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what are leveraged etns velocity

What Are Leveraged ETN’s? | VelocityShares | UWTIF MORL MRRL | Structured Notes, Structured Products

Todays video is based on Mondays Wall Street Journal article on Leveraged ETN’s called “Bankrupt in just two weeks, Individual investors get burned by collapse of complex securities”. by Akane Otani. We will learn about levered ETN’s and the investors who have seen their retirement savings evaporate because of them. We will learn the difference between an ETF and an ETN. Stay tuned to the end where I will explain why a two times leveraged product doesn’t actually give you twice the long term return of the index it is tracking, just twice the one day return. We will also learn about inverse ETN’s like the XIV the short volatility ETN that blew up in 2018.

Hello and welcome back to patrick boyle on finance today we’re going to be talking about the wall street journal article that came out yesterday on levered etns and the investors who’ve seen their retirement savings evaporate because of them we’ll learn about what they are and why it might be wise to avoid these types of products stay tuned until the very end and

I’ll explain why a two times leveraged etf doesn’t actually give you twice the long term return of the index it’s tracking just twice the one day return okay so yesterday’s wall street journal had an article by akan otani called bankrupt in just two weeks individual investors get burned by the collapse of complex securities in it the writer tells the stories

Of a number of investors many of whom were retirees who saw their savings wiped out by the collapse of leveraged etns so let’s talk about what these products are and why they might be unsuitable for many portfolios the article starts out with the story of william mark an investor who needed to play catch-up in his retirement account after the credit crunch

12 years ago he found a levered etn that earned him 18 a year on average in dividends a year and he invested 800 000 of his savings into this product and then during the coronavirus sell-off he ended up losing almost a hundred percent of his investment the guy in the store is 67 years old and basically bankrupt so what on earth are these products and how did

It all go so wrong what had happened is william had invested in a leveraged etn issued by ubs that invested in mortgage rates so let’s unpack that and see what that means a reit as many of you probably already know is a real estate investment trust most reits own property and rent it out and then the irs requires reits to pay out at least 90 percent of their

Taxable income to shareholders now mortgage rates are a little bit different mortgage rates provide financing for income producing real estate by purchasing or originating mortgages and mortgage-backed securities or mbs and earning income from the interest on these investments so that’s kind of quite a bit different to at least a lot of people’s idea of what a

Real estate investment trust is and then an etn that the thing that it was packaged in an etn is an exchange-traded note which is similar to an etf that many of you probably heard of which is an exchange-traded fund in that they trade on a stock exchange and track a benchmark index however an etn is a senior unsecured debt security issued by a bank it doesn’t

Hold the underlying securities the way an etf does and the return on an etn is linked to a market index or other benchmark an etn basically promises to pay at maturity the full value of the index minus the management fee like any other debt security the investor is of course subject to the credit risk of the bank that issues it in in the product in question it

Was ubs etns were actually developed in around 2006 by barclays bank to make it easier for retail investors to invest and to maximize the returns in hard to access instruments particularly in the commodity and currency areas by moving to a debt structure barclays eliminated the costs associated with holding commodities currencies and futures and improved the

Tax structure for investors an etn is essentially a bet on the indexes direction guaranteed by an investment bank so of course you have to worry about the investment bank’s credit risk and as the index moves so does the etn the financial engineering underlying etns is similar to the financial engineering that investment banks have long used to create structured

Products and i’ve already created a video explaining what structured products are and how they work and i will link to that up there etns are different from etfs because they don’t own the underlying assets that their return tracks they’re just unsecured debt obligations of the issuing bank so the product in question was a double leveraged etn which means it gives

An investor not just exposure to this underlying instrument but two times leverage to an index comprised of reits that hold us residential and commercial mortgages now the article doesn’t name the specific etn but there are two tickers that roughly match the description one is m-o-r-l and the other is m-r-r-l i’m not sure which of them are if it even was one of

Those two products but they certainly match the description in the wall street journal article so who invests in these things well it’s usually retail investors large asset managers uh fund managers professional investors tend not to invest in these products largely because the fees are quite high there’s a lack of transparency and the kind of exposure that you

Can get from this is maybe just not that attractive to a professional investor so why do investors want to invest in these products well it’s a little bit like the structured product video i did where essentially investors are usually looking for some sort of savings account type thing but since the financial crisis and even before then with interest rates being

Very low uh there’s not really an awful lot of attractive products for that type of investor and they started looking around for products that looked a bit like bonds but at higher returns and these things seem to kind of meet their needs now of course the problem with these is that the returns are much higher and therefore the risk is and an investor should know

Like this guy who invested and saw that the returns i think his average return was 18 and in certain years he had returns at 24 maybe he should have known that that type of return is the return of a risky product there are a lot of people arguing that this type of product should maybe be less accessible to retail investors and that was kind of the argument in

The wall street journal article now it’s not just investors who actually lost money in this space so far in 2020 many of the banks that structured these products lost money as well it listed society general bmp powerball and the taxes all french banks each lost over 200 million dollars in their structured product businesses so far this year now in the past as

Well these things have run into problems in 2012 regulators sanctioned banks for failing to educate investors about the risks of leveraged etfs and even this year wells fargo paid 35 million dollars to settle claims that its financial advisors recommended inverse etfs that were too risky for their retail clients another example that was given in the wall street

Journal article was of a 78 year old retiree just looking for basic income who invested in these products and lost seven hundred thousand dollars and that guy at the article said is suing his broker for not adequately disclosing the risks so as you can imagine some of these products have disappeared but a lot of the banks are actually issuing new ones to replace

The ones that that crashed ubs has announced five new products to replace those that crashed just months ago a lot of people who were talking about this article are pointing out that there’s just a ton of conflicts when financial institutions sell structured products to retail investors they’re usually designed to look appealing with a big coupon sales people

Are paid very high commissions and retail investors can’t really understand the risks and that’s just bad all around and that’s something that i mentioned in in the piece that i did on uh structured products to begin with so what is it about these products that goes so horribly wrong well the first problem is usually when you take something that looks like a very

Safe stream of returns and lever it up you no longer are left with a safe investment a lot of people don’t seem to realize that something that can earn 18 to 25 a year is a risky investment just the returns tell you that there’s risk there in addition leveraged etfs lose out from compounding so compounding which is supposed to make investors rich in the long run

Is actually what keeps leveraged etfs from mimicking the indexes in the long run and simple math can show you why leveraged etfs don’t necessarily give you the return you might expect these products don’t amplify the annual returns of an index but instead what they do is they amplify the daily changes in the index so let’s suppose that the s p 500 was to lose

10 on one day and then gain 10 the next day so if the s p it’s around 3 000 right now if it lost 10 that would mean that it fell by 300 points which is 10 to 3 000 to to then 2 700. now the next if it went up 10 from 2700 that would mean it went up 270 points and now it’s at 2970 which is a total loss of 30 points from its starting point at 3 000 and 30 points

Just happens to be one percent so when things go down and go back up by the same percentage amount there’s usually some sort of a loss in there now these products aim to maintain a constant leverage ratio typically two times or three times and to do this is a little bit complicated so fluctuations in the price of the underlying index changed the value of the

Leveraged firm’s assets and this requires the fund to change the total amount of index exposure it has so let’s work through an example let’s say if uh on a given week if the market or the the index loses one percent every day for four days in a row then what it needs to do to get back to its starting point is to go up 4.1 and that’s just the compounding effect

That i explained a few seconds ago so it needs to go up 4.1 on the fifth day in order to get back to break even a two times leveraged etf would need the market to rally 4.21 on the final day to get back to even and that’s because the losses that it took on a leveraged amount it then needs far greater gains to recover to get back so while a one times leveraged

Etf needs to scope 4.1 the two times leverage dtf needs the market to go up 4.21 in order to get back to break even this isn’t a rounding error thing it’s just a result of the proportionally smaller asset base in the leveraged fund which would have been down 8.42 after the 41 down days a three times leveraged etf would be even worse so as you can see here the

More volatile the market is the more volatile the underlying is the worse these leveraged etfs do investors in addition pay usually much higher fees on these products than the management fee of a traditional etf and in addition to that there’s also this high level of trading associated with the daily rebalancing and all of that just adds up to kind of bad returns

For these products and all of that is of course like the trading fees and the derivatives being traded or all passed through to the end investors so leveraged and inverse etfs are often tax efficient in addition to that but of course that varies by investor and by the account that they’re investing in investors are of course notified of these risks if they read

The fund’s prospectus the velocity shares three times leveraged crude oil etn was a product that was issued by citigroup the prospectus says that it may not be suitable for investors who plan to hold for a period of time longer than one day it noted that it is possible that you will suffer losses in the etn even if the long-term performance of the applicable index

Is positive so that is explained to investors but the question is does the type of person who invest in these products do they actually understand what that means and how it works or that that’s even a not not like a a possibility but actually a likelihood so an inverse leveraged etf then or etn uses leverage to make money when the underlying index is declining in

Value so it gives you short exposure to whatever the underlying is an inverse etf rises when the underlying index is falling allowing investors to profit from a bearish market or market declines now it’s worth noting that these products are capable of going below zero if the index they’re tracking goes up and off and there was an example of this back in february

2018 the vix index nearly doubled in a day wiping out a popular inverse etn which was called the xiv it’s sort of vixx backwards xiv and i think that was a credit suisse product and there was all sorts of drama around it because it was actually such a big product that when the vik started moving that much credit suisse had built into it a rule that that should

More than 70 percent of the value of the etn be destroyed that that it would then be liquidated and so it’s thought that a big part of the move in the vix at that day actually related to the liquidation of the xiv product now an awful lot of people argued that these types of products should be less accessible to retail investors or that there should be a better

Risk disclosures because there’s a lot of investment types that you you might want to invest in like derivatives and so on and usually you have to sign off on a risk disclosure explaining that you understand the risks that you’re taking in investing in these products and in many ways uh you know it could be argued that some of these products are almost designed

To give people these exposures without getting them to sign off on the risk disclosures are to necessarily fully understand the risks okay well if you found this video useful do hit the like button below hit the subscribe and bell button if you want to see more content like this all on finance and quantitative finance in general talk to you later have a great day bye you

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What Are Leveraged ETN's? | VelocityShares | UWTIF MORL MRRL | Structured Notes, Structured Products By Patrick Boyle

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m1 finance dividend portfolio ho

M1 Finance Dividend Portfolio | How To Make Easy Passive Income!

Follow me on Front to view my full investment portfolio:

Just so you guys can understand, how does that work, now, that being said, if you guys, at the end of this video, it is an affiliate link, so if you do use that link, and then, one other thing i wanna mention really quick, this is my simple portfolio that i put together here, for the app, but it’s definitely not a dividend portfolio. number one, you can invest in one of the

Expert pies or option number two, you can build a portfolio from scratch income earners, choose a portfolio focused on dividends of different options here as far as dividend earners. and it’s gonna tell you exactly what this portfolio is. this one has, it looks like five different funds in here, primarily under the income earner section of this app. you pick the stocks

Or etfs, and then we’ll talk about do your own due diligence, for sure, on these companies i personally wouldn’t, but they do pay high dividends, and then, fifth and finally, we’re gonna add exxonmobil and now this has created this dividend portfolio for me so, let’s say, for example, i funded this with $1,000. to do this is because of a feature called fractional shares, or

Exxonmobil or wells fargo, you’re purchasing as little so, like i said, a couple of these investments here and those dividends have gone towards my cash balance within my account, and with the auto-invest feature with apple and microsoft, and not so well with amazon. and my goal was to have 10% in apple, and i have 12.3. but anyways, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this video.

Or you can invest in one of the pre-built portfolios i hope you enjoyed it, and i will see you in the next one.

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M1 Finance Dividend Portfolio | How To Make Easy Passive Income! By Ryan Scribner

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cooking a turkey with a heat gun

Cooking a Turkey with a Heat Gun

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i have a fresh unfrozen turkey over here and i’m gonna try to cook it with this heat gun this video is brought to you by flexispot they provided me with this sit stand desk so that i can cook the turkey on top of it everyone’s working from home these days because of the covid times it’s time to get yourself

A sit stand desk because it’s just healthier for you to stand it features this beautiful carbon fiber surface if you guys are interested in this table i’ll leave an affiliate link down in the video description below in fact i am getting over there right now it’s over there now i measured the output temperature of this thing already it’s about 300 degrees so i

Think i should be able to do it with that said we need to prepare the turkey just like if you were gonna oven roast it be careful not to cut the inner skin quite icy inside here see what else is inside the first thing you want to do is just kind of reach between the skin because you want to flavor it with a little bit of butter but don’t rip the skin this feels

Wrong but you gotta do it i’m going all the way in there yeah get in there don’t forget to do the drumstick too be careful of this part because this looks like it’s gonna almost about to rip but go around the drumstick here i see that there’s no wing tip on this one otherwise i would just fold it in and put it over here and it would be tucked in but we don’t

Need any tucking today packet of giblets it’s right in the front cavity over here this is an 18 pound turkey it shows that it’s gonna take three to three and a half hours if it’s roasting at 325. these are just some basic ingredients i got half a stick of butter two teaspoons of thyme one teaspoon of garlic powder a little bit of salt pour this butter thyme

Mixture inside the cavity between the skin and the meat why because if you put it on the skin it’s not going to get soaked into the meat and your meat will taste very bland put a little bit here put a little bit there and just kind of move it all over the place inside just get it everywhere it’s solidifying like this because the turkey is cold but put a little

Bit inside kind of rub it all over now it’s going to be very tasty i got the rest of the salt rub it all over the turkey now you need some sunblock so i’m just going to put some oil all over this will crisp in the skin so you just kind of want to rub it all over the skin portion of this turkey flip it over rub it all over the back too and also the wings i kind

Of tore the skin over here but this is fixable just like that it’s repaired just in case you guys are wondering if you can do this with a hair dryer because it only reaches around 140 degrees four inches away from this hair dryer i do not recommend using a hair dryer to do this instead what i have over here is a heat gun heat gun gets a little bit hotter it’s

About 300 degrees now so the idea here is to not burn the turkey i am highly motivated to eat this turkey because i paid 40 dollars for it okay we’re ready to go turn it on i want it on high it looks like it’s burning the little edges already but that’s all right i can see there are a bunch of juices that’s collecting at the bottom a strange side effect of this

Is that it smells like thanksgiving now very very quickly after you heat up this turkey it’s just been like five minutes or so and it smells really good my smoke alarm started going off so i turned that off just temporarily i’m surprised the thermometer is already reaching 135 degrees right around that area the thigh is going to get cooked very easily my heat

Gun broke probably have to toss this heat gun and use a more industrial strength one here’s a more industrial strength heat gun you see there’s like a good eight inches of metal so this is not gonna melt if you use it for a really long time it’s been about 20 minutes since i started this experiment i hope this heat gun will last a nice and toasty 270 325 this

Will cook it yeah getting nice and crispy right here next to the thigh half an hour in feels cold feels cold cold cold cold cold a little bit warm right here it’s warm it’s warmer here too because i think air is getting in there 15 minutes in and the thigh has reached an internal temperature of 170 degrees fahrenheit pretty uneven i moved it to this side and

It’s really cold over here looks like i need to kind of i don’t know move move the heat around to get it to be even high temperature 160 right now well i started cooking this turkey at 6 20 p.m right now it’s 1 20 a.m or so i’ve been cooking this about seven hours and what i’ve come to realize is that this heat gun it’s a point source so you’re just spraying

It all over the place how do you know that it’s quite even in an oven it’s different right because it’s all over the place that’s 350 degrees right here i can apply about 350 degrees you know right about three inches in front of this thing and the diameter is maybe like two inches so i got to put a little bit of heat here a little bit of heat there and i i don’t

Know i don’t even think this turkey it’s fully cooked but we will see we will cut into it and see what happens when i was putting the heat gun right in the cavity that seems to be cooking a lot because a lot of aroma came out but once i started cooking the outside it didn’t give off much steam and it doesn’t seem like i’m doing very much right here the temperature

It’s even you know 145 degrees in the thigh right now both thighs did reach 170 degrees so we’ll we’ll see we’ll see if this is cooked or not let’s see this okay well oh that looks done enough i wonder if i can eat this is this it looks done it’s not quite crispy i think it needs a little bit more that looks very dumb keep in mind this is like the very very top

Layer though now let’s cut the dark meat i feel like this is definitely not gonna be done but let’s just cut through it and see what it looks like yeah it’s not gonna be done i don’t think it’s gonna be it’s raw it’s raw it’s raw no good it’s kind of raw over here but it seems edible at some parts of this drumstick like on the outside so i can go ahead and eat

A piece on the outside this looks a little slightly pink so i’m gonna keep that right there i can probably just cut another piece off of the breast meat here oh yeah this looks very delicious quite edible remember i put the thermometer on the dark meat right in the inside here it’s kind of bloody in there i don’t know why the thermometer said what it was it

Probably got hot here but maybe not further back into the turkey but the breast meat is not that bad i actually want to know how far in it cooks so i’m just gonna cut right down the middle of this okay so from the looks of this the outside got cooked probably half an inch from the outside in and the inside out it got cooked about inch and a half or so so the

Inside part over here is definitely done but there still needs more work to cook this part if i strategically pull it from the correct spots to eat yeah this is definitely done i don’t know how i’m gonna fix this so there you have it i think you can cook a turkey with a heat gun except it’s probably gonna take you about 12 hours because i did it for seven i

Think if you keep on going at this make sure it’s really really well done from the outside it will cook like i said i think you probably need to put the thermometer in at various points furthest away from the heat source right in the center of the chicken breast meat and also furthest in for the thigh so there you have it i did cook the turkey with the heat gun

Ate part of it and although i did not make a perfect turkey i think it is possible with a little bit more effort thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know if you’re gonna give this a try for this thanksgiving just make sure you have about a good 12 maybe even 16 hours to do this heat gun experiment and fully cook

The turkey and as always push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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Cooking a Turkey with a Heat Gun By BeatTheBush

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cannaone technologies cse cnna l

CannaOne Technologies (CSE: CNNA) Launch FIRST CBD Marketplace in Mexico

CannaOne Technologies (CSE: CNNA) Launch FIRST CBD Marketplace in Mexico – RICH TV LIVE – MARCH 19, 2019 – CannaOne Technologies (CNNA: CSE/FSE: 3CT) (“CannaOne” or the “Company”) wishes to announce that it has entered into a formal agreement with Manna Health Services SA de CV of Mexico City (“Manna”), to undertake the development, launch and operation of an industry leading online CBD product purchase and delivery marketplace for the Country of Mexico. The agreement was signed on March 5, 2019, with a contract term of 36 months and an option to renew for an additional 60 months at the conclusion of the initial period.

Hey guys this is rich from rich tv live how you doing today i wanted to talk to you about a company that i just discovered called kanna one and kanna one technologies was up 26% today it’s definitely got my attention the volume is not very big so it’s kind of like a sneak attack and you see here at kanna the hat right cnn eight kanna one technologies inc so i

Started researching this company i start trying to figure out who these guys are all right like who is kanna one technologies start researching them start doing my due diligence start doing a little bit of research start looking into who these guys are and who they could be and i was very interested to see that they had some big news that came out and the company

Is in the cannabis space kanna one technologies inc is a canada based company mainly engaged in the business of developing and marketing a software technology platform for use by the cannabis industry it offers a flagship product known as bloom kit which is a comprehensive web-based software as-a-service saz saas for the cannabis vendors and producers designed

As an integrated business management marketing and sales tools bloom kit incorporates themed outlined storefronts automated customer acquisition tools and production inventory shipping logistics payment marketing and website management features among others and you can take a look at the website there’s a link right there let’s just quickly take a look at the

Website why can in 1 technologies building tools for the future empowering cannabis enterprises kannan one canna one technologies inc develops proprietary digital tools to service a multi two of segments for the cannabis industry everybody’s getting into cannabis guys do not see what is happening here this is a revolution this is a trend and i don’t see the trend

Reversing anytime soon now we can see the chart it was higher it took a big dip and it’s coming from a bottom right now so it’s looking like it is gaining steam as we speak and if we scroll down we’ll see that it has grown by 54% in the last month alone actually since the last week alone it is a 54% canna one so put it on your watch list put on your radar i’d love

To know what you guys think about canna 1 doing my due diligence learning more about this company and the news comes out and i’m like wow kenna 1 technologies on the canadian securities exchange under the symbol cnn a and in frankfurt germany under 3 c t wishes to announce it as entered into a formal agreement with menna health services sa de cv of mexico city to

Undertake the development launch and operation of an industry leading online cbd product purchase and delivery marketplace for the country of mexico wow this is huge news this is breaking news the agreement was signed on march 5th 2019 with a contract term of 36 months and an option to renew for an additional 60 months at the conclusion of the initial period canna

One ceo salomon ribby williams stated we’re extremely excited today to be working with manna health canna one will exclusively build manage and oversee a customized enterprise version of bloom kit from manna health intended to be the go-to online cbd product marketplace in mexico this is huge news bloom kit our enterprise software solution will give manna the

Capability to offer a flagship and fully operational online cbd marketplace once mexican regulations are finalized for example it will offer mana the ability to inherently monitor and track pickup and delivery logistics and the capability to deliver historical and current trending analytics to ensure optimal management of all cbd sales channels there’s that word

Again cbd and you know your boy loves cv ds canna people canna one it will provide this all with the benefit of a simple and easy to use built in ecommerce solution ribby williams further added this collaboration with manna will provide canna one the immediate credibility of working directly with a highly respected mexican organization that already has existing

Partnerships covering retail and commercial land pharmacies shopping shopping malls and tourist destinations throughout mexico a huge market currently mana health is approved by the mexican government to buy sell lease distribute import or expert any products related to health and wellness once the cbd marketplace has launched manna has further committed to kanna

One to jointly study analyze and utilize all market and consumer data that is collected and retained through the marketplace this is huge news breaking news guys please if you like this new smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere i’d love to know your opinion on this news the mexico cbd market in later 2018 in latter in november 2018

Mexico announced approval for the importation and sale of cannabis products in pharmacies and retailers across the country to service the mexican population of a hundred and thirty plus million people sixty product licenses have been initially approved by the coff priests thus far and it is expected this sition will make cannabis products like hemp derived cbd

Available on the shelves of general retailers across the nation wow this is massive news guys about men at health services sa de cv mana is a mexico city based company mainly engaged in the business of distribution and supplying health and wellness products for the mexican mass market mana has a large partnership distribution network of both retail outlets and

Pharmacies across the country mana is involved in the rollout of full-scale cannabis legalization in mexico and it is itself actively pursuing multiple licenses for all marijuana and cbd market sectors expected to be approved in the country wow this is so huge and bring it to you first guys i’ll bring it to you first canna one technologies inc nobody knows guys

Except for you the people that are watching here rich tv live so if you guys like this news smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true it’s people helping people it’s rich tv live it’s a revolution in cannabis and it’s happening right now canna 1 has developed bloom kit the first product in the

Bloom product suite a turnkey enterprise software solution that can be utilized by any b2c cannabis company inherent functionalities ensure its users the highest level of ongoing customer satisfaction while the adaptability of bloom kit gives clients the ability to operate and satisfy regulatory environments of any governing body around the world truly affording

Canna won the opportunity to serve as an overall base of global clientele with a software suite that sits at the forefront of the industry the bloom product suite trademark is representative of complete data-driven and design focused software solutions that contain diverse system architectures and provide machine learning that will give clients detailed industry

Business insights and ultimately lead to the creation and management of predictive content and product recommendation engines wow this is huge news breaking news trending news love to know what you guys think canna wan technologies is in the news canna one signs contract to launch online cbd product purchase and delivery marketplace in mexico and you heard you

Hear first from your boy rich i will be back with more news on canna wan technologies as it happens as it breaks this is pretty much a brand new company that you’re hearing first right here from your boy rich website is canna one technologies calm here it is what do you guys think let me know is your boy rich canna one canna mo peace will be a big winner i think

It has a potential to be huge canna one technologies

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CannaOne Technologies (CSE: CNNA) Launch FIRST CBD Marketplace in Mexico By RICH TV LIVE

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insects an emerging protein sour

Insects: an emerging protein source for animal feed | Rethink Sustainability

The world is continuously looking for alternative protein sources. The FT’s Paris Bureau Chief Victor Mallet discovers how insect protein is reinventing the food chain and alleviating pressure on feeding the animals that feed the world. His journey takes him to two French companies, one embracing vertical farming, while the other focuses on resourceful recycling.

As food demand grows the world is constantly on the lookout for alternative sources of protein that’s why i’m getting suited up in this factory in dole in eastern france this is insect protein manufacturer insect with a y and ceo antoine uber is giving me a guided tour of the facility so what problem are you solving here what’s wrong with the way we do farming

At the moment there is just not enough not enough ingredients to feed the animals and to feed the animals of tomorrow with the growing demand the second thing we need to reduce climate change and our solution is carbon negative so we are even maybe the most efficient way to to produce proteins without carbon impact the company’s insect of choice is the mealworm

Beetle fed mainly with wheat bran over a 70-day life cycle so here we have larvae here you have some insects but they are almost ready to be processed insect uses a vertical farm which minimizes the amount of space needed the automated system moves the trays of mealworms around the factory at various stages of the process some adults here are adults barriers that

Lay eggs here in fact the company has some 40 technology patents and since it was founded in 2011 it’s raised over 400 million dollars making it the most highly funded upstream agritech startup outside the us a key market for insect is food for commercial fish farms at present due to health concerns related to bse or mad cow disease eu legislation effectively

Limits the type of animals that can be fed with insect-based protein but the company is confident the market will open up soon it’s it’s a 72 percent of protein so it’s super high we sell to pet food manufacturers and fish feed manufacturers tomorrow hopefully for poultry and pigs discussions are progressing well with the commissions yeah and we hope next

Year to have green lights the company isn’t short on ambition and is confident demand will grow it’s planning to build a new factory set to open in 2022 that can produce up to 100 000 tonnes of product per year and 15 factories by 2030. currently around 6000 tons of insect protein are produced in europe annually another french company in the insect farming

Business is next protein its headquarters and research lab are on the outskirts of paris hi victor hi bonjour pleasure to meet you welcome to next protein thank you very much please thanks come on in next protein has been in operation since 2015. with its production facility in tunisia the company wants to tackle both resource scarcity and animal feed and the

Problem of food waste 70 of uh what next protein uses as insect feed is actually fruits and vegetables so that we’re going to essentially end up in landfills and for which there was absolutely no use so taking something for which there was no use and recycling it into the into our food system the insect next protein has chosen to feed on that waste is the

Black soldier fly research scientist heather falquist explains why the larva grow very rapidly in three weeks they can increase in size by ten thousand times the other reason we use this insect is because it’s very resilient and adaptable to different growing conditions as well the ground up dried larvae next protein produces a sixty to seventy percent protein

It says that in a hundred square meters of insect farm it’s able to produce as much protein as a hundred hectares of soybean in the lab they’re constantly working to tweak productivity and adaptability this one is actually the the whole insects that we ground up so these are full fats and uh basically we’re just uh looking at the protein contents uh in these

Uh whole dried insects so you can have full fat and low-fat insects exactly so it’s basically it’s it’s adaptable for different uh animal feed industries if it’s better adapted for their nutritional needs then the less you have to use other additives the black soldier fly market alone is predicted to be worth 2.57 billion dollars by 2030 according to research

And markets that explains the recent launch of company fly genetics created to breed improved black soldier flies the most important criteria is the skill of the insect to convert agricultural byproducts in premium insect protein but we are working also on robustness of the insect on the growth of the insect analysts at barclays estimate the insect protein

Market could be worth about eight billion dollars by 2030 up from less than a billion dollars today it’s little wonder investment in a protein source that can be bred without taking out large amounts of food land and water is growing so fast

Transcribed from video
Insects: an emerging protein source for animal feed | Rethink Sustainability By Financial Times

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defense metals corp ceo craig ta

Defense Metals Corp CEO Craig Taylor (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) (FSE: 35D)

Defense Metals Corp CEO Craig Taylor (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) (FSE: 35D) – RICH TV LIVE – October 13, 2021 – #defensemetalscorp #interview #richtvlive – Defense Metals Corp. (“Defense Metals”) (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) (FSE: 35D) is pleased announce plans for the mobilization of a second diamond drill to expedite its ongoing Wicheeda Rare Earth Element (REE) deposit resource expansion and delineation diamond drill program.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of defense metals corp craig taylor how are you doing today craig very well thanks for having me always a pleasure love having you on the show craig tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with defense metals corp okay i was a

Director on a company called first legacy and our objective was to search out a rare earth deposit and at that point i was going to come on as ceo so we successfully did that in late 2018 and then i came on a ceo shortly thereafter about april of 2019. okay so our deposit is a light rare earth deposit it’s located 70 kilometers north of prince george bc in

In central british columbia it’s a very mining friendly jurisdiction uh surrounded by copper mines forestry good rail ties road access so it’s a very good deposit very good and we love good deposits and opportunities for companies that are undervalued under appreciated underexposed here in rich tv live that’s really our mandate can you tell us some of the

Major milestones defense metals corp has hit so far this year and what shareholders can look forward to in the last quarter of 2021 okay so we’ve been extremely busy the last two years we’ve taken a 30-ton ore sample off the mountain in the winter of 2019 took that from metallurgical testing to sgs labs we went through bench scale flotation testing as well

As hydromet testing we came back with fantastic results so that propelled us to then uh entertain a drill program in the summer of 2019 which again was very successful we hit on 13 of 13 holes actually doubled the value of our resource so that was uh a huge milestone for us there so that enabled us to update our 43-101 uh as i said now we have approximately 19

Million tons at three percent lreo which is very good tonnage and grade for rare earths um we then took on a pilot plant with sgs labs and produced 1200 kilos of high grade concentrate and that again was very high grade concentrate which we can now sell or send to potential off-tank partners overseas and then we entered into a pa with uh srtk consulting and

So they are they’re really experts in the rare earth field they did the pda for mountain pass which is the largest producing rare of mine in north america in fact it was the only one until recently so we’re expecting that out in the first the last month of 201 2021 here probably november maybe as early as october we’ll see um so we’ve been busy yeah and based

On our current drill program which we just started last week we should increase our resource again um and then that will upgrade our categories so that we can then pursue a pre-feasibility study in the first quarter of 2022. so everything we’ve done thus far has been successful we just keep de-risking the property we’re also involved in off take discussions

With four partners right now in europe and in asia so if that comes to fruition those will be some more milestones we’ve reached um as well as signing an mou with sino steel and that’s significant they’re a large uh engineering firm out of china who specializes in rare earths so what they did for northern minerals in australia is built a modular processing

Plant shipped it to australia and now northern is successfully uh producing a mixed carbonate through that processing facility so our objective is to do something similar to that we’re going to ship them or they’re going to analyze it decide what would be the best uh type of processing facility for us and hopefully get that made on canadian soil within the next

Number of years wow you guys have been really busy and obviously in order to be this successful and have everything hitting the way you are you have to have a strong team so can you talk a little bit about the team at defense metals corp what each person brings to the table and especially some of their past success in the public markets okay so i guess the

One i work with close list is is chris raffel he’s our pgo and he’s a principal at apex geosciences um they have offices in perth australia in edmonton and in vancouver bc and he’s been involved in in numerous uh projects from start to finish he’s very knowledgeable and he’s become a real expert in the rare earth space um ryan chung he’s our ceo he’s been on

A director and ceo of so many public companies i don’t know how many exactly so he’s very very well versed um and he’s a ca as well um andrew burch’s is also a ca and so we’ve got a lot of financial guys on the team and max sally’s an entrepreneur who’s been involved in many public company successes over the past as well and ngld as well as some new projects

He’s working on right now then on the advisory side uh alex knox he’s been working with railroads since 1984 i believe and he actually worked for mollycorp before it turned into mountain pass so he’s got a wealth of rare earth experience uh dale walster he was the founder of um he was the founder of roughrider uranium and so they were then taken over by

Hathor uh several years ago and that was a fantastic exit forum so it’s pretty well rounded on the advisor and uh and board level so you guys are in the rare earth space what sectors does rare earth serve best and how can defense metals corp position themselves and position yourselves to be a market leader in the sector well our particular elements neodymium

And precious denim dinium are the key elements used in constructing lightweight high-strength magnets and these are found in electric vehicles which of course are on the rise right now with all yes all the electrification of the world wind turbines there’s about 900 pounds in every wind turbine military components refrigeration systems cell phones computers so

Really everything we use in our day-to-day life needs these magnets um and as as we ramp up our ev production they’re becoming scarcer and scarcer there’s only so much it’s almost like peak oil so there’s a real scramble now to find these deposits and then extract the neodymium ndpr from them successfully and we’ve proven we can do that and not many companies

Have so i think that makes us a leader right now as well as all the work we’ve done in the success we’ve we’ve had you know i look at other rare earth companies that have been in business for 10 years and they haven’t achieved half of what we have so um i think that’s testament to the strength of the deposit i think sort of the richest deposits in the world

Right now and uh hopefully we can start production in the next few years that sounds great what is the future growth of this sector and how much do you think defense metals corp can capture well um you know they’re they’re anticipating we’re going to need 40 more ndpr within the next five years wow so you know it’s hard to put a number on it but i think we

Are if you look at our deposit we’re about the same um same tonnage as mountain pass um and a high grade and they’ve been in production for 20 years and so our mine life will be 15 to 20 years and that could increase with our next resource so we’ve got a long life and a lot of a lot of oxide we could produce for the magnet manufacturers if defense metals corp

Were to compare itself to its competitors in the sector which you kind of touched based on a little bit what would you say sets you guys apart um really again it’s just sort of the speed that we’ve got to market the grade of our deposit the size of our deposit the ease of access is being to our cap because capex is going to be considerably lower than most of

The companies out there there’s deposits that are in the middle of nowhere and they have to build roads they have to build bridges they have to barge barge there or around whereas we we’re road accessible 70 kilometers from prince george uh waters on site electricals close by we’ve got a rail head 20 kilometers away that we could access so that’s really going

To come into play because these are very capital intensive projects here rich tv live we really pride ourselves on being fundamental traders we love to understand the share structure and and the meat and potatoes of the company the real fundamentals of the company the balance sheet the debt to equity ratios debt if there is any and cash flows we really like to

Understand everything when we look at these companies so can you give us an idea a little bit about your share structure and how you guys plan to attract retail as well as more institutional investors okay we have currently about 80 million shares outstanding great 114 million fully diluted and we have about four million dollars in the bank right now so we’re

Very well capitalized to get through our next milestones which will be the drill program the pea and then get started our pre-feasibility study um so we won’t be needing any money this year perhaps next year depending on how much the pre-fees is going to cost we’ll go to the markets but we’ll have in hand our pea by then and all the institutional investors want

To make sure that this is an economically viable deposit which we will prove up by the end of the year which will open the door to more institutions our retail support’s been great in the past we’ve been able to raise money to to reach all these milestones successfully so we’re thankful to them and we just look for continued growth growth and support from our

Current shareholders and new ones in the future we’re going to have investors from all over the world looking and watching this interview in this video learning more about your company so if you had one thing that you wanted to let your current and potential future shareholders know about defense metals corp today what would it be well i think it would just

Be look for the catalysts uh that are going to come up in the very near future as i said a pa in the rare earth space is almost unheard of so we’re going to come up with that before the end of the year we have off-take agreements with large large processors internationally which is a big benchmark as well and increasing our resource uh in early 2022 is going

To be significant as well last time as i said we doubled our the metal value of our resource i don’t know what we’ll do this time but i i can guarantee it will be larger wow that sounds impressive what is the best way for shareholders to get in contact with you or the company if they have any questions our community loves to get to know the company get to know

The ceo they love to you know message you and and get responses to be quite frank because it makes them feel more comfortable to invest is there a specific way for those investors to get in contact with you or the company yeah we usually send everyone through our ir ga is a great ir guy very friendly and loves taking calls or emails and his email is todd

Defense medals dot com uh root things for him and then he’s happy to talk to you and and he’ll pass investors along to me if need be fantastic now i must remind everyone who’s watching that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss

Here in rich diggy live in saying that i believe this is a company that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed thank you for joining us today craig taylor the ceo of defense metals corp thanks so much for having me always a pleasure and i’d love to invite you back anytime you have big breaking news or anything you’d like to discuss we’d love to invite

You back here on rich tv live now for those of you guys that are watching we love to bring you winners and we love to bring them to you first if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re not winning you’re not watching thank you for watching everybody this is rich from rich tv live with

Craig taylor the ceo of defense metals corp saying have a nice day we’ll see you soon you

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Defense Metals Corp CEO Craig Taylor (TSXV: DEFN) (OTCQB: DFMTF) (FSE: 35D) By RICH TV LIVE

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cash out gift cards with no fee

Cash Out Gift Cards with no Fee

Get $5 for selling your gift cards here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how you can liquidate your gift cards with no fee whatsoever with a little bit of financial engineering let’s face it you probably got some gift cards as a gift or maybe you were trying to fulfill your spend requirements you got 5 or 10% or maybe you got some credit card bonuses through buying

These gift cards and then now you have too many gift cards you don’t know what to do with it and you want to liquidate it instead so that you get the cash out you probably know that every single time you do any kind of financial transaction for example if you sell a gift card you’re gonna end up having to pay a small fee you can sell it to coinstar or something you

Can go on these websites that does reselling of gift cards eventually someone’s gonna take a cut i did some research on this and some sites as you can sell your amazon gift card for more then it’s actually worked i looked it up on ebay myself to see what the past transactions are and i do not see such a thing so today i’m gonna concentrate more on actual things

That you can do gift cards is a huge business it’s not just that they’re selling the cards and then you have to come back to the store to buy it when they sell a certain amount a certain percentage of this is gonna get lost or stolen and this value will never get claimed in fact in 2011 from tower research there’s about two billion dollars worth of gift cards that

Remains unclaimed and then it just kind of evaporates into thin air this two billion dollars is what you do not want to lose and if you’re able to keep this from happening from your own pocket it’s going to represent a lot of money for you now if you got a visa or master gift card and you can spend it anywhere where the sf credit cards you can essentially i think

The best way to spend this amount is to spend it on something you would have anyway and that your credit card bonuses will not get you that much a percentage back these include utilities a lot of utilities can actually accept credit cards including water gas and electric your trash bill your medical premiums your car insurance premiums cell phone internet and also

Cable they all mostly will take your credit card without charging you an additional fee the most advantageous i think is to pay it into your insurance what you can do is take your visa gift card go on wherever you pay your medical bills go on wherever you pay your car insurance and then just put that money in whatever the amount is worth in that card and then just

Pay that month’s premium pay it in advance you don’t have to pay in full just pay whatever that’s in that gift card and then the rest are gonna bill you and then you’re gonna pay the remainder of that with your credit card now let’s talk about other kinds of gift cards such as the ones that you have to redeem at an actual store or maybe amazon which is mostly what

I personally buy the idea here is you want to look at this at a macroscopic view where is the money going if you’re actually spending extra money to buy stuff that you never would have just because you have that credit card then you’re actually losing money the trick here is to buy stuff that you would have anyway so then you might have to wait a little while and

Have a need for a certain item and then you spend that money therefore you need to have that credit sitting there for a while before you actually find an actual need for yourself once you spend that money you can kind of go well i would have spent cash instead for that item so i can just take money out of your checking account and then go okay you know you just

Kind of redeemed it for cash that way you really need it to do this dual transaction here because most times when you actually want them to directly give you cash you’re always going to take a certain cut from it so that’s why this video is about no fee so it takes a little bit of getting used to there’s a little bit of financial trickery and you gotta you know

Spend it on one spot and then take money from another spot another way to draw down on your amazon gift card is to buy things for friends and family you can entice people to go through you because maybe you have an amazon prime membership and they don’t so then they’re gonna be incentivized to you know say hey you know can you buy this and this for me i’ve had this

Happen to me all the time and then you can order for them and then you know two days later if they’re your coworker or something you can give it to them in person they can give you the cash and you know it’s a win-win for both people they get it fast you get whatever cut that you got from buying all those gift cards now another way is also if you work at someplace

And you need to buy stuff for that company a lot of times you can find things that you need for your company on amazon therefore you can buy whatever you need from amazon use your gift card credit and then you expense it and then your company pays you back in cash through this reimbursement if you run your own business or if you’re self-employed you can also expense

Things that you buy on amazon which you know whatever equipment that you need there’s a whole bunch of stuff on there you just need to make sure that those things that you buy are business expenses this comes in many many different folds of benefits because number one buying those gift cards you probably got 5% cash back 10% cash back or maybe you were turning

Credit cards or something so right off the bat right there you got five 10% even 30 percent cashback just from that transaction and then you use that gift card credit and then you go and buy business expense things and then yet again you can write off your business expenses and then this amounts to something between thirty and forty percent off that you are not

Paying for whatever that item that you’re buying another idea is just simply to regifter if you get it and you don’t really go to that store you can certainly give it to someone that you think would go to that store so this is very easy it comes in you give it back out in the same value now if all these methods fail for you you don’t like to do any of it or maybe

You cannot do it because you know for whatever reason you don’t have access to these ways you can also go on a gift card resell place called ray’s comp you basically go on there and then sell these gift cards for a slightly lower value than the actual value of the gift card and then people will pay you through that of course on this website you can’t sell amazon

Gift cards for one reason or another if you guys are interested in this check out my referral link down in the video description below we can get a $5 credit if you actually use my referral yet another way that you can convert all of this amazon gift card credit into cash which is a little bit harder is to buy things and then resell it now there’s a trick to this

Because you essentially become a reseller and i feel like over the years when i’ve done this plenty of times and the best way to do this is weight forward these lightning deals wait for you know some very very good deal like black friday or something and then you can get some item for really really cheap you just have to monitor all the time and you know this might

Take some time and effort okay but when you do it successfully you can actually maybe even make a profit on it what i recommend to buy of course is to buy things that has a lot of traffic something that is very very popular and you just monitor those items for whatever amount that you want to spend and then you have to just keep track of it and then whenever the

Price drops on that and you see that it’s a good deal so you need to be a reseller put on your reseller hat here and you have to have an eye for a good deal a lot of people have this eye and then you buy that item and then when it comes back to you just wait a week or something until the price comes back up so you have to foresee that this price drop is temporary

And that it will come back and not in the case where you know you have some item and they permanently drop the price then you can’t have that price come back up and then people will pay more for it so when you resell the item you can resell it on sites like let go offer up close five and all those things you know their track cash based transactions and in person

So you can avoid the fees of things like ebay or selling on amazon so usually those fees would eat a lot into you know you trying to cash out on this thing you know they might charge five to ten percent or something and this is enough to kind of hurt so if you do this and you can spot those products you might be able to go on camel camel camel calm just look for

Huge price drops and just look for all the items and see which one you actually recognize don’t buy those items that or you know some random brand name because usually people don’t buy those things you want a hot item and you want an item that temporary lowered its price if you want to do this you know resale thing and try to reclaim the cash just to give you the

Guy some examples i think buying markdown legos is actually a very very good idea because there’s a lot of demand for legos i used to buy a lot of it and you know just i didn’t want to collect anymore so then i just got rid of my whole stock but while i was doing it sometimes if you wait around for you know the sales sometimes it might be $50 off or something so

You need to have a knife or you need to keep track of it if you don’t have anything to do then this might be actually a fun thing to do and when they lower the price you buy it and then maybe it will come back up maybe not but as long as you lower the price to market value people are going to buy it another thing is also apple products now you don’t want to go too

Expensive sometimes because if it’s a too big a transaction people get a bit jittery right because you don’t want to go you know did you steal it or something right so you want to keep it around like hundred two hundred dollars if it’s something really big you know you might need to bite the bullet and sell it on ebay because through that people are a little bit

More trusting because there are buyer protections involved in that and you know people are more willing to buy bigger ticket items through a site with that you know monitors a communication there’s some guarantees involved so thanks for watching this video having access to all of these you have your choice of all of them which you do not have to pay a fee at all

So i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like over here push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Cash Out Gift Cards with no Fee By BeatTheBush

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the stock market just did the un


The stock market has done some things recently that has made investors new to stocks and experienced say what the heck. When I look at the stock market I see a stock market that is most vicious ever. People in the stock market are look at all these stocks to buy now and wondering when stocks will stop hitting 52 week lows. We must discuss all this plus stocks to watch now.

Well folks last week i said it i said this was the nastiest stock market i’ve ever been in the 14 years i’ve been in the stock market in terms of just the devastation that has been happening in stocks and folks trying to wrap their heads around it in this video here today i want to share exactly what is going on in the market because there’s a lot of different

Theories on what is going on in the market right now there’s a theories that only small cap stocks are falling right now or only speculative stocks are only non-profitable stocks and so what i want to take you through here today is the truth on what is really going on in the stock market and then we’re going to get into in the back half of this video some crazy crazy

Stuff nonetheless and uh if you’re thinking about like when do these stocks ever bottom right like a lot that’s a lot of people’s like thought process right now like when does it ever happen because you see these stocks hitting 52-week low after 52-week low after 52-week low and it’s like like do all these stocks go to a dollar is the stock market gonna be finally

A good when all stocks are down 99 like what is the situation here so yeah this is a value pack video hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure to subscribe the channel if you’re not already because this is drama time baby we got so much drama going on so i wanted to start this video here today i want to start this looking at the russell okay so first off the

Russell really hasn’t gone anywhere in the past year but if we look the russell’s obviously fallen from 2431 to today it’s at 2154 and that’s in a matter of about two months right as of today i’m recording this on january 10th 2021 on no on november 4th 2021 or excuse me 2022 i’m recording this and i haven’t uh fast forwarded the year yet okay but back in uh you

Know november of 2021 the russell was at 2 400. so we’ve dropped about 300 points roughly on the russell which is a pretty good amount but keep in mind the russell and i explained this last week the russell unfortunately like many indexes has one massive flaw that massive flaw like the s p 500 like the nasdaq 100 is is weighted toward the biggest stocks so the

Biggest of the big stocks in the russell which many of them are way over a five billion dollar market cap right when when you think about russell stocks you usually think about under five billion dollar mark caps many of these stocks are over five billion dollar mark caps and some of those have held up well meaning essentially it’s made the index look better than it

Really has been just like the s p 500 just like the nasdaq 100 right and so it’s a fatal flaw in the russell and so really what folks are feeling in this market right now is that the markets that the russell’s down way more than 300 points in the last two months right i mean a lot of us are feeling it like it was down a thousand points in the past uh you know two

Months because the biggest of the big stocks have had held together everything like the glue right in terms of the index and the way it looks it’s so much worse than what the index is really showing you okay next slide i want to start the second part i want to start out with here is very interesting stock called oatley okay otly this is a newest stock i’ve just

Started buying here okay and i want to show you this stock because it’s it’s so important on so many levels okay in this sort of market right now this is a stock that here today hits a new 52-week low seven dollars and 18 cents this company is expected to do about a billion dollars if not over a billion dollars of revenue in 2022 which puts it at a basically a

2022 price of sales ratio of about four right now about four on an extremely healthy gross margin business in a business that has like you know a decade plus of just crazy runway if you’ve done any research into this company right 52 as far as the one-year price target on this one right 15 plus which is over you know basically a double up from here over a double

Up from the stock price from here as far as what analysts have for this stock and there’s many analysts that cover the stock but in this sort of market right like it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter your growth story it doesn’t matter your long-term growth story it doesn’t matter what your net income is going to be down the road it doesn’t matter that you’re a

52-week low after 52 week low it doesn’t matter that your one year price target analysts have on average just keep in mind this is the average right there’s over a double up from here over the next 52 weeks think about that for a moment none of that matters in this sort of market it doesn’t make any sense why it doesn’t matter because these things should always

Matter but right now it doesn’t matter no some folks might say well right now they lose money on the bottom line so who cares what their gross margin is because they lose money on the bottom line right now right that that’s that’s a flaw in itself like you you can’t just view the market like that you’re gonna miss crazy opportunities over the coming years and

We know the best opportunities in the stock market are always the stocks that have the biggest revenue growth over a five ten year span that is something we do know that’s been proven scientifically in the stock market time and time and time again over the last 14 years i’ve been the stock market in before i was in the stock market as well okay and so the stock

Market can throw all these sorts of stocks out right now but like long term that just doesn’t make any dang sense but this is the prototypical stock in the market right now where people say okay great growth story great uh you know long-term profit projections in in in revenue projections and all sorts of things yeah analysts are bullish on that over the long term

And over the short term but the market doesn’t want it but i i show you this stock at the start here because you’re going to find that that is not the truth okay that is not the truth in terms of thinking about it like these are the only sorts of stocks that are in the market that are getting thrown out right now look at something like a teledoc right well this

Doesn’t fall into the small cap category right it’s a 13 plus billion dollar market cap so it’s not a small cap stock so right off the bat if we want to just think like it’s only small caps that are falling in this market false look at a teledoc all right now look at the 52-week range on this stock from 308 to 76 dollars it hits today a new 52-week low now you’re

Probably wondering why do i have kathy here okay why is kathy’s name there kathy wood arkhan fast why is her name there well you know i’m not gonna say she was necessarily buying this afternoon because none of us know that right but i mean based upon that movement up there it’s you know i wonder if kathy wood was out there acquiring shares of teledoc here today

Because that’s a really really strong move and we know teledoc’s usually her second or third biggest position in the art fund so i’m wondering if kathy wood was buying there look at teledoc you know based upon where the lows were at today it’s basically a double up from here over the next year and that’s that once again that’s the analyst average for the stock and

So this is this goes to show you it’s not just small cap stocks it’s not just the one billion two billion three billion four billion dollar type market caps okay here we are with teledog 13 billion plus dollar company as far as the smart cap goes great long term growth story in front of it none of that matters right now right and you might say well they do fall

In the category of yeah they’re a high growth company but they’re a money loser all right okay interesting and we’ll see in this video if it’s only money loser companies that are that are basically having their stocks fall right but there’s good old teledoc look at the arc fund here today i think this was important to pay attention to 52-week low for the arc fund

Hit today now it did come back strongly and it does make you think for a second hmm why did why did a lot of these come back so strong throughout the trading day here today right but look at look at the arc fund i mean it’s just it’s been devastating right i mean it’s not very often you see an etf like this down 50 percent from its 52-week high and that’s exactly

What happened 52-week high for arcs right around 160 and i hit 80 today okay if my math serves me correctly that’s about a 50 fall there nonetheless in in the arc fun and i have a website called and it basically updates on a daily basis uh ark’s top 25 holdings and what their weight is the market value things like that if that’s you might want

To save that on your desktop if you care about kathy wood stocks okay and basically what this shows you is all these stocks that kathy woods in almost i don’t say all of them hit 52 week lows today but the high majority of them that are in her top 10 hit 52 we glows today or very dang close to 52 week lows and almost all these are massively off 52-week highs okay

Tesla’s really the only one in the portfolio holding things together but keep in mind you might think tesla’s like some massive weight no it’s only eight percent roughly of her fun right zoom teledoc roku coinbase like look at all these stock prices here today and you’re going to find almost all of them are at or near 52 week lows and like a lot of these stocks

Have great long-term growth stories that’s the thing it’s not like these are all garbage stocks that like no one cares about or they’re all going to do bad in the future years almost all these having tremendous long-term growth stories but right now it has just been selling selling selling now kathy wood also blames a lot of this on algorithm trading that’s going

On in the market that’s a whole that’s a whole rabbit hole i don’t even want to get into in terms of the algos in what they’re looking at and like the algorithms just you know the thing about the algorithms is you know they don’t look at anything um you know in my opinion the the most intelligent way possible the algorithm just reads data and it’s like sell

Right and it’s just it’s it’s a lagging indicator many times and it’s just it’s being kind of naive in terms of like the algorithms can’t really you know run projections on where companies going over the coming years or really understand human psychology on why so many folks are going to want to invest in certain stocks in the back half of this year and into the

Next year next year next year it doesn’t you know they don’t really know that right and so here’s something we’re seeing obviously zoom her what is it third second biggest investment in the art fund right look at this one here today this one hits a new 52-week low again again now here’s what’s really important around zoom stock the most important thing you can

Take from this one is when you’re thinking about this right we already dispelled the thing like oh it’s only small caps no it’s also more than small caps that are falling right look at zoom it’s a 50 billion mark cap but here’s the most important thing there’s also a you know a rumor out there that it’s only companies that are non-profitable well here’s the thing

About zoom this company is profitable now and quite profitable and they’re likely going to get even more profitable in 22 right and so you can throw out the whole thing like it’s only unprofitable company because a company like zoom look at this stock i mean it’s literally like a new 52-week low every single day for the stock and here this company is that’s actually

A very very profitable company a company that’s expected to get more profitable in future years okay so yeah not just small caps not just unprofitable companies it’s many stocks outside i look at that you know from 451 to 164 here today i mean just a stock that’s just been absolutely obliterated in zoom stock okay now let’s get rid of another one of these theories

Another one of these theories in the market is it’s only high p names it’s like well it was only small caps no well it’s only you know companies that aren’t profitable no um well it’s only companies that maybe are higher ps no corsair gaming’s at a 17 pe a 13 something forward pe analyst have for the stock right and look at this one it hit a new 52-week low today

1974 another 52-week low for corsair gaming crsr so we just dispelled every single theory in the stock market that people have had it’s only small caps it’s only on profitable companies it’s only high p e names like no it’s just it’s a it’s a it’s the majority of stocks in the stock market and that’s why you see you know we looked at data recently where was

Something like two-thirds of stocks in the uh i think it was a nasdaq if we we looked at recently are at 52 we glows and that was as a few days ago i can almost guarantee you it’s more than two-thirds of stocks now or at 52-week close and i pull up that in a video recently i wish i would have brought that up for you guys too as well in this video but it’s just

It’s just interesting right it’s like 52 week low after 52 week low after 52 week low and people are like when does this end okay and also what stocks was i buying today because you know i was out there buying some stocks here today right look at paypal this gets rid of the last one of these people like well it’s more speculative companies no like the paypal

Is literally the exact opposite of everything you could possibly think about in relation to like folks thinking stocks are going down because they’re certain groups or whatever no it’s a multi-hundred billion dollar mark cap hit a new 52-week low here a day of 177 right approaching almost a 50 percent downside from his 52-week high of 310 it’s not a super high

Ford p it’s like a 4p on the stock is like maybe 35 33 something like that right great growth story amazing company like one of the best business models in the world one of the most compelling growth stories of large cap you’ll find out there and here this company is at another 52-week low it hit here today right and so it’s literally the opposite of everything

You think about now i want to show you a stock that’s even more interesting than paypal okay that stock is square stock sq now named block right look at this stock another 52 week low here today a 60 billion dollar mark cap on this company right and no one wants a piece of square stock right now i mean it’s just it’s it’s amazing really did i mean from 289 to 133

Obese that is square with the revenue growth this company’s head the the you know a lot of folks look at this as one of the most exciting stocks in the stock market in terms of long-term growth stories behind it their own cash app which is usually the number one uh most popular finance app in in all of the united states of america like think about that for a moment

Like when you own the number one most popular financial related app in all of the united states of america that’s that’s pretty darn powerful right that’s pretty darn powerful by the way paypal which we just looked at owns a number two and number three because usually paypal and venmo are the number two and number three most popular financial related apps in the

World remember venmo’s got that big deal going through this year in 22 with uh basically amazon think about these for for a moment like think about how big that is where you can actually start buying stuff on amazon through venmo if you want i mean my gosh does a lot of this stuff get bigger than this right but yet this stock just continues to get pushed down to

52 week low after 52 week low but do look at this okay this is something you’ve got to keep in mind look at the look at the the change right it reached a 52-week low today of 133. look at the stock now 11 a share bounce back there if there’s not some bouncing activity i don’t know what is like what a move up there right i mean you don’t just like get moves like

That very often let’s just put it that way like that’s an extraordinary move and especially for a bigger company like a square look at also volume here today and i keep in mind i took this this screenshot before the market was even closed 14.5 million shares trading the hands here today average volume of 8 million interesting okay now you know so there’s a video

I put out and there’s an important video i think this is one of the most important videos i put out in all of 2021 and i posted this video almost exactly one year ago i posted this video on january 13 2021 and it says going all in stocks in the stock market in 2021 not and i talked about in that video i went through essentially what was going on in the market the

Activity i saw and um like the euphoria that was in the market at that time and i spoke up on it and i i spoke in a i would call it a more bearish more bearish tone right and during that time i was uh actually somewhat bearish on the market and i was actually very very fearful and if you go back to december of 2020 and into january a lot of the stocks i was buying

Very boring stocks jp morgan um you know walgreens i built into a million dollar position throughout the month of december of 2020 right and um like like you know for me those are super super boring stocks let’s be quite honest but that’s the only place i really saw some opportunity in the market because it was just you know there was just stocks were trained had

Ridiculous valuations there was way too much euphoria in the market it was way too much moon action i call it and so i had to speak up on that right and as the year went on in 2021 i got more bullish as these stocks fell more and more and now here we are january 10th of 2022 and i am at a moment where i am ultra bullish on the market no no no not ultra bullish

Ultra ultra ultra ultra bullish on many of these stocks i’m investing in right now like to ridiculous levels like where i am the exact opposite the the feeling i had going through my body when i recorded this video one year ago could not be more opposite of what i am feeling right now because right now i feel like there’s way too much desperation in the market

Way too much fear in the market when i’m looking at these stocks trading at ridiculously low valuations based upon where i think these companies are going over the next three five seven years and i’ve been doing this for a long time so it’s not like i’m some new guy in the market and i’m like trying to figure all this out like i know where these stock prices are

Likely going over the coming years and it’s going to take miracles to get some of these stocks to not perform extremely well over the next three five seven years and so the feeling i have today recording this january 10th 2022 is literally oh you know a 180 a 180 from where i felt when i was recording that video there literally almost one year ago today and it

Does make me think at least i do wonder like you know is this kind of a sign that we’re like you know upon the bottom because when i recorded that video there when i recorded that video there that was a moment where the euphoria in the market was literally at its peak and very shortly after i record that video the euphoria left the market and what happened all

These stocks started to fall fall fall they started bounce back and then they fell more and as we know throughout 2021 it just got worse and worse and worse and into the beginning part of this year okay and so i look at this in a situation now where i’m looking at this and i’m like you know could this be a moment in time when we’re about to flip the other way

Now no one knows if it’s tomorrow or this week who knows maybe today was a low i don’t know you know square look at square today it hit a low of 133 and it bounces back that strong 144 that was you know that’s just something some folks will look at as maybe an indicator right uh look at what happened with art today look at the reversal and teledoc so i’m not going

To predict this is the bottom for many of these stocks because that’s a losing game just flat out like like you know trying to predict like this is the bottom or this is about like it’s just a losing game it’s too hard to call but it’s just it’s very interesting that i feel the exact opposite of how i felt when i recorded that video on january 13 2021 and like i

Said right after i recorded that video the euphoria levels just started going down and down and down and down and here we are in this moment where euphoria levels are pretty much at all time lows and i think it’s just it’s a it’s a matter of time before we start flipping the other way and we start getting some enthusiasm back in the market and keep in mind when

You’re coming out of these sorts of markets right very very important to keep in mind is when you start getting some rallies in these stocks people don’t even believe them right so look at a square today from 133 to 144 right a lot of people think that’s a fake rally it’s going to be right back down to 133 it’s going to invade a new 52 week low of 120 110 that’s

The way people start thinking and it could be accurate but just many times when people get that bearish things usually flip the other way right now i i was buying a lot of stocks here a day i’m gonna likely do a video on financial education three maybe in a few hours going into all the stocks i was buying today which was a whole lot much love as always guys hope

You enjoyed today’s video make sure you subscribe and have a great day

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corbyn brexit anti semitism less

Corbyn, Brexit, anti-Semitism: lessons from Labour conference

FT political commentator Robert Shrimsley hears from politicians, advisers and grassroots support at the Liverpool conference to get the lowdown on Labour and its ‘supreme leader’ Jeremy Corbyn

It’s been well over 10 years since i last reported a labour party conference in those days they were by the seaside now we’re in the splendors of liverpool last time i came tony blair was the supreme leader of blade party these days it’s got a new supreme leader and i’m very keen to get a sense of how things are different and how things are still the same hey we’re

Making video for the ft on avila with you for a minute that works it ok you’re a party member yeah you must be disappointed with the way the party’s implying it’s appointed i mean if you hear you know john macdonald then mccluskey you know saying you know it should be the checkers deal or no deal you just think well that’s the same position as the tory party you

Know oh jeez i’m a brexit is the big shadow that hangs over what is otherwise i think a fairly united conference and it’s clear that the members are truffle trying to force jeremy corbyn and the leadership to accept the idea of a second referendum the so-called people’s vote must include campaigning for public votes and nobody is rolling out remain as an option

There’s no doubt that in this conference you know the affection and the support for jeremy corbyn remains extremely strong and extremely real um but you are beginning to see the first challenges to his authority and brest is one of those ones where the members are really saying to him we want you to do more to stop a bad bret’s and possibly to stop brixham that

Vote has to include remain option or is it just a vote one of the deals and options available that kier was absolutely clear i think anything that was a vote on either a bad deal or a no deal but did not include option to remain within the european union would be no vote at all and would be a betrayal of minnesota my curriculum is clear about that the party is

Clear about that and i’m confident that we’re moving in the direction behind these are placed called hinterlands and this is one of the venues of the world transformed which is the momentum conference is taking place almost alongside the labour party conference and it is the hinterland in it so i just did of the labour party conference momentum is the popular

Grassroots movement that supports jeremy corbyn we take just been here watching john mcdonnell speaking in our platform share with other people on the idea of how you control the state and don’t let the state control you if you win power we all think of jeremy corbyn as the the absolute star turn of labor party events and labor conference but john macdonald is

Becoming a real star turn here i think corbin ism and mcdonald ism or whatever is that’s going on the moment socialism as we see at the moment will bring in will bring will give people a sense of democratic control over what is going on in their lives i love john macdonald i think he’s great he isn’t dogmatically stuck in old paradigms about how socialism has to

Work he’s he’s willing to listen to younger people and say unto people different walks of life about ways in which we can create a socialist project for the 21st century this different the buzz and the excitement of them the momentum festival has certainly taken some of the luster off of the traditional conference fringe but there’s still a fair bit of action

To be seen there as well who is talking about is foreign policy is a racist is a misogynist is a climate change denier and it’s a completely in the pocket of the most rich and corrupt elements in the usa we are also going to make the people of britain safer by jeremy corbyn number 10 if you come to any labor conference in the last 20 years it would be the same

Sort of event it’s very much anti-war it’s very much aunty western intervention very pro-palestinian and very paranoid at times about the deep state and the military-industrial complex the big difference is that on the platform during the course of this rally you’ve had andrew murray who’s a special political adviser to jeremy corbyn and he’s talking about how

He britain has to pull away from the us move away from any kind of special relationship abandon the transatlantic relationship and treated the u.s. like any other country especially while donald trump’s in charge also you had them dying over she’s the shadow home secretary the interesting thing is the stop the war coalition has got very mainstream and that’s

I think the really important takeaway from this it’s a very respected organization within lay button and diane abbott one of our major point was to say listen foreign policy is not an add-on for jeremy corbyn it’s fundamental to what he’s about and so the way he has put foreign policy front and center and many of the things that matter to him up till now you can

Absolutely believe it’s gonna be front and center if and when he gets to downing street one person i’ve been very keen to talk to here is untangling zelman she’s the mp for liverpool riverside she’s the president of the jewish labor movement and a consistent critic of jeremy called ben over the issue of anti-semitism i want to talk about how it feels to be the

Home mp at a labour conference and at the same time face the antagonism but a lot of people who really would like to see her out feel uneasy but a few old people have been warned until they have to be very careful about how they’re dealing with us what is the situation terms of the position at the moment before jeremy corbyn was leader i had about 500 members

And chrissie active labour party we had lots of discussions differing views the song with people very well and over the last couple of years not five hundreds has increased to two thousand seven hundred but more than that now and overwhelmingly jeremy corbyn’s supporters most of them are pretty united have very clear positions and if you don’t follow the new

Leader a hundred percent and your right-wing you’re bad and they want you out and i seem to come into that category so i’m slightly surprised as any of these t-shirts left on sale at the labour shop because i don’t think there’s any doubt that this party is still with corbin we’re just about to go in and see the leaders speech and i think everybody flooding into

The hall to see his speech is waiting to be enraptured and enlivened if you protect jobs people’s rights at work and environmental and consumer standards then we will support that sensible deal a deal that will be backed by most of businesses in the world and trade unions but if you can’t negotiate that deal then you need to make way for a party that can and

Will what was your favorite bit of this there’s so much video it’s such a great speed i think just jeremy jeremy is an amazing unifier you actually paid to buy a speech haven’t you yes it’s a souvenir yes and also he is as a present for part of regions just to keep it so that’s the end of labor conference his speech was the most confident i’ve seen him give it

Was coherent it was well-structured he was clearly enjoying it he made an appeal for a broad church he absolutely blamed russia for the script while poisoning he made a very strong had a very strong passage about anti-semitism so you have that sense of him trying to clear all of the problems out the way in one go and focus on the stuff that’s important what what

You can’t gain say about this confidence the extent to which jeremy corbyn and his supporters are absolutely in control of the party and that’s one of the oddest things to come back to labour when you were when you remember the blair era conferences because they were absolutely in control of the party – and many of the mechanism things that are going on behind

The scenes seem eerily familiar even if they’re in a completely different cause in those days you had unions and party officer stitching up motions to make sure that it didn’t go the wrong way and you’re having that now what is different is that with tony blair there was always a grudging happiness about him what you see here is the people in this hall at this

Purpose overwhelmingly do love jeremy corbyn but i think anybody leaving this conference is going to be leaving it with a strong sense of belief a strong sense of optimism and you would have to say that labour will be feeling pretty good about this week

Transcribed from video
Corbyn, Brexit, anti-Semitism: lessons from Labour conference By Financial Times

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queen elizabeth ii a long life o

Queen Elizabeth II: a long life of duty and service | FT

The Queen’s reign spanned Britain’s journey from empire to Brexit, from the wireless to the smartphone. The FT reviews the important moments in her life Read more at

The reign of queen elizabeth ii spanned britain’s journey from empire to brexit from the wireless to the smartphone she was seen by many as a figurehead able to hold together her people but the queen also faced her critics about the role of the royals as the attention of the media became ever more intense yet while she was one of the most recognizable women in the

World almost nothing was known about her private views an approach she thought fitting for a constitutional monarch elizabeth alexandra mary was born in london on april 21 1926 the eldest child of the former lady elizabeth bose lyon and prince albert known as bertie in the family he was the second son of king george v and expected his elder brother known as david

To the family to become king right from the outset princess elizabeth and her sister princess margaret attracted great attention they were educated at home which allowed them plenty of time for riding lessons instilling a lifelong passion for horses in 1936 king george v died and david became king edward viii but his decision to marry the twice divorced american

Wallace simpson soon forced his abdication and so princess elizabeth’s shy stammering father became king george vi and from then on elizabeth was heir to the throne gradually she was introduced to public life during the second world war she volunteered to work as a military driver and a mechanic on the home front on her 21st birthday she made a defining speech

To the commonwealth broadcast from south africa i declare before you all with my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service enter the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong her life was indeed to be long and much of it she spent with philip the distant cousin to whom she became officially engaged at 21 that same

Year in 1947 philip was the son of prince andrew of greece but the former royal navy lieutenant was also descended from queen victoria just like elizabeth and so was essentially british to further ensure he was eligible he renounced his greek royal title and was created duke of edinburgh princess elizabeth was only to lead something of a more ordinary life with

Philip for a short time in 1952 the couple were in kenya when they were given the news that elizabeth’s father king george vi had died suddenly aged only 25 she was queen by that time prince charles had been born in 1948 then princess anne in 1950 and while queen she had two more children princess andrew and edward elizabeth was now queen not just of the united

Kingdom but also of the commonwealth of canada australia jamaica and other former colonies and she saw this as a vital part of her mission as monarch what became rapidly clear was the queen’s sense of duty and appetite for the job qualities that helped the monarchy survive in a fast-changing world the suez crisis of 1956 underlined britain’s loss of empire and at

Home social attitudes were shifting in particular about divorce since the crisis over the king’s abdication in 1936 many thought the queen had been too harsh about her sister princess margaret’s relationship with divorcee and commoner group captain peter townsend under great pressure to observe her duty to the throne margaret abandoned her plans for marriage she

Has made her choice as befits a member of the royal family by the end of the 1960s the queen recognized the royal image needed to change she allowed a bbc crew into buckingham palace in 1969 to make a documentary it raised the popularity of the windsors but also opened the door to constant interest from the media then the queen arrived to be greeted by number

10’s present tenant but when it came to politics she had always shown skill as a constitutional monarch in remaining impartial in the eyes of the media confidentiality surrounded her relationship with a long succession of prime ministers labour’s james callahan said she offered her prime ministers friendliness but not friendship and i i’m amazed that she’s been

Brave enough to take me on and i suppose in love whatever in it was when prince charles married lady diana spencer in 1981 that media attention snowballed the ceremony was watched by 750 million people around the world and what nobody had bargained for was that princess diana quickly became an international celebrity the queen and charles seemed to expect diana

To accept the traditional role of putting duty first and hiding any unhappiness but the windsors had misjudged her the next few years were among the hardest of queen elizabeth’s reign 1992 became the queen’s annis horribilis or horrible year as she called it drawing a guild hall banquet to mark her 40th year on the throne 1992 is not a year on which i shall

Look back with undiluted pleasure in the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondence it has turned out to be an anus horribilis the queen’s favorite royal home windsor castle had been badly damaged by a fire the marriages of princess anne and prince andrew had ended the perilous state of charles and diana’s marriage had been revealed in a biography and

By december they had announced their separation worse was to come on august 31 1997 a nation awoke to the news that diana princess of wales had died in a car crash in paris her popularity had soared since the breakup of the marriage and the outpouring of public grief was unprecedented so too within days was the criticism of the queen for what many saw as a cold

Reaction tony blair the labour prime minister had paid folsom tribute to the people’s princess i feel like everyone else in this country today utterly devastated our thoughts and prayers are with princess diana’s family in particular her two sons the two boys but the queen remained silent and chose to remain in scotland with her bereaved grandsons william and

Harry then six days later she did return to london and decided to break tradition by ordering the royal standard over buckingham palace to be flown at half-mast she met some of the thousands who were laying flowers in memory of diana i for one believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life and from the extraordinary and moving reaction to her death i share in

Your determination to cherish her memory the queen had finally shown she was willing to listen but her tight-lipped response to diana’s death marked a low point in her relationship with the public and the media there followed a slow but steady return to greater popularity for the queen and for her family she met some of the growing demands for the house of windsor

To abandon its costly pomp and she herself eventually started to pay income tax though it was seldom clear how much in the millennium year her mother’s 100th birthday reinforced support for the monarchy so too did a new generation of unstuffy younger royals while prince charles seemed to be no great moderniser his two sons by diana william and harry returned a

More popular image to the royal family epitomized in 2011 by prince william’s westminster abbey marriage to kate middleton and the queen herself seemed to want to show she was not nearly as stern and serious as she often appeared in public for the opening ceremony of the london 2012 olympics she was filmed in a cameo with the actor daniel craig reprising his role

As james bond in 2015 her reign overtook that of queen victoria and at 89 she became britain’s longest-serving monarch inevitably a long life can pass by many milestones my own is no exception but i thank you all and the many others at home and overseas for your touching messages of great kindness in her ninth decade she showed little sign of slowing down only

Gradually handing over some of her lesser duties to prince charles and her family continued to pose challenges serious allegations relating to prince andrew’s friendship with financial and sex offender jeffrey epstein ended in his humiliation he pulled out of all public duties and was stripped by the queen of military titles and royal patriot inches later prince

Andrew made a multi-million pound settlement out of court in a sexual abuse lawsuit and so was spared a trial that threatened to heap further embarrassment on the royal family the prince denied any wrongdoing for many the wedding of her grandson prince harry to the american actress meghan markle in 2018 was a signal of hope and change but the couple announced their

Resignation from public duties after months of unhappiness in the public eye they stepped down permanently as working royals and moved to california in an interview with talk show host oprah winfrey they aired allegations of racism within the royal institution for the queen herself though there were only warm words on the global stage the queen continued to play

Host to world leaders including u.s presidents donald trump barack obama and joe biden the pope and chinese premier xi jinping as well as making a groundbreaking state visit to ireland and addressing the president of germany in our lives mr president we have seen the worst but also the best of our continent we have witnessed how quickly things can change for the

Better but we know that we must work hard to maintain the benefits of the post-war world and in that post-war world she had seen progress although never smooth on some of the things that is said she felt most strongly about reconciliation in ireland and the uk’s ability to hold together the kingdom she left was still united with its parliamentary traditions just

About intact although under great strain from calls for scottish independence and from the protracted process of brexit in 2019 the queen was asked to suspend parliament by prime minister boris johnson her request later ruled unlawful by the supreme court and the many trials she’d faced in her reign were not over when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the

World the queen looked to boost the nation’s morale on the 75th anniversary of ve or victory in europe day she made a rare televised broadcast she praised the national health service and the nation’s response to the crisis when i look at our country today and see what we are willing to do to protect and support one another i say with pride that we are still a

Nation those brave soldiers sailors and airmen would recognize and admire the queen’s husband philip died in april 2021 at the age of 99. she had described him as her strength and stay the image of her at his funeral mourning alone in the chapel because of covert restrictions was a reminder of her humanity she herself was becoming more fragile and in the

Continued transition of royal duties prince charles took the place of the 96 year old queen in 2022 to read her speech to parliament on the government’s legislative plans her majesty’s government’s priority is the first time she was unable to attend the state opening of parliament in almost 60 years but the queen believed in remaining monarch for the rest of

Her lifetime in february 2022 she had become the first monarch to reach 70 years on the throne and to many the platinum jubilee was a moment to celebrate the tradition and dignity she had brought to a country that had endured much under the pandemic queen figurehead mother grandmother widow she was admired even by critics of the monarchy for her sense of duty

And service to the nation

Transcribed from video
Queen Elizabeth II: a long life of duty and service | FT By Financial Times

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