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How’s it goin it’s brady does this beat the bush today i’m going to talk about the three levels of savings were going to the movies as you know going to new movies may incur significant cost every single movie ticket may cost anywhere between ten to twenty dollars by the time you pay for two people as well as popcorn and drinks you may be spending about fifty dollars

Just for an outing for two people to do movies now the first level is of course to not save anything at all and just watch movies just like anybody else and watch all the brand-new movies and pay full price for it you can of course save a little bit if you put the price of the movie on a credit card that has cash back now i want to focus on why people actually

Want to see a brand-new movie right when it releases out in the movie theaters to me this is more like a fitting in type of thing because if you’re able to talk to other people about a brand-new movie you have more things to talk about this does contribute to your need to watch brand-new movies of course you also want to watch it yourself the second level of saving

For movies of course you can just watch only the ones that you really want to watch and this may reduce down to maybe i don’t know a dozen or less movies every single year for me i did this for a while and i always watch a really good movies in the really really good theaters where it has the largest screen possible by the way if you didn’t realize there’s a lot of

Movie theaters out there that has fake imax screens that are not as large as the proper imax screens they could be up to about forty percent less in screen space and you didn’t even realize it while going to the theater and paying the full price as a regular imax screen now you want to figure out which imax screens are the proper real imax screens i’ll leave a link

In the video description below where you can find out which ones are the real ones at the second level of course you can also try to save a bit by buying those costco tickets that cost eight dollars and fifty cents or so when you go to a regular movie it may cost anywhere from 725 all the way up to fourteen dollars for a movie depending on the time and location

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So it’s not always advisable to always use the classical cards because that might actually be more expensive and you don’t get that many dollars off so it’s best to save those costco movie tickets for like a friday night instead where the cost is most expensive of course if you can save anything more than a quarter is still better to use the costco movie tickets

Instead from what i see if you use things close to a movie tickets they normally save you about $4 per ticket if you plan to watch a few movie throughout the year is always good to have maybe two to four of these classical movie tickets in your wallet at all times so anytime that you happen to go to one we can without one of these ticket and use it for concessions

It’s usually really expensive i know people like to buy the popcorn and the soda well so it is full of sugar i don’t get any of that popcorn is full of fat with the butter it’s fake butter even most of time you may have hot dogs there and there’s a horror story about that because they can actually have the hot dog rolling on there all day long and no one buys it

Right and then they turn it off that hot dog gets removed and it gets all stale and stuff it could possibly have mold on it and they could put it back on that little rolly thing and they roll it for a couple hours before people start coming in and by the time people start coming in it will look brand-new and delicious again so do you really want to eat something

That’s just recycled like this you never know how sanitary those food items are i don’t need much candy myself so basically all of the food that they have there i don’t really enjoy having so at least for me i don’t even want any of the stuff so i just bring a bottled water with me for level two new type of saving you can watch it on a weekday usually on tuesdays

Is much cheaper than on a friday or the weekends now on to level three of savings when going to the movie theaters now you’re not even going to watch half a dozen or a dozen of movies you’re going to watch more like a few movies when maybe one to three movies a year and the reason that you can do this is if you hang around with a whole bunch of friends that also

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Do not normally go and watch movies all that much either then it makes it a lot easier for you to not need to catch up with everybody just so that you can talk about certain movie from what i notice if it’s not a huge blockbuster people usually don’t really mind that you didn’t watch the same movies they did if it’s really big and you encounter other people that

Talk about it you may have a little feeling of being left out so the point here is if you hang around people that would not even go and watch all the brand-new movies all the time in other words people that are frugal as well and geared towards savings and financial in the then they really would not affect you if you did not watch all that many brand-new movies

Lastly on the level three of saving money when watching movies is you can wait until it goes out to the dollar theaters before you actually watch it you could also wait until it comes out on dvd which is not that long these days it’s about two months before it comes out on dvd and you can watch it on dvd or netflix if you like now for me i’ve been watching less

And less movies these days now i do remember watching all the brand-new movies all the time before and i remember buying all these movie tickets all the time and it costing a lot it may cost me somewhere between twenty to forty dollars every single month just to keep up with all the movies watching movies to me it’s kind of like on the bleeding edge of buying brand

New hardware when you buy brand new computer hardware it’s really really expensive and it goes up exponentially so when you’re watching a brand new movie that just came out yeah it’s going to cost you fifteen twenty dollars which is an exponential rise from maybe one to five dollars if you just rent it out so if by the time you wait long enough so that the dvd or

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Netflix comes out if you happen to have a pretty big sizable tv and also some surround sound to me actually it comes really close to the movie experience myself because if you have a nice around town system and also the base that goes with it you can hear really really good sound the tv is really clear because you’re sitting close enough to it so that your field

Of view basically is covered up just as much as a movie theater i realize though if you have a really prime seat in a movie theater you may need something like an 80 inch tv before it covers up as much field of view when you’re in your living room so it’s not quite the same but it comes close if you’re immersed in the story of the movie you tend to forget about

All of that and you just kind of forget about your surrounding anyway so i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about watching movies in general you’re still getting the proper content it’s just time shifted a little bit and just because you time shift it a little bit you’re going to save hundreds of dollars just not watching the movie straight out of the movie

Theater don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you do the same and if you delay watching movies just to save money if you’re interested in supporting this channel have an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook and if you don’t like the audiobook or you can cancel it before the trial

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