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What’s going on fam it’s your boy here we just got paid and it’s time to show them how we do how’s it going today guys so today i’m going to share with you the three things that you should never do with your money so here’s the cold hard truth 49% of americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck but what does that exactly mean what that means is that every

Dollar that comes in goes out and you’re left with nothing at the end in fact you are one major expense away from going into debt if you are someone who is currently living paycheck to paycheck you would likely have a net worth of zero dollars or even worse you may be in a situation where you opie ‘pl more than you even have that would mean you are in debt now

There are many reasons why someone ends up in a paycheck to paycheck situation and i’ve done videos talking about this in the past but today i want to address the three things that you should never do with your money under any circumstances and unfortunately this is something many people do with their money and this could be the reason why you are in a paycheck to

Paycheck situation where every dollar that comes in ends up going out so the first thing you should never do with your money is gamble with your money and unfortunately a lot of people out there are doing this because they have the desire to win a lot of money so recently in the united states the powerball lottery drawing reached an astounding level of seven hundred

Fifty eight million seven hundred thousand dollars and as a result i had a lot of people asking me hey are you gonna buy a powerball ticket and i said absolutely not and they thought i was crazy for saying that because that’s over three-quarters of a billion dollars imagine what you could do you could buy all the houses you want you could drive six lamborghinis but

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Here’s the truth guys the odds of winning the powerball are very very slim so for this particular drawing the odds of winning were somewhere around 1 in 292 million your odds of getting killed by a vending machine are one in 112 million so you would likely be killed by a vending machine before you won this powerball now i want to ask you a question how many people

Do you know of that were killed by a vending machine because i don’t know one single person but the odds of getting killed by a drink dispenser or a snack dispenser are better than the odds of winning a powerball lottery like this your odds of becoming the president of the united states are 1 in 10 million which is significantly better than the odds of winning

The powerball so why don’t you decide you’re going to become the president instead the truth is gambling is an optional tax on the stupid and you should never gamble with your money the second thing you should never do with your money is order bottle service now for those of you who don’t know what bottle service is let me just explain that to you bottle service

Is something you order when you’re looking to waste as much money as possible in the shortest time frame so you go to a bar and you see a separate vip section with tables and very important looking people and you say hey i want to sit at one of those tables so you go up to the bartender you say hey i want to order bottle service next thing you know they bring a

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Bottle over to your table they bring mixers in exchange for this they are charging well over a 1,000 percent markup on that bottle of alcohol so the average bottle service in las vegas ranges from 350 to $600 you’re paying over a thousand percent more for that bottle of alcohol just to drink it in front of people however let’s take this a step further if you go

To the hakkasan nightclub in las vegas and order the armand de brignac dynasty collection you will be paying $500,000 for bottle service i’m not kidding you just to put this in perspective it costs about thirty thousand dollars to build a school in a third-world country so instead of spending half a million dollars on bottle service you could open 16 schools in

Developing countries and still have 20 thousand dollars left over ordering bottle service is one thing you should never do with your money and the third and final thing you should never do with your money and this is a mistake i made myself is buying an expensive car guys i lost almost ten thousand dollars on a car over the course of one year because i made the

Mistake of buying an expensive car the thing is americans are obsessed with cars especially young people like myself and this is a financial trap that you need to avoid many of us see cars as a status symbol an expensive is a temporary escape from our financial reality or a depreciating liability whichever one you want to look at in fact the average car payment

In the united states is now 503 dollars per month so 49 percent of americans are paycheck to paycheck meanwhile the average person is spending over $500 a month to drive a car does that make any sense to you i think that many of us have lost touch with what a car actually is a car is a method of transportation here are two people who work for the same employer

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One person drives a ten-year-old economy car that is paid off so his car payment is zero dollars a month the other person drives a brand-new luxury car and his car payment is $600 a month both people are able to get to their job at the same time because a car it’s a method of transportation spending $600 a month on the car does not help you earn any more money

They both get to the job and they both make the same amount of money a car is a method of transportation i truly believe this is the number one problem with society we buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like and i don’t want you guys to fall into this trap these are the three things that you should never do with your money

And guys if you know somebody who is doing any of these things with their money please share this video with them and maybe it will be a wake-up call for them but if you guys watch this whole video i certainly appreciate you for sticking around please take a second and check out my channel hit that like button and consider subscribing to be notified of future

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