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chart crimes

Chart Crimes

Chart crimes make frequent appearances in the world of finance, and they can attract a great deal of attention. What is a chart crime? It is often an attempt to mislead people who quickly glance at a chart. This can mean manipulating start or end dates to show a particular outcome or cropping chart axes to make a small change seem bigger than it is in reality.

The most famous quote relating to statistics was attributed to benjamin israeli by mark twain who quoted him as saying there are three kinds of lies lies damned lies and statistics this is a line that’s often brought up in discussions where one person mistrusts the statistics their opponent is using to add weight to their point while it’s true that statistical

Outputs can be manipulated or presented in ways that distort the picture the whole point of statistics is to extract useful information from the available data in order to better inform our understanding and improve our ability to make good decisions there are a number of reasons that people analyze data one is a scientific analysis done to try and better

Understand the world and the other is to prove a point that may or may not be true often the second type is created by marketers or politicians who start with a conclusion and then torture the data until it agrees with their point of view these are the people that give statistics a bad name and they often express their questionable analysis in a misleading chart

That we call a chart crime this week a good example of a chart crime crossed my desk and just to be clear this is far from the worst i’ve seen but i felt i had to make a video about it the chart that got me all agitated is on the screen right now and i’m hoping that my viewers can quickly see a few problems with it it’s supposed to be showing us the change in net

Worth by wealth percentile of americans over the first three quarters of 2020 i’m guessing that it’s attempting to communicate something about how the pandemic affected inequality in the united states but it doesn’t really communicate very much so what are the problems with this chart on first glance you might think that by september 2020 all groups are better

Off than they were pre pandemic as all groups seem to have seen increases in wealth during the crisis this is a little bit surprising considering the number of layoffs that have occurred and the number of businesses that appear to be struggling you would think that one of the groups might have taken a hit the chart suffers from many problems firstly we’re seeing

Dollar gains split up into baskets that contain different numbers of people one basket shows one percent of the population another nine percent of the population another shows 40 percent and the last basket contains half of the population a chart like this struggles to communicate any useful information another glaring issue with this analysis is that it tracks

These groups by wealth percentile over time forgetting that the actual people in these baskets are constantly changing over time a person in the top 1 say back in 1999 might be there because they owned cmgi stock the hottest internet stock of the 1990s a year later that person might be in the bottom 50 percent because the stock collapsed when the dot-com bubble

Burst if you created a chart that showed that the top one percent in 2003 have more money than the top one percent did in 1999 that might be true but they might also be an entirely different group of people all of the dot-comers might be gone replaced with hedge funders who had grown in wealth as their industry boomed in the early 2000s such a chart might have

Been deliberately designed to mislead the reader with the idea that the people who were on the top in 1999 continued to prosper over the next three years while everyone else suffered when in fact there was a changing of the guard as one business declined and another one prospered enough with the top one percent what else is wrong with the chart well every year

Oxfam the british charity puts out a press release designed to go viral they announced that the top x number of people in the world have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population around 4 billion people it might surprise you though that the bottom 10 of the world’s population contains an awful lot of americans and europeans in fact

There are considerably more americans and europeans at the very bottom than there are towards the middle why is there such poverty in the developed world you might ask the answer is that in these parts of the world an awful lot of people have a negative net worth a doctor for example who has just graduated from medical school might be in the bottom 10 of wealth

Due to student loans consumer debt and underwater mortgages they won’t spend long in the bottom 10 percent however when their high income career kicks in an individual with a high income but higher spending will also show up near the bottom but this person won’t obviously be in as bad of a financial position as you might expect so what if instead of looking at

Wealth we look at income well the top one percent of incomes is not a static group either individual incomes can vary significantly from year to year around 11 of americans will find themselves in the top one percent of earners for at least one year during their prime working lives and half of americans will find themselves in the top 10 at least once in their

Careers this volatility doesn’t just happen at the top of the wealth distribution 54 of americans find themselves in or near poverty for at least one year by their 60th birthday according to research from cornell university this video is not about wealth inequality in truth i know next to nothing about the subject which i imagine is complex and nuanced but i do

Know bad statistics when i see them there’s pretty much no useful information in the original chart in fact it looks like it’s been specifically designed to obscure any interesting information that might be contained in the data that was used in its construction the pandemic and the associated lockdowns caused the global economy to suffer its most severe decline

Since the great depression there were most likely huge transfers of wealth over the last year where certain sectors of the economy prospered and others collapsed many people lost jobs or saw their incomes cut many formerly prosperous businesses failed destroying the wealth of their owners there will have been many changes over the last year for americans from

Almost every wealth bracket usually data is presented in chart format in order to clearly communicate important information a particular style of chart might highlight the most important feature of the data so what should we look out for in trying to spot chart crimes zooming in too much on a chart to make small moves look way more dramatic than they actually are

You often see this after the stock market has had a bad day people post stock market charts zoomed in to make a three percent move look like the end of the world leaving out the y-axis in a chart is another chart crime so that the reader doesn’t know if it’s in dollars in percentages in numbers of people or what unlabeled accesses are always a red flag putting

Too much confusing information in a chart so that it’s undecipherable is another chart crime overlaying charts that look a bit like each other and using that to make a prediction this is rarely useful as it ignores all of the times that a similar setup occurred without leading to the same conclusion we often have to be wary of charts or statistics presented

By those with a political axe to grind or those with a dog in the fight a tobacco company executive telling you the health benefits of smoking should possibly be treated with some skepticism statistics is central to the scientific method it helps us to understand if an observed effect is real or statistically significant or if it’s entirely attributable to

Randomness thus good statistical analysis is of great importance it’s used in things like drug trials for example where scientists are trying to work out whether a given medication works or not scientists will do a lot of testing possibly comparing the new medicine to existing treatments to see if it provides any improvement they’ll also analyze the effects to

See if an observed improvement is just a placebo effect similarly statistics is extremely useful to a trader who’s trying to understand market behaviors let’s say for example if you think that low pe stocks will outperform or if you think that a commodity that’s trending upwards will continue to trend you can download some data do some statistical analysis and

Work out if these approaches actually worked in the past if they do appear to have worked you can then analyze whether the outperformance is statistically significant or if it’s consistent with randomness a good researcher will calculate each statistical output carefully these can be thought of as pieces of evidence collected by a detective whose goal it is is to

Uncover a piece of important knowledge as enough evidence is gathered together a researcher can then make a good case that might drive an important decision if you want to learn more about statistical analysis and how it might be used to improve investment decisions check out my book statistics for the trading floor i’ve put a link to it in the video description

When approached with honesty and genuine curiosity to make discoveries statistical analysis is hugely helpful you just have to watch out for lies and damn liars see you next week bye

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Chart Crimes By Patrick Boyle

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5 huge mistakes stock market beg

5 Huge Mistakes Stock Market Beginners Are Making

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Five huge mistakes i see beginners in the stock market make every single year if you are newer to the stock market meaning you’re in your first year of investing okay maybe you’ve been looking in the stock market for a few weeks a few months or whatever you’ve been in the markets for less than a year there’s a good chance you’re probably gonna make at least one of

These mistakes and i’m here to present this video for you guys here today that hopefully you do not make any these mistakes because you watch this video and i hope it helps you out and whatnot now i made some of these mistakes and almost every single investors gets caught into at least one of these and these these things can waste so much of your time your energy

In your money and if you get caught into them guys so i hope you enjoy this hope you get a ton of value out of it make sure you follow me on instagram and snapchat my links are down there in the description let’s get into this guys the first one the first one is buying a stock just because someone else you heard is buying that same company just because someone else

Believes in the company this never means you should buy those shares i don’t care how much you respect them i don’t care how much money they have i don’t care how much success they’ve had in the past you should never ever ever buy a company just because someone you might look up to is also buying that company okay now it is fine if you hear a stock you hear a stock

Idea from whoever your neighbor your dad the guy online me you know warren buffett or a carl icahn or whoever it is you hear a stock idea and then you’re like hmm no one seems kind of interesting i’m gonna look further into that that’s okay and then if you win invest and you looked into the company and what none you really liked it that’s fine you you get my blessing

On that i do that all the time i’ll hear someone else mentioned name and most of the time 99% of time their names i’m not interested at all even looking into sometimes i look into them and they don’t even really get past like a 1 hour mark and that just happens but the majority of my investments the idea came from somewhere like maybe i read an article online about

This stock and i’m like all i need to look into that maybe i’m watching tv one day on cnbc or bloomberg or i see something on a cnbc app or i’m on the stock tracker up somehow that idea came to me right it’s not like i just sat in my room and i just like like thought forever oh let me thirst think of a magical stock here i had to hear an idea from some bar maybe

Somebody mentions a sock in a comment right maybe someone mentions in my stock market group the idea has to come from somewhere right but there are two real reasons why you don’t ever want to just buy a stock just because someone else is okay the first one’s obvious like they could get it wrong okay it doesn’t matter who it is they can then get that stock wrong

So if you buy stock a b and c and that happens to be one of them they’re wrong on you’re gonna lose money okay that’s the very very obvious thing the second part is so much bigger than that though the reason someone gets into the stock market other than obviously wanting to make their money into money right the biggest reason if someone gets into the stock market

Because they want to have financial freedom they want to start taking control of their life okay as an individual stock picker you are starting to take control of your financial life right so many people are so dependent on their job right they they lose their job they’re screwed like like they have to go find another one immediately and try to look around for that

And most people don’t invest their own money they just stick it in a 401k whatever money they can put away right and it’s invested automatically for them by some fund manager or something like that right so they have really no control of their financial life at all okay when you start individual stock picking you you begin to start taking control your financial

Life where you start making decisions in your life hmm i like company a b and c i like this company over here i like this company over here i like these five seven companies over here i’m gonna stick money in these you start taking control of your financial life and it begins to get you in a mindset shift completely okay now when you’re just investing just because

You’re someone else you heard you’re still not taking control of your financial life you do not take control your financial life until you start making your own decisions okay and until you start being your own man your own woman out there until you start making decisions for yourself you’re not really financially free this is the first step so you don’t ever want

To just buy a stock because someone else does guys this is number one let’s get into number two number two has to do with making sure you fully understand that you are not gonna make money on every single stock you invest in this is so key guys when you when i used to think when i was just getting start in the game i would make money every single time okay it’s

Just not accurate guys you’re never gonna make money 100% of the time over the long term are there some years where maybe you just knock it out of the park in every single one of your investments goes great absolutely but there’s gonna be a time if not multiple times when you actually you know lose some money okay so what i like to look at is i looked there’s a

Sport called basketball okay and basically if you get fouled or whatnot you shoot free throws and what i have found is the same exact statistics that go into shooting free throws are the same things that actually go into stock market investors as far as success goes so if you are a great free throw shooter if you shoot a hundred free throws in a game you should

Make at least 90 of those it’s the same exact ratio as far as a successful investing if you are a truly great investor if you invest in a hundred stocks over a ten year span at least 90 of those stocks should have made you money okay the game is is totally rigged in your favor and the stock market is totally rigged in your favor over the long term okay oh we can

Get into that just a little bit if you are a good free-throw shooter you eighty percent plus of your shots or made okay it’s same deal in the stock market if you get at least eighty percent plus of your stocks are successful and you make money on them you’re good you’re good at the stock market and then if your average is somewhere between seventy and seventy nine

Percent of the time your stocks are correct so if you invest in a hundred stocks over a ten-year span at least seventy to seventy nine of those should have been a success all right no anything less than seventy percent you’re really garbage okay you there’s there there are either one of two problems one is it could be just your strategy is really really bad okay

So if you invest in a hundred stocks over a 10-year span in only 65 of those make money only 50 of those make money especially if you lost money more than you gain either your strategy is horrible or you’re not putting in the work ethic or you’ve got both problems going right where you have horrible you know strategy and you’re not putting the right work ethic same

Deal with free-throw shooters right some of them have horrible you know technique and what none they never make their free throws and they missed more than 70% of the time and usually those same exact ones they usually never put in the work i think to become a great free-throw shooter okay so why is the game rigged in your favor well one the government is totally on

Your side okay the government wants the stock market to go up more the government wants companies to be more profitable okay the government wants you know companies to be able to compete internationally and things like that so we’re gonna do things you know whether it be a corporate tax reform whether it be you know lowering interest rates whatever it takes to keep

The economy solid to keep these corporations going up and most people have having you know tons of their life savings in the stock market so one day they would like to retire right the stock market goes up generally speaking they can retire and do things like that and spend more money and whatnot so the whole game is rigged in your favor also you’ve got you know

Very bright executives on almost every big company out there right who are daily are trying to think how can we make more profit how can we expand in this category how can we do this with that the whole game is really rigged in your favor completely that’s why if you can get it at right at least seventy percent of time like like your strategy is re the really bad

Or you know ultimately at the end of the day like you just might not be working hard enough and once again you’ve got to judge over the long term especially if you’re a long-term investor so if one year so if one year goes by and you invest into let’s say ten stocks and not you know and not at least seven of them went up that’s one year you’re a long-term investor

Why you judging off of one year you should be judging off from you know three five you know seven years whatever there so that’s number two is getting number three the number three mistake beginners in a stock market make and i made this mistake in my first year is looking at dividend yields okay looking at the dividend yield and thinking like you should make it an

Investment based upon what a dividend yield is so if you see a 2% or 3% or 4% yield loss and you’re like this this company pays a 4% dividend yield if i got 100 bucks invested in this company i can make $4 this year it’s just for having my money in it and so a few things one is just because the company has paid dividends to i mean it’s guaranteed to pay it in the

Future okay they could cook that dividend now most bigger company days you they usually don’t cut dividends they usually keep them going unless maybe we go into a recession or something like that usually they keep that dividend okay but it’s possible they could cut it but also there’s no point in just looking at the dividend ratio i’m thinking that’s gonna help

You be a successful investor what not that should mean absolutely nothing to you because okay you invest in this stock it pays you have four percent in dividends awesome okay so you had you know let’s say a thousand dollars invested you get 40 bucks in dividends from that cool well well what if that stock has a bad year though in the stock price depreciates 20

Percent how bright of an investment was that it is really not as simple as it is just like oh let me look at the dividend ratio and go from there that’s not how it works guys last year last year the stock market went up somewhere around 25 26 percent okay the average dividend paid out there was probably somewhere around a 2% yield what what mattered more if you

Were in a stock that went up 40 50 60 100 percent last year or the dividend yield you got that was a 2% yield or something on on a ge stock or whatever that actually went down last year like you’ve got to think about this guy’s dividend yield don’t get caught up into that too much it’s more about how much your company appreciates over time how much more valuable

The shares get and that’s you know based upon what revenue growth is in the future people based you know what the company is doing in the future by revenue growth in the future expect it you know what the total sector they are in is going to do in the future is that going to grow in the future and then also what’s that forward p/e at is a super high already maybe

It’s already overvalued at that point is it low maybe there’s some opportunity there especially if there’s growth so don’t get caught up in the whole with this one pays a three percent yield or five percent yield and this is what i need it’s not it’s not really where your focus should be your focus should be on making business decisions on investing in stocks not

Oh this one pays a two percent yield let’s get into number four number four this one oh my goodness i see this so often from newer people in the stock market people that are within their first year of investing it is getting so caught up into day to day price fluctuations in stocks you should not be getting too caught up into oh my gosh stocks went down 2% today

Stocks went up 2% today whatever like that should not matter whatever’s going on that day to day you know fluctuations and prices it should not matter now last year for people that just you know got started in stock market last year they kind of got started in a really bad year in my opinion was a good year and bad year obviously the markets did phenomenal but

From a psychological perspective they came into a market that was just pretty much going up and was very you know even and whatnot there wasn’t a ton of volatility now this year so far we’ve had a lot of volatility especially here in february right the markets have been moving all over the place pretty much day in and day out we’re seeing 300 400 500 point moves

Sometimes even 1500 point moves right so there’s a huge you know the the picture of the ocean you know the ocean goes up and down that’s really what the stock market is okay so you’ve got to expect that if you go on the ocean with a boat you better expect that that boat is gonna be rocking up and down especially if you’re in a storm right same deal with the stock

Market you cannot get caught up into oh my gosh that you know the stock market went down or up all that’s just mumbo-jumbo you need to be making business decisions on investing in stocks in thinking several years out where is this company gonna be three four or five years from now i don’t care if i buy stock a b and c for $10 a share tomorrow okay i don’t care what

That stocks at one week from now i don’t even care what it’s at one month from now okay maybe i care in the respect that i might buy some more shares if it goes lower or whatnot or sell-off if it went up massively but for the most part i don’t really care where those shares are at talk to me in three or four years that is when i really care where those shares are

At so whether those ten dollar shares i bought went down to nine dollars went up to eleven dollars went to twelve dollars eight dollars i don’t really care all i want to know is three years from now where those chair is that or they have $20 $30 $40 or that or they have $5 that’s really what i’m gonna know at the end of the day and that’s really what i cared about

Don’t get caught up in all this price fluctuation it’s gonna it distract you from where your mind needs to be and your mind needs to be on looking into companies for the long term not oh my gosh this one dropped up percent today or two percent or five percent or whatever guys so keep that in mind let’s get into the last one number five this one number five is

Really not just a mistake i see beginners in the stock market make i see experienced investors make this all the time so whether you’re watching us and your newest market or experience i see this all the time and it is truly people not caring about the balance sheet people that just don’t care about the balance sheet and in most market situations the balance sheet

Isn’t gonna be incredibly important okay the balance sheet kind of gets forgotten about the balance sheet basically for those who do not know what about you this by the way they got video on what a balance sheet is and whatnot and think of it in the simplest terms the balance sheet of a company think about it as a balance sheet of your life the balance sheet of

Your personal life is how many assets do you have how many liabilities do you have how much cash do you have how much you know if money do you have in your savings account how much money do you have in your stock market accounts how is you do own a home things like that and then what are your liabilities you know do you have debts and things like that it’s the same

Exact idea but for a company it’s gonna be what do they have for assets what do they have for liabilities you really need to be paying attention to the cash category you really need to be paying attention to what they have in short term investments long term investments and then you really need to be paying attention to what that company has in short term debt and

Long term debt okay by looking at those you can get a pretty good idea of where that company’s financial base is okay meaning if that company comes upon hard times or we have an economic troubles okay we have economic troubles we’ve gone into recession scenario what is it likelihood that that company is gonna get through that and not go out of business okay or you

Know with some price protection there a lot of people lost a lot of money in the 2008-2009 stock market crash in recession right because they were in companies that had poor balance sheets and some people weren’t hurt nearly as bad in the recession that were in the markets because they were in companies that had phenomenal balance sheets you getting companies that

Have weak balance sheets and when something goes wrong with that company and sometimes you’re gonna get in a company if something goes wrong with things are gonna go really bad for that investment the only reason my worst investment ever in my life as far as one particular stock goes was gopro they messed up across the board they made so many mistakes we don’t have

To get into they messed up everything everything they could have messed up they messed it up okay this company the only reason i was able to sell out my shares at like six dollars and 50 cents a share rather than 50 cents a share or nothing sure is literally because that company had a great balance shoot so when i went into that investment i looked at the balance

Sheet i looked at everything i thought it was gonna work out but lucky enough i cared about the balance sheet in the head of a ton of money in cash they had a ton of money in investments and at that time they had no debts so they were able to get through all these troubles and whatnot and i was able to sell out somewhat of a reasonable rate rather than lose all

My money that i had invested in that one guys and people lose all their money and some of these stocks they mess around with that you know don’t have a great balance sheet the next thing you know they’re having to sell out for bankruptcy type traces and that hurts really bad guys you never want to lose that much capital you’re going to lose some capital once in a

While but you don’t want it to be so extreme that you know one of your bigger investments went bankrupt or something like that that’s a horrible situation a lot of people a lot of people got caught up into that in the 2008-2009 recession and a ton more people are gonna get caught up into that in the next time we have a big recession which who knows when it’s gonna

Be but when we do i can guarantee you what a lot of people are gonna lose the majority of their money if not all their money because they’re gonna be in some of these companies that have really poor balance sheets those companies going to go under in a very rapid amount of time and it’s not gonna be a good situation for them at all guys so make sure you’re always

Paying attention that balance sheet anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this tremendously today make sure you follow me on instagram or snapchat links down there in the description anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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5 Huge Mistakes Stock Market Beginners Are Making By Financial Education

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make an eneloop d cell adapter b

Make an eneloop D cell adapter | BeatTheBush

How to make an AA to D cell adapter with tape and foam. They do not sell C or D sized Sanyo eneloop NiMh batteries so you need to buy an adapter that goes from AA to C/D sized.

Hey what’s up everybody this is beat the bush and today we’re going to make an antelope double a battery 2 d cell size adapter now remember safety is our number-one priority not just kidding we don’t need to wear all of this a lot of people use nickel metal hydride and lube batteries one of the main features of these is that they have really high capacity and that

They last a long time on the shelf meaning they have really low self drainage but they don’t sell these guys in c or d size so you end up having to go online and find a little plastic adapter that makes them bigger than they are you just pop them in they become d cells and they you can put them in there like that three of them emptier for this flashlight see the

Spring here it’s a little bigger than the n1 so when you when it comes in it doesn’t actually fit i have to find this washer somewhere or you can put like a quarter or something and then you put it in and then it will work if you look up how much these guys cost probably get them around $2 roughly this thing being about the same cost as the battery kind of makes

Me go hmm you know i want it to be reusable so you need two kinds of high-density foam to wrap it around the battery and make it bigger i found that i was using this bubble wrap and i thought it worked well it would work well the first time but see the second time when you put the battery in it kind of like scrunches up like this and then covers the contact so it’s

Not very good for reuse so i would advise not to use the bubble wrap if you want to be able to reuse this homemade battery adapter you see i have two layers of high-density foam here the first layer to make it as big as a nickel and then the second layer to make it as big as one of these esai batteries let’s just do one i just roll it around and then just cut it

Right where so that it’s one layer thick tape it a bit loosely because you want it to be able to slide in and out later and then you just take the second letter get about and wrap it around one layer like that put four bottles in there and make a make it so that this edge does not quite reach the the tip of the battery you just want it wide enough for most of the

Length so you can just go like that have it a little tight here so that it would hold the five-cent and then a little looser here and then with this at the bottom you go and cut cut it close to the five-cent and then you just put some tape on the on the very edge here this holds it king okay so now it’s ready just as good as this one and you make sure that actually

Slides in and out easily and put one of these guys in okay works okay so these guys come out to recharge and you can just put them back in and off you go so that’s all i have for you today i know a lot of people want to do the same thing so i hope this helps people to make an adapter without having to buy it thanks for watching this video like it and comment down

Below if you have a question on how to build it and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Make an eneloop D cell adapter | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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facebook tesla release shocking

Facebook & Tesla Release Shocking Earnings

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

Hematology mentioned on camp reset report eurlings and a live for the towers is bizarrely ridiculous may there is tension and circle line up before start legible joel facebook meanwhile learning matches needed for moment how much an amazing dow scapino start mark knight the valleys over for interpoint cs a pipa’ or other porn porn pipe 5% nasdaq up to point super set in both

Summer sperm the indexes set the daylight power the tarte markers are approached as a 20th was amazing race to us every single staccato idea was on beek ok nbs a alarm position reports express and apple vengeance was apple of 7% idea was there a sing-along therapy in the margin of the waist arm mariola riga that there is also a the church a redstone you guys send politics

Game to one and that is also a granny billion euros and that star boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh seven thousand dollars also the house table trees private start with the numbers abruptly on popular section en c gets into a sing-along dosr okay buddy trooping down jabber hive te de belt cd facebook em tesla optical champion for the f of the arrow and ankara c

Booties earnings work for checking for very carefully his pocket he provided me sip and what we start this really louwerse luxe facebook why cream 12% by the way leeuwarden 12 percent f your systems i took a maximum of driver surprising as a sneaky screenshot your name super sambre les and two percent girls door surprising europe at my choupette the earnings of my driver

Surprising that you say nothing warging facebook step 3 pi for the toy fans carbon that facebook course device seven pony percent we put a screenshot sms and know the basket and school and so soccer ball finish pushing past limburg can fingers in the sticks warms up and hell person and then after which only person with over 12 percent so see living together so kroon van

School man ok for certain number three regar ds to facebook mondi active user numbers on a routine china this just takes into account the facebook platform this does not include instagram so i took a whatsapp when your back drying platforms i got in a damn as a couple segment that really impressed i want your love your price increase of 6 million jews you like i was a big

Drivers metadata lyon france la apparently that was in china disparity 6 million is fine bigger and then of course the asia-pacific region bernays toaster that millions in asia pacific balance photos metrics more very good advice multi active users my team given this is amazing after all this is a double over trio perry and that’s to the oil boakye charlotte lokin dodgers

The about this here comes simple what is it you come here person or loose double row station billieblush force with my god what now by user geography filou typical here ok about 2 trillion dollars increase your here in the us and canada your paddle and and mi jn $100 million increased do they text me for us and europe osho’s history love grows revenue and tries to come in

A major dit at market on tap on the merging markets ok nou om de bad guy operating margin the tree substantially van mijn ship type surfers and who preview lesson in photographic experts and let’s play sharpie on rescue margin der burg using facebook is there who drove lesson on land or impulse about the patch youtube these glands highlighter gonna get to our secure the

Stuff and if privacy concerned never have she who is not the hms and then a nice season hen donna unfortunately big perry margin in a kind sharla red force the entrance do some amazing number director number in history the company hollanders 7 trillion dollars in na kaminarimon player is incredible de luren earnings per share or something like that number that football

Players in surrey something and they the mother earnings per share unbelievable apple investments islands put arguably on the cashflow investment about this you so soon shoutout harry morren corys with and now as if the mee contends south two piles employs weight and it’s not just a little bodybuilding and all servers and all artificial intelligence juni as for shipping

For all these issues on facebookshare ok so middle c which becomes facebook sardines for shocking in a risk is bigger than just the story wall street was expecting and here is the big barda management the engine for baseplate last year’s is less am to the privacy concerned and securely and all actions al die mambo jambo did something the business the soon management the

Center of action building the business model building have privacy now are always he pisses off okay so less smits attention’ i’m already there and i’m a silent for at these amazing numbers could join pony 19 and management at bacon focus of the business academy building up a legend the high performing kind inherent ronnie 1920 johnny johnny johnny man in looking for

Ok dat while i saw the game so shock neat that those goals numbers week they are often net management attention’ technology within other everywhere businesses and more on this work in a warrior in and whose ryan this article by facebook seconds libro look tesla’s drivers uptime from the butler came from school yes and lectern a2 posters video like minecraft and check out

There because they sleep hessels can from school star the name sings and facebook a that’s the morrigan between my bed with widgets facebook from texel unbelievable numbers here ok about the double in the forest of refugees from dutch of the waypoint rebellion in a symbol and listen about seven point you trillion dollars in les coordonnées special reporter would double per

Net entrance impressions not just rail girth i the logic is like chair stripe orders that al the of an ink man ok let score over challenger fifty million box and the entrance disorder children handling noise and their income and the most impressive thing about have this basically awkward french recorders on a trillion dollars in so a corner live earth of numb those nuts

Lose 3corda trillion dollars then i took over when family never meet in major spin is amazing ok how you punish socials 2019 and dhabi le pair stuff for this between poor dear will biocare bleed for the nineteen and so love you the first time tess oil with 1st hit think of everything in which makes some more worst case scenario a and e team of my 500 million to be released

I want everywhere 2010 i think i your as much as a trillion dollars are there entry in 2019 box number worries credible it’s not least a tipper driver sec and ok who so hurry up in louis le grand your personal their temples and 115% dead by the sector growing on your post percent about this here is ridiculous okay solidarity and sister tank a moment supply of machine gold i

Mobilair testing for humbugging what theories are pencil lines numbers is one for the bar a few too big companies like this think it up display and tab revenue and early sometimes a sing along ok me the blue figure we have a live show namely a new that 3 pin 7 trillion dollars in cash in cash flows basically opinion that the misery gaming comes goal in margin becomes shop

Pro league with such a stick writ on word of his ex-husband polly took the realistic what they should add to make up heaven and anne series 9 june 20 million oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy and they should make up providence 219 michonne him at once shop a the pension sector is way like i think the show grace way dollar infrastructure services all types of rescue

Much easier for detail and raise money like the dune hd base money spent at work is actually already called barry very important oil ladder that telephone booth copper cable caravans i want my venture this is going to be big small 3 production volumes in free much and gradually continue to grow group financing and regions of stone rode seven home and us pro league but de

En dan de here again on length chain the fris mori wrappers and natural production already tour old pony 19 including the architect riche a hype we again micheline in sorrow as a balloon costs river for week of both to be able to produce and would be post again every week everything on stone bases for unexpected challengers wigs factory ching hai mere targeting in your

Eyes production of the mode factory in excess of five hunger would be the us which give you for 2 and 10 and youtube of quinty quinty in which they are bang numbers there okay that’s a mix it up for who your bag shanghai factory up and running net pencil paragraphs and tolomeo respecting to deliver 63.000 the next at home in stores in 2019 representing a big for trucks

Milk for that five percent sixty five percent compared to jean and so range respect in the have yes just i one of that is preferable in africa jumped in and recorder bianchi because you on his creation managing the business of born on 10 tedtalks de das mijn jory of which could go to grow festival nu wrap them respect of the right to find your audience so a man should be

Sufficient to continue to develop of a project that your shanghai thick pack 3 the mellow wine regions as you should be releasing intro not in test le chemin yes boys sleuths pinch an offer supercharger service in which shall never would expect fayette thing to local brings a shiner to find carfax political spectrum ching hai since my job i poot van de mole 3 platform in

It is designed to share my family guy personal boys met marie de post of my life production line to be sustained jury lower than the model 3 line informant in production hampshire also be faster word marieboer liner pc games free line was summer jeff an amateur by 4 times s and what we do from the mall x-turbo sister castile time all free line up and running and get up

And running in in a skill book leeuwarden gives start producing during the old unit eyes my wire’ll ok what the mind is something i should be much much as you be less costly en w us version of expensive taxi plus much more updates dna biscuit bottom all the freeline soldiers various a news and the lodge and all is not forget how amazing sheriff and for texel in the in the

Center hf s200 person plus with my numbers dd 4 ports glasgow so thats our label for camp song they have boring are texel in a specific purpose in the type difficult if they do this is my job in the gutter sunglasses from met denyo other person je sunrise business week must sorry but neither perilla oil no basically a cars thereby computers so angeles slightly different

Label ok sofie sardines kymco dj ferry workshop dynamics and facebook would take sixpack december in line with top sixpack wore too neat the song would be rambam and all apps but this is a best we already copied memes be an amazing this marlies hobby greenhouse enjoy this is always let me know what you by buying or selling girly girly en zo is you know for watching have great day

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Facebook & Tesla Release Shocking Earnings By Financial Education

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cancelling car insurance heres w

Cancelling Car Insurance. Here’s what happens after.

I assumed the risk of cancelling my car insurance to test out how much my insurance will go up by. I wanted to check out the process and out some valuable information regarding registration with the DMV in California.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush when the shutdown happened i went ahead and canceled my car insurance and also my scooter insurance and now i live to talk about it today i’m gonna talk about what happened how much money i saved what’s gonna happen are they gonna find you or what not does your insurance rates go up all this i’m gonna talk about today

Before i begin this video is sponsored by weibo and as you know a lot of people are on robin hood or weeble they’re getting brand new accounts and they’re putting a bunch of money in because they’re seeing a lot of people making a lot of money you know fomo or whatever but right now they’re giving away two free shares just for you to sign up and deposit $100 so the

Way i would play this is go ahead and open the account but don’t go around full mowing into the stock market you can go and get your two free shares of stock this is what i recommend but you might not want to buy into the market i am not on financial advisor i cannot advise you exactly what to do with this particular account but right now if you sign up it will

Help out this channel this is through my affiliate link down in the video description below now first i’m gonna talk about my scooter insurance this is about seven dollars every single month and i have it with geico they make you pay one year at a time so what is it like a hundred bucks or something and i went ahead and canceled my insurance and of course whenever

I canceled insurance of anything i don’t even move the scooter outside of my garage it doesn’t move so i’m not driving it illegally or anything same with the car some people thought when i cancel the insurance i’m canceling it but i’m still using the vehicle no this is not the case so what happened with the scooter interestingly is that i got a letter from dmv

Saying that they’re gonna suspend my registration now this is registration i paid for already you know you have to pay for registration this is in california you have to pay for every single year and it seems like me canceling it with geico they send the message to dmv of california within about two months or so saying hey you know this guy he cancelled it isn’t

And what it asks you to do in this letter is you have to go back on the dmv website and give them your policy number and everything saying that it’s active and then once you do this you don’t have to pay a fine to reinstate your registration if you go pass the deadline which is you know they give you about a month right so from beginning to end roughly about three

Months until they actually suspend your registration then you have to reinstate it for a small fee around fourteen dollars or so but i feel like i don’t want to go into the emv i don’t want to waste my time i don’t know if you can do this electronically by reinstating usually it’s not the case so it’s gonna waste like a hour of my time so what i wanted to do is

Just okay you know bite the bullet i’m gonna start my insurance again so i went ahead and went on geico started the insurance and they want me to pay one year at a time fine i paid one year at a time it was roughly a hundred dollars or something and they charged my credit card fine and then about a day or two later because of the shutdown stuff they refunded me

About fifteen dollars it’s about a 15% discount because people are driving less or whatnot ten days after i started the scooter insurance i decided to go and sell the scooter now i initially bought the scooter for $1,200 drove it for about ten years i sold it for $900 so $300 for the cost of the scooter for me you know and also i have to pay for maintenance and

Stuff but thirty dollars a year for for riding the scooter around is pretty darn good now i sold it because i’m just kind of on this minimizing binge i just have too much stuff i have so many vehicles a scooter a tesla performance i have an electric scooter i also have a bike i also have a skateboard before i even have like rollerblades and i also had a porsche

Boxster before but you know those are i got rid of those already anyhow i sold the scooter i went ahead and reported to the dmv that this vehicle is sold it’s no longer my responsibility it only had two months worth of registration so if i held on to the scooter for two more months i have the you know put in $150 for registration so i wanted to not pay that so i

Sold it in a hurry when i sold it i also went back to the insurance and they refunded me money and they actually refunded me $8.00 more than i actually paid into it because after did this count i paid only $85 but i actually got back like 93 dollars or something so it beats me on how how they do these calculations i think they did not take into account at the lock

Down discount when they do the refund so you know it’s their own accounting thing that they didn’t account into this so what did i learn from the scooter experience here is that you can cancel your insurance and not use the vehicle but you know if you don’t want to go through a whole bunch of hassle you have to reinstate it within two or three months or so now

In comparison with the tesla i cancelled my insurance with the tesla on the same day and tesla insurance is a little bit slower to report it to the dmv or maybe the paperwork goes a little bit slower or whatnot i don’t know the reason but the registration complaints saying that they’re going to suspend my registration for my tesla came roughly three weeks after

The letter came for my scooter so it seems like tesla insurance it’s a little bit slower about this so if you happen to cancel your tesla insurance it’s gonna come a little bit slower and you’re gonna have a little bit more time and then avoid this reinstatement fee of about fourteen dollars or so now with california dmv it’s pretty easy to give them your policy

Number they give you a link you have to type it in exactly because it’s really hard to find any other way and then once you type it in you just put in your policy number put in all that information then dmv i think they have some sort of electronic system that they’re going to pull whatever policy number and then go ask it is this policy insurance policy current

And then they seem to know this right away and then they’re gonna reinstate your registration not reinstate they’re gonna leave it active so initially my tesla insurance costs about ninety four dollars and a lot of people in the comments when i first said that i’m gonna cancel my insurance people thought i was crazy i don’t know why i do this it’s kind of you

Know kind of putting myself in pain i kind of like to do things a little crazy you know sleep in the car for a week go work at amazon warehouses or something just put myself through some treachery i guess anyhow some of you have concerns that your insurance is gonna go up a lot if you cancel it there’s gonna give you a gap or something well i experienced this

Myself and yes it’s true they will increase insurance because i remember what my policy exactly is and then when i got it recorded with tesla insurance it was roughly six to ten dollars more expensive it went from 94 to a hundred and four however this is not what i paid i actually lowered my mouths usage from seven thousand to five thousand and then i got it back

Down to like $94 so it was roughly the same it’s like a doll or cheaper even so i’m roughly paying the same my coverage is a little bit lower because you know i’m driving less miles so you know apples to apples with the same insurance policy it did increase by five to ten dollars or so so what did i learn in this whole experience is that yes you can cancel and your

Insurance and dmv is not gonna find you right away for california at least and they’re going to cancel your registration there you’re gonna deactivate it um within actually about a three month period so if you were locked down and your car is sitting around you can indeed cancel the insurance and save some money so i cancelled it for a full ah three months minus

One week because you know one more week is exactly the day of three months so 94 dollars times three months this is roughly three hundred dollars okay i’m gonna you know round down a little bit about two hundred seventy or so so this is the amount of money i saved a word about my sanity here because i canceled my car insurance and i could not go anywhere i kind

Of feel like i cancelled it for a little bit too long i could do one one month easily probably two months even order groceries in and i use my electric scooter to do all the things i need i can use my electric scooter to ship items that i like to sell instead of all my old stuff that i’m getting rid of because i’m on this minimalism binge i can buy my groceries

With my electric scooter i can go to the bank i can do a lot of stuff other than visiting people because that’s like more than 20 miles the farthest i can go with the scooter is ten mile one way 20 mile round-trip it’s a little bit lower now like around 19 miles or so so the range has reduced a little bit since i used it so all of this has been a very interesting

Experience because i would say i’m driving myself insane near for not having a car because some things i have to not do for example i have a lot of donations i want to give that i need to drive all this stuff too because it’s so bulky i can’t bring this with the scooter with me and also i like to go to this recycling place you know there’s a hazardous waste thing

I’m purging a lot of stuff so i need a car to do all this and because my car has been in the garage it’s it’s unmoved i think the furthest i ever move it was outside the garage i never drove it onto the road when i did not have insurance so you know that’s as far as i moved it and my feeling through all this is you still have to pay for registration because when

I bought the car i paid for registration i freaked out how much it was maybe like $800 or something for the entire year if you’re not using the car you’re still using the registration you don’t get a refund on registration or anything so that part you’re kind of kind of like wasting you’re just kind of burning it feels like i abused it for leaving it there like i

Kind of abandoned it well anyway burning up a bunch of registration months three months in total for for the car but i guess i saves seventy dollars but then i didn’t get to drive the car i would say i can do it for two months and i would say going forward i might be able to you know do another month cancel my insurance for a different state if you cancel insurance

You might get fine for this so you really have to look at the laws for your own personal state for california i actually experienced it and i was ready to get a fine for it and i you know whatever they throw at me i was like ready to take because i wanted to do it and find out what happens kind of like you know what happens if you quit a job and and don’t go back

And you know try to make your money on youtube so thanks for watching this video i hope this was interesting for you i’m trying to share every little piece of knowledge that i picked up from going through this experience and based on this experience maybe you can cancel your insurance for i don’t know a month maybe you can do it too if you’re going on vacation for

A month right i personally have never canceled my insurance when i went on vacation for a month now i know this is actually something i can do if it’s within a month i can cancel it and then i’ll come back reinstate it okay maybe my insurance will go up by ten dollars but then you know it’ll be like this $90 $95 i would say you can wait if this is worth it for you

Or not thanks for watching everybody if you guys are interested in that weeble referral link this is a free trading platform you can get two free shares of stock if you deposit $100 check out my referral link down in the video description below and as always push that like button let me know if you’re gonna cancel your insurance comment down below and push that

Subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Cancelling Car Insurance. Here's what happens after. By BeatTheBush

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how will brexit reshape the city

How will Brexit reshape the City of London? | Lex Megatrends

Brexit has eroded the City’s position as Europe’s financial hub. From Singapore-on-Thames to a lawless Dodge City, the FT’s Lex looks at how the City will reinvent itself. Read more at:

Lex megatrends city scenarios from singapore on thames to the spires of gaia the city of london has been many things roman trading outpost financier to the british empire and deregulated yuppie playground now brexit is eroding its position as europe’s financial hub the city needs reinventing how do different scenarios stack up the first is repressed rule taker

Odds 30-1 city bosses hoped brexit would bring little disruption the uk would mirror eu financial regulation but the eu is not granting equivalence for city businesses to operate on an equal footing with locals by requiring eu investors to onshore trading and clearing progressively the eu can make lots of non-eu capital switch too before more than half the trade

In eu equities was in london now less than a fifth is the second scenario is singapore on thames odds three to one the south east asia hub serves a whole region just as london serves emea countries it’s also a forum for inter-regional deal making regulation is seen as flexible but muscular singapore is a welcoming city for expat financiers top rate personal

Tax is just 22 corporate tax is only 17 that wouldn’t work in the uk which is raising corporation tax to 25 percent authoritarianism is another singaporean trait the uk wouldn’t copy regulatory style is a bigger deal breaker the uk would need to adopt the agile economically driven approach of singapore’s monetary authority the uk’s slow-moving financial conduct

Authority would need a heavy overhaul but overzealous deregulation could trigger the third scenario dodge city odds 7-1 the uk may let founders wield extra votes over premium listed companies it could make prospectus rules much lighter and it could tweak solvency requirements for insurers if the uk deregulates too hard bad money would drive out good dodgy cowboys

Would replace honest brokers the uk has some form for laxity it lured listings in the naughties from asian resources groups some of their business practices were as grubby as their polluting products today the city hopes for a green makeover under the fourth scenario the spires of gaia odds five to one raising money for renewable energy businesses is no harder

Than doing it for polluters you just need a critical mass of capital and expertise carbon transition is a good trend for london to embrace it’s complex involves large sums and will take a long time it’s a pity the uk has limited credibility in green finance the government has not issued green bonds yet unlike other big eu countries the uk stock market lacks big

Renewables companies to match denmark’s orested london does have legacy hydrocarbons businesses such as bp and royal dutch shell which financiers can help re-engineer it also boasts a trade in carbon derivatives ice an exchange operates a futures market in european emission permits dealing in the equivalent of 12.2 gigatons of carbon yearly unfortunately trading

Recently moved to amsterdam because of brexit similarly while the uk has some great fintechs the us will attract the listings while valuations and liquidity are higher there irish rooted payments group stripe plans to float in new york for the city to thrive the government must do more than commission think pieces from torrid peers a national financial services

Strategy is needed margaret thatcher had a plan for the city in 1986. it was called big bang her successors need to rethink london’s financial cluster again things aren’t so bad for the city the refusal to grant equivalents could take the eu down a self-defeating path in the past nationalistic financial restrictions in napoleonic europe and the u.s in the 1960s

Were great for the city the higher the walls a protectionist eu builds to retain and control capital the greater the amount that would go elsewhere thanks for watching to the end

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How will Brexit reshape the City of London? | Lex Megatrends By Financial Times

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the scariest charts in global fi

The scariest charts in global finance | FT

Laura Frost of M&G Investments and FT markets editor Katie Martin look at what investors should be afraid of this Halloween, from negatively yielding corporate debt to trade war fatigue. Take our survey and tell us what you like about our YouTube channel and would like to see more of:

So laura it’s a very frightening time of year again and i don’t know about you but i was thinking of dressing the children up as the bond market to frighten people on halloween we’ve got some charts here that might do just the trick what are investors scared of at the moment laura i thought one of the most frightening things was this chart so negatively yielding

Corporate debt so company debt yeah we’ve heard all about negatively yielding european debt in the government space this is looking at european corporates if we’ve got kind of got used to this weird phenomenon where investors are handing money they’re paying for the privilege they’re guaranteed to lose money holding government debts of maturity but what you’re

Saying is this is leaking into the corporate bond market nattu it certainly is and there’s almost a trillion euros worth face value of this negatively yielding debt the scary thing is that you know there is that much within the triple b and a universe as you can see on the chart so lending to corporates in countries like italy that we’ve heard so much about

This year in the news a negative yield something is wrong right so if that doesn’t put the fear of god into you then let’s have a look at this one this is a chart of the high-yield bond market now this is interesting because if you look at the indices that cover the whole of the high-yield bond universe it tells you that everything is well in the world and that

These bonds give you a lovely juicy yield everyone’s looking for yield as we were just talking about yeah but actually if you kind of look beneath the surface there are some real stinkers in the high-yield bond market there’s some there’s some bonds that haven’t defaulted yeah that have been invested in by investors basically seeking the yield so the white line

Is showing you basically the global high-yield index now over the last 15 years that’s given you roughly seven percent per annum and of income so very much you know investing for that income fabulous however if you actually have a look beneath the surface because we’ve got so many tourists in that market yeah purely therefore the yield yeah without a real real

Granular understanding of what they’re buying what they’re investing in all of a sudden you have a little bit of bad news from some companies and these are not exclusive there are there are a few of them out there yeah we’ve almost had those tourists just selling out any price right and that kind of creates a bit of a sort of death spiral whereby first lot of

Tourists sell out the next lot sell out you can see that on a daily basis if you look at some of these companies thomas cook obviously a household name yeah you can see here you know that’s over two days it lost you know 20 30 percent of its value in terms of the bond price yeah speaking of which what does it take to get a positive real yield so what do you mean

By real yields here and and how long do you have to wait for this stuff to really start giving you some cash okay so let’s just take you know the u.s. so ten years trading it we have about one point seven five something like that but of course we don’t actually receive that because there’s this thing inflation no actually this is showing you how long you have

To invest for along the green line is the u.s. you have to invest for 13 years to be able to really capture that that positive real yield and of course you know the us has obviously got the highest level of of yield and a nominal scale so what you see that 1.7 is at the moment that the inflation factor strips that away so look at europe which are some of the

The lines beneath so you’ve got the likes of france and the uk and germany and actually the whole curve so you can invest the 30 years and you’re still receiving a negative real yield and that’s why people have been looking elsewhere so let’s look for the high-yield errs in the emerging markets and you’ve got the likes of mexico in the pink brazil in the blue

And you can see that they have a higher level of nominal yield they also have some inflation but you’re getting you know three and a half ish percent but again i know what you’re doing exactly yeah exactly yeah are we suffering from trade war fatigue so the markets been very funny this year every time we think we’ve got a headline that tells us is going to be a

Deal between the us and china then the markets pop up yeah and they they fall that you know they fall out of bed again list yeah and we just kind of constantly going backwards and forwards it feels like we’re getting nowhere have people just switched off to this whole thing really interesting question so i’ve got two years of data here almost two starts in in 18

Now over cq or 18 there was a massive sell-off in credit so this is if ting at the us and european credit so across the board big sell-off spreads widened we’ve then had in 2019 quite a sort of quite a large sort of a retracement essentially every time trump puts through a tariff talks about a tariff or puts a tweet out the market reacts in some way but what’s

Interesting in this chart is those sell-offs are getting smaller so those upticks are getting smaller and on a sort of second note what is scary is we’ve only got a year until the 2020 elections and the front-runner for the democrats is now elizabeth warren elizabeth warren is militant on trade and so much like trump she is also not a massive fan of large companies

Monopolies oligopolies also big financials she’s also got thinking things in place where she would bring in tax on the wealthy 40% assets over a billion so largely speaking a little bit more market unfriendly than trump and i think the scary thing is you know we might end up wishing the actually market friendly trump was was here it mattered under car right i mean

But yet there is this idea that the trade was all about trump they’re not there is glass party supports it’s not gonna go away whoever no wins next year this isn’t second world what kind of territory obviously below but this is you know we’re on the kind of this this perception of risk and this perception of anxieties definitely been on the earth over the past

Couple of years definitely so what we’re looking at here is the uk so national debt to gdp so percentage of nominal gdp and you can see if you go back a long long time obviously government debt goes up when you’re financing wars and then what tends to happen is you then pay some of that back take the second world war for instance so here’s the first there’s a

Second no obviously we paid a lot of that back which is fine go back down but you know the last 10 years or so we know that government debts been creeping up what do we do to get rid of this two things firstly we can basically tax so we’ve got tax people and we can end up paying it back that way but actually that’s a really difficult thing to be elected on the

Grounds of you know we’re going to tax you more hope you don’t mind yeah oh you’re reliant upon really high inflation to kind of you know inflate little deflate a debt away it looks like it’s very difficult now is this the price of democracy this is if it’s a new world yeah and it potentially it’s a scary world what can we do

Transcribed from video
The scariest charts in global finance | FT By Financial Times

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dividend stocks on sale

Dividend Stocks on Sale

Get 2 free share of stock for signing up here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about dividend investing and how i personally do it now before i begin i do have to have a disclaimer in that all these things i’m talking about these different stocks it’s just my personal opinion you really should not go and invest in these without doing your own research and doing your own thinking

Stock prices including dividend investing can go up or down in value so whenever you buy just remember that you are fully responsible for your purchase or sells of an asset so i’m just gonna look at my weebo app this is a free stock trading platform if you guys are interested i’ll leave a referral link down in the video description below i think you can sign up

For this if you deposit $100 you eventually get like two free shares of stock worth up to $1,000 here’s my watchlist it’s not every single thing that i watch i think every single person has a limited amount of time so you can’t expect to be able to watch like two behind your stocks and you cannot also expect to hold every single one of them expect more like you’re

Gonna look at fifty a hundred of them and then you’re gonna invest in a subset of these because you think that they are very attractive in terms of buying right off top i’m just gonna tell you all this stuff ticker symbol i’m gonna cover in this video which is i exceed this is a global energy etf on pc k which is california municipal bonds it’s advantageous as a

Californian to invest in this because it’s essentially tax free for the federal level and at the state level so this is very important if you’re trying to earn income and not pay any taxes and the third one is irm ixc i think right now they’re paying about four and a half percent although if you go on the apple app it might say like seven percent there’s something

Outdated about that over there so it does not exactly say on this page over here if you scroll down it says year-to-date yield – eight point nine two percent because the stock price used to be like thirty one dollars it dropped to twenty eight fifty or so and i thought this was probably on the low end and so that’s why i bought into it and i do not think that it’s

Actually gonna come up very very you have to wait until all this coronavirus you know dies down and stuff maybe it’s gonna get worse even at $28 it might just drop you know like a bottom fallout or something i don’t know it might go down to $26 or whatever but that would be like an even lower low than you know if you look at the five-year chart over here it’s gonna

Break below the minimum five-year mark six sixteen twenty nineteen and five fifteen twenty nineteen they earn about seventy cents in each so they’re paying out two times a year so a dollar forty or so for the entire year and a dollar forty divided by twenty eight or so that it’s about four and a half percent and here is what i feel is most important in terms of

Dividend investing a lot of people you might go on google stock picker check thing right and then you can sort everything by the dividend yield and sometimes you have stock that is yielding like fifteen percent 20 percent and those things are kind of risky right because they are such a high yielding stock for a reason whenever i see a really high yielding stock it

Was because their stock price used to be let’s say ten dollars and they were paying like a dollar and then suddenly their stock price goes all the way down to five dollars and all of a sudden now if they happen to pay the same amount out then now they’re paying twenty percent so i think looking at just a yield it’s probably a very very bad idea what i personally

Do is i try to buy an asset that is high yielding and that i think the stock price is gonna go up so i want double duty here for my money i want to be able to hold this stock long-term and receive a lot of dividends in the meanwhile and i don’t want to pay a high price for it so sometimes the stock itself it’s very high price an example of this would be at&t

Stock ticker symbol t let me go and look for it t so i just added to it go back to it okay t over here if i look over the 1-year period it’s gone up about 22% i personally think that you know telecom at&t they shouldn’t really move all that much so right now it seems on the high end so because to me it seems like it’s on the high end of the band of you know

How much you should pay for an asset i tend to avoid this although i really want to buy into it i do not think that it’s gonna go anymore hires and any of it appears low then i would like to buy it and i keep something else in mind because it’s not just the dividend i don’t buy it to keep it forever i would buy it and keep it as long as it stays somewhat low and

As soon as people get all crazy about the stock and it goes on the high end of this band i tend to sell it so within a few short months i could be able to make like 10 20 percent or so so i rather take my money out and try to find another a high-value dividend paying stock and then i put my money into that so at&t is one of these stocks that i kind of look at

And go okay it’s a nice dividend paying stock and i just keep it in mind i keep it on my watch list over here and this is just one of the stock that i kind of take a look at every once in a while and then go okay if it’s cheap i’m gonna buy into it so there’s two different things right like if it stays cheap i don’t mind at all because i prefer it to stay cheap

And i can just keep on collecting the dividends no harm done right the dividend on at&t right now it’s about 5.4 percent yield so i can just think of this as you know just collecting money but if for some reason and there’s always going to be one or two stock you know maybe a couple there’s always going to be a couple of stocks that just kind of gets ahead of

Itself so if i’m holding on to a handful of dividend paying stocks anywhere between four to seven or eight percent and if one of them happens to go up like 10 20 percent then i can go well you know what this is a little bit high i’m gonna sell it and i’m just gonna set it and forget it in terms of like sell it and not really buy back into it because i think it’s

Hot then i’m just gonna go look for some other better opportunity that has a really great value that i do not think that the asset price is gonna keep on going down another one that i think it’s a little bit too high is pck i think this is actually fair market value so this is pimco california municipal income to look at the yield is four point six two percent now

For pck there’s a thing called nav history which is net asset value tits if they sold all the assets they have every share it’s going to be worth about this much this is not to say that sometimes a stock could go below this amount if there’s some pessimistic thing about it maybe people are gonna default on the bonds that they hold because sometimes if these entities

They go bankrupt they cannot pay them back essentially they have to write down these assets go to zero because it’s not worth anything so there is some risk but bonds generally they waver less at they’re a little bit less volatile it’s a different kind of assets that’s why they’re called bonds so anyway i am really only interested in all of these different things

Really for their dividends and the summary here really is that i’m only gonna buy something that give dividends if it’s really good value if i’m not just gonna buy it just only for the dividend and just go okay you know i don’t care if it goes up or down i do care if it goes up or down so therefore i want to buy things when they’re down and when they go up i want

To reap the benefits as well so you can sort of think of this as putting your money on double duty right while it’s sitting there collecting you dividends you can also wait for the chance that one of these assets all of a sudden maybe some people are suddenly very bullish about this dividend stock then all this money flows into it it goes up then that’s when you’re

Supposed to sell of course so other than only collecting the dividend you can also have the benefit of stock appreciation and sometimes it’s really really lucrative to do this because sometimes i would buy something and it jumps up in ten percent in just three short months so yeah i’m gonna rather take ten percent in three months rather than five to ten percent in

A full year so i made money four times faster this way in some off-chance where you know the asset value shot up so going back i’m also gonna talk about irm iron mountain enterprise storage solutions you can see on the five-year chart over here it just goes up and down from 28 to 38 or something right now is around 33 the last time i talked about it i forget how

Much i bought it for like 31 or something it went up by 10 percent so i’m looking at my retirement account and i’m like i just bought this a few months ago and increase i didn’t even collect the dividend yet my initial purpose is that it’s low i want to hold it for a really long time i want to collect a dividend for a year or something or even two years that’s my

Time horizon over here and i wouldn’t mind if it remains depressed or even if it reduces about ten percent or something i’m just gonna wait around because all this time i can collect a dividend you know while i’m waiting which is very nice this is as opposed to if you just put your money in let’s say a savings account there’s a whole different story why you want

Actual cash right but instead of just having the money sitting there i’m deploying it to somewhere where this money is actually sitting there and i’m collecting a nice dividend while i’m waiting around so this is a you know trying a nice thing to do so these are all what i currently on send me actively looking at i was purchased into at&t probably six months

Ago but i kind of sold out of at&t after they increased in value and i was about to go on vacation so i’m like i’m just gonna sell it so i don’t have to worry about it going down right now i’m actually holding on to i xe an ir m i don’t hold any municipal pck municipal bonds although i really want to if it comes down to let’s say you’re like nine dollars and i

Would look to buy that irm i think if they go up too much maybe like 38 then i would probably consider selling them because this is kind of like a large cap stock they don’t move that quickly unless they’re doing something you know really amazing all of a sudden some sort of game-changing thing but usually these big companies usually don’t do that all the time so

I am you know kind of eyeing like when it looks kind of frothy when the value of the asset is kind of ahead of itself and i don’t think it’s gonna stay around there so therefore you know that’s just basics of selling higher right i think it’s high i think it’s hide compared to the asset value so i’m gonna sell there’s other random stuff on my watch list here like

Fz ro x which is the fidelity zero total market fund they charges 0 percent investment fee for the etf and this thing’s and then i look at vo o vanguard s&p 500 which also has a low etf fee i’m looking at tesla amd microsoft spy gold all this stuff was pre-populated i think so this was not my doing just a few shares that i’m looking at right now and again if you

Guys are interested in using this app to get all the insightful information that’s not always on let’s say the apple phone where they have the typical stock ticker that you can track with their native app it doesn’t show you as much detail as this thing so if you guys are interested you can check out my referral link down in the video description below you can get

Two free stocks after you deposit $100 i think if you sign up you get one free stock and then after you deposit $100 you get another free stock on top of that so you know this is free money so thanks for watching this video and i know a lot of people are going to talk about this tesla thing because right now as i’m making this video the stock price is $918 i sold

Around 895 and well i have to you know you can’t feel too bad about it because i made a lot of money i think 300 percent or something and whenever i make a video about you know selling a certain asset bitcoin to be particular people always wait around until you know the stock price is always gonna go up some more i cannot time it perfectly i don’t have a crystal

Ball i don’t know when you know if i always sell it and then the next day it just keeps on going down then you know i’m suddenly gonna be recognized as someone that you know whenever i sell it would be like the signal it’s like oh you should do it right like right when i do it but the truth is you know the thing with these kind of cells is even though when you

Think an asset is over a price it may remain overpriced for an extended period of time and you know just as long as the market is going crazy it’s gonna remain there for a while it might go up to a thousand dollars even i sell mainly because i think in the short term it’ll go down that’s my assessment and i’m just gonna go along with it thanks for watching this

Video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you gather some of this nice dividend because dividend is very nice you don’t have to do anything because you just put money in you know every few months you get some money it’s completely passive you just got to make sure that the asset doesn’t go down while you’re holding on to it so that’s

Why i watch out for ds value dividend stocks you know when they’re low they can so they can actually increase in value rather than decrease in value and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Dividend Stocks on Sale By BeatTheBush

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buy this not that flights skinca

Buy This, Not That: Flights, Skincare, Cars, & More

In this video, Chelsea walks us through several spending swaps you may want to consider, such as diversifying your income streams instead of putting all your financial eggs in one basket.

On our channel to become part of our very elite secret society. and today, mona and i are hopping into the first edition is, we can be a little bit more thoughtful about how so without further ado, here are nine things you shouldn’t buy, instead of buying the cheapest possible airline ticket, reasons, travels enough that it makes complete sense rather than opting for

The super duper cheapo tickets. included with the least expensive basic economy ticket for instance, they’re currently offering free cancellation with that airline to churn purchases through and pay off rack up points and miles with the money you’re already and if you’re planning a big trip in the medium term future the point is, it’s easy to get tempted by those super

Duper in nickel-and-dime’ing you for everything else that you get being more than you would have paid for a slightly higher but not do so through the extremely bare-bones airlines york to paris ticket, and tweeted it out and shared it to build out revenue is through getting just a full time without using up all of your valuable time and resources, designed for both course

Creators and their audiences, you look at decisions through their roi and long term and that’s because the moment you drive it off the lot, can be achieved by buying a relatively new pre-owned car. a new car not only depreciates quicker, but is twice as a look at your interest rates and make sure that that’s not which costs more upfront, but ultimately could save you

But it’s worth noting that shark tank villain and noted and while, yes, that might not be possible for some of us, and we’ll link you to a breakdown of that very decision number 4 is instead of buying canned cocktails or coffee if you have noticed that cutesy canned beverages, particularly and when it comes to coffee, more and more companies and while my distaste for

The ubiquitous canned hard seltzers is the great taste of fresh squeezed fruit juice, that and listen, i would never say that people should not with your product, you’re paying for a fresh product to build out a little home bar cart, or coffee station. but i will say on a last note, whether or not you take this carpet tiles have exploded in popularity and marketing but

Carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean, i long ago made the switch to machine washable rugs floor, the company that arguably popularized carpet tiles that’s still $96 a year spent on replacing carpet tiles, with almost all of their 8 by 10 rugs listed at $439. products, invest in seeing an actual dermatologist. and out of this phenomenon has grown a huge cottage

Industry mark, and between the rollers, steamers, face masks, serums, of dollars before you even apply a stitch of makeup. but you should not be investing a single dollar into them and in many cases, especially if you have actual skin issues, it is to be making sure that you are investing money in products companies like hill house, with dedicated instagram followings,

But maybe reconsider impulse spending $100 or more on what and have a very vested interest in aggressively marketing it that the so-called, quote, ‘great loungewear pivot,’ is its proprietary fashion social media tracker, the barometer, in a march 2019 forecast called ‘considered comfort’, wgsn living spaces, they said, were set to become a quote, it’s important to resist

These aggressive marketing trends or, frankly, around a college, that new textbooks are with an average of about $415 being spent per semester those textbook costs onto your already bloated student loans, will be incredibly painful for you come graduation time. where you can download textbooks to either use exclusively the vitamix brand is incredibly powerfully marketed.

And can hold up to 64 ounces depending on the model. you are much better off starting with a sinlge-use blender, if you decide that you actually find yourself needing it to supplement for other things like blending up soups, and often things that need to be blended in some capacity, which is a fraction of the cost of the vitamix at about $70, will take care of basically

Everything you need to blend. you might want to consider the footprint in your kitchen or buying the item that’s really more adapted to our lives. and to come back every monday, tuesday and thursday

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Buy This, Not That: Flights, Skincare, Cars, & More By The Financial Diet

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defense metals corp ceo craig ta


DEFENSE METALS CORP CEO CRAIG TAYLOR (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 19, 2020 – Defense Metals Corp is a Canadian mineral exploration company. It is engaged in sourcing, exploring and developing rare earth and uranium mineral properties. Its project portfolio includes uranium projects.

Hi how’s everybody doing today this is richer behalf of rich to be live and i’m here with a very special guest it is craig taylor the ceo and president of defense metals for how you doing today craig very well how are you i’m doing very well thank you for joining us today now i was wondering about is you guys are in the defense metals business so why don’t

You tell us a little bit about defense metals core defense metals corp is a rare earth deposit that’s located about 70 kilometres from prince george bc it consists of 1,700 acres and primarily we’re hosting neodymium and praseodymium and those are two of the elements that are used in the permanent magnets and the lightweight mag and so you’re seeing these in

The the eb market primarily these days you see it in all sorts of wind turbines there’s 900 pounds of neodymium and the wind turbines so with the green cards and the turbines and the maglev trains it’s a very green element now it’s also used in mail of military applications so you see indited systems you see it radar you see it in you know all sorts of the

Us and worldwide military systems as well and so that’s what we have the defense term precursor there into that okay very good and what are rare earth metals and what are their current applications where if metals are 17 elements in the periodic table as i said we are strictly not strictly but we have mainly four of them the new ddm praseodymium lanthum and

Cerium and they can be found in your cell phones in your tv screens in their refrigerators and your electric vehicles in your wind turbines in space technology and guidance systems at really every aspect of your life has some sort of rare earth component to it and that’s why we’ve seen such a resurgence work or actually just a growth in the rare earths just

With all the technology that’s around us every day great and we are currently seeing increase in the demand of rare earth metals can you explain why that would be i would say the primary driver for that is the electric vehicle market i mean tesla recently they opened up this plant in china they’re gonna do three hundred and sixty-five thousand cars this year

And that’s the first year and then you’ve got toyota and doing the same with priuses volkswagen it’s ramping up so so this is going to be an ongoing growth story and there’s gonna be on ongoing demand very good now defense metals corp is currently mining at the 1708 hectare with cheetah property what exactly makes this site so special i think part of why we

Are looking better than everyone else at this point is because the ease of access we have road access we have electrical access we’re close to water and we’ve been able to extract our rare earth elements at a very very high rate and extraction is extremely important in rarest if you can’t extract the elements it’s of no use so we’ve we’ve spent time doing

Bench tests extraction floatation extraction and sgs labs and they’ve been so successful that sgs use a world-renowned extraction specialist to keep it simple is now featuring us in all the symposiums that they are attending worldwide wow now who you say are some of the fence metals corpse main competitors well housing mat mountain pass would be the main one

And they’re the only producer in north american we we’ve got grade that’s similar to theirs and we’re not producing so that gives them a bit of a leg up but our ease of production or ease of mining is gonna get us there fairly quickly we’re able to strip them on the minerals off the mountain in a fairly easy fashion as i said the infrastructure is can help as

Well very good now it’s very important to set yourself apart from the competition what sets you apart from your competitors it’s really just the grade that we have we you know we are able to extract 90% product out of our rock and and that’s much better than most to do now if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about the fence metals

Core what would it be i would just say that we have really fast tracked this we’ve got the us military given them our applications to be a preferred vendor so they were looking at it quite closely we’ve been speaking to members from the department of defense they’re actually gonna come up and see us in march so that’s fairly exciting for us and then sgs that

Is featuring us that’s that’s a real feather in our cap because they’re you know the experts at this in the world what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company i’m usually through our website wwf ents metals comm and that will give you access to all the contact information well that’s pretty much all the questions i had for you today

Thank you so much for your time today craig taylor ceo and president of defense metals corp i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and for those of you guys that are watching all over the world take a look at defense metals corp and if you’d like to learn more get in contact directly with craig taylor thank you for your time thank you have a great day you

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