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can you afford a no limit credit

Can You Afford a No Limit Credit Card | BeatTheBush

What are no limit credit cards? What are black cards? Should you care to get one and should you try to get one? There are various rewards but it does come with a high price. For the high status making huge sums of money may be able to afford such a card without straining their finances. However, many are probably straining to meet the requirements just to obtain a status before they are financially ready. .

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about no limit credit card such as the american express centurion or one of various black cards that you can get from various companies these cards have no preset spending limit but that doesn’t mean you can just spend on anything you want there is a limit there but you just don’t know what

It is your actual spending limit is based on your spending patterns your credit history the amount of income you have all these gather together they’ll create a limit for you but you will not know this number so normally if you get a good credit score your spending limit it’s going to be way above what you normally spend personally have a pretty high limit and

Also a pretty good credit score so there’s no way i can actually spend enough to reach my limit as a ridiculous example someone here is spending 20k a month which means every year you’re spending 240 thousand dollars which is a lot i don’t know how much you have to make in order to have this kind of spending pattern but i mean let’s say it’s a rich person maybe he

Pulls in half a million $1,000,000 so he can’t afford to spend so much in that case you’re spending $20,000 a month so they’re gonna set your limit somewhere we don’t know where maybe it can be you know 20 times this at 400 k but if they set your limit somewhere over here let’s say you chug along and spend $20,000 a month up and down kind of around there that’s

Your spending pattern and then one day you go oh i’m gonna buy a personal airplane or something buy a super fancy car put it all on the credit card and it’s going to spike like this and then you’re no limit credit card is going to go hmm you know this is a bit higher than what you normally spend and then you get rejected the whole point with the no limit credit

Card is the prestige so if you’re going to go around spending stuff and then also make a big purchase if in the event that you get rejected you’re going to lose a lot of face these no limit credit cards is probably reserved for people much richer than myself or they can actually spend so much money every single month let me mention that i have been invited to sign

Up for a black card and the annual fee is something like 450 dollars when i look at the benefits it’s kind of like not the kind of spending pattern i would take in order to take advantage of that i can see some people being able to take advantage of all the features of that car to make it worthwhile for paying $450 a year some of these cards like the amx centurion

Requires you to spend something like a million dollars a year but now i think it’s gone down to $250,000 a year and then on top of this spending you actually have to pay a yearly fee of something ridiculous like couple thousand dollars for this interior and i believe is $2,500 um it’s worth it to some people but certainly not normal citizens okay it’s interesting

To me that people actually want to get these cards mainly because of the prestige if you whip up one of these cards somewhere and people see that it’s you know this fancy black card people are going to go oh wow and then perhaps give you better treatment you can actually go to specialized lounges you get all these kind of preferred treatment when you do have these

Cards but i feel that much of these owners cannot actually afford to use these cards and spend it the way that they actually do take for example a doctor that makes 200 k and they spend 150 k a year on their credit cards and so because of this high rate of spending they qualify for some of these no limit black cards and things things like that so when they whip it

Out they have this prestige but they’re not saving very much and you can imagine that if they keep on doing this they’re not going to accumulate much wealth so this is going to appear like this doctor is very well-off because they’re just spending left and right but at the core of it they’re not saving very much and so you can see this level of spending is kind

Of only on the surface is very bad for someone that only makes 200 k it all depends on how much of your income you’re spending however if you’re ceo and you pull in 400 k and you go around spending 150 k it’s not that big a deal because it’s not that big portion of your total income in that case this ceo also qualifies for a black card it gets the same prestige

The prestige level when they pull out this credit card is the same and yet the ceo is a lot better off now most people are not doctors most people are not ceos now if you actually make this much then you can actually afford to have the black card and you know it might be well deserved because you are spending that much you make that much and you can go to those

Airport lounges that are really special so you get preferred treatment okay yeah you can afford it but i feel like a lot more people strive to get these no limit credit cards when their income does not support it yet it is unfortunate that a no limit card or a black card is often a sign of prestige but really all it tells is that you spend a lot it does not say

You have a lot so for me as a good credit card user i have tens of thousand dollars of credit limit i certainly will not spend anywhere near that much because if i do i’m going to go broke pretty quick these cards are certainly for very rich people and if you pull in about half a million dollars a year i’d say you can comfortably use this card and rightfully so

And you won’t be feeling like you’re gonna go broke because you’re spending so much because you’re just spending at a normal amount according to your income i think most people don’t have to worry about getting the most exclusive no limit black cards some of the lower and no limit credit cards like the chase sapphire preferred or the black card they’re like in the

$100 annual fee and then the $450 annual fee range and if those perks that they give you like airport access exclusive vip seats to events and things like that if those are worth it to you can get enough value for the annual fee then it may be worth it to get those cards don’t forget to give me a like over comment down let me know if you have a black card or a no

Limit credit card that works for you and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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Can You Afford a No Limit Credit Card | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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earn money using your electric b

Earn Money Using Your Electric Bill with OhmConnect

Give Ohmconnect a try here:

Instead of paying for your electric bill today i’m going to show you how to earn money with your electric bill with a service called ohm connect to save you time from unnecessarily watching this video om connect only works for california texas and new york i’ve been using this service for over six years so i want to share a lot of tips and tricks on how to maximize

Your earnings and reduce your electricity bill with all of that said i have a referral link down in the video description below you can get 10 free dollars just for signing up if you’re in california 20 dollars if you’re in new york and 30 if you are in texas on the surface it’s pretty simple they tell you to turn down your electricity and if you do they’re going

To pay you according to how much you save this seems kind of mysterious where do they get the money to pay you how can they know how much you’re going to use now the utilities can anticipate how much demand they’re going to need fairly accurately depending on the weather forecast if the demand is unusually high they have to spool up some additional power plants

And some of those might be dirty power plants such as coal firing ones they cannot just turn them on instantly they have to spool them up it might take hours to do so and it’s going to take millions of dollars just to get them up and running to the point where they can supply electricity now these peak demand times usually happens in the early a.m around seven a.m

Or so and also in the evening around seven p.m now these times corresponds with the sun going down so the solar supply essentially goes away and all of a sudden we’re relying on the power plants but the peak demand does not always happen when the sun is not shining it happens when there is extra demand on the grid such as when there is really cold times or really

Hot times cold times is when you need to run the electric heater hot times when people need to run a lot of ac so instead of the utility company paying millions of dollars to start these dirty power plants they can pay a fraction of that to ohm connect so that they can reduce the demand on the grid it becomes a win-win situation because om connect makes money all

The people that are using ohm connect makes money the utility company does not have to pay as much money to meet demand because they’re essentially artificially reducing demand now ohm connect aggregated a lot of users the more users they have the more ability they have to turn down the power so this ability for ohm connect to reduce the demand at will is worth a

Lot of money ohm connect then incentivizes the user to reduce electricity by paying them the more electricity that you save during certain peak hours the more money that you’re gonna make for any new user using this you’re gonna have a question of how are they gonna calculate what you would have used for this they just look at your history of how much you typically

Use during a weekday or weekend it looks at the past 10 day average for example for an home hour from 7 to 8 pm it’s going to look at may 20th 7 to 8 pm may 23rd 7 to 8 p.m and so on these are all week days it’s gonna take out any day that has an energy event because if you happen to have an energy event you might just turn down the power and it’s going to lower

Your average so it’s trying to look at a typical day where there are no home hours and average all those together om hour is just what ohm connect calls one of these energy events where they tell you to reduce your energy usage over the period of one hour and it usually coincides with you know 6 p.m 7 p.m right it never starts at 6 30 or 6 15 or so so home hour

Are scheduled ahead of time they’ll tell you like one or two days ahead of time auto ohms happens in increments of 15 minutes and this can happen at any time so you don’t know when it’s gonna happen and when it happens they’re gonna turn off your smart devices for you it’s only during these energy events that you earn money and om hours may happen probably four to

Six times every single month or so now in order to make this work they have to connect to your utility account at first i was a little skeptical because it’s this new company that i have never heard of but you can take me as an example i’ve used it for six years i’ve never had an issue with them they’ve paid me handsomely over the years just for using this service

And the first time i’ve ever used this was in july 2016 six years ago you might wonder since they pay you will they ever make it so that you have to pay them back if you don’t save energy during an ohm hour the answer is no you will never have to pay them money if you let’s say ignore all the home hours and you get like negative points or something this will never

Be the case if you use this service you may accumulate some points and if you let’s say ignore an omar or something they may deduct those points but there will never be a case where you actually have to pay ohm connect money if you ignore an omar or an auto owned how much can you expect to earn i would say around 10 to 40 dollars a month 10 a month for someone just

Starting out and trying to figure everything out hopefully this video will get you guys to probably like the 40 range the people that are gonna earn the most money are the people that uses the most baseline electricity and the people who happen to turn down their electricity the most during those home hours and auto ohms for a very active user like myself in june

2022 just last month i earned a total of 64.44 this is a nice chunk of change so that i can put it towards my pg e bill summer and winter months are usually higher paying because there are more extreme weather events with climate change happening we’re gonna see more extreme weather events and also with more people using electric cars it’s gonna put more demand

On the electric grid this means that in the years ahead i see own connect paying out more and more smart devices can also earn you additional money for every ohm hour or auto own but you have to be careful because you’ll only earn money if ohm connect turns off those devices for you if they happen to be off let’s say a smart light switch or something and you don’t

Have the light on you’re not going to earn any money from that electric vehicles if they happen to be on at the time and ohm connect turns it off for you you’re going to earn 1 200 watts this translates to a dollar 89 every single time over the course of a month this is four times right this is gonna be like around eight dollars per month just for having ohm

Connect turn off charging of your car for a smart thermostat you get 320 watts which translates to about 50 cents every single time ohm connect turns off your thermostat in my experience you don’t actually have to have your thermostat heating your house or cooling your house at the moment when the om hour happens so as long as it’s on you’re gonna earn about 50

Cents every single ohm hour so if it’s going to happen on average about four times a month you’re gonna earn two dollars right there every single month smart plugs are worth 40 watts every single time ohm connect turns you off this translates to about 6.3 cents each time smart light switches are worth a lot less at 4 watts each this translates to about 0.6 cents

Each time they turn it off for you considering that one single smart plug is worth as much as 10 smart switches i pretty much just ignore all the smart switches i don’t really care if they’re on or not now your ohm connect status also plays a big part in how much you earn because if you’re in the silver status gold platinum or diamond status this translates to

How much you can trade your watts for real money the higher the tier that you’re at the more valuable your watts become which means you can trade it in for more money it looks at the past five ohm hours not auto ohms because you cannot prepare for auto ohms it just happens any time of the day om hour is a little different because you kind of know when it’s going

To happen one or two days ahead and you can kind of plan around it so you can go okay omar’s gonna happen the next day seven to eight pm maybe i want to eat from six to seven maybe during the home hour i’m gonna turn everything off i’m gonna go for a walk instead or some crazy people like me i turn off all my breakers and i consume next to nothing maybe like only

10 watts during that ohm hour so if you look at the rewards here you can do a lot of different things like spin a wheel i don’t know the statistics on how much you can get for this so i usually just go for paying out in cash i’m in the diamond status here here so i get 30 discount i go all the way down here there’s other stuff that you can get right you can like

Enter in for like prizes you can go into sweepstakes you can get amazon gift card you can get sun basket promo code you can get some smart plugs google nest mini you can get nest learning thermostats and things like that you can even get old connect swag but if you’re looking to translate all of this earnings into real cash you go all the way to the bottom and you

Click on this exchange for watts over here and it says paypal so normally you can trade 9080 watts for 10 but because of my diamond here i only have to pay 6350 watts a little trick here is if you look at the 100 exchange it’s 63 550 go back to 10 is 6350 not 6355 so if you get the 10 one one at a time is actually cheaper than if you get the 100 one i hope this

Video helps you get up to speed on using ohm connect it has been a very good tool for reducing my electricity bill and as i said i do have a referral link down in the video description below i hope this helps you guys out and don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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Earn Money Using Your Electric Bill with OhmConnect By BeatTheBush

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how moving your money could help

How moving your money could help save the planet | FT

The money in our bank accounts, savings, investments and pensions is fuelling climate destruction. FT deputy news editor Alice Ross questions whether changing providers can safeguard returns while protecting the environment. See if you get the FT for free as a student ( or start a £1 trial:

If you think about the greenest thing you as an individual can do from the comfort of your home you’ll probably picture recycling going vegan or using less water gas and electricity actually choosing where to put your money could have a much bigger impact because in many cases the institutions we trust with our savings investments pensions even our current accounts

Are investing in fossil fuels and the total volume of that investment has grown each year since 2016 when world leaders signed the paris agreement on climate change to limit global warming compared to pre-industrial levels so could moving your finances be the greenest thing you ever do let’s look at some of the arguments for and against recent analysis estimates

35 of the world’s biggest banks have financed fossil fuel companies so the tune of a collective 2.7 trillion dollars since the paris agreement was signed jp morgan chase tops the rankings lending 269 billion over the last four years seventh-placed barclays leads its competitors in europe contributing 118 billion over the same periods the money in your current

Account is probably ring fenced from the investment arms of these banks but that hasn’t stopped green organizations running high-profile campaigns urging customers to take their money elsewhere some have even brought in some celebrity firepower hi i’m jane fonda this video is not for you it’s for someone else that person is jamie dimon ceo of chase jamie move

Chase’s money out of coal oil and gas now if you don’t we’ll leave your bank we’ll cut up our chase cards and find a better bank for anyone tempted to make the switch there have never been more green banks to choose from by the end of 2019 there were almost 30 institutions recognized by the green finance institute for their sustainable investment practices but

Dropping your bank for environmental reasons isn’t as cut and dried as you might think many argue the biggest fossil fuel backers have a significant influence on the energy sector and as a customer of that backer you have more power to steer their decisions from within it’s the same story with your investments bill gates famously said that so far fossil fuel

Divestment has had zero climate impact because new investors have been ready to pick up any stocks shares or funds being sold off meanwhile fossil fuel lenders have already started to shift their investment policies thanks in no small part to shareholder action around climate issues in february 2020 nat west pledged to become paris aligned this was followed by

Climate pledges from barclays in march morgan stanley in september j.p morgan chase and hsbc in october and td bank in november last year was also a record for sustainable funds total assets in these funds reached 1.7 trillion dollars up 50 over the year so when it comes to personal investments just as with banks green options are available both within traditional

Institutions and beyond where our options may be more limited is in our choice of pension according to a recent study of global pension assets 22 major pensions markets now manage nearly 47 trillion dollars between them that’s about half of all the money invested in the global financial system and so far little of it has been directed towards sustainable projects

In 2018 for example less than one percent of assets in the world’s largest 100 pension funds were invested in low carbon solutions this has led campaigners like richard curtis to make action on pensions their top priority people are going to realize what a piece of finished research says that changing where your money is invested is in fact 27 times more effective

In reducing your carbon footprint for instance than going vegan taking fewer flights and using less water all put together the process isn’t simple and it can introduce more risk but if you want to make your pension more green there are online resources with advice on how to do it either by switching your money to a more sustainable pension fund offered by your

Provider or by switching provider altogether when it comes to personal finances we each have the choice to stick or twist it’s a personal choice and climate change may be just one factor among many in that thought process but if you do want to make your voice heard on climate change then moving your money or threatening to move it could be a powerful tool of

Persuasion whatever you decide it’s never been easier to act than right now

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How moving your money could help save the planet | FT By Financial Times

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are you investing or gambling be

Are You Investing or Gambling | BeatTheBush

You really want to make sure you know that the way you invest could very well be considered gambling. It is important to know the very distinction of when you are investing and when you are gambling when you buy a publicly trade stock.

Probably going everybody business beat the bush today i like to talk about investing and how a lot of people like to say oh they’re investing in something when they’re really gambling now today i’m going to talk about this distinction between the two i’ve heard of things like stock picking where people just take the newspaper or these days online they just kind of

Cover their eyes and go yeah i’m going to pick that one and then it’s kind of like playing the lottery because you don’t know which stock is going to go up later on there have been plenty of studies done where they analyzed the hedge fund managers these are professional people that they go into work every single day and they look at stock they pick stocks they have

A large portfolio and they’re trying to beat the market the majority i think it was something like 80% of these hedge funds actually failed to beat the smp 500 after five years or so now what does this mean it means that if you just want to go in blind and not do any kind of research you should be buying in an index instead for example you can buy the stock ticker

Symbol vo o which is an smp 500 index one that has a low fee if you managed to buy this fund and not get scared by the psychology of the stock market and just keep on buying over the long term yes he will over perform these actively managed hedge funds so when you go and buy an individual stock it’s kind of like an ego thing where you think you are better than

All those head punch managers maybe you know more than they do somehow maybe you did more research maybe you have more insight or something so that’s what you’re betting on you’re betting that you know better and that you can actually make a better return than those guys i’m not saying this is bad either because you’ve got to try to figure out if you are the next

Talented investor or not if you don’t try then no one would ever find out it’s kind of like trying to be a basketball player or something because if you don’t try yes there’s a very slim chance of being able to beat the market but if you don’t try you’ll never know if you can with that put aside i like to talk about valuation of an individual stock when you go and

Buy an individual stock it’s kind of like when you’re buying things for resale when you look at it you need to value the stock and figure out how much it’s worse now that’s a tricky business and a lot of people will not tell you exactly how they do it because that is the secret sauce that is what makes them a lot of money so when you buy an individual stock it’s

Going to be volatile for example it’s going to go up and down like this but perhaps the valuation is somewhere in between like this and then whenever you see that the value of the stock is actually less than what you think the valuation of the stock is then it’s considered cheap than when you buy then you won’t be afraid that it’s going to go down any further so

When it goes further down then the value of the stock that you think it is supposed to be at then you should not be afraid of it going any further because if it goes down any further then you’re just going to buy it some more now that’s the tricky thing to know because when it goes down are you confident enough that yes you think your valuation is correct because

You could be wrong because there could be other factors that you didn’t take into account maybe like there’s some really bad news some scandal or something about the company that just surfaced so there could be risks there another thing to point out it’s not just a valuation of the company itself and this oscillating between you know people really really optimistic

About the stock and sometimes really pessimistic there are other macroeconomic factors i could make the price go up and down even if the company is doing really well so let’s say you have a macroeconomic thing that goes up and down like this it makes the whole market write up it’s kind of like a huge tide of the ocean but then your individual stock is just going

To go like this if the whole stock market is going down but your stuff itself is doing well it might not do so well as well because it’s just going to keep on falling down now what does all this have to do with gambling or not it’s because when you buy a stock you better know a lot about the company rather than just going oh i’m just going to look at the stock

To look at the price it looks like it’s really high right now so let me not buy it but what do you equate to it looks like it’s high because a stock could go from $10 to $100 to $300 and it could still not be high because maybe they made three hundred times as much income and thus the price of the stock is valued correctly it’s not high all one thing that the dead

Giveaway if you are gambling or not is if you know the background of the company do you know everything that they sell do you know their p/e ratio you know the price earnings ratio as compared to other companies within the same industry i remember i made a whole bunch of mistakes investing i’ve been investing for a really long time and every single time i actually

Learn something new and yet i did lose money here and there but then it’s not much because i was in the learning period and then i didn’t have much income and so the money i lost wasn’t all that big the first thing i did when i started investing was that i just looked at some really low priced value talkin and go oh yeah that looks low and then i read the news and

Then thinking that i know what’s going on with the stock but really i didn’t so every single day i take the stock it would be high or it would be low but i did not know what was going on it sometimes it would be up and then i had to go back and read the news after the fact and realize oh yeah it went up because this happened or that happened that is an example of

Gambling because i had no idea what the company was actually worth based on their sales the next pitfall is actually not knowing all the products that the company that you bind itself sometimes when you buy into a company they have more than one product sometimes they have a huge line of it it’s important to figure out their whole line of products because sometimes

Let’s say microsoft or something maybe they have their xbox and everybody has a xbox and that’s really visible but it’s important to know how much portion of this xbox is in their total income so if the xbox suddenly does really bad let’s say oh my gosh no one’s going to buy and it goes down to the percent but if it’s only one percent of that company’s income then

It’s not going to affect the whole company as a whole all that much because it’s so exists in significant one thing that really causes a company’s price to fluctuate its anticipated earnings what people think they’re going to earn there’s a certain track record that you can look at it might be sort of in the higher trajectory they may not currently be making all

That much right now but maybe in the future they will so people price this in they think it’s going to go up higher so that’s why the price of the stock is going to go up higher and if it never satisfied this anticipation then the price is going to deviate from whatever people thought it was so that’s all i like to cover for today i hope this makes you understand

The difference between gambling and actually investing because i know a lot of people would just open up a brokerage account i see in the comments people asking me these day oh how do you invest right people are just going to open up a brokerage account robin hood or whatever and then they go and buy some socket it’s like stock picking i think it’s actually okay to

Do that if you know what you’re doing know that you’re trying to beat the market and know that you really need to research the company and really understand where the income sources are coming from what the macroeconomic situation is for the whole company and it goes on and on from there you can read all the news about that company but in the end you still really

Don’t know where it’s going to go you can just kind of try to make an educated guess based on what you know so i hope this helps you determine if you’re actually gambling or investing don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if this helps you stop yourself from gambling because that’s the most important part if you’re interested

In supporting a channel i do have an audible link down in the video description i have in the past recommended the intelligent investor book which is the same book that warren buffett recommends and it’s based on value investing which is you try to buy the stock at a good value you can actually get this book for free through my audible link and you actually at the

Same time help my channel out it is a subscription plan so if you don’t like the service you can actually cancel before the end of the month and you won’t be charged a thing and you can still keep the book i also have a patreon link over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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Are You Investing or Gambling | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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6 things i did with my tax refun

6 Things I Did With My Tax Refund & Whether Each Was Worth It | Making it Work

In this episode, one person shows us how she spent her over-$3,000 tax refund, whether each item was worth it, and the lessons she learned along the way. She covers everything from paying off debt to padding your emergency fund. If you’re getting money back on taxes this year, be sure to think smartly about how to spend your refund!

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control as a recent college grad tax return season is my favorite because i get so much back i am well aware that the further into the adult world i go the less i will be getting back but i’m happy to live in my bubble of naivete for a little

While longer it is one of the best feelings to get that extra cushion of cash sent directly to my bank account for me to spend as i please i knew going into this year that i would need to spend the majority of my refund paying down my credit card bill the balance of which i had let reach dangerously high levels during my summer of unemployment and the period of time

Between getting hired and getting my first paycheck i’d hoped i would be able to put the rest into savings of course it didn’t go quite as plans here’s my breakdown and whether each item was actually worth the expense federal refunds two thousand seven hundred and thirteen dollars state refund five hundred and seventy six dollars total tax refund three thousand two

Hundred and eighty nine dollars number one fees for premiere software and efiling my state returns one hundred and forty six dollars i’ve been more than happy to pay the fee for filing software in the past this year i had to level up for a premiere version of the filing software because something about filing my health savings account made it necessary i also had

To pay to file two sets of state returns because i live in connecticut but work in new york it seemed easier to pay these fees than to deal with the hassle of finding another option this wasn’t really worth it i likely will be using another efile method next year number two paying down my credit card balance nine hundred and forty seven dollars i’ve been doing a

Good job of paying off my balance in large chunks but not such a great job of not putting more things on my card it felt great to be able to pay off the total balance this was definitely worth it even though i never want to put myself in this kind of credit card hole ever again number three putting a huge chunk into savings $800 i wanted to put much more away but

Such as life my emergency fund and now has a balance of $1,000 and i feeling wonderful about that this was absolutely worth it number four one round of broadway tickets followed by a second round three hundred and seventy dollars i knew i owned my friend a hundred and eighty dollars for tickets to see jesse mueller’s last performance of the musical waitress and

Then the musicals composer and lyricist sara bareilles announced she would be performing the lead right after that so my friend and i immediately bought tickets to her opening night and my debt to my friend more than doubled this was probably worth it number five subscription to weight watchers $100 i’ve been struggling to lose the thirty pounds i’ve gained over

The last three and a half years and i finally realized i needed a good kick in the butt to do so luckily for me i held out on signing up at the start of the year and then they were running a promotion where your initial fee of $40 was waived it’ll pay for itself hopefully this was worth it number six treat yo’self spree two hundred and forty dollars i haven’t been

The greatest at not spending money once i pay down my credit card but most of those charges are relatively necessary or so i tell myself as i pay $20 to buy the lumbar support cushion that was on the amazon deals list a few weeks back i haven’t given myself a true treat in a while because i’ve been so obsessively watching my money so i bought a new pair of ankle

Boots and some new cute yoga clothes this was worth it total spent two thousand five hundred and ninety three dollars remaining six hundred and eighty six dollars which will be used as my checking account buffer for now but two hundred dollars of which i will be pulling out in cash to spend on a trip in two weeks so i stopped charging to my credit card i had hoped

To put more of this year’s refund in savings but i guess happens the biggest lesson i’ve learned from tracking this refund is to pay attention to whether your spends are worth it for example using up one third of my money what’s worth seeing my credit card balance gets a zero even if i never want to have to do that again i also think that by doing one big treat

Yourself spree i’ll hopefully stop excusing little expenses that often rack up to more than just one big splurge i plan to adopt this method of writing down everything i spend money on at least temporarily to help me truly pay attention to where my money is going if you knew you’re getting a tax refund this year consider doing something extremely good for your

Financial health with it like finally opening that investment account you keep putting off luckily well simple makes it super simple for anyone to start investing wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions

And they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your money grow in the background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up a smart savings account with higher rates than big banks for your shorter term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that

Invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are much lower than big banks and tfd viewers will get their first $10,000 managed for free with no minimum deposit check them out at wealth simple comm slash tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no excuses

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6 Things I Did With My Tax Refund & Whether Each Was Worth It | Making it Work By The Financial Diet

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we just avoided a stock market d

We Just Avoided a Stock Market Disaster : Here is What Happened

Looking to Apply to Join my Private Stock Discord Chat & Private Stock Market Group? Link here

Oh there’s too much going on man there’s too much going on in the stock market right now if you did not know we are in absolute earnings mayhem right now and let’s put it this way a lot of folks expect it this afternoon was going to be a complete disaster okay based upon some of the companies that were reporting all right and i want to take you guys through the

Financial statements of these companies and show you exactly what’s going on in detail with these companies business models so if you’re thinking about recession if you’re thinking about business models being devastated with some of the most important companies in the world you gotta look at the financial statements and see what’s actually going on with these

Companies okay and that’s what we’re gonna take a look at google mcdougall mr softy two of the most important companies in the entire world reported earnings just a couple hours ago and a visa as well here’s the deal okay we’re talking almost 4 trillion dollars of market capitalization between those three companies right they’re absolutely insane right and so let’s

Go through this guys hope you enjoy this as always wow okay so first one up here is mr softy first thing up is a product revenue is it down for mr softy about a billion dollars so not a good start there for microsoft services and other came in at a very nice increase of over six billion dollars that was nice now the issue is a lot of folks on wall street a lot

Of analysts and investors thought basically azure i can never pronounce it right azur azure their cloud product microsoft’s main cloud product they thought the growth was going to be faster than it was so it actually came in as a disappointment but i would not call it a disaster which remember when we talk about the nasdaq was down as of a couple weeks ago at

Least a few weeks ago the nasdaq was down 30 plus percent right when we talk about that sort of year everybody’s starting to prep for disastrous earnings this is not a disaster here with mr softy okay total revenue increased very nicely year over year 46 billion they did in the same quarter last year this this year 51.8 billion right as far as cost of revenue very

Slight increase as far as the product goes services did increase uh quite a bit but still i would say that’s pretty darn good in line with where you’d want to be total cost of revenue went up by about two and a half billion dollars roughly but when you talk about you know five almost six billion dollars of total revenue up i’ll take that any day of the week okay

Gross margin came in at about 32 billion dollars of gross margin right versus about about 35 or assuming last year at this time 32 billion now they got 35.4 billion very nice increase there research and development did increase 1.2 billion dollars a year over year but i mean microsoft they got to expend for the future right so that’s what that’s what they’ll say

As far as that goes but it’s a pretty big increase 1.2 billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at and that just year over year right sales and marketing they increased at about 500 million dollars a year over year general administrative went up about 200 million dollars just over 200 million dollars there operating income was up about 1.5 billion year over year so

Very nice and last year they basically had a 310 million dollar kind of help out on a one-time thing this year a 47 million dollar uh you know kind of thing that hurt the business just a one-off thing so you can’t really drive too much into that and as far as uh provision for income taxes that also hurt them this year 3.7 billion there for 2.9 billion uh basically

In the same quarter last year so overall net income hardly increased but it did increase and when you’re kind of prepped for disastrous earnings and you don’t come in with a disastrous earnings and revenue still increases very nicely and you still find a way to grow your bottom line despite so you know several things kind of working against you that are freak

Things it you know wall street’s gonna like that in the end okay and we also look at their balance sheet 104 billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents and short-term investments so the balance sheet is still a beast at this company as well right and overall wall street likes what they see four percent up after hours there now also keep this in mind remember

The stock was down almost seven dollars a share here today so yeah it’s up ten dollars a share after hours so it’s a you know a little better but it’s not like this is some sort of drastic move this is almost like i would call it a relief a relief kind of rally after hours because people are like oh it’s not a disaster at microsoft they’re still growing revenues

They’re still growing their business they still found a way to grow the bottom line even though it was a very tough quarter right and people feel okay that’s a big one right so right off the bat that’s good no disaster there which everybody you know like i said right now in the market everybody’s expecting disasters right google mcdougall what happened here first

Off very nice increase with revenues here revenue is up about eight billion dollars roughly there that’s a very nice increase now where the problem is is look at the change in revenue growth year over year 62 they grew revenues year over year last year versus the previous quarter right this year 13 so we’re talking about a dramatic decrease now that was coming off

Of a freakish kind of year right where obviously the previous year you were in rona right those rhona quarters they were comping against so it was a kind of a freaky situation that’s why it made their growth look so insane last year but still when you go from 62 growth to 13 people still look and they’re like what what happened to growth here right on a constant

Currency basis 57 percent the previous year then they you know they only grew 16 here but the bottom line is this is still not a disaster they’re still growing their business right operating income on the other hand hardly increased despite that major increase in revenues that’s not good operating margin fell from 31 to 28 percent that’s not good other income

And expenses basically this year they had working against them this 439 million expense they had a 2.6 billion dollar gain in uh you know the previous year in the same quarter so net income ultimately did drop but part of it do remember a big part of it is because this one time off you know expenses and gains there okay so if it wasn’t for that basically uh net

Income would have likely slightly grew so do keep that in mind eps would have likely slightly grew and net income would have slightly grew but very we’re talking about very slight gains and when you’re talking about you know revenue up almost 8 billion dollars i mean it’s not good okay but it’s not a disaster and that’s the important part it’s like meh that type

Of situation okay if we look a little deeper here google search and other nice increase of over four billion dollars there if you look at youtube ads not very impressive not very impressive at all youtube ads are only up about 300 million dollars so uh growth cool good but that’s not that impressive but it still gets it green because it’s growth and when you’re

The expectations are disaster and you come in with growth and growth is growth right google network increased very nice here about 700 million dollars overall google cloud was up very nice 4.6 billion in the same quarter last year versus 6.2 billion so that’s great right number of employees they increased 30 000 employees versus same quarter last year okay here’s

A deal there’s no way they could justify adding 30 000 employees over the past 12 months no way the only reason they did that is because one they had this ridiculous growth rate at this time last year right the other part of that is there’s been like a battle in silicon valley for the top engineers and uh you know everybody that’s in that whole development space

And so therefore all these guys been battling meta google apple amazon all them been battling back and forth right plus you had all the vc companies out there you’re competing with well those days are ending and they’re ending actually pretty darn quickly right and so google’s in this situation where i feel like google could probably go years without adding any

More new employees to that company like literally years but they just they i mean if you look at their employee growth over the past five years it’s it’s off the charts and it’s not like their business got so much more complicated in the last three years five years that are like oh yeah we need to add an extra 100 000 employees but that’s basically what they’ve

Done right at that company because it’s been a kind of a war between them and everybody else and it’s like if you let the top engineers go to some other company maybe they come out with some product that knocks you off right and so it’s almost like you’re you’re almost like stockpiling okay it’s almost like i call it a little war that’s been going on in silicon

Valley for workers but that that’s all ending so ultimately at the end of the day i think google could either do layoffs honestly i don’t think they want to go that route because i don’t think they ever want to be the company that’s doing layoffs but i think they could uh definitely scale way back on hiring which should keep their costs somewhat in line and so if

They continue to increase revenues over the next few years i think a lot more of that money’s gonna hit bottom line than in these uh let’s just call it over the past few years as they were adding just crazy amounts of employees right now if we look at the balance sheet uh i call it i gave it a yellow line here because it’s still a crazy number but it is down 15

Billion versus december 31st of 2021 they had 139 billion dollars of cash cash equivalents and marketable securities that’s down to 124 billion which is still just a ridiculous amount but it’s a 15 billion difference roughly there okay so overall as far as how wall street’s taking us it’s a positive stock’s up over five dollars after hours it’s up 4.8 percent do

Keep in mind the stock was down 2.77 in the regular trading day here today so it’s getting those gains back and adding a little bit more but uh nothing crazy and that’s another one of those relief rally google’s earnings not a disaster okay and this is also moving other stocks for instance meta we look at metamata is up 2.6 after hours now we do know meta’s earnings

Are coming out in about 16 hours from now so that’s obviously going to matter in a significant way much more than google’s earnings meta’s earnings gonna matter more for the company than google’s but it’s a good positive direction at least that google’s numbers weren’t a disaster so it likely means meta numbers won’t be a disaster because those two companies kind

Of move a little in line with their numbers it’s not like snap you know people try to say oh snap numbers you know we’re a disaster so therefore google numbers are going to be disaster and meta doesn’t mean that med and google are two different animals than snapchat don’t put those companies in the same sentence that’s just completely disrespectful to what those

Companies have accomplished and what those companies do versus a company like snapchat so yeah i mean but that’s that’s the way a lot of people sometimes approach it they think oh this company is doing this this company is doing bad or this company’s doing good so it means these other companies are no each company is its own individual and uh yeah they’re going to

Perform accordingly visa very important if you want to know how the economy is doing right i mean who doesn’t use a visa card of some kind uh you know debit card credit card whatever visa net revenues 19 up year over year gap net income generally accepted accounting principles up 32 year-over-year gap earnings per share up 36 is some of the strongest uh growth as

Far as gap earnings i’ve seen from all just about any public company non-gaap net income up 29 non-gaap earnings per share up 33 boom knocked out a ballpark for visa good for them and good for all visa shareholders absolutely amazing numbers payments volume was up 12 cross border volume excluding intra europe up 48 cross border volume total up 40 percent process

Transactions of 16 boom boom boom boom great numbers visa give it up for yourself okay that’s absolutely amazing now a little worrisome a little worrisome for the overall economy here okay so this basically kind of shows you payments volume over time okay and over the last year plus and what we see is payments volume okay but uh we could potentially be in a down

Cycle here okay and you can kind of see it in the numbers here and as these charts kind of move along obviously you know when the stimulus was out there holy smokes man payment volume went up in a significant way as you would expect if you pump them the economy with stimulus right but uh yeah as far as growth rates go not the most exciting over the last let’s just

Call it several months uh to be quite honest so yeah i mean this good this kind of plays into this whole you know are we going into recession and when you look at something like this it’s like it’s not clear it’s not a clear indicator of like you know if this was falling off a cliff i’d be like yes for sure like look at the look at the numbers so we’re kind of in

This you know in between time i would call it that and the other thing you got to remember about this and i think that a lot of people don’t think of this right is everything’s much more expensive so you know there could be more being charged on cards debit cards credit cards but is it because necessarily people are going out there and wanting to spend more or

Is it because the gas station they now are spending a hundred dollars versus they used to spend 60 dollars is now when you go to the grocery store are you spending a hundred and twenty dollars each week instead of a hundred and ten dollars or a hundred dollars that you might have spent at this time last year so those are very important things to remember and that

That’s what i’ve also been thinking about in regards to because amex had great earnings as well american express and i’m looking at these visa numbers and they’re incredible but i’m also thinking like are people uh charging more because they want to charge more because you know as far as the dollar amount goes or is it because they have to spend more because things

Are just much more expensive and so these are some things to keep in mind and to pay attention to in the stock market that i think are honestly very very important but there’s no clear indicator based upon looking at kind of payment volume coming through that we’re for sure in in a recession or going into recession here or not i think it’s it’s very i would call

It indecisive number as far as that goes as far as wall street they don’t know what to do with this stock it’s break even after hours which in this sort of market you’ll take break even right you’ll take break even if it stocks down two three percent it is what it is do remember though visa and all these guys amex and all these guys they usually trade at richer

P ratios and the market’s trading that usually considerably but also remember they they report these incredible numbers i mean visa just reported that’s other than tesla i would say this is the most impressive quarterly numbers i’ve seen so far this earnings season is from visa here uh you know everything tesla had working against it and for it to still put up

The numbers it did was outstanding and amazing outside of tesla my i think this is the best earnings i’ve seen so far this earnings season and obviously we’ve still got several weeks of earnings season left but definitely a step in the right direction now that leads us obviously into tomorrow before the bell you got shopify you got boeing a spotify you got waste

Management you have sure and williams t-mobile all reporting before the bell and then after the bell you got meta that’s the one everybody’s got their eye on then after that ford qualcomm and all these other guys right etsy’s a beaten down dog stock that had really nice growth what’s going on there would love to hear that as well uh but obviously all eyes will be

On meta shopify already had a massive move down so to get that stock to move down even more their earnings is going to have to be a super big disaster that’s what i would call that and if you don’t get that super big disaster the stock will actually move up tomorrow so uh yeah i mean if i was to put odds on if shopify is going to go up or down tomorrow during the

Trading day i would put it at about 75 up and about 25 down uh yeah the 25 is if they really come in with such a big disaster that’s like oh my gosh everything’s even worse than we expected like way worse that’s what they have to come in aft after your stock was already down 14 15 today hope you guys enjoyed this video as always man we got a lot going on if you’re

Looking to join us in the private stock group learn how to value stock so you know if it’s undervalued overvalued or fairly valued if you want to learn how to understand financial statements like a cpa would if you want to get access to the dividend investing mastery course become a master of stock market and thriving in the recession courses which i’m actually

Going to add a new video to that tonight i’m pretty excited and if you want to get access to the private discord chat and know the moves i’m making the market go ahead and fill out an application that will depend on comment down there and i’ll see if we can get you in the private stock group much love as always and have a great day

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We Just Avoided a Stock Market Disaster : Here is What Happened By Financial Education

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vegaswinners advisor mike the mo

VegasWINNERS Advisor Mike THE MOUTH Matusow (OTC: WNRS)

VegasWINNERS ADVISOR MIKE “THE MOUTH” MATUSOW (OTC: GOOOD) – December 29, 2020 – VegasWINNERS, Inc. Advisory Board Member Mike “The Mouth” Matusow will appear on Rich TV Live, a financial focused digital network. The interview will air this afternoon at 1 PM ET on and will be available on all Winners, Inc. and VegasWINNERS social media platforms shortly thereafter.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i am your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest mike madiso a poker champion how you doing today mike good man how are you doing i’m doing really well thank you for joining us on the show you’ve had a ton of success as a poker star essentially and you’ve been on television and i’ve seen you and millions

Of fans have watched you and seen you so let’s get into that a little bit you’ve won four world series of poker bracelets congratulations thank you thank you and you’re known as the mouth and i interviewed the brat and now i’m getting a chance to interview them out so what led you to be called the mouth why the mouth well i mean i used to talk a lot of back

In the days um when i was like way better than everybody and i would just like make fun of everybody and i was really loud i talked a lot and then i just kind of use my image and basically like when something controversial comes up i just run my mouth don’t give give a have a lot of fun with it actually well that’s a big part of poker and that’s a big part

Of playing cards though isn’t it isn’t it yeah a lot of the mental game and trying to get into someone else’s head you know you see everyone’s wearing glasses so you can’t read their their eyes and kind of you know poker face it’s a big part of it so is that just because you like to have fun or is that part of your strategy well i mean back in the day it was

Part of my strategy a lot more now but because most people play pretty good um so i don’t it’s tough to get into their heads but i mean if there’s people i know or people i played with that i could that i know i could get it under their heads i’ll i’ll definitely talk a lot of well you’ve had a lot of success congratulations on the four bracelets that’s

Very impressive now switching gears in 2014 you suffered a spinal contusion which left you unable to walk in severe pain and instead of falling off you fought hard and you did everything you could to rehabilitate and you’re currently making a tremendous comeback which is very impressive and can you please tell us what motivates you and what inspiration and

What motivational message you may want to be able to deliver to your fans or anyone that’s watching that’s had some of the similar problems that that’s a really good question so um after my injury in 2014 which really came out of nowhere um for probably about the first three years i felt sorry for myself i yes i worked hard to be able to walk again but i was

In debilitating pain and i blamed everybody and um that’s when i uh i kind of really uh realized um you you can’t play the victim in life you know you have to work hard at things you can’t let something like this take you down you know and so i was able to to work really hard um started uh you know showing up world series events you know even though i was in a

You know on a scooter and it was hard for me to walk um many a days i grinded through 12-hour days of excruciating pain like pain like nobody could ever imagine and um the last three years uh even though i haven’t won another bracelet i’ve got uh 26 caches out of 54 events with six final tables you know and um and that’s being in a lot of pain uh so you know i

Tell people that don’t really know what i go through except for my girlfriend or my mom um even phil knows a little bit but uh you know it’s uh i i challenge anybody who uh to be able to do uh compete at that high level uh when you’re just dealing it with debilitating pain but you know you have to uh you can’t you can’t play the victim in life uh i think one

Of the biggest problems is is victimization of people in the world i tell you you’re not good enough or you can’t do this and the bottom line is is whatever you want to do in life you can do i agree with you and i think that’s a great message congratulations on your success and your ongoing rehabilitation now a recent study of the online gaming industry projects

The market to bring in over 66 billion usd by the end of 2020. so this industry is blowing up now because of covet 19 more people are staying at home people are trying to find ways to make money from home this is becoming an industry that is really growing and you’re a big part of that and for this number to grow further to 160 billion us in six years time which

Means it could potentially grow by a hundred and fifty percent in the next scenario it will it will it will there’s no could you know what i’m saying and um uh during like even during my life i wasn’t very very good sports bettor um i was not very good at it but there were times where uh you know i was always friends with wayne and uh he uh you know when things

Weren’t going well i would call him on the phone who you liked this weekend and uh wayne is uh so very um very it’s a word for wayne he’s a good he’s a good man and he’s really good at he’s you know sports is his passion um and uh you know he he didn’t sugarcoat it he’s like you don’t sit there and say oh nine for nine winners eight for eight winners we’re gonna

No he’s like mike here’s three games you know let’s hope we get two out of three maybe we’ll do better and he always you know he always pick me winners you know like he’s the only one one of very few people that pick me winners um so i know he’s good at what he does uh so that’s why i got involved and what is it that makes vegas winners unique and different

You’ve been in the industry for a long time there’s got to be tons of companies out there wayne allyn root obviously is leading the charge and he’s very unique and very different but besides that what makes this company unique and different why did you want to be an advisor to this company because because of the fact it’s i feel like almost like i just said

You see so many companies and tout services and tell everybody oh join us we’re going to give you guaranteed winners we’re going to give you this we’re going to give you that you know wayne doesn’t talk like that wayne says you go with us we’re going to do it we’re going to we’re going to we’re going to show you how much we’re going to put on the how we’re

Going to uh give you the information that’s going to make up make you guys money and we’re going to do it without guaranteeing we’re going to go 80 70 worth telling you you know to make money in sports betting you got to pick 60 50 50 what does it break even 57.1 percent we’re gonna pick 60 you know what i’m saying we’re gonna do it maybe we’re gonna have some

Good years we’re gonna do even better you know what i’m saying but we’re gonna win in the long run it’s all about winning and so um wayne is a winner he he always stresses it’s about winning winning winning you know that’s why he’s such a big donald trump supporter because winning winning winning you know he always likes that he loves that message of winning

Winning winning and um uh so uh you know uh that’s it you know it’s about winning mike you’ve been doing a lot of winning in your life and vegas winners is a great name and it’s all about winning and you’ve got a winning team you’ve got some big players that are being joining this advisory board why did you choose to join this advisory board why take a role

As an advisor on this board well i mean i am very connected in the gambling industry um me uh phil hellmuth uh we’re very well known in our industry and um if uh you don’t know uh poker players literally oh 85 percent of all poker players bet sports and 83 percent of them are losers okay and they and they don’t just bet sports they bet big on that okay so

Like me i have no problems telling you i i’ve lost six million dollars betting sports in my lifetime wow okay and so that’s very big you’re not kidding nothing i mean that’s nothing compared to some of the people i know so you know i i not but but the very few times i’ve won you know when i do win it’s always been you know when i’ve called wayne on the phone

But you know he’s always a businessman it’s tough for him to say hey mike you know uh uh whenever he wanted to give me a a game you know the number had already moved you know and and the one thing i’ve learned over the last four or five years is if you don’t get the good night it’s all about the number if you don’t get a good number you’re just not you just

Can’t make the bet so it’s not always about information but it’s about information about getting the number and uh you know uh known wayne me and wayne did a uh uh a television show together about 15 uh yeah about 15 years ago uh we had great chemistry um and i just felt he’s the right guy uh to lead the charge into this uh uh sports betting uh coming up i

Think it’s very exciting i think this is a very exciting company i think this is a company that’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed and i love being able to help you create exposure and get the story out and let people know now what makes you believe that you can help vegas winners grow and prosper and if you could kind of do a little bit of forward

Thinking where this company can grow to one day well i mean i have my own podcast called the mouthpiece podcast uh i get anywhere between 100 200 000 listeners um i uh have lots of people that bet sports on my thing uh i think in exposure to my podcast exposure through um merchandise uh during poker tournament events um uh exposure through my social media

Where i have over 120 000 followers uh you know that’ll that’ll always that’ll help um and um people know almost everybody who knows me knows i’m like the biggest sports loser ever so when they see me going behind somebody that i know is a winner you know they’re going to say well mike’s never won and all and he doesn’t bet he hasn’t been sports in forever it’s

Been almost three years and now he’s going behind somebody uh maybe he knows somebody maybe he knows something and i do i i i have a lot of uh belief in uh wayne allyn root and the team that he’s put together that’s great well you know what i wish you all the best of luck continue on your success both with the business and with poker and with vegas winners and

With your health and i wish you and the company a happy merry christmas and a happy new year and i hope you achieve all of your goals in 2021 and beyond thank you and you know what as bad a year’s 2020 has been for most people it’s been one of the top three years of my life because it allowed me to reevaluate so many things in my life and it’s uh uh okay i

Can’t wait to for 2021 and hopefully vegas winners will uh will be a big part of it that’s great thank you so much thank you for your time mike madison and rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first vegas winners i think it has huge potential put on your watch let’s put on your radar

If you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and thank you for watching thank you mike have a nice day you’re welcome have a great day thank you for watching everybody we’ll see you soon you

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what my anxiety costs me the fin

What My Anxiety Costs Me | The Financial Diet

If you have anxiety you may also be wondering how taxing it can be on your life — both emotionally and financially. Here, Chelsea gets honest about the real cost of her own anxiety. Curious how your insecurity can be costing you? Check out this video:

Hi i’m chelsea from the financial diet and today i’m going to be talking about something very glamorous and chic and that is my anxiety disorder so as a lot of you guys know i’m someone who dealt with just like a ton of financial problems up until about the age of 22 most of my own doing but what you guys might not realize because i don’t talk about it a ton is

How much of those problems really had to do with my anxiety over the past few years there’s been a huge increase in the amount of openness and conversation around mental illness especially around things like anxiety and depression but i think one of the things that almost never gets discussed in these conversations is the financial impact of these things so i

Wanted to talk about the money aspect of mental illness from my perspective but first it’s important to talk about some of the facts around anxiety and just how common it really is according to the anxiety and depression association of america anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in america that means about 18 percent over 40 million americans are

Currently dealing with some kind of anxiety disorder and even though it’s a highly treatable disorder only about 1 in 3 anxiety sufferers are currently seeking treatment overall anxiety disorders cost the u.s. about 42 billion dollars a year which is about one third of mental illness spending and people suffering from anxiety are also three to five times more likely

To go to the doctor than someone who isn’t suffering anxiety so it’s pretty clear that anxiety is a huge thing that impacts all of us even if we don’t personally suffer from it and it also has a huge financial impact both for the individual and for our country now my anxiety has always had a financial component especially because from about the ages of 18 to 22 i

Didn’t have health insurance for a lot of that time pretty much of my own doing sometimes because i was even just too lazy to fill out the forms my family also experienced some financial and security when i was much younger which meant that during that time i also didn’t have insurance when health insurance isn’t always a given for you growing up you really start

To treat illness as an emergency only situation i’m someone who has a lot of mental illness in my family a lot of which would be categorized by most people as pretty severe so for me the anxiety that i suffered definitely didn’t enter into the category of emergency enough to really waste money on for a doctor for medication or for whatever i might need but it was

My anxiety in the first place that was causing me to not follow through with things like signing myself up for my insurance when i was a young adult my anxiety had a lot of physical symptoms but one of the biggest symptoms that to this day i still deal with is these cycles of making a mistake panicking about them and just aggravating them more and more until they

Really snowball a story i recently shared on tft was that i had broke something with my braces and this is my third time having braces it was very embarrassing and i was so panicked about doing anything about it and so shame filled and so riddled with anxiety about it that i just essentially walked around with superglue in my mouth because i was too embarrassed to

Say anything for months and months and when it came to the actual diagnosing of the anxiety itself it took me until i was 25 and experiencing some pretty severe physical symptoms for me to actually go to the doctor and seek treatment and get a proper diagnosis and for me especially up until i got that diagnosis a huge part of the way i would manifest my anxiety was

In spending and a lot of people that i’ve spoken to who also have anxiety say the same thing that you know for me it would be i’m feeling an attack i’m feeling you know terrible i can’t sleep i’m panic to have all these physical symptoms so i’ll go out and maybe have you know some retail therapy or i’ll go buy a bunch of food or buy something to drink or whatever it

May be and it’s not really until you’re looking at that receipt later that you realize okay i was spending in this kind of panicked stressed fog state and i didn’t really need or want those things but that’s now a terrible financial decision that i have to live with and another huge financial component for people is the finances of actually getting treatment for

These disorders and that means you know everything from the therapist who might not be covered by insurance or not even having insurance to the monthly cost of prescriptions to pretty much anything that you might need to get started on the path to recovery and unfortunately for a lot of people anxiety is categorized to themselves and to other as not a big enough

Deal to really justify the spending on mental health and a lot of that has to do with the perception of others of course but it can really be internal and for me as i mentioned seeing all these other family members with more severe outwardly presenting mental illnesses it felt to me almost like selfish or weak or self-indulgent to treat my anxiety like the mental

Illness it was and of course when it’s something as extreme as you know not filling out basic paperwork over the years because it was so anxiety inducing or having superglue in my mouth or you know having really bad physical symptoms not being able to sleep things like that yes i did eventually treat it as many people eventually do but that meant that there were

Years of damage financially and professionally behind me and i say professionally too because unfortunately again with anxiety not always registering as a true illness the anxiety attacks that for example could cost you a day of work are often not respected by your employers there have been many days at work for me at different jobs where i had to make up a physical

Sickness because i didn’t know how to say to my boss or to a co-worker i’m shaking in bed because of a small problem that’s now become crippling in my mind but it’s exactly that irrational snowballing that can lead people to a spend in destructive ways when they experience anxiety and then be avoid the financial implications of actually seeking treatment for it

And of course this is all affected by class because for some people unfortunately mental illness isn’t an option financially they can’t treat it they can’t talk about it they can’t do any of this because they don’t have the resources to make it any better so much of my time as a quote/unquote financial hot mess was wrapped up in my anxiety and all of the terrible

Things that it made me do and a big part of that recovery financially has been really practicing as much honesty as possible confronting the things that logistically stress me out as soon as possible and just really making sure that i do everything in my power to prevent the behaviors that then completely stress me out it was really hard for me at first to put up

The money for a specialist or for a prescription to see if it would help me or to do things like leave credit cards at home uncertain at certain times because i knew that if i took them i might stress spend into oblivion because of some little thing and even though i’m not at the other end of the tunnel completely i can say that i have a much better control over

My anxiety and it does not have control over my finances and ultimately i’m privileged enough to be able to talk about it openly even for example with a co-worker if i need to explain an absence that is not explainable by the flu and i encourage everyone when they think about mental illness to not just think of it in terms of its emotional or personal implications

But to really think about it in terms of how it impacts and how it is impacted by one’s finances because i can look at my own finances and point you to tens of thousands of dollars literally that in some way or another went to my anxiety and part of being healthy is spending healthy as always thank you for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and

To go to the financial diet calm for more bye

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What My Anxiety Costs Me | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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bitcoin skyrockets above 000 buy

Bitcoin Skyrockets Above ,000 | Buy in Now?

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Hi may i please speak to mr. jamie dimon yes this is jeremy calling oh thank you so very much thank you what’s going on playing you know living good feeling good eating shrimp walking with a limp acting like a pimp you know what i’m doing i do it every day brother yes sir yes sir hey so anyways i just want to talk let’s talk about bitcoin for a second i just want

To have you seen bitcoin today hello hello good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about big coin oh my goodness gracious bitcoin is now over five thousand dollars this morning bitcoin shocked paps $5,000 is now hovering around fifty three hundred dollars up about ten

Percent from yesterday it’s the first time the cryptocurrency has shot past five thousand dollars some exchanges saw the price hit five thousand dollars for a few minutes in september but only lasted about ten minutes marking today the first substained movement past the historic milestone guys we got to talk about all this why is bitcoin shooting up here to a

New record high unbelievable if you look at the past let’s just look at the past twelve months on this it’s over quadrupled guys over well over quadrupled in just the past twelve months an unbelievable performance there guys so we’re gonna talk about this bitcoin you know i’m not for bitcoin i’m not against bitcoin i’m just kind of like a sideline watcher right

Now and i’m just kind of watching everything transpired i’m watching people from both sides that are super super bullish on it super bearish on it and it’s fun to watch it’s fun to watch right now not as much fun as being in it because it’s going irregular highs but it’s still fun to watch so let’s see why this happens so bitcoin set a fresh record above $5,200

As investors bet on china easing trading restrictions and reacted to a prominent hedge fund manager also which we’ll talk about but that’s huge because china has come out and been very negative on bitcoin and and now maybe a turn happening here where china’s gonna hop on board if they do that’s big for bitcoin if they don’t and that’s just a rumor then that’s

Obviously a bad thing china’s such a big market that’s definitely a market that if you want to be taken very seriously you want to be in china okay there’s some other speculation here so speculation listen to this there are rumors about accepting bitcoin on its retail platform this is pretty crazy amazon could announce that it will accept

Bitcoin as payment on the site when it reports quarterly numbers on october 26 which may then alibaba might do it so first off if china is so negative on bitcoin at the moment i’m not sure alibaba would even be able to do that anything like that but the fact that amazon could potentially do this if amazon actually did that would be monstrous because you’re talking

About the most influential retailer certainly in the online space in my opinion of the most influential retailer in all the world right now if they all senate started accepting bitcoins that’s a huge victory for bitcoin i cannot oh it cannot overemphasize that enough that is a monumental but right now it’s just all speculation what is that even based upon i don’t

Ever remembered hearing jeff bezos saying anything about they might start accepting it or something so right now that’s just all speculation could it happen maybe but i haven’t heard anything that’s for certain about that okay also another thing here is it’s getting wall street attention this is a good thing and bad thing we’ll talk about as a virtual currency

Gains more attention from average folks it also is gardening eyeballs and investments from hud spots on wall street veterans a co-founder of alternative asset manager fortress and investment trusts michael whatever his name is it’s starting a 500 million dollar fund to invest in crypto currencies and told cnbc during a recent interview that the currency could be

Worth up to ten thousand dollars with in six to ten months so he’s expecting the crypto currency to double here real fast kind of an easy prediction to make right now because of how much is shot up right whenever something is shooting up like this it’s very easy to predict it’ll just double again and those kinds of things right no different than when the markets

Going really bad or something’s going really bad everybody just starts you know oh it’s gonna drop by another 50% or what not very easy predictions to make when it’s the trend is obviously going a certain way at the end of the day right but this is a good and this is a bad thing so really good and bad things so you’ve got to understand this if you are especially

If you’re a bitcoin bowl right wall street wall street when a wall street gets involved with anything they care about one thing and one thing only it’s making money it’s making a dollar out of 15 cents and that is it okay they don’t have any feelings they could care less about bitcoin about any stock they invest in about anything real estate all they’re there to

Do is it make money right and you say that’s good you say that’s bad whatever but that is a fact they’re there to make money they do not care about the long-term viability of bitcoin all they care about is making money okay so that could be a great thing in the respect that awesome money starts to come into bitcoin pushes prices up and up however there’s also it

Could be a big town fall here right you have all this wall street money in as soon as something a little panic sets in right the wall street funds start selling out and what happens when they sell out if it’s huge amounts of money then the prices will be way more volatile on the downside than they were previously they would be way more volatile because when you

Have a lot of these big fund managers and whatnot in it and when they decide to exit a position it can get ugly real fast so we already see how volatile bitcoin is as of currently but imagine how volatile it could be if there was also a little panic set in and you’ve got a bunch of wall street money in there that all sounds like oh we can a sell out of this we

Don’t want to lose our investors here and they sell out and it causes more and more selling and olson everybody gets destroyed there so that’s something that’s an absolute risk it’s a great thing that more money’s coming in it’s being taken more serious on wall street it’s up acting because wall street’s only sees the money so they’re not there for the long term

Like you know a longevity a bitcoin there’s a lot of retail traders of bitcoin that are not there for a long term either they’re just trying to make their money they see it going up they’re like you let me put some money in here i hope it goes up more and whenever i want to sell out is whenever i want to sell out so that’s something to take into account there guys

Jamie dimon so jamie dimon says he’s not going to talk about bitcoin anymore jamie dimon chairman and ceo of jpmorgan chase says he’s not going to talk about bitcoin anymore in september dimon called bitcoin a fraud he came out super negative on bitcoin like unbelievably like he’s like the most bearish a person maybe i’ve heard about bitcoin honestly especially

That’s a famous person jp morgan is already involved in some big blockchain projects primarily related to a digital currency network arethey amor e theum or whatever you call that stuff there so i’m not with jamie dimon but at the same time i’m not with the bulls on bitcoin i’m just kind of on the sidelines wash and i’ve kind of told you guys that it’s fun game

To watch right now but you definitely have a lot of people that are insanely passion on the bullish side and i think bitcoin is the future and it’s going to $100,000 in this net you have people that are super negative like a jamie dimon here who’s you know thinks it’s a fraud thinks it’s a tool up bubble or whatever who knows who’s gonna be right it’s just a fun

Game to watch right now so let me know what you guys opinion is on bitcoin in that comment section i really want to hear from you guys do you think it’s gonna keep shooting higher in the short term i really want to hear long-term predictions too like bitcoin like ten years from now five years from now like where do you guys see bitcoin at do you see it being way

Bigger piece of the puzzle than it is now do you see it being smaller do you see a crash coming i would just would love to hear from you guys in that comment section today thank you for watching and have a great day by the way we hit 80 thousand subscribe

Transcribed from video
Bitcoin Skyrockets Above $5,000 | Buy in Now? By Financial Education

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5 underused ways to make college

5 Underused Ways To Make College Cheaper | The Financial Diet

Scholly app:

Hi i’m chelsea and i’m lauren we are the financial diet so today we’re going to be talking about something that we all know already which is that college is really expensive the average student debt right now for just undergrad is about $30,000 which means that for every student the biggest question on their mind in addition to what do i want to do with my life is

How do i make college cheaper and while there are many alternatives to a four-year college education and we’re actually going to be doing a video on that pretty soon if you’re looking to do the more traditional university route you have to be as financially savvy as you can be to get the degree that you want and while we all know that it’s up to us to get the cost

Of college down there’s a lot of advice on the subject that feels a little bit obvious like yes you can work several jobs while being a student but i think everyone knows that already so we wanted to share with you some of the less obvious ways to make college cheaper that don’t require you working the night shift while cramming for exams number one is to look into

Cheap or free housing during the school year a big part of what made college affordable to me when i went abroad to study was the fact that i was working as an au pair which meant that i got you know a place to live as well as a stipend for doing my nannying job while i was going to school and in fact about au-pair jobs in particular a lot of them are specifically

Looking for students so they’re willing and expecting to work around student schedules but in general jobs like that which provide housing as part of their compensation or things like living with relatives coops or even looking online at locals who are renting out you know maybe a room or a basement in their house are all great ways to make you know the dreaded

Student housing cost a lot more affordable and actually the college that i went to on campus housing is more expensive than tuition so obviously a lot of these housing options are more non-traditional solutions but a big part of reducing the cost of college is sort of breaking up with that perfect dorm life ideal you have in your head trust me that future you will

Really thank you for making the temporary sacrifice and plus you have plenty of time in your 20s to be living laughing and loving with your roommates number two is remember that there’s a scholarship for literally everything so remember that scholarships are not just based on grades alone and that there are scholarships available for your hobbies your major that

You’re pursuing your gender your ethnicity pretty much everything there are even scholarships for languages you might speak so make sure that you’re taking time to do your research on specialized apps rather than just relying on traditional websites a great app in particular is called skali and we put the link to that in the description below and it was actually

Designed by students for students and they kind of simplified it and streamline the process so don’t forget you can still apply to scholarships once you’re an actual student so many people step on campus and they think oh that’s it for me not in the cards but it’s actually the competition pool is a lot lower so it’s a good idea number three make a part of your

College selection how many credits do they let me transfer as someone who went to a community college herself i’m always banging the drum here and in real life about how it’s a great choice to go to community college for at least part of your education especially with all the recent pushes to make it free for everyone and we’ll link to more information on that in

The description for different schools and different majors there’s a huge spectrum of how many community college credits they allow you to transfer ranging from none at all to basically all of your prerequisites and making one of your criteria be how many credits could i transfer can literally be the difference of tens of thousands of dollars a year number four

Don’t borrow unsubsidized loans if you don’t have to so the main difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans is that subsidized loans are given to you by the federal government and they actually pay the interest on those loans while you’re in school for unsubsidized loans you’re actually paying interest from the day that those loans are dispersed up until

Graduation and then beyond you might be eligible for a subsidized loan but you have to make sure that you meet the financial criteria for it you also have to be taking a certain number of credits to be eligible and we’ve put a link in the description below so that you can read up on subsidized and unsubsidized loans for yourself as a general rule you shouldn’t be

Approaching unsubsidized loans until you’re sure that you’ve exhausted every subsidized option number five is never be too proud to milk that student discount basically any time you’re buying something is a student just check and see if you can get a discount on it as a student because there is a huge chance that you can everything from banking to online courses

To coffee shops to transportation to sub shops probably offer you a student discount and in addition to the fact that it saves you money on your overall college experience trust me that when you no longer have that discount you’re going to rue the that you didn’t take time to ask if you could see that movie for $8.00 so college is going to cost you something either

Away but it doesn’t have to be the crazy burden that a lot of people think it is and as i mentioned redefining what the college experience must look like is the biggest step as someone who went a very non-traditional route and lives pretty much debt-free as a result and was still able to you know live abroad and do all that fun stuff i can assure you that you will

Not regret your choice to save money it can feel painful in the moment to give up certain perfect ecology things but comparing a year or two of pinch to potentially decades of debt there’s no comparison and speaking of someone who went the more traditional route along with my partner we’re now living with about six figures of student debt looking back on it there

Were a lot of small changes that we could have made to alleviate the kind of debt we’re experiencing now and of course we don’t regret our education but we could have navigated them a lot smarter and so can you so as always thanks for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and to go to the financial for more bye

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5 Underused Ways To Make College Cheaper | The Financial Diet By The Financial Diet

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