3 Stocks under 0 to Buy Now!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about three stocks that are under $10 that you may want to dip your toes in a bit three stocks that i’ve looked at and i mean they’re investing in currently or i would potentially think about investing in them myself if i didn’t

Have money going in a lot of other places right now so i try to pick out 3 stocks under $10 and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today i’ll go through all three of those stocks and the reasons why i kind of like them and what not the reasons why they might be worth kind of investing in and you guys can decide for yourselves you know does that sound like a good

Stock or not and you guys i just want to warn you stocks under $10 are usually under $10 for a reason usually management did screw up or they just have a bad business model something usually stocks that are under $10 deserve to be under $10 but sometimes some gems can be found under that $10 range and they can grow into great big companies and prove themselves over

Time so let’s go ahead and get into this now the number one stock we’re talking about i’m not going to spend the most amount of time on it because it’s actually a stock i talk about a ton on this channel and i talk about all the three stocks to buy because it’s the stock i’ve been buying the most of the last six seven eight months or whatnot it’s gopro otherwise

Known as go broke on this channel and gopro closed out today and 991 so it’s just barely under that 10 dollar range they deserve to honestly be in the ten dollar range because management has screwed up so many times within the past year year and a half all the way back from the hero4 session launch and pricing that way to aggressively not putting marketing behind

That and then they just didn’t release flagship products last year before the christmas period that was a huge screw-up then they screwed up the hero 5 launch by not making nearly enough cameras they had some type of supply issue they screw that up and then to top it all off the karma drone they screwed up net launch and then they had a recall the few drones that

They did actually make in get there had to recall it and who knows when those drones will be in the market might be on the market in december they might be a market cannot talk 2017 we don’t know so management has screwed up so many times that has hurt so many investors that a lot of people that were invested in gopro or go broke they weren’t even in or invested

Anymore they’re not interested in stock at all because of management personally i’m still a buyer go broke i might be a little crazy in the head i know but i believe that despite management’s incompetence which they are very freaking incompetent over there let’s be honest with ourselves you don’t screw up that many times without being extremely incompetent i wish

Nick woodman would watch this video because it’s amazing how incompetent they are over there but i’m still a buyer because regardless of management i believe they’re going to have a strong growth year beginning right in the core direction in right now which will not be recorded until about late january early february i believe that will show great growth year over


Year i believe one cue will show phenomenal amazing growth year over year and i believe that will just carry through the entire year and so the narrative on gopro go broke we’ll go from you know this is a declining business model to okay they’re back to growth and then the story will become ok how much are they actually going to grow in the future and not so much

As right now which has just been they’ve shown just down numbers for a year and a half or a year at least now and when you’re showing down down numbers you’re just story is like okay where’s your stock going to zero where you going bankrupt so the story i play again will you know change and they’ll be coming to you know get back to the growth story so that’s the

Number one stock next stock up we have we’re talking about stake is fr pt a company called fresh pet if you guys have a pet you may have heard of this i don’t know it’s in a ton of major grocery stores and a ton of major places like target and whatnot they have refrigerated dog food sections and the food supposed to be much more high quality almost high-quality

Enough where if you were a human you could actually eat it and i wouldn’t be that bad for you i’ve actually seen the ceo on mad money show on cnbc one time he ate a piece of the talk food the fresh pet dog food so that is what their business model isn’t it’s about serving fresh fresh dog food that’s supposed to be really good it’s more much more expensive than

Regular dog food no doubt about it but people that was supposedly care about their pets more by this type of food and not just care about their pets more but they have a lot more money to spend because buying your dog or cat or whatnot that kind of food it’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination it’s very expensive so that’s type of business they’re in and

You got to ask yourself there’s type of business that’s going to keep expanding it kind of goes off the whole you know like the whole foods premise you know of humans you know what’s trying to eat healthier and be healthier and caring about where our food comes from those kinds of things well if you care about yourself maybe you start to care about your dog and

Your cat in that way and then maybe you start to move toward a company like fresh pet that maybe makes better meats and those kinds of things for your dogs or cats so that’s the type of customer they’re trying to attract more affluent people that you know want to try to give their dog or cat the best of the world that’s what fresh pet is now let’s look at their

Financials they have had phenomenal growth here we have 63 million dollars in revenue 2013 last year they did one hundred and sixteen million dollars in revenue so almost you know one ninety to a hundred percent over in two year period that’s a very impressive revenue growth and we look at their net income it’s getting better they only lost a little less than four

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Million dollars so the question is are they about to turn profitable now and so you if you’re betting on fresh pet you’re basically betting that okay this is a stock that’s going to rise substantially over time if they can become profitable very profitable that is and if this trend of people trying to have their dogs and cats eat healthier continues to move upward

So that is what you’re trying to bet on if you want to you know invest in fresh pet let’s look at their balance sheet balance sheet of very solid balance sheet eight million dollars in cash three million dollars of short-term investments no long-term investments no long-term debt no short-term debt not huge numbers on that balance sheet because it’s not a very

Big company so good balance sheet overall so this stock i look at and i say you know am i investing in it currently no will i ever be investing in curly probably not because i’m invested in other company like more but i you know if i didn’t have those other companies i would definitely stick my toes in this one because it’s it’s got a great balance sheet it’s

Growing it’s on the verge of becoming profitable and i see that trend of you know people trying to feed their cats and dogs healthier things i see that as a trend that will just get bigger as time goes on so for that reason i like that one last one up we have today is a groupon this is actually an under $5 stock is that 3.9 sit closed at today i’m working kept of

About two billion dollars if you guys do not know what groupon is it is basically a deal type company that you buy deals from you see here on the front pages – this is a great deal by the way i bought this deal myself when i looked at it – free pizzas with a $25 gift card for 25 bucks that’s freaking phenomenal for papa john’s i love papa john’s i saw this deal

When i was just getting ready for the video i’m like okay i’m gonna buy that that’s a phenomenal deal so groupon is a deals website their big push right now in the company they’re trying to push to expand local deals so like your mom-and-pop mexican restaurant right they try to push deals through groupon and whatnot trying to get those businesses to come online

Because that’s where the huge potential is coupons for you know local restaurants local bars all those kinds of things local retail shops you know the things that you usually get flyers in the mail for maybe start going through a groupon and groupon gets those little small exchanges for each one of those and groupon business could grow substantially if they can

Grow that business so that’s what groupon is focused on now and if you’re you’re betting on groupon you’re investing groupon you’re basically investing that the premise of this whole deal type you know thing it’s just a thing that’s going to expand more over time i see it not going away because honestly people like myself see a deal like that with the papa john’s

Oh like hell yeah i’m gonna buy that and a lot of people do that so the question is how much growth will i have in it now the stock by the way it drops so much you know down to where it’s at now because it was a huge growth company you know i was expected to grow monster and then the growth stopped the growth stopped and that’s when that stock just got hammered and

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Hammered and hammered and this year was already down to like two to share so this one had really been hammering let’s look at that that income statement as you can see the income statement here you can see that growth stopped it went from – 5.5 billion in 2013 to over 3 billion in 2014 and then only a 3.1 billion last year so you can see the growth really stopped

In revenue however however they did eat out a profit last year net income of 20 million dollars there so that that’s a positive sign you know maybe they can become profitable there right on the edge right now or they going to become very unprofitable again or are they going to move to become more more profitable now that they’re focusing their business more that

Is something remains to be seen let’s look at that balance sheet 850 million in cash that’s a ton of money they got a one hundred seventy eight million long term investments you have no short-term investments they have long-term debt of nothing they have short-term / current long-term debt of 800 million overall that’s a that’s a decent balance sheets not a good

Balance sheet certainly not a great balance sheet to decent balance sheet there they have certainly a lot more cash on hand with the investments and they do debt that’s a positive sign so a groupon i look at it and i’m like is it something i would be behind right now probably not once again but but if i you know didn’t have a lot of other stocks i was invested in

Right now i mean look at that one and say you know i don’t see that i think i think the deal business is just going to get more popular as time goes on i think pushing to local if they can find a way to do that easy or if your local restaurant in a red light you can go on to groupon it easily set up your deal and it makes financial sense for you and you can track

It things like that that group can do that groupon will have a huge success there in my opinion in the whole physical coupon thing where you get the coupon flyers in the mail now will slowly kind of fade out if groupon can be successful at that if they can they will have a lot of a lot of profits in my opinion on their hands if they can’t then we’ll see what happens

So those are the three stocks we talked about today go broke number one fresh pet number two and number three groupon let me know in the comments section if you guys will be buying any stocks if you’re currently buying any of these stocks let me just know what your opinion is on these companies in their business model i would love to hear from you guys in on your

Opinion basically if you’re watching this and you have not subscribed you may want to talk ton about the stock market just like we did today talk about entrepreneurship i’m an entrepreneur and give entrepreneur type tips and we also talk personal finance almost every single week thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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