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From newfound spending temptations to the frugal virtues of meal prep, check out the 4 major money lessons this woman learned from losing 65 pounds. Learn how another woman used a strict grocery budget to lose weight in this video:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control it’s hard to pinpoint a specific reason why i gained a lot of weight over two years was it the new medication i was on was it a romantic relationship that i got too comfortable in was it that i switched my active restaurant job for a

Sedentary office job was it that i was using fast food and not only as a reward but also as an emotional bandage to deal with the existential dread of being a recent college graduate in a constantly shifting job market i mean who can say regardless i decided to lose some weight i specifically say lose weight instead of get healthy because this idea of getting

Healthy is sometimes a convoluted game of mental switcheroo to pretend like we’re eating boiled chicken breast and spinach smoothies to improve our blood pressure i did want to be healthy but for me personally that included losing weight i wanted my clothes to fit better i wanted to be able to swim faster and hold yoga poses for longer i wanted to get rid of my

Sleep apnea and yeah i wanted a sick revenge body after that comfortable relationship fell apart i started on the ketogenic diet at the end of january and cut out pretty much all sugar and carbs for my life there were physical lessons i learned pretty quickly when i put garbage into my body i feel like garbage when i put good stuff into my body i feel good there

Were also a couple of money related things that i learned along the way that i am delighted to pass along to you should you decide to lose weight get healthy or whatever you decide to call it number one you don’t need an expensive gym i am by no means a nutritionist or a physical trainer but losing weight is basically about calories in versus calories out you need

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To be safely consuming fewer calories than you are burning you can be a member of the nicest most expensive gym in the country but if you aren’t eating correctly squats won’t do squat exercise doesn’t have to be expensive don’t tell your personal trainer but for the first six months i essentially lost thirty pounds without working out i love to be active though

So i’ve started incorporating yoga classes walks in the park swimming and youtube workout videos all of which are free we’re very cheap number two meal prepping can actually save you a lot of money first of all you need to figure out what you are willing to cut out of your diet and what you aren’t don’t meal prep for some idealistic version of who you think you

Should be there is not any world in which i will be okay with eating a salad sounds dressing every day if you aren’t realistic about what you can eat five or seven days in a row that food will go uneaten and you’ve just wasted a lot of money for me i’m a big fan of casseroles they’re super easy to make reheat very well and cost me about twenty to twenty-five

Dollars and last me for about seven or eight meals which averages out to about two to three dollars per meal try meal prepping your dinners too i practice intermittent fasting so i eat once at 1 p.m. and then usually right when i get home at 7 p.m. if i don’t have a meal waiting for me at home my mind will wander and i will start imagining a romantic evening with

Every chinese restaurant and pizza place in a five-mile radius having something ready will keep you on track and help with portion control and because you’re not eating out you’ll save tons of money number three but the money you save can go straight to new clothes if you’re not careful now it’s 65 pounds lost i’m finding that some of my favorite clothes are so big


It’s kind of comical i’m having to make some more choices sure i’m saving money by meal prepping but i’m trying to make sure that money is going towards an emergency fund an investment account or debt repayment one of my main excuses for not shopping before was that the clothes i wanted to wear didn’t fit but what happens when the clothes you love start loving you

Back it’s much harder to resist temptation now i either try to shop at thrift stores or discount stores i also alter a lot of my existing clothes i believe everyone who can should learn to sew but if you can’t or don’t have access to a sewing machine you can take them to a tailor just make sure taking clothes to the tailor doesn’t cost you as much as buying a new

Wardrobe maybe ask friends if they have clothes they don’t want we’ve all tried to sell clothes to a thrift shop only to feel the sting of rejection what do you mean you don’t want this $90 blazer i wore once five years ago organize a clothes swap it’s fun it’s cheap and it’s an excuse to get together with friends drink wine and gossip my favorite workout number

Four if you weren’t happy with your life losing 65 pounds cannot magically fix that if you don’t like your thighs there is no guarantee that losing 65 pounds will change that if you don’t pay your bills on time sixty-five pounds isn’t going to change that if you hate your job 65 pounds isn’t going to change that you know what changes when you lose 65 pounds you

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Are 65 pounds lighter the fuzzy feelings the confidence the renewed vigor it all comes from within your weight won’t tell you how confident you are your blood pressure how much you can benchpress how far you can run how much you have saved in your 401k how good of a friend you are or if you always meet your deadlines it’s something that you have to work out i know

It sounds like some self-love to be picky but it’s true if you’ve successfully started cutting back your spending with things like meal prepping and free workouts be sure to funnel your savings into things that can help take care of future you such as an investment account and with an organization like one simple you can basically start investing on autopilot

Wealth simple is online investing that’s as simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions and they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your money grow in the background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up

A smart savings account with higher rates than big banks for your shorter term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are much lower than big banks and tfd viewers get a $50 cash bonus for getting started

Check them out at whelp simple calm / tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no excuses

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