3 Sure shot ways to get More Cash flow in Business

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Good evening friends and welcome to another live session well today’s topic is very very apt after paying all the people on 31st of march we are wondering where all the money has gone so here it is three sure short way of increasing cash flow in your business the first one is very very obvious follow up with your customers if your customers are not paying uh

Send them an email send them a whatsapp send them an sms call them meet them but please follow up and recover way number two a little less obvious talk to your old customers or dormant customers who have not given any order in the recent past check with them where they are what they are doing and whether can we um get more orders from them that’s the second

Way and the third way pretty simple is uh take a walk to your warehouse and check if there is any inventory left to be sold or any old inventory new inventory any inventory even scrap these are the three sure short ways of getting more cash flow in your business but wait hold on the video is not over i’m going to give you three bonus ways and those bonus ways

Will make a big big big difference in your lives so bonus way number one go ahead talk to your supplier and seek a line of credit for him by doing a longer term strategic tie-up yes you never thought supplier can give you money you know you always thought he gives either goods or services but hey in one way or the other that’s money only no let’s go to bonus

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Way number two talk to your banker oh come on vishal i don’t want to take any more loans i know you don’t wish to take any more loans but this is not about loans go and talk to your banker and tell him that you may want to borrow more if he is ready to bring down the interest rate on your overall loan right friends so you’re not going to borrow more but you’re

Going to go and negotiate that hey interest rates are going south everywhere what about my interest rate if you bring down in future i will borrow more and here you go bonus way number three change your receipt terms what do you mean receive terms there’s always payment terms hey you are receiving money from your customer right so i’m talking from your point

Of view i’m saying change your receipt terms if you are giving everything away on credit let us start collecting some money when customer gives an order let us take some more money on delivery and let the balance money come when the credit period gets over so here is a great tip you can order you can let your customers order up front and collect some money in

Advance take a little more when he delivers and balance on completion of credit period right so these are three plus three ways in which you can improve cash flows in your business now of course these are tips but let me tell you something that if you wish to solve this cash flow shortage problem once and for all what i’m gonna do okay i’m going to give you

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A four step plan no not right now this sunday at 11 am an investment of three hours this sunday can change the entire cash trajectory of your business and catapult you into an upward spiral of business growth profit growth and most importantly cash growth so i want you to join me on a three-hour webinar actually called cash simplified and i’m gonna simplify

Cash for you and give you a four-step plan right at the start of the webinar so sunday at 11 am okay vishal i understand i want to solve this i want to come but where do i register hold on there is a link given below this video click on the link register yourself trust me friends one such invitation i got in my life to attend a sunday webinar and it changed my

Life you never know this one can change yours see you this sunday thank you and have a nice weekend

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