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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is a financial education channel and we’re talking about three stocks to buy that are over $100 now i got this video idea because about two weeks ago i did a video about three stocks to buy that are under $10 and i thought why not do one that’s stocks that are over $100 now as you guys

May know um two of my favorite stocks that i’m actually invested in right now are actually over $100 stocks but i’m not covering those today because i want it to be original i want to do some stocks that i like there aren’t the new usual stocks i cover because one of them’s apple and one of them is wynn resorts so i just push those aside and i did not want to talk

About those today so i pick three random stocks that i also like that are all over $100 leave a thumbs up if you guys enjoy this video today and let’s get into this so stock number one it’s a company name goldman sachs goldman sachs you guys may have heard of a lot of people don’t even really know what goldman sachs does or what they are so let’s go ahead and get into

Goldman sachs and give you a brief introduction the goldman sachs goldman sachs is a leading global investment banking securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations financial institutions governments in individuals now most banks i’m not a huge fan

Of investing in banks i just don’t like it because their balance sheets are very confusing it’s hard to see where money’s coming where everybody’s going because they’re so big some of these banks are so big goldman sachs is the only bank i’ve ever like wanted to invest in ever ever been invested in just simply because i can understand their business model a little

Better than the rest of the banks the rest of the banks are very confusing so goldman sachs is basically that they’ll take your money and invest it if you’re a super rich person so meaning you’ve got tens of millions of dollars hundreds of millions billions of dollars or if you’re a big corporation they’ll help you invest if you’re a major government they’ll help

You invest your money all those kinds of things and try to lead you in the right way they get paid based upon that and that’s how they make most of their income that’s how they do it they also lend money and things like that they’re a little more confusing but they’re not as big as you know some of the other big banks as far as lending money goes mostly they do

Investments and mostly things like strategy strategize with you okay you know we can hedge a position here we can do this do that and they’re very well-run they’re one of i would say in my opinion that the best will run investment bank in the entire world guys they really have their crap together they’re well-connected with government and all those things there’s

A really well run by lloyd blank fine the whole management team over there best bank in my opinion without question as far as investment banks go so let’s look at this income statement here guys so we can see revenue has actually been going down a bit you know it went up a little bit from 2013 to 2014 then it went down last year and look at how net income which

Is toward the bottom there look at how as net income you know suffered from all the way you know almost 8 billion or looking at net income applicable to common shares so you guys know you know seven point seven billion they did a net income in 2013 up to eight million in 2014 and all the way down to five point five million last year so you say jeremy why the heck

Would you want to be a you know interesting in a company that the revenues went down in the net income went down so substantially well that’s the past and we’re gonna kind of look at the most recent quarterly results you guys will kind of get a mindset that maybe this isn’t as bad as it looks here on this income statement the last three years because last year was

A really tough year especially in the second half with commodities just suffering a commodity jeez just got killed which is important the stock market went nowhere it actually went down with the stock market going up sat very good thing for goldman sachs you know in a lot of companies that may have done ipos which is something goldman sachs deals with you know

When the companies go public a lot of companies actually pulled back on that for the second half of the year so that affected goldman sachs very negatively very negatively and that’s why their net income suffered huge that’s why the revenue suffered so the whole second half was just a mess for goldman sachs last year in and we saw it in the global economy you know

China slowed down we saw a lot of the emerging markets slow down so things are changing a bit things are getting a little more positive let’s go ahead and look at their balance sheet now balance sheets or four banks are very different than regular companies guys they have two hundred fifty two billion in cash and cash equivalents four hundred and sixty six billion

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In long-term investments they have short slash current long-term debt of 128 billion they have long-term debt of 200 billion balance sheet four banks i don’t i don’t they’re just not the way you know you can judge a balance sheet from the regular corporation because really how do we know how much cash is really goldman sachs cash first is how many is how much money

Is their customers cash same thing with long term investments how many how much of that money is actually golden in sachs long term investments versus customer investments that’s what i said i’m not a huge you know a big bank fan because the balance sheets are very hard to understand how much of the money how much of that debt is actually goldman sachs debt versus

Our customers debt and all those kinds of things it’s very confusing so they do have 86 billion in total stockholders equity that’s the mean that’s the main thing i pay attention to when it comes to banks because the rest of it it’s just not judged the same way we judge a retail or electronics company or any regular business banks are just judged differently so look

At this latest quarter they reported here guys blowing numbers out in q3 fiscal year 2016 goldman sachs total net revenue surged to 8.1 seven billion dollars from six point eight six billion dollars in the prior year comparable quarter outperforming wall street’s consensus of seven point four two billion the company has posted his first double-digit year-over-year

Growth in the last six quarters as a bank fixed income currency and commodities revenue search 34 percent let’s go ahead and look at that last paragraph there the the global investment bank reported net earnings of 2.1 billion dollars or four dollars at eighty eight cents per share and q3 fiscal year 2016 compared to 1.3 billion or two dollars and ninety cents per

Diluted share in the last year’s quarter so we see here guys things have turned around very well for goldman sachs the revenue is surging and net income is up substantially what is that almost 50% the net incomes up here guys huge numbers so we can see the turn for goldman sachs has certainly come it is monstrous the way they’ve turned around you know versus where

They were at in the second half of last year and we’ve seen you know some things play out the the worries about the global economy have kind of gone away ipos have come back a bit now and and you know oil prices stabilized you know still very low compared to where was it two years ago but it’s it’s stabilized and things like that stock markets near all-time high so

The all these types of things are helping goldman sachs greatly so as long as the economy stays decent or or even picks up a bit goldman sachs is gonna definitely definitely reap the benefits of that so let’s look here goldman sachs is at $223 where it closed out it today that’s toward its 52-week high so that kind of stinks i wish we could have bought it when it

Was $138 market cap a 93 billion pe currently of just under 18 they do pay a small dividend about one percent and one point two percent so very small dividend forward p/e of 12.5 and that is why i really the law of goldman sachs guys that for repeat is so low and i look at the global economy and i see just i see just growth picking up a bit i don’t necessarily see

You know anything going gangbusters anytime soon but when i look out you know i do not see a recession coming anytime soon you never know when one can come they can just pop out of nowhere but in my opinion i don’t see anything on the time horizon anytime soon so that’s why i love goldman sachs and trading at 12.5 forward p/e and being the best run investment bank

In my opinion it’s the it’s my number one stock that’s over $100 that i think it’s worth taking a look at number two stock here guys is the home depot now for you guys that do not know the home depot the home depot is a retailer that sells all types of home improvement things you know drills hammers lawn mowers flowers about anything you can possibly think though

That will go into a home to renovate it to build it anything like that that’s what the home depot sells here guys no you understand home depot’s business model he no they neither buy something from their their sellers you know someone sells on the hammer oh we’re gonna sell you a million hammers guys and home depot pays ten bucks for those hammers and they go ahead

And sell them for $16 that’s the business model of retail that’s a business model of home depot let’s go ahead and look at that income statement see while i’m so excited about home depot so 2014 78 billion dollars in revenue 2015 they did 83 billion last year they did eighty eight billion dollars in revenue and then look go ahead and look at the bottom line their

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Net income grew from 5.3 billion to 6.3 billion to over seven billion last year so we can see home depot despite them not opening nearly as many stores they have in the past their revenues are growing great their net income is growing great and they’re just knocking it out of the ballpark as far as this goes guys the home depot has been one of the retailers that’s

Been the least amount affected by amazon you know amazon has been stealing market share away from pretty much every big retailer out there home depot has been able to fight them off very well based upon their pricing based upon how many locations they have all those types of things based upon the fact that you can go into a store and ask somebody a question

Versus amazon which is a little more confusing because you’re online you’re not somebody there to actually speak with you and say oh you’re gonna need this drill bit for that or all those kinds of things guys and then the fact that housings come back pretty strong in the last couple years i would say housings probably the most strong it’s been since i would say the

Mid-2000s and it’s not quite there yet it’s not it’s not where it wasn’t in the mid 2000s but it’s come back the strongest since then that plays even very well with home depot because home depot is dependent upon people building houses and people renovating their houses so the fact that real estate industries come back pretty decent now it’s helping out home depot

Greatly look at that balance sheet here guys i’m not a huge fan of balance sheet two billion in cash flow 2.2 billion no short-term investments no long-term investments and then you go ahead and look down here they have about 427 million in short slash current long-term debt and they have over twenty billion dollars in long-term debt i don’t like this balance sheet

At all i think it’s a really crappy balance sheet i would love to see a lot more cash i would love to see a lot more investments just you know what makes me feel better at night what if they do struggle somehow when you have a balance sheet that has that much debt versus that much cash it’s just not a good balance you it’s not a good look the good thing for them is

They’re making over 7 billion dollars in profits at the end of the day so they could probably pay that debt off pretty fast if they really wanted to you know cut down on the dividend but at the same time you know i would love to see a better balance sheet it does not have a great balance sheet in my opinion not at all look at this latest quarter here you here guys

Net sales grew six percent year-over-year net sales grew 6.1 percent go ahead and look at net earnings which is toward the bottom there guys it grew fourteen point one percent net earnings and go ahead and look at that last line down there basic earnings per share group eighteen point four percent from a dollar thirty six last year to a dollar sixty one so we see

Home depot is just experiencing great growth in that bottom line their spirits and pretty strong growth even in the top-line to grow six percent year-over-year there’s nothing nothing to sneeze a nose that i’ll tell you that much you know it 18 percent to basically have your your earnings your eps go up that is a fabulous number so home depot is very well rounded

Company guys and you know let’s go ahead and look at it and see if it’s a deal as far as all that goes so the home depot trading 129 dollars the the 52 week range is a 109 to 139 so it’s toward the top of the 52 week range but it’s still a little under that 158 billion dollar market cap p/e of 21 currently a dividend yield of over 2% and then we have a for pe of

18 so i look at home depot and i see a forward p/e of 18 i see you know a decent dividend yield i see a balance sheet that i don’t really like and that’s kind of the one negative thing but i see a company that grew eps this past quarter by eighteen percent and was earning you know 5.3 billion a couple years ago and now is earning over seven billion dollars i see

You know the housing market getting stronger in my opinion as at least as far as you know people renovating those kinds of things right now and i look at home depot and i say you know that’s definitely a stock in my opinion is worth investing in that’s over a hundred dollars once again here guys stock number three face book face book is stock number three they’re

Over $100 for you those you guys who do not understand facebook facebook is a social media platform they have over a billion users they also own the instagram brand which is just growing insane their own messenger they own whatsapp which has over a billion users they own the oculus rift which is a virtual reality technology so they own some of the biggest social

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Media platforms out there guys they the amount of users facebook has is in the billions which is ridiculous because there’s only like seven or eight billion people on the entire planet so the fact that they have billions of users using are there different types of social media or apps and things it is absolutely incredible but facebook i love not just because they

Have a lot of people because they’re actually monetizing those people now and we’re gonna look at some numbers here guys that are just gonna baffle you they’re gonna blow your mind look at this here guys 2013 7 point 8 + billion dollars in revenue 2014 12 point four billion dollars in revenue last year just under 18 billion dollars in revenue go ahead and look at

That bottom line there guys one point four billion dollars in net income in 2013 two point nine billion in 2014 three point six last year and that’s just then that’s even with them growing or indeed by you know two billion dollars a year over year so i look at facebook and i’m like this is a huge growth company huge growth company not necessarily end users anymore

There’s a lot of new users coming on facebook is slowing but the amount of revenue that’s coming in to catch up to all this all these people that have come on to their platforms over the past years it’s just as much to flow in their way in an insane rate we can see if that brought a three year income statement here absolutely amazing balance sheet wise is a sick

Balance sheet five billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents 13.5 billion of short-term investments no long term investments currently short slash current long term doubt 224 million and long-term debt of 107 million dollars so we can see that’s just a sick balance you guys they have with something like 17 billion more dollars in cash and investments than they do

Debt that is ridiculous they have a sick balance sheet well-run well run balance sheet there guys now look at these latest quarterly results this might have me of the most excited about everything so advertising revenue year-over-year change look at that 59% are you flipping my flapjacks 59% advertising growth unbelievable then go ahead and look at the bottom their

Net income group one hundred and sixty six percent year-over-year from eight hundred ninety six million and 2015 to two point three seven billion last year yeah this year in the latest quarter one hundred and sixty five percent net income growth guys that is ridiculous for company their size if say they say they slowed down substantially a net income say next year

They only are growing a hundred percent it’s still one hundred percent if they grew it 100 percent next year then this quarter they would do four point six billion in revenue so we can see even if these growth rates slow when you’re growing that fast when incomes growing that fast even if your rate slows you are still gonna be growing by a huge monstrous numbers

Here guys unbelievable what facebook is doing now let’s look at their their 52 week range they’re at $115 right now they’re fetch doing range is $89 133 there are 332 billion dollar market cap so a huge company one of the biggest in the world key of 44 currently they have a forward p/e of 22 and that is why i love facebook when you are experiencing net income growth

Of 165 percent you’re trading at a forward p/e of 22 you have a balance sheet that is just silly nice silly nice that makes me really excited about facebook and and secretly i’m hoping facebook stock actually drops because i would love to start investing in this at some point even at this price is still a good deal i like a few stocks better than you know that i

Talked about on the three stocks by video but still i look at facebook and i’m just like this is unbelievable this is unbelievable growth and just shows the vision that zuckerberg had you know and why he didn’t sell it when he sell you know when he could have sold it way back in the day and you know people have come and gone and people didn’t understand facebook’s

Model on what and he was just calm and he was just like you know some day you guys will see we’re seeing it right now hundred and sixty-five percent net income growth in the last quarter unbelievable so guys i hope you enjoyed this today three stocks over a hundred dollars that you know are worth taking a look at and you may want to invest in you may want to you

Know it researched some more for yourself if you’re watching this video today guys and you have not subscribed yet you may want to talk about personal finance on the channel i talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneurial entrepreneur tips every week and we talked the stock markets the most on this channel out of everything leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed

This video today guys and have a great day

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