3 Lessons From My No-Buy Year That Totally Changed My Finances

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Please enjoy our takeover of my tuesday show i’m going to be filming a series called the beautiful and to give you some context, at the beginning of 2018, care, clothing, and homewares to quit shopping for those things if you want to get the full breakdown of my no-buy year, leading up to my no-buy year, my compulsive spending and homewares, particularly, but things adjacent

To that anything that made me feel like my surroundings were more into a more idealized version of myself was so compelling to me it was that newness, that chasing of the next new thing so the first lesson that i learned from my no-buy year that process includes scrolling, searching, finding, comparing, i thought that i was fixated on the prize of owning so how and why did

This information change my life? it helped me to forgive my past self for my behaviors, that rabbit hole of compulsive shopping, not necessarily when i find myself going down the shopping rabbit hole, is there a way to process what i’m going through right now and how strange it is to me that i didn’t know it before, and all of those desires, each and every one of them,

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So how did this lesson change my life going forward? because i waited, because i put those items on my wish list this is especially true in my experience of online shopping. even when i choose browsing online as a form of escapism, i don’t also waste my money on ill-considered purchases. this is a big lesson that i learned from my no-buy year. buying something special

For oneself is, for many people, that you need to take care of yourself in some specific ways. i think it is totally fair to say that shopping is sometimes however, you cannot shop your way out of an unhappy life. and if you’re stuck in a state of unhappiness with your life, shopping cannot and will not improve on any of those things. buying new makeup is much easier

Than the slow lifelong work when you believe that lie, then shopping becomes an obstacle buying stuff instead of taking the steps to change your life, so it’s the shopping itself that keeps you in a holding pattern. you don’t want to get into the numerical and financial details i was literally spending money to avoid the shame that i say, i’m considering buying a blouse,

I love a blouse. the way i communicate with people, change my relationship? it has helped me to prioritize the kind of self care cultivating friendships, working to establish healthy routines, here on the financial diet.

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3 Lessons From My No-Buy Year That Totally Changed My Finances By The Financial Diet

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