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when making money is more exciti

When Making Money is More Exciting than Life Itself

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about money as if i don’t talk about money enough on this channel in particular i’m going to talk about how sometimes for some people making money in itself it’s more exciting than actually living life itself this video is brought to you by weeble you can get up to three free shares of stock valued

Up to thirty three hundred dollars just for opening up an account and funding it in addition you can get five dollars of crypto just for trading one dollar worth of crypto if you have not already gotten a weibull account you can help out this channel just for signing up and get some free shares check out my referral link down in the video description below what i’m

Gonna talk about today really came from a quote from the book die with zero by bill perkins i like the quote so much that i wrote it down because it really hits home thrill of making money exceeds the thrill of actually living how many times have we found ourselves working for something because we’re gonna make x amount of dollars sometimes people work indefinitely

On an ongoing basis no matter how much they already have they keep on making more and more money amassing more and more wealth there are two things to dissect from this particular quote the first thing that comes to mind is whenever someone has a job that they love they make some kind of money from it and the question here is do you actually really love your job

Or do you love the money that comes with the job the way to figure out if this is the case or not is just imagine yourself winning the lottery are you going to stay at the same job still let’s say you want a hundred million dollars are you gonna still keep on working at that particular job sometimes maybe a particular job is so lucrative that you forget about all

Else you just go okay because it brings you so much money you’re gonna say you like it anyway the second part of this quote the thrill of making money exceeds the thrill of actually living now when they say living i have a question about this myself is like what is living maybe you working at a job is living in itself people have to do some work at some point right

If money is no concern what would you be doing instead of working maybe actually living is going to tour the entire world maybe eating at all the fancy restaurants it might not exactly be putting 40 hours a week on your day job if you have the choice maybe some people might choose to work less hours and do more leisurely things now on this channel if you look at my

Logo it’s basically a dollar sign or maybe a bitcoin sign so it has a lot to do with money people are very interested in how to manage money how to make money how to save money and more importantly i think the most popular topic is how to make money easily people tend to gravitate towards that thing there actually is no easy money but in order to get a lot of views

You just make some video saying there’s a really really easy way to make thousands of dollars and if you make it really believable then yeah okay people are gonna watch on the flip side if i make a video about consistency putting in all the hard work no one wants to hear this but this is exactly how i made my money and how i was able to retire now money i think it’s

A kind of an interesting thing to think about it drives people to do a lot of different things including getting in a car and commuting long hours and doing all kinds of things at work you know you can spend your entire day trying to earn a couple hundred dollars in essence money is a way for society to keep tabs on how much value you have given it so you put in

Some value it gives you some money back so you can have this storage of money that you can use later else for some value from someone else the more money that you have the more value that you have presented to other people unless of course you won the lottery or maybe you made an inheritance in which case whoever you inherited from provided that value to society

But what i find interesting is sometimes you don’t actually have to spend money in order to have a real world effect for example you can have the money in a savings account you can grow it you can have it invested you can grow it some more it even has a way of making things happen in real life even though you may not have ever spent a penny of that money there’s

Potential power in let’s say a thousand dollars for example let’s say in an auction you bid on something that the current bid price is 500 and you say okay i have a thousand dollars i’m going to bid on it for a thousand dollars and then eventually let’s say you never win this auction so you never spent this one thousand dollars you have the potential to spend it

But someone comes around and says oh okay because you want to spend a thousand dollars on it they’re also willing to spend a little bit more in order to beat you out so they’re gonna spend eleven hundred dollars on it eventually you lose the auction and you see how there’s a real world consequence here even though you never spent the thousand dollars you actually

Cause someone else to spend even more than you now if you have enough money to retire on and you never spent a dime of it this is essentially unspent money and let’s say you keep on growing your network this amount is still sitting there providing you peace of mind providing you value providing you security even though it’s never been touched the value of this big

Lump sum of money essentially allows you to work on your own terms allow you to retire and essentially be free from working when i quit my engineering job and started doing youtube full-time about four years ago many many people suggested why don’t you just keep on working for another year or two save up a little bit more because this represents probably another

100k 150k or so and then i do not have to scrimp as hard and i can live more comfortably but the question here is yeah let’s say i follow that advice and i work another year or two more there’s always going to be someone else that comes along and says hey why are you quitting now why don’t you work another year or two and then another year or two pass let’s say i

Keep on working the same thing is going to keep on creeping up why don’t you keep on working longer and longer and longer and eventually maybe i’m never gonna pursue this youtube thing and i just keep on working at my job and dreams are not realized and no action is ever taken let’s say you have enough money to retire on and you just keep on accumulating more and

More money at your day job do you really really really enjoy your day job or are you working there just to accumulate more money so that you can feel a little bit more and more secure which it’s a never-ending game i hope you guys enjoyed this video and really makes you think about if you are working for money itself or are you really enjoying what you’re doing

Don’t forget to give me a like on this video and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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When Making Money is More Exciting than Life Itself By BeatTheBush

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dominican republic travel vlog 5

Dominican Republic Travel Vlog #5 – RICH TV LIVE SWIMMING Butterfly


Hey guys this is rich rumors to be alive i’m gonna show you how we go into the water here in the dominican republic on a beautiful sunny day sunshine and blue skies watch this cpp do this roll hey guys this is rich from rich to be live we’re on su a beach on a sunday here look at this is madness this is su beach on a sunday second-to-none look at all the

People everybody’s chilling in the beach today everybody’s on the water perfect day at the beach super hot blue skies everybody’s here with their families their friends tourists locals sunday’s the day where all the locals come to the beach because they don’t have to work so they just come here for fun in the sun you can see them in the water and they really

Enjoy the water on the sunday so su beach on the sunday your boy rich from rich tv live in sosua beach port apply the dominican republic january 2019 see these guys take off and then we got one of the best beaches because we got all the shops and all the restaurants right there and then you walk out onto the beach from the shops restaurants bars stores

Shops and it literally steps away from the beautiful water the ocean we got both just chillin just park enjoying the day when i go water sports what’s up guys this is richard wish to be live we’re at the billa billa’s 613 this is the pen where our critics pom-pom of me let me show you our pool from our living room and our kitchen and my bedroom right there i

Want to show you how quickly i can jump into the pool check this out just like this is how i roll remember hit that like button subscribe comment down below and if you ain’t win it you ain’t watch serve or rich

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Dominican Republic Travel Vlog #5 – RICH TV LIVE SWIMMING Butterfly By RICH TV LIVE

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havn life sciences ceo tim moore


HAVN LIFE SCIENCES CEO TIM MOORE INTERVIEW | RICH TV LIVE – June 16, 2021 – HAVN Life Sciences Inc. (CSE:HAVN)(OTC PINK:HAVLF)(FSE:5NP) (the “Company” or “HAVN Life”), a biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds and the development of natural health products, is pleased to announce it has secured a product listing agreement with Choices Markets for the company’s new line of natural health products, which officially launched on June 3rd. The locally owned and operated grocery chain will carry the full line of HAVN Life natural health products at all locations throughout. The product line is expected to hit shelves later this month.

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to and find the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here and we have a rich tv live with our very special guest it is tim moore the ceo of having life sciences how you doing today tim i’m doing great rich good to be here

Great to have you on the show excited to learn more about your company tim can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with having life sciences inc well um i’m a career package goods guy 35 years in that space i spent 18 years at clorox i spent seven years running the north america brita business both the food service and the retail

Business i got into this space for personal reasons through cannabis originally and i have five sons and before i tell the story they’re all fine but it hasn’t always been that way i’ve dealt with mental health issues over the last three decades my oldest son will be 36 shortly my youngest is 24. two of my sons have anxiety disorder one was suicidal at 14

And was institutionalized for a while my youngest son has aspergers my middle son got hit by a drunk driver was very seriously injured didn’t work for a couple of years and thanks to the medical and pharmaceutical industry became an opioid addict um we spent two years uh watching him uh just die ultimately it was cannabis that saved his life and that got me

Into the cannabis space about four years ago but when i saw the the promise that psychedelics offer for anxiety depression ptsd anger management substance abuse i knew this was a place i needed to bring my skills to bear and help i believe that felix is the industry of hope haven life is building a supply chain to support the industry of hope the really sad

Thing is that people today with anxiety depression the best that they can currently hope for is to get numb enough to get through the day and and that road leads to suicide far too often so psychedelics offer the promise of getting you back to being normal to live your life to wake up in the morning looking forward to the day to wanting to spend time with a

Significant other to want to go on vacation so if if i can help other people not go through what i went through in the last three decades that’s going to be my contribution here today that’s great can you tell us what the main goals are for having life sciences inc for the last six months of 2021 yeah so we we last week we launched our nutritional supplements

Line the first seven skus on that side of the business our milestones to the rest this year are to expand our retail footprint which currently includes nesters markets and choices markets here in british columbia we’ll be announcing additional retailers our e-commerce site which is is operational and people can go on an order for delivery

In canada or the us today we’ll be adding amazon next week so we’ll be on amazon as of next week great um the next milestone after that will be the launch of some new skus um i’m today i’m at our manufacturing facility in richmond where we’re formulating some um functional foods that we’ll be launching later this year uh things like teas that have additional

Psychoactive mushroom components to them um so that’s that’s what’s important on our on our our retail side on our our restricted compound side so psilocybin um we currently have the team on the ground in jamaica where we have a facility that’s growing psilocybin mushrooms in jamaica those mushrooms fall into the ministry of agriculture as a functional food

They’re not considered a drug so the legal framework allows us to implement our sops down there and get down the learning curve and validate our processes for the facility that we’re building here in vancouver which will be completed later this year so the milestones on our psychedelics business one will be the first shipment of active pharmaceutical agreement

Ingredients from jamaica back to canada later this year number two will be then shipping it to our supply agreement customers in canada the u.s and europe and then number three will be the completion of our lab in vancouver and securing our dealer’s license so that in 2022 we’ll be able to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients at scale wow you guys are

Going to be really busy yes tim can you tell us about your management team and directors it’s always important to know about the team behind the deal especially their past success in psychedelic sector and the public markets so we have what we’ve done is we’ve paired our science team with a very well qualified operations team it’s a lesson from the cannabis

Space where what we saw was too many cannabis companies i think were too slow to bring business operators in they had stock promoters and growers but they didn’t have people that actually had operationalized the business and manage cash flows and balance sheet and so on so we we started by putting together a team myself i’ve explained my background my chief

Science officer has over 20 years experience in nutritional supplements where he was chief science officer at jameson labs he was also chief science officer at afria our chief operating officer jenna poser uh she has 18 years in nutritional supplement space she’s called on every major customer in canada um and worked with many manufacturers um and so she’s

Got deep experience our chairman vic neufeld he was at jameson labs for a couple of decades so he has that experience on our advisory board we have alan oberman who ran teva pharmaceuticals in the african middle east office and then in the americas office so he’s run a 13 billion pharmaceutical business so we’ve had you know as a team um considerable

Success um in the package good space importantly we have the skill set to not only operationalize that in canada but to internationalize that go to the us and go to europe because collectively we’ve done that a number of times so um pretty excited about what the team is going to be able to accomplish excuse me so tim we know that the psychedelic sector is

Still in infancy stages and it’s very hard to generate revenue with the legal framework currently in your opinion what is the projected growth of the sector in the next couple years and how much do you think of this market share can haven life sciences capture so um you’re right the road to revenue for most companies is a long one anyone that’s pursuing a

Clinical trial model they’re really asking their shareholders to hold the rest for three to five years while they get through that and hope that you don’t have a bad experience because it’s very much a binary process what we’re doing instead is we’re building a supply chain of api to support people operating retreats clinical facilities where they’re doing

Psychedelic assisted therapy or doing clinical trials so we’ve been signing signing supply agreements with people that need silicone today most of them are relying on synthetic psilocybin which is expensive between five thousand and ten thousand dollars a gram um and doesn’t offer the uh patient the alternative to pharmaceuticals they’re really looking for

So if you think back to synthetic thc which was going to revolutionize the cannabis industry it didn’t happen because people that wanted cannabis wanted something from a plant they’re more interested in what music the grower listens to than the molecule so with psilocybin we see the opportunity for botanical or naturally derived compounds and that’s what

We’re focused on and it’s challenging i mean growing mushrooms is actually pretty easy just unplug your refrigerator and wait three days and you’re growing mushrooms right but to grow mushrooms in a gmp compliant facility so that can be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient and used in fda approved trials that’s hard and so our focus has been building

The protocols to build the facility in vancouver that will be gmp compliant so that we can supply ingredients to the industry we will be in revenue later this year on apis through that through that model wow that’s uh impressive we’ve interviewed so many psychedelic companies and there’s only a few that might be able to get into revenue by the end of this

Year so you’re putting yourself an elite company now in saying that having life sciences if you’re supposed to comp if you’re able to compare yourself to your competitors in this sector what would set you guys apart there’s a couple of things first of all on the um nutraceutical side we’re manufacturing product at a quality and scale that’s not being done

Right now so if you go into a significant retailer a shopper’s drug marta loblaws you know london drugs you’re not going to see these products on the shelf because no one is manufacturing them at the quality and with the support to do that our team knows how to deal with those large retailers and knows how to manufacture that quality importantly we’re using

Extracts rather than the raw mushroom which provides a higher concentration of the active ingredient and then it’s easier to dose so our quality is is higher than what’s in the marketplace the second thing is we’re backing it with a marketing and promotion and advertising that hasn’t been seen in this space before again because the experience that the team

Collectively has so that sets us apart on the nutritional health side on the psychedelic side building the supply chain of naturally derived compounds across a range of genetics is is setting us apart there’s there’s currently no gmp protocols for the cultivation of mushrooms and extraction compounds we’re building those we were the first company to get a

Section 56 exemption to allow us to work with psilocybin compound in a lab to develop the protocols around quality and safety that we’re going to need for our facility so we’ll continue to work with health canada on the approval of that facility as it’s being built out and we expect to have it licensed by the end of 2021. now here at rich tv live we’ve got

Members all over the world that are going to be watching this interview and one of the key characteristics that we like to focus on we like to look at fundamentals of companies is their share structure can you break down the share structure and how you plan on attracting institutional and retail investors for haven life sciences sure um our um cap table is

Pretty clean we have 150 million shares fully diluted approximately um we have no debt uh we have around 20 of the shares that are held by insiders we have a couple of very large institutional investors um the the bot deal that closed in january was 11.5 million dollars there were only 23 participants in it approximately one-third of that was one large u.s

Biotech which i can’t name but it’s well-known so a pretty sticky investor and the opportunity that psychedelics offer in contrast to cannabis is cannabis has this u.s tension between state legal federally illegal that keeps the institutional investors away what we’re doing with psilocybin as an industry what haven life is doing is completely legal on a

Federal basis with both healthcare and the fda it’s a simple way to think about it is when pfizer creates a new heart drug it’s just as illegal as psilocybin until the fda approves it so we’re working within the construct of getting a drug approved and so that allows these um significant funds to come in and know that they’re able to invest without having a

Liability on the on the federal side because we are in compliance with fda and health canada rules that’s really really cool now if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about haven life sciences today what would it be um you know we’re we’re we’re a passionate group um we’re intent on on helping people with as i said you know cognitive

Health and human performance we have two clear paths to revenue one that we’ve already executed so there’s been a lot of talk in this space rich you know there’s been a lot of talk and not nearly as much action as people would like um and to me it’s kind of reminiscent of the the dot-com boom where there was a lot of vaporware so we just our vaporware and

We made it into hardware hardware we’re actually shipping product you can order it today and have it in your hands in the next few days and on the psychedelic side we’re actually growing mushrooms we’re doing extraction and refinement today and we’ll be shipping product later this year so i think that the the credibility that that brings to us by taking the

Words and our prospectus and the words from my various uh presentations and saying here’s real product we’re in this business and we’re real i think that really sets us apart so there’s going to be shareholders that are going to have some questions there’s going to be potential investors that are going to have some questions what’s the best way for them to get

In contact with the company go to there’s a contact us tab right there and feel free to send any questions through it all i’m an ask me anything kind of guy so just ask me anything okay and i’m happy to give them an answer all right so appreciate that if they have interest and rich if you see an opportunity for another discussion later on i’m

Happy to come back and talk to you again that would be great well thank you so much for your time today tim moore the ceo of haven life sciences and if you guys like this video please remember to smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe for future updates remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education

Purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here in rich tv live now in saying that i’ve done some due diligence on the company i find that the company is undervalued and appreciated underexposed i really like what you guys are doing tim keep up all the great work thanks rich have a great

Day always a pleasure thank you guys for watching remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first this is rich from rich to be live with tim moore saying have a nice day everybody you

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how to build a cardboard ipad be

How to Build a Cardboard iPad | BeatTheBush


Today i’m gonna show you how to build this fake ipad so you can use it to troll anyone you want hey drew i got you an ipad aw thanks you shouldn’t have can i open it right now yeah sure go ahead don’t mind if i do what is this so i actually built this ipad many many years ago before the first ipad came out i took it outside to play around with it and people immediately

Recognized what it is without seeing the front cover that it’s about an ipad shaped device i just kind of used it to trick people it was fun while it lasted and had a lot of good laughs with it it’s my top secret prototype so you probably don’t want to build a first gen ipad right now but you can use the skill to build other fake devices if you do build this device

Please don’t go around returning this device instead of the real one so someone did try to buy an ipad and found a fake one in there so you didn’t learn it from me i just want to show you how cool my fake ipad is i’m going to put on some headphones and start listening to my cardboard ipad see it even has a audio jack right here music yeah okay other than the fake

Music aspect of my fake ipad it also has a charging port at the bottom see right here it charges so you’ll notice that this fake ipad is black and white i just happen to not print it out in color so here’s a front of the ipad next to each other in the back so here’s a close-up of the ipad you see it’s pretty banged up it’s a couple years old already so what i did

Was download a paper craft model and printed it out to scale in the paper craft models is usually the edges are not are not are not as fine detailed as this there it would make the whole device much thicker so the trick is is this tapering of the back so that you can make the sides very thin i know the latest model has even thinner sides but this is a first-gen

Here you can see the fake 30-pin connector port here you can see the fake headphone jack it’s just a hole about the same size and then you can plug it in here you can see the fake 30 pin connector port i just made the hole about the same size as the as the connector but a little snugger so it won’t it will retain in there after you push it in that i’m gonna listen

To my ipad and charge it at the same time doot-doot-doot it you might wonder how i got the the nice curvature in the back all i did was i started with the base of the ipad shape of the front the same size as this a whole flat panel of cardboard of this kind you can see this kind of cardboard is a bit thinner and and finer so i can control the thickness of the ipad

As i build it so i i i glued the printout of this on onto the cardboard behind it and then and then i flipped it over and then i started putting piece layer after layer on top after i build out the many layers i i did little cutouts as i went along for the 30-pin connector and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then i knew if i had a lot of cutouts stacked on

Top of each other there would be little staircase steps here so i didn’t want that so what i did was i built it up until one layer less and then at the end i had one one more layer to go on top and and from there i cut out little little slits on on this on the edges on all four corners so that i can bend them in a contour towards towards the model and it’ll form

This nice shape you can see from this model that there’s a there’s a line a parting line after so much where you can see from the edge of part that it’s coming off that the edges is there is no really border around the whole thing they’re just multiple layers of cardboard stacked on top of each other so this is a sample cardboard and you just stack maybe like three

Or four until it’s about the thickness of the ipad and then you put other layers on top to make the bomb hold still i’m going to take a picture so you like this video you can click my other fake gadget hacks by clicking here and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for watching

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How to Build a Cardboard iPad | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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growgeneration corp nasdaq grwg

Growgeneration Corp (NASDAQ: GRWG) ✅

Growgeneration Corp (NASDAQ: GRWG) ✅ – RICH TV LIVE – DENVER, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG), (“GrowGen” or the “Company”) the largest chain of specialty retail hydroponic and organic garden centers, with currently 26 locations, is pleased to announce that the company has purchased the assets of Healthy Harvest. Healthy Harvest has been in business since 2011 and is the largest hydroponic operation in the Southeast region. With over 15,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and retail space, Healthy Harvest is servicing growers in Florida, Puerto Rico, Caribbean and South America. Healthy Harvest’s owners will be staying on as Director of Southeast Region and Director of Latin American Markets.

Hi guys how you doing this is richard we have a rich tv live and i have some big news from gro generation corp one of the best performing cannabis companies in the last 12 months gro generation corp adds 10 state and 12 million in revenue grew generation corp acquires florida based healthy harvest gr wg on the nasdaq up three percent right now as we speak grow

Generation corp one of the only companies that’s been doing well while the cannabis sector has been in a bear market of epic proportions the largest chain of specialty retail hydroponic and organic garden centers with currently 26 locations is pleased to announce that the company has purchased the assets of healthy harvest healthy harvest has been in business

Since 2011 and is the largest hydroponic operation in southeastern region with over 15,000 square feet of warehouse and retail space healthy harvest is servicing growers in florida puerto rico caribbean and south america healthy harvest owners will be staying on as director of southeast region and director of latin america markets ceo comments the healthy harvest

Acquisition is our first in 2020 adding an accredited 12 million in revenue to our company healthy harvest is the largest hydroponic operation in the southeast which strengthens our position in the region and opens up puerto rico caribbean south american markets florida is our tenth state and the acquisition positions us to service the growing number of cultivators

In florida the management team has been servicing growers of all sizes for almost ten years and has built a tremendous hydroponic operation in south florida darin lambert ceo florida market florida’s medical cannabis market is growing rapidly with patients up a hundred and sixty five percent year-over-year and cannabis volume up a hundred twenty eight percent

Year-over-year florida is limited to licensed market when virtually every major multi-state cannabis company operates or plans to operate in florida with 22 licensed companies each company is limited to a single license each license allows companies to both call to be cannabis and open medical cannabis dispensaries this is why i love grow generation corp they are

A pyxis shovels play they are a store for all the lps all the msos in north america to go and buy their products patient counts are rising to over 280,000 in florida medical cannabis patients in florida have embraced the addition of smokable products to their purchasing options with more than 22,000 pounds of the product sold and last in the less in less than six

Months florida estimates that a total 219 medical cannibis 2019 medical cannabis sales range from 450 to 550 million dollars huge revenue growth in florida projections florida cannabis industry sales are projected to reach nearly 2 billion mark in just 5 years and that doesn’t include the possibility of florida could legalize recreational marijuana as early as 2020

The new frontier data projection also called for florida to get 12% of the country’s 29.7 billion legal marijuana market by 2025 a broker about grown generation corp g rwg one of my favorite pics in the last 12 months grow gen owns and operates specialty retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores currently grow gen has 27 stores which include five locations of

Colorado five locations in california two locations in nevada one location in washington four locations in michigan one location in rhode island 4 locations oklahoma one location in oregon three locations in maine and one location in florida drogyn also operates an online superstore for cultivators located at https backslash backslash gro gen-probe backslash grogan

Carries and sells thousands of products including organic nutrients and soils advanced landing technology and state of the art hydroponic equipment to be used indoors and outdoors by commercial and home growers our mission is to own and operate grow generation branded stores in all the major states in the us and canada wow g rw g it be on your watch list it better

Be on your radar they want to be a huge player all of north america everybody take notice one of the only cannabis companies going up what everybody else is going down management estimates that roughly 1,000 hydroponic stores are in operation in the us by 2020 the market is estimated to reach over 23 billion with a compound annual growth thank you for watching

Grow generation corp huge news a 12 million in revenue company acquisition of florida based healthy harvest thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we’ve been doing since 2017 and we’d like to bring you the winners first not second not third not 56 first your boy richard we’re still alive and i’m out peace we’re generation corp it’s a big winner it’s true

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Growgeneration Corp (NASDAQ: GRWG) ✅ By RICH TV LIVE

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worst economy ever for american

WORST ECONOMY EVER for American Consumers + What’s in the FED MEETING MINUTES – Thursday, July 7, 22

According to American consumers, this is the worst economy ever. But is it really? Let’s compare the current US economy to past recessions such as the financial crisis, the 1970’s oil embargo, the 1980’s interest rates, and the great depression to see if American consumers are right. The answer might surprise you. And in this video, we also talk about what was in the Fed Meeting Minutes from June – or more importantly, what was NOT in the June Fed Meeting Minutes.

Hi guys it’s stock curry and the fed meeting minutes came out on wednesday we’ve got to talk about what was in them or more importantly what was not in them and then we’ve got to talk about consumer sentiment which is now lower than the great depression we’re going to set the record straight on that so let’s get into it now before we get into the fed meeting

Minutes i want to let you know that the crypto brokerage voyager digital has officially filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the last time a major crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy protection it was mick gox and that has been going on for eight years now and people who had money in the mgcock exchange still have not received any sort of compensation for

Their losses so unfortunately this voyager digital if you had money in there i it’s very sad to say this but it could be a decade or more before you get any of your money out of these bankruptcy proceedings now at this point of course the voyager digital stock has been halted for trading it’s basically worthless and i hate to say it but voyager digital may be the

First major exchange to declare bankruptcy during this current recession they’re not going to be the last there will be more to come and that’s why we see cryptocurrencies themselves continue to struggle as people continue to pull money out of the cryptocurrency market fear of losing all of their money now i understand there was a major purchase of sheba in you

But it looks like that was probably an exchange or somebody that made that purchase some people are speculating it may have been binance whatever the story behind that was i don’t think it was a bet on cryptocurrencies going up i think it was a purchase needed for funding to help support people who are buying that particular cryptocurrency on some exchange out

There somewhere so those are my thoughts on that let’s get into the next news and we have fresh lockdowns ordered in china as new code clusters start to spread now this of course is going to be more bad news for any company that does business in china and that’s why we saw stocks like neo and liato and tesla and others go down today if these lockdowns do spread

And especially if shanghai locks down again that’s gonna be especially bad for pretty much any chinese stock or any us company that does a lot of business in china now on to the fed meeting minutes that came out on wednesday and i’ve got to tell you they really didn’t say a lot the biggest takeaway was probably just the fact that the fed is expecting to do a 50

Or 75 basis point rate hike in july so at least the 100 basis point rate hike is off the table and it’s only gonna be a 50 or 75 basis point rate hike we did see the market go up mildly because of that on wednesday but it really didn’t go up a lot because really there wasn’t a whole lot said in the fed meeting minutes the only thing the fed meeting minutes really

Said was that inflation fears are increasing and the fed would have to do a more restrictive stance in order to get inflation down essentially that means larger rate hikes the meeting minutes did cause the treasury yields to go up as it becomes clear that the fed is probably going to do a 75 basis point rate hike in july especially if the cpi numbers come out at

8.8 percent like they’re expected to and the cme futures are pricing in a 94 chance of a 75 basis point rate hike in july now the biggest thing that people took away from the fed meeting minutes is the fact that they did not mention the r word that is recession there was no mention of a recession at all in the fed meeting minutes now this is obviously peculiar

Especially when the atlanta fed themselves is claiming that we are already in a recession of course we’ll get the official numbers on that on july 28th now it’s going to be very interesting to see what the fed does at their next meeting here in july because the fed is going to meet before the official gdp numbers come out on july 28th meaning the fed is going to

Meet before we are quite quote officially in a recession even though the atlanta fed is already predicting that we are in a recession now what makes this recession so unique is the fact that hiring remains extremely strong and the unemployment rate remains extremely low in fact job openings actually went up in may normally when you’re in a recession you see job

Openings drop and you see unemployment rates spike that’s usually one of the telltale signs that you’re in a recession and the fact is we’re just not seeing that unemployment remains historically low and job openings remain historically high now what is interesting about this is the fact that the recession that we’re currently in and make no mistake about it we

Are in a recession it’s not really showing up that much in a lot of the numbers and the reason for that is because of the way a recession is calculated remember recession is calculated as the growth in gdp minus inflation and the only reason that we’re in a recession right now it’s not because gdp is significantly low it’s because inflation is significantly high

And when you do the math and you subtract out this very high inflation rate it doesn’t matter if gdp is at plus six percent if you’re subtracting out at eight percent inflation you still have real gdp at negative two percent and that’s why we are officially in a recession even though in the economy economically especially in the job numbers it’s just not showing up

So the thing is we are in what’s called a paper recession right now meaning we’re in a recession on paper we are technically in a recession but it’s not really showing up in the numbers the especially the job numbers and that’s why the fed probably did not mention the recession word is because even if we are technically in a recession it’s not really showing up in

The numbers the fed knows they can continue to raise interest rates at a very aggressive pace and unemployment is still extremely low the job market is still extremely strong and so the fed has no worries about raising interest rates and sending us into a real recession we could be in a recession on paper who cares the fed is concerned about a real recession one

That really affects the economy and kills the unemployment kills the job market that’s what the fed is concerned about the only reason we’re in recession is because of high inflation so if the fed can get inflation down without significantly lowering gdp the fed could actually by raising interest rates pull us out of the recession it sounds kind of crazy normally

Raising interest rates would put us into a recession but if the fed could raise interest rates enough to lower inflation they could actually pull us out of this paper recession that we’re currently in now all of that said while on paper it doesn’t really look like we’re in a recession consumers have a completely different viewpoint on the economy consumers say

2022 is the worst economy ever that’s right consumers say 2022 is worse than the great depression i mean really worse than when lines of cars waited for hours for fuel and a deep recession in 1974 if field was even available worse than when unemployment was double the rate that it’s currently at and inflation was twice as high as well back in 1980 and interest

Rates were at 14.5 percent worse than after the 911 attacks or when the entire global banking system was on the brink of failure in 2008 come on consumers have gone crazy to think this is the worst economic time in the history of the united states i mean give me a break but besides the fact that consumers are completely off of reality there has to be some

Reason why consumers feel this way right and obviously there are very real reasons why consumers feel this way first of all we have a inflation rate that’s the highest it’s been in over 40 years and the fact is most consumers during their adult lifetimes have never experienced inflation this high before so it makes sense that most american adults when they’re

Experiencing inflation the highest they’ve ever had in their entire life or at least their entire adult life that they might feel like this is the worst economy they’ve ever lived through and quite frankly they’re probably right gas prices sure we don’t have the gas shortages like we had during the 1970s but gas prices are still significantly higher than they were

During the 1970s in fact gasoline prices are the highest they’ve ever been so obviously that could cause consumers to feel like this economy is the worst it’s ever been at least it probably is in their adult life and while interest rates have not gone up that much yet they are rising and it is causing things to become unaffordable in fact when you look at the

Price of a house compared to the interest rate and then you come up with a monthly payment on that and you take that average monthly mortgage payment and you compare it to the average income of the average american the housing market is now the most unaffordable in history and yes we did have much higher interest rates during the 1980s i mean interest rates hit

20 percent but house prices during that time were significantly lower the average house back at that time was 13 000 today it’s 460 000 so when we look at home affordability what we’re talking about is the monthly mortgage payment overall and the monthly mortgage payment overall compared to the average income is the highest it’s ever been on record so sure i

Can see why consumers would think this is the worst economy ever especially when homes are the most unaffordable ever in the history of the united states kind of makes sense so if consumers are currently experiencing the worst economy in their lifetime why do consumers continue to spend at record levels well despite these terrible consumer sentiment the good

News is that consumers are not yet slashing spending the bad news is it might be on the way you see the reason that consumers have not yet come back on spending is because their savings rates reach record highs during the pandemic and so even as inflation rose and consumers had to spend more and more money on the things that they would normally buy they had the

Money available in their savings accounts in order to afford all of these goods and services however as you can see on this chart the fred now shows that consumer savings accounts are the lowest level they’ve been since 2005. in fact they’re almost the lowest level on record so consumer savings have been almost completely wiped out they’ve been almost completely

Depleted and so if consumers no longer have savings left in order to buy goods and services how are they able to afford all of these goods and services in light of this record inflation well as you can see on this chart consumer credit card debt is rising consumers are now putting more and more goods and services on their credit cards and consumer credit card debt

Is now the highest on record so consumers got used to a certain lifestyle that continued to spend as inflation rose and their costs continue to go up they used the savings that they had built up during the pandemic in order to continue to buy these goods and services that they wanted once their savings got depleted they started putting everything on credit cards

Well as you know if you have a credit card that credit card has a limit to it and sooner or later consumers credit cards are going to get maxed out and when they do consumers are going to be out of options they’re no longer going to have savings they’re no longer going to have available credit on their credit cards and they’re going to be forced to cut back on their

Spending and once consumers are forced to cut back on their spending that is when the real recession will kick in the problem is the fed is going to continue to raise interest rates until they see a real recession starting and this rise in interest rates is going to very quickly accelerate the rate at which consumers run out of available credit which means the

Recession is going to be accelerated into existence so even though we’re in a recession right now it’s a paper recession nobody really feels it but very soon over the next few months that paper recession is going to turn into a real recession keep in mind the average recession lasted about 11 months the average major recession last 18 to 24 months most economists

That aren’t just political are actually thinking this is going to be more along the lines of a major recession kind of like the stagflation we had during the 1970s so we’re looking at probably 18 to 24 months on the overall recession now i don’t want you to get depressed obviously if you’re a consumer this is very bad news and it means that gas prices continue

To go up food prices continue to go up the two things the fed just cannot control unfortunately which is really really going to put a damper on your pocketbook so i want to encourage you right now with a couple of things you can do because the fact is recessions are when billionaires are made john templeton of templeton investments warren buffett of berkshire

Hathaway both of them became billionaires during recessions and that’s how millionaires and billionaires make their money that’s how they do it they’re patient they wait for recessions like this they load up when it looks like economically we might be near the bottom of that recession and they make a ton of money over the next four or five years coming out of a

Recession uh warren buffett did it john templeton did it so many other people did it and you can do it too and i want to encourage you that it is possible i don’t care how impossible it seems it is possible now if you want help doing fundamental analysis and learning how to do all this value investing that’s gonna make so many millionaires and billionaires over the

Next few years i encourage you to come join the vip discord i told you yesterday i had 117 slots open we had 91 people sign up for the vip discord over the last day which leaves 26 slots available for the vip discord now once those 26 slots are filled i am going to close the vip discard i don’t want to allow too many people in there because we only have a certain

Number of staff members who are able to get in there and coach you and help you along so i want to make sure everybody’s taken care of and i don’t want our staff members getting overwhelmed so i’m going to close the vip discard once we get those last 26 people to sign up uh it’s probably going to fill up sometime early thursday morning and then we’re just going to

Close it out and then once we’re able to hire some more coaches i’ll open it back up again but at a higher rate so if you want to get another 20 a month go ahead and sign up now if you’re interested in that you can sign up at stock get vip that’s stock slash get vip all right i hope you enjoyed this video got a lot out of it don’t forget to hit

The like button and subscribe and if you’re on youtube go ahead and click the bell icon and click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you tomorrow you

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WORST ECONOMY EVER for American Consumers + What's in the FED MEETING MINUTES – Thursday, July 7, 22 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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crsr stock


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Well we have a big video alert folks corsair gaming crs our stock we are going to talk about this one here today in this video i have seen a lot of people wanted me to talk about this stock for quite a while i haven’t talked about it recently there’s been rumors that i don’t even hold any shares of the stock anymore we’re going to get into that in this video i’m

Going to show you if i do hold shares in the stock and exactly how many i hold there’s been rumors that i don’t like this company anymore or i don’t think they’re going to do good so we’re going to get into everything in this video in regards to corsair gaming i’m going to take you through not only what i own in the stock if i’m interested in buying the stock if

I’m interested in buying options on the stock and why we’re going to talk about the numbers the fundamentals what’s going on with the business i’m going to take you through google trends i’m going to take you through what i saw this holiday season and uh a lot dang more in regards to corsair gaming so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this i know a lot of folks have been

Wanting me to do a dedicated corsair video so this is that video for you guys here today and hey it’s a weekend video so you know i had to have a little bit of time on my hands for this one here today make sure to subscribe to the channel if you’re not already subscribed make sure you hit that notification bell to be notified every time i drop a video or whatever

The heck youtube wants to notify you all right all righty guys so in regards to corsair gaming crsr it’s been trading around 20 recently interesting trading action on friday look at the stock price up two point two percent now keep this in mind the russell was down one point two percent right nasdaq was down dow was down s p 500 was down just very interesting that

Corsair there was no news in regards to corsair just had a really good day despite all the markets being rough and you would think usually if the russell’s down 1.2 percent corsair is going to be down 2 or down 3 something like that and then it pulls out a good day keep in mind corsair is one of the most shorted stocks in the entire stock market what does this mean

Well that means a lot of people don’t like the stock a lot of people think this stock is going to go down right when you’re one of the most shorted stocks that’s a belief right and so it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen because a lot of times we see in these situations where shorts go max short at the worst time possible next thing you know the company goes from

Bad news to decent news from decent news to good news and next thing you know stock goes flying up and a massive short squeeze happens doesn’t mean that’s going to happen on corsair gaming but i think it’s just important to remember there okay mark cap on this company is under 2 billion right now pe on the stock is around 17 obviously in terms of its stock price

It’s had a horrible horrible past year i mean it doesn’t get much worse than that i mean it does actually get much worse than that because if you’ve seen some of these stocks over the past year oh wait okay uh in regards to course here very important not a lot of people realize this you know some people think well it’s just corsair right that’s only that’s that’s

It no actually they own other businesses as well they also own elgato which is a streaming player and if you go to your local best buy you’re going to see a dedicated section actually to elgato which sells lighting so like these lights i have behind me here those lights right there uh those are elgato lights okay that are basically for folks like myself that film

Videos like it’s it’s awesome like the lighting setup they also have their own cameras and many other things microphones stuff like that so your voice sounds better so elgato is a huge player in the streaming space so think about youtube think about twitch think think about even people that um might record a lot of videos for business or do a lot of zoom meetings

That might want some higher end stuff right even those folks will use uh products like elgato so they’re they’re a major player in that market i would say their main competitor is probably uh logitech in in that particular space they also on origin which is essentially a company that builds custom pcs for you the whole the whole dealio they’re very expensive usually

Scuff is a very interesting brand so this is a controller product brand so they’ll make like you know custom controllers for ps5 for the new xbox things like that okay and so very important to remember when it comes to corsair it’s not just the corsair products you’re buying under the company you’re buying all these other brands they own as well which also have

Great uh trajectories and growth stories as well okay in regards to me owning corsair gaming okay here’s what i have in the stock here’s what i’m looking at in this particular account i have it in two accounts corsair gaming in this account i have seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven shares of corsair gaming this particular account getting absolutely

Decimated uh down about thirty five percent down about eighty six 000 it is uh i believe my worst stock out there it’s just been awful in terms of dollar amount down so that’s that particular account there and then this particular account here i have 10 000 shares in that one getting devastated on as well down 65 000 in there okay so all total i have 17 777 shares

Of course air gaming okay now here’s uh let’s talk about the holiday season before we get in the numbers okay so i was paying attention to a lot this holiday season corsair you know if you’re thinking about the most important season for corsair it’s going to be the christmas season right the holiday shopping season and we i definitely saw some stuff that was a

Little worrisome that i think we’ve got to pay attention to here with crsr okay so and when i say worry something that doesn’t mean it’s it’s like devastating news like they’re done or something like that not like that at all but in terms of if you’re hoping for some crazy numbers i would say think again okay so in regards to corsair gaming i did google trends on

This one for the past 12 months and i kept you know an eye on this and we saw a little tick up you know in the in the christmas time but honestly it wasn’t very much and it’s nowhere even remotely close to where things were at last holiday season and where things were at last january okay so you saw a little tick up but don’t expect corsair to have some blockbuster

Numbers or something like that it’s just not that moment in gaming right now and if you look at gaming keyboard gaming mouse things like that you’ll see a very similar google trends uh basically over the past year now if we look over the past five years for the search trend uh corsair we also see this is lower than where it was at in previous kind of christmas time

Frames so it’s very very important so one don’t expect numbers even remotely close to where we’re at basically throughout 2020 and into the first part of 2021 we’re down massively from there i kind of did red line uh you know yellow line green line here kind of like a light right so if you’re above the green line that’s great you’re doing tremendous if you’re in the

You know you’re above the yellow line you’re doing decent right if you’re below the red line you’re doing really bad and obviously you know in corsair’s numbers we saw them doing pretty bad and you know that was google trends there right and so a lot of times i don’t want to say it’s a perfect perfect thing to look at in terms of google trends in terms of interest

But when you’re talking about something that’s bought heavily online like a corsair is right if you’re looking up i don’t know coca-cola it doesn’t matter the google trends for coca-cola just doesn’t matter right um that’s not like the way it goes for for those particular products but for some like corsair that people buy heavily online that they’re searching for

Very very important to look at google trends you’re gonna get a pretty good idea of that okay so that’s first part there i also did a lot of walks around best buy stores here in vegas in trying to see like you know products sell through and whatnot corsair it looked at best decent in terms of sell through now that wasn’t just for corsair it was for anything in

The gaming space everything was pretty maxed out in terms of all their competitors and whatnot it just wasn’t the type of holiday season that was a hot one for for uh gaming components i guess you can say okay and so that’s just the truth there now elgato i gotta say the elgato section which you know like i said best buy has a very nice uh section for elgato now

Nice section um for that it actually seemed like pretty good sell through now keep in mind they keep a lot less elgato products usually in the stores than they do something like corsair but i gotta say if there’s something i’m even more bullish on in the short term it’d actually be the elgato brand in the section they have in the best buy stores and and like i

Said i saw a lot of products moving where i’d be like oh they had five products there before now there’s one product or two products or now there’s an out there okay so yeah that’s something to keep in mind so nonetheless don’t expect some sort of great blow you the top off um numbers in the christmas quarter just flat out do not expect that at all okay so in

Terms of what analysts expect for this quarter the good news is there’s no crazy big expectations for this company for this past quarter there’s only thirteen point two percent revenue or assuming your revenue decline expected right so if you’re expecting revenue to be down thirteen point two percent that’s a pretty dang low expectations right double digits down

And so this is something to keep in mind the expectations going into this quarter are not good you know they’re not high there’s not like everybody’s like oh my gosh i’m gonna report such an amazing quarter no it’s just not like that okay everybody’s expecting a bad quarter that’s why eight almost on average have this you know revenue going down 13 plus right now

As far as next quarter i will say i’m a little bit worried about the march quarter numbers analysts have the company only being down revenue 8.9 percent i’m a little worried about that and the reason being you look at google trends where they were at in january last year even into the beginning part of february extremely high there was still a ton of demand for

Corsair and so i’m a little worried like could they bring down numbers for next quarter and that hit the stock that’s kind of one of the few things i’m worried about in this stock is next quarter actually that march quarter because like literally you look at the google trends we looked at it right and it’s just like flat out the beginning of last year january

Into february google trends was super high we’re not going to see that sort of interest this year even remotely close to that okay now something important to remember is last year they did have some supply chain issues and it looks like a lot of that has been fixed based upon listening to last earnings call which you can listen to on the hungry bull app if you

Haven’t downloaded that yet that’s my app where you can listen earnings calls with companies if you listen to the latest earnings call from corsair gaming andy paul the ceo of this company basically said they’re they’re not having much supply chain issues at all now okay and i expect that to be the story throughout 22 and so that’s where things can get a little

Complicated here because it’s like well if supply chains were messed up and they couldn’t get the product fill last year maybe that hurt last year’s number so even though google trends was amazing and sales could have been amazing they could add so many supply chain issues that really hurt right so yeah but i am still a little worried about these numbers and if

There’s something i’m worried about it’s those numbers there okay now in terms of the 22 numbers in general this is complicated okay so analysts have them basically having revenue go up 6.5 percent why this is so complicated is one is you know how much how down our number is going to be in the first quarter right second thing is we just talked about supply chains

Were very messed up last year they’re likely not messed up this year okay so that adds some complexity where it’s like okay how much you know uh now that supply chains are fixed and the product gonna be available how much product sell through do we see uh you know better than let’s say last year if you didn’t have a price let’s say there was crazy demand last

Year in january but there was no product to buy okay what’s what’s the purpose right if you’re going to corsair you’re searching or whatever but you couldn’t actually buy the product okay well you know then then corsair couldn’t see the dollars versus now if somebody searches it right and they can actually buy it because the products actually available so this is

Where things get very very complicated things also get very very complicated is what’s the wild card for corsair gaming what’s the wild card for this company okay i’ll tell you what the wild card is one big game comes out one big game comes out of nowhere and everybody’s buying that game left and right and then next thing you know what happens well in that sort of

Scenario next thing you know corsair is selling product like it’s nobody’s business right and so this is where you get in this really complicated situation where it’s like man if just one big game came out during the course this year that’s a game changer overnight for a company like horse air gaming right um obviously of gpu uh you know pricing slows down because

Obviously you know gpus have been crazy cpu’s gpus if that slows down that could also help corsair andy paul on the conference call shouted that out as well so essentially the numbers for 22 are so complicated because you’re looking at a likely a weak first half four course there but strength throughout the back half of the year and so then it’s like okay where

Do we end up with the numbers there so that’s where numbers get really really complicated for corsair crsr okay now something i love for this company is analysts on average are expecting the company to have eps go up in a nice way i also expect the company to have their eps go up in 2022. i don’t i don’t really have a specific number i’m thinking somewhere in the

Dollar 50 to maybe dollar 65 range for this company in 22 so that’s obviously good when it comes to corsair it’s not as much about revenue growth for this company it’s more of a story about eps growth the revenue growth story was really a 2020 uh you know narrative around this company now it’s really about making sure we’re as profitable as possible when it comes

To this company making sure we have great profits quarterly and quarter out and the business can pay down any debts or if they want to ever pay dividends do share buybacks buy out other brands because we know corsair loves to buy out other brands right um they can make moves like that so i’m i’m very thrilled with kind of what’s expected from the eps side as far

As current year dollar 65 keep in mind last year was a dollar sixty so that’s a number down there and and also keep this in mind they do a dollar fifty nine at eps and twenty two right that still wouldn’t even be the number they did in 2020 right so it’s not like this is some crazy number that’s impossible to um you know come in with coming within in line especially

With supply chains and i think inflation is going to definitely slow down in a massive weight throughout 22 okay so nonetheless when it comes to the numbers for corsair gaming revenue growth eps growth i think this is arguably my most complicated stock i hold or definitely up there with the most complicated in terms of trying to project exactly what they’re gonna

Do i can’t think of another stock i hold that’s a multi hundred thousand dollar or you know let’s say all the multi six figure position or seven figure position that i hold that i can’t project very well there’s one i have a lot of trouble with tattoo chef i don’t have a lot of trouble with that one honestly i don’t have a lot of trouble with that one walgreens i

Don’t have a lot of trouble with that one um any of my other big positions that i have you know like i said you know major six figure seven figure positions a plan any of those i don’t have trouble projecting numbers but with corsair it’s complicated it’s really really complicated okay and so it’s going to be a kind of a crazy year for 22. like i said i think it’s

Kind of a you know a light year at the beginning and then things strengthened as the comps get easier throughout the year okay now something i love in regards to corsair gaming is the valuation of this stock is extremely compelling the 4p in the stock is 13. so when you look at it from that that standpoint when it comes to corsair gaming this isn’t an expensive

Stock this isn’t some stock that it’s like you know got some crazy pe where you’re like oh man if they have a disappointing year oh my gosh the stock’s devastating it’s not that type of stock at all when you’re trading at a 13 that which is much below where the company ever trades at you’re trading pretty darn cheap and so for that reason all it takes for a

Company like corsair gaming to get the stock moving in the right direction is for this to go to from bad news to decent news like literally if this just goes from a bad news story to just a decent news story it’s a game changer for corsair gaming never mind there’s always the eagle tree fund right that’s always the other thing that’s out there when it comes to

Corsair gaming does eagletree fund you know putting selling pressure on this do they not if they don’t obviously it’s a good thing for the stock if they put a bunch of selling pressure that makes it tough right but when it comes to corsair game if this story just goes from bad to decent we’re going to likely see the stock price goes up and if it goes from decent

To good not even a great just a good you know throughout the back half of 22 going into 23 and the prospects are looking very healthy going to the 23 it’s going to be likely to be a stock that rises pretty darn rapidly right and so yeah i love i love the fact that this is a very very cheap uh pe story on this company okay now as far as my price target for corsair

Gaming for january 2023 i hate doing short term price targets which you know one year for me is a very short-term number but if i had to do it i’m putting 31 on this stock i think you know when i look at corsair gaming crs are i think this is one of those companies that is um like i said that the store is kind of down and out i worry a little bit about this first

Three months for corsair gaming but after that i’m not very scared for the numbers after three months from now after that march quarter is over essentially then i’m not really scared with this one anymore so i’ll put a 31 price target on it as far as my interest and my interest in buying this stock in 2022 none is interested in buying the stock actually what i’m

Interested in buying when it comes to corsair gaming crs are is actually call options in the stock january 2024 which gives me two years to play with and looking at strikes anywhere from twenty dollars twenty five dollars somewhere around there for this stock maybe even you know like let’s say 15-ish type uh a price range for 2024 jans that’s something i’m actually

Interested in i got 17 777 shares of the stock so it’s not like i necessarily need to buy a ton more shares i wouldn’t mind buying it especially if the stock went under 20. but i’m actually more interested in the 2024 calls i think there’s just more risk reward that’s in my advantage there i think it’s a very low probability if the stock is under 20 in january of

2024 i think there’s a very high probability that the stocks anywhere from you know 35 to 60 if things go really well come january 2024 and so for that reason i’m actually like i said more interested in those call options so all righty guys so that was the big beast video corsair gaming hope you enjoyed this make sure you bull it’s not just about download up with

The markets your stocks in the news earnings calls are big okay and we’re about to go into earnings season starting in about a week and then it’s going to run for the next four weeks after that and so have the hungry bull ready to rock and roll because there’s a whole lot of earnings coming and you gotta listen to those babies much love and have a great day

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CRSR STOCK…. By Financial Education

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are mu and lb complete value tra


Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link

Or micron stock in l brain stocks complete value traps that is what we’re gonna talk about here today guys a lot of you out there own one of these two stocks either l bryn’s or micron or at least thinking about owning it so i really want to get into this these are two stocks that are held by a lot of retail investors out there retail investors meaning like average

Joe investors i guess you would say especially especially micron one of the ways i love to tell you know how many people out there actually hold of stock in terms of the retail investors is i’d love to go on seeking alpha and most articles written on seeking alpha struggle to get like five or ten comments but stocks like micron amd tests of those types of stocks

About an article can get hundreds of comments a lot of people invest in these type of companies out there so we got to talk about what is a value trap okay i want to explain that in this video oh well we gotta talk about what a value investor actually looks for in a stock and then we got to talk about his micron and is l brands are these stocks actual value traps

That’s what we got to go ahead and discuss here today guys so first off if you don’t understand like what are the six things lot of value investors looking for okay there are six core things that most value investors are looking for they’re looking for a company that is easy to understand they don’t want a complicated business model alright they’re one company

That they probably already are familiar with this company very easy to understand business think about you know apple for instance is that a hard bit like it doesn’t matter if you know anything about stocks you probably know how apple makes money at the end of the day like it’s not a complicated business love very easy to understand businesses value investors love

Businesses that have been around for a long time they don’t like some new kid on the block that just you know was invented five years ago or ten years ago most value investors are looking for companies that have been around for decades in decades all right now some new company this is one of the biggest things value investors look for and it’s a low p/e ratio price

To earnings ratio meaning how much net income is coming in through the door each year versus what that share price is right now and they love a p/e ratio that is lower than what the markets trading ass so let’s say the market in general is trading at a 15 40 on average s&p 500 they generally want to find stocks that are you know 12 10 maybe even lower than

That so they’re they feel like they’re getting a better value than some stocks that are priced averagely all right they love stocks that pay dividends this is another big thing a lot of value investors look for a lot of all your investors they won’t even invest in a stock unless it pays a dividend all right that’s another big thing also they love companies and

We’re making profits every single quarter so there are some companies that only make profits some times a year okay so you know maybe one quarter they make a big profit next quarter they lose money one in one quarter they make money the next quarter they lose money they don’t like businesses like that they like businesses that are bringing in money every single

Quarter in that net income line and lastly love needs based businesses meaning that it’s not just a want based business where people have to you know are just looking at it we want to go by this so it’s more like a need-based business they love business so micron and l brands do they meet this criteria honestly the majority of these criterias these two companies me

Easy to understand l brands owns victoria’s secret which sells bras and panties and you know they own bath and body works with sell soaps and lotions like these are not hard businesses to understand whether you know anything about the company or not like is it’s not a hard business model micron sells memory okay dram and nanda like very very simple businesses to

Understand not complicated at all i’ve been around for a long time both those companies have been around for several decades low p/e ratio micron i believe right now has a forward p/e ratio under five i think it’s somewhere in the fours right now okay in the fours think about that for a second micron is a p/e ratio in the fours right now l brands has a 4 p p right

Now i think i’m somewhere around 10 all right so i’m on the 10 for all brands well under what the markets trading at and microns ridiculous out of somewhere in the four range all right that’s just like like mind blowing ridiculously low for p so both these companies definitely meet this criteria without a doubt dividends micron does not meet this they do not pay

A dividend as of right now although they could easily pay dividend if they want to l brands pays a ridiculous dividend it’s over 7% he’ll that’s absolutely insane guys so l brands definitely meets that micron does not meet that and that’s probably the only category micron doesn’t meet profits every single quarter yes mike bringing them money hand-over-fist three

Four sometimes even more than four billion a quarter every single quarter l bryn’s they’re also profitable they make the majority of their money in the christmas quarter however they’re generally pretty much profitable every single quarter and then needs-based business when we think about micron memory its annie’s needs based business like if for all computing

Products out there they need memory all right so micron is one of a few players in the space it’s an easy needs-based business and then you think about l brands soaps and lotions underwear and bras like needs based business yes they compete on the higher end there’s you certainly you probably get underwear and bras and all that is in soap cheaper at walmart or

Something like that they compete on the higher end of those spaces but at the end of the day they still sell needs based products and that’s what value investors love so micron and l brands they pretty much meet their criteria of what a value investor looks for almost to the tee all right but now we got to talk about what is a value trap and are these stocks

Absolutely value traps all right guys now let’s talk about what is a true value trap there are two things to identify if you’re getting in a stock that is a value trap the first one that makes a value trap a value trap stock is are the best days in the past for that company the best days for that company were they last year the previous year years in the past all

Right meaning things are getting worse and the second part is is that company in a slow death spiral of things getting worse this doesn’t mean the business is going out of business overnight or anything like that a value trap basically means that you’re getting in a stock where things are just getting a little worse i’m just going to continue to get a little worse

Each year all right think about you know you could have made an argument many times i’m sure that sears was a type of stock that you should have been in because it was a good value it traded at a low p/e or something like that back in the day when they were still a profitable business but if you really looked at the business they were slowly getting eaten by a lot

Of places and their business model was slowly getting worse and worse and worse until we looked you know get to today where sears is pretty much almost a bankrupt company it’s a shell of what it once was they’re pretty much done now you look at sears and you’re like there todd okay but it took it took you know a decade plus a decade and a half for them to peak

And nelson you know things get worse and worse i think is sears peaked and profitability you know a long while back and things just stole it slowly start to get worse and worse each year each year things we get worse and worse of profits would be less the revenue would be less and the businesses continue to weaken all right and you can look at that with a ton of

Businesses now it doesn’t also a value trap doesn’t mean necessarily that business is going out of business even a decade from now or something like that it just means that the business is gonna continue to weaken all right so we gotta look at this and we gotta say is does this fit the criteria of micron does this fit the criteria of l brands at all all right and

By the way these things are bad not just because a week in the business model but because they turn off new investors and if you can’t get new investors in a stock that stock price is going to continue to fall because some of the old investors will always sell off because either the force to sell off or they need that money for something that they found somewhere

Better to put the money so you always as a stock out there as this individual company you always need to be attracting more and more people to your stock or your stock prices will continue to go down and down and down you need more buyers and you need sellers if you’re gonna make the stock go up over time all right so let’s talk about micron first and then we’ll

Talk about l brands all right in my current situation we have a company that most people even a lot of bowls believe that 2018 is gonna kind of be the peak for this company you know a lot of bowls say you know starting next year 2019 you know revenues gonna start going down profits are gonna start going down 2018 is gonna kind of be our banner year best year in

Terms of profitability in terms of everything across the board all right fiscal 2018 so going into fiscal 2019 they do meet the criteria best days are prolly in the past okay meaning this year we’re in this fiscal year we’re in from mike brown it’s probably gonna be the best year like i said even a lot of bulls feel like you know the profitability will start to

Erode now on the flip side a lot of people make the argument that okay this is a company that stays out a forward p/e of four let’s say profitability net income let’s sing that income fell by 50% that would still put the company at a forward p of what eight or nine which is still unbelievably low and still well though what the market is all right so the best days

In the past it’s very much a possibility for micro possibility keyword slow death spiral alright there are a couple ways you can look at this a lot of people are bullish on a new product called 3d point that micron has they think that can help the company take it to new levels over the coming decade alright but at the same time a lot of other people look at this is

A space you know the main products dram in and that micron makes a majority of their money from have a lot of chinese competitors coming in over the next you know a few years let’s just say okay so a lot of people look at this and they say these unbelievable prices that microns able to get right now from memory which you know dram and and are pretty much commodity

Products all right there are a few big players sk hynix samsung micron and nand there are a few more competitors but the chinese competitors are coming in a major way over the next few years so what some people look as they say these unbelievable prices at microns getting right now that’s producing this amazing profitability this is not gonna be the same ways in

2019 or 2020 or 20 21 and what will end up happening some people believe is prices will go down go down and micron will lose market share okay micron will lose market share ms so you have a situation where the people believe that they’ll lose market share to a lot of the chinese competitors over the coming years and where people are saying well guess what these

Prices you guys are able to get on these products right now that is going to go down no this remains to be seen i don’t know i don’t have a strong opinion in my opinion on micron whether you know this is true or not best days in the past it very much could be and it are they in a slow death spiral it could be i don’t know i you know that’s why i can never buy

I’m very tempted to buy a micron stock all the time i look at it i’m like my goodness look at the peas companies at look at the pea that this companies out it’s a needs-based business but then when i think about the chinese competitors coming in then when i think about you know the pricing and we’ve just heard apple cfo recently say that memory is gonna go from

A position from apple being a headwind to now a tailwind because memory prices are dropping significantly according to the cfo of apple this is a very important person okay there’s one of the most important people in the world the cfo of apple it’s one of the most important people in the world he’s saying that memory prices are falling significantly for apple

Now which is a great thing for apple because they’re the second biggest memory buyer in the entire world so that’s a very good news for them all right so when i look at my crown it could be it might not but that’s the problem with a stock like micron that may be why it makes it a value trap is what investors look at this talking to see wow it’s a really low p/e

Need space visits but man i don’t want to buy it because this my company might be in a death spiral might and that keeps money on the sidelines so it keeps hedge fund money on the sidelines he neutral fund money on the sidelines and keeps regular joe investors on the sidelines because they look at this and like there’s some promising things there but at the same

Time this might just be a value trap until you can get people’s mind over that until you can get people’s mind over that and i’ve looked at this company a million times i have not been able to get over this very close friend of mine it’s by far and away his biggest position unfortunately he has like 80 90 percent of his portfolio maybe he’ll do great over time i

Hope he does he’s got 80 90 percent of his portfolio on my current stock like like and i can’t even get in this one okay i just i just can’t do it for myself so big question there el brands are the best days in the past probably alright 2015 2016 we’re probably the peak for the company in terms of profitability they were earning you know $4 a share or whatever can

They earn that in the future i’m not convinced of it can to be honest because you’re not a company that looks like it’s in a slow death spiral the only thing holding this company together right now is honestly bb-dub bath and bodyworks and then that if you look at victoria’s secret the numbers last year were awful awful numbers last year just a complete disaster

Of numbers last year and you look at this year and the numbers are still continued to weaken for the most part and in the terms of total sales in income store sales and they’ve done a lot to try to push business a lot of things that have hurt profitability in a major way so when i look at their business it may be in a slow death spiral and when you look at how

Many retail locations they have and when you think about this is really a mall based business and you think about multrevich continues to trend down and will likely continue to trend down over the coming years they pretty much have to get in the online space they’re doing that they’re trying to succeed there but the question is can they ever get to a point where

There are successful as they have been in the past that’s a big question so so when i look at elle brands i say i have a lot of questions there and then when you pay out all your money in dividends all your profits coming in the door you pay them all out and dividends you have this unbelievable amount of debt you have it’s like how are you even going to invest in the

Future to really take this brin take these brands in and make them big time over the coming decades there’s very short term focus there so the slow death spiral they could very well be in it that’s why i can’t be in that stock so anyways i just want to share this with you guys let me know in the comment section if you believe mu or lb or you know type of companies

That are value traps it’s a big debate out there i think there’s definitely an argument to be made that those are value traps you know if you ask me what company would i put money in if i had to if i was forced to put money in one of the two companies i’d probably put it on my crown i would say that’s probably a less of a possibility of being a value trap but you

Know when i look at both of these companies there’s a big questions there guys a lot of questions around those two but they look really cheap they look really cheap when you just look at it at the p/e ratio so let me know what you guys think down there in that comment section make sure you follow me on instagram if you love to keep up with stock market news i post

A ton of stock market news in the instagram stories thank you for watching and have a great day

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6 viral pieces of money advice y

6 Viral Pieces Of Money Advice You Should Ignore

In this episode, Chelsea dissects various pieces of money advice that have gone viral on TikTok, Reddit, or other platforms, and how they range from unhelpful to downright dangerous.

I’m coming to you before the video starts with something and that is to tell you that on may 15th, that’s a saturday, i, experts are coming together for our all day conference career it is a full day of all kinds of workshops, mentorships, workbook to continue all of your professional development that you may have been seeing come across your various feeds content on

These platforms that are bite size, easily and how to manage it in the time since the coronavirus struck, the extent to which our personal financial situation can impact by making all of these various viral clips, videos, can’t be integrated into more holistic and far reaching that most of these platforms, especially ones like tiktok or less familiarity with common sense

Money management skills now, why should this claim that this specific piece of advice this is often combined with trying to short squeeze, is already artificially high as the demand of people wanting often on places like reddit and tik tok, specifically against as a rule because timing and predicting the market and only 10% of these accounts even offered any qualifications

But our financial advice comes heavily sourced from a variety but most people, on average, who are engaging in the buying number two is jumping through hoops to avoid paying taxes. and pay yourself a low salary to pay fewer employment taxes. what’s a piece of information that feels illegal to know. or transit expenses, but only if it’s directly related is a corporation

That elects to pass corporate income, losses, that does not mean tax free, you are still paying taxes gaming the tax system is truly the financial definition the minimum on your outstanding debts to invest the difference. then it could be worthwhile to pay only the absolute minimum than the standard market returns that you might see where you returns and divert that money

Away from repaying a credit your debt in order to invest in something that they such as in the case of viral tiktok entrepreneur curtis ray, source being his tiktok videos, which are kind of insufferable. is when the advice in question was actually never meant zipler, who posted a tiktok about the quote, perfect life dates and cycling through them to pay off the balance,

But also knew that people would believe it, scummy. otherwise, you’re just paying the credit card company. and it usually comes with a fancy packaging about being want to become their own boss and work independently or you have the same number of hours in the day it’s beyonce. of a healthy and responsible business can sometimes be true. of products or sign themselves

Up for expensive programming some viral advice goes viral because it’s so definitive, is publicly available information filed with the sec. because ceos are often investing at massively different scale which espouses saving as much as you possibly can more than 50% that you can save invest and retire early, hence the name. that we can afford to make while balancing with

Our life needs pay, aside from the fact that, that implies that they make sometimes, it can be interesting or enjoyable to read if you’re interested in learning more about personal finance, it’s important to be able to suss out the good from the bad work to help most people gain a healthy and sustainable level of asterisks and nuances for more general pieces of advice.

Nothing is more important than keeping your bullshit meter and to come back every monday, tuesday, and thursday

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6 Viral Pieces Of Money Advice You Should Ignore By The Financial Diet

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00000 per month passive income m

00,000 per month PASSIVE INCOME! My Financial Goals by age 30

Link to join StockHub free investing discord server: –~–

Good daily subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel in today we’re talking about my financial goals by age 30 as you guys probably saw in that title i plan on trying to make a hundred thousand dollars per month in passive income alone and that’s my number one thing we’ll talk about i got three other

Financial goals basically i have by age thirty they’re all pretty lofty and then and then believe it or not have anything to do with investments which is kind of strange main reason i don’t make like financial goals around investments is because i don’t want to feel pressured to try to get a certain gain on a stock when i mean literally i can’t control whether a

Stock i own goes up or down in the short term i do try to make the best investment decision for decision for me but i can’t control whether that stock goes up and down so for me i just don’t put investments in there so none of these four will be like i want to count value by certain you know at a certain rate or something like that nothing investment wise guys so

Let’s get into this given that number one thing first which is the the one that probably caught a lot of people’s attention of a goal of making a hundred thousand dollars per month from passive income from you those are you guys who may not know what passive income is it’s when you create something in the past and with minimal or no effort that that whatever you

Created in the past keeps making you money in the future and it keeps making you money in the future for months to come years to come maybe even decades to come so that is my goal i got two and a half years to get to a hundred thousand dollars per month in passive income it’s not going to be easy i told some friends this and they you know roll our eyes and like

You know you crazy it’s never going to happen type thing it has the type of thing i like to connect it yell jacked up so i got an actual plan on how i get to this number and any time you set goals you’ve got to have like an execution plan on how you get there i have that with this so the way i look at it first off the youtube channel is going to be key in this

Whole process right now on youtube with the you know advertising and whatnot with the advertisements that are showing on my channel i’m bringing in around three thousand dollars a month from ads shown on this channel right my plan is over the next two and a half years i’m going to try to ten times a channel now it’s not going to be easy it’s certainly not gonna

Be easy but when you take an accounting group from nothing to 30 thousand subscribers in you know what a year and three months a year or four months something like that i think it’s somewhat possible that i can ten times the channel so ten times the amount of subscribers ten times the amount of views over the next two and a half years as long as i put in the work

Every day come out with innovative ideas for the videos those kinds of things i can i think i can do it i really do i look at a channel like a gary vaynerchuk channel right he just talked about basically entrepreneurship for the most part on his channel right that’s what his channel kind of focuses around business entrepreneurship i talked about the stock market

The most i talked about also entrepreneurship i talked about also personal finance so my channel brings in a lot of people from a lot of different ways not just one particular segment and i look at his channel he’s getting around a thousand to 2,000 new subscribers per day and he’s basically getting 10 times more views than i’m getting right now so i look at his

Channel as kind of like a goalpost that if he can do it just talking about one subject what can i do talking about three subjects what you know what can i do out there in you know is he more talented than i am or am i more talented than him who knows all i know is i he i can do it i know i can do it i mean if i’m getting 14,000 views on a day right now his channel

Is getting like 140,000 to 150,000 views so i think it’s realistic to get there it’s going to be neat on i need to keep putting out content daily just like i’ve done for i think for the last nine months i put out a video every single day and i love doing it like it’s so easy for me to record a video like this is so easy and so fun like thinking about video plot

Idea and like like recording it it’s so much fun for me so that’s what i’m thinking ten times the channel right so ten times the amount of views so i’m bringing around three thousand dollars right now there will be about thirty thousand dollars per month in two and a half years right when i’m age thirty now something to factor in i would say youtube ad rates will

Be at least at least double what they are now so let’s assume they just double which i there’s even got more than that and same thing with facebook instagram all the ad rates are going to go up ridiculous amounts over the next few years but let’s say just doubles right that would mean i’m doing around $60,000 per month in just the ads that are shown on this channel

So now at this point it’s looking like okay that might actually be realistic because of the growth that’s happened because the growth that’s going on right now which we’re at all-time views is things are just building and building and building it’s kind of more realistic when you look at it from that perspective so $60,000 a month let’s say minimum in advertising

Right so now we have another $40,000 to come up with stuff how and passive income so i you have amazon affiliate links on this channel right you know pretty much every video have i have a few of my favorite stock market books listed and a few other things that people click on they look at and then maybe they buy or they don’t buy right currently i make around a

Little over a hundred dollars a month from those amazon affiliate links so if we’re doing 10 x amount of views’ is probably 10 times the amount of people clicking on those links right you know roughly so we can say maybe i’m making a thousand extra dollars a month so that’s not going to add up to a lot so that doesn’t matter a lot that amazon affiliate links the

Other big factor will be the book that comes out the book that i’m creating and coming out with well i’m done the book now i’m just finished and proofreading and things like that it’s launching within the next week and a half that book will be very key to this story if it’s going to happen basically the way i look at it worst case scenario in it a lot of its going

To depend on how that book does the first 48 hours down the worst case scenario i look at is maybe doing 1200 book sales per month 1200 books sales 1200 i’m going to get 7 bucks a pop for that because the books going to be sold for $10 on amazon amazon takes 30% unfortunately i get there 70% $7 per book $7 per book times about let’s say 1200 books you know a month

So that’s roughly around $10,000 so that will bump us more up to the the $70,000 ranking then once again a lot of it’s going to depend on those first 48 hours how many books are sold strictly from basically my subscribers because no one’s going to be buying that book than my subscribers so if we do something like a 500 book number that very first day or within the

Very first 48 hours amazon’s going to rank that book much much higher because it’s a stock market related book in stock market related books don’t sell as well as say the next harry potter or something harry potter your finder books would be a joke in the first 48 hours they need to sell like five hundred thousand right for stock market if i can sell five hundred

Books in the first 48 hours to just my subscribers that book will be ranked much higher and then what will end up happening is when people go to search stock market you know books and investing those kinds of things that book will pop up and then that’s more likely i’ll get sales from that i also mentioned several times in the book i run the financial education

Channel on youtube so people that might like that book then go ahead and say okay you know i like that guy i gotta go find him on youtube they find me on youtube it’s another way to build the channel which the channel is the whole end goal i’m not an author the book is more thing just to you know a passion i had behind getting out my story about how i actually

Invest in stock what i look into what you guys wanted to know and also a way of funneling more people to the financial education short channel which is what i love to do which i love to i mean the book with a pain in the ass a headache like get motivated every day to write that book a video i don’t need to get motivated like i’m pumped i could record a video up

Three in the morning i could record a video at six and if more hits doesn’t matter i’m always ready to make a video song then we’re at around seventy thousand dollars plus a month now next year i’ll probably be writing a book something around entrepreneurship social media those kinds of things i don’t have the whole plan run out yet because i just got this book

Finished and i don’t want to just jump into another book cause honestly the other one kind of burnt me out so that will be coming maybe one i’m twenty-eight twenty-nine years old if maybe we can do around a similar number then that bump us up to around eighty thousand dollars per month in passive income at this point where the other twenty thousand dollars comes

From i be straight up honest i don’t know how i do not know where the twenty thousand dollars is going to come from but i haven’t figured out where we can get around eighty thousand i’m just hoping on somehow i’ll figure it out between now and then how to get that twenty thousand dollars but that is what i’m looking at for passive income and that’s why i think

It is realistic it’s going to be very hard i’m not going to dsu it’s give me how hard for me to do it but i think it’s realistic that i can pull it off we can pull it off that we can get a hundred thousand dollars per month in passive income so that’s my biggest financial goal by age thirty a lot of people think i’m crazy in the head maybe i will be like maybe

I’ll look back at this video – what were you thinking but i would look away i look at it as like even if i’m wrong say i do $60,000 a month plate that’s not such a bad thing like you know oh damn i’m wrong i didn’t even come close to a hundred thousand but i’m doing 60 thousand you know i guess it’s not that that and then so anyways that’s my main financial goal

By age 30 number two this is this is something stock market related but it’s not really something like i need to give a certain game i won’t have seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars invest in stocks so this is assuming like i’m not getting great gains on stocks things like that more like money i’m funneling into my stocks so i want to have a three-quarters

Of a million dollars in in basically my accounts and whatnot now first stock market investing strictly that’s my number two goal and a lot of that will depend on how much i’m making for passive income what my other business which is my actual business what that’s doing for numbers do i have employees working for me at that point some of those kinds of things that

Can funnel more money into my stock brokerage accounts the number three thing is i want to own a home outright as long as the home i’m living in is under like five hundred thousand dollars so if i’m living in a you know a nice home but a modest home i want to own that home out right now of course if i’m making so much money and i for whatever reason want to live in

Like a million dollar home or something i don’t i’m not expecting to own a million a half dollar house outright i’ll probably have a mortgage on or something because the money in my opinion could be much better spent on stocks and whatnot but if i have a regular home of $300,000 home a $400,000 home i will absolutely try to own that outright at that point that’s my

Third financial goal by thirty any last four financial goal i have basically by age thirty is i want to own two vehicles outright like no loans on them no loans on them at all just own them outright and the reason the last two are kind of important you know try and own the home out rate vehicles outright is if i those are the two biggest expenses generally speaking

I mean you could maybe say health insurance sometimes might be more than cars but i mean if you have two cars and you know if you have two cars the chances are your your car payments on two cars are probably more than health insurance so that’s the two biggest expenses of mortgage and car if you can all knows both those out right the way i look at it then next just

A lot more money i can follow into stocks fall into building businesses things like that so that’s the kind of way i look at it where instead of spending you know twelve hundred bucks on one kind of mortgage or fifteen hundred bucks for two thousand bucks or whatever and another eight hundred bucks on cars a month i can have that all paid off and just be funneling

Money towards stocks from and money towards building the businesses you know that is the way i want to go so those are my financial goals by age thirty maybe i’m a little crazy and it can’t be pulled off but i believe in setting somewhat realistic goals goals but at the same time goals that you’re going to need to work your ass off for and reach for that rope and

That’s exactly what these goals are i think i can pull them off but it’s going to take a phenomenal amount of work guys so i hope you enjoyed this today let me know if you guys are have financial goals over the next few years that you want to achieve i would love to hear you know my subscribers what are your financial goals personally do you that have financial

Goals if you don’t there’s nothing wrong with that i would just love to hear if you guys do having financial goals personally over the next 2 3 4 5 years your life if you just came across this video and not subscribed yet you may want to we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i could talk so much business we

Talk to stock market than most of everything on a channel how to be a successful investor thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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$100,000 per month PASSIVE INCOME! My Financial Goals by age 30 By Financial Education

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