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You may feel like you’re bad with money — but perhaps you just haven’t heard the right advice yet. This video is here to help! Want to learn how to get good with money in a year? Check out this video:

Hi i’m chelsea and i’m lauren and we are the financial diet and today we’re going to be going through a kind of long list of little things that you may be doing wrong with money now a lot of these bad money habits are things that we may have talked about in another video in greater detail but we wanted to have one place with all of the kind of things you’re doing

Wrong with money listed together so that you can run through it real quick and ask yourself am i doing any of these these are a lot of the bad money habits that we tend to see really frequently and they’re also generally things that apply whether you have a really flexible budget or a really tight one it doesn’t matter how much you’re earning you can probably take

A look at this list and find at least one thing you’re doing wrong so let’s get to it here are 27 things you might be doing wrong with money number 1 not making your savings automated your savings should come directly right out of your check before you can even see it number 2 is not using your credit cards for bills so you can rack up that good credit flashpoints

Miles cashback whatever the way we do it is you take the extra step to pay your bills on your credit card and then pay your credit card off in full each month so that you’re getting all those goodies on the money you had to spend anyway number 3 is not tracking your overall net worth you can use apps like mint to keep all of your account information in one place

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Number four is keeping too much money in your checking account we recommend no more than a thousand dollars at any time in your checking account your money is way better off in other places number five is not buying bulk or recurring groceries online on auto delivery number six is keeping your student loan repayment structure the same year after year we recommend

That you reassess your student loan repayments at least once per year to make sure that you’re not eligible for any new special programs or that you couldn’t be paying more or that perhaps you could be refinancing to pay it off in a smarter way and we recommend programs like student loan hero to take a look at how you’re paying off your loans and see if you could

Save yourself a ton of money in the long term number 7 is not finding the painless ways to invest this means things like maximizing your 401k match and using apps like acorns which will help you invest your change without even thinking about it number eight is paying off just your credit card minimums or keeping a running balance when you don’t have to number

Nine is buying things last-minute whether that’s not waiting for end of season sales on staple items or not using apps like hopper to make sure that you’re getting the best airfare things last a minute almost always means spending more number 10 is not checking your bank transactions at least every three months to make sure you’re not accidentally still paying for

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Some subscription or service that you’re not still using number eleven is not checking for coupon codes when shopping online use apps like honey to make finding coupons easier number 12 is keeping too much money in your emergency fund six months worth is more than enough and the rest can be invested much more wisely number thirteen is paying for atm fees unless

It’s absolutely necessary number 14 is mindlessly increasing your spending whenever you get a raise the point of a raise is that that extra money can go toward things like savings or investments not to help you spend more unnecessarily number 15 is not doing the generic brand tests on regular grocery items you should only pay brand-name when it’s absolutely worth

It number 16 is ignoring retirement savings because you secretly think that you’re going to live forever and/or diet 27 number 17 is if you’re thinking about going to college not even thinking about community college as an option number 18 is not taking advantage of your free yearly checkups if you have them as part of your insurance plan just because your mom

Isn’t making your medical appointments doesn’t mean you don’t need to have them number 19 is not learning how to properly freeze food number 20 is throwing away unwanted but good quality used clothes instead of thrifting them or selling them on apps like poshmark number 21 is not doing a seasonal closet or general purge of your possessions twice a year you should


Be doing that to reassess or downsize everything that you have number 22 is keeping the same budget year after year budget should be reassessed and improved just as frequently as your closet number 23 is using single-use containers water bottles or coffee cups instead of invest in the chic reusable ones that you actually would want to use number 24 is not making

Clear concise lists before every shopping trip not just groceries number 25 is driving everywhere even when it’s not necessary number 26 is thinking about purchases under a certain amount like for example $10 as just not that big of a deal so that their purchases you can make without thinking about them every dollar counts number 27 is thinking that you’re too busy

To at least have some kind of side hustle as we’ve discussed before on tfd there are so many side hustles that you can have even just for an hour or so a week from the comfort of your own bed seriously everyone can be side hustling just a little bit and everyone deserves the freedom and options that it brings so as always thank you for watching and don’t forget to

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