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Hi i’m tasha from one big happy life on behalf of the financial diet and this is the lifestyle fix brought to you by skillshare spring is right around the corner which means that home buying season is about to be in full force in today’s video i’m gonna be sharing some essential items that you need to have as a new homeowner when people think about the costs of

Purchasing their home they typically tend to focus on obvious expenses like the down payment and the closing costs they might even also think about setting aside funds for new furniture or blinds that stuff is the fun stuff but there are a whole host of other things that new home owners often find themselves needing that might never even have occurred to them when

They were setting up their finances for their new home according to a study from the national association of homebuilders new home owners spend an average of 10 thousand dollars on furniture appliances and home repairs in the first year if you’re not planning for those expenses you can quickly end up piling on the credit card debt i bought my first house when i

Was 19 years old and since that time i’ve gone back and forth between renting and buying as i’ve moved around the country over the years these are the items that i’ve found myself consistently needing with every home purchase now of course every item on this list won’t apply to every new homeowner situation so just use it as a starting point to help you make your

Own list so that these purchases don’t take your wallet by surprise right after you’ve made what’s probably the biggest purchase of your life number one a toolbox a toolbox helps corral all of the other smaller tools that i’m gonna be mentioning on this list having a place to put all of your new homeowner house care stuff it makes it easy for you to find what you

Need when you need it it also makes your tools easier to carry around to various projects so that you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to the basement or garage because you forgot something and of course it makes it easier to tidy up afterwards because all of your tools already have a place where they belong number two a hammer hammers are useful for more

Than just hanging up pictures they come in handy for assembling furniture pulling out rusty nails out of a pile of wood that the old homeowners left behind there are many different types of hammers but typically you’ll want to get a standard claw hammer which has a claw on one side and a flat round part on the other side depending on what kind of work you expect

To be doing in your house you might eventually get a sledgehammer which is a bigger heavier hammer that’s used for heavy-duty demolition projects we do a lot of diy projects in our house so we currently have six different types of hammers hanging out in our garage a claw hammer a sledge hammer a ball peen hammer a dead blow hammer and a framing hammer number

Three screwdrivers you’ll need screwdrivers for all kinds of things like assembling furniture opening the battery compartment of kids toys and tightening loose door hinges for the sake of space i recommend getting a screwdriver set with interchangeable bits and having magnetic heads a nice bonus that makes them much easier to use the two most common screw head

Types are phillips head which look like a plus sign and flat heads which look like a minus sign but i’ve also come across hex square and star head screws so having one screwdriver base with multiple heads make sure that you’re ready for a wide variety of situations number four adjustable wrench an adjustable wrench is a wrench that has jaws that can be resized to

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Handle different sized nuts or bolts a small and medium sized adjustable wrench can replace a whole set of wrenches and take up so much less space number five drill and drill bits drill serve two main purposes first they bore holes in things and secondly they drive screws there’s some overlap there with screwdrivers but they can handle the same job a lot faster i

Recommend getting a cordless drill because then you don’t have to worry about dragging an extension cord around with you everywhere you’ll also want to sets of drill bits one with different diameter bits for drilling and the other that can drive screw heads that have different shapes and sizes so phillips flathead star hex and square number six a level a level is

A long block shaped tool that helps make sure that you’re installing things in a straight line it’s really useful when you’re hanging up pictures in a row or towel bars anything where the final product being straight is important if you want to get high-tech and a bit pricier you can actually buy a laser level that projects a straight line on the surface for you

I’ve never had one of those but i do stand longingly at them when i’m at the hardware store number seven wall anchors wall anchors are used for hanging heavy objects on walls most walls are drywall or plaster and aren’t made to withstand the weight of heavy objects on a single point which is what happens when you put a screw in a wall so instead of just putting

The screw directly in the wall you drill a small hole in the wall hammer in a wall anchor then screw the screw into the anchor as you tighten the screw the anchor expands and grips the drywall to add stability heavy-duty anchors even have prongs on the back that’ll spread out and distribute the weight on the back end of the wall using the right anchors for the job

Will keep your towel bars and framed artwork on your walls for years to come number eight picture hangers if you’re only hanging lightweight pictures then picture hangers are a great option they typically involve hammering a single nail plus a metal brace with a hook on the end that you use to hang things from the calendar that you see behind me is actually hung

Using picture hangers and a level i used picture hangers where possible instead of screws and anchors because they do less damage to the wall number nine picture hanging wire smaller pieces of artwork or picture frames only have a single hanging point so one screw or picture hanger is all you need when you start getting into larger prints and photos you’ll see that

They have two points on the back now you can try to nail two picture hangers into the wall at exactly the right spot so good luck with that or you can get yourself some picture hanging wire to string between the two hangers on the back and then you just hook the wire onto a single picture hanger number 10 measuring tape a measuring tape is one of those basic tools

That any adult needs to have regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a renter your measuring tape is the key to making sure that the sofa you’re eyeing will actually fit through your door and whether you’ll need a gallon of paint or two in order to paint your living room number eleven plunger the days of calling a landlord to fix a backed-up drain are gone my

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Friend you can call a plumber if you want to but i guarantee you that it’s gonna get expensive really fast knowing how to unclog your own drain is an essential homeowner skill that’s better to learn sooner rather than later so get the a plunger so you’ll be prepared to clear that drain also know where the water shut-off valve is for all of your toilets and sinks and

Know where to go to shut off the water for your whole house that was a bonus you’re welcome number 12 lawn mower if you have grass it will need to be cut you might be able to borrow one from a neighbor or your friends but after a while you will have to cough up the money for a lawnmower depending on the size of your yard you might opt for a cheaper push mower or

You might have some acreage and have to cough up thousands for a riding mower typically though you’re probably looking at a few hundred dollars for a good self-propelled mower number 13 weed whacker weed whackers aka edge trimmers are used to cut grass and plants where lawn mowers can’t reach you can also use them to edge your lawn around driveways and sidewalks to

Make everything look neater number 14 oh rake if you have a yard then you will have leaves and potentially grass clippings to deal with so generally it’s a good idea to leave your grass clippings in your grass rakes are the tool for that particular job you can also spring for a leaf blower if you aren’t in the heavy duty yard work but that’s gonna cost you number 15

A compost bin again assuming you have a yard a compost bin is a great green addition to help you reduce the waste that you send to the landfill not to mention that having your own high quality compost to the use in your yard will save you lots of money in the long run now the prices of these can vary quite a bit especially if you get the kind that has an exterior

Handle that turns itself but ours cost less than $30 each and we have three of them we keep a small container in our kitchen counter for compost and we dump it out in the bin every day number 16 garden hose and hose attachment even if you don’t have a yard or if you refuse to water it you’ll find a need to use water outside of your house you might decide to grow

A vegetable garden or keep chickens and will want to give them water so they can stay alive or you might need to wash your car or even just wash the outside of your house which is something that you’ll want to do about once a year number 17 a sprinkler if you have a yard or garden that needs water to keep looking its best and you don’t enjoy standing outside and

Watering your plants by hand you’ll want to invest in a sprinkler to do the work for you of course you might be lucky enough to have bought a house with a sprinkler system already installed in that case you’ll just want to make sure that your system is programmed to be as efficient as possible and that it gets regular maintenance because it can be pretty pricey

To fix number eighteen a bucket this comes in handy more than you might think a bucket has multiple purposes both inside and outside all you have to do is change how you style it you can have a tool bag instead of a toolbox it could be a cleaning caddy or a carwash bucket or catch water leaks or used to mop up the floor or even mix concrete you can go ahead and

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Make a list of all of the things that you can do with your bucket and call it your bucket list number 19 shovels there are many different types of shovels but typically you’ll want to have three kinds on hand a snow shovel if you live in a place that actually experiences winter a long handed digging shovel for moving dirt and mulch and sand for your kids sandpit and

All that kind of stuff and you’ll also want a hand shovel for planting flowers or vegetables number twenty stud finder yes i’m talking about the tool that finds the wooden wall studs and not the mythical device that helps you find a partner that looks like this it will come in handy any time you want to hang anything on the wall heavy or not knowing what’s behind

The wall will determine whether you need a drywall anchor for an empty wall or a screw when a stud is behind the wall frequently things that you want to mount to the wall that will hold weight will need to be anchored into a stud to make sure it doesn’t fall number twenty-one voltage tester this tool is used to find out if electricity is running to an electric box

It can be as simple as two wires with a light bulb in between or it can look like a large pen that will beep and light up if there’s a live wire it gives you peace of mind when you’re tackling small electrical projects because getting shocked is not fun the first line of instruction when it comes to replacing any light fan or switch is to turn off the electricity

But that’s easier said than done because breakers aren’t always labeled correctly and electrical boxes can contain more than one circuit save yourself some time worry and pain by getting one of these and checking to make sure that the power is off before you replace that hello kitty chandelier that the previous owners left behind now that i’ve shared some essential

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Lifestyle fix see you next week

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21 Home Items Every Adult Needs In Their Toolbox | The Lifestyle Fix By The Financial Diet

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