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how to transform your messiest s

How to Transform Your Messiest Space in 15 Minutes or Less | The Lifestyle Fix

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Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by a skill share with spring right around the corner a lot of people have been bit by the cleaning bug myself included one of the quickest ways to increase my appreciation for my living space and improve my general outlook on life is to declutter i

Have a whole series of videos over at one big happy life where my family and i declutter various parts of our home from a large hallway closet to the entire basement which took multiple days of work to finish there our whole industry is built around managing cleaning and decluttering your living space there are so many different philosophies and methods that have

Greatly improved people’s lives and relationships with their belongings and it’s great that you can try out those different approaches to figure out what will work best for you and your lifestyle i’m not gonna go into any of those frameworks today personally i love taking a long leisurely afternoon to completely empty out of space touch everything and do a massive

Purge it’s so satisfying but sometimes you just don’t have time for that instead i’m gonna walk you through my quick and dirty method for decluttering any space in 15 minutes or less the first thing that i want to emphasize is that you don’t have to set aside several hours or multiple days in order to make serious progress on decluttering your living space you

Can make a huge impact on your surroundings with a solid plan and just 15 minutes of focus work the first step in creating your plan is to define the area that you want to declutter does your kitchen pantry need help is your hallway closet overflowing when was the last time you went through your medicine cabinet in your bathroom do you still want to read or watch

Everything on your bookshelf or in your entertainment center or all of your office supplies in good condition and do they serve your current needs can you remember the last time you looked in the boxes that are stored under your bed pick a specific area in your home and commit to it for an entire at 15 minutes if you plan to work on your kitchen pantry resist the

Temptation to start going through your kitchen drunk drawers success in a 15 minute declutter spree is going to strongly depend on your ability to define your goal and stick to it you’ll see the greatest and most dramatic declaring results when you stay on task instead of following the urge to wander in other areas this declutter ring spree is a targeted deep

Dive into one specific section of your home not a broad sweep across every surface now i want you to be realistic here if you’re only working with 15 minutes you might be able to do one drawer in the kitchen or a few shelves in the pantry you will not be able to declutter and clean your entire refrigerator so pick a space or a section of a space or you can make

Some real progress in a short amount of time or get comfortable with the idea of taking multiple passes through a space so you can declare it in several 15-minute intervals over a period of a few days next you’ll want to gather you’re declaring and cleaning supplies i recommend having a garbage bag a bin for donations and one for things that belong elsewhere you

Might also want to consider bringing along your cleaning caddy for the ride just in case you want to wipe things down but this is optional you don’t have to clean and declutter at the same time especially if your time crunched now that you’ve chosen your target and all ready to get started go ahead and take a before picture of your space in fact take several so

You have solid proof of what the space looks like before you singled it out for those 15 minutes of decluttering i really love looking at the before and afters of my declared spaces it shows me just how much progress i’ve made on a project which makes me feel accomplished plus having that visual proof also makes it more likely that i’ll keep the space in its new

Organized condition and be inspired to tackle other spots in the house now that everything is ready to go it’s time to start your 15 minutes of physical work set a timer on your phone and then get started it’s crucial that you go through your space systematically go from top to bottom or left to right whatever makes the most sense to you and the space that you’re

Working in you want to ensure that you’re being thorough about it instead of hunting and pecking through the space which can lead to distractions and less progress as you take everything out of the space you’ll want to immediately sort it all into four categories this would be your keep pile your donated pile your it goes somewhere else pile and your get rid of it

Pile it’s important that you trust your gut at this stage keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to keep broken expired or never used belongings in your space no matter how much it cost you or who gave it to you it’s okay to part ways with belongings you no longer need or use it’s okay to give away possessions that you no longer want or that doesn’t fit your

Current lifestyle however if you still find yourself hesitating over whether or not to keep something go ahead and keep it when you have time for a longer more sedate to cluttering spree you can spend more time evaluating all of the maybes you run into right now your 15 minutes are best used to sort out all of the definite i don’t want to keep these items rather

Than spending time doing a more nuanced analysis of the pros and cons of everything that you will once you’ve pulled everything out of the space and you’ve declared and sorted everything into their appropriate piles take a minute or two to clean the space wipe down the shelves sweep or vacuum the floor dust off the baseboards do whatever it is that you need to make

The space look nice again don’t be tempted to skip this step taking a few moments to clean the area your declutter in’ will really help the look and feel of the space when you’re finally done you want everything to look nice when you put your possessions back where they belong now that you have a clean empty space to work with it’s time to fill it back up with

The items that you’ve decided to keep put the items that you use the most in your daily life in the places that are the easiest to access and put items you don’t use frequently in those harder to reach places that way the things that you use the most will be right at hand when you’re looking for them try to group similar items next to each other so you can help keep

Everything organized in the long run if you have small children or pets make sure that you put potentially hazardous or dangerous items well out of their reach one important thing to keep in mind when you work is that the places where you’re putting things now don’t have to be a permanent decision if you find that after a few days or weeks you don’t like your new

Arrangement you can always change it later as you figure out what does and doesn’t work best for you for now the important thing is to get a better idea of how much stuff you’ve decided to keep and how well it all fits in your newly declared space as you put away the items from your key bit pile go ahead and make a mental note of any organizational supplies that

You think might enhance the functionality of the space in the future like basket boxes wall hooks and so on it’s more practical and more financially responsible to wait to make a run to your favorite home organization store until you have better idea of exactly what it is you’re going to keep and what you’re gonna get rid of then go ahead and give yourself some

Time to test out the spaces new arrangement and see whether or not it fits you needs after all of the hard work you did decluttering you don’t want to accidentally replace some of that clutter with organizational supplies that you don’t actually need but if it turns out that you really do need containers or dividers or other gadgets in order to make the best use

Of your newly declared space go out and get what you need guilt-free once everything you’ve decided to keep is back where it belongs you’re declaring spree is over now you can take a quick run around the house to distribute the items in your belong somewhere else pile and take your donation bin straight to the car dropping off your garbage bag full of trash or

Recycling along the way now that you’ve spent 15 minutes decluttering cleaning and rearranging the space it’s time for you to take your after pictures so you can compare them to your before pictures there’s something really exciting about actually documenting just how much you can do with 15 minutes of dedicated focused decluttering work imagine what you could do

If you had more than 15 minutes in fact one of the best things that you can do if you want to cut down on the clutter in your home is to incorporate these 15 minute decluttering sprees in your normal weekly or bimonthly cleaning routine tackle one closet one cabinet one shelving unit one junk drawer at a time you can work your way through your home piece-by-piece

Area by area and it won’t take long for you to improve the look and feel of your living space dramatically this process will also help you become reacquainted with the things you own so you won’t have to spend so much time looking for specific belongings and it means you’re less likely to forget you own something i can’t be the only person who’s bought some kind

Of gadget only to get home and find out that i already owned one but had hidden it away in a drawer mi-hwa regularly doing 15-minute – cluttering sprees is something your future self will definitely thank you for not only will it improve the look and feel of your living space right now it will also be that much easier on you the next time that you move or clean

Learning to declutter is a skill just like any other which means that decluttering is something you can practice and get better at with time make a plan for yourself set aside a dedicated 15-minute block for it and then get to work i promise you’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time when you go in with a plan and stay

Focused now that i’ve shared my steps for decluttering any space in 15 minutes or less let’s talk about another great place to learn some other important life skills skillshare skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design business technology and more premium membership gives you unlimited access to high-quality classes on essential

Topics so you can improve your skills unlock new opportunities and do the work you love looking to brush up on your lifestyle photography skills so you can deck out those empty walls of yours check out mark murray forts bert’s class lifestyle photography capturing inspiring visual stories where she teaches you how to capture stunning stories in a style yet natural

Way click the link in the description box to join the millions of students already learning on skillshare today and take advantage of a special offer just for tft viewers the first 500 visitors will get two months of unlimited access to over 25,000 classes or free act now so you don’t miss out and start learning today thank you so much for watching be sure to hit

That subscribe button and that notification bell and tune in here every single friday for another new episode of the lifestyle fix see you next week you

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How to Transform Your Messiest Space in 15 Minutes or Less | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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correlation for traders and inve

Correlation For Traders and Investors | Statistics For the Trading Floor | Correlation Trading

Correlation For Traders and Investors

Quantitative finance. today we’ll be discussing what correlation is and why right now and why investors might care. keep watching till the end of the video falls in stock market correlation. ok so right now in june 2020 the s&p 500 index’s three-month realized correlation has even though other gauges of market stress such as the vix index has investors continue to focus

On just one main driver – the global coronavirus essentially it means that all stocks are rising and falling together and it statistical measure that indicates the extent to which two or more variables related to one another. a positive correlation indicates the correlation indicates the extent to which one variable increases as the variables are uncorrelated there’s no

Linear relationship between them. way is based on my newest book which is called statistics for the trading floor to it in the description of the video below if you’re interested. you can correlation began the year with a value of around point to the gauge of how to 0.85 in mid-march the peak of the coronavirus sell off before steadying signify that all stocks are moving

In precise lockstep with each other during of index funds or quantitative trading algorithms that rely on historical argued that something was broken in the pricing and capital allocation functions together trading like the same stock this time the argument is different that in february there was an economy then in march the economy shut down and economy than different

Companies will have different earnings but if there’s better off if there is an economy than if there isn’t your bet on whether there any particular company’s stock is over or under priced particular differences essentially irrelevant this is of course an oversimplification the s&p this environment are of course performing better than the most hard-hit that index funds

Are fine in rising markets with high correlations but in management this outcome is far from ideal you were hoping for the market to could pick the ones that go up while index funds were forced to also hold the increasing correlations in early 2020 all companies were overwhelmed by the upon global government interventions one thing that sometimes confuses traders stay that

Way yet one asset might yield a + 50 percent return in a year while reason for this confusion is that traders often misunderstand what representing the general directional relationship between two assets if two goes up by 1% the second asset goes up by 5% and that ratio of 5 to 1 is producing 5 times the return of the first asset in addition to this there the same example

As above let’s say that the first asset lost 20 cents of value can still be an extremely high correlation coefficient common real-world example of this effect is levered etfs i made a video about underlying real estate etf yet ended up losing almost all of its value if you you would have actually made money so why does high correlation upset active spend more time worrying

About the things that affect all stocks rather which is usually what active managers focus on in particular fundamental more valuable than when they are high we’re having an accurate opinion on how trade correlation yes they can actually correlation trading is an advanced amongst the member stocks of a given stock market index the goal in trading of a particular index will

Be greater or less than the implied correlation level index and the stocks that make up the index due to the nature of equal to the average volatility of the individual securities that make up the greater the diversification benefits and the lower the overall portfolio will be a lot lower than the volatility of the individual index members and when to the average volatility

Of the individual securities that make up the basket of options on the individual stocks that make up the index or sell a constituents or sell a correlation swap to buy correlation a trader would just found this video useful check out my book on amazon which is linked to in the

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Correlation For Traders and Investors | Statistics For the Trading Floor | Correlation Trading By Patrick Boyle

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how to boost your credit score w

How to Boost Your Credit Score Within 30 Days | BeatTheBush

Boost your credit score within 30 days by just paying off your credit card before the statement date. Your credit card reports information to the credit bureaus on the statement date. If you intercept this report by first paying everything off, they will report you as carrying a zero balance while being active.

Everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you how to boost your credit score within 30 days the method to do this is to pay your credit card before the statement date and i’ll show you in this video why that helps doing this is kind of temporary because you actually have to do this every single month in order to maintain the benefit if you stop doing

It your credit score will drop back down now you’re on your credit card account it usually closes around the same day to every single month so let’s just pretend this is the 24 on your closing date your credit card company will report to the credit bureaus if you’ve been active in this month and how much you owe in this month so the effort here is to go in there

Before the reporting date and change your balance in your credit card by paying it all up normally your credit card will have a closing date and then they’ll send out the bill a few days later and then after you get the bill it will be due a few weeks later after that and then normally you would pay maybe sometime right on the due date maybe couple weeks later right

Here even if you pay your bills in full and on time every single month you can still benefit from this method because you’re going to have a certain amount of utilization in your credit card and if you can get that to zero you’ll actually boost your credit score so here’s a hypothetical model of what i think it’s going on with the credit utilization the point here

Is that the more you utilize your credit card the more balanced you carry the more it’s going to negatively affect your credit score so i put a number of about a hundred here because i think that’s how much it affects your credit score if you happen to use up all your credit so if you use up your total balance of your total credit in other words you use up all

Your credit cards to the max you knew max them out but maybe you pay them all off every month anyway right it’s still going to negatively affect your credit score by about 100 points i estimate let’s look at a typical case so let’s say you have three credit cards with a thousand dollar credit limit in each card and you just do like you know normal spending three

Hundred three hundred four hundred here if you add this up it’s one thousand over three thousand which is one third one third of a hundred it’s about 33 points deduction in your credit score so you can see from here that if you happen to be able to set these to zero you’re going to be able to increase your credit score by a little bit every single month the thing

Is in order to set these to zero you have to kind of monitor your credit card and just go in there manually every single time before the statement date and pay it this is really time-consuming and i actually don’t like doing this myself i already have a good credit score so i don’t do this but if you have a mediocre credit score and you’re about to buy a car or if

You’re about to get a mortgage or something this might be a good way to go in order to give yourself a temporary boost you might want to try this maybe a month or two before you actually use your credit card to actually see that there’s a difference you might say hey why don’t i just pay everything off and not use the credit card at all and then i’ll set those to

Zero right without all this hassle but the thing is if you set all those to zero and not use a credit card your credit card will actually show up as idle which means you’re not using a credit card which will actually not help your credit score at all so instead of zero maybe you can just spend one dollar in each card and then pay everything else we cash but that’s

Not very good either because if you have cars that have cash back you’re forfeiting all that cash back in using a card and the convenience of using cards so if you’re thinking of using your credit score in the near future its viable to just go in your credit card and check out what the statement end date is for each card make a note of that and make sure you go

In there one day before the statement date and pay off the whole card this will give you a temporary boost in your credit score and you need to repeat this every month in order to keep the same benefit so i hope this helps everybody get a higher credit score and maybe even a lower interest rate on your car or house loan don’t forget to give me a like comment down

Below if you have a question about this method and subscribe over here thanks for watching you

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How to Boost Your Credit Score Within 30 Days | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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how real estate investing can be

How Real Estate Investing CAN BE BETTER than Stock Market Investing!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about how real estate investing can be better than stock market investing i’ve spent months in months researching to try and find how real estate investing can be better than stocks and i didn’t find anything guide so that’s the end

Of the video proof just kidding i found five things there’s five things that i’m really going to talk about today guys on how real estate investing can be better than stock market investing now this is a response video to a video i did about a week or two weeks ago on how the stock market is much better for most people to invest in real estate and i gave like 10

Different reasons on why i believe that and i in that video i specifically asked if you guys want to see a video like this i got a ton of you guys wanted to see a video like this in the interesting thing about that video was i got some comments in it that were like jeremy you’re so biased towards stocks in blah blah blah and it’s like no on bias toward stocks like

That’s like saying you know it’s like talking to a die-hard catholic insane you’re so diving you’re so biased toward catholics yeah no kidding like you like that’s the whole point so i’m obviously biased toward stocks because i believe it’s the best way you can invest however however if somebody is to say to me stocked i don’t want to do i don’t want to do stocks

Then the best next best thing in my opinion as far as investing is real estate investing and then probably commodities after that then probably bonds after that then probably small business investing after that so there’s definitely some steps to it but like it’s like i have no problem with real estate investing i just think stock market investing czar much better

Route overall long term to go but that’s my opinion and that’s what i share the most that’s why we talk about the most in this channel but today’s video we’re solely talking about real estate and how real estate can be better than stocks guys so i got 5 things for you today hope you enjoy hit that thumbs up button if you do and let’s get into this so number one

The chances you’ll lose 30% or more your money in real estate investing very very very low that is an extraordinary situation if you happen to lose 30 plus percent on real-estate it almost never happens guys however i can give you a laundry list filled to the sky of stocks that are down 30 plus percent just this year i can give you it never mind last year in 2016

I can give you a massive list of stocks that are down 34% 2015 2014 times we’re in a pretty good economy just the companies struggle some of them guys so now real estate the chances you’re going to lose 30 plus percent it’s so few and far between the worst ever was around 2008 right the 2008 housing crisis you know in some states like my old state arizona nevada

We saw prices dropped 40 50 sometimes even 60% that was the worst ever in history and worst real estate bubble is certainly in modern times if not literally in the history united states guys that was the worst and that was a few select states that really got hammered most states real estate prices definitely struggled but they went down more like 10 to 20 maybe

25 percent and that was the worst ever so the chances you know real estate is going to drop you’re going to buy a rental property the value of that rental property is going to drop 30 percent or the amount of rent you get for it’s going to drop 30 percent it’s so slim it’s like it’s such a small amount of chance so definitely a lot less less volatility in real

Estate and that’s reason number one why real estate investing can be better than stock market investing it’s just a lot less risky and number two when in real estate investing you could write off a lot of stuff you can write off a lot of stuff on your taxes that can go against basically whatever you’re getting for rent if you’re renting houses if you’re flipping

Houses like you can write off improvement capital improvements you may do the house depreciation your property damage of property damage happens when you’re renting it out to somebody like a lot of that stuff you can write off on your taxes which will then bring down your tax bill to make make whatever income you have from that property not nearly as steep as it

Seems so whereas where stock market investing you might be initially taxed lower but there’s really nothing you can write it off against that it’s not like if i buy a new ipad or if i’d buy a new mac so i can research some more stocks i can’t write that off against my gains on stocks i can’t but real estate investing you can you can write off depreciation all that

Stuff guys so you could end up paying a lot lower tax bill with real estate investing then stock market investing if you do it right properly and if you’re good at doing your taxes and all those kinds of things number three real estate something you can physically touch and i think that’s what attracts a lot of people are real estate because when your stock market

Investing right for instance you’re never physically touching that stock like like it’s just a figment of your imagination right i mean when you buy a stock it absolutely represents a part and piece of ownership of an underlying company but it’s not like something you can physically touch it’s not like you can go down to the corporate headquarters every day and you

Know go for a tour and say you know i want to go see the back room today and this and that you can’t do that with when you buy a house you would touch the house every day if you want it might be a little creepy if you rent it up some but you’re going and touching the house but i’m saying like like you can physically be there you can physically see it it’s something

That that’s tangible guys so that’s definitely an attraction toward a lot of people at like real estate investing because it’s something you actually walk around in and look around in and whatnot guys it’s very different in stock market investing which just seems like you’re you’re just almost like placing money in something that’s invisible which it kinda is but

At the same time it does every share you buy it does represent an ownership and an underlying company you just can’t feel or touch it number four you don’t have to stress about dealing price fluctuations when you’re in real estate investing you there’s not a ticker symbol above that house that you buy right that you’re going to flip or that you’re just buying

To rent out to somebody else it’s not like a ticker symbol above it that says you know today for two hundred and twenty five thousand you know tomorrow is going to be worth 215 a know what’s down after market 205 like you don’t have to stress about that with stock market investing it’s very hard to ignore the stock market ticker symbols most people cannot ignore

Them they want to see what that stock price is because it’s available to everyday basis they can see all this happened and this happened and a lot of people cannot deal with that stress of seeing their stock down i mean if you buy a stock at 100 dollarz you think it’s a great long-term investment and also in a few months later to $80 a lot of people panic and

Seller they just get stressed about well why is it down to $80 it’s i’m done 20% of my money i put $100,000 in the company i already lost $20,000 what am i doing like like stressing like really stressing about it a lot of people cannot deal with that real estate investing you don’t have to deal with that you’ll have to look at that stock ticker symbol and like we

Already talked about prices don’t fluctuate much at all so it’s not like that prices going up or down dramatically and you’ll have to get caught up in that whole game of of what’s the stock with what’s the price of my in my asset today which which is what you do in stock market and also that can lead to some bad things in the stock market investing that can lead

To selling when you don’t want to sell it can lead to starting to gamble more on stocks and some things like that because you kind of get addicted to that action of oh wow i’ve made 10% today let me try to make 10% tomorrow it can lead to some bad things that i’ve actually been caught up in in 2015 guys so definitely definitely an advantage that you don’t have to

See a ticker symbol above that property every day number five real estate investing much simpler than stocks without question like not even close stock market investing if you want to be a good stock market investor you need to have so much knowledge about different ways on how to actually invest in how to value a company and how we think long term on especially if

You’re a longer term investor thinking where the company is going to three four years out like because so much can happen right management can screw the whole thing up like it can be screwed up so fast management can make some bad moves some bad decisions that can completely ruin that stock they can completely ruin it your the chances you’re going to completely

Ruin a piece of real estate not probably going to happen in the mountain you can value that real estate much simpler process you can look at the comps across the street what did that house sell for over there was the house down the street sell for what our house is in the general area selling for what’s the price per square foot coming in how much in upgrades what

Did this house need for work okay now i got a price figure it out where stocks you got to know you got to understand if you want to really be good at stock market investing you’ve got to understand income you can understand balance sheets that understand cash flows you’ve got to understand how to read an entire annual reporter in a company you’ve got to know how

To read an entire tank you you’ve got to listen to conference calls a lot of work you’ve got to understand management’s tone you’ve got to have a vision you got to have a vision for where company is going especially if you’re investing for the longer term you’ve got to be able to read analyst estimates and think you know are that realistic that the company can kind

Of beat these estimates the analysts have because you know if they’re going to consistently missles estimates what’s going to happen your stock is going to go down the tanks so you’re going to look at all this stuff guys it’s a lot of freaking work and it’s very complicated and you got to really have a passion for it if you want to be good at stock market investing

Real estate so much simpler it’s not even close guys not even close so those are five reasons why real estate investing can definitely be better than stock market investing let me know in that comment section what you guys preferred you prefer real estate investing do you prefer stock market investing do you like a combo of both i can tell you personally as i get

Older i’ll definitely do more combo both right now and 100% of stocks but ten years from now i might be more like 75 80 % stocks and more towards like 15 20 % real estate in who knows maybe when i’m in my 40s or 50s that might be a 50/50 split so so i’ll definitely diversify as the years go on but like i said at the beginning a video in my opinion especially when

You’re younger especially if you have a passion for stock market investing so much better long-term but that’s not the point of this video this is just all about real estate i hope you guys enjoyed today just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel i’m an actual business owner so we talk about a lot of entrepreneur

Type videos and we also talk to stock market the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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How Real Estate Investing CAN BE BETTER than Stock Market Investing! By Financial Education

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pure extracts commences build ou


PURE EXTRACTS COMMENCES BUILD-OUT OF FACILITY FOR MUSHROOM EXTRACTION AND DEALER’S LICENCE – RICH TV LIVE – December 16, 2020 – Pure Extracts Technologies Corp . (CSE: PULL) (XFRA: A2QJAJ) (“Pure Extracts” or the “Company”), a plant-based extraction company, is pleased to announce that it has begun to build-out the 4 th unit in its facility for the extraction of mushrooms and to commence research and development of psilocybin under a Dealer’s Licence.

Well built to be stratoliner everything you from your actress simple or against the world last mile ready-to-drink the website is kill and have to use today the compressed selectcommand to their parts in prison for customization and away from disney’s breaking news from people with music core dual care of wealth and to work you jaejae infringement is one piece

Unleashed nalclip i don’t talk about the first in itself and if you press machine and commissioning of science and installation you news breaking news for the cambridge how to calculate unpacking product search car sirius wifi what should be careful little things and actress for preparation for nothing to listen and several sites and that significantly apart in place is

Hurt in august and very recently preparation welcomes wait for the responsible for compliance with the serious and regulations and when someone to love u forever friends and tell you my place in amenas papyrus this place i n speaking activities in the scenes and solutions for where people understand your sharing connections and utilization care about you for your career

Procurement of control center unnie and import synthesis of positions cooperation and forests of speed machines asst assignments and breathe a miracle shops in tom say band a visit to yourself the people often in cute wife and sale of kings of which is for machines to express dual band nick received much as it one piece dragon ball one piece company’s billing formosa

Paracetamol questra morning wellness tea officially for most interesting for apps in search of side is in grade of space adjacent well-coordinated soliwork nsaids and inner space high standard of construction expressed freeze for phone having projected to be in touch idol compared the speed ​​and solutions for purposes of the west malik awards for food companies and

Furnaces stunter privilege of the dots and events i could use some industries future use the mission of population akira components and angle seat resource in good managers vatican industry which about extractable cand aqj friendly unofficial on you see your father sent to you looking for is not approved of the wishlist compare their special roadster kyuhyun and past

Tense in it would end special force for places including those that renders in trooping the station we don’t leave me alone unafraid apply to selected and transformation of your character and i can’t understand and respond morningstar agencia on the perfect want it want is you will find which powers and returned to the winds and now you can use to extract men to go to –

Imposition pharmacy extension and where you think you’re pretty used to know it together smartphone abbott compatible surprise of our comprehensive and work it last emperor you to release the parents enter your personal data bound and your phone and bars for you have any question and gentlemen i work for an yone ever to minute to breaking news and the first day at work

And tagged watching you press machine parts and much much i

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what are icos zen protocol case

What are ICOs Zen Protocol Case Study

Zen Protocol Website:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about icos and i’m gonna take zen protocol as a case study this video is sponsored by zen protocol and i’m taking this chance to look more into icos which stands for initial coin offerings icos are unregulated and they do not need to pass through all this red tape like in ipos this allows small

Companies to tap into early investor money whereas if they go to traditional route they have to go through a lot more paperwork and a lot of times passing through all this red tape is sort of a hindrance for new technology formation so you can imagine if it becomes harder to fund then new companies that are innovative they cannot move as fast as a pace now ics has

Its own dangers because you see a lot of them pop up and to me i think you know only a handful of them will be existing maybe ten years down the line so with any i seos or any kind of brand new cryptocurrencies you’re sort of on your own sometimes when you buy into it you may not be able to sell for some time sometime in the future you might not be able to sell

At all but given a technology that is good and sound you might have much better of a chance than if you just look up some random ipo don’t even do any research in it and it might actually even be a scam now the success of these icos and how much their coins are valued later on really depends on the adoption if people do not adopt this protocol or and if people do

Not even use it then of course yeah it’s not gonna be worth anything in the future but if people do kind of try it on and see that wow it’s really good sort of like bitcoin and this is why a lot of icos are propping up because people think oh i want to get in on the next big thing so they go and search for a brand new icos a brand new coin or something there’s a

Lot of them out there like hundreds of them and i’m certain there are a few handful out there that probably will exist for quite some time and might just be the next big thing however it’s kind of hard to pick it’s sort of like picking a stock and you really need to do your research and even if you do your research you might not always win so when you’re investing

In any initial car and offering so you’ve got to think of it like back in the dot-com days those are brand new companies those are places where if they go ipo it does not necess i mean they’re gonna stick around forever just like ico if they become public okay that you can have a little bit of liquidity does that does not mean that they’re gonna stick around for

Years to come so at the end of that dot-com days i don’t know more than nine out of ten companies just went bankrupt and you never see them again but there are the amazons there are the googles that became successful so if you were smart enough to pick out those out of you know hundreds of companies back then then it’s kind of like what it is right now you have

A lot of promising companies and you gotta go which one is the one that will make it so i seos are like this people look at bitcoin and they see oh my gosh a hundredfold gain people are becoming millionaires so why not get in on the nicks altcoin you might see at the beginning of this video some advertisements going oh you know the next big thing some genius you

Know cryptocurrency investor you know now they’re investing in this brand new coin maybe they made it up themselves or something and they want you to invest in the next big thing they want you to put money into this new ico a lot of people are drawn into this and there’s a lot of money flying around with the promise that yes it’s going to be like the next bitcoin

Where it’s gonna increase 100 fold as well it is my belief that most of these will fail and roughly i don’t know 5 to 10% will actually succeed so you have to be superduper careful and even if you are there’s a chance that whatever initial coin offering that you buy into will not be worth that much or any at all you know not even zero in the future if you look in

The typical characteristic of a brand-new ico they’re trying to sell their coin and these have some sort of blockchain technology that they’re using and they want you to invest certain amount into binder coin and oftentimes they have a fancy webpage they definitely have some sort of technical white paper that you can read into there’s of course a way for you to

Sign up and put money into it with a credit card with a transaction or something so that you can pay money into it pay real us dollars or whatever currency you have and buy their coins or you by into it as an early investor with a lot of legitimate icos of course there gonna be a lot of fake ones where they try to make it look like a legitimate protocol something

Brand new you know something believable and people that don’t do their research they might just go look at some website and you know not read any of the technical sometimes it would have things for you to read definitely and if you look deep down into it maybe they don’t even have a product and if you don’t pay attention it might sound good on paper but then if

You don’t do your due diligence it might just be sort of like vaporware now today i’m gonna look at a particular ico which is called zen protocol me reviewing zen protocol is not necessarily an endorsement of me recommending to buy into this i recommend to do your own due diligence and invest wisely now if you look at the number of ics in 2000 you have about 46 of

Them in 2017 balloon to 230 four of them there and there are billions and billions of dollars changing hands here and investing into brand new companies here’s a quick look at the 2017 categories and you can see that it’s all over the place there might be health care there might be financial services blockchain technologies is essentially being deployed and you know

Every which way of life because these centralized thinking and decentralized method of doing things happens to be a lot more robust i remember a long time ago the first i heard of decentralized anything was basically bittorrent right because in bittorrent you have multiple pieces of file and not any single place will be the source of all the files it’s essentially

Distributed so everyone cuts into little pieces of that file and everyone has certain number of pieces and not everyone may have all the pieces so if you join everyone in the network you know that’s decentralized maybe the idea of decentralization came from that because that was sort of the first time i heard of it and it lends itself well into blockchain technology

So before we look into sin protocol in particular i want to do a little brief overview of what’s happening around i seos around the world right now the countries that bans ice is china and south korea and you might wonder why did they ban it why is it a problem it might be a problem because there are too many scams going on people can make a ico make something that

Looks like an ic o—- and scam people out of their money there are definitely very legitimate icos out there and just because there’s a lot of money flying around that’s why you have different icos that pretends to do the same thing in fact the u.s. scc recently charged to ic os for fraudulently selling fake products that do not really exist so all they did was

Make some website make some white paper that sort of sounds true and then they started collecting money i cos are also prone to pump and dump schemes where the ico tries to get people to invest initially you know make the price go up really high and all of a sudden when they feel like it’s reach high enough and you know not really at a spectacular level they dump

Everything and they earn a lot of money in that process so what is the zen protocol thing you can actually buy 3520 zen protocol with one bitcoin which makes it valued at roughly five dollars for each 10 protocol coin or token given a valuation of 18,000 for bitcoins now whenever i look into i cos i look at it with a lot of caution whenever some website asked me

For money and it’s a brand new website that you know i’ve never heard that where they’re coming from what their history is and all sorts of red flags come up and then i need to research into it a lot so zen protocol is actually a really neat idea in a typical finance situation whenever you want to exchange something for example if you want to exchange a title to

A home or something you need an intermediary for example if you ever want to transfer let’s say a thousand dollars from one bank to another you go to their websites okay and you go ok i want to transfer from here to here but what’s the backbone process that they actually use to do the transfer they have their own banking system that a typical consumer does not

Have access to the idea what zen protocol is to apply blockchain technology into the banking system so that you can remove the centralized bankers in there and people end up being able to do banking between one and another so you don’t need a bank to sit in between you typically well you can do this with cash but you cannot actually do this digitally right now

You always have to let’s say you use paypal you have to use that third party to transfer any sort of digital money if you want to transfer some sort of acid from one person to another you might write a check and you go oh that’s a physical piece of paper that you can transfer to them it may seem like that it’s a direct thing from you to them but then there are

Those numbers in there and those are the automatic clearing house numbers where once they deposit it into their bank they actually use that system in order to transfer money from your bank to their bank so there’s that thing in the background that you don’t have direct access to so then protocol takes advantage of this blockchain technology blockchain means is

Decentralized already so whenever they have some sort of node that they call it has a copy of all of the contracts between one person and then they’re and they keep on writing on top of this and you cannot change these contracts once is written so how do you actually transfer assets from one person to another because there’s a trust issue here so this send protocol

To me is sort of like an intermediary it acts sort of like an automatic escrow service one person that wants to initiate a contract with another person they can set up a contract first okay and then put collateral into this contract and the second person looking at this contract they can see everything already it’s already digitized and it’s already set in stone

So if they agree to everything that’s set in the contract they can join in to it and then add their collateral and once everything is satisfied whatever requirements that it wants then there can be an exchange of assets so there’s this lockstep of trust here one person makes all the rules and stuff and they need to make it favorable enough so that the second person

Will actually accept it the second person looks at this and then go home yeah okay it already has collateral built into it for example it might have some cryptocurrency that’s attached to it and it’s already holding on to this cryptocurrency and it’s okay for the first person to lock some crisp cryptocurrency in there because it’s not essentially give thattaway

It’s locked in that contract and it will only be released if the first person satisfy all the requirements of that contract so it’s safe for the first person and it’s also safe for the second person because the second person can look at the contract and go oh okay you know there are only be an exchange of some sort if they satisfy all the initial requirements and

At the same time for the second person they see that assets are already locked into that contract and they definitely will receive the whatever payment that’s inside once they satisfy their end of the bargain so if you look at the bitcoin futures exchange it kind of works like that the exchange do not actually hold any bitcoin it’s just merely a contract between two

Parties one person agrees to sell a contract to settle a certain amount for some underlying asset maybe it’s bitcoin pricing maybe they want to sell a contract for let’s say fifteen thousand dollars one month from now and if it happens to drop below that then the original seller will profit and if the price increase from fifteen thousand a month from now then the

Second person buying that contract will profit so you see it’s a contract between two parties here and the exchange is only an intermediary so this is end protocol can actually take the place of this futures contract of that exchange instead someone on the zen protocol can make up their own contract for bitcoin futures pricing and they can plop it out there into

The internet and people can look at this and then if anybody that agrees with this they can enter into a contract put collateral in it so that whenever that contract ends the funds can be settled between the two parties that contract is essentially holding onto some collateral waiting to be settled later on at a later date now if you go on the zen protocol website

They have white papers and stuff i read through some of that oh my gosh it put me to sleep essentially reads like computer science papers i think it’s written in latex because it has that feel and look of actual technical papers so you can go ahead and read all of that but basically zen protocol is a protocol that’s built on pop of bitcoins now they also have

Zen tokens on top of bitcoin tokens the argument with having separate tokens is that they don’t want it to contend against bitcoin being a currency because it being a currency people are mining it or trying to you know earn money off of it you know the price volatility is high however zen protocol has their own separate token specifically for financial use cases

Specifically so that you can just use these tokens just for financial transactions you see across a whole industry maybe it’s in tech maybe is in healthcare all of these things will have their own coins basically something that you can use to pay for locking that contract into this blockchain technology miners essentially get paid whenever people want to make these

Contracts and they put money into this blockchain thing and then miners will mine it and then they would embed this information into the blockchain so people using this blockchain technology such as zen protocol they would put money into it so that their contract gets written you know sort of like into stone because it’s blockchain technology it’s gonna survive for

The duration of the blockchain however in zen protocol they actually have a number of blocks that i can survive for so this is a little bit different than for bitcoin if you want to use a zen protocol and you want to write a contract then you essentially need to pay for it in order to get written into the blockchain as a miner you want to take these requests because

As soon as you take these requests and get it into the blockchain by solving complex algorithms then you can receive some zen tokens which is actually worth real money because then you can sell these back out to people who want to purchase these tokens so that they can create more contracts so you can think of whenever you want to put something onto this ether

Okay this decentralized network you have to pay money in order to get it written down this is because it takes some computational power to solve some mathematical problem so that you can actually write the next block i did watch some of their videos on how to create your own contract and it did seem a bit convoluted you have to copy and paste code back and forth

So my recommendation to those guys would be you really got to make it a bit more simple so in summary i think this is a really neat idea especially when you can lock collateral in it and you essentially don’t have a third party a centralized third party that watches over your transaction you can essentially set it up so that you can go from one person to another

And essentially remove everybody else out of it and you can do financial transaction from person to person if you’re interested in finding more about the same protocol i’ll leave their link down in the video description below let me remind you that this is an initial coin offering and if you sign up for this initial coin offering i do not get any cut from it i

Personally have not invested in this initial coin offering and i have not quite decided if i will in the future or not i like to remind you that me covering this ico is not necessarily an endorsement don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of decentralized banking if you’re interested in supporting this channel

Check out my audible link down in the video description below or you can get a free audiobook and you don’t like this audiobook you can cancel the subscription before expires and you will not owe a thing and you can still keep this audiobook for life and also help benefit this channel if you’re interested in supporting my channel directly i have a patreon link over

Here where i give perks that just help your credit score or help your finances and as always don’t forget to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon links add a subscribe button so that you get a new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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What are ICOs Zen Protocol Case Study By BeatTheBush

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president trump presents the pre

President Trump Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to General Jack Keane

President Trump Presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to General Jack Keane – RICH TV LIVE – MARCH 10, 2020 – LIVE FROM

Well thank you very much and good afternoon the first lady and i please are delighted to welcome you all to the white house for this very special occasion and that it is today is my great privilege to present our nation’s highest civilian honor the presidential medal of freedom to a courageous warrior and a fearless patriot general jack keane we are very

Excited to have jack’s wife angela with us today along with his brother ronald and his son daniel thank you all very much it’s great and thank you we’re also joined by a very distinguished assembly of leaders including secretary mike pompeo mike thank you very much secretary marquez for attorney general william bar secretary dan briolette senator lindsey

Graham lindsey chimbure the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley great job mark and general keith alexander okay thank you very much thank you all jack keane was born in 1943 into a family with a strong tradition of military service his father served during world war two as a marine in the pacific theatre jack grew up in a housing project on the lower

East side of manhattan and became the first member of his family to attend college at fordham university he joined the rotc distinguishing himself as a cadet and a member of the famed pershing rifles upon graduating jack was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the us army he volunteered to serve in vietnam and joined the legendary 101st airborne division

As a platoon leader in later company commander jack fought through fierce and bloody combat he demonstrated unflinching courage under fire and for his exceptional valor jack was awarded the silver star after vietnam jack and his late wife terry adopted two wonderful sons they raised daniel and their late son matthew with extraordinary love and care in the army

Jack designed new training methods to ensure that military leaders would always be extremely well prepared for the intensity of combat command his rigor discipline creativity toughness they all achieved tremendous results general william tepee who helped rebuild the american military after vietnam wrote that jack was the best brigade commander that he’s ever

Had he was very exceptional at all levels in 1991 jack became a brigadier general and commander of the joint readiness training center he devised a state-of-the-art program that prepared our nation’s servicemembers for combat against extended insurgencies in both urban environment and rugged terrain jack prepared this nation for the wars to come and help

Train soldiers that would later serve in bosnia and somalia haiti and kosovo jack was named a vice chief of staff of the army in 1999 and was in his office on september 11th 2001 when terrorists struck the pentagon he ran through smoke and debris and evacuated the injured saving lives he visited the wounded and hospitals and attended scores of funerals for

The fallen patriots slain in the attack jackson helped oversee the initial military operations in iraq and afghanistan it was the first senior military official to visit troops in the field in 2003 he was offered the position of army chief of staff but in a profound act of devotion he turned down the position and left the army after nearly 38 years to care

For his wife carrie who would develop parkinson’s disease in 2006 jack helped engineered the search that stabilized the deteriorating situation in iraq and allowed iraqis to finally take charge of their own future and the year since jack has continued to offer his sage counsel to military and policy leaders and to visit our troops on the frontiers and jack

I have to say has given me a lot of good advice too he’s been called a national treasure by henry kissinger and is a recipient of the bradley prize and the ronald reagan peace through strength award jack keen is a visionary a brilliant strategist and an american hero general you will be remembered as one of the finest and most dedicated soldiers in a long

And storied history of the united states military no question about it congratulations again to you and your family i would now like to ask the military aide to come forward and present general jack keen with the presidential medal of freedom thank you general jack keen is one of our nation’s most distinguished military leaders general keen proudly served

His country in vietnam as a paratrooper receiving the silver star for his courage and gallantry in action his steadfast leadership as a four-star general and his vice chief of staff of the army provided stability and direction for those under his command since retiring from the military general keen has remained engaged on matters of foreign policy devoting

Himself to developing policies that confront the dynamic threats facing our nation the united states proudly honors general jack keen whose tireless devotion to our country has defined him as a true american patriot thank you thank you very much thank you thank you yo i’m usually not uncomfortable in front of cameras even talking about foreign policy

But today i had to talk about my own life and that that’s adds a little bit of tension but you wouldn’t normally have mr. president deeply honored but it’s extraordinary award and to receive it here in the white house surrounded my family my friends and my senior government officials it’s really quite overwhelming and you can hear it in my voice thank you

Mr. president for your generous and your kind words and also for your very touching and personal phone calls several months ago about this i’ve always experienced the love of family and friends some friends that are here today we go back over 50 years my parents raised my brother ron and me in a working-class catholic environment we were fortunate to attend

Catholic schools in new york city we were so strengthened it’s so strengthened our values and also our character my brother ron has always been there for me and i’m delighted he’s here today i thank god for guiding me in the journey of life i have two great love’s in my life terry doyle who the president mentioned my love since we were 18 we lost her too soon

And angela mcclellan who i will love for the remainder of my life with all honesty i wouldn’t be standing here without their love and their devotion my son daniel is here love you a brownie your van and my other son matthew he was a special angel who was with the angels in heaven today i have known for some time that there are two major events that changed

My life the first was the vietnam war an infantry try our trooper in close combat with my soldiers where death was always a silent companion yet it was there i truly learned the value of life the value of human life to treasure it to protect it the experience crystallized to me the critical importance of our soldiers to be properly prepared with necessary

Skill and the appropriate amount of will to succeed in combat i lived the life as the president mentioned for 38 years in the army i lived that life among heroes who inspired me and are still in all of them today my sergeants my fellow officers and my mentors shaped me significantly and several times they saved me from myself and that’s the truth of it the

Second event was 9/11 the pentagon i lost 85 army teammates lived the tragedy up-close attended scores of funerals with terry two days after as a new yorker i was dispatched to the world trade center horror walk across those smoldering ruins and then making certain that mayor giuliani had all the military support that the pentagon could render it was personal

And i was angry and despite having left the army 17 years ago i never left the 9/11 wars and america’s focus on radical islam and what they did to us i could not have imagined that i would stay so involved on national security and foreign policy my motivation is pretty simple do whatever i can even in a small way to keep america and the american people safe

Mr. president thank you for the trump defense build-up what you were doing to dig us out of the deep hole that you found the military end is all about protecting america not just for today but for the generation to come and thank you so much for everyone for sharing this day and thank you again mr. president for making this day happen god bless america and

God bless the american people thank you

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im so scared for stock market in


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Guys i am scared for stock market investors out there i am scared for stock market investors i want to tell you three reasons that are really worrying me out there that i am seeing okay now my opinion on this is dramatically different than anybody else’s opinion my opinion here i’m gonna give you today is so far different than what the average retail investor is

Thinking right now and so much different than what the average talking head on cnbc or bloomberg is talking about right now look what is scaring me right now is so much different than the average person right now and i just want to kind of get into all this and just kind of share my take on what is really going on and i’m seeing this activity over the past few

Weeks and i’m seeing this over the past month and it’s getting more and more worrisome for me and i’m just looking at this and i’m like really really this is this is going on right now this is going on guys so i hope you enjoy this hit a thumbs up if you enjoy me sharing this with you here today okay so starting out here at number one the first point what do these

Numbers represent 21 18 point six eighteen point four what do these numbers right here represent they represent the forward p’s of coca cola procter & gamble and pepsico 21 eighteen point six and eighteen point four these are seen as the save stocks and i’ve seen people start to sell off other stocks and try to flood money into the safety stocks this safe

Haven stocks let me just tell you guys something about coca-cola procter & gamble and pepsico okay those companies have virtually no growth i mean you can make an argument that those companies are literally starting to go backwards okay and if you look at their numbers there’s getting weaker and weaker these type of companies should not be seen as the safe

Stocks let me sell off all these stocks and going to these at these type of valuations if these were at let’s say a 10 or 12 for pe or somewhere around there then we can make an argument that okay maybe they are safe havens you can flood some money in them and you know even if a recession came or even if we had hard times or something yeah people would still be

By coca-cola and tissues and things like that right but right now guys it does not make sense to put money in stocks that literally have no growth at all these stocks are an absolute joke okay coca-cola pays out the majority of its money and dividends like they hardly have any money left over after and their net income it’s insane guys and this is these are the

Stocks people are flooding money into right now and i’m looking at him like i would if you had told me i could invest in those stocks or i could put the money under my mattress i would put the money under my mattress in a hot second okay i do not want any piece of coca-cola and procter gamble and pepsico because there are those safe stocks and they’re trading at

These type of forward peas okay these are type of forward peas that if you’re a company that trades at these type of forward peas you should have some pretty strong growth behind you these companies are literally on the verge of going backwards with their businesses okay so that’s the first part is i’m just seeing people say these are safe havens let’s put money

In those stocks and i’m looking at i’m like really like like whoa okay the second reason okay the second reason let me start out this by explaining there are two different types of growth stocks out there okay growth stocks meaning stocks that are growing very fast you know growing revenues at a 20% plus clip there are two different categories of growth stocks

One category is growth stocks that have negative net income that literally lose money all the time that literally burn cash okay the other side of growth stocks are companies that are growing revenues 20 30 40 plus percent and they actually are making money on their bottom line and are growing that very fast as well okay and have a diversified business those are

Two different kinds of growth stocks what i’m seeing out there is is it would laugh my ass off this is what i’m seeing i’m seeing people sell off great growth companies right now in the face of lotty’s growth companies are down 30 40 50 60 % already and no people are deciding oh let me sell off these growth stocks okay let me tell you about a good old-fashioned

Shakedown what a good old fashioned shakedown is when things have already been damaged and you sew up a great piece of something to somebody else and they say thank you for that i’ll have fun with that okay and that’s exactly what’s going on right now people have seen their growth stocks that you go down and down and they sell them off regardless of what pose is

Going on with that company you could make an argument that maybe it makes sense to sell if growth stocks that aren’t making any money on the bottom line that are burning cash that might make sense okay but when you are selling off growth stocks that have unbelievable bottom lines facebook’s alibaba’s these type of companies the google the world when you’re selling

Off those type of stocks that literally regardless of what happens in the economy they’ll still be growing phenomenally okay it doesn’t matter what happens in china alibaba is still gonna be a growth piece it doesn’t matter what happens the united states facebook will still be growing google will be growing and if those companies aren’t growing and literally we’re

All just being like food lines like getting bread for ourselves okay so they’re being literally no hope out there okay those are type of companies that people are selling off and there’s the best part some of those companies are trading at lower pease right now than these jokers there’s no way you can tell me that procter & gamble is a safer business model than

Google there is no way possible you can make that argument okay no way possible okay anybody can make at issue i could buy any box of tissues out there okay google and youtube and all these things that google has in the google cloud that so many companies rely on those things are not going anywhere okay that’s the fact of the matter so you have a situation where

People are selling off some of the best growth companies we have in the world right now that have unbelievable bottom lines that have unbelievable cash on their balance sheets very low debt if no debt at all you have people just selling them off in saying oh just because i’m down in this position or it’s gone down a bunch i want to get out now and then remember

Every time you sell a share there’s someone on that opposite side that is buying those shares that same thank you very much thank you very much for selling me facebook shares that 145 in the worst part of this number – the worst part this is the worst part is when these ones come back they come back so fast that the retail investors don’t ever even have a chance

To buy them because it happened at such a fast rate the way these talks go up a perfect example is tesla this past week tesla going into this week was like $257 on monday okay by the end of the week it was 330 dollars and that was even in a very bad week for the market it went from 250 to 330 in a week’s time okay and this is a type of stuff that happens with gross

Stock was low in all sudden they get hot and the retail investors they sell out their shares at bottom basement prices and then all sudden things go up so fast and then all sudden they’re like oh my gosh it went up 30% 40% 50% 60% so fast maybe now we’ll get back in they get it back in it’s so late in the game guys it’s a good old-fashioned shakedown and i’m seeing

It out there in is so sad to see you guys it is so sad to see people selling off great growth companies just because of flight off they get scared okay warren buffett would tell you to sell a great company just because it went down is one of the dumbest decisions you can make okay that’s coming from warren buffett not from me okay that’s his words not mine you want

To go against warren buffett go get warren buffett you’ll lose that every single time okay the third point the third point that i am seeing out there from stock market investors right now is i’m seeing some stock market investors think that because the markets have had volatility lately and this and that and all my gosh was these worries out there that it would be

A good idea to sell all their stocks and go into gold and i can just tell you that is one of the worst decisions you can ever possibly make okay gold has gone nowhere in 10 years look at the ten-year chart on gold it’s pathetic okay gold if you’re bidding if you bought gold like six or seven years ago you’re probably down massively on gold right now literally ten

Years gold has gone nowhere okay ten years ago gold was at somewhere around nine hundred dollars an ounce it’s basically gotten nowhere you could have made more money putting your money on cd accounts they’re putting your money in gold that’s how bad we are talking guys literally you could have put your money in a cd account guaranteed money and made more money

Than had you invested in gold it’s a horrible horrible decision to say ooo because the markets are getting rough let me put let me put my money in gold gold goes nowhere and it’s basically counting on p a lot of people being scared and trying to flood their money into gold and it literally makes no sense guys it serves no utility out there all it’s not like an

Underlying business an actual business that serves a purpose what are you gonna do with your gold bar and i don’t i’m not the only one with this opinion once again warren buffett has the same exact opinion on gold you can look it up watching youtube videos here on youtube okay what are you gonna do with the gold bar shine it up all that my gold bar looks so nice

It literally serves no utility it doesn’t even pack money anymore doesn’t even back money it’s completely worthless unless you’re a rapper who wants a gold ring or something like that like give me a break guys and people are thinking let me put money in gold and ask that literally has done nothing for you for a decade now a decade it has done absolutely nothing

For you okay and these three things i’m seeing going on and it just scares me because i’m like i’m seeing people sell off their great growth companies that have unbelievable futures for the next three to ten years and they’re selling them off like are like oh let me just get out of this talk let me just get out of this talk because it’s going down let me just get

Out without looking at the underlying business which is phenomenal most these companies are or have revenues growing up 30 40 50 percent where the profits are exploding their balance sheets are unbelievable okay these some of these companies could literally go for 20 years and with no net income and still be okay because they have that much money on the balance

Sheet okay and people are flooding money into these stocks like procter and gamble and coca-cola and pepsi and i’m like oh seriously you’re putting money in businesses that are dying it’s like some of the worst decisions you can make out there guys these three things are really scary to me out there and it’s much different than what’s scaring the average person

I’m just watching this i’m just sitting back watching this and i’m just i’m just laughing because it’s gonna be it’s gonna be quite fun it’s not gonna be fun it’s not gonna be fun it’s gonna be interesting to see how all these investors get screwed over so bad by selling off these great growth names and then all sudden everything’s going to die down another three

Six twelve months and you know things get back to normal in stock skyrocketing in in the retail investors all miss out on this the bad fund managers all miss out on this it’s the same story over and over again i’ve been this game for a decade now and it’s the same rigmarole i see every single time it’s just it’s it’s sad to see guys it’s so sad to see but it’ll

Go on it’ll happen again next year i’ll happen the year after hopin the year after the year after it’s gonna continue to happen for all of time and it will never stop so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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how to save money the financial

How To Save Money | The Financial Diet

Few things impact your life like learning how to save more money. Let Chelsea and Lauren steer you in the right direction when it comes to getting better at saving money. Looking for even more money saving tips? Check out this video:

Hi i’m chelsea hi i’m lauren and we are the financial diet and today we are talking about one of the most important yet most sucky elements of personal finance which is yes savings part of the reason i started the financial diet last year was because i basically had nothing and savings despite having a pretty good salary job and almost no student loans and when i

Came on to join eft full-time i was able to do so easily because i had so much money in savings so we come from pretty opposite backgrounds when it comes to savings but one thing we’ve definitely learned is that few things impact your life like how and how much you’re able to save as you mentioned in our last video having savings is the first of the five key steps to

Have the financial freedom to follow your dreams but how do you save and how do you get that financial safety net that comes from having a bunch of money put away and from having the money that’s kind of working by itself to earn you more and for us we think that the biggest and most important step is to not see the money that you’re going to be saving so whatever

You’re saving should be transferred from an account into a separate accounts that you can’t see it every day if you see it you can spend it and trust me because i spent most of what should have been my savings on forever21 jewelry that stains your skin green so to save i create an excel sheet where i can track my monthly bills and my spending behavior and this

Allows me to create a plan and a budget for myself and allows me to really see the numbers and i can’t even open excel so i use an app called mint that helps you look at your money as you spend it it makes it into a nice little pie chart so you can see that you’re wasting all of your money on alcohol so once you have two or three months of spending habits down you

Can kind of look at it and see where should i cut and work backwards from there it’s a lot easier than just picking a random percentage and saying okay this is what i’m going to save because i definitely made that mistake i thought to myself i guess 20 percent is how much money someone say is out of their paycheck and then within the first week i was going into my

Savings account to buy a romper but once i actually said okay this is what i spent and work backwards slowly from there it actually stuck so be honest with yourself about where your money’s going each month and make sure that you’re focusing on building yourself a safety net even if you have something like a very high student loan payment make sure that a safety net

Is a priority because everyone needs an emergency fund you never know when you’re going to get fired or break a leg or both in the same day so we recommend having about six to nine months of after-tax income ready so that no matter what happens you’re not you know on the street and even if your income is different every month like mine is there’s definitely still

A way to make a budget i find that you just kind of turn it into good months and bad months where some months you add more things to your budget and when you’re earning a little less you know what you can cut i broke down how i budget my month-to-month income in an article and the link is in the description even if you have greater goals for money what you should

There are ways to make your money work more efficiently than just sitting in a regular savings account you do need the regular savings account because that’s where you keep everything that needs to be maybe one day taken out right away in cash your regular savings account is for things like the emergency fund or any money that you might need on a moment’s notice

But if you want to have your money doing fun cool rich person things often account somewhere earning their own money there are many other kinds of accounts that can be really good for that so you have things like cds or time deposits which give you a better interest rate in exchange for holding your money for a period of time it’s usually anywhere from a month to

Five years but in that time it is not accessible you can’t touch it but then you have things like retirement accounts which i know sounds like they don’t matter right now but they definitely do things like 401ks or iras which give you tax benefits and allow you to invest pre-tax income and some accounts like 401ks even provide a match from your employer which means

That for every dollar you put in they’ll put in a certain amount too and it’s free we no longer have employers though so you have to take advantage of this free money because we can’t anymore so at the end of the day you’re going to have to find out how much of your monthly income can be portion out to savings based on how much you earn and what your savings goals

Are don’t forget the most important thing is the emergency fund once you get that emergency fund in place then you can start focusing on other things and if you had big dreams like lauren and i putting our jobs to run tfd you’re going to have to focus on savings more than you probably want to savings can suck but it doesn’t have to keep your eye on the prize and

Don’t get down on yourself if you slip up no one’s perfect and don’t forget to go to the financial dicom and to hit subscribe below for more hi guys yeah

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How To Save Money | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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3 lessons from my no buy year th

3 Lessons From My No-Buy Year That Totally Changed My Finances

Use the code TFD100 to receive a $100 UNest credit which will cover your first four months of minimum investments (for one child): #UNestPartner

At tfd, we always say that the best time to start investing and with the unest app, you can easily visualize and start invest with confidence, knowing that over 3.2 thousand parents and income levels to save and plan for their child’s future. to invest in their child’s future with a simple, flexible, and to maintain an account only costs about $2.99 a month. and now,

Please enjoy our takeover of my tuesday show i’m going to be filming a series called the beautiful and to give you some context, at the beginning of 2018, care, clothing, and homewares to quit shopping for those things if you want to get the full breakdown of my no-buy year, leading up to my no-buy year, my compulsive spending and homewares, particularly, but things adjacent

To that anything that made me feel like my surroundings were more into a more idealized version of myself was so compelling to me it was that newness, that chasing of the next new thing so the first lesson that i learned from my no-buy year that process includes scrolling, searching, finding, comparing, i thought that i was fixated on the prize of owning so how and why did

This information change my life? it helped me to forgive my past self for my behaviors, that rabbit hole of compulsive shopping, not necessarily when i find myself going down the shopping rabbit hole, is there a way to process what i’m going through right now and how strange it is to me that i didn’t know it before, and all of those desires, each and every one of them,

So how did this lesson change my life going forward? because i waited, because i put those items on my wish list this is especially true in my experience of online shopping. even when i choose browsing online as a form of escapism, i don’t also waste my money on ill-considered purchases. this is a big lesson that i learned from my no-buy year. buying something special

For oneself is, for many people, that you need to take care of yourself in some specific ways. i think it is totally fair to say that shopping is sometimes however, you cannot shop your way out of an unhappy life. and if you’re stuck in a state of unhappiness with your life, shopping cannot and will not improve on any of those things. buying new makeup is much easier

Than the slow lifelong work when you believe that lie, then shopping becomes an obstacle buying stuff instead of taking the steps to change your life, so it’s the shopping itself that keeps you in a holding pattern. you don’t want to get into the numerical and financial details i was literally spending money to avoid the shame that i say, i’m considering buying a blouse,

I love a blouse. the way i communicate with people, change my relationship? it has helped me to prioritize the kind of self care cultivating friendships, working to establish healthy routines, here on the financial diet.

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3 Lessons From My No-Buy Year That Totally Changed My Finances By The Financial Diet

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