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7 questions to ask yourself befo

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job | The Financial Diet

After a job interview, here are the questions you need to ask *yourself* before accepting a job offer. Ready to accept the offer, but want to ask for more money? Chelsea teaches you about negotiating in this video:

Hey guys it’s chelsea and a shirt that is not pulling a part of the buttons and therefore humiliating me in front of all of you and today i’m here to talk about careers graduation time is pretty soon which means that for a lot of you it’s going to be the first time that you’re really entering the job market as an adult and of course a lot of this time can mean

Those intrusive thoughts of like will anyone offer me a job will i land a job will i be the last of my friends to land a job and all of those other questions that can really cloud the other part of the conversation which is what is the right job for me obviously any full-time job that you take is going to be the defining part of your income but it’s also the

Biggest factor in your quality of life your free time and what you’re building toward in your career now we’ve discussed on this channel before that’s between things like side hustles and learning new skills your nine-to-five or your full-time job isn’t the totality of your professional life but it would be silly to think that it’s not a huge huge part of it

Which means that when you’re picking a job you must resist the temptation to just take the first thing offered to you and more importantly think really critically about what the right job for you is now it’s not a perfect system but we’ve come up with seven key questions that will help you decide the right job for you and avoid making a mistake and we recommend

That you ask yourself these questions before accepting any job number one am i clear on the full description of this job and what is expected of me in this role now this might sound like an obvious point but quite frankly there are a lot of jobs out there that are not really named in the most obvious ways for example there might be a role with digital in the title

Whose work only is comprised of maybe 30% digital stuff or there might be a job that you start out at that actually has a title like director or manager a lot of companies especially smaller companies have really varying titles for different jobs and also really varying expectations of what the role entails it’s very important that you get a good understanding not

Just of the overall role but really what a day on the job will look like you must be extremely sure that you’re not only prepared to do the work but also interested in it for example i have a friend who works in environmental issues who took a job that she thought was going to be mostly advocacy that really ends up being more of like a customer service hr job she

Spends like 60% of her day on the phone which is something she never anticipated things like this can be avoided if you get a very clear picture of the jobs gritty details number two do i know if the salary or rate is competitive when i got my first salary job offer i gave myself a huge disservice by not even looking on like glassdoor or industry blogs to see what

A competitive rate for my particular role was and this is a huge factor in why i didn’t negotiate because i wasn’t even aware of what an appropriate negotiating starting point would be even if you’re very happy with the offer on first glance always do yourself the favor of making sure that it’s a competitive rate in your industry even if you can’t change it it’s

Always very important to know where you stand for if and when you might be getting another job number three am i aware of the clear and attainable benchmarks on which i will be judged pretty much every salary job is going to come with some form of performance review benchmark yearly bonus system what-have-you basically there are always going to be metrics by which

Your employers are judging whether you should be getting a raise or a promotion or a bonus or frankly movies and leaving the company if you don’t know where you stand and tangible ways to get in a better standing you will always feel like you’re drowning at your job so make sure you always get a very clear picture of what the benchmarks are for your role you have

Things like sales goals or projects that need to be completed or basically any tangible things around which you can structure your work and effort my fiance likes to give people on his team a good piece of advice that he once learned he says your job performance will be judged on a few well-timed sprint’s throughout the year and the rest of the time you should be

Walking basically you should know when it’s really important to put in really concentrated effort and the rest of the time you should be focused on not burning yourself out or spreading yourself too thin if you burn yourself out by over working on projects throughout the year that are not very important to your employers and then have no energy left for the few

Important things that’s what you’re going to be judged on number four what kind of non wage compensation am i getting from this job this is everything from your paid time off to your 401k benefits to your health insurance to maybe even things like being able to work remotely sometimes basically it’s all the ways your employer can compensate you and increase the

Benefits of your job that are outside of your wage it’s very important that you not be totally distracted only by the number on the bottom line of your salary because for example something like $5,000 extra per year frankly may not be worth like not really good time off not really good health insurance no 401 k mas like these things all matter a lot more than

You think they will and it’s easy to forget about them when you’re getting distracted by a number so make sure to take all of those things into account number five what is the work/life balance like at this job and how important is that to you basically long story short there may be some companies that don’t compensate their employees as well but they have awesome

Reputations for great work-life balance –is for their employees and believe it or not that’s actually often a bigger deciding factor for people than just the salary alone and there are tons of websites where you can find information about this including glassdoor and we’ll link a few more in the description it’s not always something that you can ask about outright

In the interview but it’s definitely something that you can find secondary information about in ways like googling getting a really solid picture of what the work-life balance is actually like for employees will be a huge deciding factor in a long term job this can often mean things like hey people arrive not as a crack of dawn and don’t leave at midnight or we

Have summer fridays or we have good maternity leave or any of those things if that’s something that’s important to you be honest with yourself about that and make that a huge part of the search factor that being said if you’re like i’m 24 i’m trying to work a job 12 hours a day for a boss who hates me and their life because i’m trying to really climb up this ladder

Hella fast then fine take that job number six are there opportunities for continued learning at this job going back to my friend whose job in the environmental sector is not exactly what she thought it would be a huge part of the reason that she’s probably going to stay a few more years is because they essentially pay for her to get a master’s degree more and more

Companies are using continued learning and skill building as a way to not only attract people to the job but to keep them longer for example if your 10 year plan you want to be working a job that will require a master’s degree that may be the cue to take a job now that you’re a bit less excited about that but which will offer to help you do that using continued

Education not just as a form of compensation but also a way for you to kind of zigzag around the career ladder without putting yourself in crazy debt it’s a really really good way to look at it number seven is this a company i would feel proud to work at so funny story a few weeks ago i was in an airport bar having a bloody mary which fun fact is the second best kind

Of bloody mary that you can have after one actually in the sky and i met and started talking to a woman who was sitting next to me we started talking about her job which she really enjoyed and it’s like they were really treating her well i mean she was on what seemed to be kind of a luxurious business trip but when it actually got to the subject of the company

Itself she started to get really weird long story short she worked for walmart and she was like yeah the terrible company but what am i supposed to do essentially she acknowledged openly that she was making a bit of a deal with the devil because she doesn’t all agree with them in terms of business practices but they treat her so well as a high-ranking employee and

It really stuck with me because was jarring to see someone who took such pride in their actual work but such shame in the company that they were doing that work for and at the end of the day i don’t think i could ever do that or would encourage someone else to i know what it’s like to work with a company you don’t always agree with and it’s bad enough when it’s

Just minor differences having to deal with feeling ashamed or embarrassed or even angry with the company you work for is something that no one should experience if they’re not worthy of your respect they’re not worthy of your hard work so make sure that it’s the kind of place that you would be proud to tell anyone about whether it’s your parents or a stranger at

A bar remember that the job search is not just about the offer it’s about your acceptance and that acceptance being based on a really good idea of who you are and the kind of work you want to do so as always thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to go to the financial diet calm for more bye

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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clinton vs trump donald trump vs

Clinton vs Trump! | Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking a little politics which we very rarely ever touch on on this channel but i had so many you guys request to do something about the trump versus clinton and how it may affect the stock markets and all those kinds of things so what i’ve

Decided to do is i’ve decided to make a video just focusing on what their economic plans are unfortunately the media so caught up in the personalities and what this person said or what this person did that millions of voters that are going to be voting this week have no clue whatsoever about the majority of economic policies and where each of the candidates stand

So that’s what this video is about if you came to this video hoping i would give a biased agenda 21 canada the other then you can go ahead and click off this video now because i am not here to do that if you want to hear me talk about hillary and fbi and emails and talk about trump and sexual assault cases and things like that then you clicked on the wrong video

Because that’s not what we’re discussing today if you want to watch that go watch your tv out there because there’s plenty of crap that’s all they talk about constantly they almost never touch on economic policies in the economic policies or what is actually going to possibly change yours and your family’s life for the better or for the worse depending on where you

Stand so i just want to share with you guys where they stand on some of these big economic issues and you can decide for your else yourself what side do you actually stand on now also i would love to see in the comments section what you guys think about some of these economic policies and if i miss anything on one of the candidates you want to go more into depth

On something i might not have covered i would love to hear that what i don’t want to see in the comments section is you guys talking about negatively about clinton because of something or trump because of something as far as his things they’ve done in the past and whatnot in bad decisions they made it are those kinds of things because that’s what basically has

Filled up everybody’s mind in the media has focused around that and not focused around the economic policies so i would love to see some economic policy to sucks discuss if you guys want to share let’s go ahead and get into this right off the bat guys so first big economic policy we’re talking about is taxes now clinton stance on this she would largely maintain

The current tax code so the poor people middle-class you know going to be staying around the same tax rate and she would be doing increases for wealthier taxpayers meaning pretty much mostly the top 10% of the country would see tax increases everybody else would see about the same trump however he feels like he wants to do broad across-the-board tax cuts so tax

Cuts for you know poor people tax cuts for the middle class tax cuts for the wealthy it doesn’t matter who you are you gonna get a tax cut under trumped plans that’s what his plans are so you know right then there you can see a clear difference on what you feel you know tax wise you or do you want to pay the same rate you’re paying now and see wealthier people pay

More or do you want to just see everybody’s taxes go down where do you stand on that so next one’s up is minimum wage another very simple subject minimum wage clinton wants to raise the minimum wage to $12 nationally in some some locations so some states up to $15 now minimum wage federally i believe is around 825 currently so that’s a substantial increase in the

Minimum wage trump says he he is said that he does not support a federal minimum wage but wants the states to set their own minimum wage so basically that means the states could decide hey you know what we’re going to pay fifteen dollar minimum wage hey we’re paying an eight dollar minimum wage so that’s another one you know where do you guys stand on that next one

Up and this one i’m going to go more into depth because a lot of people do not even know what it is it’s tpp which stands for the trans-pacific partnership clinton helped negotiate that but now recently she’s expressed some skepticism on tpp and whether it’s a good thing or not but she did help negotiate it and trump has came out fully against it and he’s just very

Against tpp and thinks it’s a horrible thing he says it’s one of the worst trade deals ever signed but let’s go ahead and get into what actual tpp is and how it could affect your guys lives so trans-pacific partnership tpp is a free trade agreement between the united states and 11 other partners bordering the pacific ocean on februari for 2006-16 so very recently

Officials from each country signed the agreement the negotiations were successfully concluded on october 4 2015 now the countries that are involved in this is australia some country on yonada pronounced online touch that canada chile japan malaysia mexico new zealand peru singapore the united states in the vietnam now the countries involved produced forty percent

Of the world’s total gdp that’s kind of not surprised when you have the united states in there now let’s go over the pros and cons of tpp so you guys can kind of understand both sides of the coin the pros is that tpp boosts exports and economic growth creating more jobs and prosperity for the eleventh excuse me for the twelve countries involved it increases exports

By 305 billion dollars per year by 2025 us exports would increase 123 billion dollars focusing on machinery especially electrical autos plastics and agricultural industries it does this by removing 18,000 tariffs placed on us exports to the other countries the united states is already withdrawn eighty percent of these tariffs on foreign imports the tp plea excuse

Me tpp evens the playing field the agreement adds 223 billion a year in incomes to workers in all the countries with 77 billion supposedly going to the us workers so that is the pro side of tpp that’s the positives now let’s go ahead and look at the cons of tpp now so you can understand that as well so here are some of the cons most of the gains in income would

Go to workers making more than eighty eight thousand dollars per year free trade agreements contribute to income inequality which is already a big problem in the united states in high wage countries which the united states is a high wage country just so you guys by promoting cheaper goods from lower from low-wage countries so let’s say currently or in the past

There’s been a tariff on let’s say towels made in another country well now if tpp lifts that then towels will be able to come in and be sold for even cheaper making it even harder for a higher income type country like a united states to compete effectively that would be that would have specially that would be especially true of the tpp because it protects patents

And copyrights therefore the higher paid owners of the intellectual property would receive more of incoming games the agreement regarding patents will will reduce the availability of cheap generics making many drugs more expensive competitive business pressures will reduce incentives in asia to protect the environment last but not least the trade agreement could

Supersede financial regulations so that is the con side guys so right there you have a lot of different pros you have a lot of different cons so right then and there you guys should be able to decide what side you’re on a tpp let’s go ahead on to the next subject so now we’re talking about the manufacturing sector this has been another very important very important

Topic because the swing states manufacturing used to be really really important and it still is important a lot of those those states country excuse me a lot of those states jobs have left to other countries you know place like ohio and pennsylvania and some of those some of those places so clinton favors tax incentives for investment in hard-hit manufacturing

Locals and incentives for companies to bring back jobs to us also favors increased policies of trading partners trump proposes using aggressive trade enforcement and possible tariff increases to rebuild the manufacturing industry so basically just so you guys can understand trump’s stance if you don’t quite understand that he’s basically saying he wants to negotiate

He wants to negotiate hard and then he if saying well let’s go back to the towel thing let’s say he wants tells to be made i state it plays a huge tariff on towels that are coming in from other countries and then the price will in those towels will be so much higher then our our workers could then start producing towels and compete effectively versus some country

That’s paying their workers fifty cents an hour the argument against that would be okay well then towels might be ten dollars versus right now the three dollars or whatnot can people really pay ten dollars for towels so that’s a whole that’s a whole subject there worker retraining clinton enhance worker retraining options such as a tax credit for businesses of fifteen

Hundred dollars per apprentice so that’s that’s you know clinton stance on basically worker retraining from right now i have not seen trump support anything as far as worker retraining goes if you guys have seen something i know he’s come out with a lot of different stuff to the past week or two if you have seen something in regards to worker worker retraining let

Me know in the comments section i haven’t seen anything yet so i know he came out with tax rv excuse me um health care plans and things like that that i’ve seen but i’ve seen nothing on worker retraining infrastructure couldn’t would boost federal investment by 275 billion dollars over five years and create a 25 billion dollar infrastructure bank trump supports

Infrastructure expansion but hasn’t offered funding details once again if you guys know anything about funding details that trump may have at it recently i would love to see that in the comments section i haven’t seen anything yet energy development clinton will propose goal of renewable electricity to power every home in america within 10 years quote and / oil

Consumption by one-third so it’s definitely a bearish on the oil industry and trump promises to revive the u.s. fossil fuel sector so meaning oil gas coal all those things including reducing regulations on oil companies gas companies coal companies reducing the regulations that they face currently next one’s up is we are looking at science and technology clinton

Would increase funding for scientific research at agencies like the national institutes of health national side foundation from right now i haven’t seen trump come out with any stance but that’s not the most important subject in the world in my opinion affecting the economy so neither one of those you know should be judged that harshly in my humble opinion on that

Subject some of these other subjects get much more weight in my opinion income inequality clinton plans to address this by creating a fifteen percent tax credit for companies that share profits with workers on top of wages and pay increases trump from what i understand right now has offered few details beyond his tax plan and a he has made comments that ceo ceo

Pay is ridiculous how much see the some of the big ceos are making compared to their workforce and things like that so but i haven’t seen any any specific details if you guys know any why would love to see in the comment section wall street regulation clinton supports keeping dodd-frank law in some cases would tighten rules for wall street such as high in excuse

Me such as taxing high-frequency trading and trump says he would dismantle dodd-frank now dog frank was supposed to be a great thing but a lot of people have now seen that native the banks are just getting bigger by having dodd-frank and that it’s just making the the big banks even bigger and too big to fail it’s a big subject so that’s why trump has come out and

Been against that clinton wants to keep it says it’s working good we haven’t seen any crazy recession or any type of um i guess bubbles yet now that’s for you guys you know judgment do you see bubbles out there do you think dodd-frank’s a good thing bad thing let me know in the comments section small business clinton would ease regulation burdens on community banks

And support innovative financing methods trump has sharply criticized government regulation does not propose specific policies but trump has come out time and time again said he would take down a lot of a lot of regulations for small businesses i know i face regulations in my business because i fly drone and things like that that i face regulation so he to try to

Get rid of a lot of the regulations that kind of are expensive to small businesses so it kind of drives out maybe some people i don’t know it depends on what you guys think now of course there’s the other side of it which could say you know regulations are a good thing because that promote that prevents people from doing crazy things that they probably shouldn’t

Be doing what is your guys take on that policies for working families clinton advocates advocates equal pay paid family leave earn sick things and expanded health care and from right now i haven’t seen anything from trump specifically in regards to policies for working families so you guys can see there is some sharp sharp differences between them and if i was to

Tell you guys in my opinion what some of the biggest economic subjects are in my opinion personally tax is very important because that affects everybody minimum wage very important on where you stand there because it could affect things in a very good way it could affect things in a better very bad way it’s a big subject tpp absolutely a very big subject that i’m

Paying attention to and then we have infrastructure i think that’s a huge subject as well energy development a bit of a big one wall street regulation always a big one small business very important to me because i’m a small business owner so anything related to small business i pay attention to so those are the most important economic subjects to me personally that

I really pay a lot of attention to and something that wasn’t mentioned here that i wanted to mention is actually health care now clinton obviously is okay with obamacare and wants to maybe expand on that a bit whereas whereas trump said he wants to take out obamacare day one if you can so he’s very against obamacare clinton’s very for the current plan but health

Care is a big thing that can affect the economy because if you’re paying so much more for health care then that’s less money you have to go out and spend a business that’s less money that business has coming in as income so they can go spend more money and give their workers more hours and maybe pay raises and those kinds of things so absolutely i think insurance

Has a very big thing that was not on this list that i think should definitely be paid attention to you guys so like i said clinton supports obamacare wants to expand on it trump wants to dissemble obamacare in have insurance companies compete for your business outside of states and things like that kind of like you can for some type of other industries that you

Buy insurance for and those kinds of things so after this video guys hopefully you know some some more information or hopefully a lot more information than you need before this video you watch today here guys and you can make your own judgment do you think clinton’s plans are great do you think trump’s plans are great i like i said i would love to see some of your

Guys discussion if you have a strong opinion on any of these subjects maybe you have a strong opinion about them all i would love to see them maybe just one or two i would love to see this stuff guys there’s always pros and cons to almost everything in life there’s one side as the other side i would love to see it if you’re watching this guy’s and you haven’t

Subscribed yet you may want to talk about personal finance in this channel i talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur and i talked about the stock market and all three of those things long term will be affected by depending on which can it gets an office because policies will change and all those kinds of things thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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Clinton vs Trump! | Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton! By Financial Education

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creating neutral portfolios the

Creating Neutral Portfolios – The Option Greeks

These classes are all based on the book Trading and Pricing Financial Derivatives, available on Amazon at this link.

Hello youtube welcome back so in today’s video we’re going to learn about creating neutral portfolios of options this is the 8th video of my series on the options greeks if you need to learn more about the greeks make sure you watch some of those videos first assuming that you already know about the various options greeks like delta gamma theta and vega today

We’re going to learn about how options traders create neutral portfolios and why they might want to do that as we’ve seen in an earlier video by using a stock and an option a trader can create a delta-neutral portfolio if the trader wishes to further reduce sensitivities to other factors such as gamma they could do this by adding another option to the portfolio

A portfolio of a stock and a single option could never be gamma neutral once the trader adds an additional option and constructs a delta gamma neutral portfolio they would still be affected by other factors such as interest rates and volatility in general for each group they wish to hedge they would need to add at least one additional option to the portfolio in

The real world it’s very difficult if not impossible to hedge out all of your greeks it may be very difficult to find the correct option to hedge the portfolio and even if it could be found liquidity and transaction costs could be so high that putting together such a portfolio would make no economic sense in practice professional options traders flatten out their

Delta as if they wish and then they had the portfolio once or twice a day after that they just monitor their other greeks and take corrective action as necessary the greeks are additive in a linear manner this means that the total delta exposure for all of the options of a given underlying can be found by adding the delta of each individual option for example if

You are short 200 shares long 5 calls with a delta of 0.5 and short two puts with a minus 0.2 delta you have a net delta equivalent to 90 shares how we do that is we say minus 2 because the underlying has a delta of 1 so you’re short 200 shares that gives you a delta of minus 200 then plus five times a hundred that’s because each option covers 100 shares so five

Call options times a hundred times the delta of the call option which was 0.5 then minus two times 100 times minus 0.2 and that is to put options that were short with a multiplier of a hundred for a hundred shares minus point to being the delta of that put option and we sum that all up and that comes to 90 and so owning that portfolio gives you a risk exposure

As if you were long 90 shares of the underlying so for small moves in the price of the underlying you’d expect your profit and loss your p&l to change as if you were long 90 shares i hope that makes sense this approach works for delta gamma anti-de the net position of row may also be obtained by summing the row of each option only if all options have the same

Maturity net position greeks for vega vanna and volga can be complicated as each different strike and expiration will have a different volatility see my other video that’s coming out very shortly on the volatility surface and hopefully that will explain not to you four options with the same expirations and similar strikes these greeks can be summed so why might a

Trader want a neutral portfolio a market maker might find themselves buying and selling a variety of options based on customer demand they don’t necessarily wish to find themselves taking the other side of all of their customers trades and so will aim to hedge they do this by neutralizing their greeks other traders may just want exposure to a specific greek and

So they will put on a portfolio that gives them that precise exposure that’s really all on neutral portfolios for this week thanks very much for watching this video if you made it this far please hit the like button and possibly share with a friend if you want to see more content like this please subscribe oh and tune in to tomorrow’s video on dynamic hedging

Where you’ll learn how to win a free copy of my newest book trading and pricing financial derivatives have a great day bye

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Creating Neutral Portfolios – The Option Greeks By Patrick Boyle

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latin metals inc tsxv lmsotcqb l

Latin Metals Inc. (TSXV: LMS)(OTCQB: LMSQF) CEO Keith Henderson – RICH TV LIVE

Latin Metals Inc. (TSXV: LMS)(OTCQB: LMSQF) CEO Keith Henderson – RICH TV LIVE = June 13, 2022 – #latinmetals #keithhenderson #richtvlive #trading #stocks #news #business #finance #education #money #investing #metals #mining

Want to research stocks and join a community of traders that are researching stocks and looking at stocks every single day then join rich tv dot io hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of latin medals keith henderson how you doing today keith i’m good thank you yeah nice to be here

Always a pleasure very excited to have you on the show keith why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you want to become the ceo of latin medals uh okay yeah i’m i’m originally from northern ireland i’ve i moved across to vancouver probably about 15 years ago i’m a geologist by training i’ve been a little over 25 years in experience in

Exploration geology and really i’ve got i’ve got truly global experience and experience across a whole range of commodities with a with a bit of a focus on latin latin america which is where latin metals focuses uh as ceo of latin metals i’m actually the founder of latin metals and we we brought together a core group of investors who really like this kind of

Prospect generator model that we’re working with and we kind of knew that we knew that it would be hard work and it would take two or three years to to build the story a building phase if you like but we also knew that we could bring an investor-focused company to the market and an investor focused company is a little bit of a special thing there’s a lot of

Companies in vancouver and they’re not all looking after investors a lot of them are looking after the people that work there the management that’s absolutely not the case with us we’re trying to build a story which will limit dilution that will maintain value and create value for shareholders that’s fantastic and keith a few days ago you guys announced that

Latin metals entered into a definitive option agreement with anglo gold in regards to gold exploration projects can you tell the audience what that means for the company and how it will impact shareholders well for the company it’s a big success that’s exactly what we’re trying to do you know the prospect generator model we have lots of projects we try and

Farm those out to various companies and and where possible we try to farm them out to a big major company like anglo gold fourth biggest gold producer in the world fabulous technical team uh lots of financial capability to fund the work that they want to do and that’s all very very good for us they’re looking at our projects in northern argentina they believe

That there’s potential for a very large scale discovery there and and what it brings to us as a company is basically well they get a chance to earn 75 interest in the in the project to do that they have to pay us 2.75 million us dollars over five years they also have to spend an absolute minimum of 10 million us dollars over that period of time invested into

The project at the end of that process you know they’ll have a target they’ll be looking for a certain size of deposit if they see what they like or they think they can get to what they need they can then take a decision to acquire an additional five percent of the project and that basically involves them giving us another cash payment so they would take

The number of ounces that they’ve discovered let’s just call it a million ounces for ease of mathematics and and then they pay us approximately five dollars per ounce for that so we get another cash payment coming in so over the course of five or six years we hope that from anglo gold we’ll see investment of the order for 20 million or a little more and uh

And that’s very very good for the company for shareholders uh it should give shareholders hopefully exactly what they want everyone invests everyone wants the the opportunity and to be involved in a large discovery and that’s exactly what anglo gold are trying to do and if they’re successful that should make a very material difference to the company and the

Company’s valuation which would be very very good for shareholders i think now with so many different expiration companies out there what would you tell potential investors watching today that makes you stand out compared to the rest of the companies in the space oh well i hope we stand out i hope we’re very serious about what we’re doing and we’ve got a very

Disciplined approach to our business model we have lots and lots of properties more than the typical exploration company and what that means is that there’s more opportunities for success ultimately we aim to farm out the properties to companies and we have the companies that we farm it out to spend all of the money so we retain a minority interest but we also

Severely limit the dilution to shareholders so you have to trade off those two things against each other you know you know that you’re not going to get diluted as a shareholder at least not excessively and you also know you’re going to have a minority interest in a whole range of projects and if one of those projects is a very big success then the company will

Be a success as well uh from our perspective you know we have an excellent technical team we’re acquiring very high quality projects and that is evidenced by the fact that we’re getting deals with major companies uh in the last two months we’ve signed definitive option agreements with barrick gold and with anglo gold and if you want to look around vancouver you

Won’t see too many companies that have achieved that in such a short period of time that speaks to our very high quality projects our management and board together own 49 of the company so our interests are very closely aligned with those of shareholders and as ceo i’ve got 4.6 of the company now that’s that’s common in vancouver you’ll see a lot of companies

Where the ceo’s got a a significant position but you’ll also often see that the ceo has purchased those shares at one cent or five cents but they want the shareholders to buy those shares at 20 cents well it’s not the case here you know we’ve my average price for the shares that i purchased myself has been 18 cents and and i’m buying the same shares that other

Shareholders are buying as well and i think that that’s pretty positive for everybody uh you know limitation of dilution is really the core objective here most of the money is spent by our partners for every one dollar that we spend we see five dollars ex spent by partners that’s our prediction for this year and we’ve got a very very low burn rate so various

Aspects and lots of things that i think make us stand out from from lots of other companies and and even from other prospect generators keith can you tell us about the ip survey results the company just announced at the laksha project in peru yeah this this is a great project for us it’s it’s what every prospect generator wants to find it’s it’s something that

We acquired by staking which is a very cheap process you require the property for almost nothing really we’ve done a few layers of exploration which is the business that we do we do the early stage relatively inexpensive surface exploration and ip was really the last step in that process ip is a little bit more expensive it takes a couple of months to do but

It really works well and it’s with all of these layers of data we’ve been able to establish uh what we think are very good drill targets we’ve got four different areas for drill targets we’ve signed a three-year deal with the community which allows us to get through the drill permitting process and we’ve also recently had the the go ahead from the government

To to go forward with that drill permitting process so we think they think we’ll have a drill permit by around the end of august or early september and it’s a very critical step that will really really help us to get a partner on this one as well so so we’ve gone over the course of a year and a half from from staking the property to being very successful on

The ground to defining drill targets hopefully getting a drill permit and hopefully finding a partner and that’s exactly what we set out to do and it’s been a very big success congratulations on your success now these have been really tough market conditions and it’s been difficult to get liquidity into the stock what is the company doing to attract more

Retail and institutional investors look nobody ever nobody ever invested in the company they never heard of so that’s the first step uh as i mentioned this was a kind of a two or three year building process for us we had the idea we put the company together we invested and and here we are we’re at the end of the process of a long hard building process and

We’re ready to go we’ve really literally just started marketing we’ve we’ve been marketing for two months uh doing things just like this trying to get our name out trying to get the story out so that people that are interested can can really take a look at it we’re also doing a lot of very targeted marketing towards high net worths and institutions as well so

We’re just trying to go from from nothing from being completely unheard of to to being a very well-known company uh you know this is this is a particularly crappy market let’s say you know investors have got a choice every day they can either panic and sell everything and a lot of people take that choice and that’s fine or you can go and look for like severely

Undervalued high potential well-managed companies that are are strictly investor focused and and i hope that when people take a look at the company they’ll start to see some of those attributes in latin metals now we’re almost half of the year uh done and through the first two quarters are almost complete what is the company doing for the next two quarters to

Really spark investors interest yeah look the the first two quarters were great we were able to announce a couple of good deals and a lot of good exploration results as well like going through the next couple of quarters we’ll be starting to get data back from barrick gold and from anglo gold from the work that they’re doing on our projects in argentina uh we

Hopefully will get drill permits from esperanza that’s a copper project that we optioned out to libero copper and gold and libero are working on the drill permit and hopefully quarter four that comes in and that gets started as well we’re looking for partners for laksha and oak was two of our projects in peru and as i mentioned we hope to have the drill

Parameter at laksha in q3 and then just basically it’s an ongoing development of the project pipeline as as these projects get optioned out to major companies we need to have other projects coming in at the other side so it’s constantly developing the pipeline and constantly growing the base of of exploration projects more exploration projects more chance of

Success it’s as simple as that if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about latin medals today before we say goodbye what would it be i think some investors are are aware of the inves of the prospect generator model some not so much it’s been an area where there’s been a lot of research over the last couple of years and it shows that the

The business model works really as intended statistically a company working with this model is more likely to be involved in discovery of a very large deposit and that can be statistically proven more projects and a lot of partner money spent on the expiration makes sense if you think about it so simply put it’s just demonstrably more chance of success in

A very high risk and very high reward investment opportunity an investment category and and i don’t know what more you can ask for if you if you want to get a big return from the expiration industry you should invest in a company that’s got more chance of success keith we’re going to have investors from all over the world that are going to see this interview

They’re going to learn about your company what is the best way for them to get in contact with you if they have any questions ultimately i’m available to anyone that wants to speak about the company or the investment we usually do that through we’ve got a little form that we fill in on the website if anyone wants a call with management they can fill in their

Details they’ll get directed through to alicia patterson who’s a key part of our management team she looks after all of our marketing and investor relations and she’ll be able to connect people through to me as necessary so that’s probably the easiest way to go we can also maybe put her phone number on her email contacts into this video when you post i’m sure

She’d be happy with that and give people an easy way to get a hold of her that’s fantastic now i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that i want to put your attention to latin

Metals the symbol in canada as you can see here lms the symbol in america lmsqf put on your radar put on your watch list if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching bringing the winners and we bring them to you first thank you for joining us today the founder and ceo of latin medals keith henderson thank you for joining us today keith great thanks very

Much indeed take care always a pleasure we wish you the best of luck and for those of you guys that are watching if you liked the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe this is your host rich from mercy tv live saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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Latin Metals Inc. (TSXV: LMS)(OTCQB: LMSQF) CEO Keith Henderson – RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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how to become financially smart

How to Become Financially Smart?

📚Learn 3 Secrets of becoming Financially Smart with best known Corporate Finance Expert, CA Vishal Thakkar.

Good evening friends uh my name is vishal and i am live again as per my promise to all of you friends uh it’s quite overwhelming to get so much of response from all of you the love the affection that you have shown the interest that you have taken in this subject called finance makes me feel that yes you guys are motivating me to deliver my best the fact stands

Revealed today that for my tomorrow’s upcoming webinar where i am going to share the three secrets of unlocking cash blockages in your business i have got more than 700 registrations already so if you haven’t registered for that i request you with folded hands to register for the same friends unlike other business coaches we don’t make tall promises we are here

To genuinely help you address the financial challenges faced by you and your company trust me it begins with a simple mindset of learning once you decide to take the matters in your hand let me assure you no force in the universe can stop you from becoming wealthy you just need to put your mind on it if you have stumbled across any of my creatives my videos my

Blogs my books my television shows the message is loud and clear the universe now wants you to take charge of finances in your hand and in the process we want you to succeed in life and if you wish to succeed in life there is no greater success than financial success let me start today’s session by sharing a very interesting story the story is of mr malhotra

Mr malhotra is a senior business owner into a business of printing basically on pharma cartons so whatever creams or other pharmaceutical products or medicines that we use they are packed in a carton and those cartons are printed so mr malodra for more than three decades is into this business now recently he is joined by his son who has studied abroad completed

His management education and has joined his father lately on speaking with mr malhotra he told me that vishal we are doing very well for ourselves we have got almost about 400 percent sales growth which is four times in last two years we have got 200 percent profit growth which is two times profit growth and our assets have also grown by 50 percent so i said

Congratulations mr malhotra i think your son is really a lucky charm and he is spearheading this business towards next level of growth but he said that mr tucker i have one problem and i would like to share that problem with you if you come down to meet us i said sir with forex profit with forex sales growth 2x profit growth and 50 asset growth you don’t need

Somebody like me you are already on a financial highway why do you need me he said no vishal you have to come down so that i can discuss it is slightly confidential so i took a flight to delhi i went i met him and in his office he said that you know vishal we are running short of cash every month i said what you’re running short of what he said cash i said how

Is it possible i mean you are riding a success wave where you are getting so much of sales your pharma customers are doing so well so how is it that you are struggling for cash i don’t understand can you explain so he said my son will explain i said fair so i looked at junior mr malhotra he said that you know i started this business two years ago i joined my

Father till two years ago all the pharma boxes were plain boring white me and my friends participated a year and a half ago in a printing machinery exhibition happening in munich germany and there we saw interesting 3d printing machines 3d embossing machines and variety of stuff that we could print on cartons i lapped upon that idea and i knew i have got my secret

Recipe of success and growth the moment we brought back some samples into india and started showing to pharma companies we were showered with orders we looked no beyond and ordered one machine and now today whatever sales growth profit growth asset growth that has been reported is due to the machinery that we got phenomenal growth amazing times we are very very

Happy only this small cash problem needs to be resolved otherwise we are on track so then i asked him that dear uh what is the cost of the machine so he said 15 crores so 15 crores worth machinery he has got and i asked him how much did you make the down payment so he said four crores all our savings whatever we had accumulated for last seven years are invested

There and then i said what did you do where did you get the balance money from so he said okay we have a cc limit of around 20 crores it was lying unutilized we were only using seven eight crores so used it so i said okay you use cc limit to fund 11 crores four crores you made down payment from your own equity and you got the machine so i asked him how much is

Interest outflow every month he said sir interest outflow for machinery alone is 11 lakhs and for other normal cc we are paying almost 8 lakh so 20 lakh is interest outflow alone now also i had to hire skilled labour who could work on the machine and i have to pay salary to them so wage wheel has also gone up and the machine is massive it consumes electricity

Like a hogger and it is hogging electricity which has resulted into another five lakh per month cash outflow so what is happening is that net net i am 35 lakhs down and out every month which i have to pay and i asked him that so how and when do your pharma clients pay that is where senior mr malotra intervened and said vishal you know you have been writing books

For pharma companies after four books and around two three lakh copies distributed freely to doctors by all the famous pharma companies in your name you know that the earliest they will pay you is 90 days and average 120 days and if the times are not good maybe 180 days so given this food situation last two years our payments have fluctuated anywhere between 120

To 180 days now month on month we are going cash negative so i told mr malhotra that don’t you feel that the decision of buying that machinery was taken a bit too soon and you hurried into it by parking all your savings all the more you also utilized your cc limit for paying the balance part of the money which you didn’t have i feel this has resulted into the

Cash crunch because we never anticipated that beyond 15 crores it will entail further cash flows in terms of interest payments in terms of hiring technical people and in terms of increase electricity bill since we did not factor all of this we are running short of working capital every month even the increased orders and the increased margin in those orders

Are not helping us because the money is coming late now you may argue that it becomes a cycle after a point in time but payout cycle is also a cycle long because payout cycle is 30 days and pain cycle is 120 to 180 days also i wonder how your suppliers are continuing to supply money to you because i am sure that the only place where you would have borrowed

Money from would be from suppliers by holding back the raw material uh payment that you make to them senior malhotra got up from his chair at that point and said vishal that is killing us you know the paper market does not offer any credit to anyone based on my goodwill my paper companies have been supplying paper to me but they are saying now no more i have no

Place to go bank has refused to enhance any further cc limit i do not know how long can i sustain if this goes on like this i think in two months from now i will have no money left to pay salaries also what can you do so i told him that mr malhotra i am sorry to say but we have landed up by taking a wrong decision at which point junior mr malhotra lost patience

And said dad i have been telling you that you have been talking to wrong consultants you know this gentleman here does not understand that the entire growth story of our company started from the time i came in and i got that machine before that machine where was the increased sales where was the increased profit and you are saying i did something wrong with all

Due respect mr tucker but i did not go to germany to spend my money on booze and on drugs i went there to work hard to grow my company if you don’t have solution to my cash issues you cannot blame me for taking wrong decision i didn’t move i wasn’t kind of not expecting such a reaction i was but senior mr malhotra intervened and said pardon my son from saying

So he’s naive fresh blood and very enthusiastic to grow but he doesn’t realize that for growth we need fuel called cash mr tucker kindly suggest if you have a solution so i told him that mr malhotra first of all you need to do two or three things which you can do to make your company come back on track firstly oxygen is missing talk to your banker and convert

Your 11 lakh interest outflow which is going due to machinery into a wctl loan working capital term load immediately mr molotra said but that would result into an emi which means principal repayment i am already struggling with cash and you are asking me to further fuel cash to the banker i said hold on think what you can sell think what you can mortgage if you

Have any additional investments in land gold fixed deposits or personal savings the time has come to break them and infuse them as equity in business second if you can mortgage it and convert this machinery into a term loan the interest outflow will come down the interest outflow will get replaced by principal repayment and eventually your burden will come down

Third apart from pharma industry talk to food industry talk to other industries where your packaging is required printing is required and see which all customers can pay money upfront offer cash discount and start collecting upfront money at least 20 to 25 percent on order and another 20 25 percent on delivery that will ease out your cash flow issues even though

Margins may be compromised a little bit but even at compromised margins we will get the so-called important life blood oxygen or liquidity in business so mr malhotra thanked me for my advice and i came back to mumbai so friends do you resonate to this story or any part of it have you ever taken decision without considering the total cash flow impact of it have

You invested money in growth without realizing that what would be the total investment what would be the monthly recurring outflows and how those outflows would be funded for the gestation period for which your asset would become productive and also after that have you reconsidered the timing mismatches that happen between your cash coming from the customer and

You paying to the other stakeholders if you have very good if you haven’t time has come when you start looking at these areas of your business now unless you start looking at these areas of business it will be very difficult for you to keep your head above the water so friends we at contretra help you to map your cash flows of business help you to make business

Cases for all the investments that you are making for growth of your company help you to tide over the cash crunch that you may be facing and educate you to do it yourself every time next time so that you don’t have to depend upon my advice or my team’s advice for life the best thing is to learn how to do fishing rather than expecting a business coach like me to

Catch a fish for you so if you want to learn fishing and how to fish money talk to us today and yes don’t miss out my webinar happening tomorrow sharp at 4 pm if you have registered please set a reminder for 4 pm tomorrow if you haven’t registered i will paste the registration link in the comment section of this live video once uploaded as a recording and i am

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 4 p.m till that time be safe on money

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i hate my job leanfire now

I Hate My Job: LeanFIRE NOW!

Do you hate your job? Are you considering Lean FIRE?

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about lean fire many people hate their job and this is not just my opinion job satisfaction is at an all-time low in a recent survey of 1.7 million people 80 percent of these 1.7 million reported that their job did not set them up to do their best people are just saying take this job and shove

It people are choosing to fire right now financially independent retire early instead of a regular fire they are choosing to do lean fire where it’s the bare minimum that you need to retire early today i want to go over some things you might want to consider before you pull the plug this video is brought to you by weeble and what better way to retire early is

To get some free stocks if you sign up and deposit at least a penny you’re gonna get two free shares of stock value between eleven and twenty three hundred dollars and if you just trade one dollar worth of crypto you can get five dollars free of shiba inu coin what better way to get in on cryptocurrencies than to not use your own money and just sign up for this

Check out my referral link down in the video description below you’ve done the calculations for retiring early four percent rule trinity study do the three percent rule and then vary your withdrawal rate depending on the market conditions if the market goes down well you would draw a little less if the market is doing really well okay you can stay at four percent

Maybe you can even withdraw a little bit more there’s two different ways to set this up you can either have your own home paid for in full or you do not if you’re lucky enough to have your own home your expenses are likely going to be a lot lower let’s just say it’s twenty thousand dollars a year if you don’t own your own home let’s say you have a million dollars

Of investable assets four percent rule means you can withdraw forty thousand dollars a year let’s say 20k of this you allocate for rent and then the other 20k is for daily expenses 20k in rent is reasonable for moderately priced housing areas the risk here is that rent may increase dramatically over the next 10 years 20 years with the home paid off you only need

About 20k a year to live reasonably comfortably there is yet another kind of danger here which is inflation regular inflation for let’s say cars or food is probably over five ten percent just this year alone cpi has long been known as not a very good metric of measuring real inflation that is what the consumer actually feels when you go out different people spend

On different things maybe you would buy gas maybe some people would buy more meat but in the end cpi is most likely not the same exact basket of items that you would spend at the store some people are really frugal people they’re not going to buy stuff at list price maybe you’re going to use a bunch of coupons so your grocery price might actually be lower than

What cpi anticipates now with or without a paid off home it’s either 500 000 or 1 million dollars in investable assets this is gonna translate to giving you about 20k or 40k worth of spending every single year most likely you’re gonna invest this in vo which is a low cost index fund charging only point zero three percent fee every single year now this fee it’s not

Like you’re gonna have to pay them you’re gonna have to write a check or anything you feel the effects of this by having the index not track the actual index perfectly but rather it’s point zero three percent lower in my experience twenty thousand dollars a year is basically bare minimum for a single person i spend that much myself about 1500 every single month this

Comes out to be about 18 000 a year and you add in random electronics purchases or maybe vacations that’s another 2 000 right there budget of 20k a year may not include very infrequent high cost expenses such as home repairs maybe you want to add in a new roof maybe you want to change your windows change the carpet there are possible medical expenses possible huge

Costs with buying a car if you’re going lean fire and some random thing like that happened you might just withdraw a little bit too much from your brokerage account and you might start to worry do i have enough maybe you have to go back to work but by then your employment status might be not as good maybe you’ve been out of a job for a year or two and it’s really

Really difficult to get back in the same career that you were in and then you might just have to go work for whatever will hire you earn enough money to get back into lean fire to make that retirement number again in the engineering field when i interview people the first thing you look at a resume is to see if it was a continuous employment and if it is not if

They say they went on travel well there’s this kind of stigma where everybody goes why did you just go travel if you got laid off then maybe you’re not such a good performer and the longer that you are out of the workforce the harder it is to get back into the same career one year is probably the maximum you can probably talk your way out of it it’s going to be a

Little difficult but you could possibly say you just took a year off to go travel europe or whatever sometimes employers might actually think this is a good thing when you lean fire and you quit your job you’re essentially saying you’re never gonna work an hour of your life ever again this means you’re never gonna make any more money it also means you’re gonna

Rely on whatever you already earned and you’re gonna live off of that for the rest of your life 20 000 a year roughly inflation adjusted so you can kind of expect that your standard of living is gonna stay roughly the same if you are comfortable with your current quality of life then okay you know this might be something that is possible but there are other things

That you may not have considered maybe you’re gonna meet someone and possibly have kids and when you have kids it costs extra money you’re not gonna be able to have kids on twenty thousand dollars a year and if you lean far and then you meet someone well maybe you have to rejoin the workforce also consider that if your quality of life is going to stay the same it’s

Never going to improve humans in general like to see things improve like there’s something to work towards and then you see your life getting better and better this is always nice and something always nice to work towards here’s a road map which i think can get you to fire quicker and then progress onto regular fire and then fat fire first you have a normal career

But you are a very frugal person so you save a lot of money you’re able to lean fire at first and then you quit your job you do something that you love while you’re lean firing and hopefully you do it in such a way that makes you money this might take a little bit of leap of faith because you got to do what you love what you’re good at what the world actually needs

And also something that will make you money and then with all this you might be able to progress to regular fire and then after you regular fire you may be able to raise your standard of living a little bit more and then keep on making more money with doing what you love and all that other stuff and then you progress to fat fire some of you might think that i am so

Frugal i’m gonna remain this way for the rest of my life but that is not the main purpose here i’m not being frugal for the sake of being frugal i’m being frugal so i can get to lean fire faster and then once i have a little bit more i can loosen up a little bit like right now can i say being in lean fire is a meager existence i actually don’t think settling for

Lean fire is anything wrong at all many people do this and they they can live happily for the rest of their life their standard of living though is going to stay roughly the same many people don’t care about raising their standard of living they’re happy where they are right now my personal opinion and preference is that if you have something to look forward to

It just kind of makes things more interesting rather than knowing okay the rest of your life it’s all planned out already you have enough money coming in it’s like you reached a universal basic income except this ubi it’s self-generated you made it for yourself let’s say you were born with ubi but there are plenty of people in the world that won’t settle they’re

Going to be like a shark and do what sharks do you know bite stuff and be scary lean fire is more like a stepping stone to get out of the rat race while you are working hard nine to five there’s no time to do anything else after work you are very exhausted mentally and physically so that you can’t pursue anything else it’s almost like the entire society is trying

To numb you and get you tired so that you can’t pursue anything else to further yourself but once you free up your time with lean fire you can pursue anything that you want something that you love doing something that you’re good at doing or maybe you can become good at doing something that the world needs and something that you can get paid in or if you don’t

Get paid in right now you can try to push it towards that way where you eventually get paid in it one last thing i want to mention is that if you hate your job it’s most likely taking a toll on you physically you may not notice this because it’s there all the time every single day you feel a little weird right this has an effect on your health it’s like work stress

And over a long period of time it can affect your overall health and lifespan and if you quickly have this kind of stress it will eventually leak into other kind of things maybe ulcers or other kinds of weird health problems i’ve had a lot of co-workers that have these health issues and it’s only after they get these health issues that they go oh my gosh i gotta

You know take a break or something before they kill themselves thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed it give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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I Hate My Job: LeanFIRE NOW! By BeatTheBush

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supreme cannabis otcqx sprwf tsx


SUPREME CANNABIS (OTCQX: SPRWF) (TSXV: FIRE) $2.50 PRICE TARGET – BMO Capital Markets analysts Tamy Chen, CFA, and Peter Sklar, CPA, CA, recently initiated coverage of The Supreme Cannabis Company at Market Perform with a C$2.50 per share price target, representing a 15 percent premium to the then-current market price. The analyst sees the potential for a C$3.00 share price with brand traction, accelerating sales, ramping production, and strategic international acquisitions.

If i told you about the markets and this property if you don’t know what the same it’s all day the markets in the crop this industry if i taught you about the largest still the largest business true if i told you about the 52-week low the knife is true you ain’t watching you ain’t winning at your popular cause it’s true yeah i told you about the markets and less

Profits in these trough if i don’t you back my just fill the – it is true if i told you about the 52-week lows and rises true you ain’t watching you ain’t me hey guys how you doing so i’m back and i have to bring you guys this breaking news so fire love this company they got wiz khalifa they got i’m actually breaking down their share structure so it’s

Sp rwf in america on the otcqx the highest tier exchange in america and it’s fire in canada on the toronto stock venture exchange okay now this company here is a 96% buy with the strongest short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction long-term the trend strength is max long-term indicators fully support a continuation of this trend i believe this

Is probably one of the most undervalued cannabis stocks in the whole world i’m putting it out there this is one of the most undervalued cannabis stocks in the entire world okay and i’m telling you right now is gonna blow it’s gonna blow look at the chart see how its building momentum up ninety-two percent since december twenty fourth twenty percent in the last

Month it is gaining steam and more and more people are recognizing that this is an undervalued underappreciated underexpose company read right here the supreme cannabis company inc is engaged in production and sale of medical and recreational cannabis the company is a cultivator and distributor of cannabis through its wholly owned subsidiary seven acres which

Is a world-renowned company okay now the reason why i brought you this video is that the bank of montreal one of the largest banks in canada analysts initiate supreme cannabis so this is news that just broke today the cf n media group the leading agency and financial media network dedicated to north american cannabis industry and now it’s publication of an

Article discussing the supreme cannabis company fire is the symbol of canada s pr wuf is a symbol in america and the otcqx the highest tiered exchange in america and frankfurt in germany under the symbol 5 3 s 1 the cannabis industry may have been dominated by michael copps a years ago a couple years ago but multi-billion dollar valuations blue-chip investments

Cannabis focus etfs and growing analyst coverage is helping it reach a new level of maturity the wider market is finally starting to realize the cannabis industry significant potential in both medicinal markets as a pharmaceutical alternative and recreational market as an alcohol or tobacco alternative capital market analyst tammy chen cfa and peter sklar cpa ca

Recently initiated coverage of the supreme cannabis company at market perform with the $2.50 per share price target it’s currently priced at 221 so that’s a nice like little more than what like a 15 percent balance from these prices so that’s a nice little target i don’t mind taking ten percent representing a 15 and they’re saying right after is that representing

A 15 percent premium to the then current market price the analyst sees the potential for a $3 share price with a brand traction look at that so a $3 share price would be an increase of about for every 10 percent you’re getting 22 cents so about a 35 percent increase that’s pretty substantial on supreme from these levels and it’s a 96 percent buy bar chart it has

Two hundred ninety million shares issued an outstanding 285 million are on the float which means out of the 290 million shares they have total 285 million or actually out there for people to buy itself okay so they’re sure structures actually similar to kennedy growth and canopy growth is trading at lake ridiculous levels compared to supreme cannabis company now

Canada growth is making way more revenue so they deserve to be trading higher and they have billions of dollars of cash in the bank but nonetheless this is a company that’s coming up and has been doing a good job for a long time and it needs attention right now when nobody’s looking at it that’s the time that we need to kind of consider should we buy the stock and

I mean like i want to know what do you guys think do you guys own this stock do you think it’s time now to position yourself in the supreme cannabis company they are with a little bit of attention going to most like and render $3 in canada and with brand traction accelerating sales ramping production and strategic international acquisitions there’s no reason why

This will be trading at 3 bucks which will be about a 30 percent return from these levels and who doesn’t want an extra 30 percent return on your money focus on discerning customers supreme cannabis has always focused on discerning heavy cannabis users as its core market with premium dried flower that contains a flavorable level of terpenes management estimates

That these users account for just 20 percent of all cannabis consumers but in terms of revenue they account for upwards of 80% of purchases terpenes aroma profiles play a big role in attracting discerning customers to cannabis flower products the company’s four hundred and forty thousand square foot hybrid greenhouse in ontario is licensed for seventeen thousand

Five hundred kilograms per year of dried cannabis production management hopes to bring the facility up to full production of 50 thousand kilograms per year by mid 2019 with smaller grow rooms and a whole plant dry approach the company’s cannabis products are superior to many competitors using more industrial scale approaches to mass production currently the company

Has been taking advantage of wholesale demand at attractive prices as the market matures the company plans to transition itself to become a premium recreational brand providing sustainable margins over the long term these efforts are supported by partnerships such as its agreements with khalifa cush enterprises and its lineup of kke branded products and the launch of

Its full spectrum cannabis oils and concentrates that is going to be huge they’re talking about cbds people and khalifa kush that’s wiz khalifa the hip-hop star oh yeah i just think this is like a mini kennedy growth canopy growth has snoop dogg and wiz khalifa is always calling snoop dogg cousin what up cuz so if wiz khalifa is with fire like snoop dogg is what

Can it be growth is this a mini can it be gross i think it is guys i’d like to know what you guys think i’d love to know what you guys think about this news a by rating a market perform and price targets of 250 to $3 when we’re currently trading o at 222 right now it’s going up based on this news already so i’d love to bring you guys the news i’d love to bring it

To you first i’d love to analyze it and explain to you guys why i think what i’m thinking and love to know what you guys think about this right now this is the news that is literally trending right now let’s talk about their international expansion efforts supreme cannabis made a 10-million strategic equity investment to acquire 10% of medi grow a licensed producer

Based in lesotho that’s developing a five hundred twenty thousand square foot greenhouse in march 2018 what that is enormous these efforts could provide the company with early inroads into africa cannabis market after lesotho become the first country on the continent to legalize cannabis that is huge and medi grow is the first cannabis producer to receiving licence

In the country in march 2019 the company also announced a letter of intent with malta enterprises that would enable it to produce and process medical cannabis in the country wow this is so big and potentially export to european markets wow i just got cloud these guys are going international folks and what do you think they’re doing by working with wiz khalifa in

America that’s huge my goodness this is so big most canadian licensed producers have directly exported cannabis to europe with eu gmp certified facilities but the loi could pave the way for the import of non gmp certified cannabis into malta for distribution across europe wow that is enormous looking ahead so the supreme cannabis company fire sp rwf in america

Has made significant progress over the past few quarters 166 in america 221 in canada so it’s made a lot of progress in all areas including its price with capital markets initiative coverage the company joins aurora cannabis inc canada growth corp oak anagram as other industry giants covered by the mainstream analyst firm investors may want to take a closer look

At the company given this coverage and its progress wow that is big this is very big guys let’s take a look at their website i don’t know guys it’s still cheap and i’m telling you guys this is like a baby kennedy growth i’m telling you right now it is a baby canopy growth they got the same share structure they’re working with wiz khalifa they’re worth wiz khalifa

Canopy growth is with snoop dogg and they call each other cousins i think it’s perfect i think it’s a match made in heaven love to know what you guys think if you liked this video smash the like like button comment down below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true this news is so new it isn’t even on their website yet i brought it to you

Guys first and this is really what i like to do everybody’s got a pump of roro roro whatever you know i’m gonna talk about all the different stocks and i’m gonna tell you guys what’s happening and i’m gonna try to bring it to you guys first love to know what you guys think about this news about fire is this gonna finally blow it’s still dirt cheap in comparison to

All of its peers does this mean that this company blows look at that right in the heart of downtown toronto awesome – i know that area very well this is crazy i support you geez neighborhood right there as the pork chops in the middle of all this a we believe the world is ready to end a century of cannabis prohibition a global movement rooted in canada supreme has

Been at the center of the cannabis space since 2014 in pursuit of this massive opportunity isn’t it crazy how in five years you can go from a small little company that’s thinking about getting in the cannabis sector to a large multi-million dollar and in some cases in a lot of cases these companies will become billion-dollar companies it’s just mind-boggling how

These companies have literally transformed in five years it’s unbelievable supreme trades as fire on the tsx on the toronto stock exchange currently at 221 and is a testament to our passion for cannabis our obsession with quality and our mission to light up the cannabis sector we established seven acres as the first licensed producer following focused on growing

High quality cannabis in high quantities today seven acres is enroute to becoming canada’s leading cultivator of consistently great commercial cannabis as legalization grows beyond our borders we will continue to identify new opportunities to build innovative cannabis businesses across the globe the supreme cannabis company trades under the symbol fire on the

Toronto stock exchange at spr w f on the otcqx exchange in america seven acres is supremes wholly owned operating subsidiary and currently is supremes only operating business unit what do you guys think of this news i love this news this is breaking news remember it’s tv live and is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do

Yours your your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here enrich to be live i’m gonna continue to research supreme cannabis love to know what you guys think if you like this video smash the like button comment on this video share it everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true is your boy rich bring you the news bring it to you first

Supreme now being initiative coverage it’s true unbelievable by bank of america bank of america issuing coverage of supreme pharmaceuticals there it is analysts initiate supreme cannabis and the thing that i like the most about this article is the last three companies that they list initiated coverage on where canada growth o ganna grab and aurora cannabis all

Three of which have exploded anticipate that supreme cannabis will follow suit is you’re born rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true we bring the news and we bring it to you first supreme cannabis has been given a market perform with a $2.50 price target in canada currently trading at 221 what do you guys think and they believe that it could go

To at least three dollars we’ll stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on the progress as it happens is your boy rich and i’m hope peace

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SUPREME CANNABIS (OTCQX: SPRWF) (TSXV: FIRE) $2.50 PRICE TARGET By RICH TV LIVEliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2019-03-18T163404+0000endTimestamp2019-03-18T165332+0000}

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the truth about getting rich qui

The TRUTH About Getting Rich Quick In The Stock Market

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

Now most people when they start off with investing in the stock market myself included they have this idea that they’re going to become the next most successful day trader or swing trader and they’re gonna take $1,000 and they’re gonna turn it into a million dollars in a very short period of time and i hate to burst your bubble here guys but i want to show you

Something called the 9090 90 rule to give you a realistic idea about getting rich in the stock market now myself included when i got started with investing i was dabbling around with swing trading and this was my goal i had $500 that i started out with in my account and i wanted to turn that into a million dollars buy swing trading and making you know 20 30 40

Percent returns day after day that was the idea that i had in my head and i want to show you guys why that is in most cases just not a realistic goal to have in mind when it comes to the stock market you can absolutely become a rich with this investment vehicle but it’s not in the way that you are probably thinking so right off the bat let’s cover the 90 90 90 rule

And the 90 90 90 rule essentially tells us that this it tells us that ninety percent of traders out there lose 90 percent of the money in their account in the first 90 days so essentially from that we can derive that about 10 percent of traders are successful or at least don’t lose money and the other 90 percent of people basically blow up their account they’ll go

From $1,000 to having $100 left or if they invested $10,000 they would lose 90 percent and be stuck with just $1,000 from that original investment and there are a number of reasons why this is the number one reason that i can tell you having talked to some successful traders out there like ricky gutierrez or jason graystone i’ve met both of these people and they

Are successful traders but the number one problem is that people cannot detach their emotions when it comes to their money they get greedy they’re looking for excessive returns they’re trying to become a millionaire overnight they’re not locking in profits so for these reasons specifically people tend to be big be unsuccessful when it comes to trading the figure

I’ve always heard is that about 1% of traders are predictably profitable so if you’re in a room full of a hundred people 90 of them are going to lose 90 percent of their money in the first 90 days the other nine or so people are going to pretty much not lose any money but not make much money either and one out of those 100 is going to be predictably profitable

So i honestly have nothing against trading it works for some people it doesn’t work for most people so we’re gonna take this out of the equation here and say okay you’re not going to use trading as a means to get rich with the stock market so how i invest is this way let’s say for example i had $1,000 in front of me and i was looking to invest that money this

Is exactly how i’ve done it and how i’ve been successful with investing and it’s not by taking that $1,000 and investing it in the uber ipo or finding some random penny stock out there that’s gonna go to the moon how i’ve been successful with investing is by taking that small amount of money that $1,000 and investing it into myself or more specifically into my

Business and i want to plant the seed in your mind here if you are somebody sitting there with $1,000 in front of you and you’re looking to invest that and you’re trying to become rich well why is it that you only have $1,000 because that in and of itself should identify what the main problem is here people are often chasing unrealistic high returns in the stock

Market through trading because of this right here they don’t have enough capital to get started with and the reason behind that is because they’re not making enough money in the first place so if you only have $1000 in front of you to invest i would not go out there and put that into the market i would put it into yourself in the form of self-education books or

I would put it into your business or wherever you’re going to be getting the highest roi so personally that is exactly how i invest earlier on you know i did have money to invest and i was messing around with some swing trading in the stock market but ultimately i took that money invested it in myself education through books and other means online invested money

Into equipment to start my online business here and that right there is how i have the best return on investment so it has been about two and a half years that i’ve been running this online business and let’s just say for numbers sake that i’m now able to have you know about $10,000 per month of money that i could do something with this is money that after paying

My bills paying my expenses i’ve got $10,000 per month left over that i have to do something with that right there is the money that i would then put into the stock market after you have taken that money and invested it in yourself and then you have this extra money here and you have nowhere else to invest it to scale your business and you don’t have any way to

Invest that in yourself to make more money that is the money that you then take and you put into the market so that is the truth about investing in the stock market a lot of people think it’s going to be the solution for them for all their problems they’re going to become a successful day trader they’re gonna become a millionaire trading stocks starting off with

A very small amount of money and the problem here is not low returns because the stock market returns around 8 to 10 percent per year and a lot of people think that’s useless and you know what if you’re investing a thousand dollars it kind of is useless because 80 to 100 dollars in a year is not a lot of money but the problem is not a low return the problem is not

Enough skin in the game not enough money to begin investing and you’re essentially trying to skip this piece here and go right to the stock market that is why you do not have enough capital so let’s say for example i took that $10,000 per month and i funneled it all into the stock market well after a year i would have about $120,000 invested so that $120,000 if i

Were to earn a 10% return that year would be a return of $12,000 now that $12,000 to most people including myself is a significant amount of money and in that aspect a 10% return per year seems extraordinary but when you’re investing such a small amount of money that 10% return is just not going to get you anywhere and i have to say in most cases if you’ve got $1,000

Sitting there and that’s all you have to invest i would not put it into the market i would put it into your own skills and figuring out how to build a scalable business or how to make more money that way you can have more skin in the game anyways guys that is the truth about the stock market and getting rich with stocks let me know what you think in the comment

Section below you know if you have a thousand dollars in front of you where are you investing it are you investing it into yourself or are you trying to invest it in something outside of yourself looking for you know some kind of great return if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you drop a like and subscribe to be notified of any future uploads and i will see you in the next video

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The TRUTH About Getting Rich Quick In The Stock Market By Ryan Scribner

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how to stake adacash and earn re

How to Stake ADACASH and Earn Rewards | RICH TV LIVE

How to Stake ADACASH and Earn Rewards | RICH TV LIVE – February 14, 2022 – #adacash #staking #richtvlive #trading #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchaintechnology #cardano

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and where you can go and join our trading club and learn how to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies and have we told you how much

We love bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology speaking of blockchain technology one of the greatest things you can do in the crypto space in 2022 is stake your coins ada cash has just launched staking and a pretty cool dashboard and we’re gonna show you what it looks like we’ve got 4.25 billion ada cash to stake and we’ve got rewards that

We’re going to be earning almost instantly live on our dashboard let’s take a look okay guys this is the ada cash dot io website ada cash staking is now live and i’m gonna show you guys on my dashboard exactly how it literally works in real time the max amount of ada cash you can stake is 200 billion it also has very dynamic apy and when you stake ada cash

You harvest soul cash which in return you still earn your rewards from the staked ada cash in bep 20 pegged ada and also bep 20 pegged soul cash so it’s pretty wild and this is the total rewards paid in ada and these are the total rewards paid in salana pretty cool you can see soul cash total rewards paid 884 solana which is hundred and sixty 86 dollars

And ninety six cents and 88 cash total rewards paid in cardano ada one million four hundred and sixty nine thousand five hundred eight dollars and fifty two cents which is 1401 8777 cardano so you want to learn how to earn passive income you need to take a look at ada cash we feel like it is extremely undervalued under appreciated and underexposed this

Is what it looks like when you want a steak so let’s just say you want a steak you go to the home page click on steak on the top right corner it’s gonna bring you to this page here all right so i have a 4.25 billion ada cash that i want to stake you can see the staking apr 0.4211 annualized you can see the total staked and you can see the tvl over 1 million

So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to just hit approve right here click on approve we’re going to put the max balance and approve it to stake and i’m going to give the permission to my metamask and confirm it it is now approving the transaction boom approve ada confirm staking approve ada got it all right there’s the transaction on bsc scan overview

All right and confirm staking i’m going to hit confirm staking and once again i’m going to confirm it and approve it on my meta mask boom staked 4.25 billion ada cash we can see this transaction is there bam steak balance 4.25 billion ada cash total balance of 186.86 you can see the rewards soul cash so far and ada and selena none yet and if we wanted

To claim the rewards which would be in soul cash so far all i had to do would be to click claim all right so we are staking 4.25 billion ada cash and as the rewards come in we’ll let you guys know exactly what it looks like where you’re now staking your ada and you can literally see my amount here on the top right stake balance in ada cash 4.25 billion ada

Cash which is a grand total of 186.75 i literally just did it minutes ago and my soul cash rewards just continue to grow and this is pretty exciting watching this grow so as these grow i can claim them if i choose to or just let them compound and grow so there’s no tax to stake or unstake the only fee you have to pay is the binance fee bnb fee to confirm

The staking because you are sending the ada cash to the staking pool this can’t be changed and this is part of the bnb binance network fee the staking pool is for three years and of course you can claim your staked earns any time you want but it is advised that you let it accumulate because you know this isn’t that much so you want to give it some time to

Accumulate but you can see that while we’ve been doing this video the rewards have been growing and it literally grows in real time so it’s pretty wild and it’s just like having money in a savings account accruing interest over time so huge huge huge exciting time for ada cash and look at your sold cash rewards literally growing and excited to see the ada

And solana rewards also grow so that i can claim those rewards as well love to know what you guys think of this video you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live i must remind you that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes do your due diligence do your

Research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live investing is extremely risky but this is a program and a platform that we think is extremely exciting we believe it is undervalued underappreciated underexposed love to get your feedback on the video if you do like the video smash the like button comment down below share the

Video everywhere and subscribe and if you’d like to comment on the video go into the description of the video comment on the video let me know what you guys think if you have any questions about staking please let me know i’ll do my best to answer all of your questions as well all right so once again you can go back to the website ada cash dot io and you can

See here ada cash earn passive income a revolutionary new token that earns you ada reflections just for holding on each transaction 10 is distributed between all holders as cardano every 60 minutes dependent on volume so we will keep you updated on our rewards and our staking as it happens thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning probably not watching

We’re bringing the winners just like aba cash and we bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody this is rich risky live and i’m out you

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How to Stake ADACASH and Earn Rewards | RICH TV LIVE By RICH TV LIVE

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my 9 biggest shopping regrets of

My 9 Biggest Shopping Regrets (Of All Time)

This video is brought to you by Rakuten. Sign up and get $10: Then enter to win a $100 Gift card –

Hey guys it’s chelsea from the financial diet and this week’s video is brought to you by rakatan and today i am here with some fresh newly chopped mom hair to mother you guys about one of my favorite topics which is shopping and how to do it better today we are gonna be diving into some dark chelsea lore and talking about all of my unfortunate shopping mishaps

Whether it’s the items i purchased and basically never wore or used or the money i could have saved if i was even slightly smarter about shopping these are the shopping regrets that haunt me to this day and since this list is nine whole items long let’s get crackin number one is being afraid to put stuff back now i don’t know if this is something that you guys

Ever experienced but for me the more broke that i was at any given time the more i felt compelled to buy things once i was even slightly into the process of shopping for it i had massive insecurities about seeming poor so like for example if i pulled an item that i needed to price check if the price was too high i had that like cringy moment of like i can’t me

Like this is too expensive and put it back i just got to suck it up and go through with it and hope my debit card doesn’t get declined this was of course doubly the case when i was shopping with other people who i either wanted to impress or at least didn’t want to seem poor around and as we discussed last week on this very channel there are specific psychological

Tactics used by salespeople to further encourage these feelings as well as to create a sense of trust and intimacy with them so that you feel very awkward at the least backing out of a purchase and weirdly i have found that as i’ve gotten more financially comfortable i am much less concerned about that pressure or the perception people might have about things i

Don’t end up buying i am very clear about asking for prices and if it’s out of my price range i’ll just say a little out of my budget today i do not care the puppy-dog eyes the salesperson is giving to me i always ask about coupons at the register i ask about upcoming sales and i am never ever afraid to back out of something if i’m not totally in love and sold

On it without a doubt my biggest shopping regrets always came from stuff that i knew on some level wasn’t right but felt compelled to go through with anyway so i don’t do that anymore now unfortunately number two is an item that i can’t even blame on a pushy sales person or a peer pressure because i bought it while drunk and alone two o’clock in the morning in

My studio apartment many years ago and that is my literal child’s couch so basically i can’t even say that this was like some kind of like emotional spiral i honestly think that what happened was that i was like at a party or something and i like regretted not having a couch but i had like no money at this time so i couldn’t afford to just buy a decent couch so i

Just like started browsing online after like i had like several drinks and people had gone home or whatever and i found this couch at ikea like at the ikea website that seemed incredibly reasonably priced but it was it was really cute was like all white is this really nice shape and i was like hell yeah sold and it was like my last dollars to buy this couch and i

Was like so excited next morning i woke up and i was like oh my couch has come in lo and behold the counter fives like a week later and it is built for a child i don’t know like a quarter of the size of a normal human being couch and i kept that couch for like i don’t know i want to say like at least another year that i lived in that apartment because i couldn’t

Even afford to like send it back just like i guess i have a child’s couch now and here is a photo of me on my child couch for you guys to enjoy so long story short like clearly this is not the worst thing someone can buy and i made do with it i was able to like sit on it myself which was nice but to this day any time i’m like shopping online works like don’t buy

A child’s couch also i know i mentioned this before and it is a flex but my husband is six four so you can only imagine what that man looks like really have like that like giant that that you and mcgregor’s character becomes friends with and anyway yeah my literal child’s couch number three is not using the right apps sites or plugins one of the biggest ways in

Which i consistently cost myself money while shopping was by not having the right tools up front when i decided to buy something especially when i was shopping online for things like children’s couches i used to feel like signing up for these programs or installing these plugins would be too much of a hassle and to be perfectly honest one of my biggest weaknesses

Was shopping is that i can be incredibly lazy but it turns out that it’s actually super easy and taking these few steps just ensures that every time you’re buying something that you already wanted you’re getting a the best possible deal or be even potentially cash back for that same purchase taking just a few extra seconds at checkout could be the difference

Between saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year or spending that money totally needlessly and if you love saving while you shop you should check out rakatan formerly ebates rakatan is the largest cash back site which partners with over 2,500 of the biggest name brands like sephora ulta macy’s and more to bring you cashback coupons and promo codes

All for free you just clip through links found on rakatan and then shop on the store’s websites like you normally would for example if you go to sephora calm and you look at the top right corner there’s this pop-up for a coupon just click on that button and it’ll activate the deal you literally get money back for the shopping that you were already gonna do plus

You’ll get a $10 welcome bonus when you join for free at the link in our description and make your first purchase of $25 or more and once you’ve done that you’ll be eligible to win $100 gift card just hit the link in our description to enter number four is purchased items that i could have rented so there are obviously times when a lot of us think of renting an

Item for example i was just at a black-tie wedding where a lot of people probably opted for like a rent the runway or something that allows you to get a really really upscale item for not so much money because you only need it for one thing but there are so many more things that can be rented including for example lots of items around the house my husband and i

Are just about to move and so many of the key items that we’ll need for the process are things that we’ll probably only need once or twice in an apartment the size of ours for example something like a full length ladder or more heavy-duty power tools you even rent moving boxes plastic ones frankly my home is a bit of a boneyard of things that i bought because i

Needed them for something and only ended up using them one time and very well could have rented and if you’ve watched our video about things you can do at the library you probably didn’t even know about you know that actually the library is an incredible source of stuff that you can rent for free everything from camping equipment to passes for cultural events

And museums are there for the renting for free anyway long story short unless the item you’re buying is something that you know you’re going to need again and again it’s always worth taking at least one quick look if you could rent the item and if so if it wouldn’t be a better deal just to rent it number five is any party shoes so one thing that’s great about

Being thirty is that you can look at all of the terrible stupid pointless stuff that you did in your 20s and be like chapter closed and among those terrible things for me are things like freezing outside of a nightclub in a bandage dress and no coat because i wanted to look cute or getting shoes for a party or like a big going out event that i was so pained by

That i would literally be holding them and walking barefoot on city streets by the end of the night probably getting like tetanus and all kinds of diseases from the ground because i think we all know what new york city streets are like i just feel that at 30 the time in my life when i want to be walking down the street being at mcdonald’s while holding a pair of

Shoes in my hand is like that’s over it’s not my journey anymore and it’s terribly sad because i have a few pairs of shoes that i very recently when i did my big closet purge had to just suck it up and donate because i was never wearing them again i got this adorable pair of strappy heels for the tfd book launch in new york city that were like sky high strappy

Black on the front with like all these like beautiful jewels and stuff on the heel they’re gorgeous but by like minute 30 of that party i was literally like pulling on my mom’s shoulder because i was holding her so much being like i can’t move it was in many ways the worst possible choice i could have made and that mocks them about how you should always spend

On anything that comes between you and the ground is incredibly true i will never ever again put my feet in a pair of shoes that make every minute of that experience agony no matter how cute they are in fact i have created a quick four-point checklist that i have started using for all of my shoe purchases going forward and it served me well number one could i

Run up and down stairs in them which happens way more often than you think when you live in a city with a subway system number two are they not liable to be destroyed by inclement weather even if they’ve been weather proofed things like you know light velvet or light suede shoes like those are a no number three unless their athletic shoes do they look reasonably

Good with the majority of my wardrobe and number four can i get them resold or refinished at least a few times before having to get rid of them because honestly a good pair of shoes especially things like boots will last you for years and years and years if you take them to the cobbler in fact my favorite pair of heels recently snapped while i was walking and

I’ve had those bad boys for like four years and worn them constantly so this was not really a surprise but they’d already been to the cobbler once and i took it back to my cobbler and i was like can you do anything please my crops are dying and he was like i’ll fix it and all those shoes are fixed cobblers the new frontier similarly things that come between me

And the ground on my shopping regrets is a crappy bed i don’t know if you guys have heard but my husband’s six for for two entire years in this apartment we shared a full bed every bit of that experience i have blocked out from my memory was so bad like every single morning i wake up like in his underhook and also the mattress and the bed frame everything was

Of super shitty quality so it like kind of sloped weirdly during the night and was also full size like marc’s feet would like poke up like something kind of like a children’s fairy tale like some wolf when the grandmothers bought it anyway so that was horrible and it was funny too he is looking back i only like i now realize why we did that because we had to

Get rid of our queen bed because we didn’t think through another way that we could have configured the bedroom in order to make the queen fit and we were like you know what screw it let’s just make do and get the full and because we had just moved just gotten rid of the bed we didn’t ton of money to replace it with a nice bed so we were like alright well we’ll

Just deal with the crap bed for a year or two and we’ll make 2 biggest mistake of our lives like we should have skipped and not had like a dining table for two years rather than share a full-size shitty bed never skimp on a bed number 7 is monthly beauty boxes now you may be thinking to yourself chelsea is that a bag of halloween candy and it is not it is one of

Several bags that i have of unused unopened essentially unusable samples and minis and products from my birchbox actually holly who’s filming me here i would highly encourage her to go through there’s a lot of goodies in here that just like aren’t necessarily a fit for me suffice it to say this bag is like 10 pounds and this isn’t even the extent of it and to be

Fair sometimes i do use these items for like travel or whatnot but like do i need what appears to be a lemonade mix that makes your skin better or baggage claim gold i’m asked the world’s least usable samples of lipstick okay anyway i mean some of this stuff looks decent but like i also like i have gotten like 7500 fragrances and i don’t even wear perfumes so all

Of this to say like i i actually don’t hate the concept of beauty boxes if you’re like a beauty person but if you’re like me and you wear the exact same makeup every day and you have actual skin issues so you’re like pretty limited in the skincare items you can you can have like not worth it shopping regret number eight is not taking the time to try things on

Every single time i have ever been in a store and been like i’m in a rush or i’m tired or i have somewhere to be or i feel bloated or i just don’t want to wear the lines too long i’m sure this fits and i just bought it without trying it on has been my worst decision ever this will frequently happen with shirts that i feel like i could eyeball like and it’s not

That it doesn’t fit me it’s that i just don’t look good in it or would never have bought it if i’d taken the time to try it on and quite frankly half the reason of taking the time to try something on isn’t just to make sure it fits properly it’s also to make sure that you actually want the item because often the time that it actually takes to wait in the line

To try it on to take off your clothes to put on the clothes to look at it to turn around by the time you’ve gone through all that nonsense you’re like i actually don’t need this or by the time you see that line you’re like screw it this isn’t worth waiting the line for so you need to lean into that feeling and make sure you are using the tryon phase as a buffer

Between you and buying stuff that you don’t really need or want the only time it’s okay to buy things without properly trying them on is if you have bought that exact item from that exact store like there are certain tops now that banana republic makes every single year and i know exactly what i look like in them i know the exact size i know how it fits i can go

In and get it in every color if i want to but other than that there’s basically no way i can do that without really really running the risk of burning myself lastly number nine is not refurbishing / changing items so you can see here a couple things that i’ve transformed or just like changed a little bit things like painting stuff swapping out handles or drawer

Pulls making other minor cosmetic changes not only does that open up the number of items you could possibly look for when it comes to bigger-ticket things for example if you really want like a blue side table you don’t have to get a blue side table you could just get a really good side table and paint it blue but it also makes you way more able to do things

Like shopping craigslist and yard sales and consignment shops or even picking things up on the street this is especially useful for any items that tend to be expensive like wood furniture or light fixtures and also means that when you’re bringing them into a new space or just even rejuvenating your own space you don’t have to totally replace everything because

You already know how to make those minor changes that make a big difference one of my favorite things to do in this regard is use contact paper i am all about now ordering decorative wallpaper and contact paper from places like etsy so i can take like i don’t know a boring credenza that i got on craigslist and like wallpapering the inside or the outside putting

Up a little wallpaper behind a bed basically making something feel really rich and special and unique without a having to spend a lot of money or be doing something that you can’t change back when you move anytime i’ve ever gotten rid of a good piece of furniture because i didn’t have the vision to make small changes to it i seriously regret and anytime i felt

That i needed to buy an item exactly as i wanted it rather than to make those little tweaks i regret that too but one regret that carries through to every purchase i make is not getting the best deal possible including cash back and if you feel the same i highly encourage you to check out rakatan and don’t forget that you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus when you join

For free at the link in our description and make your first purchase of $25 or more plus you’ll be automatically entered to win a hundred dollar gift card just hit that link in our description as always guys thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to come back every tuesday and thursday for new and awesome videos bye you

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My 9 Biggest Shopping Regrets (Of All Time) By The Financial Diet

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