3 Ways to Identify a Profitable Customer in Business!

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Saturday evening yes friends uh logged in from home today if you can see i i love to live in a place with a lot of numbers behind me because that’s how the entire thing flows uh yeah that’s my alarm for going live stay with me so friends uh what’s the topic of discussion today the topic of discussion today is to identify three ways of finding a profitable

Customer now profitable customer by itself is a very very dicey topic that when can you say a customer is profitable or not let’s say i have a product or a service which comes to me at a landed cost of 80 rupees now if i can sell this or if i can find somebody who can buy this at about 100 rupees i think i’m good to go right most of the days yeah i’m home but

However this is a very very generic view actually when we learn about the seven levers of business we see that there are three levers which are impacting our customer so let’s understand a little bit about three levers of business which impact our customer number one the first and foremost rule of finding a profitable customer is that when does he pay yes ladies

And gentlemen you heard me right that when is my customer paying his timing of payment determines whether i’m going to make profit or loss on this particular order if the payment is delayed obviously it leads to interest loss it leads to it leads to so many other issues that come our way right second point which you can note down is that what are the other terms

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Which affects the value of the transaction is it that i have to do door-to-door delivery if my customer is online is he going to return my product and put me into a loss-making situation is my packing cost very very high do i have to provide a very expensive after sale service so these are some of the factors which can quickly convert a profitable customer into

A loss-making customer if we are not very very careful in structuring our terms of the trade with each of our customers right and yes point number three very very important point what is the potential of getting a repeat order from the same person yes you heard me right that if you go to service one customer only once then it’s gonna be very very difficult for

You to kind of you know incur more and more expenses in acquiring new and new customers unless there is a funnel which kind of gives repeat orders from the same customer which means you have to have a product a followed by product a plus followed by product a plus plus and you have to give a customer the product range should give a customer an entire journey so

Let’s say you’re using our soaps did you try our shampoo hey you using our soaps and shampoo did you miss out on our conditioners so you need to have an entire product range which can service each of our customers and bring them back again and again and again for the purpose of more business so here are the three pointers crisp pointers when does my customer pay

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What are the other terms that can erode profit and what are the chances that my customer comes back to me repeatedly right now can a profitable customer become a loss-making customer quite possible in fact it’s very very likely that such a thing can happen but hey can i convert a loss-making customer into a profit making one well that’s gonna be our topic of

Discussion for my next live stream so stay tuned i’m gonna tell you the three ways in which how you can convert a loss-making customer into a profit-making customer and yes if you are struggling with customers and they are not paying you on time join me on this sunday where i decode the dna of where money gets stuck in business and how to recover money stuck in

Business through a wonderful and a very very popular webinar called cash simplified most of your colleagues friends and business owners have already registered for it what are you waiting for click in the link below to join our webinar on this sunday i look forward to seeing you and in case if you are not around i’m gonna see you in my next live stream thank

You so much friends and have a wonderful weekend

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