30 Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to make money online:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush with the current high unemployment i think a lot of people are looking for ways to make money online so today i’m gonna share with you 30 different ways that i make money online one of the more obvious ways is through this youtube video where i make money through google adsense i’m sure a lot of people are familiar

With this already but not everyone knows that you have to get a thousand subscribers and also four thousand hours of view time within a 12-month period before you can start monetizing now in relation to this current situation i am personally seeing about a 30% decrease in revenue given the same amount of views however because somehow my channel got 50 percent more

Views my revenue is about the same right now the second way you can make money online is once you have this youtube channel going you can start placing ads on your videos sometimes i do product placements or i talk about some service i personally use and usually these deals are brokered directly with the company themselves i talked with someone directly at their

Company via email and then we negotiated a deal if i use their product already i’m i talk about their referral bonus or they could do a deal where it’s a 30-second to 60 second and placement at the beginning of a video the third item is not related to being a youtuber because i know farewell that not everyone can be a youtuber some people like to be sort of behind

The camera and maybe make a website instead through this you can have google adsense and place ads directly on your web page so therefore the more people go to your web page the more people see this ad the more you get paid the fourth way that make money is through amazon affiliate now amazon affiliate can work many different ways including on youtube videos it

Can work on your websites it can basically work anywhere where you can put an amazon affiliate link where people can click on it they would get sent to amazon and if they purchase something you’ll get a cut of whatever they purchase the commission rate ranges between 1 and 10 percent or so the advice i want to give you guys for starting this is that once you start

This you actually have to make sure the account remains active so you got to build on your social media presence so that you keep on getting some referrals because if you suddenly get zero referrals for a period of time they actually will be active your account the fifth way to make money online is through audible referral links if you watch enough youtube videos

You’ve probably seen a lot of youtubers they recommend oh you should try audible you would get the first month free and then thereafter is like 1495 every month so you can get a free audiobook for whoever that signs up if you happen to cancel before the 30 days you won’t owe anything so this is basically getting a free audiobook for whoever signs up the thing here

Is that if you have someone sign up you will still get a referral bonus even if they cancel the reason they can keep this is because whoever signs up for this free deal once they get an audiobook they might really like it so they’re gonna keep on with the service they will earn enough money from the people that do keep it in order to pay whoever that referred them

If you guys are interested in trying this audible directly through me you can check out my referral link down below of course if you’re interested in referring yourself you actually have to sign up with them and they actually have to approve you before you can become an affiliate gamefly is another one unfortunately i am more like a finance channel so i have not

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Been using this very much at all gamefly is basically a thing where you can rent video games for a low cost every single month another income source i’ve had in the past is from coinbase usually the deals that works the best is when you tell someone to sign up for something and it’s a completely free trial they don’t have to pay anything at all for the first month

In the case of this coin based thing as soon as you sign up and buy or sell a hundred dollars of cryptocurrencies or whatnot on coinbase you’re gonna get another ten dollars added on top of this so as long as you buy something and let’s say you sell it immediately and then you’re gonna get that ten dollars it means you can immediately take $110 and put it back

In your bank account so these kinds of referrals work the best because for someone that is just looking to earn some money without actually spending anything these deals work really really well of course if every single person does this this system breaks down so usually whenever you refer someone there’s gonna be a certain percentage of people that signs up for

This thing and then keep on using it so that they earn more money than the referrals that they pay out again referral link is down below for coinbase the eighth one i want to talk about is weeble i usually talk about this in a sense that you should try this out but i never talk about what i get on my side as an influencer we pool has a deal where if you sign up

For this account and you deposit more than $100 you’re gonna get two free shares of stock now as a person who signs up this is great and all you get two free stock which is where something the influencer gets a payout it could either be in cash or in stocks but it’s a certain monetary amount if you guys are interested in this you also have to apply for this in

Order to get accepted the ninth thing i want to talk about is share a cell network its share a cell calm now this kind of way of making money is just basically affiliate marketing you go on this website you sign up for it and usually these web portals have a lot of merchants that signed up to their web service already so you basically go in there as an influencer

And then you still have to apply to various companies where you go on share so you might have a company called firm mu which is a company i recommended in the past they make really really low cost prescription glasses they cost around $30 or so and the way these things work is that you apply you get accepted and then you would get a referral link as soon as you get

This referral length and you can refer other people this is a tracking link and they purchase something then you’re gonna get a referral fee the tenth one is a similar thing which is also affiliate marketing this is very similar to amazon affiliates right except amazon they’re only selling stuff on amazon with rakuten they also have a lot of different companies

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Not just amazon it’s not amazon at all it’s gonna be a lot of different companies and then you just kind of browse through it and then go okay what do you want to promote on your website what do you want to promote on your video you look for something that has synergy with whatever content that you’re producing and then you pick that and then you promote it hoping

That other people would actually buy through your link the 11th way of making money online is through nord vpn they have their own referral website thing that you sign into their portal and you need to get a referral link you also have to get approved but once you get this referral link and you refer someone you get a nice payout for every person that signs up

Through your link at this point i want to talk a little bit about all this of at marketing influencer stuff right i have to acknowledge that most people they’re not youtubers most people are not instagram big stars or anything so let’s just say you have zero presence at all and you’re looking at this year like oh i want to make money online somehow well you got

To start somewhere i’d say before i started making my youtube channel and i tried to do some referrals probably the chase referral thing where you refer a friend i couldn’t get anyone to sign up for that nor can i get the credit card signup for discover it credit card so it was very difficult for me to get anyone to sign up because i don’t have that many friends

Maybe like 10 close friends and then on facebook maybe like 300 friends total or something like that so i would have to say if you just have a normal group of people you’re not a social media person that has a hundred thousand subscribers or more then i would have to say this is going to be hard trying to get referrals because you end up capping into people you

Already know what i find through friends is that if they know that you’re gonna make $50 off of them they would probably be like hey you know why don’t you treat me to dinner or something buy me lunch or something with that said let me talk about patreon and most people know about this it’s just a sign-up place where if you are a viewer of the channel or subscriber

You can support your favorite creator for whatever they’re doing and sometimes a channel that has a lot of patreon x’ they may choose to not place ads on their videos at all and instead choose to only get paid through patreon instead this allows them a really good freedom of basically posting whatever they want including content that would normally not get ads

At all if anyone’s interested you can get 50 dollars after you get your first 20 patreon through my referral link down in the video description below 13th way to make money online is through teespring teespring is very well connected with youtube so that’s why under this video you’ll see some t-shirts that says don’t buy it you don’t need it these t-shirts are

Sold by teespring and if you sell enough t-shirts you’re gonna get a few dollars for every single shirt so if you saw enough of them is gonna be a large amount of course like i said before you need enough people to buy into these things it’s like you need a lot of people to all somehow purchase something and then somehow you get like a dollar profit $2.00 profit

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Or something and if you have a thousand of these people then you’re gonna get a significant enough money to be able to sustain yourself or make youtube videos another t-shirt vendor that i’ve used in the past and still am using is called bonfire these are all just basically swag making companies they make the t-shirts for you so you don’t have to do any t-shirt

Printing at home you just give them a design and then people order it through their web portal so you don’t have to design any web page or anything all you do is just design it you just let them handle everything let them do the shipping and stuff and all you have to do is give other people the link they will order it and it’ll get to their place you know the

Creator does not have to do any kind of intervention at all and at the end of the month well they’re gonna have a certain amount of profit that they share with you and then they’ll feed this back let’s say to your paypal account or your bank account it’s worth noting that these swag places they not only make t-shirts they also make hoodies they make fleece blankets

They also make mugs and phone cases if you’re a good design person you can make really really attractive ones the fifteenth one i want to talk about is own kinect and you don’t have to sign up for this as an affiliate or anything as soon as you sign up for this you can actually start referring other people now own kinect is kind of like a california only thing you

Can only sign up through it if you have pg and e sce as the g and e customers only but if you sign up for this thing you get 10 $3 after signing up and connecting your utility account and saving energy for the first time this is basically a thing where you turn off all your power for an hour and then they pay you somewhere between one and four dollars based on my

Experience and every month you can get like eight to ten dollars worth of refund and you can use this and pay it back into your electric bill in a way offsetting whatever amount that you use on top of this after this whole signup thing and this ongoing turning off your electricity for an hour thing you can start referring other people to it and if you know a lot

Of people in your neighborhood and if they sign up for this then you can get significant amounts of referral bonuses now i think this video has been running a little bit longer than i anticipated because i really want to cover 30 income sources online i’m gonna cut this off right here and call it part a i’m gonna continue on my next video with part b thanks for

Watching this video don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if these sources help you i know sometimes if you just point towards it and just even have a name you can just start researching for it and then see if it’s a match for whatever you want to do yourself comment down below let me know if you’re gonna use any of these and

As always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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