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Well holy smokes folks this ain’t no dang jokers three stocks yes three stocks have absolutely changed the game in the past 24 hours and i want to cover exactly what these three stocks are and exactly what’s going on here this first stock is seen as more of a boring stock okay the next two stocks after that are pretty darn exciting stocks that are uh very very

Volatile so hope you guys enjoy this video where i cover these three stocks let me know in the comments section if you own any of these three stocks if you’re interested in these three stocks i would love to hear from you guys in the comments section as always also just so you guys know we have a free seven-day trial going on right now for the private stock group

The course curriculums discord chat everything like that check out pin comment we’ll get you on board into the private group for that free seven-day trial there first stock of these three stocks up here that has absolutely changed the game in the past 24 hours is walgreens boots alliance ticker symbol wba very large investment of mine needless to say this is

A stock that pays me out about ten thousand dollars just over ten thousand dollars to me every three months in the form of dividends i own the stock in this account as well as my dividends only account today big day okay seventy thousand plus dollars a day i gotta say it’s been a while it has been a while since i’ve had a stock they you know basically got me a

Gain of seventy thousand plus in a day it feels like it’s been forever okay and uh yeah i i’m like more than thrilled about this now we are up over 200 000 on the stock now at this point in time and keep in mind that number doesn’t even take into account all the dividends we’ve received over the past several quarters since i’ve been in the stock when i bought

This stock it was probably december of 2020 or like january of 2021. so we’ve been in it for less than a year and to have over 200k of gains plus the dividends like i am more than thrilled about wba needless to say now some really good news came out in regards to walgreens today okay two two really are a few good things okay first one was this walgreens to close

Five stores in san francisco no no no sorry about that guys that is the wrong one i pulled up here here it is okay elizabeth holmes trial walgreens paid 100 million dollars to theranos no no sorry the wrong one again but i do apologize there it is the earnings there it is earnings were reported this morning earnings per share of a dollar 17 eps adjusted versus a

Dollar 02 was expected revenue came in at 34.26 billion dollars versus 33.3 billion was expected that’s almost a 1 billion dollar beat in terms of revenue absolutely massive number in the quarter net income rose to 627 million dollars or 72 cents per share from 373 million or 43 cents per share a year earlier walgreens earn 358 million or 41 cents a share from its

Continuing operations during the latest quarter so very very strong numbers out of walgreens needless to say i love to see a double beat and when you’re beating down dog stock like walgreens has been where it’s been trading in the 40s for you know much of the recent history and you look at the ford p of this stock yeah it’s in it’s in a prime position to any any

Beats to the upside you’re gonna get big moves and that’s why you see this stock despite walgreens not being a very volatile stock it made a seven percent plus upward move here today on these earnings and that’s how you get it when you’re beating down dog and the expectations are extremely low all you need to come in is with something decent like walgreens comes

In with the double beat and next thing you know your stock’s flying high and there’s seventy thousand dollars i will take it i will gladly take it okay no that wasn’t the only thing walgreens invest in village md walgreens to invest 5.2 billion dollars in village md which is essentially they want their stores to become also doctors offices where right inside the

Store doctors can fill out prescriptions as well right inside the store which makes walgreens more of an ecosystem than ever before and in my opinion this is a genius move a genius move by walgreens to pull this in-house i mean at the end of the day if you can become an overall health destination that’s what you want to be and so i love this move by walgreens i

Think it’s a super intelligent move and when you talk about everybody that’s gotten the roney rona shots and how relevant walgreens is now walgreens is more relevant to a lot of folks out there that than they’ve been you know anytime in recent history and so i love this move by walgreens i think it’s a genius move roz brewer is already starting to make a positive

Impact on the company i’ve spoken about this many times when i talked about this company before ross brewer she came over from starbucks she was a ceo of starbucks huge a very important person when it came to starbucks digital transformation and she just did an outright phenomenal job at starbucks she also used to be on the amazon board of directors she did have

To leave the amazon board of directors because she took over this role as ceo of walgreens and in some way amazon is considered a competitor to walgreens so she had to leave the board of directors of amazon but you know she’s just so well connected she also used to be the ceo of sam’s club division which is owned by stinkin walmart i mean it’s absolutely amazing

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I mean you think about you know it’s like a dream person to take over the reigns as ceo and she’s already making a positive impact on this company imagine where walgreens is going to be at in two or three years from now so definitely very very thrilled with the move she’s making there this is the first stock walgreens boots alliance wba second stock up here very

Good food company which just changed this ticker symbol to vgfc very good food company just changed it very recently here and this is one we’re doing pretty decent on so far up uh 33 000 on this position here for a very good food company i own in another account or two a very i would call it more speculative stock i hold much smaller market cap plant-based food

Company here so in regards to the very good food company uh several things going on here that just happened recently just got on to the nasdaq so there there’s uh obviously long term that’s a huge thing for this company like the fact that they can be listed on the nasdaq is a massive game changer for a very good food company over the long term however in the short

Term it’s kind of not a good thing and when i mean short term i mean extremely short term just for the mere fact that a lot of people are confused about the ticker symbol change and like where the stock even went like is it still a public company things like that as far as why it’s a big after hours i have no clue why that you know why it’s making such a big move

After hours but needless to say very good food company is in a interesting spot and you look at the stock price it’s been just about everywhere it went through its massive hype cycle into that january time frame like a ton of these hyper growth stocks which very good food companies a hyper growth company if you look at their revenue growth recently it’s been triple

Digits like there’s a starting a lot of stocks that are growing triple digit revenues right and so when you’re growing at that type of pace and you got into a hype cycle the stock went absolutely parabolic it has come back down to much more interesting levels and in the 200 something million mark cap this is you know it’s it’s a much more interesting stock than

It’s been okay so that’s obviously a long-term bullish thing now this news came out here today not many people picked up on this news to be quite honest the very good food company launching pilot program in china very good to pilot launch its flagship brand the very good butchers in china to reach new consumer set in early 2022 the enhanced distribution will

Allow very good to enter a new market widen its consumer base and continue making its carefully crafted plant-based meats accessible to all i mean this sounds like a massive deal needless to say like colossal like it doesn’t get much bigger than this i was almost shocked when i saw this and i want to speak about why i don’t think this had a huge uptick on the

The particular stock price today as far as what did mitchell scott the ceo of this company say he said we’ve seen an increase in consumer demand for plant-based foods in china and we’re thrilled to be introducing our plant-based meat alternatives on a different continent said mitchell scott co-founder and ceo of the very good food company we’re guided by making

Plant-based eating accessible and approachable for all and this is a significant milestone for us as we look to increase distribution to a brand new geographic region and reach a new consumer base this move is the perfect next step for us as we’re continuing to grow and become a global brand accessing new markets and raising the plant-based meats bar all around the

World from north america to europe and now asia very good is working with partners in china to assess the importation of its products in supply chain logistics to execute a successful plan the company is executing on its larger growth strategy and the new pilot launch in china is only beginning okay now first off this is crazy big news right like there’s if you’re

A food company there’s nowhere you would rather participate than china especially a plant-based food company like you know that opportunity dwarfs any other market like like for instance i used to be an investor beyond meat right by nd and i might be in the future as well by the way and i’m an investor tattooed chef i mean i can tell you i could see tattooed chef

And beyond meat their biggest market in a decade from now being china and probably by a lot it won’t even likely be close and so it’s very interesting that the very good food company already wants to go over to china now why did this not make the stock go up a bunch today well remember they just got lists on the nasdaq there’s a bunch of confusion right now about

Their ticker symbol and getting news about the very good food company because they had the exchange change right and they had the ticker symbol change so that creates a situation right now on top of that and here’s why i was excited about this but i was kind of like i don’t know about this because the end of the day i look at very good food company and it’s

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Such a young company i mean they’re so young it’s ridiculous right like no one ever heard of this company a year or two ago and it’s awesome they’re building up their brand their their revenues have been skyrocketing everything with the company their distribution things like that but i look at this company and i’m like they’re just barely starting to become an

Infant company in the united states right now is it really the right time to go to china right now and i’m worried that the management team is not going to be able to get things right in the united states or that they’re not going to be able to get things right in china or they end up messing up the whole dang thing because they get too unfocused right because the

Executive team at very good food company is is limited right it’s not like the you know these folks have been running a multi-billion dollar company for years they’re just starting to scale up this business as somebody that’s a shareholder of this company and as a somebody that obviously is um you know somebody that’s you know used very good food company products

Right and eating them i i’m excited that they just barely got packaging down like this company’s packaging in the past was horrible like just awful they just barely fixed this very very recently right and as far as their their taste their products you know i’m not the biggest fan of the taste of their products now some of these products i got in the shipment here

Today i got to try some of these new these new products out and see how they taste but i haven’t been a big fan of how a lot of the products taste and so that’s what’s honestly prevented me from making this a bigger position now maybe there’s something here where the taste of these products will be preferred by folks in china rather than the united states like we

Know you know folks have different tastes in different areas right what somebody likes you know that’s in this country is different than another country there are certain things that are eaten in different countries that you know other folks can’t even consider right and so i it’s interesting but i don’t i’m not putting a lot of weight in this move with china i’m

Not expecting this to be some sort of massive success if it is man is that a crazy game changer for this company i can tell you if they’re successful in china and really build out this brand like holy smoke is like very good food company stock is going to be no jokers let’s just put it that way but i have very low expectations going in very low expectations and

So the good news is very good food company has nothing but upside in the situation because my expectations are so dang low in this scenario so yeah needless to say this company is barely getting around the united states and we’re going to see how they expand in the united states over the next few years and at the simultaneously they’re going to try to do this

Thing in china as well so man i’m excited to hear more about what they have to say as far as this move goes and hear more detail hopefully on future conference calls and things like that and how it’s going in china my expectations are low my expectations are so low that if they pulled out of china and they said hey we just couldn’t make it work in six months 12

Months like i wouldn’t be surprised and it wouldn’t make me sell the stock like that that’s how low my expectations are so we’re almost playing with house money here where literally everything is upside here if they actually make it in china and they start building this brand successfully like jeez i mean yeah this stock you know this will be a company that will

Be valued at billions of dollars if they could successfully do that my expectations were low my expectations are in six months or 12 months from now they’re like yeah now is not the right time for china we’re just shutting that market down that’s my expectations hey it’s all upside for me it’s all gravy like hey i’m rooting for them if they do it man am i gonna

Be a happy shareholder that’s all i have to say about that but i am pleased with the packaging changes they made recently if they’re getting to a much better level as far as all that goes okay next stock up here we’re talking about is avant a brands you know avant and very good food company are my two smallest positions by a mile right two smallest market caps

By a mile avon brands doing pretty decent on this one so far up 33 thousand dollars on avon brands ticker symbol a v t b f this one up listed not too long ago and also this one changes ticker symbol it used to be called g tech but it just didn’t fit the brand name it makes it almost sound like it was a technology company something like that one really it’s a jack

Jackson play and so i’m happy they changed their name to avant brands i think that was a good long-term decision it’s created a problem in the short term where folks are still confused about like you know is that still gtech or is it like is this a new company things like that so anyways it’s the old gtech same company super small market cap obviously interesting

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As far as the stock price goes you know back in 2018 the stock was flying high and that was kind of right around the time when a lot of the jack jackson stocks peaked and then i mean you go to 2020 and a lot of folks figured this this company was done let’s be quite frank they figured this company was done but the stock was going to go to literally zero and it

Was going to be de-listed obviously that didn’t happen the company’s revenue is turning around in a massive way i got involved with this stock and obviously the company overall thrived a lot of investors saw the results the underlying results the revenue growth and all sorts of things and it’s been up up and away you know obviously it got caught up into the whole

January kind of hype cycle and had to come down from there but needless to say like this is a huge success for the company overall now uh you know piggybacking off that situation it’s a few days ago somebody posted this in the discord chat norton the ceo he says i i could have cashed out before we went public talking about avon right or what used to be gtac he says

I would have personally walked away with over 10 million dollars for about a year work but hey where’s the fun in that i’d rather take no salary for two years work my butt off for five to ten years and build something truly meaningful here he says when the pandemic hit i deferred my salary then i also sold personal assets so we can make payroll because i didn’t

Want to lay off anyone the company owed me almost 500 000 by the time we closed our financing so you know i’m polling for this company like i’m a believer in it i’m a shareholder of it and we’re going to go over their earnings that just came out here we’re going to go over those earnings but ultimately like i’m a you know like you know seeing stuff like this like

Norton’s putting out on twitter like that’s big stuff like you know how many ceos would actually do that it makes me definitely root for this company i would love to see them become a big big player in the jack jackson space over the next five ten years it would be amazing to see that honestly um i think they’re actually in a pretty darn good position when we look

At their earnings that just came out here yesterday last night late last night okay total gross gross revenue was up 29 total net revenue was up 32 those are the most important numbers for me personally that’s what i’m gonna always look at those year-over-year numbers and what’s the growth right i’m not in avon brands for the short term net loss or net income i

Don’t care about that i care about revenue growth i’m in this company because i hope they can become a 500 million dollar market cap long term right or a billion dollar mark cap long term and you’re not going to get there based upon short term profitability metrics you’re going to get there based upon revenue numbers right if you look at recreational sales those

Are down seven percent i would love to see those uptick there’s somebody else posted some stuff that norton had put out on twitter which basically was talking about they switched some packaging sizing that hurt their basically their sales for recreational in the short term so hopefully we see a bounce back next quarter and moving into future quarters when it comes

To recreational and we see a uptick there and then the area we saw a massive uptick was from their uh israel deal essentially bdb sales up 823 percent quite a substantial rise in revenues there now they had some a bunch of things hurt margins obviously the b2b sales much lower margin that hurt margins also they uplift it which hurt margin so they had a bunch of

Things kind of working against them in the short term as far as margins go and it makes the numbers look really out of whack as far as that goes but the story for me when it comes to von brand’s revenue growth the day they stopped growing revenues that’s the day i’m going to worry about this stock as long as they continue to grow grow grow get bigger and bigger

If they make money on the bottom line sweet i’m super happy about that like awesome but for me this one’s 100 about revenue growth i would love to see you know them eventually doing 10 million dollars a quarter in revenue and hopefully 20 million dollars and 30 million dollars and just continue to scale the business bigger and bigger scale their brands bigger and

Bigger that’s what i want to see in this one long term so hope you guys enjoyed this video about these three stocks let me know if you own any of them in the comments section i’d love to hear from you guys always all asking returns that you smash that like button before you leave appreciate it in a huge way guys also if you want to take advantage of that free

Seven day trial we’re running out of spots for that so if you want to take advantage of that before they’re all filled up check out pin comment down there much love and have a great day

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