3 Stories to Make You Frugal

I never used to be very frugal, much more so now than before. There were times where I did not understand as such and it is such a contrast to think of each instance when that happened. The mentality is such that I would profusely refuse the money saving wave. Yes, me! Years later and much learning after, I have changed myself and feel I have a better understanding of the reasons behind being frugal. I am sharing these with you to help in your journey as well.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i have three stories to share with you guys about simple thrifty living now today i’m gonna do something a little bit different because i’m going to try to not edit this video so that maybe maybe you might like it better let me know down in the comments below if you actually like this type of format where i’m

Not like chopping every other sentence that i’m talking about the idea is simple i think it’s very hard to change yourself forcing yourself to change your spending habits instead what i found myself is that i personally don’t really like doing that usually what happens is that i learned something new and then i realized oh my gosh i’ve been doing something wrong

All this time with a new piece of knowledge i go i think that whatever i was doing before was like a complete mistake why was i doing it that way all along so today i want to share three stories of these realizations so then maybe you can kind of use them and then use them for yourself so that you can also be a little bit more frugal i change myself all the time

And i can see that my current self is a lot different than let’s say five years ago my philosophy on this is that every single time you learn something new it’s kind of like a hermit crab you learn something new and then you go oh maybe that is something better so then you switch shells and then you switch to a completely new way of life that you think is a little

Bit better than what’s before so i personally am you know i feel like i’m a pretty logical person so then i weigh the consequences what is good or bad and then i go okay this new way of living is a little bit better so then i try it out and then so i would feel like that every single time i try something new out it’s a little bit better than what it was before

So there are reasons why i am as frugal as i am today let me separate this into three separate stories and each one of these is me thinking on the other side where i personally was thinking oh my gosh why is that and being so frugal why don’t you just buy a certain thing because i used to be in those shoes where i thought that that person was being too frugal and

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I would not never never do something like that why don’t you just spend a few dollars and you know get something new so it happened when i was working for this one guy on this airplane project i was helping him build a two passenger airplane and i never spoke to him about this but basically he had a restroom in this warehouse and that’s where he put his airplane

And this is where i went to work for him and you know pounding rivets and stuff fabricating parts but in his restroom he had a towel there and i think he like had a shower or something as well so that’s how i noticed it was very very old i forget it was frayed or anything i just noticed that it’s very very rundown and i just thought myself back then that was back

In high school that why why doesn’t he just buy a brand-new towel it’s only a couple dollars i mean he was an engineer so he could have easily just bought this it’s so cheap why not that was my thinking back then now i do the same thing which is really funny because i have an old towel sometimes it might even have a hole in there or something and i’m like i don’t

Care it’s all worn down but the idea here is that it’s worn down but then it serves this function it may not be the best looking but then it still serves as function because it’s gonna dry me just fine it’s not dirty it’s clean it’s just that the appearance of it is not very nice it might be frayed or anything but you know i can still dry myself and here is the

Change in thinking here to me these days every dollar save is like a dollar earned every single dollar it’s kind of like if i save it if i invest it i’m gonna get like four cents back and this is significant because if i keep on adding to it this four cents it’s a forever four cents if i put one dollar into my savings or investing i’m gonna get this four cents

Every single year how awesome is that is like you know then after i fulfill my retirement dreams you know just kind of fill up that account where i have enough money to use then maybe i will go you know spend that money on buying buying a towel because there’s something more important which is you know i can rather use this couple dollars let’s say the towel is

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Five dollars and it would generate me income for a really really long time rather than spending this five dollars now and poof it evaporates and you know it becomes a towel i’m gonna use it i didn’t really need it in the first place because i have something before so that’s the thinking with this whole towel story the second very clear story that i remember came

When i was going to college i met with someone and he actually did this display where i saw that he collected a whole bunch of ketchup packets and then he would just sit down one sunday evening or something i opened them all up and then put them all in the ketchup bottle now this stuck with me because before seeing this i have never seen something like this it was

Too frugal i never seen something so frugal it’s like so frugal diet hurts now i’m not saying to go do that because even today i don’t actually do that but that kind of kind of engrained in my mind that someone out there would be so frugal the deal here is not necessarily the savings of these ketchup things these days if i get ketchup i mean i would just use it

In the packet right i’m not gonna go squeeze it all out in fact i don’t really eat ketchup because it has so much sugar in it so there’s a health aspect to it but it’s the idea that someone would actually be so frugal and then it just kind of kind of simmered in my head thinking oh yeah you know what you know if i did something like that or something similar i’m

Gonna save a lot more money so it takes a little bit of exposure to someone that have such frugal habits and then and then you might not apply it immediately during the same time you might go back and just kind of mull over i think about it and then you like it maybe i should try it myself so this was actually something significant i never you know voiced this

To anyone but i think it had an impact on my current frugal living the third story i want to talk about is i knew someone that would pack their lunch and what happened was they would pack their lunch for every single day of the week using one quick you know they do a bulk cooking of their meals so then every single day they would actually eat the same meal the

Interesting part was that long time ago i used to be a super duper picky eater i used to be an lp lp lee and then i go and eat at various restaurants you know all these brand new restaurant openings every single one of them the hot ones i would have been there the deal is back then i would have profusely refused to eat the same meal consecutively you know i need


To skip like two or three meals and then and then i can go okay i can have that again so if i ate something for lunch like let’s say chicken and rice with vegetables i’m not going to eat that the same thing the next meal for some reason i don’t know what went in my head back then but i was so picky at the time that you know i demanded this this is like some sort

Of standard of living things so it was interesting to see myself that way and then see myself now where i would prefer to just cook one big batch of stuff and then just eat it several days in a row and i am actually fine with this i am not unhappy i do not think that it tastes terrible you know i cook food that is palatable and you know tastes good to me but this

Whole eating conceding the same thing consecutively no longer bothers me so this was a very interesting thing to to look within myself why why this change the thing to learn here is that the change happens is when you have to cook for yourself and then you realize maybe i don’t want to spend this much time unless it’s your hobby or something you want to spend a

Lot of time cooking what happened with me was i didn’t want to spend so much time cooking so that’s why i wanted to cook and cook in bulk and then just you know eat the same thing so this is more of a time-saving thing so that i can apply my time towards other things making these videos making other things you know thinking about life in general there are other a

Lot of other better things to do if you’re not trying to perfect a recipe and things like that so thanks for watching this video i know you know there might be a little bit of less editing in this one this is done on purpose i hope you like it because you know sometimes i have to pause a little bit to think sometimes i stutter my words or whatnot let me know down

In the comments down below if you enjoy this this new format don’t forget to be good don’t forget to give me that don’t get don’t don’t forget to give me a like button push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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