3 Times I Made Money in High School [BenQ LED Desk Lamp]

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How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush as you see me through these videos you might start to wonder what was i like in my younger days so today i’m gonna share with you three instances where i actually made money for myself in high school but first this video is brought to you by ben q they’re reading lamp has a huge curve on it so that it projects a wide

Beam of light it’s touch enabled you can vary the intensity as well as adjust the color temperature seriously though i think this thing it’s more artistic rather than just functional because when i look at this thing it just it looks pretty if you guys are interested in this product check out my i feel it linked down in the video description below now i thought

Sharing with you these stories might be interesting because you might want to see well what position do you need to be when you’re in high school what do you need to do to be i hate to say ag successful but at least i’ve gotten to a point where i quit my job i’m kind of semi-retired so this might be something that people aspire to be and you might wonder what did

I do in high school in order to get here so the first story is really what i did in terms of trying to make money for myself it wasn’t all that much at the time okay it was a calculator modification business okay i only got like two customers or something but i was super duper proud that i made money outside of a job i still had a job back then i wanted to modify

My calculator to make it a little bit faster so then i just went on the internet i looked up how to do it i bought the parts they were basically little capacitors i had to buy from digit key i got them in it cost me quite a bit and then i started offering this service to my fellow students and i think it was either 10 or $20 per modification and i would take the

Calculator home that evening and then i would do the modification add a little switch in there it basically allows a calculator to go in like a turbo mode because when you replace this capacitor it just increased the clock rate like two or three times although it would drain the battery a little bit more now i got a few customers they wanted me to do it i did it

For them it was you know all good and stuff and most the time they were super duper happy but generally for high school students right 1020 dollars this is a lot of money so not many people actually wanted to do it however the people that did they claim that it helped them on their test course it definitely helped mine because i would you know dude those calculus

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Tests i think and then usually it would ask you to graph something and a lot of times people would just punch in the stuff and they would press enter and they would wait wait like a minute or two whereas for people that got the mount modification it would only take you know one third the time ten twenty seconds and then they can keep on doing their tests of course

Yes you can multitask and stuff but most of the hot most of the time people can’t just in the middle of doing one problem just multitask and do another problem it’s a little bit hard so you know in a way this modification help me improve my test scores and well it made a little bit of money modifying it for other people so i find this kind of interesting to start

Knowing you know start trying to make money for yourself outside of a regular job where they actually you know you got a job and then they pay you by the hour you you want to find entrepreneur ways to do it so maybe that was my first taste of it i’m like oh you know how do i make money i also remember other people they’re also selling stuff in high school there was

This one thing i don’t know just like a doodad type of ornament type of thing for your keychain and this person was selling it much it was much more popular than my calculator modification deal i think that keychain selling thing just got me thinking of like hey you know i should create a product you know create something that people want and then start offering

It to other people another instance where i made a little bit money you know all these are very tiny amounts money but it kind of got me started which is to program i made a program to modify this big list of yearbook names or something they wanted a whole bunch of names that is in weird order last name first or something and they wanted me to alphabetize them

And in order to do this by hand they’re like i don’t know a thousand names or something it’s gonna take forever so i wrote a program i think it was bubble sort or something it’s in basic language and basically you put in a floppy disk it goes oh what’s where’s your floppy disk and then you just say you know enter in the commands and they’ll just read everything

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With all the files and then it would spit out a new file that is alphabetized basically and for that i’m not even sure how people found out about my programming abilities back then because i guess i took programming and and you know i got an offer and then i’m like yeah you know that’s something i can do and then i had to make a request for what my prices and i

Forget it was if it was me asking for how much i should get paid or they offered me a yearbook i think maybe they asked to give me one yearbook and i’m like no that’s not enough or something and i asked for two so i know i got two yearbooks and then i ended up selling one really quickly so i don’t know 50 60 dollars or something in terms of how much i get paid for

Writing that program for one i say fifty sixty dollars on by my own yearbook because i definitely would have bought one and then i save another fifty sixty dollars so this is a proud moment for me it wasn’t that much money and i was more proud of this amount then actually working the same amount at a regular job for some reason it was it it meant so much to me the

Third story is that back then i was working at a manual labor job as an electronics factory and my main job over there was basically crimping a lot of cables and then soldering it so that it definitely gets connected for one reason or another sometimes there will be assembly so a lot of manual labor a lot of using your using drills and stuff to assemble electronic

Things i might have demonstrated my ability i don’t know to to program stuff people know that you know i’m into that i’m into the electronics thing so i got assigned to operate this new machine which was an automatic wire cutter so i learned how to do it so using the book you know i’m like reading it and that time it was very it was like a promotion to me even

Though i did not get paid more the benefit comes in that when you switch from this manual labor thing to more of you know using your brain you end up meaning to use less of your muscle power and there’s less redundancy or like repetitiveness when whatever you’re that you’re doing so when i switched over to programming this machine i was very very happy about it

Like the days passed by really quickly because i was doing something that i was interested in i was learning something new and it was actually fun for me you know like i programmed this machine there’s this big spool of wire and then i just go go and then it spits out like a thousand two thousand wires cut to the same length and they’re stripped at the ends even

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And then you know i have to generate new programs to program different kinds of wires because sometimes they might have a sleeve sometimes they might have braiding and you need to you know cut it in certain way so that it’s easiest to process for whoever that gets those wires afterwards so these instances they were all kind of like small victories here one little

Step at a time it’s like oh i can do this i can make a little bit of money this way so i guess this would kind of be like my entrepreneur spirit doing it a little bit at a time but not really i wasn’t really starting a business or anything right i was just kind of like trying to make little money on the side so i feel like all of this is kind of indicative of this

Business spirit you always should try new things okay if it doesn’t work fine at least you tried try different methods of making money right sometimes you don’t have time to do it when you’re at a job you’re slogging away 40 hours a week 80 hours a week but it’s still important to like all the more important to do it so that you go and find new avenues of income

You go explore those learn new things and another one is ebay i mean i was the first one to actually do it i just know oh you can sell stuff on there oh okay let me just go learn it so they’re not you know i’m all gung-ho about it i just go and go do it i make mistakes um i’m not perfect at first you know usually i would just jump right into it i make mistakes as

You can see from this youtube channel i made plenty of mistakes in the past that might have caused you know people to unsubscribe and stuff but you know i just keep on going anyway thanks for watching this video i hope this kind of story time is entertaining for you and kind of i don’t know give you enthusiasm to try and do your own thing try to make money on the

Side as well don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know your stories of what kind of things you did to make money back when you’re in high school and as always don’t forget to press subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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