3 Pillars of Money and How to Conquer!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel in today we’re talking about the three pillars of money there are only three pillars of money anything out there money related in this world can fall under one of these three pillars they are investing income in debt and they make up the entire structure of

Anything money related so we’re talking about how you can gain the system what are the best ways to go about doing this what is the thought process you want to have going into each of these because if you have the right thought process there’s a book called think think rich grow rich right in that book it talks a lot about the thought process if you can get your

Thought process right right off the bat you’ve accomplished half of the half of the battle then it’s just about going out there and executing these things at the end of the day but once you have your thought process properly done then you can go on in to achieve big things so we’re gonna talk about each of these individually the three pillars of money okay hit a

Thumbs up if you enjoy this by the way so the first one has to do with investing winning you’re ever you’re gonna in make an investment in something whether i don’t care if it’s this particular stock i don’t care if it’s a stock option i don’t care if it’s real estate anything investing related right you need to ask yourself the three house there are three house

The first one is how much how much how much can you gain from this okay how much money can you gain from this how much as a percent can your money go up from this realistically how much can you gain from that so that’s the first house the next how is how long so how long are you in a particular investment for how long is it going to take are you going to need to

Be in this you know for 20 years and then you can get your gain on that how long is this process going to take i mean there’s a lot of great investments out there that take forever and ever for you to get your gains you know 10 20 30 years i mean you could buy treasury bills or something from the government right cool but that’s gonna take like a forever for you


To get your money back on that i mean i think they give out an out a 3% or something like that guys and the last one you gotta ask yourself is how safe so how safe is a particular investment how safe okay how safe how much how long how safe anytime you make an investment you’ve got to ask yourself those three house how much or is your potential gain how long is

This gain gonna potentially take and how safe is it and that covers investing once you have those you can kind of conquer that from there because you can look into stock market investing real estate investing conquer from there but you’ve got always have those three house in mind whenever you go to making investment income okay income how should you approach income

Incomes all about bubbles it needs to become a bubble game for you whenever you think about your income think of it for now on as a bubble game this is a bubble game okay so the first thing is you want to make sure your your main bubble is your biggest bubble okay your main bubble needs to be i would say everybody should try and of course i got viewers from all

Over the world so it’s different in different countries and whatnot but if you live in america you live in most of the developed countries and whatnot you should aim at 5 k as your main bubble ok 5 that means you’re making $5,000 per month and that’s before tax from your main bubble okay then from there it’s about expanding bubbles how do you get another bubble

There how do you get another bubble in making more and more bubbles it needs to become a bubble game you guys i’ve been i’ve been preaching this for a while and i want to keep preaching it i want to beat this into everybody’s head going into 2018 income bubbles game bubbles game you’ve got to treat it like that it’s not just good enough to be a one bubble unless

Unless you’re someone that gets satisfied very easily but also remember even if you’re a person that gets satisfied very easily that bubble as soon as that bubble is gone you got no bubbles left ok you got no incoming you stuck yourself in a bad situation i get a lot of times some people say well i make a lot of money from my one bubble cool awesome what happens

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When that one bubble goes away then what do you do you got to try to find another one bubble and that’s just a bad situation guys the more income sources you have that the safer you’re going to be and ultimately the more money you’re gonna end up making in end so it’s a bubbles game guy that’s how you need to focus around income now as far as debt how do you need

To think about debt this is you can debt can be a huge advantage people only think like and i only talk about the bad part of debt a lot of times on my channel right and that’s why i know what you hear the bad part but there’s also some good things in debt okay so what you need to think about that is you need to use it as acquiring income producing assets okay

Acquire income producing assets that’s something you want to do with debt if you have that ability to do that with debt for instance let’s say you want to buy a rental home right you want to buy this rental home and you take out a loan on that in your mortgages a thousand bucks a month but you can rent that house for fifteen hundred bucks a month you just made

Yourself a very good decision unless the whole market tanks and all those kinds of things happen but you generally speaking made a very good decision on your part because you’re gonna be all clear five hundred bucks a month and of course some of that’s a little bit that’s gonna go to taxes a little bit that’s gonna go to fixing up the place when somebody moves out

And kind of things like that but ultimately you acquired an income-producing asset okay it’s gonna make you money another example would be lets say you you want to buy a small business this business produces ten thousand dollars a month in income right and in profits right and let’s say your loan on that you take out a loan for that and you only have to pay five

Thousand dollars a month toward the loan you took out on that you took out a business loan to buy this other business you’re just netting yourself an extra five thousand dollars per month that’s a great decision that’s an income-producing asset you bought that’s what you really want to use debt for okay you don’t want to use it to just buy a bunch of stuff and we’ll

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Get to that in just a second you want to use it to buy things that are gonna make you even more money that’s the beauty with debt and also if you are buying stuff with debt which there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing inherently wrong about that rich people used you know debt to buy all kinds of stuff okay where there’s fancy cars fancy houses fancy watch

Whatever it be what that’s fine but if you do make sure you’re buying that stuff at under a five percent interest rate if you’re buying over in five percent interest rate and that’s a want not a need you’re buying i just think that’s a huge mistake out there guys you’ve got to get that interest rate under five percent if you’re going to buy something that’s a want

And you’re paying more than a five percent interest rate that’s just this is ludicrous in my opinion especially if you get over the 10 percent game or scuse me 10 percent interest rate then you the numbers on that how much that want is costing you and it gets absolutely absurd guys so if you’re getting wants wants i want this you know carl it’s way nicer and what

I need i want this house it’s way nice and make sure you’re getting that under a five percent interest rate and make sure it’s a fixed interest rate that it’s under five percent because you do not want to be buying once at a seven ten twenty percent interest rate guys that’s just ludicrous in my opinion but income yeah acquire income producing assets that’s what

You want to do for debt so i hope this guy’s this helped you guys tremendously today it’s a how gaming investing it’s a bubble game in income and it’s how do you acquire income producing assets in the debt category guys so i hope you really enjoy this hit thumbs up if you did thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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3 Pillars of Money and How to Conquer! By Financial Education

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