3 Secrets The Rich Will Never Tell You

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I want you to imagine with me for just a moment imagine yourself walking along a beautiful beach you’re walking on this beautiful beach and the waves are crashing and you look up to your right side and there’s just a ton of beautiful mansions there up on the hill just overlooking the ocean and you see one guy and he’s leaning against his balcony just looking at the

Beautiful waves crashing the sun setting and later on that night you’re actually at a restaurant and you see that guy and you say you walk up to him and say hey you know how did you make all your money i saw you at that beautiful house earlier well first off he’s probably not gonna talk to you easy to say get on my way you’re freaking creeper why are you looking

At me at my house but let’s say he does have a conversation with you for a moment you the number one thing that guy’s gonna say to you he’s gonna say work hard work hard work hard and you’re gonna get there that’s what i see time and time again from interviews and what i want to share with you guys is three real secrets the rich will never ever share with you i

See so many interviews with so many highly successful people and they always talk about working hard well the fact is working hard that’s just such a small fraction of it right we all know people that work really hard and work for minimum-wage jobs right there are a lot of people working super hard in china and india working for a dollar two dollars an hour right

Working hard is not gonna cut it you’ve got to have working hard and some other things going for you so that’s really what today’s video is about it’s about a mindset shift for you guys it’s about a mindset shift on revealing these three secrets that no one ever really talks about so i hope you guys get a lot of value out of this video i hope you really enjoy it

Secret number one the rich will never tell you is it’s not about how much you know it’s not about how much you know so many people think it’s about how much you know and how much your knowledge base is no no no what it is really about it’s about who you know and specific things you know specific knowledge you have that gives you an advantage out there okay and it’s

About the people you know you ever heard the expressions is about who you know and who you blow it is so true for example let’s say i used to have a real estate marketing company right you know or take pictures and do jobs for realtors and things like that right let’s say there’s a real big job right there’s a real big job coming up in this realtor he’s looking

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At me and he’s looking at you and but he knows me you know from let’s say a close personal relationship and our kids play together and whatnot we got a really close relationship let’s say you are actually a far better photographer and videographer you’re actually way better than me who do you think that realtor is gonna go with they’re gonna end up going with me

That’s so much about what business is about okay it’s not just about the fact that you might have a better product or better service out there no no no do you think the best person always gets promoted in the workplace do you think the most talented person always gets promoted in the workplace no that’s not the way the world works do you think the best person for

The job always is the one that gets that job no it is so much about who you know in this world and that is a fact networking is so key if you want to try to rise the ranks at a workplace networking okay getting in getting people to like you get that boss to like you things like that right if you’re starting a business and whatnot it’s all about networking networking

Constantly your life is like one big network okay you don’t want to network be ready to be at a disadvantage and it’s about specific things you know it’s not just about a general knowledge base so many people think if i just get my master’s degree and my whole life is gonna open up for me i’m gonna have so much money and i have so much success it’s just not the way

It works when you see people in specific fields that have specific knowledge making so much dang money right okay zuckerberg has got so much money right because he had a very specific knowledge base on this the littlest social media thing right before people even could grasp what social media was and then you fast forward a decade and the guys were 50 60 billion

Dollars right you don’t have to be worse 50 60 billion dollars to have a specific you know knowledge base but you learn something really well it is gonna benefit you in a huge way especially if you know it better than most people and especially if it’s something that’s in demand or something in need it is so key guys so so get that whole thing out of your mind


About it’s just you need to know as much as possible about everything it’s not you need to know specific things on specific subjects and you need to have the right people you that know you and like you the second one is income is great but it means absolutely nothing if you can’t save money how many people do you know that you know make a lot of money or what you

Would consider you know a good sum of money but never have anything left at the end of the month it’s because they’re spending all their freaking money guys it’s not because they’re actually like using it for investing and things like that they got no money left if they are in their bank accounts at the end of the month each month because simply they are spending

Everything coming in income is great it having a big income oh my gosh that’s phenomenal right but if every dime is going out to restaurants and you know to the fancy you know lamborghini payment and the ferrari payment and everything what good you just own a bunch of depreciating assets you’re just eating up all your money and you’ve got nothing at the end of

The day okay that’s not a good situation would you rather be a guy that makes $100,000 a year right and can save you know let’s say five thousand dollars a month what would you rather be a guy that makes four hundred thousand dollars a year but can only save let’s say five hundred bucks a month i’d much rather be the guy that’s making a hundred thousand dollars a

Year saving up five thousand dollars a month because guess what over time he’s gonna be able to live a massively better lifestyle than the guy that has four hundred thousand dollars right and can only save five hundred dollars a month right the guy that’s making a hundred thousand and saving five thousand his lifestyle ten years from now 15 years from now 20 years

From now is gonna be so much more grand and so much better than the guy that’s only saving five hundred bucks a month even though the other guy you know his lifestyle looks so great right now it looks very great in the short term and then watch what’s gonna happen ten years from now 15 years from now the other guy’s gonna be able to have everything he wants in life

And this guy’s still gonna be at the same level he was that before just trying to you know pinch pennies together it’s so much about what you can save and not just about your how much your income really is the third thing that rich will never share with you is investing is key okay investing is key making your money into money is absolutely vitally important but

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When it comes to investing a lot of people think it’s the smartest guy that makes the most money it’s the smartest guy it’s the one with the highest iq so one that just got that brain that’s just like he can calculate numbers so fast that’s not it at all investing is all about discipline discipline is what differentiates an average investor from a good investor

From a great investor discipline discipline discipline when i look at myself when i think about all the success i’ve had you know the failures i’ve had when i think about the two main failures you know in my life my financial life i think about 2015 well seventy five thousand dollars on margin trading short term trading getting away from everything that made me

Successful i got undisciplined and when i think about my growth gopro investment which was by far my worst stock market investment i ever made as far as one particular stock i was investing in a company that wasn’t even profitable that’s a no-no that’s something i don’t do but i ended up doing it i got undisciplined okay so when i look at my decade of being in

The stock market and actually stock market investing when i look at all the massive amount of success i’ve had it’s all because i was very disciplined when going into investments i looked at this stock over here and i said i’m not touching that one because it’s not in my strategy sticking to a discipline okay that’s what’s so vital the the person that’s so smart

That has an iq you know through the roof and got a you know a 4.0 at harvard or whatever just because they did that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be a great investor because they might slip up they might get you know undisciplined they might get scared very easily they might not have the emotional intelligence to handle the markets and things like that it’s not the

Smartest guy who gets the biggest bag at the end of the day it’s the one that is most discipline that gets the biggest bag at the end of the day and those are three secrets the rich will never tell you you know it’s not just about hard work hard work is important hard work is absolutely important in this world but is it the most important thing no no no that is

Not the most important thing so anyways hope you guys really enjoyed this as always thank you so much for watching and have a great day

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3 Secrets The Rich Will Never Tell You By Financial Education

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