry if the amount that you’re able to save right now is really small because even tiny amounts can add

Up over time for example if you invest just thirty five dollars a month from age 25 to 65 you’d have over $100,000 in the bank at retirement assuming an 8% average rate of return the point is to just start putting away some amount now and start building that savings habit you can slowly increase the amount you’re saving over time as your financial situation changes

Number three don’t open any new credit cards or new lines of credit this is one of those know thyself kind of resolutions there are plenty of good reasons to open up a new credit card or line of credit like if the card has some amazing travel rewards that’ll end up saving you money on trips you have coming up or if the line of credit has a low fixed interest rate

And low transfer fee that you want to use to consolidate some higher interest debt as you work to pay it down but if opening that new line of credit will tempt you to go deeper into debt then just don’t do it say no at the store counter when they ask you if you want to save an extra 20% on your purchase by opening a new account and don’t even think about opening

Up that airline rewards card with a hundred thousand mile bonus if you know you don’t have the cash to cover that $5,000 minimum spend instead focus on knocking out the debt that you currently have and hold off on the rewards cards until your debt free and able to pay your cards off in full every month number four do a no spend challenge studies show that anywhere

From forty to ninety-five percent of what we do every day is entirely out of habit and that includes how we spend money i’ve talked before about how i got into a habit of going to starbucks twice a day without even meaning to a no-spin challenge is a great way to break yourself out of those spending ruts the way it works is that you pick a particular period of

Time where your goal is to spend no money at all outside of your required bills and some amount that you set aside for necessities like groceries and gas i recommend doing a no spend month but you can go as short as a day or a week or even as long as a year at the end of the month you should have a nice chunk of extra change that you can use to pad your savings or

Pay off some debt and you’ll have some valuable feedback about how meaningful the things that you’ve been spending your money on actually are to you did you miss that daily coffee or donut how did you feel about having your friends over for netflix and homemade popcorn instead of going out to dinner at a restaurant and how did it feel to have that much money left

Over at the end of the month no spend months are a great way to figure out what really matters to you so give it a try number five know where you stand financially sometimes dealing with your finances can be overwhelming i’ve been there and i get it but it’s really hard to make progress on your financial goals if you don’t know where you stand i recommend tracking

Your net worth on a monthly or at least quarterly basis that’s where you tally up all of your debts and all of your assets to get a number that reflects your overall financial picture depending on where you are financially that number might be positive or it might be negative but over time you want to see that number getting closer to the green and then bigger

And bigger throughout your life we do monthly net worth updates over on one big happy life so you can check out one of those if you want to see what it looks like and again i’ll drop a link up above and down below number six stop spending money on services you don’t use let’s be real how many of those cable channels you actually watch do you really read all of

Those magazines that come to your mailbox every month are you getting your money’s worth out of that gym membership consider what services consume your money if you don’t use them remove them simple as that and you can use that money to instead invest in something more permanent for example instead of keeping our gym memberships we invested our money into a personal

Gym that we use every day that’s a much better use of our money and our time number seven get on the same page with your partner about your financial goals sit down with your significant other before the end of the year and have a deep discussion of where you both want to be financially in the next year over on one big happy life joseph and i talk a lot about how

We manage our money as a couple and one of the questions that we get most often is how to get your partner on board with the financial plan the first step to making that happen is to have frequent conversations about your joint financial and life goals the timeframe in which you want to achieve those goals and the steps that you both need to take in order to get

There that your long budget that i mentioned earlier can really help with that because it shows how overspending in one month will compromise your overall financial goals for the year number eight say no to things you can’t afford say no is hard i know but learning to say no is an important life skill that will keep your finances healthy and also set appropriate

Boundaries in your life generally if you find that your friends and family are regularly encouraging you to do things that aren’t in your budget just be upfront with them and let them know that you have other financial priorities that you’re focusing on you can also look for creative ways to turn a no into a yes in the future while also sticking to your budget for

Example you might say no to a week-long getaway in europe but then plan a weekend getaway to visit a nearby town instead or if you truly love the thing and decide you do want to have it in your life and include it in your budget and save up for it in advance number nine stop comparing yourself to others comparing ourselves to others is not a new thing but it’s

Even more intense in the era of social media where everyone presents the best of their lives for others to consume it can be all too easy to start questioning our financial or life decisions we all know instinctively that it’s not productive to engage in these types of comparisons but it can still happen from time to time when you find yourself starting to compare

Yourself to others refocus your thoughts on all of the things that you have to be grateful for in your own life also stop and ask yourself what about that person’s life is calling out to you and see if there’s a way that you can incorporate that into your life in a way that’s meaningful to you number 10 forgive yourself for not always being great with money it’s okay

If you make mistakes with your money we all do but it’s important to not let those past mistakes define your self-worth or your ability to manage your money going forward just think of those past money must steps as valuable feedback about what doesn’t work as you move forward and work towards achieving your financial goals in 2019 and beyond now that you have some

Easy money resolutions to help you get your financial life on track in 2019 let’s talk about an essential tool for a healthy business freshbooks making sure your business is in good shape starts with keeping your books in order things like invoicing tracking time and expenses project coordination and other accounting tasks can be confusing eat up valuable time and

In turn cause you unnecessary stress freshbooks accounting software has been designed to make renting your small business easier it streamlines all of those time-consuming accounting tasks so you can use your business savvy for actually running your business so save yourself time and stress and improve your relationship with your business with fresh books right

Now fresh books is offering tfd listeners a free 30-day trial of fresh books no credit card required go to fresh books comm slash tfd and then enter the financial diet in that how did you hear about a section thank you so much for watching and be sure to subscribe hit that notification bell and tune in here every single friday for new episodes of the lifestyle fix see you next week you

Transcribed from video
10 Money Resolutions Anyone can Keep | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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