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There always seems to be someone making more money but how are they able to do so when we all have the same number of hours in a day? Is it true that certain people that are highly paid are actually generating a proportionately amount of value? CEO pay justified? Hedge fund manager pay justified? Google engineer pay justified? Lets think about this.

Probably gone everybody does beat bush today i’m going to talk about salary and how anyone can make three times as much salary as you can this video is mainly a response to the people who says they cannot paint them how someone can actually make so much more than they can and they make somewhere in the range of 20,000 or $30,000 a year before i go into all that let

Me just start off by saying how much i love making these videos that’s right you can probably imagine i probably cannot make so many of them if i actually dislike doing this whenever i make one of these videos i always think of how someone would need this information you would see me cut off a lot of fluff and generally it helps people anyway i also made a review

Video on my other channel beat the bush diy on a mere digital scale i generally do a very detailed review of the product that not just use it once and just show you how it works it had more of a twist where i’m looking at the precision when you put something very light on it and the precision when you’re putting something really heavy towards the maximum limit

Of that scale it also does things like counting things by way and i’ll leave that video over here if you’re interested so let’s just get started typically to find out how many hours are in a year that you actually work you’ve multiplied 52 weeks in a year by 40 hours a week and you get 2080 hours a year of course you’re not actually working all 52 weeks typically

You’ll have about 10 days vacation in a year from all the holidays so instead you might have 50 times 40 which is really 2,000 hours of actually worked hours now if you factor in two weeks vacation on top of that it’s really 48 weeks times 40 which is 1920 hours a year now payroll usually uses the 2080 hours a year you’ll notice that when you’re on holidays or when

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You take vacation you’re still getting paid on those hours so that’s why you use 2080 hours so that you’re a lurie wage is a little bit smaller than versus using $2,000 or 1920 hours that’s how payroll does it but if you really consider how much you get paid per hour that you work and not consider getting paid when you’re not actually working that you would use

1920 hours a year of course you would adjust this a little bit if you have more vacation holidays included in your company or if you have more vacations for now i like to use the 2,000 hours one because this makes the math a lot easier in converting the hour to a salary per year 725 is a federal minimum wage in the us so let’s just use this as an example all you

Do whenever you look at the hourly wages you just multiply this by two you should be able to do this pretty easily 1450 instead of 1450 just slap a k at the end of it so you just go 14.5 k per year so that’s your yearly salary right there i mean if you want to add that 80 hours to it you’re going to likely make a little bit more but it’s only 4% off so you can use

This as a really good trick you’re going to be very very close to the actual number so this is just a quick mental trick i like to do to get the yearly salary from the hourly wages long time ago i used to make seven dollars an hour doing manual labor back in high school now you can imagine if you work 40 hours a week that’s still only $280 a week it was really hard

For me to imagine anyone making let’s say $21 an hour because i was actually full-time you know using all my energy doing this manual labor job and by the time i’m done with it i am like completely exhausted and i can’t imagine how anyone can make much more than that because i cannot physically go and do more work now we go to 10x of $7 an hour that’s $70 an hour

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Now i need them in think that far because it sounded impossible to make 10 times your salary fast forward to now yes of course i can imagine what i’m making now as compared to before it was a lot less before the thing you have to keep in mind and to understand how people actually make more money is to know that whatever people are getting paid they’re getting paid

For the value that they create and actually how rare their skills are for example did you guys know that average ceo compensation in the united states is roughly thirteen point eight million dollars a year on the other hand the median compensation for people working in the u.s. is roughly fifty two thousand dollars this is 0.05 two million here now you compared

To these two numbers you divide the two the ceo is actually getting 265 x that amount that the average worker is getting now i just said that people make money based on the value they create so people might just argue that hey the ceo pay is creating a lot of value and likely they’re creating 265 times the value that the average worker is creating this is mainly

Maybe through business deals or the directions that the ceo guides the company in in order to generate more and more profit for the company as a whole however aging the amount of value that the ceo actually provides will be very very difficult so the formula sounds like if you ever want to make a millions of dollars you really should do something where people cannot

Track how well you’re performing actually then you can get paid a whole hot another example is a hedge fund manager where they manage the portfolio and a lot of people contribute to the hedge fund they themselves make a lot of money and actually studies have been done that most hedge fund managers do not outperform the index over a long period of time so in essence

They’re not actually providing that much more value and they yet also get paid a lot whatever yearly compensation that you’re at imagine making three times that let’s use the median salary of $50,000 for this person they’re living well on $50,000 already and somehow they’re able to make three times at one hundred fifty thousand dollars a year for engineers for

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Example might be eighty thousand dollars but did you guys know that google engineers might make somewhere between one and three million dollars for the really really highly paid ones these are kind of for the really good engineers where they provide really really high value for the company for example if there’s a google engineer and they’re responsible for the

Speed of google itself and they kind of architected the whole thing then you can argue yet they created a lot of value for the company and they should be compensated for that fact so you can imagine salary flies all over the place and it just not stick around the median very much you can have these really superstar engineers that can earn a lot more than your median

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