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How’s it going with today guys so today we’re going to be talking about the top three things that rich people do differently so of course i want to explain my inspiration for this video i came across a video something along the lines of things rich people do that poor people don’t and i’m going to link this video up in the description because it is most likely

The most offensive video i’ve ever seen in my entire life because it basically paints a picture of the elitist rich people and the things the poor people do so for example one of the things they said in that video was rich people buy the clothes they want what poor people have to buy what’s on sale and as a result you’re guaranteed to wear everything the poor

People are wearing so you look like a poor person and that is like one of the most offensive things i’ve ever heard but there were so many things in that video that we’re so incorrect it was really bothering me and that video had over a million views i was like i hope people are not watching this and taking this seriously because that really puts people on an

Awful mindset so i want to give you guys my own version of this video and give you three pieces of actionable advice of things you can do that the rich people are doing so you can follow these same habits of the rich people and become rich to yourself so first though i want to paint a picture of how rich the people in the world are how rich the richest people

Actually are so according to an oxfam report in january of 2017 the eight richest people in the world have as much money as half of the world population so the eight richest people in the world have the same amount of money as the other 3.6 billion poorest people in the world so that is a very unequal distribution of wealth but the one thing i want you guys to

Realize this is one misconception people have is when other people around you are getting rich this does not prevent you yourself from becoming rich in fact it actually just provides examples of things you can do and clans you can follow so i don’t want you guys to slip into that mindset of the rich are getting richer in the poor stay poor well that’s true i want

You guys to become one of those rich people who get richer and not be someone who is poor who looks down on the rich people because the truth is they’re doing things differently their money and they’re doing things differently with their time so here’s the top three things that you can do to do what the rich people do and become a rich person yourself number

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One is setting goals so you need to be setting goals with a specific tangible outcome as well as a timeline so a lot of people mistake goals for dreams they say oh i want to be a athlete i want to be in great shape that’s a dream that is not a goal a goal would be to say i want to be able to lose 20 pounds and run a marathon by this specific date that’s a goal

With a specific outcome as well as a defining timeline the other is just a dream that is something you hope to do someday so you need to be setting specific tangible goals and you also need to hold yourself accountable to those goals because if you’re not holding yourself accountable nobody is it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re successful or unsuccessful

With attaining that goal you also should have daily goals weekly monthly and yearly goal the things you’re always trying to reach all these goals need to be specific tangible goals with a timeline they can’t just be open-ended goals because then you could just trick your mind into saying yeah i’m going to get there someday yeah i’m working towards it when really

You’re not doing anything you’re just treading water you need to have short-term as well as long-term goals and you need to maintain a daily to-do list this is one of the biggest things that i read many interviews with very rich people and these were the three things i came across most frequently we’re these three specific things one of the biggest things was

Maintaining a daily to-do list that’s going to keep you on track it’s going to hold you accountable because if you don’t finish everything on that list it carries over into the next day so you’re going to make sure you’re getting as much as you can get done in each day and you’re not going to let things slip through the cracks that’s one of the biggest things you

Guys need to do is to set goals and also maintain a to-do list every single day you got to be using a calendar you’re going to be writing stuff down and holding yourself accountable number two is screen time this one is huge guys stop consuming content stop watching television i mean i understand some people like to keep up on the news some people like to watch

Things just to understand what’s going on but if you’re sitting watching game of thrones or just junk television and you’re just a consumer of you’re just wasting your time you should be creating content not consuming content or creating something working on something building something you shouldn’t be a consumer all right because if you’re a consumer you’re

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Probably going to fall into the poor group of people because you’re consuming you’re not building you’re not creating so one thing i would recommend is avoiding junk television you don’t see many rich people bragging about watching tv some people do watch some tv at leisure so when you do have designated time when you have these your time and you’re not doing

Anything and you just want to kick back and relax absolutely flip on a game or if you have social activities and you watch football games with your friends and family i encourage you to do that because you need to have social time you need to take at least one day a week off from all of your work and just relax so that way you can refocus and realign yourself with

Your goals but you shouldn’t be spending 1 to 2 hours a day watching junk television or keeping up on shows or watching content that doesn’t provide you any value i do recommend you watch educational content so whether it’s youtube videos maybe you’re someone watching my videos and this is helping you become a better person consume content that’s going to benefit

Your life and use your screen time wisely you want to avoid wasting time at all costs a lot of people who are doing this are just looking to distract themselves and fill their time the rich people want more time because they understand that time is money that’s why the wealthiest people out there a lot of the rich people they sleep 5 6 hours a night because they

Know how valuable their time is while you see a lot of four people sleeping 12 13 hours a day and spending a few hours a day just consuming and watching content than just stagnating you need to create positive habitual behaviors so consuming joke television is a negative habitual behavior it’s something a lot of people do they spend an hour every single night

Watching tv to unwind why not read a book which is going to be number three why not create a positive habitual behavior instead of filling your time with something that’s not benefiting your life so number three the final thing that which people do differently is reading and in my opinion this is the most important one i would say having goals is a close second

But reading by far is the number something that has helped me in my life rich people read a lot so warren buffett reads 600 to 1,000 pages a day he said in the past he spends the majority of his day reading books and he recommends everyone read the minimum of 500 pages a day am i doing this no i’m not but i do try to read at least one book a week sometimes


I’m trying to do two a month so i could read more i should read more but i am at least beating with the averages which we’ll talk about a second bill gates reads a book a week which is pretty good that’s a good number and mark cuban reads 3 hours a day so that’s three examples of very very rich people who show how important it is to be reading in fact guys the

Average ceo read 60 books a year while the average employee reads just one so i’m not sure about you but last time i checked the ceo makes a hell of a lot more money than the employee of the company does so if you want to be more like the ceo start reading books start consuming knowledge start learning rather than just wasting your time with junk consumption of

Content consume educational content that’s going to help you in life and help you learn more and become a richer person all right that’s pretty much all i got for this video this is the three things that i think rich people are doing differently these are three things you can do yourself these are three things i do myself and like i said i may not be doing all

These things but i’m certainly doing some of these things i’m not reading 500 pages a day but i am reading more than one book a year and i am setting goals i maintain a to-do list and i do not watch any television i don’t watch any tv so i’m not telling you guys that i’m the richest person in the world but i do believe that i’m on track to be you know a person

Who’s well off in the world because i’m doing these things and i just i want you guys to do these things as well so you can follow the habits of the rich i hope this video didn’t come across as offensive because that last video i hope you guys watch it it’s in the description was one of the most offensive videos i’ve ever seen in my life and i don’t want to

At all come across like i’m trying to be elitist or tell you guys that the rich are so great and the four people suck that’s not at all what i’m trying to say i want to encourage you guys to break out and become a rich person yourself and learn you know have a better life as a result anyways guys if you enjoyed this video please drop a like if you are new to my

Channel please consider subscribing to be notified of any future uploads and as always i thank you for taking the time to watch this video you

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